Don’t Mess With the Old Guy (Jerry Miculek)

By my reckoning, Jerry Miculek (mish-u-lak) is 55-years-old. By this point, you’d expect the world record-holding speed shooter and expert gunsmith to rest on his laurels. But then you don’t get to be a five time USPSA 3-Gun National Champion by sitting around telling stories of past glories. And so Miculek entered the 2010 Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships and kicked [some more] butt . . .

In Friday’s match, the Smith & Wesson-sponsored competitor aced the Open Sight Revolver (OSR) competition. In fact, Miculek won all eight stages, outpacing runner-up  (and relative whippersnapper) Eric Leach by more than 25 seconds with his final time of 86.10 seconds. On Saturday, Miculek shaved another 2.22 seconds off his time to finish third overall in the Open division with a final time of 83.88 seconds.

Smith’s presser doesn’t include video from the day, so here’s a History Channel clip of the man in action.

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