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Image by Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram.
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Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but Donald Trump Jr. was busy trolling Hillary Clinton. In the process, he triggered plenty of gun haters.

He posted a photo on Instagram of himself holding one of America’s favorite rifles, the much-hated AR-15. However, it was the magazine in the rifle that no doubt triggered those most easily-offended.

There are millions of America’s Favorite Rifle™ across the land, but this one belongs to Don Jr. And the PMAG with Hillary’s likeness behind bars was the cherry on top.

Here’s a close-up:

Image by Donald Trump Jr. via Instagram.

Spike’s Tactical has them for $20,  a small price to pay for something that will serve as kryptonite for gun haters everywhere.

Meanwhile, Trump Jr.’s post has already triggered folks as far away as Europe. And on this side of the Atlantic, CNBC was scandalized . . .

Donald Trump Jr. shows off assault rifle magazine featuring Hillary Clinton behind bars, crusader cross


“Nice day at the range,” Trump Jr. wrote on the Instagram post Sunday. ”@rarebreedfirearms and @spikes_tactical adding a little extra awesome to my AR and that mag …”

Trump Jr.’s father defeated the Democratic nominee Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. During that campaign, crowds at the elder Trump’s rallies often chanted, “Lock her up!” in reference to Clinton.

The Jerusalem Cross or Crusader Cross was the symbol of the the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, a crusader state established in the 11th century after Jerusalem was seized from its then-Muslim rulers.

Trump Jr.’s post came three days after a U.S. airstrike authorized by President Trump at Baghdad’s airport killed top Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani, whose nation is an Islamic Republic.

There’s nothing like a hot cup of schadenfreude to make your day a little brighter.

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    • Just when I think “The Donald needs to act a bit more ‘presidential’ and ease back on all the taunting”, he takes out an evil man who was bent on killing Americans (Solemeini), and his son trolls the Left with the display of an AR that has Hillary behind bars.

      And then I think, life is good.

  1. Hillery was just given a no-show job as Chancellor of Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

    She probably thinks that the college was named after her.

  2. I thought eteched/printed mags were too big a gimmick for myself, until Christmas when I received p-mag with a “Baby Yoda” on it. Will proudly use that if I ever get to the bottom of the lake with the scuba gear.

    • My wife refused to watch The Mandalorian until I convinced her she’d like the final scene of the pilot episode. She relented, finally watched it with me, and was hooked. Now she’s all into Baby Yoda and even bought a stuffed doll.

        • Me, tho? I was all about IG-11. Would love to bust up a gang party with an IG as my sidekick, all twirlin’ and shootin’ like a boss.

    • Jeff, sorry to hear about the loss of your guns, I too lost mine in a tragic boating accident. It was a sad loss being I had to get my mags from another state. If you ever make that dive please check for mine too, although the salt water probably destroyed them by now.

  3. I just recovered from laughing me arse off!
    Wow, the butt-hurt out in IG land from the “woke” crowd is priceless.

    I seriously need to buy one of those rifles!

  4. I really want one of those magazines but I’m afraid the nausea brought on by the mere likeness of Hildabeast will make my grouping go to crap! 😂

  5. And we should also note the Crusader “Jerusalem cross” on the mag well. Don Jr.’s definitely got his mind right. Dayaam!

  6. Makes sense that Trump Jr. would have one of those super douchey magwell covers… Money apparently still cannot buy good taste.

  7. The best part about this is that this isn’t even his first meme gun. Dude has multiple Spikes Tactical lowers. Even uses one of the cut up skull lowers (scrap jack?) As a pen holder on his desk. His dad might be Elmer Fudd, but he isn’t.

    • Jr. can heckle Hildabeast all day long and good for him, but Donald Trump jr. POTUS? No fucking way, he’s too busy doing the rich playboy thing to be tied down with a real job… Now Ivanka is a whole different story…

      • So, you’re saying that Jr. is a bit like Sr. was at that age?
        Sr. couldn’t have been elected POTUS back then, either.
        Give Jr. a few years and he may have a few surprises for us!

  8. Keep it up Don JR!!! The Crusader Cross has always stood for the Crusaders! Hillary behind bars is something that needs to happen…Justice needs to be blind, no favors for crooked politicians.

    • Yep, it’s time for a new crusade!

      Get all those dirty brown people cleaned out of the birthplace of our Savior!

      Just like fighting Jesus cleared the temple, we need to clear out all the non-Christians from the holy land and return it to those people who it rightfully belongs to, maybe a new children’s crusade who, with the power of the Lord above, can clean out those swarthy brown skinned infidels.

        • Dag-nabbit!

          That was a perfectly good Western Electric irony meter you just destroyed, with the needle wrapped six times around the stop peg!

      • I smell a plant.
        F off Bernie. Go back to your socialist camp and play racist there with the rest of the Dimmicrats.

    • Seeing how little effort has beeb made in Trump’s first 3 years, don’t hold your breath.

    • Trump Jr. is as ignorant of History as his old man. The Crusaders were unemployed mercenary thugs who were about as religious as Trumps old man. They were unemployed losers and when they coned money out of the rich for their war of rape, pillage and conquest of the Holy Land they got the shit beat out of them not once but in 4 different wars. The war with Saladin was particularly humiliating as he was an intelligent military leader who outguessed, out maneuvered and outfought the Crusaders in every battle he fought with them.

      Birds of a feather flock together i.e. Losers like Trump and Trump Jr. are a perfect match for the losers who were the moronic thugs masquerading as religious Crusaders.

        • Heare is an excerpt of a research paper from Utah State University regarding the crusades:

          “Sparked by a zeal to rid the Holy Lands of “infidels”—meaning Moslems primarily—only the First Crusade achieved any real or lasting success. It established Christian settlements, the so-called “Crusader States,” which endured for a century or so along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. The remaining Crusades were failures of one sort or another and, instead, contributed to the heightened tensions still visible in the Middle East today. In particular, the Fourth Crusade which ended in the sack of Constantinople stands as a bitter monument to the carnage and vandalism perpetrated by modern westerners on the East. In the end, almost no one gained anything of worth from the Crusades. They diminished not only the Pope’s credibility as a spiritual leader but also Europeans’ hopes of expansion along with their general acceptance of cultural diversity. The Crusades are in many ways Europe’s “lost weekend.”

        • AH… this is the wrong place to rewrite history. We’re not a bunch pajama wearing Tom’s Shoes collecting leftists here. We know what the Islamist Hoards did to Byzantium OK. Go crawl back under your rock.

        • “[The Crusades] diminished not only the Pope’s credibility as a spiritual leader but also Europeans’ hopes of expansion along with their general acceptance of cultural diversity. The Crusades are in many ways Europe’s “lost weekend.”

          This is your history? LOL!

          The “cultural diversity” your book spouts off was literally an INVASION. Muslims invaded Europe from the east and the south and killed everyone who objected. Spain, Portugal, France, and parts of Italy were occupied and fought over for more than 300 years before Europeans finally kicked the foreign invaders out.

          The Crusades were merely Europe returning the favor. It’s too bad they didn’t do a better job of it.

      • Seriously? The crusades were a response to multiple centuries of Muslim incursions into christian territories. The Christian’s and Jews in these areas (ya know, the eastern Roman empire that was christain) were put to the sword or charged rediculous taxes to remain. The Christians were invited to come remove the threat, a threat that had already advanced through spain and tried to take france until martel turned them back. The 4 crusades were defensive wars, that kept the muslims from taking all of europe

    • Yes, the ‘Crusaders’ were some of Satan’s best soldiers:

      One German contingent in the Rhine valley was granted a further sign from God. He sent them an enchanted goose to follow. It led them to Jewish neighbourhoods of Spier, where they took the divine hint and massacred the inhabitants. Similar massacres followed at Worms, Mainz, Metz, Prague, Ratisbon and other cities. These pogroms completed, Peter the Hermit’s army marched through Hungary towards Turkey. On the way they killed 4,000 Christians in Zemun (present day Semlin), pillaged Belgrade, and set fire to the towns around Niš. They thieved and murdered all the way to Constantinople, by which time only about a third of the initial force remained. The Emperor was astonished. He had asked for trained mercenaries, but what arrived was a murderous rabble. To minimise the risks of danger to his own city he allowed the crusaders to proceed without entering the city. Once across the Bosphorus, they continued as before. Marching beyond Nicæa, a French contingent ravaged the countryside. They looted property, and robbed, tortured, raped and murdered the mainly Christian inhabitants of the country, reportedly roasting babies on spits*. Some 6,000 German crusaders, including bishops and priests, jealous of the French success, tried to emulate it. However, this time an army of Turks arrived and chopped the holy crusaders to pieces. Survivors were given the chance to save their lives by converting to Islam, which some did, including their leader Rainauld, setting a precedent for many future crusaders*.”

      • Attrocities were the norm at this period in time. The islamists did all that and worse, so did the jews, the chinese, and the Aztecs where they could. It is the Islamists, after all, that were bent on conquest, the Christian’s would not have been called to take up the sword if not for 300+ years of unbridled Muslim agression.

      • I’ll take “shit that never happened for $2000 Alex”. You don’t know Jack shit about the Crusades or how completely justified they were. The only thing we did wrong was allow Islam to continue to exist.

        • I have cited credible sources to back up my assertions, Utah State University history department.

          Do you have a credible source to back up your claims?

          • Miner49er says “I have cited credible sources to back up my assertions, Utah State University history department.”

            I hold two doctorates in history, and the Utah State University’s History Department isn’t quite renowned for its impeccable impartiality on more than one subject.

            Everything you’ve spouted about the Crusades comes straight out of the CAIR handbook, an organization that, despite its name and their protestations to the contrary, is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. Instead of being blatantly hostile toward Christianity and the West, CAIR wants to be more subtle in its use of propaganda to exploit the weak minds of people who’ve bought into the gross superstition that Islam is a “religion of peace.” And you, sir, are toadying their line, book, chapter and verse.

            Islam has historically been the aggressor, and has worked relentlessly to achieve conquest at every opportunity when it has had the strength to do so. And their view of Westerners, women in particular, is nothing short of barbaric. Were atrocities committed by Christian Crusaders? Certainly. But that was a far different day and age, and the West was dominated politically by the Roman Catholic Church, which was deeply flawed and a thoroughly corrupt institution at that time. Nevertheless, it was the aggression and the atrocities of the Muslims who provoked the West in the first place.

            Islam’s “tolerance” of Jews and Christians extends only as far as the latter was able to pay homage in the form of draconian taxation, extortion, blackmail, and outright theft. Western women were and are universally viewed as promiscuous whores, whose hearts are filled with insatiable lust, and that it is the duty and the RIGHT of a Muslim man to use any Western woman as a sperm bank, an object of rape and endless sexual exploitation and abuse.

            So please take your bullshit and spread it elsewhere. We’re all stocked up on stupid around here as it is.

        • Hey Miner, I’m more qualified to discuss the Crusades than the entire faculty of Utah University combined. Why? Because I don’t just re-publish CAIR propaganda and bother to do some primary source research. Also being a near-eidetic autodidact polymath helps. So yeah, I’m smarter than your entire family combined, and probably better educated.

        • Let me be the first to buy you a beer. Then I’ll hold it for you while you school Miner.

        • Wow Pwrserge! You just forced me to look up three words… I seldom need a dictionary in casual reading of a gun blog, but that’s part of the beauty of the TTAG comment section. (That, and the merciless beatings given the visiting trolls, of course.)

        • Enjoy!

          “ When the crusaders took Antioch in 1098 they slaughtered the inhabitants. Later the Christians were in turn besieged by Muslim reinforcements. The crusaders broke out, putting the Muslim army to flight and capturing their women. The chronicler Fulcher of Chartres was proud to record that on this occasion nothing evil (i.e. sexual) had happened, although the women had been murdered in their tents, pierced through the belly by lances. Time and time again Muslims who surrendered were killed or sold into slavery. This treatment was applied to combatants and citizens alike: women, children, the old, the infirm — anyone and everyone. At Albara the population was totally extirpated, the town then being resettled with Christians, and the mosque converted into a church. Often, the Christians offered to spare those who capitulated, but it was an unwise Muslim who accepted such a promise. A popular technique was to promise protection to all who took refuge in a particular building within the besieged city. Then after the battle, the Christians had an easy time: the men could be massacred and the women and children sold into slavery without having to carry out searches. Clerics justified this by claiming that Christians were not bound by promises made to infidels, even if sworn in the name of God. At Maarat an-Numan the pattern was repeated. The slaughter continued for three days, both Christian and Muslim accounts agreeing on the main points, although each has its own details. The Christian account describes how the Muslims’ bodies were dismembered. Some were cut open to find hidden treasure, while others were cut up to eat*. The Muslim account mentions that over 100,000 were killed.

          When the crusaders captured Jerusalem on the 14 th July 1099, they massacred the inhabitants, Jews and Muslims alike, men, women and children. The killing continued all night and into the next day. Jews who took refuge in their synagogue were burned alive. Muslims sought refuge in the al-Aqsa mosque under the protection of a Christian banner. In the morning crusaders forced an entry and massacred them all, 70,000 according to an Arab historian, including a large number of scholars.”

        • “According to an Arab historian”… aka According to somebody who has every reason to lie because his side got their asses kicked out of Antioch and Jerusalem.

          But here’s a fun fact. Massacring a city after a siege was an accepted practice during the Middle Ages. This is especially true if the city refused to open their gates after a practicable breach in the walls was made. These laws existed so that the attackers wouldn’t have to spend lives taking a city that had already fallen and punished the city that forced them to do so anyway. The only people to blame for the events you described were the city inhabitants who refused fair offers to surrender before the sieges began. If your city fell under siege you didn’t have good options regardless of who was besieging you.

          Selling captives into slavery was also a common practice on both sides and is a middle eastern tradition that continues to this day. As for broken guarantees of sanctuary… well, the muslims has no place being in Christian lands. That was the whole point of the crusades. They invaded the Middle East and massacred the Christians living there at the time. Turnabout is fair play.

          You’re full of shit miner. Why? Because you copy/paste text without knowing the original source or the context.

        • “ the muslims has no place being in Christian lands. ”

          You believe you are a student of medieval history and you hold a view that the ‘Arabs invaded the Middle East’?


          Let me assure you, I hold the Muslims responsible for unbelievable amounts of death and killing, as well as the Israelis who are terrorists, attacking and destroying the homes of the Palestinians.

          No one gets a pass on killing their fellow humans and taking their property, it is always wrong to be the invader and oppressor.

          And claiming that your tin god authorized the invasion to ‘take back the holy land’ is total fantasy bullshit.

        • Yes honey… the Arabs invaded what was then known as Judea. How do you think people from the other side of the region got to be living there instead of the people who have lived there since Augustus? The Byzantine Empire inherited the territory after the collapse of a unified Roman Empire. The Muslim Selucids then invaded and started taking territory from the Christians. After a few decades of this and fending off some Muslim invasions of mainland Europe, the Pope decided he needed to unify the Christian kingdoms agains an existential threat from a Muslim invasion. Hence the Crusades in support of Byzantium.

        • Amazing. You consider the Middle East ‘Christian lands’?

          The Jews would be especially interested in hearing your opinion, although they might disagree. I think it’s clear that you’ve never been to Tel Aviv to tell the Jews that they are living in a Christian land.

          Maybe the term Semitic peoples would be of interest to you.

          You do know, Jesus was a Jew, right? Brown skin, nappy hair and hook nose. He ate organic food, talked about peace and brotherhood, never worn no shoes. Long hair, beard and sandals, and a bunch of funky friends. Reckon we just run them off if he came back again…

        • Yes kiddo. The Middle East is Christian land by right of inheritance from the Roman Empire who got the lands by right of conquest. The Muslims have zero room to complain that the lands they took by force are being taken from them by force. The way I see it, Constantinople needs to be returned to Christian rule.

          Oh, and Jews never had problems with Christians in Judea and vice versa.

        • “The Middle East is Christian land by right of inheritance from the Roman Empire who got the lands by right of conquest.”

          Buy ‘right of conquest’ is an interesting theory. Following your logic, as the Muslim’s have conquered most of the Middle East, it now belongs to them by ‘right of conquest’.

          And you believe the Romans somehow transferred ownership of the Middle East to the Christians buy ‘rite of inheritance’, another fascinating assertion.

          I’m interested in how you believe that on one occasion the ownership rights transfer by inheritance but on another occasion they transfer by conquest.

          And you realize that today in the Middle East, the vast majority of individuals are Muslims, including the ancient empires of Persia, Babylon and Egypt.

  9. Way to go Junior! Look out though, I’m sure some of those clowns in the house are already drawing up charges!🤯👍

  10. Just when you thought you could not love the Trumps more

    My son is a military officer. Keeping political comments to the minimum he said


    I love it. We should all follow suit.

    • Saw an E6 go to Leavenworth for far far less. Watch what internet cable you plug into on deployment.

    • You’re upset because a secretary of state used a private email server? So where are your calls for prosecution of Colin Powell, a republican secretary of state?

      “Former secretary of state Colin L. Powell said in a statement Thursday that he was not trying to “influence” Hillary Clinton when he sent her an email telling her he used a personal computer attached to a private phone line to do business with foreign leaders and State Department officials, but rather to explain his own technological practices years earlier.”

      “Colin Powell told Hillary Clinton, his successor as secretary of state, that he used a personal computer to email foreign leaders “without going through State Department servers”, a seven-year-old email exchange reveals.
      Powell dismissed some of the official security restrictions on him as “nonsense” and questioned why his personal digital assistant (PDA) was any more vulnerable to spies than a TV remote control or “something embedded in my shoe heel”.”

      So it’s the usual partisan bullshit, no problem with the Republican secretary of state uses a private email, but the Democrat secretary of state used a private email, lock her up!

      The hypocrisy is thick in this one.

      • You left out the part where Colin Powell is a RINO…. About as much Republican as The Hildabeast…

        • So Colin Paul was not prosecuted because he is in Republican, is that what you’re saying?

          So that’s why you don’t chant ‘lock him up’, even though he used a private server for his emails?

          So when George W. Bush deleted 22 million emails in violation of the federal records act, you don’t see that as a problem either?

          That’s what some would call a double standard.

          • let me help you out, Colin Powell is a (R)epublican (I)n (N)ame (O)nly aka RINO meaning he’s a Liberal in drag and it was not common knowledge that he was running a private server, that is why no was yelling “lock him up”.. I have no special love for the Bushs either, GW was an incompetent, gullible “useful idiot” who relied too heavily on ADVISORS and did mostly as he was told, if anyone should be locked up from that administration it should be Dick Cheney…. As for the 22 million emails I’m sure they were just about “weddings, grandkids and personal bullshit”

      • Yea, your’re the guy that came on here and tried to tell us that what Hill did wasn’t a crime because she either didn’t the material was classified or that she didn’t understand the regulations. As Secretariat of State not only was she responsible for knowing the regs, she was responsible for seeing that they were followed and enforced. Don’t come on here and try that crap with us. Way, way to many of us know the regs and procedures cause we actually had to know and follow them. We’ve actually been there!

        • “Way, way to many of us know the regs”

          OK, I’ll bite, what laws or refs did Hillary Clinton break?

          What actions did she take and what laws did they break?

        • Let me provide you with an example:

          George W Bush and his administration broke a specific law, the federal records act, by deleting millions of emails without following proper process.

          Why was he never prosecuted for this federal crime?

          From Newsweek:

          “Clinton’s email habits look positively transparent when compared with the subpoena-dodging, email-hiding, private-server-using George W. Bush administration. Between 2003 and 2009, the Bush White House “lost” 22 million emails. This correspondence included millions of emails written during the darkest period in America’s recent history, when the Bush administration was ginning up support for what turned out to be a disastrous war in Iraq with false claims that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and, later, when it was firing U.S. attorneys for political reasons.”

        • Having classified material somewhere it is not supposed to be is a crime punishable by years in federal prison PER DOCUMENT. The use of the server isn’t the issue. The reason Powell want prosecuted was that none of the emails on HIS server were classified.

        • “ none of the emails on HIS server were classified.”

          You are asserting fax not in evidence, Colin Powell’s server was never investigated because he was a Republican.

          And you still haven’t cited the specific law that you claim Hillary broke.

          In my example above I cited the federal records act, which George W. Bush and many people in his administration broke by deleting 22 million emails related to the Republican lies about the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and the administrations unlawful firing of US attorneys.

          Another example would be Republican Donald Trump’s violation of the impoundment act of 1974, which makes it a crime to interfere with congressionally approved aid packages. Donald Trump concealed his cancellation of the payment of the foreign aid funding to the Ukraine, without giving Congress notice as required by the impoundment act.

        • Sergei, so you want to put a bullet in the back of my head?

          Let me speak frankly here, no need to soften the truth for you. I imagine you stay pretty soft anyway.

          I have threatened no one, and post only fax from credible sources.

          You, on the other hand, routinely post all sorts of violent threats against specific peoples lives.

          Of course, you know there’s no chance of you ever being actually faced by the individuals you threaten so there’s no danger.
          I’m sure that if you were physically challenged by any of the individuals that you wish to harm, you would run like the scared adolescent boy you are. Sad.

          When you grow up, if you’re still sore, come and see me and I’ll be happy to provide a lesson in decorum and respect.

          Until then continue to sit in front of your keyboard, eating Chito’s and watching porn, wondering why your dick is turning orange, like your cowardly draft dodging dictator.

        • pwrserge says:
          January 6, 2020 at 22:40
          Miner is a dirty muzrat loving commie traitor who needs a bullet to the back of the head.

          A bit harsh for a stupid, uninformed wanna be troll….

        • Looks like you need a lesson in constitutional law as well as good old fashioned beating. Nothing I posted legally comes close to being a threat. Try again Miner and this time, remember that conservatives are, on average, much better educated than you are.

    • Be careful talking about the Socialist Democrat queen Hillary. Remember, she beat up 30 some thousand e mails with nothing but an old claw hammer. I think claw hammers should be banned and confiscated as long as Hillary is around. Sorry, she did use some bleach bitz or acid to help but the claw hammer was the real killer. Being a Dumocrat is the only reason she is not serving time. You know. The double standard in Washington.

  11. It appears that the 1st amendment to the Bill of Rights is not really supported by the Liberals and the Left.
    But “art work” called piss christ are celebrated. The Left are hypocrite pigs.

    I want one of those magazines.

    • They didn’t have any problem with the “Christmas card” depicting a guy with a gun and Trumps dead body… Or that goofbag bitch holding the fake severed head of the POTUS, or “blowing up the White House”.. Anything that derides, belittles or portrays violence against POTUS and his family is “free speech” anything detrimental to the Clintons or any other member of the “protected class” (Dems, Socialists, Communists, child molesters, murderers, rapists, drug dealers, BLM, antifa, TERRORISTS, illegal aliens, sex traffickers, etc.) is punishable by life in the electric chair..

  12. That mag is great, there’s no way around it. The right can even meme on standard cap magazines.

  13. With all that’s going on I can’t help but think that this sort of shit is a transparent bid at deflecting. Republicans that keep bleating on about a failed presidential candidate are like Democrats that kept blaming everything on Bush even after he was well out of office.

  14. Trump’s Son is as dumb as his old man. He is hated by Liberals all ready and anti-hunters and a picture like this simply portrays him as a kill crazed nut case about to use an assault rifle on animals and humans alike. He is a poster boy for Right Wing Stupidity and the anti-gun crowd that will use the picture and plaster it all over social media saying “you see he is a member of the paramilitary lunatic fringe and he is so kill crazed he uses an assault rifle to mow down dozens of animals.”

    • You got all that from the pic?
      Well you are dead wrong. It’s a guy sticking his middle finger at all you commie morons, that’s what that pic above is really all about.
      I’d suggest you up ur meds…

    • To Vlad
      I’m glad white people like Trump jr are paying millions of dollars every year, to black Africans to hunt on their land.

    • Would someone please point out the assault rifle he was allegedly holding? Cant see it.


    • Vlad Tepes says:
      January 6, 2020 at 17:36
      Trump’s Son is as dumb as his old man. He is hated by Liberals all ready and anti-hunters and a picture like this simply portrays him as a kill crazed nut case about to use an assault rifle on animals and humans alike.
      Yo stupid, if you take a moment to REALLY look at the photo you’ll see that he is at a gun range, the only thing he is preparing to slaughter is a bunch of pre killed paper..

      You said: “He is hated by Liberals ALL READY (did you mean ALREADY? guess even your big brain and “superior” intellect can fuck up from time to time, hmmmmm) and anti-hunters”

  15. Seems silly to me since it adds nothing but price to the rifle but, hey, his rifle, his accessories.

    I also wonder why he has a brace on a rifle that’s a 16″OAL with that pinned/welded brake on it. But again, his rifle/money, his circus.

  16. I don’t see anywhere on that mag that specifies the pic is of Hillary. The left sure jumps to conclusions in a hurry.

  17. That mag is pretty dang funny. Not bad at $20 either. I just wish Don Jr. could get his dad to pull his head out of his ass on guns.

  18. Proof that DJ is just as stupid and careless as his retarded dad & namesake, what kind of delusional idiot claims his affinity to & prowess for shooting America’s favorite sporting rifle when his flattop has NO SIGHTING ? Congratulations for making yourself the posterboy for the liberal gun control machine, Donny boy !

    • I saw if you guys like Donald Trump Junior on the range, and in the field.

      He doesn’t need any sites, flip up or otherwise, because it’s always spray and pray with those jokers.

      The photo was just shameless manipulation of low functioning gun nuts, trying to hide the fact that he’s a spoiled rich kid with no ethics or morals, who indulges in breaking the Commandments (like adultery), just like dad.

      If little Don he really wanted to be an operator, he would’ve been listed in the service and put his money where his mouth is. Sadly, like the rest of the trumps, he’s a chicken hawk.

  19. The problem with that mag is that it takes at least 13 hours to load, will fail to feed twice, and the rounds it does manage to load have an inexplicable wobble coming out of the barrel. On the positive side, the barrel is wiped clean as a whistle.

    Also, ownership of that mag has been statistically linked to increased rates of suicide or fatal accident.

  20. Is that a fact, seems to me more gunm jeopardy then when Cliton was prez

  21. Sooooo……..we’re waiting……

    Big talk about putting her in prison – plenty of evidence to do that, what’s the hold up exactly?

    Maybe it’ll happen right after the deficit is eliminated and HPA passes……

  22. Cool photo op with back ups folded…😂😅🤣😂😅😅😅😂😅😅😂😂. Probably didn’t do much shooting. Mag is cool though, but I don’t want her face within that close a distance to my face at any time…

  23. Epstein knew to many people in high, high,high places. No way we’re these people going to let Epstein sing with names on his lips that would implicate them in any way. He knew everyone that he had wined and dined and fixed up with under age girls and boys so they could have their way with them. He paid a price for giving America’s upper crust leaders and others a good time . Hope their victims get all of Epstein’s millions even though they are damaged for life.

    • “For the better part of two decades starting in the late 1980s, Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump swam in the same social pool. They were neighbors in Florida. They jetted from LaGuardia to Palm Beach together. They partied at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club and dined at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion.”

  24. Too bad you can’t buy a sense of humor in the stores or online. I’d like to buy the whole Democratic Party one. The problem with Hillary’s picture on it is…. She should be wearing a Prison Orange jumpsuit.

    • What crime did Hillary commit, it has a name and a number, right?

      Should George W. Bush also be in prison?

      George W Bush and his administration broke a specific law, the federal records act, by deleting millions of emails without following proper process.

      Why was he never prosecuted for this federal crime?

      From Newsweek:

      “Clinton’s email habits look positively transparent when compared with the subpoena-dodging, email-hiding, private-server-using George W. Bush administration. Between 2003 and 2009, the Bush White House “lost” 22 million emails. This correspondence included millions of emails written during the darkest period in America’s recent history, when the Bush administration was ginning up support for what turned out to be a disastrous war in Iraq with false claims that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and, later, when it was firing U.S. attorneys for political reasons.”

      • Miner49er says:
        January 8, 2020 at 15:50
        What crime did Hillary commit, it has a name and a number, right?
        Why yes, yes it does oops THEY do…

        Section 1924 Of Title 18 — Classified Information
        18 U.S. Code § 2232 — Destruction or removal of property to prevent seizure
        18 U.S. Code § 1512 — Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant
        18 U.S. Code § 1519 — Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal investigations
        18 U.S. Code § 2071 — Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally
        18 U.S. Code § 641 — Public money, property or records
        18 U.S. Code § 793 — Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information

        “Here is the FBI itself charging one Bryan H. Nishimura, 50, of Folsom [California], who pleaded guilty to ‘unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials’ without malicious intent, in other words precisely what the FBI alleges Hillary did (h/t@DavidSirota).”

        Navy engineer sentenced for mishandling classified material:
        SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A Naval reservist was sentenced for mishandling classified military materials.
        A federal attorney announced Wednesday that Bryan Nishimura of Folsom, California, pleaded guilty to the unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials.
        Nishimura, deployed in Afghanistan in 2007 and 2008 as a regional engineer, admitted to downloading classified briefings and digital records onto his personal electronic devices. He carried the materials off base and brought them back to the U.S. when his deployment ended.
        An FBI search of Nishimura’s home turned up classified materials, but did not reveal evidence he intended to distribute them.
        He was sentenced to two years of probation and a $7,500 fine, and was ordered to surrender his security clearance. He is barred from seeking a future security clearance.


        Hillary Clinton’s email server violated state department rules, audit finds

        No need for thanks Miner, I enjoy rereading all of the shit that bitch got away with,, makes me proud to be an American and helps maintain my confidence in and admiration of the U.S. judicial system.. Hopefully I have advanced your knowledge base in some small way though I’m sure you will deny these actual, published FACTS and lay out your own set of bullshit talking points….

        • Hillary Clinton has been repeatedly investigated regarding charges under that statute and others.

          The case you cite is not relevant, the individual in your case had clear intent to violate the law by removing data and physical materials from the secure area.

          In order for a successful prosecution, the prosecutor must prove intent. The investigations showed that Hillary Clinton’s staff merely carried forward standard email practices from her senatorial office into the state department. Was it negligent, yes, but there was no intent to violate the law or communicate confidential information to a foreign adversary.

          There were no secret meetings with the Russian ambassador or Russian government officials at hotels in Washington, no one later lied under oath about these meetings saying they didn’t happen or lying about the content of the discussions.

          Here’s the actual results of the investigations of the Clinton email issue:

          FBI findings during initial investigation:

          “Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of the classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information,” Comey said.”

          IG findings from October, 2019. The second investigation was conducted by trump appointees, after Trump had been in office for over two years so we can consider there would be little influence from the Obama administration:

          “A yearslong State Department investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server found that while the use of the system for official business increased the risk of compromising classified information, there was no systemic or deliberate mishandling of classified information.
          The inquiry, started more than three years ago, found that 38 current or former State Department officials were “culpable” of violating security procedures in a review of about 33,000 individual emails sent to or from the server that Mrs. Clinton turned over to investigators.
          The nine-page unclassified report, completed last month and shared with Congress this week, appears to bookend a controversy that dogged Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign against Donald J. Trump. Mrs. Clinton blamed the F.B.I.’s handling of the inquiry for crippling her campaign after James B. Comey, then the bureau’s director, reopened his investigation into the server days before the general election after initially declining to bring charges.
          “While there were some instances of classified information being inappropriately introduced into an unclassified system in furtherance of expedience,” the report said, “by and large, the individuals interviewed were aware of security policies and did their best to implement them in their operations.”

          And somehow, I’ve missed your calls for a investigation and prosecution of the Bush administration for intentionally deleting 22 million emails in violation of the federal records act, in order to conceal their actions and communications during the run up to the fraudulent golf war and the Bush administration is unlawful firing of US attorneys for political reasons.

          If you want Hillary prosecuted, surely you want George Bush prosecuted as well, correct?

        • Your reply even states that only ‘state department rules’ were broken, you have no statement from any prosecutor, investigator or government official stating that Hillary Clinton broke the law.


          Hillary Clinton’s email server violated state department rules, audit finds”

          Finding that a department rule is broken is not equivalent to finding that a law was violated.

          And really, if as you say, there were multiple violations of federal law, why hasn’t Trump or any of his appointees charged Clinton?

          Are they really that frightened of a old woman in pants? Sad.

      • And we have even more good news!

        Recently Donald Trump agreed to pay $2 million because he used a fake foundation to cheat veterans out of contributions from patriotic Americans. Trump and his immediate family are barred from having anything to do with charitable organizations because he stole the money that good American said donated for veterans.
        Recently Donald Trump agreed to pay $2 million because he used a fake foundation to cheat veterans out of contributions from patriotic Americans. Trump and his immediate family are barred from having anything to do with charitable organizations because he stole the money that good American said donated for veterans.

        And now, this just in!

        “The Trump Justice Department closed its 2-year long probe into Clinton’s business dealings — including whether the Clinton Foundation received special treatment during the former first lady’s time as Secretary of State under President Barack Obama. That includes an allegation made by Trump (and some other conservatives) that Clinton had somehow steered a uranium deal to the Russians after a donation to the Clinton Foundation.
        “Remember that Hillary Clinton gave Russia 20 percent of American uranium and, you know, she was paid a fortune,” Trump said on the campaign trail in October 2016. “You know, they got a tremendous amount of money.”
        That wasn’t true then. And now an investigation authorized by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to look into potential wrongdoing by Clinton has turned up a total of zero wrongdoing of any sort by either Hillary or Bill Clinton — or anyone associated with the Clinton Foundation.
        Now, contrast that with another multi-year probe originating in the Justice Department: Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. That inquiry led to 199 criminal counts against 37 people and entities. Seven people pleaded guilty; six were sentenced to prison. And Mueller concluded that not only had Russia engaged in a deep and broad effort to influence the election to help Trump and hurt Clinton but also that Trump himself had engaged in a series of behaviors during the investigation that could have been construed as obstructive”

        Wow, 199 criminal accounts against 37 people in the Trump administration.

        Can somebody remind me how many indictments there were during the 8 years of the Obama administration,?

        Oh yeah, zero indictments, trials or convictions.

        I hope I’ve been able to bring a little clarity to your perspective regarding are federal government.

        Gee, it feels good to make a difference!

        • Please put down the Kool-aid, If you stop drinking it this minute there still might be a chance your brain cells will return. BUT you must stop NOW. This is a message from the real world.

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