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The deadliest acts of mass murder in the United States since 9/11 all share one feature: The killer in every case used an assault-style weapon or a firearm equipped with a high-capacity magazine. This was again the case on Monday, at a shooting at a Kentucky bank that killed five, and in the recent shooting at the elementary school in Nashville that killed six, including three 9-year-old children.

And yet, the country has failed to adopt the policies needed to keep these weapons out of the hands of those who would abuse them. At the most obvious level, mass shootings are a serious and worsening problem that imposes substantial burdens on the public. But they are something else as well: a national disgrace that illuminates the inability of the American political system to adopt numerous popular public-policy strategies that together could substantially reduce the prevalence and destructiveness of these events. One of those measures—the federal assault-weapons ban—was in place for a decade, but it was allowed to lapse in 2004. The gun lobby is challenging every valuable gun-safety law throughout the United States, with the belief that Republican appointees on the Supreme Court will protect the right to sell lethal weaponry to as many Americans as possible. …

The gun lobby has a counterintuitive (and self-serving) suggestion for dealing with the proliferation of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines: more gun sales and more gun carrying, so that “a good guy with a gun” can kill a mass shooter. Unfortunately, the best empirical evidence suggests that this will be a self-defeating policy, because the proliferation of guns will lead to more gun violence, resulting from increased gun thefts, more road-rage violence, and diminished police effectiveness.

The occasional episodes where a good guy with a gun thwarts a mass shooting will be offset by the growing parade of ills from what the then-president of the National Rifle Association—testifying in support of the 1938 federal gun-control act—called the inadvisable “promiscuous toting of guns.” Even Ronald Reagan once said that there’s “no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons. [Guns are] a ridiculous way to solve problems that have to be solved among people of good will.” …

Any approach that doesn’t include a federal assault-weapons ban with accompanying restrictions on high-capacity magazines will be inadequate. State bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines have helped, but killers have circumvented them, buying their weapons in neighboring gun-friendly states. …

Referencing unpublished work by a supportive researcher, an NRA lawyer told the Supreme Court in the Bruen oral argument that allowing more citizens to carry guns would have no impact on crime, ironically conceding that even the most pro-NRA assessment of the data found no benefit from more gun carrying. The best, peer-reviewed evidence, though, reaches a far more ominous conclusion concerning the march toward deregulation. Sadly, America’s lead as the most homicidal affluent nation will only grow unless more fundamental reform to its gun policies is undertaken, and the American people are allowed to have their say.

—  John J. Donohue in The Problem America Cannot Fix

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  1. The deadliest substance known to modern man is corn oil. More people die of the myriad diseases of the heart and circulatory system, caused by polyunsaturated fats, that all other causes (except cancer) combined. And even cancer, a far distant second place killer, is also tainted by the evidence that those same polyunsaturated corn oils either cause some cancers or make other cancers more deadly.

    Compared to corn oil, the tiny number of deaths attributed to modern sporting rifles based on the Armalite receiver pattern don’t even register.

    The real question must be, why is corn oil legal?

    • Canola, sunflower, and soy are all just about as bad and because they are cheap and paid off the regulators early on and are established industries. Paired with sugar they are even nastier.

      • Seed oils in general have high reactivity in the body and cause all kinds of havoc in the digestive and immune systems.

        I suspect most of the inflammation related health disorders is caused or made worse by seed oils.

        Animal fat is the way to go.

        • Olive avocado and coconut are about the best you can do for plant based fats but yeah tallow and lard tend to be better for you if you do not eat a lot of sugar (also applies to these).

        • tsbhoa it is a wash on whether any of them are beneficial in and of themselves with all the back and forth I read but I do notice less joint pain using animal fats then the previous 3 mentioned oils over everything else so for inflammation and general low heat frying it appears to be fine.

      • I cut out much of my sugar intake about 3 months ago. Mostly to lower any inflammation in my joints. Lost weight and feel better walking now. It certainly helped me doing so.

      • Largely related to his point as the various seed and vegetable oils create a saturated market for such medical care.

      • the deadliest and ost egregious example of which is how the medical “profession” lied to us about the WooFlew, masks lockdowns, and the deadliest “cure”ever developed “aainst” any disease, the so-called Covid vaccines. Several millions dead directly because of those fraudulant injections.
        and they are fussing over a couple hundred murdered by crazed killers who “happen” to have pacquired an “assautweapon” looking wannabe rifle?

        • “Several millions dead directly because of those fraudulant injections.“

          How fascinating, you simply must provide some sort of citation or link to substantiate your claim, thanks!

        • Miner start with VAERS data for the heavily censored US version go to the European version and try to apply logic. Or better yet opine on a topic where you have some functional knowlege

        • Void. Miner is just doing what he’s paid to do. He doesn’t care what he prints so long as the check clears.

        • OK, I get it, y’all ain’t got no credible data to support your claim.

          Nothing but vague claims, sentence fragments and innuendo do not equal reliable data upon which to base a valid conclusion.

        • Oh I know and honestly I do hope he is on that WHO contract for influencers to “correct misinformation online” as it will be hilarious watching him try to justify defective experimental gene therapy under emergency use authorization after the federal emergency has already ended this past Monday.

        • LOL no data, ok so more deaths in the first 6 months of the “vaccine” than the entire history of VAERS which is historically undercounted by a factor of 10. Miner you sound like you are up to date on your boosters 😉

        • MINOR Miner49er. Again, you lay claims that are totally unfounded. In more more people are killed in auto accidents than are with a firearm. FACT.
          More people in BLUE states are the victims of crime and especially murder than in Red States. FACT.
          The list goes on.

        • Walter, I disagree with your statement on blue state murders. Some of the highest murder rates are in red states. But the ‘rest of the story’ is it is Democratically controlled cities with extreme rates of homicides in those red states that drive the numbers up. Take out those cities and I bet many of those red states would have low homicide rates.

    • How about alcohol?? Kills 100,000+ people a year. Oh. We already tried the prohibition of alcohol. Didn’t really turn out that well, did it??

      • Alcohol is regulated closely and warnings on it’s adverse health effects are readily available from multiple parties not affiliated with the industry can you say the same for your food products? As much regulation as NY has our nutritional and health related research is a joke so hopefully you are better off.

      • How about hands and feet ? More people are beaten to death in most years than killed with long guns of any description . Killer gonna kill. Grandpa’s old 12 gauge single shot will toss 9 deadly chunks of lead out with one trigger pull – in short, it ain’t the guns, it’s the people we won’t put in institutions.

    • There are two main types of fats — saturated and unsaturated.

      A saturated fat has no double bonds in its chemical structure, whereas an unsaturated fat has one or more double bonds.

      If a fat molecule has one double bond, it’s called a monounsaturated fat, but if it has more than one, it’s called a polyunsaturated fat.

      Polyunsaturated fats — along with monounsaturated fats — are considered healthy fats, as they may reduce your risk of heart disease, especially when substituted for saturated fats

      • ^One of the many reasons the low fat diet fad is dumb. Michelle Obama went old school with her anti-science low fat school lunch program. All it did was make the food taste even worse. My sister is a teacher in a low income school district. She said the only time some of those kids eat is at school.

      • I don’t know if it’s that simple. Seed oils are very reactive in the body – they like to bond to things. Heating the oils also changes their composition – usually for the worse with regard to inflammation in the body. Olive oils are pretty good – until you subject them to high heat.

        It’s a complicated subject, but it seems that animal fats are far better for controlling inflammation and the resulting diseases than seed oils.

    • Corn oil and HFCS, High Fructose Corn Syrup, are one of the most unhealthy “foods” developed by modern man. Soy/soy-derivatitives & Canola, a Canadian Oil company GMO product, are a close second. Only if they were to make “food” out of tobacco could it be worse.

      The development of corn/maize agriculture has been the death of a number of new-world civilizations before the Europeans came. It is garbage.

      • Reading reference for the new world civilization issues with corn? Not doubting it had issues re water/fertilizer consumption over time but interested to see what was recorded/analyzed/theorized.

        • Research the Anasazi Indians and how their civilization collapsed and succumbed entirely to the corn cultivation trap.

      • Unless you’re a fish, otherwise it is highly recommended that you do not attempt to breath it… What an obscure reference…

    • Sorry Hoover Butter has beaten corn oil for heart disease by far. A pat of hydrogenated oil spells angina.
      Ah, remembering when the corn consortium had coconut oil villainized in commercial cooking, makes the best pop corn.

    • Life is the deadliest activity known to man. 100% of those introduced to life die….well, OK, here was that one guy, but otherwise it’s a truism.

      • joe – I used a country song line in another forum so this is a good place for another on: “no matter how hard we try, we’ll never get out of this world alive”*

        *unless you believe “that one guy” will return in your lifetime 😉

    • “Killers Keep Using AR-15s, So Why Are They Still Legal?”

      Why not make killing illegal? Wouldn’t that solve the problem?

      • I think they tried that, seems just as effective as gun control to the criminal… Guess they forgot about that…

  2. Why don’t you just stay at your ultimate goal and that is confiscation a ban on so-called assault weapons and so-called high-capacity magazines will not be effective it’s not intended be effective. It is a steppingstone to confiscation and what you people fail to understand is confiscation in the United States of America will lead to a bloody civil war.

    • Ross – IMHO there are a LOT of us who do understand about the attempt at confiscation and the likely result when they do try.
      I wonder if anyone has the overall statistics for All ‘mass shootings’ and specifically how many were perpetrated using so called “assault weapons”. While each and every atrocity committed by a deranged individual (2 at Columbine) is a horrific incident, how many evil “assault weapons” have actually been used? My speculation is ‘maybe’ a few hundred at worst. Contrast that with some 24+ MILLION of them in the hands of free Citizens. Makes ya wonder what the ‘scorekeepers’ are trying to foist on the uninformed.

  3. I have a better idea, lets make Fentanyl illegal and save 100,000 American’s lives, that’s a lot more than the 350 or so killed by evil AR-15’s and all other rifles. Gun control works the same way, making something illegal doesn’t eliminate it, it just makes it more profitable for the criminal to use it. The government needs to stay the F*k out of the gun control issue and read the Constitution as to what they are not allowed to do to the citizens.

    • Let’s ban the killers and treat them the way way that the guns are treated in a gun ban:

      Put them in a crusher and push the button.

      After all the killers have been eliminated from society, we won’t have to worry about killings or senseless bans on inanimate objects.


      • But…but…but… What about THEIR feeelz? They’re VICTIMS of society, they didn’t get enough attention from their mommy when they were little, they got TOO much attention from their mommy’s boyfriend, they were physically/mentally abused, economically depressed… meh, take your pick…

  4. Someone needs to illustrate to these fools the illogic of their argument; it goes like this:

    Problem: Liquor stores are the most common target for armed robbery, we need to do something to stop this.

    Solution: Lets ban beer distributors.

    • Speaking of beer, I was at the grocery store last night. They were low on Coors Light, but they were fully stocked on Bud Light.

        • Yeah the “go woke, go broke” mantra isn’t really true. These mega corporations, with their woke executives, are going to force their values on us whether we like it or not. The Left is fully in bed with the wealthy capitalists. The irony is funny, but still troubling.

        • “These mega corporations, with their woke executives, are going to force their values on us“

          If you don’t like the corporation’s policies then don’t drink the beer, why do you feel so persecuted?

          They are a private corporation, they can put whatever image on their candidate like.

          Why do you feel having a particular person’s picture on the can means they are forcing their values on you?

        • Cool so if they go bankrupt for pursuing their policies they don’t get bailed out by taxpayer money right?

        • “Why do you feel having a particular person’s picture on the can means they are forcing their values on you?”

          Are you pretending to be dumb or is this real life? You’re so disingenuous, I honestly can’t tell half the time. Since you’re just now venturing out of the cave, let me bring you up to speed. The Left is promoting the harmful ideology of transgenderism. The earliest I noticed this was Obama tying to force schools to allow men to use women’s restrooms. It didn’t receive much traction because society hadn’t been degraded enough to accept it. They’ve been working overtime on degrading our society, and now we’re “ready” for it, whether we like it or not. A degraded society is bad for everyone.

          You only cheer this on because you’re a partisan, and it’s your side pushing for this. I guarantee you weren’t hoping for this in 2008. It wasn’t on anyone’s radar. Then why is it suddenly so important? Have you ever asked yourself that?

        • MajorLiar,

          So, those years I lived in Denver, and got paid HUNDREDS of dollars to bring cases of Coors back to California on my holidays, never happened?? Strange, somehow, they paid for my gas to drive back and then drive back to Denver.

          Coors is “against” organized labor?? Great, so am I. The day of, and the NEED for, unions died decades ago. Today, private sector unions are a prophylactic to progress. Public sector unions are outright thieves, in collaboration with the gutless, thieving politicians, buying votes with union campaign donations.

          You really are stupid, aren’t you?

      • pretty funny considering that coors and a lot of those other giga-brands peddling cheap swill they wanna pretend is beer have been a part of the rainbow brigade for a LONG time.

        • Besides making shitty beer, Coors has opposed working people for decades.

          “For some Americans in the 1960s and 1970s, Coors — the iconic Rocky Mountain brew — signified views about labor, race, and gender equality. The Coors boycotts, beginning in 1966 and lasting, for some people, right up to the present, connected a wide spectrum of activists and organizations, much like the successful grape boycott organized by Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers in the 1960s.

          Opposition to the Adolph Coors Company centered around three issues. First, the company did not get along with organized labor. Second, critics charged that Coors hiring practices discriminated against Hispanics, African-Americans, women, and gays and lesbians. Finally, members of the Coors family, particularly Joseph Coors, actively supported and funded conservative politicians and organizations“

        • LOL wasn’t Ceaser Chavez the union leader who supported attacking illegal immigrants. Lets see allegations allegations oooh donated money to people I don’t like. Cool now have anything that has been relevant in the last 30 years?

        • Opposition to the Adolph Coors Company centered around three issues. First, the company did not get along with organized labor. Second, critics charged that Coors hiring practices discriminated against Hispanics, African-Americans, women, and gays and lesbians. Finally, members of the Coors family, particularly Joseph Coors, actively supported and funded conservative politicians and organizations“

          I other words the “haters” were a bunch union supported liberals… I never drank Coors because it’s a shit beer… OBTW: Coors was a big backer of pulling the All-Star game out of Atlanta which was a bullshit Leftist move… things change… So now, of course, they are LOVED by the left…

        • MINOR Miner49er. IT is your OPINION that Coors is a “shitty beer”. You object due to the Coors company objecting to “organized labor” which in fact does very little to further that goals and aims of workers. “Organized labor” has in fact been on the DECLINE for over 40 yrs. People don’t want to be forced to join a Leftist Marist organization. So sorry.

        • I had no idea Miner was into holding long grudges. Boy is he in for a shock if he ever reads up on the history of the Democrat party.

        • Coors IS a “shitty” beer… Just as the fucking algorithm and whoever is responsible for oversight is a POS for not only “moderating” a post that for using a direct quote from Minerva but has apparently decided to withhold it from posting… That’s okay, if that post does not appear tonight this WILL be my last contribution to the discourse, period… Fuck a bunch of censorship, I don’t have time for it…

          Anyway Minerva… This Buds for you…
          In other words the “haters” were a bunch of union supported liberals… I never drank Coors because it’s a shit beer… OBTW: Coors was a big backer of pulling the All-Star game out of Atlanta which was a bullshit Leftist move… things change… So now, of course, they are LOVED by the left… But they still support the Right??

  5. Oh, look the Atlantic has yet another anti-gun article behind a pay wall. At least that makes their leftist tripe less harmful since it limits the spread of their usual stupidity to those already infected with their rather dimwitted Communist ideals.

  6. A fundamentalist Muslim in France rented a truck and drove through a crowd and in moments killed more people than the concert shooter in Las Vegas did. Maybe we should outlaw rental vehicles. If you’re really worried about people dying from preventable things then alcohol, tobacco, sugar being used in consumer products, and the wheel should all be outlawed immediately.

    • Officer Bill,

      “… the wheel should … be outlawed immediately.

      That there was funny! I tip my hat to you fine sir.

      In case readers are dense (or have not had their first cup of tea/coffee), Officer Bill’s comment was funny because it is both extremely accurate (contraptions with wheels cause 10s of thousands of deaths every year) and extremely silly (outlawing wheels would be incredibly dumb).

    • and that figure (the dead in Las Vegas) is almost certainly grossly exggerated, as there is VERY colid evidence the guy up in the 42nd floor could NOT have singlehandedly removed the 800 pound gorilla, er, squeeze ,e, window out of thiuch hs alledgely fired hundreds of rounds using “bump stock” equipped rifles. Video reveals shots coming from multiple locations, AND some of those strings of fire very obviously from full automatic ilitary weapons which he supposedly did NOT have. And NO ONE has ever released any solid data on the number of rifles supposedly in that room that were actuallly fired using “bump stocks”.

      Smoke and mirrors, anyone?

      • “Video reveals shots coming from multiple locations“

        That sounds very interesting, could you please advise where one could see this video you speak of?

        “And NO ONE has ever released any solid data on the number of rifles supposedly in that room that were actuallly fired using “bump stocks”.”

        Actually, the list was released 5 years ago:

        “Guns found inside Mandalay Bay rooms 32-135 and 32-134:

        Colt M4 Carbine AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. Front sight only.
        Noveske N4 AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 40 round magazine. EOTech optic.
        LWRC M61C AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. No sights or optics.
        POF USA P-308 AR-10 .308/7.62 with a bipod, scope and 25 round magazine
        Christensen Arms CA-15 AR-15 .223 Wylde with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. No sights or optics.
        POF USA P-15 P AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. No sights or optics.

        Colt Competition AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. No sights or optics.
        Smith & Wesson 342 AirLite .38 caliber revolver with 4 cartridges, 1 expended cartridge case.
        LWRC M61C AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. EOTech optic.
        FNH FM15 AR-10 .308/7.62 with a bipod, scope and 25 round magazine.
        Daniel Defense DD5V1 AR-10 .308/7.62 with a bipod, scope and 25 round magazine.
        FNH FN15 AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. EOTech optic.

        POF USA P15 AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. EOTech optic.
        Colt M4 Carbine AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine.
        Daniel Defense M4A1 AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. EOTech optic.
        LMT Def. 2000 AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. No sights or optics.
        Daniel Defense DDM4V11 AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip. No magazine. EOTech optic.
        Sig Sauer SIG716 AR-10 .308/7.62 with a bipod, red dot optic and 25 round magazine.

        Daniel Defense DD5V1 AR-10 .308/7.62 with a bipod and scope. No magazine.
        FNH FN15 AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. No sights or optics.
        Ruger American .308 caliber bolt action rifle with scope.
        LMT LM308MWS AR-10 .308/7.62 with a bipod and red dot scope. No magazine.
        Ruger SR0762 AR-10 .308/7.62 with a bipod, scope and 25 round magazine.
        LMT LM308MWS AR-10 with a bipod, scope and 25 round magazine.“

        • I recognize that you are too ignorant to know anything about firearms, but you should, even at your level of abject ignorance, be aware that the accuracy required to hit that many people, from that distance and height, using a bump stock, is impossible for anyone except POSSIBLY a professional shooter? No, you’re too stupid to even realize that. And the “right after the event” pictures clearly show . . . way too little brass on the floor to account for the number of shots supposedly taken. And you’re probably also too stupid to know that 100 round magazines jam like a mofo, particularly in rapid fire.

          And the LVPD, FBI, etc. spent literally a couple of years . . . to tell us absolutely nothing. I don’t know if Paddock had accomplices, or if he was just a patsy, but only someone as stupid as you could believe that he did all that with bump stock guns, from the 42nd floor, a quarter-mile from the concert venue, at night.

          You are a pathetic @$$clown. Go back to your circle jerk; you won’t be missed.

        • “You are a pathetic @$$clown“

          What a reasoned and insightful response, thank you so much for taking the time to research the issue and post a concise and clear assessment of the data.

        • So, some source reports 23 semi-automatic rifles (AR-15s, quantity 16 and AR-10s, quantity 7) with several 100-round drum magazines and a smattering of 25 to 40 round magazines, some with optics/sights and some without.

          Let’s establish the reasonable estimate for discussion that the average magazine held 65 cartridges and all of the rifles were loaded. That means the attacker had at least 1,495 rounds of ammunition (23 rifles X 65 cartridges per rifle == 1,495 cartridges). And let’s establish the reasonable estimate that 1,495 rounds of a mix of .223 Remington and .308 Winchester cartridges weighed 70 pounds.

          Now let’s establish the reasonable estimate that each rifle (including its magazine and sights/optics, if present) weighed eight pounds. Thus total weight of rifles was 184 pounds.

          Therefore, the attacker had to cart and haul something like 254 pounds of firearms and ammunition up to his room. And the volume/space required to transport 23 rifles with magazines and optics is non-trivial. A large duffel bag has enough volume to probably hold 10 rifles with optics although that would probably exceed the weight carrying capacity of most duffel bags. So the attacker would have had to haul up those rifles in several duffel bags.

          It becomes hard to believe that the attacker hauled almost 300 pounds of rifles and ammunition up to his room–at least not without anyone noticing it and stopping him, although it is possible of course.

          Such an “orgy of evidence” of “controversial” items (AR-pattern rifles, “large capacity” magazines, and bump stocks) is just too good of a “gift” to be true for the civilian disarmament complex.

          Finally, throw in the remaining facts that all of that gear would have cost about $23,000, renting those rooms long enough for all necessary precursor requirements (hauling everything up there, spreading it out and loading everything, and removing the window panels) would have cost about $3,000 (give or take), and successfully removing those window panels is extremely difficult–and it becomes VERY difficult to believe that some whack-a-doodle guy did all that.

          Is it possible that the attacker (who “official” sources tell us was responsible) did all that? It is of course possible. Is it likely? I do not believe so. It seems to me that other explanations fit the evidence (that we are able to see and hear) better.

        • MINOR Miner49er.
          As to: “You are a pathetic @$$clown“

          What a reasoned and insightful response, thank you so much for taking the time to research the issue and post a concise and clear assessment of the data.

          It really is a very well reasoned and insightful response to your drivel.

  7. “…popular public-policy strategies…”

    Love it when the anti-gun mob wants to evade the Constitution via “popular public-policy strategies”. I always ask if they know legislation doesn’t amend the Constitution. The reply is generally along the lines of, “We can’t let the Constitution keep us from doing the right thing. When it comes to guns, constitutional amendments take too long; we need action now.” My question is a rhetorical trap. My response to anti-gunners is asking if they would support evading the Constitution, and reviving slavery, if it was “popular public-policy.” The answer to that question is outrage, or confused babbling.

    Now, on a 2A related subject…watch closely as the Left attempts to have Justice Thomas impeached; articles are surfacing frequently about certain financial disclosures, or other ethics matters. The wave will continue to build, in an effort to give Biden and the Dims the chance to remove and replace Thomas.

    • “articles are surfacing frequently about certain financial disclosures, or other ethics matters“

      Actually, the problem is he violated Federal law by failing to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts from a mega millionaire Republican donor, as well as concealing over $100,000 in real estate deals with the same elitist millionaire.

      Conservative Republicans have been buying Justice for years, particularly Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who apparently was available on the cheap.

      • Is that what he did………..and they never came after him before we started political kangaroo courts why exactly?

      • Why is selling real estate a violation of federal law? Further, the billionaire close friend of 25 years has stated that he has had no business in front of the court, so how could he have been “buying” this justice? Finally, Justice Thomas’ conservative bent has been known since before he was even nominated. Where is the impropriety?

        • In his “friend group” of psychiatrists which could be a funny way of saying group therapy. Kidding of course but the way his post quality has gone down the last year or so who knows.

        • “Why is selling real estate a violation of federal law?“

          Because it violates a law passed by Congress…

          “A federal disclosure law passed after Watergate requires justices and other officials to disclose the details of most real estate sales over $1,000. Thomas never disclosed his sale of the Savannah properties. That appears to be a violation of the law, four ethics law experts told ProPublica.

          The disclosure form Thomas filed for that year also had a space to report the identity of the buyer in any private transaction, such as a real estate deal. That space is blank.

          “He needed to report his interest in the sale,” said Virginia Canter, a former government ethics lawyer now at the watchdog group CREW. “Given the role Crow has played in subsidizing the lifestyle of Thomas and his wife, you have to wonder if this was an effort to put cash in their pockets.”

          Thomas did not respond to detailed questions for this story.“

          Marcus, I thought you were an attorney… I guess I was mistaken.

          “5 U.S. Code § 13104 – Contents of reports

          (5) Transactions.—Except as provided in this paragraph, a brief description, the date, and category of value of any purchase, sale or exchange during the preceding calendar year which exceeds $1,000—
          (A) in real property, other than property used solely as a personal residence of the reporting individual or the individual’s spouse;“

      • A supreme court justice should never vacation with friends while on the bench? Even with people that do not have business before the court?

        Wait until you find out about the founding fathers – they were….ALL BUSINESSMEN….gasp! How were they ever able to establish an entirely new nation with all those conflicts?

      • Oh, you mean the ethics rules that SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDE a requirement to report staying in a private residence owned by a friend?? THOSE ethics rules, you babbling idiot???

        Oh, and now do America’s Dumbest Bartender wearing a multi-thousand dollar gown, and using a $10,000 ticket, to attend the Met Gala . . . and not reporting it. And Malig-Nancy and Wasserman-Schultz being two of the biggest insider traders in Congress.

        Go suck-start a shotgun, you partisan, lying propagandist.

        • “Go suck-start a shotgun, you partisan, lying propagandist“

          Once again we are blessed with pearls of wisdom from one of the most insightful commenters on TTAG, we all live in the shadow of your magnificent intellect.

        • MajorLiar,

          ” . . . we all live in the shadow of your magnificent intellect.”

          No, I consider most of the commenters on TTAG to be intelligent. You would live in the shadow of ANYONE even possessing an intellect. You are nothing but a lying, partisan propagandist, with delusions of adequacy.

        • Miner49er April 15, 2023 At 07:02
          “Go suck-start a shotgun, you partisan, lying propagandist“

          Once again we are blessed with pearls of wisdom from one of the most insightful commenters on TTAG, we all live in the shadow of your magnificent intellect.

          It would put you out of our misery.

  8. Why are people who deny others their Constitution Rights still legal? Perhaps the elimination of those people would solve the problem.

  9. By his own words john j. donohue is a willing and able full fledged member of the unarmed victim pool…and john j. donohue wants you and yours to surrender your arms and join him…No F-ing Can Do john boy.

  10. “Consumption of alcohol is the common factor in nearly every drunk driving fatality. When are we going to finally ban alcohol and save literally tens of thousands of lives each year?”

    Strange, we banned alcohol before, why can’t we do it again?

    It’s for the children!


  11. The Nashville school shooter DID NOT use an AR15. This is fact.

    This is a person that either has an agenda or knows nothing about that which they speak.

    Upside down and backwards.

    • Yeah it(her/he/zir)used a lowly Keltec Sub2000. I had one. Far from a “weapon of war” ass-ault gat. I’m amazed the deranged critter got it to work…

      • walker,

        I can testify, from extensive experience, that if you spend the cash and time to do a full “MCARBO” upgrade on a Sub2000, it is quite reliable. In stock form, I agree with you, but given the haphazard nature of KelTec’s “quality control”, she might have gotten lucky and got the one-in-ten that is actually made well. Their designs are great; their QC sucks greasy puppydog nuts.

    • A little from column A, a little from column B. His screed is loaded with inaccuracies, mistruths, and outright lies.

      Every mass shooting since 9/11 (weird date choice) used an AR-15 or “high-capacity” magazine: nonsense… unless you define redefine run-of-the-mill magazines as “high-capacity,” which is, of course, what’s going on here.

      Federal Assault Weapons Ban: there is zero evidence this had any meaningful impact whatsoever on crime, mass shootings, etc. Zero.

      State bans have helped: completely false. Show me ONE state ban that has done anything meaningful to reduce crime. ONE. I’m waiting.

      The implication that Bruen is based on unpublished pro-gun research: a complete lie. The Bruen decision makes it absolutely clear that so-called scientific evidence about the “goodness” or “badness” of guns has precisely nothing to do with what the constitution CLEARLY STATES about the RTKBA. Period. Full stop.

      • Not weird at all, Columbine happened during the Federal Assault Weapon ban and was largely compliant with equipment allowed at that time and exposes why such a system is doomed to fail.

    • Specifics about the Louisville perp are not to be found, I have only heard/read it was a long rifle followed by it was an AR-15.

      And worse…What was the perp’s motive? Especially when his rant was not about being fired and sounded more like someone on a mission to give Gun Control a push following the Nashville shootings, marching and TN legislature tossing the bullhorn Gun Control trio out. Time-line between all events and no clear motive announced is very suspicious.

      • The reason they immediately hide the perp’s social media is so they can control the narrative. The media was still pretending not to know the motive behind the Bernie/Maddow fan’s shooting of Republicans years after the fact. The trans day of vengeance against the Christian school has already been buried except for the added stat used by the gun control brigade.

      • then you did not bother to look.
        she had a 9mm pistol, a 9mm keltec and a AR pattern pistol.
        it’s all over the net with a simple search.
        she had 2 shotguns at home also.
        most of the videos show her using the keltec as her small frame and firearms inexperience probably had her doubting her capability with the ar pistol.

        • The police released the crime scene report that found 146 5.56mm and 28 9mm spent casings attributed to the shooter and not fired by the police team that took her out.

          Unless you can figure out a way to fire 5.56mm through that 9mm Kel-Tec PCC then your argument that the AR pistol was “not used” is completely specious without evidence that the police.crime.scene report has been falsified.

          Both the AR pistol and the 9mm PCC were fired, however the AR was fired nearly five times as much. The police believe the 9mm sidearm was not fired at all.

        • @Nikita Tesla
          You’re saying that AR15’s are the only guns chambered in 5.56?

          No. Other things fire such cartridges. Things like pistols and bolt action wood stock hunting rifles.

        • Other things fire such cartridges. Things like pistols and bolt action wood stock hunting rifles.

          My “older” Mini-14 handles 5.56 like a champ and I feed it from 40 round mags…

      • the Tennesseeschool shooting: first it was not HE it was a SHE, as in FEMALE.
        Second, early and un-cooked reports have it that SHE carried three firearms to the school. Ine was an AR pattern rifle, which was used to breach the locked main entry doo. Once that was done, it was abandoned. SHE then relied upn her KelTec Carbine firing nine mm handgun ruinds, and another handgun make/model I forget irrelevan) also in nine mm.

        Consider this: had the 61 year old janitor the first peson SHE encuntered as she breached the entry door, been ARMED wit ANYTHING, he had ample time to have taken her out, as once the door was breacjed she turned around and entered through the former glass openings, now cleared of glass, bacwards, rather defenseless. Had HE been armed could have stopped everything right there.
        BUT the deadliest decision made that day at the school was that NO ADULT SAFF was to be armed.
        Her manifexto reveals she had carefully researched two other nearby schools, rejecting them both because they had armed security. Her target school did not.
        THAT is the deadliest decision made in this entire scenario.. but NO ONE is talking about arming teachers/staff to STOP any future attacks before the perp enters the building to harm anyone.

        I reallly think that janotir shuld have been armed with an AR 15, standard capacity magazine, two spares in pocket.

        • There is really no fundimental difference between an AR with a 16″ barrel and one with a 12″ barrel other than 4″ and its classification as a “pistol” by the AFT under the archaic &, unconstitutional NFA. The AR “pistol” had with a “brace” which is still legal to equip for a few more weeks. it’s basically a crappy stock that can not be extended. Works pretty well for a girl anyhow.

          Her AR was not discarded by the doors but was simply let drop to the ready in front of her hanging from a sling when she crawled through the doorframes. After that she switched temporarily to the 9mm carbine as she stalked around the building for a whild as the security camera footage matches. Maybe she was freaked out by the loudness of the short-barreled AR or maybe she just got confused amd picked up the first thing she touched hanging around her neck.

          It would be a simple matter to drop the Kel-Tec and pick up the AR again in a second to swap them again. The cameras caught the shooting out of the glass doors. There were two bursts of fire. maybe that was one mag or two. She could have changed mags between the bursts or just let up on the trigger. Hard to tell without the sound in that B&,W clip. But there were two continuous bursts by the glass shattering in thr video so assuming she only had 30-round mags (if she had something even bigger than that we surely would have never heard the end of THAT juicy tidbit) Then she only fired 60 rounds maximum at the doors -well less than half of all the 5.56mm rounds fired by her.

          Yes, there are many other firearms chambered in 5.56mm but that is irrelevant since the only one carried by the whackadoodle chick was the one AR “pistol” so that is what was used for all the spent 5.56mm brass recovered at the crime scene not attributed to the police who folded her up like a lasagna noodle when the finally got to her.

    • “The Nashville school shooter DID NOT use an AR15. This is fact.“

      Fact? The arrogance and narcissism of many of you folks is astounding.

      Your pronouncement of fact is worthy of Hannity or Tucker, and about as accurate as their rants.

        • To be more precise (because Liar49er regularly willfully “misunderstands” things), it was apparently not used by the shooter. Only the Keltec was actually used.

        • two very different things.

          Yeah ONE has at least a 16 inch barrel by law, the other has a considerably shorter barrel and cannot be equipped with any type of stock that can turn it into a shoulder fired weapon… otherwise they are the same, in 5.56 they both use the same magazines and fire the same rounds and both can accept uppers in various calibers… I have 9mm (with a mag well adapter) and 5.56 uppers for mine in 4 1/2″ and 8″ lengths respectively…

        • “it was apparently not used by the shooter. Only the Keltec was actually used“


          “Nikita Tesla
          April 14, 2023 At 10:56
          The police released the crime scene report that found 146 5.56mm and 28 9mm spent casings attributed to the shooter“

          Wow, 146 rounds seems like a lot to breach the glass doors…

          And to claim an A.R. 15 rifle and an A.R. 15 pistol are two different things is the very definition of a…

          Distinction without a difference…

          To paraphrase Will Rogers:

          “You say it’s two different things,
          But the people getting shot with them say they’re the best imitation they’ve ever seen… “

        • Yeah, MAXX, you seem to have a problem with word usage for some reason. I have an AR-15 rifle with a 10.5 inch barrel and a folding shoulder stock, as well as a supppressor. In .300 Blackout. Called an SBR for short. And it is most certainly not illegal, either.

        • If you actually understood the context of the ENTIRE conversation you would probably have noticed that your fucking SBR was not in question… My description of a legal RIFLE and an AR platform pistol is correct… No one said anything about an SBR, the question was what is the DIFFERENCE between a RIFLE and a pistol NOT an SBR and a pistol… FYI, I am familiar with the SBR, might even find one lurking in one of my cabinets next to the sawed off 12 gauge… Doesn’t take much to get YOUR panties all twisted up does it?

      • So, drop your pearls before us swine, you lying loser. What gun, SPECIFICALLY, did the shooter use???

        Eff off, @$$clown.

    • The Nashville shooter used his/her AR to shoot out the glass at the door in order to enter, then changed to the 9mm. To Prndll: there is no functional difference between an AR rifle and an AR pistol. They shoot the same bullet and have the same capacity and rate of fire.

      • The Keltec sub2000 shoots the same 9mm that a Beretta 92 does. that doesn’t make the 92 a PCC. 30 round magazines are available for both too. Rate of fire is subjective.

  12. First issue is the absolute BS that the AR or any other semi-automatic rifle is somehow more lethal or powerful than any other type of rifle. Secondly, the AR is not the weapon of choice for spree killers. It is however the weapon of choice for media and political hype and demonization.
    We seldom hear of the high body count shooting in the ‘hood or inner city ghetto’s. Even local news programs give them minimal coverage. Simply because they don’t fit the agenda or narrative. Crackhead shot up the trap house. Meth head shot up the trailer court. Cartel thug or Gangsta’ shot up the competition. Street punk opened fire at the block party because someone “Disrespected” his crack ho girlfriend.
    Something these anti gun idiots forget to mention is the simple fact that not 1 of the proposed restrictions or bans will prevent the next criminal from arming themselves because by definition, criminals don’t bother to get the background check or limit themselves to what is legal. Nor would anything they propose have prevented a single mass casualty shooting.
    The shooters either purchased their firearms through legal means, or got them from someone who did. Just as the Ghost Gun crap would have little if any positive effect on criminal activity.
    Unless and until the anti’s realize and are willing to do the hard work of dealing with the human factor in all of these violent events, nothing will prevent the next broken, mentally ill, angry, or narcissistic individual from committing some horrible act of violence.

    • Yup. It ain’t about the arrow its always about the indian. ban anything lethal you want to ban. SOMEONE determined will pick up somtehing EKSE that is not banned, and is lethal.

      I’ve always found it interesting that the record of the first murder ever committed is totally silent on the tpplmeans used to terminate his brother’s life. WHY IS THAT? Because God don’t give a rip about HOW one man killed another, He ONLY cares that he DID KILL.

      Notice as well, that God’s response to that murder was not to “ban the assault weapon” but to banish the murderer. Something we as a society FAIL to do.

    • In Michigan, the libbies pushed totally useless gun laws through, then the day BEFORE the gov signed them, our liberal, gay AG bragged and smiled while signing the expungements for 400,000 people ineligible to purchase firearms because of being found guilty on charges for whatever offenses. The goal, she bragged, was to expunge 1,000,000 within a years time. I sure that of 400,000 on day one, they were all up standing liberals. So, what does that really tell you? They LIE through their teeth. Daily. Our leaders only care for themselves. Yet, people are stupid enough to re-elect them. F-ing morons. ALL.

  13. How about this: Since all of the shootings he references were committed by Democraps and/or mentally ill people who have pronoun trouble, let’s ban the purchase of, or ownership by, these same people. That’s common sense, right?

  14. “[Guns are] a ridiculous way to solve problems that have to be solved among people of good will.”
    Well, there’s your answer! Just make certain that you’re only around “people of good will”! Why didn’t I think of that???

    • I want him to show me those “people of good will” about 1 AM on the south side of Chicago. :rofl: Maybe they’ll be nice to him and just sell him some chemicals. Maybe they won’t.

      He should be sure to wear only one color clothing when on this endeavor. Preferably blue or red.

  15. Refusing to say the killer’s name doesn’t do anything to prevent future mass shooters from getting ideas. The media and politicians plant the seed by constantly talking about mass shootings and AR-15s.

    • actually it can be a start to stopping mass shootings.
      the same way when the media stopped talking about actors and tean suicide in the 80’s led to those numbers going down.

      the issue is the killers want to be famous, want to be on the news, by taking that away from them and only referring to them as a looser nut it will have a psychological impact to them.
      lots of professional groups including the FBI behavioral studies have said repeatedly to stop giving the killers there 15 min of fame.

      but the news media lives on the mantra “if it bleeds, it leads” and the politicians can’t push for more gun control without more blood in the streets for them to walk through.

      • I don’t think leaving out their name is having an impact at all. The media and pols will never stop talking about mass shootings precisely because of the psychological impact of the topic. I think they’re helping to feed the problem. What else are they going to talk about? Inner city violence and drug use?

  16. Let’s just start with this; Murder and even attempted murder is illegal in every state in the union including federal law… the method is immaterial. How about we just enforce THAT ONE LAW and repeal the related, redundant laws that seem to over complicate matters for left leaning “thinkers”.

  17. Abortifacients. Why are those still legal? No comments section at the original article, so we can’t ask him directly.

  18. Due largely to demographics, the Ford F-150 is the vehicle most represented in DUI arrests. Maybe they should be barred from further sales and then taxed and regulated into oblivion. Okay, what about Chevys, Rams, Toyotas and Nissans, maybe even ( shudder) Hondas.
    On a side note, the profits on them make it possible for the design, manufacturing, and sales of FJB’s electric vehicles at a loss.

    • “…Ford F-150 is the vehicle most represented in DUI arrests.”

      Reported to be possum killers also, may be related to the DUI issue?

    • “Due largely to demographics, the Ford F-150 is the vehicle most represented in DUI arrests. Maybe they should be barred“

      Just like you folks point out about guns, the problem isn’t the truck, it’s the driver.

      Following that logic, clearly we should ban alcohol sales to anyone who might drive a Ford F150.

      Opossums everywhere would support that legislation.

  19. Better question……..why are repeat offending a-holes still running around loose?? And why are first time brain dead wanna-bes not red flagged when “they were on our radar”??

    • Repeat offenders are still running around free because Libertarians, Liberals, and the left, do not believe and locking people up. They want the jail and prison system to be as close to empty as possible.

  20. Donohue: “Killers Keep Using AR-15s, So Why Are They Still Legal?”
    Drunk drivers keep using cars with automatic transmissions, so why are they still legal?

    Donohue: “The deadliest acts of mass murder in the United States since 9/11 all share one feature: The killer in every case used an assault-style weapon or a firearm equipped with a high-capacity magazine.”

    That’s false, demonstrably false, in other words, a lie. The majority of mass shootings use handguns, the majority of school shootings use handguns, and the deadliest school shooting in US history used handguns.
    Right off the top of my head I can cite two examples (there are plenty more).
    The deadliest school shooting in US history, the Virginia Tech shooting, was done with two handguns: one with 10-round (low-capacity) magazines (a Walther P22), and the second a Glock 19 with 15-round magazines (also not “high capacity”).
    Another example: The Parkland, Florida school shooter could have used any sized magazines he wanted, but he purposely chose to use 10-round magazines because he could carry more of them and conceal them in his pockets and backpack.

    Finally, the AR-15 is not an “assault-style weapon;” it’s just a modern-style weapon, but it’s black so Democrats hate it just because it’s black and Democrats are racists.

    • I have a picture of my wife holding my only AR, which I epoxy coated in arctic-white camo (Mn. winter hunting, mostly yotes). I’ve been asked by her friends ” What kind of gun is that?… it’s pretty.

    • Friend of mine likes to build from scratch custom AR pattern rifles. The one he build for his Wife is a very pretty gun.. he used pink and purple anodised components, even had her mags coloured purple. She is a VERY “girly” woman, very feminine and pretty. I’ve also seen her target groups.. with that goofy looking “assaut rifle” she has placed ten rounds in a less than two inch circle using 5.56 box ammo, at FOUR HUNDRED YARDS. In less than one minute. “Girly gun” or no, there is a woman who knows very well what she is about with a rifle in her petite dainty little hands.

      Wish I could shoot half as well…… ten rounds sub-two inch circle four hundred yard range in under one minute.

      Yeah, gad to have HER on our team. And she just laughs.

    • And the deadliest mass murder at a school didn’t use a firearm. And though it’s not at a school, the Oklahoma Federal Building murders didn’t use one either.

  21. The deadliest acts of mass murder in the United States since 9/11 all share one feature: The killer in every case used an assault-style weapon or a firearm equipped with a high-capacity magazine.


    I will argue that the deadliest act of mass murder was New York Governor Cuomo sending people who were sick with C0VID-19 into nursing homes which allegedly caused 10s (or even 100s?) of thousands of elderly nursing home patients to die from subsequently contracting C0VID-19.

    Of course we could also argue that all of the C0VID-19 destructive responses, which in-turn caused millions of people to die, was the deadliest act of mass murder since September 11th, 2001.

  22. And yet, the country has failed to adopt the policies needed to keep [AR-15 platform rifles] out of the hands of those who would abuse them.

    Prevention requires “pre-crime” methods which should be an absolute no-go.

    And then we have to ask, if mass-murder methods/weapons justify prevention (back to pre-crime), will we have the integrity to apply that “solution” to all methods/weapons? If spree-killers begin using feminine hygiene products to start fires which kill dozens of people thousands of times a year, will we initiate pre-crime methods to keep hygiene products “out of the hands of those who would abuse them”?

    • Nope. and WHY do I say that?


      Keeping certain items out of certain hands is NEVER the solution to criminal actuvity. PUNISHING the criminal activity perpetrator is the ONLY cure for crominal activity.

      When your dog piddles on the carmet do you pull up the carpet and let him pee on the floor? Nope. You take his ose shove it in his puddle, whack him on his bum a few times, toss him outside and tell him YOU PEE OUTSIDE NOW< GOT it?

      I had one dog trained himself the first time I dropped him on a square of newspaper when he started to squat. Never peed in the house, ever. Other dogs, well, they became outside only dogs. But they still did ot piccle on the carpet in the house.

      The problem was not the carpet.

  23. The Bill of Rights was added to the U.S. Constitution for the purpose of protecting certain rights from attacks by powerful ideologues and the whims of “popular” opinion.

  24. Come and get them. Stack up and try. Civil conflict is inevitable it seems. The marxists just wont stop trying to make our society “better.” We refuse to be slaves. They are going to need to wipe us out using government Force because we aren’t gonna lay down and be disarmed subjects without a fight.

  25. “The public supports many sensible gun measures, but flaws in our democracy make us unable to adopt them.”

    Spoken like a true communist/facist. They have always hated the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    • Yes, in their collective mind, the biggest “flaw” in [their] “democracy” is that it’s actually a republic. Better yet, it’s a Constitutional Republic. Neener neener boo boo, leftists.

        • they violated the first amendment by putting God in there.

          You really MUST share your basis for this enlightening revelation… There must be something other than “shall establish no religion” in YOUR Constitution…

          “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”…
          The establishment clause, also called the establishment-of-religion clause, is a part of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It forbids Congress from making any LAW that establishes a state religion, gives PREFERENCE TO OR FORCES BELIEF in any one religion, or unduly favors one religion over another or over non-religion. It protects the separation of church and state and the freedom of religion… The inclusion of God in the Pledge only acknowledges the founder’s belief in a supreme being (aka: your “Sky Daddy”)… It does not mention a particular religion nor does it FORCE you or anyone else to affirm a belief in the aforementioned “Sky Daddy”…

        • “It forbids Congress from making any LAW that establishes a state religion, gives PREFERENCE OR FORCES BELIEF… “

          Yes, in 1954 Congress did pass a law requiring all Americans to pledge allegiance to the Abrahamic God.

          I would say that meets the definition of giving preference to a particular religion.

          “4 U.S. Code § 4 – Pledge of allegiance to the flag; manner of delivery
          The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”, should be rendered by standing at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. When not in uniform men should remove any non-religious headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart.“

          You’ll notice it doesn’t mention Shiva, Lord Krishna, Loki, Thor, Zeus, Apollo, Ozymandias, etc.

          Religion has no place in our government, the constitution does not include any mention of GOD because the United States is not, and never has been a Christian nation in any sense of the word as mandated by the treaty of Tripoli, ratified by the United States Senate and signed by the president of the United States of America.

        • “The inclusion of God in the Pledge only acknowledges the founder’s belief in a supreme being“

          Wait a minute, what do you mean “the founders”?

          You do know the pledge was written long after “the founders” were dead, right?

          And ‘under God’ wasn’t added until 50 years later in 1954.

          “In 1892, Francis Bellamy, a minister from upstate New York, reportedly wrote the Pledge as an expression of fealty to the U.S. It read: “I pledge allegiance to my flag and the republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Some consider Bellamy a socialist and his creation a criticism of rampant greed and hyper-individuality.”

        • And it was added to “affirm” the founders belief in a supreme being… the really great thing about America is that YOU nor anyone else is FORCED by law under penalty of death to recite the pledge of allegiance (unlike N Korea for example), YOU can give YOUR allegiance to “Bubba if you so desire and THAT is why the inclusion of God in not unconstitutional, there is no mandate for you to believe in God, no attempt to establish God as the one and only and no attempt to create a religious sect or movement in which ANY citizen is forced to participate… Give this one a rest, your point is moot and as usual your attempt to undermine an American institution is a fail… Now, it’s a beautiful day so I’m going to go enjoy it with my Sweetie on the Harley… Later

        • MINOR Miner49er. The HELL they did. For your edification, the Founding Fathers never intended this so called “separation of church and state”. The 1st Amendment only states that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT may not establish a religion.
          The fact is you Leftists are trying desperately to establish the religion of Atheism.

        • MINOR Miner49er. Another Leftist lie. You are claiming that the Founding Fathers did not want religion established by the state. Seems the Founding Fathers meant the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT as the “state”. The fast is that in 1954, the Congress only ACKNOWLEDGED God, it did not impose any belief in a “Christian God” as you claim.
          I repeat, you Leftists are trying to impose your Atheism on the rest of us. Take a hike!

        • For your edification MINOR Miner49er. The Word “God” is a generic term meaning a “supreme being”. It does not refer to Abrahamic God or any other.
          Again, you Leftists are trying to shove your atheism down our thoarts.

        • Yes indeed they hate the pledge of allegiance. Because it mentions God. The atheists have always hated the 1st amendment. They can’t stand it. In the past they have said to christians their 1st amendment rights only exist inside of a church.

          And President Eisenhower in his final address to the nation, is where he talked about the military industrial complex, that the atheists Keep wanting to talk about.

          But the atheists don’t want to also talk about what he said about them.
          That the enemies of the United States “are atheistic in nature”.

        • The problem with the Pledge of Allegiance goes farther than 1st Amendment questions, to me. I was only in 3rd grade at the time, but I instantly began asking what the heck that was supposed to mean, “one nation, indivisible” makes sense and is easy to understand, “under God, indivisible” certainly does NOT make any sense, and from then to now I’ve never found anyone who could explain it. Is there some nation where God is divisible? If it was absolutely necessary to inject superstitious nonsense into the Pledge, couldn’t it have been done so it did not destroy the meaning of the Pledge completely? Right at the end, for example; “with liberty and justice for all, under God.” Doesn’t that make more sense?

        • LarryinTX, I have bad news for you. one nation, under God, indivisible” sure as hades does make perfect sense. It is an acknowledgement of a supreme being, i.e.: God. There I just explained it to you. If you need further amplification, I suggest that you look about you and see the WONDERS that God created.

  26. I’ve got an AR15 right behind me as I type this not killing anyone. It’s never shot up a school, movie theater, office building, nothing. I’ve never seen it shoot, period, without me pulling the trigger. I’m sorry, I lied. I have seen a handful of instructors ask my permission to shoot it in a class. Anyway, these weapons of war are nothing but weapons of war, right? My house should look like swiss cheese from this thing going off nonstop. How come mine just sits there? I must be doing something wrong.

  27. Killers use cars, fertilizer, copper, slicey boi’s… hell, killers use their bare hands.

    Why are all those things still legal?

    I mean, killers use nukes too… why are those legal? Drones… Should we keep going?

  28. If ARs were to be banned and all the ones out there magically disappeared, then, at most, less than one half of one percent of the gunshot deaths annually *might* be prevented. More likely, some other gun would be used but, even if that half a percent were magically eliminated, it would not even account for the natural variation in such crimes that occurs year to year. Eliminating murder in Chicago alone would make more of an impact.

  29. “Eliminating murder in Chicago alone would make more of an impact.”

    Eliminating Chicago alone would make more of an impact.


    • The city, infrastructure, and position on the rail lines would be important if we ever kicked domestic manufacturing back into relevancy see also Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Toledo, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and numerous other major cities. But we need weak controllable subjects not productive citizens so here we are.

  30. Mass shootings account for a small amount of firearm deaths in homicides. Most killings with homicides using a firearm are done with a handgun which far outnumbers rifles of any kind deaths. Additionally, almost 2/3 of firearm deaths are suicides not homicides. So all in all compared to automobile deaths, drug overdoses, and a host of other deadly causes firearms really don’t justify getting all the publicity they get. Perhaps we should close our borders, vaccinate illegal immigrants, and keep criminals in jail and that would diminish the overall violence level considerably. We might also want to try more mental health intervention and stop publicizing all the shootings to reduce the “copy cat syndrome”. We get one trans shooting followed by two more attempts. All this gun nonsense has nothing to do with safety it has to do with disarming the American Public so these Leftist Socialist Radicals can control the Country. So stop spreading a narrative for fraudulent, self-serving interests.


    • That is an excellent question which our Leftist Radical Anti-Gun control freaks like dacain the DUNDERHEAD, MINOR Miner49er and Albert L J Hall fail to address let alone anwser.

  32. BIG FAT LIE…

    Anybody could by SEMI auto AR’s and AK’s during the “BAN”!!!

    They just didn’t have “FLASH HIDER’s”, “BAYONET LUG’s” or “THREADED”…

    Yet any competent person could thread their barrel and add “FLASH HIDERS”!!!

  33. Ah the old “How many have to die?” The only real answer to that is I don’t negotiate with terrorists. Because what they’re really saying is “how many do we have to kill?”.

  34. Lie the saying goes, “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” That is because criminals DON’T obey the law and will get weapons no matter what laws DEMONcRATS and other anti-gun groups want passed. Maybe THEY should try keeping criminals in jail instead of letting them all out. That probably won’t happen until enough of THEM are assaultd by the criminals THEY let out.

  35. Yeah, it’s the AR rifles that are committing the mass shootings. I did not know inanimate objects could get up and walk into a WalMart, a school, a bank, etc and start shooting people at random. Learn something new everyday. How about that.


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