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Being in Wal-Mart and perusing the ammo selection isn’t always easy. I tend to buy ammo there because in my town, it’s the cheapest place to get target rounds. Oddly enough, this isn’t about Wal-Mart but the people who tend to hang out at the store. Do they look for me? A while back I was buying .40 S&W for my XD when I was approached by a man who was no bigger than I am. He proceeded to fill the air with anti-gun nonsense. I was able to ignore him and pretend he didn’t exist until he told me, and I quote . . .

“And don’t give me that crap that guns don’t kill people. If that was true, the United States would send only soldiers to Afghanistan and not give them guns.” I literally HA’ed out loud. I then made sure he knew that according to his logic, loaded guns should be dropped — minus the soldiers — in Afghanistan because, well, guns pull their own triggers. I was then called a vile name as he left me alone to continue my shopping. Sometimes it is the little victories in life that make us happy. I still see him at the Wal-Mart sometimes. He avoids eye contact and keeps his distance.

But this isn’t even the most ludicrous thing I’ve encountered regarding guns lately. I also happened across some silliness when I typed ‘ghost gun’ into Google (thanks to California’s Kevin De Leon).

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 8.25.08 AM

So the ghost doesn’t even have to pull the trigger. It can fire the gun just by flicking the safety on and off several times. This scares me more than any ghost ever could. I know…stop laughing. This is, sadly, what we’re up against. Laughter is really the best medicine.

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  1. “He proceeded to fill the air with anti-gun nonsense.”

    Excuse me, Mr store manager? This person is harassing me in your store. Could you please ask him to leave the premesis?

    • As annoying as it is to be singled out by one of these room-temperature IQs, I believe your approach to be incorrect.

      Stupidity of this… ahem… caliber, should be put on display for EVERYONE. And publicly mocked. Or, if you’re feeling particularly patient and virtuous, you can teach them the error of their ways, and we can perhaps turn an adversary into an ally. Either way, forcing it out of public view serves very little purpose, and is NOT how we wish to conduct our debates.

      Attempting to silence someone, shouting them down, throwing a hissyfit, and ejecting them from public view should be the sign that you have nothing useful, informative, accurate, logical, or valuable to contribute to a reasoned debate, and that you have already lost.

      • Who said anything about throwing a hissy fit? I said to ask the manager to eject the person harassing you.

        Walmart is, IMO, not an appropriate venue to debate, well, almost anything. And clearly, someone trying to shame you in Walmart is both unlikely to be interested in a reasonable debate, nor convinced if you try to have one.

        On the other hand, I’m a customer in the store. I’m shopping. I don’t want to be prosletsyzed or otherwise preached at while shopping. I’m not trying to shout anyone down, I just want to be left alone to conduct my business iin peace. If the store can’t provide that, well, perhaps I should shop elsewhere if possible.

      • @tomy–“Attempting to silence someone, shouting them down, throwing a hissyfit, and ejecting them from public view should be the sign that you have nothing useful, informative, accurate, logical, or valuable to contribute to a reasoned debate, and that you have already lost.”

        Excellent point friend that if You live Your life in reaction to others,You have already Lost. Sometimes though it is kind of entertaining to see a grown man get turned into a mouse by confronting them with the reality of the situation they just willingly injected their self into. Education cure liberalism or at least lets them know they are the sheep amongst WE American citizens.

        @john-“Walmart is, IMO, not an appropriate venue to debate, well, almost anything. And clearly, someone trying to shame you in Walmart is both unlikely to be interested in a reasonable debate, nor convinced if you try to have one.”
        A random stranger just walked up to you and started to attack your way of life(self-preservation beliefs), because you happened to be looking at ammo for your tools, same happens for us Christians with crosses or Jews and Star of David, and you choose to give away your personal responsibility to an authority figure, which is liberalism and the statist republican belief.
        I would politely say to the person if an evil man were to mean you harm at this moment what would You do and Could you do? After the silence or they say I would call the cops. I tell them I would pull my concealed handgun and stop the threat before they could get a hold of a dispatcher. Then I Say You are Welcome, because of my accepting personal liberty in this moment they are one of the safest people in My city, and I then I ask the clerk to give me a box of WWB .45acp. These cowards are not my countrymen and me being honest is better than being polite to them, because it does not change their continued practice of voting to restrict rights that can’t be voted away from WE Americans while blood still flows in our veins.

        @Sara–You need to be careful with that man, he is an American’t, and those types of individuals are not trust worthy to occupy the same physical space as that of us Americans. Have one of your male friends go and teach that coward proper respect for women.

    • Walmart usually has the lowest prices on ammo.
      You just have to keep checking the shelves and then the internet with
      I cannot afford to buy ammo by the case to get free shipping.
      So I buy 5 boxes or so a week from Walmart and it adds up.
      I do also buy on the net when that is cheaper for 5 boxes.
      Super Walmart in Hypoluxo, Florida is open 24 hours a day and you can buy ammo any time, day or night. They had ZQI 147 grain 7.62 x 51 for $9.97 a box of 20. I have been slowly accumulating it as it shoots 2 inch, 5 shot groups out of my Federal Ordnance M 14 at 100 yards with a 9 x scope. When the price went to $15 a box, I stopped buying it and instead picked up the Perfecta .223 for $19 a box of 50. Perfecta is also good ammo, made by Fiocchi for Walmart. It shoots 1.5 inch, 5 shot groups from a rest with 4x magnification at 100 yards out of my Bushmaster AR.
      The only thing people have said to me at Walmart is “how do we get someone to unlock the ammo case!”

      • I am starting to wonder WHY Walmart has the lowest prices. The brown box XM193 5.56 I have bought there always seems to have significantly more dented cases then the stuff I have bought elsewhere. Pretty much every box of 20 has at least 2 or 3 rounds like that. These are not boxes you can open without tearing to pick-over like eggs at the grocery store either, so that’s not it. I am starting to wonder if Walmart gets the sub-par batches caught by the manufacturer, at a lower wholesale price.

        • Wouldn’t surprise me. The manufacturers know they’re getting less profit from a Wal-Mart buy, so they probably pack those lots with stuff they wouldn’t send to a company that pays better and is also more likely to call them on quality and send subpar stuff back.

    • Walmart has – or at least had – ridiculously low prices on Wincester 36 grain CPHP .22 LR. Walmart is relatively pro-gun and has great prices on ammo.

      • After all the hassle I went through to buy a single-shot bolt-action .22 there some years ago, I vowed never to buy another gun at the local Wal-Mart. Then when they locked up all the ammo except 12-gauge target loads, I quit buying ammo there too. Too easy for me just to walk across the street from my house to Academy.

        • My WalMart doesn’t sell guns, hasn’t in years. I’m not sure that they sell guns anywhere in California. But during the Great Drought its prices (when they had anything other than a shelf full of .40) was much more reasonable than the local gun stores. And given the nature of many WalMart shoppers, are you surprised that they keep the ammo locked up? The one here in town has full time security and regular “visits” from the local police, while the superstore the next town south is where many of the stolen cars are recovered–while the thief is in the store shopping.

        • Not particularly surprised they locked up their ammo–but that doesn’t make it any less a pain where I don’t need a pain, particularly when there’s no one at the gun counter. Just easier to shop at Academy.

      • And whole feature length documentaries full of reasons NOT to shop there.

        My LGS is also pretty pro-gun. I’d wager moreso than Walmart, even. And when I drop a few bucks there, it’s a fellow in my own county that gets the profits.

        YMMV. To each his own.

      • Most of the local WalMarts (metro CO) sell ammo, but I haven’t seen one that sells guns unless you get outside of the Denver metro area.

        • There’s only 3 locations that carry firearms in our area. One is the store at Bowles/C-470, another is the one in CO Springs, and I can’t remember the third location.

        • All of the Walmart’s here in the Springs all sell guns, mostly your typical bolt action hunting rifles, some Mini-14’s and hunting shotguns, but on occasion, I’ll see one of those Sig 556’s in the round racks.

      • Yah I saw that once. They had 5 boxes of 100 for $9.47 each, limit ONE.
        I bought one, but 15 minutes later they were all gone.
        That pic at the header of the wal-mart ammo- if I added all the in-stock ammunition at both of the Wal-marts near me (about 7 miles each way) it would not fill 1/2 of that space except for 12 gauge target loads.
        Plus, other than that one unicorn .22LR exception, none of the prices are what I would call a “good deal”, all of them being as expensive as paying for online + shipping costs. This is inland empire Southern California, where you would expect they would stock ammo because it sells- they don’t refill the shelves. Not even .38 special!

  2. Next time give them directions to the pharmacy section specifically, the aisle with the adult sized diapers.

  3. Seriously, you have never heard of Walmartians? Go ahead and Google “Walmartians” and be entertained for an hour.or so.

  4. My local Wally world is in a more rural area. The biggest problem we usually see there and at the LGS are the morons who want to play show and tell with their new hi-point at the gun counter.

    Pro-tip: Don’t play with it in public….. Didn’t your mom teach you anything?

  5. As Sara said, cheap ammo and the guys at the sporting goods counter in my local Wal Mart are gun guys. Of course, I’m a surly old bastard, so jerks don’t usually come up to me with their stupid opinions.

  6. You do know that Yahoo Answers is just a hive of trolls, right?

    I’ve never been bothered at my local Walmart while shopping for ammo. Though apparently they got “new management” and won’t sell ammo past 10pm. Which, as a swing shift worker, sucks. Shopping at 2am is my favorite time. No traffic and hardly any patrons. With the lack of people, it’s MUCH easier to maintain situational awareness, so keep your “nothing good happens after 2am” to yourself. Because people get attacked in broad daylight, too.

    • IDK about your store, but they implemented that policy here because during the ammo shortage Walmart workers would call their friends as soon as a shipment came in. The friends would come and buy it all up then resell it online. They stopped ammo sales after 10PM and limited purchases to 3 boxes at a time to put a stop to that.

      • The 10 PM thing only just started a few months ago, so it’s not related to the shortage. And I’m pretty sure that even before then the workers weren’t calling their buddies because the only person I could ever get the unlock the ammo cabinet was the old lady working the electronic’s section. They do have a 2 box limit on .22, but I’ve never seen it in stock. I’ve heard they stock it around 4-5am. I don’t have a 22 ATM so I don’t care right now. May change here soon.

    • Yeah, go ahead and laugh off the gun ghost threat. Well see who’s laughing when a ghost takes your shiny 1911 with its smooth polished 3 lb trigger and grossly manipulates it into firing! It can’t actually point it at you due to it weighing too much, but it will be very embarrassing for all involved.

      • Maybe my wife’s M&P, but my 1911 has a very stiff safety! The embarrassing thing is that trigger on the M&P, tho… She doesn’t mind it, but I guess I’m just spoiled with that SA trigger.

  7. Seems like Sara could save herself a lot of grief by just buying a reloading press.

  8. Next time this occurs tell the person that his actions are being recorded by the store’s video security system, which can be used as evidence. Warn him that if he continues to harass or attempts to assault you that you will press charges. Then recommend that he go to the produce section where he can happily mate with the other fruit flies.

  9. People of Walmart is also very entertaining. Bottom line is they have a working delivery model that delivers commodity goods at a fairly low price compared to other retailers. Until I have an excess of cash, I can deal with the weirdos. The seem mostly harmless….

  10. I’ll always glance at the ammo shelf when I’m shopping for other things at Wal-Mart. There’s never anything I’d consider putting in my own guns.

    I’ll order online or patronize my LGS.

  11. I’ve found that if I use facts, i.e. F,B.I stats or such it never goes well, because all anti-gun people I’ve met can only talk about feelings.

  12. In terms of volume, Walmart is the number one firearms dealer in the US of A. So if a jackalope challenges you in Wally World, tell the management, cause said jackalope the most grief that you legally can and don’t shrug it off. Yell loudly right there and then, “Get away from me, you pervert!” That should do the trick. If it doesn’t, yell again and again until store security shows up.

    I’ve never had anyone bust my agates because of guns, but it might be just a matter of time. I won’t be soft-spoken when it happens to me. I will be very, very loud.

    • Makes me think of a TV quote:
      “That’s my purse! I don’t know you!” -Bobby Hill

      • Haha, I remember that one, followed by swift kick to the gennies that made Ol’ Hank hang his head in shame.

  13. I was in a Walmart like a day or two after Newtown happened. There was not an ammo panic yet because nobody had any clue what sort of shitstorm it was about to become politically, but it was already brewing in public sentiment.

    I go to Walmart pretty much only to buy automotive supplies, and the gun counter is right next to it so sometimes I check there too.

    I find nothing I want in the auto section, so I go over to the gun counter. They have a huge stack of Tulammo .223, I decide to buy a few boxes. Behind the counter is an older white-haired female employee who looks just like Patty Murray (it’s a pretty typical look here in Washington), and I ask her if she would grab a few boxes of .223 ammo out of the case for me..

    Reminder, this is just a couple days after Newtown. AR-15. .223. High-capacity banana clipazines.

    At the mention of “.223 ammo”, her eyes get kind of big. She reaches in and hands me back the ten boxes I had asked for (ten boxes was never a huge issue up until now), and as I’m paying for them she looks at me with this dead-fish look and says, “I really hope that’s not all you came here for.”

    I really didn’t even know how to respond to that. I knew exactly what she was suggesting. Just said “Yep,” and walked out with my bag of ammo.

    I think that was the last time I bothered trying to buy any ammo at a Wal-Mar.

    • I would have given her the dead fish eye right back and said in my best Walter white voice “Now that you mention it, I could use some shotgun shells too, and maybe a pair of overalls… I don’t want to get my clothes dirty…”

  14. Yahoo answers has become a good place if you want a laugh. Check out some of the idiotic questions and answers about sex and pregnancy…

  15. I was afraid to Google ghost guns, didn’t want to get bombarded with pictures of very pale johnsons.

  16. What an example of how seriously deranged those antis are.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he wouldn’t dare do that to a physically fit guy.

    You dealt with it far nicer than I would have.

    I actually have a Wal-Mart ammo sale story.

    2 days before X-mas a few years back.

    There were a few folks at the ammo counter yuc-yuccing it up.

    At my turn I asked for few boxes of ammo.

    The yuc-yuc guys stopped yuccing.

    I smiled at them and said “Ammunition makes the perfect stocking-stuffer”.

    And went my way.

  17. You must live in a liberal state. Luckily I either go to the sportsmansguide warehouse or fleet farm for my purchases. Pro Gun or GTFO

  18. I love the Larry Niven reference in the responses.

    For those who aren’t familiar with his work – in his sci fi vision of the future war and weapons have been outlawed. The entity that enforces those laws is a branch of the UN called the ARM – “The Long ARM of Gil Hamilton” is a play on that. It was a clever way to say “you’re an idiot.”

  19. “This is, sadly, what we’re up against.” NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!!! (no!)

    Make no mistake, this argument, and purveyors of it KEEP YOU FROM PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM WHAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY UP AGAINST.

    e.g.., the next Civil War, or war with China. (it’s stupid crazy until it ain’t and I’m an a-hole until I’m right, and then you are).

  20. Damn. Your Walmart ammo can has more ammo in it than the 5 Walmarts that I regularly haunt, all put together.

    • That’s what I’m sayin’! And if there is an actual person AT the counter when you walk up that is just as rare.

  21. I’m sorry but if some azzwhole said anything like THAT to my wife He would be in a world o’ hurt. From her and me. I really don’t entertain fools like this scum.

    • My wife is the one with the temper in the household. I always say, “If they’re lucky, the dog or I will get to them first…” 😉

      • Amen!

        I pity the fool who would say anything stupid to my wife. Safer with me than her.

  22. Our local Wal Mart doesn’t sell guns, but I think that is more because of the administrative hassles than any political statement. They stock plenty of ammo and the store is gun friendly.

    I see people open carrying there a few times a month and no one ever seems to pay much attention . . . except me. Anytime I see someone whose armed, I watch them to see what they are about. But no one ever gives anyone any grief about it.

  23. I’ve had the SAME unfortunate situation happen at my local walmart while purchasing target ammo! Though it was a yuppie soccer mom. Honestly I was speechless and wouldn’t have said anything but she followed me and keep asking why me saying “do you know how many children are killed each day from gun violence, do you, do you know how many, do you know how many” repeating herself over and over again. I finally stopped and said a lot of children die each day from gun violence. That’s why I am buying all this ammo. So I can kill the son’s of bitch’s who are killing the children. Do you think I have enough or should I go back and buy some more……….She was speechless and slowly walked backwards away from me.

  24. Lol. At my Wal-Mart they would have been escorted out. Everyone in sporting goods is progun. Hell the girls working there know more about guns then I do.

  25. “And don’t give me that crap that guns don’t kill people. If that was true, the United States would send only soldiers to Afghanistan and not give them guns.” The military should give the troops politically correct walkie-talkies.

  26. So the ghost doesn’t even have to pull the trigger. This is why you need to flatter the ghost’s home of which she owned when she was alive. Show the ghost that you are a warm caring person by having pets. Try fixing up and repairing the ghost’s former home. Talk to the ghost. Have the ghost’s kids come over and visit. Say nice things about the ghost. Tell the ghost that she was a good mother and has wonderful children.

  27. The Wally World at North Vernon has all sorts of Ordnance for sale. The more the Wally World is in the sticks, the more and better guns and ammo they have.

  28. He proceeded to fill the air with anti-gun nonsense

    What city/state is this Walmart in???

  29. I haven’t been in a WalMart in NC that doesn’t sell guns, the local one has a Colt M4 for sale. Ammo is hit and miss, all of them sell it if you can catch it in stock.

  30. I buy ammo all the time at my local WM. never an issue with the product quality. .223 to 9mm…. Just fine and substantially less than my LGS down the road.

  31. No problem here in WM. Bought a pump shotgun, and a Henry lever at 2 different stores. The shotgun took about 5 minutes, The Henry lever about 1/2 hour cause there was no one around to fill out or phone in the NICS check. I hate, but understand the “perp walk” out to the front door.

  32. I haven’t set foot in a Wally-mart in 6+ years. The reason: Every single time…and I do mean every time!, that I have stepped into a walmart, somebody has run into me with a damn cart! This has even happened at 2am in the morning on an emergency tool run after moving to Austin and needing to assemble my bed-frame! That was the second to last time, I believe.

    I hate that place.

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