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Someone in possession of an armored van opened fire at Dallas Police headquarters, damaging windows and hitting squad cars after midnight last night. Police returned fire and the van then drove off, ramming several cars along the way. Several pipe bombs were also found around the headquarters as well, one of which exploded. Dallas SWAT disabled the van with a .50 cal. rifle. As of 7:00AM EDT, the standoff continues in the suburb of Hutchins near the junction of I-20 and I-45, where there was apparently another gunfight . . .

The Dallas Morning News reports that police have identified one suspect as a man named James Boulware, and that “Boulware, 50…has a history of family violence and blames authorities for his losing custody of his son.”

On the attack itself, CNN reports:

Attackers opened fire on Dallas police headquarters early Saturday, then an armored van parked in front of the building drove off and rammed a squad car, authorities said.

Police returned fire, and the van fled with the suspects.

After the attack, police found suspicious bags near the headquarters. At least one contained explosives, prompting evacuations from areas around the police headquarters.

As an explosives robot approached one of them, it blew up, Maj. Max Geron tweeted. No one was injured.

Authorities believe up to four people may have opened fire from various locations with automatic weapons, including from the van, said Police Chief David Brown.

“There might be up to four suspects,” Brown said.

Witnesses told police about the nature of the vehicle and the weapons used….

Police gave chase as one or more suspects jumped into the van, but one appeared not to make it on board on time, Brown said. It’s unclear whether that suspect was arrested.

The New York Post reports that the van contained additional explosives, and the vehicle itself appeared to be outfitted with gun ports in the sides.


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    • WOW!!

      We really need to get those AR15 and Armored Vehicle out of the hands of law enforcement. We need to stop militarizing our law enforcement.

      Ok now that talking point is out of the way.

      To anyone who thinks law enforcement do not need the same or better weapons available to every citizen need to take a step about an rethink their idiotic stance.

      What law enforcement has be doing is modernization not militarization, there is a big difference my friends. Every citizen is a benefactor of military fist equipment and technology not just law enforcement. You have to look no further than your GPS which uses military satellites for example. You can purchase optics that were battle tested in Iraq and Afghanistan. The list is endless, the internet is a military base application, sorry Al Gore!!! Drones!!

      Anyhow I think you get my point. So before you start yelling militarization, remember no it is modernization. I own live reflect that very fact without even referencing the benefits for law enforcement.

      • Citizens should always be able to outgun government employees. It is well past time to start disarming cops. Citizens should be armed, not the King’s men.

        • Chris, that is an idiotic statement my friend!!! Cop are citizens too. So the 2nd Amendment applies only to you and if you become a cop you somehow loose that right!!! Again idiotic, so what is next Chris people can only have 1st Amendment rights if you agree with their speech and what church they may attend?? Otherwise they excluded.

        • Chris,

          They are not the “King’s men”, they are public servants serving their communities. We live in a representative republic not a monarch!!!! We have to make sure they have the tools they need. Also just for clarification were you in Dallas last night providing security for our public servants? If so you failed so I guess we need to issue them the tools and training required to confront such threat, because you after all failed.

        • @Jon: Chris Mallory is right. Officers are agents of government and thereby operate under privilege when they are carrying out the duties of office. They voluntarily agree to be under the policies and regulations of the government position. They are financially compensated for the arrangement.

          The People ought to always be better armed than any potential standing army in their country. Law enforcement today represents a potentially significant standing army.

        • John in Ohio,

          They are agents of the government and who is the government. WE THE PEOPLE!

          That is the problem, when people such as yourself and Chis forget we are the government. This is not Russia, China or some European country here, where your statement would be correct and accurate.

          So you would agree with Chris that we can take away constitutional rights of public servants? So constitutional rights for you but not them, Hmmmm!

        • “king’s men?”

          whacha smoking?

          i agree cops have gotten used to getting away with hypocrisy and shiite, but at the end of the day they are public servants, answerable to the people.

          and if they don’t answer at the polls, they often end up answering in civil court when their department has t pay big bucks.

          sure beats North Korea, where “due process” means your carcass gets “processed” by 23mm anti-aircraft guns.

        • So you would agree with Chris that we can take away constitutional rights of public servants? So constitutional rights for you but not them, Hmmmm!

          No, Jon. You can misrepresent my words all that you want but it won’t make it true. The fact is that when an officer voluntarily chooses to take the job, he accepts the restrictions placed upon him while operating in that position. Being an agent of government makes it moreso as government is constrained, likewise, its agents are constrained. When he is in not acting in his capacity of employment, he is free to do as anyone else. He is free to exercise his will freely while acting in his capacity of agent of government but that might put him beyond constraints placed upon government, thereby him as agent, and beyond limits placed upon him by his employing department and he might very well be let go. When an employee voluntarily accepts employment, he accepts the terms of that employment in that he will modify his behavior to conform to the desires and restrictions of the employer. Law enforcement is a government entity and the officers are agents of government. There are basic restraints on government and there are policy restraints on top of that.

          BTW: A small point and it doesn’t invalidate your POV… One cannot lose rights. They are inalienable. One might find the exercise of a right infringed or prohibited but one does not lose the right.

          Government is not alive therefore it has NO rights. It only has privilege. It cannot confer that which it does not possess therefore it cannot give rights. An agent of government operating in his employed capacity is operating primarily under privilege.

        • @Aaron- “the department” doesn’t pay squat when LEOs trample on the rights of the people. The judgments/settlements are almost always paid by the taxpayers.

          Now, if those judgments/settlements were paid out of the police pension funds (with a consequent reduction in the benefits paid to the beneficiaries), i.e. consequences to those who violate rights and those who enable their comrades to violate rights, we might see some improvements.

          • @ Scott: suspensions without pay, firing, criminal prosecution are all pretty good sanctions against individual cops, if used correctly.

          • Yep, Chicago and Illinois are a great example of corruption, not just in the PD. That really comes back on the voters,who prefer patronage over political integrity.

            I completely agree that police cannot police themselves. No bureaucracy or political organization can, which is why our founding fathers ensured checks and balances at the federal level (or tried to ensure). The police have so much power over life and death that they need extra checks and balances.

            I’m all in favor of independent federal oversight of police, and making body cameras and national standards mandatory (waiting for flames from states’ rights hardliners).

            however, many PDs are NOT corrupt, and are held accountable by local or state governments, and ultimately, by voters.

      • No I don’t see your point. They used a 50 cal. No armored cars where deployed and I am sure Dallas has them. I don’t think a 50 cal bolt gun is something anybody here says a police dept( or an individual) esp a large one , should not have.
        That said when one sees attacks on police , the community rejecting them, protests against them etc. it’s easy to have knee jerk reactions. The fact is that in many cases( Dallas may be one although there DA there for a time was awsome and dropped a bunch of cases of innocent people that had been mishandled for years ) the pokice are having the problem BECAUSE they are seen as an occupying force to be resisted, not a co operative part of the community. Police can play soldier and occupy a city or parts of it. The results they get will be lousy as the crime rate soars they will be shot at, cussed at and sued. When this happens some assholes will sit there and talk about how great it was when people had respectnfor the cops. This is ironic because they should be blaming the police ( esp leadership) for taking federal grants to play soldier fighting silly drug and gun wars instead of keeping the peace in the community they are sworn to protect. When those police realize that they are useless without the support of the community and that their power and even legitimacy come ONLY from the support of the citizens then people are less likely to complain about anything they do. They are also less likely to shoot them or blow them up.

        • ” I don’t think a 50 cal bolt gun is something anybody here says a police dept( or an individual) esp a large one , should not have.”

          I have seen that said here and it has certainly been said recently elsewhere- in fact it’s one of the “scary miliarized thingies” no longer allowed to be transferred by the feds.

        • you are half full of shiite. lots of places have PROVEN that “acting like an occupying force” reduced crime. NYC under Giuliani, for example. it really depends on how depraved the community is – the more depraved, the more heavy handed the police need to be. note that crime has skyrocketed in NYC and baltimore since the libs have gone soft on crime. note also that NYC is ine of the safest big cities, and crime is conventrated in the black areas (although it spreads).

          there is no single solution, or silver bullet.

      • I’ve always maintained that the existence of Two Rules is the primary cause of friction between those with badges and those with none. You can’t simultaneously say:

        “CIVILIANS DON’T NEED full auto firearms, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, suppressors, standard capacity magazines, thermal sights, body armor, armored vehicles, semiauto fifty cal sniper rifles, armor piercing ammo, hollowpoint ammo, lead ammo, breaching rounds, tracers, flashbangs, knives with a blade longer than 2.5″, razor wire, bubblegum, high capacity assault sodas, or especially pointy sticks…”

        And then come out with:

        “OH MY GOD, THE POLICE NEED full auto firearms, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, suppressors, supermega high capacity magazines, thermal sights, body armor, armored vehicles, semiauto fifty cal sniper rifles, armor piercing ammo, hollowpoint ammo, lead ammo, breaching rounds, tracers, flashbangs, knives with a blade longer than 2.5″, razor wire, bubblegum, high capacity assault sodas, oh, and toss a bundle of those really sharp sticks on the top…”

        No one wants to disarm the police, they just want them to follow the same rules as everyone else. I say if you wanna roll around my neighborhood with an MRAP and a Ma Deuce in the pintle mount on the roof, that’s fine, and you should be treated the same way a civilian doing that in your neighborhood would be.

        • well, not aure i completely agree with you. but i do agree that cops shouldn’t get off for speeding even in cop cars, shouldn’t be carrying in Macy’s off duty if non-cops can’t carry in Macy’s, shouldn’t have domestic violence and DUIs covered up, etc.

      • “To anyone who thinks law enforcement do not need the same or better weapons available to every citizen need to take a step about an rethink their idiotic stance.”

        I don’t care what weapons the police have – as long as they’re limited to the same weapons that can legally be owned by any non-police citizen in their jurisdiction. If Joe Sixpack is limited to seven rounds, then Officer Doughnut should be limited in the same way. Setting up a two-caste system of peons and elites is a recipe for disaster, and un-American to boot.

        If you want California or New York cops to carry non-bullet-button AR15 “patrol rifles” with 30-round magazines and 17-round Wonder Nine duty pistols, then legalize them for everyone else in those states, too. One of the quickest ways to get rid of anti-2A legislation is to eliminate all of the “cops are special” exemptions and carve-outs, because then you’d have police unions fighting on our side instead of against us.

        • That is my point! To many people think law enforcement should only have .38 revolvers and shotguns. No, citizens and law enforcement officer should both have access to what they need or think they need. Bottom line!

        • The only difference is, I pay for my own weapons. Police are buying theirs with someone else’s money, so those people who are involuntarily contributing to the cops’ armory fund should have some say in how that money is spent. If the community doesn’t want its money spent on MRAPs, it shouldn’t be. There’s a lot of “toy buying” going on in police departments around the country, over-equipping half-assed “SWAT” teams that are mostly an excuse for small-town cops to play soldier on the taxpayer dime. That ain’t cool.

        • Stinkeye,

          Your information is incorrect. Most LEOs purchase their own weapons. I have never carried a departmental purchased firearm in my career.

        • “Most LEOs purchase their own weapons. “

          Citation Needed.

          Are you SURE that it is “most?”

          I worked for two agencies and had duty guns issued by the department. Had friends and family employed by quite a few other agencies, and theirs were issued as well.

          Not sure where you are employed, but I really don’t buy that statement at all.

          Or are you arguing about off-duty weapons? If so, that’s completely irrelevant and not at all what he’s talking about.

      • I was with you up until that “equal or better” than civilians schtick. The worst fraud perpetrated on Americans was the civilian redefinition by police leadership over the past 50 years. In the 80s cops were still considered civilian and even the dictionaries reflected that. The military still considers them civilians in most cases. The People should have weapons equal to the military. It is an American tradition going all the way back.

        • right in bro, you tell ’em! can’t wait to get my very own nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine!

    • 50 caliber rifles are readily available to citizens in most states, including a police officer. It’s the M2s that aren’t available to anyone except vintage collectors with mountains of money that were problematic ending up in the hands of numerous departments. A .50 Rifle has a purpose for disabling vehicles (as it was used) and can be deployed as needed, even if it’s the officer’s personal gun. An M2 never has use in policing, ever.

  1. I’m thinking, an armored van packed with explosives makes an excellent containment vessel. Who knows what a safe distance is?

    Just heard they used a .50 to disable the vehicle.

  2. What delusional idiot actually thinks something like “Assault on Wall Street -> Police HQ” would work?

    Carrying a 30lb rifle? Check. $5 per round ammo? Check. Disabling a lunatic in a armored van with a .50 cal? Priceless.

  3. Now we need to make unregistered automatic weapons illegaler so criminals can’t get them.

    • If there were multiple shooters firing at once it could sound like there was an automatic weapon to panicked witnesses.

      Or it could be they had slidefire/bumpfire stocks. If so, say good bye to them.

      Hopefully it’s just panicked witnesses.

      • That did not sound like automatic gun fire to me. Maybe a bump fire, but not sure since I’ve never shot one. I can make my semi auto AR sound like that when I just shoot quickly.

      • I’ve been watching every video I could find of this on twitter and youtube since it happened and I didn’t hear any gunfire that sounded like full auto. It did sound like a lot of people shooting at the same time, but the cadence was wrong for a single full auto gun.

        • That doesn’t matter one iota to tge media. Haven’t you noticed that fact-checking and accuracy have been missing for nearly two decades now?

  4. Ugh. Crap like this is where the NRA needs to earn its dues. A strong statement of condemnation, on the misuse of tools, the awareness the police to reduce harm to the public, and what (if any) household goods were used to make the explosives.

    • Maybe. Or maybe just after the really big events like Sandy Hook. The exasperation you feel right now, is how I feel when the NRA makes the obligatory post-spree shooting comments exactly as you describe.

      It’s as though they’re the designated whipping boy and apologist for all criminal activity involving a legitimate product. Really, these shooters reportedly used an armored van. Where’s AAA’s strong statement of condemnation, on the misuse of tools…..?

  5. I’m sure the police haters on this Web site and elsewhere will be very happy. I hope the enemy soldiers are shot when found.

    • Yep, I proudly hate cops. I also hate ticks, fleas, leaches and mosquitos. A parasite is a parasite, just because one has a costume jewelry badge doesn’t make him a “hero” instead of a menace.

      • Chris,

        The only parasite here is you. If we did not know better we might think you support this type of behavior against law enforcement or anyone else for that fact that you disagree with. Good medication (law enforcement) is the only cure for parasites like you.

        • This nation functions in spite of, not because of, the ruling class and the hired thugs (i.e. the cops) they use to dispense violence to keep the people in line.

          That said, the criminality of the police is directly proportional to the level of criminality of the ruling class. A government that actually uses the legal system to promote peace hardly needs enforcers. Alas, the US is not one of those governments, and accordingly, the US police are violent psychopaths.

    • No way. The A Team would have finished the job without hurting anyone, blowing up all the bombs, and escsped.

      • At least one vehicle would have to flip over too – either by running into another vehicle or being shot by a mini-14.

  6. I want my kids back… I’m going to shoot at police HQ at 1 am…… This choice will either put him miles or world’s away from his child indefinitely. What A short sighted fool, probably scaring his son for life.

    • The guy that did this just confirmed the reason why he does not have custody of his kids. He is a lunatic. Not likely he will every see them again, if he lives.

  7. If early reports from media sources have taught me anything, it’s that a claim of “up to four shooters” usually means one guy.

  8. On TV, just heard a law man on the phone say a Sheriffs deputy spike stripped the van. Only one suspect and he is dead in the Van. The police are still in a stand off with the dead suspect.

    A different law spokesman is saying bomb-techs will set off their own explosions around the van.

  9. Yikes! This is what I wake up to? Been travelling on business all week, flew back to Texas and finished up in Dallas last night, where I’d started the week on Monday. So I stayed the night here and am driving home this morning.

    This standoff scene is apparently only about 10 miles from my hotel, and exactly on my would-be route on I-45 South to Houston.

    Think I’ll just head downstairs for a waffle and omelet, while Google maps reroutes me…

  10. “As an explosives robot approached one of them, it blew up, Maj. Max Geron tweeted. No one was injured.”

    Goddam bigoted robophobes.


    • This is what happens when your remote controlled bomb and remote controlled bomb defused are on the same frequencies.

    • When ordered to go defuse the bombs, robotic bomb removal specialist Bender replied ” aww bite my shiny metal ass copper ! I ain’t going nowhere near that crazy sh@t. It could blow up!

  11. Unfortunately the media will spin this as a gun problem instead of a mental health issue.

    Crazy people are crazy – no amount of gun control will ever change that.

  12. Its the action of these unlawful citizens that will give the government more excuse to take away our gun rights.

    • A conspiracy-minded person might observe how convenient an outcome that would be for the government.

  13. Pretty sure it was Daesh. Glad to see no officers were hurt and they did their duty. Looks like we’re gonna be getting some home games in this war.

  14. Since when have initial reports ever been accurate? Never? I’d say wait a few days, at least, before making any definitive statements about the motivations of said alleged attacker(s)..

  15. It looks like the suspect is now dead. Good riddance. His attack on a non-Gun Free Zone resulted in zero deaths, other than his own. His target selection issues were negatively influenced by rage, drugs, or general craziness.

    We can also add this as an outlier to the general TTAG “cops can’t shoot” sentiment. I don’t have a problem with police having .50s, I have a problem with the government banning them for taxpayers and off-duty cops.

    • Says the cop who lives in a state which bans .50 BMG for civilians.

      Why don’t you quit your job if you’re so disgusted with your own government privileges?

      • Wait, so because the CA legislature is viruently liberal and anti-freedom, you want a cop who is conservative and pro-freedom, and probably tries to enforce the law with a light and respectful hand rather than an iron fist, to quit? And probably be replaced by someone who thinks more like the statist government than he does?

        That makes perfect sense. Do you know if he, personally, even has a .50 BMG?

  16. Maybe the attacker should have started in the minor league by shooting up a small Sheriff’s department out in the boondocks … but no, this guy had to go directly to the majors and attack a big city PD, ending his career before it even started. Which proves the fact that idiots using guns usually have (thankfully) short careers.

    • Honestly it sounds as if he was maybe just trying to get shot. The fact that he only detonated one bomb and none of the bombs killed anybody makes me think his heart may not have been in it.
      Anybody that says citizens don’t need 50 cal can now go to hell. What if I had a person using a vehicle as a weapon against me? My 50 could disable it.

      • Would have been a lot more efficient to get shot without the zombie apocalypse van blocking (most of) the bullets.

        • This was a suicide by cop media event. Without the armor plate, it would have ended too soon for him to get his moment of fame before he died. I don’t think he wanted to hurt anyone, instead he wanted to be heard before he died.

          • good point. if he had wanted to hurt someone, that would make him 2nd most incompetent douchebag to try some shiite in tejas, right behind the two isis douchebags who went after pam geller but ended up getting capped by paul blart.

  17. ISIS at work, they couldn’t find the Synagogue, went too Police station as they thought the badges looked like star of David! Had to be Muslim related to say the least as only they are dumb enough to equate Bacon with Police!
    Betcha the Liberals love this as the police get payback! and their precious looter, thieves, murders , rapists, killers get relief from being oppressed, not that they don’t work for it with all the carts they have too push full of stolen property
    When Teotwawki happens keep your powder dry and scalping instrument handy!

      • geesh, what a noob. Not just a scalping knife. An operator approved, weather resistent. laser sight equpped knife.

        Now, about your tomahawk…….

    • uh, don’t know about you, but i really don’t want some nasty, possibly disease infested scalps.

      seriously, what good are they in the 21st century? ifmTEOTWAWKI happens, no one is going to trade you ammo or a 5,000 gallon tanker of fuel for scalps.

  18. Maybe someone can explain to me again why police don’t need armored vehicles and .50 cal rifles…

    • I’m half guilty. I’ve always said the cops needed armored vehicles to rescue injured people in an active shooter scenario.

      I just couldn’t see the need for fiddies.

      Now we gotta ban armored vans.

    • I have not said that, but I will point out a couple of things directly from the police spokesman:
      A Sheriffs (emphasized -female) deputy laid out the spike strips in the dark which shredded the tires.
      After the van was stopped, with engine idling, a police sniper shot the engine block with the .50 while the van was not moving.
      A police sniper shot the suspect but the spokesman didn’t say what caliber was used.
      So from what I’ve heard, neither a .50 nor armored vehicle was used to initially stop the suspect, but instead are being used after the van was already partially then completely disabled.

  19. This is a Bloomberg or Soros-funded plot. The shooter is Shannon’s ex husband.

    See how rumors start?

  20. usa today (yeah yeah) reports..

    ” Brown said the suspect identified himself as James Boulware, but police could not confirm that until they obtain fingerprints and get identification from him. “He said we took his child and we accused him of being a terrorist and that he is going to blow us up,” Brown said.

    Authorities cautioned that they have not confirmed the man is who he says he is. But in 2013, police in Paris, Texas, said they arrested James Lance Boulware after he obtained firearms, ammunition and body armor before threatening to attack his family, churches and schools. Police said then that he was taken into custody on two felony warrants from Dallas County.

    However, it appears the case against him was dismissed last year after he fulfilled requirements imposed on him by a court.

    Police also said a man named James Boulware has had previous interactions with the police involving family violence.”

    So probably not legally obtained firearms and hunting pipebombs..

  21. TTAG, it has been over a week since your website has been utterly unusable without extensive script-blocking protections. Just imagine the money your predatory ad company is preventing you from earning. Why, it is almost as though their sponsorship is of a malicious sort, and designed to keep casual viewers from accessing your website.

    “A lone gunman who riddled Dallas police headquarters with sustained gunfire from an assault rifle and shotgun early Saturday was shot and apparently killed by a police sniper after fleeing in an armored van.”
    –No group of terrorists
    –No political motivation
    –No injuries/deaths besides his own
    –Apparent crazy white dude
    –Used pipe bombs as well as a rifle & shotgun
    –Most likely no automatic weapons
    –Most likely no body armor
    –Most likely the ‘armored vehicle’ just had a deer guard, or something
    –Most likely will be used to claim firearms pose a substantial threat to national security
    –Most likely will bolster moves for AWBs, UBGCs, and the ITAR changes

  22. One crazy guy shoots up some police cars at night – everyone freaks out, give the cops more tanks
    A gang of SWAT cops butchers a bunch of people at a restaurant – justified, muh heroes, give the cops more tanks

    See how that works?

  23. If only civilians can defend themselves against a midnight attack by a pack of police home invaders, then pursue and finish them off as they flee in failure.

    That would be beautiful.

      • Observe the mindset of a bootlicker. He dares people to face almost certain death by resisting against police criminality, instead of questioning police malfeasance.

        In summary, one crazy guy who is grossly outgunned takes potshots at cop cars while the cops sit in their fortified building, that is reason to give cops more tanks and machine guns. The cops use the machine guns to deliberately butcher people in a family restaurant, nobody raises an objection. Land of the free!

        • I’m a bootlicker? You’re a coward posing as a bad ass wannabe. See, I can call names,too.

        • Defending one’s home is hardly badassery. More like a moral imperative.

          Of course that begs the question, why are cops such vile scum who feel obliged to violate the sanctity of peoples’ homes for a taxpayer paycheck?

        • evidence of who did the shooting, and who got shot? no “families” at the family restaurant got shot. AFAIK most of the casualties were bikers shot by other bikers.

          you sound like a liar and a whiner, but if you prove me wrong, i will apologize.

        • “Land of the Free”

          That’s right Land of the Free fire on outlaw bikers.

          I guess we can not help the fact in Waco the officers were better shots than the outlaw bikers!

        • @Aaron The Waco PD waited weeks before issuing a press release (without proof) that 5.56 shells constituted a minority of casings recovered at the scene, even as multiple eyewitnesses claimed that the cops fired most, if not all the fatal shots. Moreover the autopsies are indicative that rifle fire did most of the killing, and none of the bikers had rifles.

          This explains locking up over a hundred of people with ridiculous bails, the cops need pliant people to back up their bullshit story.

          By the way, families were shot. Some of the victims were family men, but that does not fit the bootlicker narrative which portrays the victims as “gangsters” therefore subject to extrajudicial execution without trial.

          @CJ Free fire, eh? Behold, another bootlicker who preaches fealty to the law even as he advocates government murder. The reason no cops were shot was because nobody was shooting at the cops. The cops simply mowed down a crowd.

          • just today the news stated that the police in WACO fired some low number of rounds. so am imgonna take your word for it, or do you have more?

            and jeez, when i hear some douchebag drive by on a POS harley with ear splitting loud pipes, the first think I think of is, “where’s that mythical police brutality when you need it?”

        • Yes, and that suspiciously late press release has already been contradicted by multiple witnesses at the scene who gave their statements immediately afterwards.

          “where’s that mythical police brutality when you need it?”

          Once again, proof that bootlickers are violent psychopaths who wish harm on people for the slightest offense (in this case, making noise).

        • blaine cooper. sexual tyranasourus. Good riddence and now waco biker.

          For a guy that’s been at least 4 different trolls you throw that physcopath term around kinda loosely.

        • Hmmm, it seems like advocating the extrajudicial murder of people because they are associating outside mainstream social norms is a lot more psychopathic than switching between names on an anonymous internet forum. Just saying’.

          But hey, it’s hard to expect normal psychological behavior from a government murderer. No wonder the VA is overloaded.

        • waco (whacko) you were the one calling for extra judicial murder, not me. Pursue and finish off were your words.

          And I’ve had this discussion with your multiple Berkely personalities before. Apparently that word, murder, doesn’t mean what you think it means.

          In my job I deal with guys like you all day long. I transport “patients” from mental health facilities to court apperences all the time. They all have the same disconnect from reality that you do.

          Most of them, like you, are quick and nimble with the words and the cherry picked references. But at the end of the day they are sent back to the facilitie at the judges orders. Rarely do the guys like you get to leave.

          If you aren’t being supervised at this moment, it’s just a matter of time. So you have something to look forward to.

        • It’s not my fault you view murder through the prism of government sanctioned violence. But that is expected from a government tax-eating parasite.

          Also LOL @ cherry picked references. Is the police not in the habit of vastly exaggerating staged PR events (i.e. kind cop buys homeless man new shoes), while covering up their own malfeasance (gang of cops chokes and beats homeless man to death).

          • where do you get “murder”? out of your ass?

            i don’t blindly support cops, but there is no functioning country in the world without police. there are non-functioning countries run by “biker gangs”, well gangs anyway, and they look like somalia and waziristan. at least cops can be fired if they screw up.

            and talk about parasites – that’s all gangs are. they make their revenue from illegal activities such as extortion, robbery, and narcotics. so STFU.

  24. Ok it’s now afternoon and this “story” has no legs-just a run-of-the-mill nut…

  25. Boulware complained that the police accused him of being a terrorist, so he proved how wrong they were by becoming a terrorist.

    That’s guy was so stupid that I’m surprised that he knew how to open his mouth to eat.

  26. And even Fox is lying about “automatic weapons”. Betcha $100 there were no full-autos in the van.

    If even Fox can’t bother to get their gun facts straight, we have no chance of ever getting the other channels to tell the truth.

    • Lying is not the same as not-knowing. And since pretty much all the media can’t tell a glock from an AK I bet it’s the latter.

      Then again, keep in mind this guy was crafting bombs and modified that van. It’s not out of the question that he knew his way around a workbench enough to modify a rifle to auto.

    • That’s simple answer that even a gun thumping pseudo-intellectual hillbilly like you can understand is that the NRA cares more about profits and putting more guns into our streets making the USA very unsafe instead of allowing reasonable background checks to pass and happen.

      Sorry Gun-Nut’s, But how come places like Europe, Australia and Japan have no mass shootings what so ever and yet they’re much safer and freer.

      But the likelihood of you receiving a relevant answer from someone who has spread my words of wisdom daily for six months now, Gun nuts displaying thier obsessive and delusional mental defects while denying reality, is basically slim to none….

      • no mass shootings in europe whatsoever? huh. isn’t paris in europe? isn’t norway in europe?

        • If there is strict gun control in place – then they don’t call them mass shootings. Doesn’t fit their narrative.

      • VLS, never saw your handle before today. What words of wisdom have you, an unknown, spread. Or like some of our other trolls you just switch personalities and expect us to keep scorecards on you?

        Regardless, your comment puts you squarely in the camp of the civil rights oppressors like the klan/nazi/confederacy/ berkeley indoctrinated. So your words of wisdom are likely to appear as what they are.

        Turds in a punch bowl.

      • Viva la libertad!


        That’s simple answer that even a gun thumping pseudo-intellectual hillbilly like you can understand is that the NRA cares more about profits and putting more guns into our streets making the USA very unsafe instead of allowing reasonable background checks to pass and happen.

        NRA only cares about profits and more guns on the streets
        There are millions of NRA members. We are the NRA. They are not a tiny powerful elite organization of billionaires unlike your beloved “DON’T DRINK THAT SODA!” Bloomberg. It really is grass roots. All these people contribute to the cause. Manufacturers do contribute as well. But lets be honest, the manufacturer’s who made a product that I consume and enjoy and I the consumer who buy the product that the manufacturer’s produce and profit from have a similar aligned cause. So complaining that the NRA only cares about profits and benefiting manufacturer’s is not any kind of convincing argument for us. Also – what is wrong with profits? This is the USA.

        The NRA is making the USA unsafe
        Uh no. Gang bangers killing each other in inner cities make the USA unsafe. For example. Michigan as a state, had 5.7 murders per 100,000. Detroit alone, had 54.6 murders per 100,000. If we were to take out Detroit’s numbers from Michigan state’s numbers (which was included) the 5.7 would drop even further. Crime is elevated in the cities. But regardless of any of that – why should I be held to suffer for the actions of someone else? That is not justice. I as a gun owner, and the NRA as an organization, has nothing to do a person deciding to kill another person with a gun, or a knife, or any other object. Please stop disregarding the lines of personal responsibility.

        We need to allow reasonable background checks to pass and happen
        We need parents and educators to teach children about personal responsibility, ethics, and morals. This is a issue that has nothing to do with guns. If you were bitten from a poisonous spider – would you put a bandaid over it? Please address the root problem.

        Sorry Gun-Nut’s, But how come places like Europe, Australia and Japan have no mass shootings what so ever and yet they’re much safer and freer.

        Some places have a people who are homogeneous in culture. As a result, they have reduced conflicts. The USA – a melting pot of almost every single culture on planet earth – is not like that. Also, you seem to be confused on what freedom actually is.

        Freedom: the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

        Kind of like me taking the action of buying a firearm without any hindrance or restraint. After all, me buying a firearm in and of itself is not a bad thing. Firearms are not evil and neither are we firearm owners. Also – Europe and Australia have their share of mass murderers. The root problem is the act of violence and why they felt it was justified – not some other unaffiliated guy’s ownership of a firearm who didn’t undergo a background check.

        Also, those countries are not necessarily “safer.” They have elevated levels of rape and robbery, but I guess that is determined on your definition of what “safe” actually is.

        But the likelihood of you receiving a relevant answer from someone who has spread my words of wisdom daily for six months now, Gun nuts displaying their obsessive and delusional mental defects while denying reality, is basically slim to none….

        The same could be said of you. The likelihood of you doing some deep thinking and coming to the conclusion that promises of safety are somehow superior to the choice of freedom and making your own safety your own responsibility is slim to none. Anti-gun hoplophobes are relentless in displaying their obsessive and delusional concepts of collectivist statistical ant-farm culture, and the praise of nanny state legislative concepts of safety, over the embracement of freedom for those courageous enough to do so.

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