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  1. Color me offended. Who is the style genius responsible for the grips? Same one who selected the sofa cover in the background? Same one who figured a Martin Luther King quote would be appropriate copy?

    Paddle faster — I think I hear banjo music. Gun loons, do you still wonder why the general public tends to regard you as inbred white trash lunatics? If so, why? You should certainly have enough clues by now.

    • “Gun loons, do you still wonder why the general public tends to regard you as inbred white trash lunatics?”

      What study can you cite to statistically back up this statement?

      • Umm, why? Do you have any doubt that the general public tends to regard gun loons as white trash lunatics? Have you been in a lengthy coma? Marooned on a desert island? Trapped under a rock? How can we catch you up?

    • Let’s say all the gun nuts decided, for the sake of public opinion, we should dress like LL Bean models and use speech and manners to match the clothing. Done, bango, we’re all respectable now. Hooray! Do you really think the gun grabbers would be satisfied? Of course, they would simply find some other derogatory names to call us and go on and on with the name-calling.

      I think most of us gun nuts know this and what we have collectively said is “To hell with it, those guys are never going to be satisfied, so I’m gonna do what the hell I want. F*** them!” In other words, the smear campaign has failed. In fact it has done worse than fail, you-all have so alienated so many people that they have stopped listening to you. You’ve become morally and culturally irrelevant to them.

      So, say what you will, I’m going to the range to blow stuff up. (And I’ll have FUN doing it!)

      • Sure. You can wear a Brooks Brothers suit, but if underneath you are still the guy in the smiley-face head wound T-shirt and the Molon Labe ball cap, people will still print you. You can’t really hide what you are.

        • My point exactly! It doesn’t matter what we do or say, until we disarm completely, gun grabbers won’t be satisfied.

    • Paddle faster — I think I hear banjo music. Gun loons, do you still wonder why the general public tends to regard you as inbred white trash lunatics? If so, why? You should certainly have enough clues by now.

      Magoo, you’re committing another fallacy here. Just because you associate with the gun control crowd, does not make it the norm. By continuously painting the gun control crowd as “the general public” you are being dishonest. If you want to say that “the general public” believes something, then you are going to have to provide proof of that assertion.

      In this case you are actually dead wrong. The trend in polls for a while has been towards more people gravitating towards the gun rights side than the gun control side. In the last couple of years it has actually crossed the point where more people are pro gun rights than pro gun control.

      So what does this all mean for you? Well, “the general public” is more pro gun now. That means the general public views you as the lunatic. Your friends in the gun control movement may view the rest of us as white trash lunatics, but you all are in a shrinking minority. So you need to drop the delusions of grandeur that yours is the sane side everyone agrees with, truth is this sort of rhetoric is a large part of the reason your side is losing support at an ever increasing rate.

      Have a nice day.

      • You wish, Sparky. The average man on the street thinks you folks have a screw loose. If they have any doubt about that, they can just read TTAG for a few days. Then they will know you are whack jobs. (This is why I read TTAG. It’s fascinating.)

        I’m not talking about typical gun owners. I’m talking about you guys. Gun loons. Like most extremists, you have no idea how far out on the lunatic fringe you are. Do you have any idea what it sounds like to sane people when you knuckleheads endorse open sales of machine guns and rocket launchers, or civilian carry on commercial airliners? You’re the fruitcakes, the freaks. You just don’t know it.

        • Sometimes I think mikeb302k has hijacked Magoo’s login, and other times I think that Magoo and Mikeb are the same person – when the meds run out.

          Why so caustic???

        • Not me, I’m a sweetheart. Caustic is in the eye of the beholder. You guys have absolutely no sense of humor or irony about yourselves, that’s all. A surefire sign of extremism.

        • Again, that is YOUR opinion. The masses standing behind you are all part of your delusional imagination.

          If you were so certain your position was the correct position you would have no need to appeal to popularity every time you want to state your position. The truth is, you can’t prove a word you say, and that is a great indication that it is BS.

          Also, I think a better definition of loony is someone who goes to a forum about something only to tell all the users that you think they are nuts and the thing their forum is about should be banned. This rings doubly true when the site in question is about owning and using weapons.

          Enjoy your afternoon, in whatever fantasy universe you live in.

        • Magoo – I respectfully disagree, humor is a notable thread in many posts – some of yours included.

          You can easily tell there is a very diverse readership at TTAG, and lumping everyone into one summary is simply antagonizing.

  2. I don’t care what color gun manufacturers or end users prefer in their guns.
    But personally I wouldn’t want one in pink or any other offbeat color.

    On top of all that, this firearm depicted has a lousy visual pun… “Elektra Slide”

  3. I still would not want that pretty hand. holding that pretty pink (sorry), Fuchisa gun, pointing at me.


  4. I don’t find anything wrong with it. Why should a lady, or man have to carry a piece that doens’t reflect their personal style. Me? I’m saving up for the .38 super I saw at the Dallas gun show. The one with Santa Muerte engraved on the slide and the grips.

    • Some people shouldn’t reflect their personal style in public, frankly. They should show some regard for others and keep it to themselves.

      Take RF’s Shoot-Me-First vest. If the Fashion Police carried firearms, he’s a dead man walking — a genuine public eyesore. Nobody should be made to walk around dressed like the wacky neighbor in an ’80s sitcom, even voluntarily. Take some mercy on the poor guy. This is what beanbag rounds are for. Knock him senseless for a moment, exchange the vest for a decent blazer, and return him to the herd. It’s a win for everyone.

      • FYI: agreed. I’ve bitten the proverbial bullet and gone IWB. Whilst listening to AWB, but that’s another story.

        • Blackhawk has some decent pocket holsters at Walmart. I picked one up yesterday whilst getting some ammo. Works great and takes away the print.

  5. Pink guns should be banned. Imagine the poor person who is shot by one of these, how emberassing to have the last few moments of your life be spent reflecting on the fact that you just got shot by a pink gun.

    Kidding of course.

    Actually, now that I think about it, maybe I should get me one of these pink guns. That way if someone breaks into my hose and I have to perferate them, I can further taunt them by making it clear they were shot by a pink gun.

  6. Pink Pistols are gay. No, really. The Pink Pistols are a gay rights group that advocates carrying by gay people for self-protection. So pink is cool. It’s just not the right choice for a real he-man like Magoo.


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