3 best static range shooting drills
Courtesy DrewR
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By DrewR

A large percentage of the People of the Gun are relegated to shooting in a “static” or restrictive range, often indoors and sometimes lorded over by a range master calling when to fire and when to stop. I’ve been there and I know how difficult it can be to meaningfully improve your practical shooting skills under those conditions.

Here are the three drills I’ve use when I was relegated to a static range that actually improve my shooting. I hope they help you as much as they helped me.

Dot Torture

3 best static range shooting drills
A 4 yard example shot with a Ruger 22/45  Mk IV (courtesy DrewR)

This is probably the most difficult drill of the three, and you can download the PDF here. The directions are printed under each of the two-inch circles.

I recommend starting this drill at three yards, as even some high level shooters have trouble clearing it at five. The drill calls for drawing and firing, but if your range doesn’t allow that, the next best thing is to set the pistol on the bench and start each string with your hands on your head.

If you can’t do that, then starting at low ready will have to do. If you have a laser trainer of some sort this makes a great dry fire drill at home.

Triple Ten

3 best static range shooting drills
A pair of sloppy reloads kept this from being a Level 2 time (courtesy DrewR)

TRex Arms has a number of great, free downloadable targets and shooting drills, but my favorite is the Triple Ten. This is a timed drill, so it’s best if you get yourself a shot timer, but I think it’s worth investing in one anyway.

This is a seven-yard drill. Draw and fire ten rounds each at a two-inch, a three-inch and a four-inch circle, reloading between each string.

The time constraint and the various sizes work together to make you think about which target to go for first while also allowing you freedom to experiment. Do you want to shoot for pure speed from the draw and make your way down to pure accuracy? Maybe you start large, transition to small, and finish with medium to control the margin of error.

It’s up to you. Varying the pattern makes it interesting and challenging.

50-Round Drill

3 best static range shooting drills
A fairly typical 10 yard result for the 50-Round Drill (courtesy DrewR)

This is my favorite drill for a static range as it works on nearly every aspect of practical shooting. In a nutshell the drill is as follows: five sets of double-taps to the body, five rounds slow fire to the body, five rounds slow fire to the head, five sets of double taps to the head, 10 rounds alternating head and body, five rounds strong hand only, five rounds weak hand only, reload as needed.

The full version can be found here.

When first starting this drill I recommend shooting from low ready until you get the hang of things, then start incorporating drawing from the holster (if allowed) as you see fit.

This drill has no time or distance requirements, but you should try to go as fast as you can while keeping all shots inside the A-zone of an IPSC target or the 9-ring on an LE style target.

Start at the furthest distance you can consistently sweep the drill and add distance as your skill level improves. If your range lets you shoot multiple targets you can alternate between them for added challenge.

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Shooting drills like these are an excellent way to improve your shooting skills while keeping your range sessions fun. I like to shoot different guns against each other on the 50-Round Drill as a basis of comparison of how I perform with different types of guns, and it also makes a great teaching aid for new shooters. So get out to the range and have some fun.

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  2. I really like the Dot Torture. I’ve been using paper plates with my laser bullet, but this looks like a more funner approach.

  3. It’s a little weird to see my old article reposted, but it’s cool. These are still really solid drills for places you can’t move or draw. Here’s a bonus one for really working the fundamentals:

    Set up a 5 inch circle at 5 yards.
    Fire 5 rounds strong hand supported, 5 rounds strong hand only, mag retention reload, 5 rounds weak hand supported and 5 rounds weak hand only, followed by a slide lock reload. Add a timer or distance if you want something more challenging.

    I don’t remember the name of this drill, something about a clock, I think. I’m also pretty sure I’ve changed it slightly from what I originally learned.

  4. I would and one other training item.Take one side step. Left or right. Then aim and shoot. Then repeat.

  5. A well thought out drill. Those that have foundation in the principles of shooting are a great training aid. Especially under time. Have a coach. You don’t know what you’re doing wrong. The coach can see it. If the coach knows what he’s doing (I’m guessing you trust the coach. Paid, or otherwise.) Listen to your coach. Besides, today they’ll just video on you a device and embarrass you on the spot.

    • I figured out what I’m doing wrong however years of closing my eyes and yanking the trigger is hard to break.

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  6. One problem with the Triple Ten drill. Its taken as a given that your magazine holds, at least, ten rounds. What about poor 1911 carriers?

  7. You need to go someplace to practice that has moving targets. I’d suggest one or 2 of the neighborhoods in Chicago where the targets shoot back. Preferably at night on a weekend.

    • “you can only get those kind of groups if your running a red dot.”

      Wrong, skill is a thing.

      With some competent coaching (and some ammo to burn), your groupings can drastically improve.

      To maintain those skills, regular practice is required…

  8. If the clay pigeons would quit breaking when they hit the ground I’d never run out of targets, emu for sure but not targets.

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