Ukrainian servicemen sing a patriotic song amid buildings destroyed during fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces in Borodyanka, Ukraine, Tuesday, April 5, 2022.(AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)
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By Cody Wisniewski

Nearly three months in, it’s tough to judge the overall state of Ukraine’s war with Russia. But there’s widespread agreement (and amazement), that Ukraine has defeated Russia’s initial effort to take Kyiv and topple the Ukrainian government. Much of Ukraine’s success in this regard has come from ordinary citizens bearing arms in defense of their country.

This is almost certainly the gun rights story of the year and possibly the decade—showing the world that the natural right of self-defense is an integral part of individual liberty and an essential check on tyranny. Whatever happens now, these lessons should never be forgotten.

But does Ukraine’s own government sufficiently understand these truths? Reports out of the country suggest an underlying gun control ideology still has a hold on officials, despite some movement in the direction of liberty.

Ultimately, Ukraine will undermine its own fight for freedom from Russian tyranny if it steps back from protecting citizens’ natural self-defense rights.

Russia Ukraine War civilian gun guns training
Ukrainian civilians receive weapons training, in the outskirts of Lviv, western Ukraine, Monday, March 7, 2022. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)

The nation’s initial embrace of civilian armament was sudden and dramatic. As Russia launched its full-scale invasion in February, Ukraine handed out more than 25,000 automatic rifles and 10 million rounds of ammunition to volunteers in Kyiv. Simultaneously, Ukraine’s parliament overcame decades of debate to pass a more friendly gun rights law. While the legislation has major flaws, it’s better than the prior system: a Soviet-era holdover in which a single official could ban all private gun ownership.

In April, a new communique from the Ministry of Defense praised the “volunteers who took up arms” for “doing an incredible job . . . with weapons in hand, you liberated the north of Ukraine from the Russian occupiers, and now you are fighting for the south and east of Ukraine.”

This same message, however, goes on to take a different tone from Ukrainian officials’ stance in February.

Cars pass by destroyed Russian tanks in a recent battle against Ukrainians in the village of Dmytrivka, close to Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday, May 23, 2022.  (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

The communique orders volunteers in several regions to return their weapons: “Some of our regions have been liberated from the occupiers, and there is no fighting . . . in these regions, it is time to concentrate weapons in certain storage areas. You will take care of [the weapon], take [it] for training, and, if necessary, get [it] to complete tasks.”

Even if the weapons are state property, this disarmament decree seems unwise — especially for a country still very much at war, where civilians have allegedly been indiscriminately killed and otherwise brutalized, and where some Russians would reportedly like to “do it again.”

The order also indicates Ukraine may be uncomfortable with the armed citizenry that has helped to keep it free thus far. And it’s not the only indication of that discomfort.

Prior to Russia’s 2022 invasion, President Zelenskyy opposed a major campaign to expand the legal protection of gun rights. As Firearms News noted in a recent article, Zelenskyy’s current vision of security is for Ukraine to become “a ‘big Israel,’” as well as a European Union member.

The bodies of Russian servicemen lie on the ground after an attack on their position by Ukrainian forces outside Kyiv, Ukraine.(AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)

While Israel is well-known for its military prowess, that country also (in the words of its Public Security Ministry) “does not recognize a right to bear arms, and anyone wanting to do so must meet a number of requirements, including a justified need to carry a firearm.” EU policies are similarly restrictive, with gun ownership being treated as a state-granted privilege and not the preexisting natural right that it is.

All of this suggests Ukraine’s government does not fully grasp the lesson its armed citizens have taught the world: that gun rights are human rights, while gun control offers only an illusion of safety.

As with so much else in this conflict, however, the future for civilian armament and gun rights is unclear. On May 13, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov announced the country intends to arm a million people for “a new, long phase of the war.”

Reznikov says Ukraine “must plan resources carefully, avoid mistakes and project our strength in such a way that the enemy ultimately breaks.”

It’s already clear that Ukrainians could have been much more effective in their defense if they had been able to train with these tools their entire lives instead of quickly learning to handle them during an invasion.

A picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin hangs at a target practice range in Lviv in western Ukraine. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)

Ukraine has the opportunity to empower its citizens to exercise their right to self- and national-defense and to continue to defend the country against Russian aggression in one fell swoop. But one of the worst mistakes Ukraine could make would be a schizophrenic gun policy that alternates between mass armament and mass disarmament. If this is where the country is headed, it’s imperative to change course.

The key to avoiding this mistake is recognizing the truth about our rights.

Individual self-defense, and national self-defense, are simply two different forms of the same natural right. Both must be fully embraced for Ukraine to survive in freedom.


Cody J. Wisniewski (@TheWizardofLawz) is the director of Mountain States Legal Foundation’s Center to Keep and Bear Arms. He primarily focuses on Second Amendment issues but is happy so long as he is reminding the government of its enumerated powers and constitutional restrictions.

To learn more about the Center to Keep and Bear Arms’ work and support their fight for your natural right to self-defense—from both man and tyranny—visit and donate today!

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  1. Ultimately it will be up to the people of Ukraine. If government demands they give up their guns and they refuse we may get a lesson in what happens when you try to disarm people who won’t just go along with it.

      • 𝐈 𝐚𝐦 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐆𝐎𝐎𝐃 𝐌𝐎𝐍𝐄𝐘 ($𝟓𝟓𝟎 𝐭𝐨 $𝟕𝟓𝟎 / 𝐡𝐫) 𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐦𝐲 𝐥𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐨𝐩. 𝐋𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐡 𝐈 𝐆𝐎𝐓 𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐤 𝐨𝐟 𝐧𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐲 𝟖𝟓𝟎𝟎𝟎$, 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤 𝐢𝐬 𝐬𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝, 𝐝𝐨𝐧’𝐭 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐠𝐨 𝐎𝐅𝐅𝐈𝐂𝐄, 𝐈𝐭𝐬 𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐣𝐨𝐛. 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐛𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐩𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐣𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐉𝐎𝐁. 𝐈 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐲 𝐅𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐍𝐃 𝐰𝐡𝐨 𝐫𝐞𝐟𝐞𝐫 𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐒𝐈𝐓𝐄…..,


  2. Ukraine is not, and has never been, a free country. The government controls the media, they banned opposition political parties, and the only way to be safe from government prosecution is to know a Biden.

    • The “opposition parties” that were banned were all Russian/Putin paid for organizations whose role was to prepare Ukraine for the Russian invasion.

      • Maybe, but keep in mind that the Democrats have been calling their opposition Russian/Putin stooges for the past six years. If they could silence their opposition, based on that, don’t you think they would? Actually, they already have. The government silenced free speech by colluding with Big Tech. That’s why they’re freaking out over the possibility of free speech on twitter.

        Do you think it’s possible to have an opposition party that isn’t in league with Russians? Opposition always exists.

        • In this case, those “opposition” parties were in fact paid for by the Russians. That is why the troops in the initial invasion were carrying dress uniforms – they expected a 3 or 4 day “war”, as their Fifth Column was supposed to have prepared the “freedom from the nazis” beforehand. That ploy simply failed. And, yes, we too have plenty of organizations and individuals on Russian payroll, starting with Greenpeace and various anti-Vietnam War organizations and, more recently, Hillary and her team. Freedom of speech does not include giving a platform to your enemies.

    • Yeah, we don’t need facts here to counter the “rUsSiA bAd” narrative, which states Ukraine is a democratic country. Go away, truth teller.

      • Ukraine has invaded no one.
        Russia has conquered numerous places and each is left very miserable.

        • Cool story, bro!! Now do Russia vs. Nazi Germany. Just because Russian is a Leftist/fascist dictatorship (and it is) does NOT make Ukraine a bastion of democracy, fairness, and freedom. Learn to see in more than black and white. Russia can be (is) a fascist dictatorship, and Ukraine can be a corrupt kleptocracy; these are not mutually exclusive concepts.

  3. So we’re still pretending that client state “Ukraine” is winning, and they’re about to send Russia packing with it’s tail between it’s legs? I wonder how this would have played out without the US contributing. Would Europe have kicked in the difference? Or would ultra-brave, dreamy Zelenskyy have signed a peace agreement, sparing the death and destruction (and tens of billions of profit)? Who’s planning on rebuilding that country some day? Has anyone thought about that? What’s the end goal again because Putin would probably commit suicide before he admits defeat here.

    Answering the author’s question. No. They don’t care about freedom or rights. They care about winning and staying in power. They armed citizens because they had to.

    • What was accomplished? Showing China how to avoid the responses they could receive if/when they make a move on Taiwan.

      They are currently attempting to decoupling themselves from any potential sanctions from a Taiwan invasion. Removing key sectors and individuals off the backbone of technological and economic supply chains to break reliance from the West.

      This would include the worldwide payments network, where currently the bulk of global money transfers are processed through SWIFT and chips. China’s alternative parallel system developed in 2015 known as CIPS will help break the global dependence offering China insulation from the West’s sanctions.

      We keep on showing our hand, China takes notes, and they continue on growing stronger.

      • Yep. The big winner here was China who watched the west show their hand. Now they’ll adjust accordingly. First and foremost they’ll likely buff their logistics arm and look for the severe weaknesses of what’s plagued Russia in their own force. Then as you said they’re going to buff their economy and trade to avoid global sanctions.

      • Attacking Taiwan would screw up the global economy enough that it would cause WW3. If TSMC gets damaged, we won’t be talking about toothless sanctions.

    • “Or would ultra-brave, dreamy Zelenskyy have signed a peace agreement, sparing the death and destruction” — I’m sorry, did I read that correctly? Are you blaming Zelenskyy for the death and destruction? I hope that you remember your own advice, and should you ever be attacked, submit, in order to avoid death and destruction.

      • “Are you blaming Zelenskyy for the death and destruction?”

        Well? Isn’t it true that if Ukraine didn’t resist, the vast majority of death and destruction would not have happened?

        Brother-In-Law blames Zelenskyy, and every other government leader for not preserving the lives of “the people”, whatever the eventual outcome. “Nothing is more important that preserving life.”

        It is interesting that people who believe, “If it saves only one…” are pretty much all endorsing military intervention/support for Ukraine.

        • Many people say that every one should just relax and let rapists and thrives do what they want as most won’t actually kill you.
          After sone beating and raping they might get tired and leave you. But, some of us don’t like this whole idea and think we should fight Putin to the death.
          Those who surrender encourage thugs.

        • No one said anything about surrender, Richard. The legitimate questions I posed were asking if Zelenskyy would be forced into peace talks. That involves some sort of compromise from both sides. The only reason he hasn’t been forced into that is because we’re propping him up. In other words, we are enabling war, as we always do. More war means more death and destruction. It isn’t for “democracy” either. That’s propaganda for the sheep. It’s for money, power, and ego.

        • “It is interesting that people who believe, “If it saves only one…” are pretty much all endorsing military intervention/support for Ukraine. “

          Yes, that’s a very interesting observation! As a general rule, I’ve found the best default position is to be against whatever the establishment/globalists are for.

      • Comparing the Russian invasion to someone attacking me sure is a childish worldview there Simple Jack. It would be more akin to me taking my family to the wrong side of town at the wrong time, and taunting the wrong group of guys. If they attack me should I fight back and defend my family? Of course! But if I cared about the well-being of my family, then why would I put them in such a dangerous position to begin with? How about money and power? That would be cold wouldn’t it? But people do that, don’t they?

        This conflict has been brewing for decades. The powers that be don’t want you to think about that. They just want you to think Putin bad, Zelenskyy good. That makes life easier for them when the bodies start piling up. The US invested over $5 billion into Ukraine in the 90s and 2000s in order to control them, excuse me, um, promote democracy. Yeah, I think they said it was to promote democracy. People like Simple Jack believe that. $5 billion was worth quite a bit more twenty years ago. That wasn’t a small investment. Would you believe a large portion of it was for border security? Crazy, huh?

        The International Monetary Fund got involved in order to make the country more attractive to investors. That is code for multinational corporate control of the economy. As this was happening, the president of Ukraine was seen as being too friendly to Russian interests which also wanted to control Ukraine. President Yanukovych ended trade talks with the EU. Instead, he engaged in trade talks with Russia. So what did the US do? We did what we always do when things aren’t going our way. We helped stage a coup, overthrew the government, and installed a “pro-western” government. Guess what happened immediately after that? Yep, EU trade deals and tens of billions in investment from the IMF. Funny how that worked out.

        Ukraine is caught in the middle of a proxy battle between western corporate interest and Russian interest. To answer your question, no, I don’t just blame Zelenskyy. I also blame greedy corporate interest that doesn’t care how high the body count goes and how many communities are destroyed as long as they get control in the end. Russia sees a more western Ukraine as a threat. NATO, which wants to expand, is literally an anti-Russian alliance. Solving this conflict, or better yet, avoiding it, would require leadership and morality from the US. We’re severely lacking in both departments.

        • Well, let’s look at the details of “peace talks” with Russia. After every agreement to evacuate the civilians from a war zone, when the Ukrainians assembled the refugees, the Russians opened fire on the busses. Do you really believe that peace talks with such animals are possible?

    • Dude, have a look at that building in the lead photo; one of the same four you see in every pic. Where’s the fire damage, the soot, the blackened window frames still with bits of glass in them? Why are pieces of fencing on the top of the debris pile?It’s staged; that building has looked like that for years. Look at those ‘freedom fighting’ carollers in the same pic: not a spec of dirt or dust to be seen on any of them. Not a scuffed knee or elbow, not one finger smudge on their freshly shaven faces or one scratch on their guns. Those burnt out tanks look like they’ve been there for two years judging by the rust and the saplings abutting them. It’s all horseshit. If Russia wanted ukraine to be a parking lot, it would be. It’s amazing how the very same people here who decry the media as nothing but lies are all so quick to jump on their bandwagon as soon as the big bad USSR is involved. And to listen to that same media you would think tens of thousands of russian soldiers have died without firing a shot other than at two schools. It’s like an interactive movie with drooling retards as the participating but captive (yet paying) audience. The critical mind boggles.

      • @Rider/Shooter, Yeah what’s with those rusty tanks? That’s weird. It’s difficult to tell how much death and destruction there’s been so far because of all of the propaganda coming from both Ukraine and Russia. I don’t trust information from the US either. They’ve already admitted to lying about the conflict. The UN reported that 14 million Ukrainians have been displaced from their homes. Half of those have left the country altogether. Imagine living like that. Any way you look at it, it’s a bad situation.

        • A burned tank/apc will rust rapidly in the winter snows and the spring rain, of which there is a lot in Ukraine. The high heat of their burning ammunition eliminates all protective coatings. And think about it, do you really think that the Ukrainians would leave a massive amount of burned out armor littering their roads for years? Add to that all of the videos of blasted and burning buildings as well as Putin’s admission of a “special operation” in Ukraine, and it is impossible to deny that there is a war going on there that is not in the least bit fake.

        • The temperatures reached from burning propellant (say 650 degF and up) will expose hot steel to air and oxidize it immediately. Just like if you weld or braze on steel it’s bright orange next day.

    • to Dud Brain

      quote————What’s the end goal again because Putin would probably commit suicide before he admits defeat here.————-quote

      One again another post by you seething in a racist diatribe that only the uneducated Far Right would make that know nothing about world history. The end game is that Putin, like Hitler, came clean about what he intended to do and that is reinvade all of Eastern Europe. The economic chaos and enslavement of millions of people is at stake here. Obviously you do not believe in anything the U.S. stands for. You only look at your greedy pocket book and your own selfish self interest.

      • “another post by you seething in a racist diatribe”

        Stop listening to the voices in your head and try paying attention to what’s in front of you. Please seek help.

        “The end game is that Putin, like Hitler, came clean about what he intended to do and that is reinvade all of Eastern Europe”

        Pure propaganda. Russia isn’t trying to take over Eastern Europe. Pearl Harbor isn’t about to be bombed. “We” aren’t fighting Russia in Ukraine so we don’t have to fight them here. Only a war apologist would say something like that. We aren’t preventing the Axis powers from taking over the world. Russia knows attacking a NATO country would be suicide.

        “You only look at your greedy pocket book and your own selfish self interest.”

        Yeah I want people to live instead of die because I’m greedy. There you go listening to those voices again.

        • Ahem. Putin has said on multiple occasions that a military confrontation with NATO is inevitable. One of his generals (stupidly) said that the goal of the southern front troops is to take Odessa and then continue on to take Transnistra. Moldova would be take as well. The ultimate goal is to take any territory that offers an invasion route into Mother Russia-which includes at the minimum all of the Baltic states and eastern Poland. Once you understand that Russia has been invaded multiple times over the centuries, and that it has a national paranoia that NATO intends to do the same, it all makes sense from their perspective as the only road to security.

        • Putin’s paranoia is understandable, which is why he invaded Ukraine. I don’t see a Poland invasion going well for them. I think they understand that. The result would be the end of Putin’s reign. Maybe the stories about his health are true and he’s going out in a blaze of glory.

      • dacian the stupid,


        Quoth Inigo Montoya: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

        Or, an even better quote (from John Wayne in McClintock): “You learned a lot of words in college. I sure wish you’d learned some definitions.”

        You are a mentally incompetent @$$clown of an uneducated failure’ dacian the stupid. Do the world a favor and go commit sepukku. You are of no value above the ground; you should be underneath it, inspiring the cabbages.

    • If the gas fields in East are real, Ukraine can sell gas and half of Europe’s work force can rebuild it.
      Depending on amounts stolen, it can be full on Dubai style.

  4. I said this when all this mess started. Just a cursory glance at the innertubz showed that Ukraine did not have gun friendly laws.

    I said then that I would not take up arms to defend a .gov that did not trust me with firearms during normal times.

    • Actually, although Ukraine does not have anything like the Second Amendment, for a European country the gun laws were not too bad (even somewhat liberal, in a classical sense). You could walk into a gun store and buy a handgun, a silencer, or a semi-auto rifle. Carrying one around town (handgun) needed permissions, but it was hell of a lot better than anywhere else in Europe, except for the Czech Republic.

  5. If there is one thing that 9-11 and the subsequent invasion and occupation of Iraq has taught me, in *powerful* video imagery, is this :

    You cannot just give someone their freedom, they will not cherish and value it enough to keep it.

    The only way freedom is won and kept is if the people were literally (and I’m using that word correctly here) willing to die for it. Our job is to convince those that want to take our freedom in the false belief it will provide them security is that the price they will have to pay for taking our freedom will be too unpleasant for them to be willing to pay.

    EDIT – Nice pic of turret-less Russian tanks. A single $100,000 missile turns a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art tank into a few thousands of dollars in high-grade scrap metal.

    Merrica, fvck yeah! 🙂

    • To be accurate, Russia only has a very few “state-of-the-art tanks”. That would be the T-14 Armata. Unknown if it actually works as is not combat tested. Every thing else they have (used/lost)is just Cold War retreads in various derivatives.

      • It is said that there are no more than 20 T-14s. All hand built prototypes. The T80 is a hybrid T64 and T72 with a gas turbine engine. The T90 is a further developed T72. The most common tank in Ukraine is the T72BVM.

        There have been reports of the 1960s ers T62s being moved from storage. Hopefully as training tanks as they will be completely inadequate against modern AT weapons. Or as the lead elements of a “zerg rush” attack to soak up enemy fire.

        • The Austrian analyst pointed out t-62 are great as mini mobile artillery
          Kept far enough back to reduce ATM deaths, can offer good value.
          Lots of unfit conscripts to crew them.

  6. Ukraine isn’t going to defeat the Russian invasion. It’s not Russia that is going to collapse, it’s the West.

    • Y. But should the headline be more like “Do Nazis and Oligarch sponsored puppets in corrupt buffer states value freedom and gun rights?”

    • Russian military really sucks, bad. Like they’ve failed in ways even Saddams army didn’t. I can’t even begin to describe the multitude of things they’ve failed in because it would take a book to write about it all. I don’t think Russia has any chance to “win” under current conditions.

      But it is possible the west could collapse economically, and then support to Ukraine dries up, and Russia eventually wins through sheer numbers. Russia has proven they are still more then willing to toss thousands of men into a meat grinder and still shoot their own men in record numbers.

      • To get an idea of how bad, all you need to realize is that Russia has gone back to World War I tactics because it is incapable of combined arms maneuvers. Yes, meat grinder, just as it was a hundred years ago. Massive artillery barrage followed by an infantry attack supported by tanks. Its aircraft are flying solo missions, not coordinated attacks. They have no close air support. All the lessons they’d learned in the past have been forgotten.

        • Russia is not the old soviet union. They have a population of less than 145 million now.

          All human wave style attacks will do is deplete their manpower to the point where they cannot exist as a nation any longer.

      • Yep Ukrainian parliament just passed a law authorizing Ukrainian commanders to shoot Ukrainian soldiers in the back if they try to surrender to Russia.

        Talk about “DEMOCRACY”!!!

        • “Yep Ukrainian parliament just passed a law authorizing Ukrainian commanders to shoot Ukrainian soldiers in the back if they try to surrender to Russia.”

          Ukrainians learned this tactic, and much more, from the Russians. Seemed to work for the Russians at Stalingrad, and elsewhere. (The Wehrmacht wasn’t so good at it)

        • How well would it go over in history if say an American soldier surrendered to the enemy (unnecessarily)?
          I think being murdered is a high probability.
          Same for all nations in an existential war.
          Stalin’s peasant army often had enemy soldiers who didn’t want to fight against their own side but did to avoid instant death and many Russian peasants had no concept of the nation of Russia they only knew to match “that way” or die.

        • From major news feed “ The relevant passage of the bill, referring to “insubordination of the soldier, defiance or challenge to the commander, use of violence, abandonment of battle station or designated premises”, states: “In a combat situation the commander may use weapons or give orders to subordinates on their application, if no other way to stop the offense exists, without causing the death of the other party.”

    • Resent reports suggest that the Russian economy is on the verge of collapse. Increases in benefits have not kept pace, and of course the flow of Western goods has evaporated. Russia cannot replace the equipment it has lost because it lacks both the computer chips and the trained workforce to build them at the same rate as they are losing them. In fact, Russia is pulling 1960s era T-60 tanks out of cold storage (literally–they have been parked outside) and shipping them to Ukraine. When its gas receipts get cut in half, its economy will collapse.

      Then there is the problem with casualties. Russia has not admitted how many have been killed or wounded, and Ukraine reports that Russia refuses the return of Russian bodies–a ploy to avoid alerting the Russian population as to how bad the slaughter has become. Russia raised the maximum age to volunteer for military service to 50, and if the war continues at its current pace, a national conscription law up to age 50 will follow. Once its people learn that tens of thousands are wounded or dead, discontent will set in, and the captive media will no longer be able to keep things under wraps. Then we will see what happens.

      • The classic response is “bread and circus”. I wonder how much cash Putin has access to he can gift to the population? If he could double military salary he would have all the wet bodies needed. A big problem in Russia is they have even more FAS / crack babies than others. Back 20 years ago when women were pregnant, the use of street drugs and alcohol was higher than today. As a result, from a group of 100 young men, more are incapable of functioning in a military role. No matter how much you punish them they cannot avoid lashing out and in general struggle to use sophisticated equipment. As I look around for numbers I find the low number is 5% and high is 12%. That’s a lot of drag.
        The only strategy that is showing is Russia to use long range artillery until they mush up a place they can walk in. The west is too timid to provide the quantities of superior artillery and counter battery radar as well as missiles to counter. Unless these weapons show up, winter will come and Germany will do all it can to keep the heat on and Russia will be able to depopulate Ukraine of Ukrainians and can send in impoverished Russians to breed more FAS babies in squalor.

      • Stop drinking the COOL-AID being served by the West MSM/INTEL sources.

        Russian ruble is not “DEAD”!!

        Russian oil still flows to the rest of the world..

        US just purchased Russian oil by way of gas, refined in India!!!

        • It may be that the Russian military will become increasingly worried about the depletion of qualified soldiers and equipment and insist on withdrawing until they can rebuild using all that oil money. They are losing men and machines a 100x faster than they can be replaced.

        • JRM
          Why do you describe Russia’s military as 99% intact?
          The analysts I read are showing a different math. They point out for example that Russia does have many thousands of tanks on reserve but these lack even basic upgrades. We can see tanks in Ukraine equipped with infrared search lamps obsolete in 1975. So in terms of skilled combat arms people, modern equipment, precision guided munitions, Russia is heavily compromised. Although all wars are “come as you are” since say 1980, Russia has very little manufacturing capacity to replace aircraft and PGM. They do have plenty of artillery.

        • So Richard you ask a question but don’t allow a reply???

          Russia has only sent less than 300,000 troops into Ukraine!!!

          Russia’s military remains intact.

          BBC even ran a story about how long the lines were in FEB in Moscow at recruiting stations.. The BBC reporter slammed the Russian women who were in line, to join the Russian military, and admitted the majority of the women they interviewed stated they would be willing to go to Ukraine and fight.

          Also many of the men were volunteering to join the Russian military, besides the men that were required to do their year service.

          Contrary to the WEST MSM/INTEL sources, Putin still has the support of the Russian people.. He is not “DYING”!!

          How about the anti-war protesters protesting in USA/Britain against our wars we launched??

          So the anti-war protests in Russia are “NOTHING” but hyped by the West MSM/INTEL agents!!

          It is clear you are drinking the cool-aid, Russia has been manufacturing aircraft for decades, along with tanks, armored vehicles. They even started manufacturing domestic drones in the last few years!!

      • Why? It’s like only the west notices the west (other than Islamic hatred if they can’t manage to emigrate here). If ‘we’ collapse then the rest of the shithole countries will just keep on being shitholes. What do they care if they can’t look at pictures of skinny broads in levis anymore?

  7. Small arms do not win wars, rather its billions invested in heavy firepower.

    Even as far back as the ill-conceived American Revolution it was French money, the French Navy, the French Generalship and the well trained professional French Army that won the war for the ill trained , ill equipment. and incompetently led rag tag band of American Hillbillies.

    • That’s really not true at all.

      I’ll spend mo time with a rebuttal to your points because you are so incredibly stupid the only thing you deserve is childish name calling.

      • Agreed.
        What we see now is not Russia winning a war where you conquer and occupy and tax the losers and grow your empire. But Russia is succeeding in grinding up infrastructure and depopulating the region. This can work for them as this gives them access to the gas fields.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead, I have a RED HOTY NEWS FLASH for you. It’s boots on the ground that win wars after your big weapons do a part of the job. And boots on the ground means people will GUNS! Opps ther eis that dirty word. You are no more of a “military expert” than you are a “gun expert”. Still don’t know the firing sequence of a cartridge, huh?

      • to Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

        quote————-Still don’t know the firing sequence of a cartridge, huh?———–quote

        You have been called out by other posters to answer your own question which you are too terrified to answer because you know I will tear you to pieces on it. By the way its a stupid question but not for the reasons your pea brain imagines.

        • ROFLAMOBT NAME ’em Lefty. Seems the one being town up where is you.
          Now see if you can tackle the question.
          What is the firing sequence of a cartridge?

      • Jesus wally, are you drinking? That’s some poorly laid out and executed “edifimicashun” even for a lying meathead like you. You ok, bro? I feel vaguely concerned… an honored veteran at your (necessarily) ripe old age shouldn’t be getting so excited. Did 6yrs as a cop teach you nothing?

        • And for the one hundredth and thirty second time ttag: fuck your moderation bullshit.

        • Riderless/Shootoff Canuck. Seems your education was sarely neglected.
          it was 10 yrs are a police office, numnutz! They say hiring the handicapped is fun to watch. you prove it.

        • Oddly enough, are you d_rink_ing was the moderation trigger. Try posting that alone. WordPress stinks.

    • Nice try, but wrong! Typical leftist bullcrap answer because you hate the idea of an armed populace and love the totalitarian left. If you actually want to educate yourself to understand the American Revolution there are loads of books on the subject, but I have better things to do than try to educate you.

        • “This number is probably inflated by Ukrainian authorities, but estimates from Western intelligence report a Russian death toll that’s still much higher than the one the Kremlin is officially recognizing.”

          They admit they’re pushing propaganda within the article. They don’t even mention the Ukraine death toll. They don’t want us to think about that because Ukraine good, Russia bad. That’s all we need to know, so let’s celebrate more Russian death.

        • Dude, Ukraine is reporting its casualties as much as Russia–which is not at all. They have admitted that the death toll is high without giving a number, except for 100 a day dead in Sievierdontsk.

        • Why would anyone believe the propaganda ? No one on tv or almost anywhere else if telling the truth. Partly be cause almost no one knows it. Not a strategist on here.
          If you send a army group to one place with no intention of taking it you tie down a larger army to protect it.
          If you are trying to protect civilians you leave a way out.
          Russia has every time. The Ukrainians have blocked people and goods from leaving.
          Minsk please.
          At least try and understand what happening.
          Don’t act like Biden !

        • There’s an analyst on you tube that used a team to verify all the dead and equipment and compared kill rates to know equipment population.
          To jump to the conclusion, he found Russias claims absurd, in that they claimed to have destroyed more of Ukraine equipment than they ever owned.
          Roughly he calculated Russia exaggerated by 5x
          Ukraine by 2x

        • This is a complete “GUESS” not “FACTS”!!!

          And there is a difference in Ukrainian manned Russia/Soviet vehicles and Russian manned Russia/Soviet vehicles.

          I noticed that a lot of destroyed equipment has “V” on them, which is what the Ukrainians have on their vehicles, while the Russian are using “Z”!!!

    • Good, sweet baby Jeebus on a frickin’ nuclear-powere pogo stick, dacian, you ignorant slut (wannabe),

      Tell that to the Vietnamese, dacian. Blow it out your @$$, @$$clown. No amount of “firepower” is effective against a dispersed, supported guerilla movement, UNLESS you are enough of a Leftist/fascist idiot (such as, for example, you and MinorIQ) to actually believe “scorched earth” is an ‘effective’ strategy. Michigan is infamous for hosting local militia. Planning to nuke Detroit, you ignorant, uneducated f***????

      Go suck off MinorIQ; he MIGHT be willing to listen to your insane, uneducated drivel in exchange for a BJ.

  8. It’s nice to think people are fighting, bleeding and dying for their loved ones and themselves but they’re just fighting bleeding and dying fighting for the state against another state. Neither of which will “let” them keep their arms.

    The only way I’d bother fighting against another state on behalf of my state is if I knew my state respected my individual liberty. Well, it doesn’t. I wouldn’t raise a rifle for the US of today. Why bleed and die for a state that actively hates you?

    • The invasion of Ukraine failed for one reason, the troops they were fighting were just like themselves. While we have been seeing evidence of true atrocities by some, the majority are appalled at just being there, and their utter lack of motivation demonstrates that.

      That’s why their generals are being picked off in high numbers, the grunts have little motivation to press the attacks, so the generals are forced to the front lines, and the Ukraine army can spot them and their snipers deal with them. It’s also why US generals look identical to the grunts unless close up. They learned that lesson long ago…

      • Another aspect is that Russia has a national conscription law that requires one year of service. None of those soldiers are supposed to be sent into combat, and many have neither the training nor the proper equipment to do so. (Only “contract” soldiers are supposed to go into combat.) Yet there they are at the front. They are rebelling, in small numbers at present, but the numbers may grow. At least one Russian general found it necessary to jump into his “jeep” and flee before he got shot.

        • “Another aspect is that Russia has a national conscription law that requires one year of service. None of those soldiers are supposed to be sent into combat,…”

          And it’s their special forces that are taking some of the most grievous losses, their so-called professional troops getting chewed up and spat out. They wanted a military career beyond the mandatory 1-year conscription…

  9. If Ukraine wins they sure better, if they know what’s good for them.

    To turn on gun rights after such a war would be the epitome of stupid, but it sure has happened before especially in that region of the world. If that happens I would hope the Ukraine citizens say “come and take them”.
    But, again, it seems very few countries are willing to do that.

    In order for Ukraine to win they’re going to have to learn how to fight offensive war, which can be done, but is more complex and expensive then pure defense, and takes actual effective leaders in combat. As the Russians have proven very few countries are actually up to the task of being able to effectively preform offensive warfare.

    • Ukraine cannot win a battle of attrition. Russia can keep throwing troops and hardware at them until they are defeated, and that will happen because Putin will not stop until that happens.

      Even if Putin dies from the cancer eating him, he’s chosen a successor every bit as evil as he is to complete the task.

      And bad news, in a few years, the newly-rebuilt Russian army will have learned some lessons from the conflict they will use on their own people when the food riots happen when the world economy collapses… 🙁

      • The former Soviet province is barely a tick better than Russia. Presidon’t poopy pants needed to prop them up cause Hunter got a bundle from them. And Bidumb blames Russia for everything. BTW where is the rest of Europe supporting Ukraine??? Don’t look for an American style 2nd Amendment…

      • I’m not so sure about that, because Russia is historically pretty bad at war. Their track record is downright piss poor and they really fail to learn lessons and apply what they’ve learned. I don’t think they can regain the initiative as it stands, unless support from the west drops off due to as you pointed out, severe economic reasons. This is a very real possibility.

        But Russian military will likely remain brutal, causality high, and foolish. The biggest shocker of this war to me was their lack of even basic wartime abilities and a lack of knowledge of even their own history which they glorify. Even if economic factors force the west to withdraw support and Russia wins, they will likely still lose tens of thousands more men in the process.

        They have certainly shown however they are still quite ok with that.

      • Demographically, the Russian birth rate is less than replacement; its population is shrinking and immigrants are not moving there. Where are the troops going to come from? Further, only the elite are getting an adequate education; the journeymanship programs to train new workers in technical skills has collapsed. This whole was is Putin’s swansong, his dream to protect the homeland from Western aggression, so he will not back down. But the cost may prove to be too high.

        • Mark,

          Hmmm. Much of that sounds strangely familiar. I wonder why?? Don’t gloat too hard, Mark, the Leftist/fascists have been busily implementing the EXACT SAME ideas and programs here.

          I have two undergraduate degrees, and two graduate degrees. My boys have between them three degrees (soon to be four), and both my girls are in college. The first thing I did with each of my kids when they started driving was to teach them to change a tire (and make them do it), check and fill the oil, check the coolant, etc. Both my boys can swap out a light switch. Being TRULY “educated” is only inconsistent with being life-competent to ignorant, uneducated morons like dacian the stupid and MinorIQ. If people of intellect choose to be uneducated morons, who is to blame for that???

        • Agreed.
          I suspect the theft of worn and children is an attempt to bolster the Russian population.
          A larger portion of women in Russia are unable to produce healthy children due to alcoholism and tuberculosis. The larger rate of damaged children born with fetal alcohol syndrome and underweight due mothers TB will be unsuitable for the military. Last chance to grow the empire

      • The rumor mill has it that his successor, one of the KGB old guard, is the most hated man in the Russian government. He may not survive Putin’s death.

        • Bump him off, and numbers 2 through infinity will still be bad… 🙁

      • Putin has fully recovered from his illness, according to WEST Intel sources!!!

        Since it seems that the vast majority of the posters on this site, is drinking the Cool-Aid they are being served!!

        • Regarding the “Z” and “V” both are Russian markings.
          The basic reason Russian armor losses are so high is incompetence. This isn’t subtle. Those long columns with mud on each side of the road??
          The list is long. But losses have slowed as Russia is adapting and now they better protect against drones and hide in scrapes more. Soon there will be hundreds of T/62 tanks out with glass optical sights using their 105 cannons because they have lots. They are worth less money than a high tech ATM. That is their main survival strategy- they are not worth killing.

        • Again posting and not allowing a reply..

          Get you facts straight the “V” are Ukrainian manned vehicles..

          Drinking the cool-aid again..

          The claim Russia was using “V” was an attempt by Kiev to downplay their losses when the foreign press starts showing all the destroyed equipment in Ukraine..

          BBC even showed interviews with Ukrainian soldiers standing beside their vehicles and they all had “V” on them, even the civilian vehicles the Ukrainian fighters are driving have “V” on them!!!

        • One of the things regarding tank hulks that seems to be overlooked, is the 2014 battle for Crimea (and eastern Ukraine). There were armor losses on both sides. As of yet, we have not seen any accounting for those hulks. Were they all removed, and what we see are losses since February? Were the hulks left in place, and what we see are old wrecks from 2014. Does it matter which?

          Excessive claims of battle damage to the enemy was vastly overstated during WW2, and forward.

          Russia in not going to admit they are losing. Ukraine is not going to admit they are losing. Water is wet, and daylight comes with the sunrise. Why is any of this even being discussed?

          Whether Ukraine wins, or not, the question remains: What does US and NATO involvement mean in the long term? Deterrence to unprovoked attack everywhere? Or catalyst for world war?

        • SAM I AM, you can add the NATO war against Serbia in Kosovo..

          90%+ Serbian vehicles and armor survived the NATO attacks inside of Kosovo, when at the time NATO was claiming 90%+ destruction of Serbian armor in Kosovo!!

          NATO got a black eye when Serbia withdrew from Kosovo, which embarrassed NATO brass “PROPAGANDA” War!!

  10. In Iraq, we called civilians with weapons “insurgents”. Heck, we killed civilians without weapons.

    I got a Silver Star for shooting one. I pray for forgiveness everyday.

    There is nothing free about Ukraine; pro-Russian people in the Donbass have been disenfranchised for years now. Now the Ukrainian government gets $40B to steal and launder. yay. Also- how much CNN do you watch? Russia is winning this war. Russia never wanted to take Kiev; they wanted to protect Russian speaking people east of the Dniper river. But hey, at least Kiev can still have a homosexual pride parade.

    • This is true.

      Ukraine isn’t a group of good guys. But hey they launder US foreign aid money so everybody in congress who miraculously makes millions per year on a salary of less than $200k LOVES that rotten Ukrainian government.

    • Russian propaganda. Ukraine did not get $40 billion in cash, they got it in arms shipments. If people on the Donbas have been disenfranchised, it is because they split off into their own countries in 2014 (supported by Russian troops and armaments without which the revolt would not have been possible) and have had “self-rule” (from Moscow) ever since. Putin’s attack on Ukraine has nothing to do with the Donbas and everything to do with his fear of invasion from the West. From the very beginning, he intended to take all of Ukraine, but that attack failed due to incompetence, lack of logistics, and absence of leadership. He planned to behead the Ukrainian government and then invest the country, followed shortly thereafter by an invasion of Moldova. Strategically, his next move would have to be an invasion of eastern Poland to cut off the Polish Gap invasion route. He always believed that a confrontation with NATO was inevitable.

      • Hey Biden shill.

        Everything you claimed is a lie.

        The $40B is on top of $700M arms trafficking.

        Just for reference, the Fed Gov shut down over $4B for the trump border wall.

        The Ukrainian army got WREKT. Reddit brigade including coward James Yaeger all went home.

        But hey- if you want to keep believing the same CNN that wants to take your guns away, go ahead. You are a Biden supporter.

      • “his next move would have to be an invasion of eastern Poland”

        Russia is invading Ukraine because they DON’T want a war with NATO. That would be the end of the current ruling party in Russia because they would be humiliated.

        • Hence the now nearly daily threats of using nuclear weapons. Putin knows he cannot prevail in a conventional war against the west, notwithstanding the weakness of the German military.

      • Well, actually, the $40B doesn’t exist. If you read the actual text, you’ll see that over half is never intended to get to Ukraine (or at least to stay there). Biden is Biden, and this time he has sent his wife instead of that idiot son of his to negotiate the kickback. Ukraine has no choice – $20B is still a lot better than nothing.

    • Oh, you got that right! Russia just wanted to protect Russian-speaking people in the Donbass by killing them by the thousands, raping teenage girls in front of their mothers, and then killing the mothers, by putting mines into children’s toys, by blowing up train stations when the refugees were assembled there, by opening fire on the busses full of civilian refugees after arranging the “evacuation” – yeah, they just wanted to protect Russian-speaking people…

      • Wow, your pretty far gone up the msnbc ass, aren’t you? Do you also dance with snakes with yer eyes rolled back into yer head?

        • My cousins, ignorant hillbillies who dance with snakes, don’t watch the snakes on MSNBC.

          A dance partner is not a reliable source for news.

        • “SomePeepsAreSoMouthbreathingStupidItHurts”.

          Sorry, moron, the “Struggle Sessions” aren’t until this afternoon; you’ll have to re-confess then.

        • I am sorry – do you not agree with something that I’ve said specifically, or are you just farting in the wind?

  11. The war in Ukraine is not between tyranny and liberty. It is between two authoritarian regimes. The government in Ukraine was not/is not a a free republic envisioned by the founders of the US. The US support of Ukraine is simply another manifestation of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    A gun roundup was inevitable. The Ukraine government is recapturing the firepower of the public, amidst an unfinished war, because the Ukraine government fears that citizens will morph the fight against Russia into a fight against the Ukraine government.

    The tactical and logistical folly that if needed, the confiscated firearms will again be issued to “the people” is astounding. The Ukraine government is so fearful of “the people” that the government made a calculated decision to accept more death among the people during the time it will take to re-issue the confiscated firearms, and organize once again against the Russians.

    • That and those weapons depots will certainly be targeted by Russian missiles and artillery. Looks like they want to learn the hard way.