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“Drill music was founded in the early 2000s by rapper, Pacman, from Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood of Dro City,” columnist Tony Delerme informs. “For the most part, it could be considered gangsta rap 2.0 due to its strong subject matter on gangs, guns and drugs. In recent years, the highly aggressive lyrics in drill music have been the cause of great debate over whether or not they’re influencing the violence plaguing Chicago.” I must’ve missed that one. And even if it’s true, First Amendment and all that. So what else needs saying? Mr. Delerme reckons that drill music is more than a free speech thing. It’s a “gun violence” reducing thing . . .

Last week, CBS Chicago reported that so far this year the number of murders being recorded is at its lowest in nearly 50 years. It’s no coincidence to me that since the popularity of drill music has taken off, homicides have gone down. This isn’t to say that rapping is the only way to stop the violence in Chicago, but it can help. It’s in chasing a dream that you ultimately find your life’s purpose. And a sense of purpose is what’s lacking amongst the youth in Chicago at the moment. If drill music is what’s helping provide that, then I will support it all the way.

Ah, nothing like a strategically placed “to me” and “if” to make the most ludacris [sic] argument seem vaguely, slightly, imperceptibly plausible. But WTH. Based on Mr. Delerme’s self-indulgent analysis, I suggest that the City of Chicago hold a drill music festival to promote the music in the interest of public safety. Do it for the children!

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    • More importantly, why is this dude holding a S&W M&P Compact with an extended mag when no such magazine has been produced by S&W? Does he think a 32rd Glock mag is going to properly feed the Smith? Somebody needs to go back to school!

    • Fill them kids with more hateful rap music that race baits them to kill more whites or cops this is so wrong why not Christian Music,,, not Democrats music.

  1. “Last week, CBS Chicago reported that so far this year the number of murders being recorded is at its lowest in nearly 50 years.”

    I know that it has been reported so, but is it really so? Are the politicians manipulating the data like Bloomberg did in NYC when he was mayor to make themselves look good?

    • Like this:

      “A city police captain was forced to retire last year after he fudged crime statistics to make his precinct look safer — adding to widening concern over the accuracy of NYPD stats and the belief that top bosses pressure supervisors into cooking the books.

      Capt. James Arniotes, a 23-year veteran, told The Post that he was busted for reclassifying 23 grand-larceny felonies as petit-larceny misdemeanors in early 2008.”

      Another article about fudging reports of criminal activity:

      I seriously question the “fact” that Chicago’s murder rate is at a 50 year low.

    • I read an article a while back but can’t look for the link at the moment. Chicago has been cooking their numbers for a while now. it is to the point they are letting murderers get away with it by classifying deaths as “non-homicide” deaths including one instances where a woman was found naked and wrapped in plastic.

    • Read the article again. It’s the lowest number recorded, not the least that occurred. Simple. They stopped recording them as homicides and started recording them as “drug-dealer reduction program successes.”

  2. That video does seem to be the kind of music that only someone on ALOT of drugs can appreciate. It’s like someone raised Hunter S. Thompson on the south side, gave him an epic amount of hallucinogens, and recorded what came out. It’s incoherent, arhythmic, cheaply produced and has no message besides “I smoke alot of pot and will shoot you.”

    Is this Chicago culture? I’m glad I live in AZ…

  3. I got as far as the world star hip hop logo screen. They have music videos? Only ones Ive ever seen were some dumb, dumb humans filming someone do something they shouldnt while yelling “WORLD STAR!”

    If its gangsta rap 2.0, how is that working to reduce crime? I get someone trying to mix music inside is not out on the street creating crime or doing whatever bad activity. That doesnt mean that their musical endeavors are however going to change a person’s character.

    Sound like the news is just looking for some snake oil cure to explain the numbers.

  4. Want to “find your life’s purpose”?

    Get a damn job and act like an adult. Stop listening to the race baiters and poverty pimps, pull up your pants, stop robbing/shooting, stopping doing/selling drugs (including pot), stop hanging out with you “hommies”, hoods and “hos”, and be home after you get off WORK. And get rid of you crap tribal “music”.

    That to OFWG WASP? Succeeding has a price I suppose.

    The knot in the cute little headsqueezer rag thingie does make a handy aiming point.

  5. The rap thing is fine and all, but didn’t something else happen in Chicago recently that may have had some impact on crime? I’m thinking its gun related.

  6. Yes. Why no mention of major Supreme Court rulings that affect legal, law abiding gun ownership in Chicago , and Illinois overall?

    Somebody with facts, numbers and stats please share links!

  7. TTAG- I’m disappointed by the tone of what I see here. We all know of the dysfunction that exists in impoverished areas (and they aren’t all black) but exactly how does this help in defence of the 2A? It’s no secret that too many so-called POTGs harbor racist fantasies of gunning down the minority hoards with their ARs and 1911s and this article allows that ugliness to bubble to the surface for all to see. The thinly veiled racism often seen here is not a positive in my view and shouldn’t be fueled.

    • @Mike from St. Louis, really? What a pantload of BS. You come bang on people for calling out the antics of these assmonkeys? What, truth hurt much? Impoverished or not, it makes no difference. If you roll like an ass, you get treated like an ass. Very simple concept. It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with behavior. And behavior is a CHOICE that these dummys make. Truth. Try it sometime.

    • I’m not racist, I simply despise the inner city “gangsta” culture. I judge a person by their actions and contributions to the world they live in. If that contribution is $hitty violent music, then I’m frankly not impressed. I’m also not a fan of sucking up entitlement programs while living at home playing video games. To me, race doesn’t matter in the slightest, and the statistical analysis of my enforcement contacts will be that out.

      Nice try labeling gun owners as racists.

        • Uh, the point is that the media would rather credit music (sic) to murder by with the reduction in shootings, than the increase in the number of citizens who carry.
          Unless,…wait, are you saying that the media has been carrying water for king osama for so long, blindly categorizing all of his critics racist, that to criticize the media has become racist as well?

      • No big deal Accur81. Thugs piss me off. Had some trouble with a few, it’s the reason I started to carry. A few went to jail and it got too hot for the others and they left town. Thanks Overland PD. No shots fired fortunately although I learned what the moments before a gun fight feel like. Hope to not revisit.

  8. Gentleman, please! I live in Missouri! Most of my people live outstate and anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes there can clearly see what I am talking about. And Missouri is not unique. TRIBAL…MONKEY…AIMING POINT? And it’s early in the post. I don’t think we need this shit here.

  9. I live close to Chicago and have been in the south and westsides many times. The truth is the gangbanger punks are getting younger and younger. And they shoot low caliber crappy weapons. Combine that with cowardly drive(and bike) by shootingsand PRESTO! you get lots of shootings and less deaths. But you won’t hear that from the lame stream media. I do not believe concealed or legal gun ownership has had a significant effect YET. It will eventually. And the lame stream reported a freaking HiPoint 45cal.rifle as an “assault weapon” yesterday. No racism here Mike-from an OFWG married to a beautiful black women…with 2 large light brown sons.

    • Certainly, not everyone here is a racist. I don’t intend to judge anyone. But there are things that help our cause and things that don’t. BTW there are black people living in my home but my family is white. When viewed from both sides issues of race seem simpler and more complicated as I’m sure you know. It would help if hotheads from both sides would just STFU.

  10. Just like how heavy metal causes suburban white kids to kill each other? It seems like rap music is now getting their turn at the witch hunt. These fascists are all the same. They claim the want to put a few “reasonable” restrictions on our rights for our “safety”, but by the time they’re done we’re only allowed to believe state approved material.

    • Read it again, Bear. The quoted article is claiming that this music is reducing, not causing, gang violence. Equally absurd, I’ll agree, but it’s not a witch hunt against “drill music”, it’s in praise of it (albeit for a ridiculously implausible reason).

      • Oops! This was what caught my eye In recent years, the highly aggressive lyrics in drill music have been the cause of great debate over whether or not they’re influencing the violence plaguing Chicago.”
        Thanks for clearing that up.

  11. Try this out; just got back from Vegas, where we went to a show called “Human Nature”, a reflection on Motown and the music thereof. I loved that music as a kid, and it was many years before I discovered the background instruments and sometimes voices were all the same folks, the named artists were the headliners, came from poor neighborhoods where they grew up singing with their friends on streetcorners, just for the love of the music and each other. Show’s produced by Smokey Robinson, in fact! Purely wonderful, but they had to go to Australia to find the singers, white guys who grew up singing with their friends (and one little brother) on streetcorners just for the love of the music and each other. Seems blacks, these days, grow up jabbering about hate and drugs and violence, and calling it music. Sad.

      • Lets agree to disagree. I personally find most music beautiful.

        My playlist has everything from Tchaikovsky and other classic music to rap, techno, rock and country.

        Every genre has bad stuff, “glamour” (bragging about what you have or did) in rap and hip og hop while country has Toby Keith.

        • I personally find most music beautiful too. I listen to everything from Texas Red Dirt to shakuhachi flute. I just don’t find any musical content to rap. But you’re right, opinions vary.

  12. Thank you for this, RF. I never heard of “drill music” before, so when I saw the title I immediately thought if marching bands and military cadences. Boy was I wrong.

    I had my kids, ages 12 and 8, watch the video with me. It was a good education. We spent the last 90 minutes discussing the Four Rules (completely violated in the video), what marijuana is, the difference between MJ and hemp, why drug users and dealers live in poverty (as the video demonstrates), and why the men in the video will not likely live to be 30. They finished the conversation believing, as I also believe, that “drill music” is for fools who are trapped in lives of greed and narcissism.

    I find it amazing that anyone could watch that and somehow conclude that “drill music” is helping reduce gun deaths. But then again, I treat Huffpo the same way I treat Ebola… With extreme avoidance.

  13. You people are as afraid of a black man singing as libs are of guns.
    I’m not saying this dumbass is anything but a dumbass, but acting like rap is the reason for violent racially leaning crime is like saying violent games are turning our children into active shooters.
    Just because some shitty rapper thinks he’s hot shit doesn’t mean you need to be threatened folks.
    And I don’t even listen to or enjoy anything remotely like this jagweed’s “music.” I just think there are some scaredy pants racists in the comments here 😉


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