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Biden Visits Alexandria, VA Police Department To Discuss American Jobs Act

Never mind the less-than-promising political calculus, the missing votes in the Senate or the fact that the public isn’t on board…Joe Biden is Not. Done. Yet. He’s still out there trying to round up support for another crack at a federal gun control bill of some kind, most likely enhanced background checks. Why not? With all the other swords the administration has hanging over its collective (and collectivist) head these days — phone tapping and spying on reporters, Benghazi malfeasance and lies, the IRS’s targeted intimidation program, sucking up metadata on Americans’ phone calls and creeping on our internet habits — they could use a little distraction and misdirection. ‘Hey, I know…why not see if we can get the NRA and the rest of the gun wackos riled up again? Maybe it’ll draw some press attention off on another topic for a while! I mean other than MSNBC.’ Here’s Uncle Joe’s latest rallying cry . . .

Friend —

Soon after our first attempt at reducing gun violence was blocked by a minority of senators, I brought together advocates for this legislation and gave them a very clear message:

This fight is far from over.

If you’re with me in the fight for common-sense legislation to reduce gun violence, let the Republicans in Congress know you’re not backing down. Add your name right now.

Look, I’ve been in politics a long time now. And I’ve seen time and time again that real, lasting change isn’t always immediate — but as long as you don’t give up, you can win battles that you never thought possible.

I have nothing but complete faith that Congress will pass meaningful gun laws that will save lives — if we do everything we can to make it happen. When we band together to create change, we can win. And make no mistake, Katie, it’s up to us to win this fight.

Let Republicans in Congress know that you’re not done fighting for common-sense reforms to reduce gun violence — and that we won’t stop until it’s signed into law:

Let’s do this,


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    • The village didn’t pack up, burn the remains, and relocate 30 miles away under a different name?

      • [The villagers] would run for their lives, fleeing over hills and
        thru valleys to the river, whereupon they would walk mid-stream for 37 and 1/2
        miles, climbing out on a low-lying branch, shinnying down a young sapling
        onto rocky ground and leaping from stone to stone until they arrived one week
        later at a secret cave 97 miles away . . .
        Wait, was that Joe that Ray was talking about?

    • It is the village’s responsibility to ensure Joe’s head lands with a thump in a wicker basket. Enough passing the buck. There are only a few guys that should see the blade falling before good ole Joe.

    • ok…..our village will take Biden……if their village takes James Yeager. I think that is a fair trade.

        • Well, it takes a village Hillary with Barry Obummer and Nancy Palousy would like to invite Joe and DiFi over for a Commie get together. I would love to see Yeager go insane in that village (in such a case, he would have every right to).

        • You don’t want him in any village because he mite shoot his shot gun though a door at the pizza delivery guy or in the air and kill some kid two streets down!!!

    • My village was shafted the day when majority of the people agreed that the tribal leaders should enact laws that allowed them to do whatever they want with no reprecussions.

  1. “We can misdirect everyone’s attention from our failed and corrupt government by invading the Malvinas and appealing to the nationalism and patriotism of our people. It’s a fool proof plan and nothing can go wrong.”

    • Malvinas? Already done. How about St. Pierre & Miquelon? It’s only French and it’s not far away. Or we could do Grenada again.

        • The French? Just send a cable that you’re going to invade and they’ll give up. Cheese eating surrender monkeys!
          Joes photo cracked me up! Is that the preying mantis Kung fu pose?

        • No Tom, that’s the photo of joe explaining how when all the other little boys were playing doctor with the girls he was experimenting with proctology. He was a confused 8 yo. And still is.

        • Speaking of the Falklands, did y’all know that they are the second biggest exporter of cork, behind Portugal? They ship them out in large burlap sacks. Working there would be a good job for Biden. He is a natural Falkland cork sacker.

        • “He is a natural Falkland cork sacker.”

          I want you know how my mind processed this.

          “How can something completely innocent sound so dirty?”



  2. sure Joe – let’s do this. Let’s debate the need for gun control and then senators cruz, rubio, and graham can bring up the 2nd amendment, the need to protect against gov’t tyranny, the fear of a big gov’t and oh, spying on its people, letting them die in a strange land, intimidating reporters and their parents for only reporting facts, and my personal favorite, using the power of the IRS to make sure you stifle all dissent. Yes, Joe. Let’s do this. The MSM has ignored many scandals (save the reporter/1st amendment stuff) and your efforts to bring gun control up will really help us get them to pay attention to why we have a 2nd amendment. Thanks.

  3. I think it would be interesting to see what these folks could come up with if you could somehow remove the words “meaningful” and “common-sense” from their vocabulary. He used common-sense twice in less than 185 words.

    • How to tell when a politician doesnt know anything about the subject they are talking about? When they use common sense to describe their bill.

  4. Shotgun Joe absolutely believes the gun control he is pushing. He thinks the majority of the Country is behind him too. He is simply setting the stage for his Presidential bid.

  5. Taking away my guns in TN will reduce gang violence in LA, Chicago, NYC, DC, et al. how? I’m still waiting on an answer…….

  6. Sure, the Federal government is trustworthy enough further regulate our firearms… right? Right!?

    Their (possible) success the first time around hinged on the appearance of a trustworthy and responsible administration. Heh.

  7. “Buy a Vepr 12, it’s what Joe would want you to do!”

    That’s what people should be saying.

  8. Crazy Joe has to do something to show he’s still relevant. Otherwise, his Presidential aspirations are kaput.

    Fortunately, Crazy Joe will be elected President right after I serve eight terms in the Senate.

  9. Maybe, Katie and some other friends, can take him someplace way out into the woods and hunt snipe by banging two sticks together so no one will hurt each other with guns.

  10. Hey Joe-My name is not Katie-
    and that is YOUR mistake.
    Go shoot through a door.

  11. Hey Joe-you made a mistake
    my name is not Katie.
    Now go shoot through a door…….

  12. “…blocked by a minority of senators” how the hell do they think a majority vote against a bill equals a “Minority of senators”??? I heard Obama use this exact phrase word for word today on the news.

    • It’s like they’re shoulder deep in bullshit and they still can’t smell it.

  13. “Lets do this” is an appropriate rally cry for Old Joe, because he’s about to Leroy Jenkins like a pro.

  14. wow it was quiet for awhile…who put the quarter in ol’e uncle joe?….(bama?)

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