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The Washington Post reports that someone took a few pot-shots at a building on the campus of the National Security Agency at Ft. Meade, Maryland. A spokesperson for the Park Police, who were investigating the incident, “found evidence of multiple shots hitting a wall of a building.” No injuries were reported and, as usual, the NSA has been mum on the incident . . .

Maryland has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation; although residents may obtain a Maryland “wear and carry permit“, they must go through a very stringent application process, including supplying a “good and substantial reason” for wanting to carry a firearm. This last provision means that such licenses are issued only rarely, and then mostly to the wealthy and politically-connected. Indeed, a permit is required simply to purchase a handgun in the first place.

In this case, however, the laws do not appear to have any impact in stopping a determined shooter. As usual, members of the civilian disarmament industrial complex have had no comment on the failure of the laws they advocate as the solution to “gun violence.”

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  1. Hey it could just be a spook target practicing. Funny but my son works for another covert agency in Maryland. But he told me only the Po-leece and military should carry guns.

  2. I would bet every last cent that the person(s) who fired those shots did not possess Maryland permits to carry.

    • No – “Tea Baggers” that’s the phrase they use today. Because self sufficiency, self reliance, and individualism is “extremist” talk.

  3. Could it have been a handful of bullets skipping over a backstop on the qualification range? After all, even 9MM M892 ball will travel upwards of 2,000 yards, and 5.56MM NATO over 3,500.

    • Being fired out of BLACK, fully Automatic AR-15’s and handguns with high capacity clips,using Armour piercing bullets.


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