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It cannot be emphasized enough, however, exactly what the AR-15 is: It is a weapon of war. It was made to blow humans apart. It is successful in doing just that. The requests for DNA tests in Uvalde stand as a testament to the gun’s success, but the conclusion that the weapon excelled at blowing people apart was well documented by the U.S. military itself during early field tests.

During the Vietnam War, the U.S. conducted a survey into the impact of the AR-15 and its use on the battlefield. To put it bluntly, the survey found that the weapon, chambered with same .223 caliber rounds that Ramos used in Uvalde, was exceedingly good at killing human beings.

A copy of the survey, which was published in a Gawker story by my now-colleague Sam Biddle in 2016, shows that Viet Cong fighters hit with the weapon were frequently decapitated and dismembered, many looking as though they had “exploded.” A field report documented how an AR-15 had blown up a man’s head and turned another’s torso into “one big hole.” The weapon was lauded by soldiers on the battlefield for its effectiveness at killing adversaries and even cutting through dense jungle forest.

Some of the reports on Viet Cong soldiers killed with the weapon read like a matter-of-fact recounting from a horror film: “Chest wound from right to left, destroyed the thoracic cavity,” said the description of one AR-15-inflicted wound. “Stomach wound, which caused the abdominal cavity to explode,” said another.

Though it has become available domestically in the years since, the weapon was made for war — no matter what the National Rifle Association says — and was noted even at the time as being a significant escalation in the lethality of rifles.

Murtaza Hussain in AR-15S Were Made To Explode Human Bodies. In Uvalde, the Bodies Belonged to Children.

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    • A Weapon of War is a concocted label used to scare the pants off people who for the most part are happy go lucky soft targets. The kind of soft targets who suddenly find themselves cornered and have to call for help and wait for the police to bring “Weapons of War” to stop a perpetrator. A perpetrator that the school personnel should have stopped and if necessary terminated. No excuses, previous tragedies were warnings enough for schools to be vigilant and prepared.

      Make no mistake about it…Assault Weapon, Weapon of War, etc. are used to denigrate Americans exercising a Constitutional Right. Assault Weapon, Weapon of War, etc. are concocted derogatory labels that can compare to the N-Word used by racist democRats to denigrate and belittle Black Americans.

      The 24/7 armed security protected Jim Crow Gun Control hypocrite joe needs to remind Americans about the mountains of US Weapons of War that joe and his democRat Party left in the hands of terrorists in Afghanistan. Tell us about the knives those terrorists use to decapitate and dismember defenseless men, women and children.

      Why doesn’t joe and his ilk say what “Weapon of War” was used to smoke the perp in Uvalde? And after thousands of chances why can’t joe and his ilk disprove the following?

      1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

      2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

      3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

      • The real ” weapon of war ” is the politicians that lie. cheat, and subvert others rights. These are the tyrannical ones referred to by our founding fathers.

      • Did you know that a diving peregrine falcon has more kinetic energy than a round from an ar-15? By a lot. It’s actually more than a 30-06, but I don’t expect liberals to know the difference. The AR-15 is actually not that powerful, because it’s modeled after the M-16 which is a light to mid powered carbine. Most hunting rifles are significantly more powerful, and you don’t see those blowing deer into chunks.

        • They’d soil themselves so hard it would fill their socks if they knew of my pride & joy. Which correspondingly is the epitome of their worst nightmare.

          AR yes, but in .300 Win Mag. “Reach out, reach out and touch someone”, hard.

  1. Is this idiot a relative of Saddam? He must be one of joe, you know the thing, puppets. Same bs they are pushing.

  2. The purpose of any weapon is to kill. The words of our mouth can also be just a lethal in the end. It is disheartening the the rhetoric of the left isn’t more suicidal.

    • Just a friendly reminder that the owner of Axon, purveyor of the purportedly non-lethal Taser brand is an enemy of the people, a staunch anti-gunner.

      Do not feed your enemies giving them the funding to destroy you.

  3. I’m pretty certain that if anyone that had used an AR15 (like maybe Rittenhouse or various hunters) ended up removing anyones head, I think with the lunacy of the media, we would have heard about it.

    Getting shot by anything can leave permanent damage but this is just ridiculous.

    • C’mon. When Rittenhouse shot his attackers, the coroner had to be called in to separate and identify all of the tiny little pieces of the exploded bodies. It was thought that there were at least ten dead because of the “pools of blood and carnage.” Identification took weeks. Hell, just picking up all of the fragments of the dead took three days.

      Remember the one guy that survived? His entire arm was taken clean off of his torso and one lung was blown out of his body. He .. uh, he was …

      Wait, what?

      • “Wait, what?”

        He now gets to fap one-handed for the rest of his worthless life… 🙂

        • Geoff,

          Not to worry; he couldn’t get more than one hand around it to begin with. As the old joke goes, “Honey, if you can guess what I’ve got in my hand, I’ll give you a piece of the action!” “Schmuck, if you can fit it in one hand, I ain’t interested!”

  4. Whether it’s the “plague”, evil Republicans, or a gun……..dems rely on fear to advance their agendas! And with the mentality of the country today, it works!

  5. Funny, I remember one of the armed forces aims when adopting the 556 was to wound the enemy combatant so that 2-4 other enemy combatants had to remove their wounded comrade from the field therefore removing 3-5 enemy combatants rather than killing one. But don’t let those facts get in the way of make believes stories from the media and always knowledgeable politicians.

  6. And again, the MSM preaches to every deranged individual out there “The AR-15 is what you want to use on your quest for infamy”.
    Telling people what to use on their mass killing spree has the dividend of reinforcing your argument.

    • pcn,

      Who needs facts?

      Speaking of, there is another subtle problem with the author’s argument: pretty much any gunshot wound (potentially even from a pellet rifle) will cause death if you wait for hours to treat the wounded person. That was a major factor in countless battlefield deaths as well as the deaths of innocent victims such as the victims of the Orlando, Florida, Pulse nightclub attack.

      Like I said above, though, who needs facts?

    • I’m sure it’s unintentional and unresearched, but, technically, it’s correct. The Colt Model 01 (601) was deployed in Vietnam in small numbers for testing (1010 or so, of 14k made) in 1961-62. It was roll stamped as an AR-15, but it was a select-fire machine gun. It had Colt and Armalite names/logo, was 1:14 twist, duck bill flash suppressor, no forward assist, not captured lower frame pins, etc. The 601s were prior to the definition and adoption of the 5.56×45 as M193, so they used the SAAMI .223 and were stamped as such. The M16 name came later with the XM16E1 in 1963, and the M16 being adopted in 1964. There are a couple other M16-pattern factory machine guns that Colt labeled as AR-15, such as the 614, but they’re pretty much a trivia question since they account for 20k-ish guns out of millions of AR-15s and M16s.

  7. The coyote I shot with an 6.8spc did not explode or get decapitated. Just had 2 holes in it and expired on the spot.

    • I guess you wanna save the pelt.
      Should have used a .223 then even the crows wouldn’t have anything to eat.

      • According to well know gun commentator Jesse Jackson (sarcasm intended), one shot from an AR-15 will stop a train or bring down an airliner.

        Gosh, such power!

  8. And they continue to expound upon this “It’s a weapon of war!” theme as though being an efficient arm in the prosecution of a potential war (their favorite “…well regulated militia act” argument) wasn’t the ENTIRE POINT of the Second Amendment.

    And as usual they ignore that it is not the purpose or use of the firearm that is the issue but is and always has been the purposeful MISUSE of the firearm that is the problem needing to be addressed.

  9. It’s hard to credit these fools with a high school education. They are like children who watch too much television, then try to imagine all sorts of crazy things that they would like to see, or would like to do. They make stuff up, and expect you to believe them.

    Just the other day, I learned that there was an infestation of velociraptors in the woods between my house and the neighbors pasture. Apparently, the velociraptors are subsisting off the neighbor’s part Angus cattle. Now, I’m afraid to go out and tend my garden. Good thing I have a grandson with an active imagination, and good observation skills!

  10. So the AR-15s used in Buffalo and Uvalde were defective and failed to even once perform as designed? Is that what Murtaza is saying?

    And who is Murtaza, and why should any of us care what he/she/it thinks?

    • Irony: Sleepy Joe encouraged us to use double-barrel shotguns which are potentially able to decapitate a human target at close range.

  11. You can keep saying anything for a while, until you start to believe it. It’s repetition man. The libtards are pros at doing that, and there are just enough weak minded fools out there walking around to believe the lies and junk they spew.

  12. Why isn’t anyone talking about shotguns? Designed to kill ten people per shell and blow holes in doors and walls that you can walk through.

    • Shotguns are Bidens arm of choice what with firing off his balcony and blowing holes through doors at unidentified targets and all.

  13. Not to be the Doubting Thomas here, but is the REAL reason for requiring DNA matching due to a lack of Certificates of Live Birth, which are a requirement for the coroner to issue a death certificate? As in, how many of these kids were undocumented? Do you suppose we’ll ever have that answered?

  14. Is there some AR accessory I’ve been missing out on? Have an M9 bayonet but it’s more for ventilation.

  15. I’m willing to dial it back 33% from 15 to only 10

    The government can start cranking out some quality AR10s and I might be willing to let a couple AR 15s go even trade.

  16. Of course the news media is often sadly deficient when it comes to firearms but one thing they accidentally got right was that high velocity rifle bullets traveling in the neighborhood of 3,000 fps or more do indeed do far more damage to the human body than does any pistol round. Add in high capacity magazines and you have a deadly killing machine of mass destruction which would delight Lucifer in the fires of hell (assuming you believe in religious demons to fight against with prayer, ritual, and incantations by the light of the moon).

    • It’s a rifle round, it’s supposed to be going that fast & delivering that kind of energy to its target. If you’re out camping and find yourself in the company of a hungry grizzly with a bad attitude and want to protect yourself with .25 ACP in a Baby Browning, well, be my guest. I’ll stick with a rifle in that scenario thank you very much, without a second thought as to what it might be misused to do against people at extreme close range.

      • lil d has been reading wikipedia again so can pretend to be of the gun. Laughable.

        “deadly killing machine of mass destruction” – a classic. What a freaking moron.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead, A high velocity bullet in most cases unless it hits a bone passes right through the body. High capacity mags? What is the problem? Again, for about the 10000th time. An AR-15 is NOT a military rifle, It is NOT an “assault rifle” as there is no such thing except in the minds of media and you Leftist anti-gun radicals.
      You still haven’t answered that very simple question. What is the firing sequence of a cartridge? I already gave you a hint but somehow you did not pick up on it.

      • to The Lamp that went out in his head

        quote————– What is the firing sequence of a cartridge?————–quote

        You have been called out on your own question many times and you are to terrified to answer your own question because you know I will tear you apart on it. You are not intelligent enough or experienced enough to even dare answer your own question.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. First, I am not Lamp. Second, you see, I already know the answer and I was first to challenge you on the subject. Now because you are a FAKE “gun expert” you can’t answer the question. Not only do I have the intelligence, I am a certified NRA firearms instructor in SEVEN DISCIPLINES.
          You are certified in nothing but being a liar and a fool. You could not tear apart a piece of wet paper.
          Now if you have the intestinal fortitude, answer the question.
          What is the firing sequence of a cartridge?

    • The early models of the AR-15 had 1/14″ pitch barrels which barely stabilized the 55g bullets which is what gave them the wounding potential. In Arctic testing this pitch didn’t stabilize the bullets at all so it was changed to 1/12″. In doing do the more stable bullets lost their original wounding potential.

      With the M16A2 they wanted to stabilize a long tracer round (80g I think) and that needed the 1/7″ barrel pitch.

  17. It’s a rifle cartridge designed to hit targets hundreds of yards away being instead fired at human beings ten feet away. Of course the bullet is going to create tremendous damage – it hits with virtually the same energy it left the barrel with, its flight time giving it maybe a whole millisecond to bleed off velocity. Even if it wanted to do the .223/5.56 thing and tumble or fragment (again, where would it find the time?), the damage would be unusually significant at that range.

    If the rifle used were a totally-not-an-“assault weapon” Mini-14 Ranch, or any of a number of other firearms (including bolt & lever actions) with longer barrels, the damage at this point blank range would be (slightly) worse from the higher velocity/energy longer barrels than the most common MSRs with a 16″ barrel that have made the early 20″ AR-15 form factor much less popular.

    I’m not going looking at the study because I don’t care that much, but I’d bet the Viet Cong they examined were shot at close quarters / point blank as well to get those kinds of wounds. Again, rifles used at decidedly short range for a rifle, what else do you expect? On the other hand I’ve seen what .223/5.56 does to varmints and deer at actual rifle-type range, 50-100 yards & beyond where the bullet does have time to lose a bit of energy, and weirdly that prey hasn’t been turned into bloody confetti as this article would suggest it does.

    • where did you dig up THAT information?From Dackie Boy? He’s full of that sort of pucky.

      I’ve seen that round up close and personal in action. At 200 yards they are still pretty accurate and a SKILLED marskman can fire some fairly small groups. Two MOA is not unusual, at that range that’s about a four inch diamater spread at 200 yards.

      Take it out to 300 yeards, it begins to fall apart. Eight inch groups are rare. But tha’ts still a bowling ball sized target at three football fields. Usefuul for some things. But out to FOUR hundred yards, the round is serously underperforming, grouping at 12 to18binches with a reasonably skilled marksman. A lot depends on bullet weight/shape, and barrel twist.
      I did witness, just over a year ago, a very skilled marksman place ten rounds in a two inch diameter circle wiht his AR at 400 yards.. BUT he was NOT firing the5.56 round the lmilitary used, Nope. He was firing a 6.5 Creedmoor, a much larger round with a lot more powder behind it. And FAR more stable than the 5.56. He was a pretty impresive shooter.

  18. Has anyone found accurate info about the actual expenditures of the Uvalde murderer…..
    how many and what cost for guns, ammo, and “armor,” payment method…cash/CC?? Hearing two Daniel Defense ARs, 1000+ rounds, handgun. That’s probably pushing $5000+. Big bucks for a 18yo not known for success. Where did the money originate? Did he steal from granny, who found out, so he shot her??? Then, decided to just shoot up some kiddies while he was on a roll???

    • From the one piece I did read about the details of his “armoury”, one of the AR”s e bought was a high end Daniel Defense at close to two K. The second AR was a pretty normal one, prolly about a grand. Then, at maybe a buckanahaff a round by=uying a thousand rounds would be another K and a half. That’s four and a half so far. Add in the thirty or so mags he bought at maybe twelve each, that is pushing five K.
      When I read about that purchase, I DID wonder how such a kid got that much money, seing as how his Mum was solo, Dad out of the picture, and Abuelita not likely to have been wealthy either. Two possible explanations come to mind. One, he was involved in the drug trade, two he had some help from some organisation or other. He did not own a car as he had to kill Abuelita and steal her camioineta. Apparently an older Chev.

      I keep catching whiffs of something not yet revealed that makes the whole thing fit a pattern we’ve seen a time or three……… but since I wasn’t there and didn’t witness anything firsthand I will stop there.

  19. Yeah, the AR-15 is mean, mean, mean, and the ammo is explosive. Unlike the kindly AK-47 loaded with Fluffy Bunny brand cartridges used by Hussein’s jihadist buddies.

    • Being ruski, those Bunny rounds and the AK are there to liberate you from ……………. oppressor. blah blah blah

  20. If I recall my history lessons correctly, the 7.62 used by the Soviets was meant to kill with power, period. But the 556 fielded by NATO was meant to wound, because studies found that for every wounded solider, two or more soldiers were also removed from the fight in order to care for their comrade. And the lighter 556 cartridge was perfect for traveling long distances in the mostly cold European air. So actually the 556 was NOT designed to “blow apart” body parts; in fact, many more powerful cartridges have been available for decades that can fit that role.

  21. Funny, I shot a Coyote last night with my AR 15. Just a nice little hole right through him. No big mess of exploded parts or flying bit scattered around. And no gaping holes when I buried him this morning. Ragged summer pelt wasn’t worth saving.
    Now, that was at about 50 yards with surplus military ammo. So, perhaps someone had some sort of exotic ammo or something.
    Also, I’ve seen what the M 16 did to VC and NVA bodies in Laos and Cambodia. I’ve seen what the AK 47 dose to the Human Body. I know what the M 14 and the M 24 do as well. The only times I saw wounds like he describes was when someone walked in front of a Claymore Mine, or caught a grenade.
    Just wondering what the idiot writer would have said about the wounds left by the .69 cal. Springfield rifle muskets of the Civil war. Those big, slow moving Minnie Balls smashed their way through and did horrendous damage.

      • No, no, no you weren’t seeing what the HighCaliber version if this and 9mm is capable of. It’s so bad that the news won’t show it for fear of starting a mass nausea event, the likes of which hasn’t happened since the photos of Pelosi without makeup were published.

    • The 1861 Springfield and the Minie ball were actually .58 cal. Its predecessor the model 1812 was .69 cal. Either one would shatter bone, thus accounting for the high number of amputations during the Civil War. Gut shots were typically fatal. Soft, slow musket balls actually made a buzzing sound as they flew by, and made a smacking sound when impacting flesh.

  22. I once witnessed a hunter shoot a duck at point-blank range and it spun his bill around on his face multiple times.

  23. At least those awful ARs don’t blow the lungs out of the body like those 9MM of Demented Joe.

  24. When we debate the left, we need to be intellectually honest.

    Yes, the AR15 is a weapon of war. So what? (Almost all firearms are to some degree. Again, so what?). Weapons of war are why the 2A exists. It has nothing to do with hunting.

    No, the AR15 properly configured is not necessarily any less effective than an M16. US doctrine has emphasized almost exclusively semi-auto fire for decades. So again, so what??

    I’m happy that I can go out and buy a rifle that is functionally superior to most of the firearms fielded to our troops. You should be too.

    • 12 gauge shotguns had/have a certain level of popularity as well. As are 9mm handguns, .380s, even a few .32s, .308s, 30-06s, and the beat goes on. Rifles are designed to kill, period. If they didn’t they would long ago have fallen out of use. Doesn’t matter if used in war or not; firearms are not something you want to stand in front of, no matter what caliber. It isn’t the cartridge, stupid.

    • Mine has been a big factor in reducing the hoard of wild hogs that were tearing up land where i live.

  25. So the AR is now basically some sort of proto Romulan Disruptor?

    Christ, that’s a thing now and I still don’t have my toaster slot with a bagel option? FFS, get it together gun industry!

  26. Those “weapons of war” is how we gleaned our freedom from the British. That is what gives these a** hats the ability to freely speak without ending up in a Concentration camp somewhere. So truly, they can shut the hell up. They can pass all the gun control laws they want. I wish them the best of luck trying to confiscate them from those of us who have already been there, and refuse to go there again.

    • and/or have read enough history to understand just what is at stake today. The goons are pushing hard, and articles like this rotten piece of sharkbait are more and more common, and less and less accurate. They are all playing to the same theme.

  27. What I wonder about, IF all the magickal properties of the AR are accurately described, then WHY are those very rifles and that same round PROHIBITED for use for the taking of deer whislt hunting? Deer and humans are very similar in what it takes to remove any given example from the gene pool. The AR is quite useful out to about 200 yards on smaller targets. At three nundred it is marginal, at four hundred that’s about its limit. Beyond that, yuo SHOULD take your 7.62 x 59 oir 51 out of mothballs, pony up the price of eacn round you will expend, and then go do your work.
    The AR was developed for close quarters tyically urban and jungle work, and intended to be able to carry a high number of rounds per soldier, and its kill factor was not much of a consideration, because every enemy solider wounded took three or five more out of action to care for him. The rifle was also built to be light and handy, more a tool for damage and intimidation than for actually killing. Again ,that’s what you need a serious rifle for. Even the VERY venerable and capable 6.5 Swede 6.5 x 55) was very accurate and powerful out to about 400 yards, not much more. Friend of mine had four trophy bucks at his place, all taken at 400 yards one shot dropped in his tracks with that handy little lightweight 6.5 Swede. bolt gun.
    On the other hand, I’ve seen the 7.62 x 59 hit and destroy the desired target at 800 yards. And a thousand is possible with a high quality rifle, not like a military one.

    The author of this piec is either wilfully deceiving or snoking some mghty pwerful stuff. I am betting on the former. With a name like Hussain, that seems more plausible. Hes been put up to wrinte a scare piece to attempt to demonise a very common firearm with limited capabilitiies. VERY limited capabilities. When some sniper takes his AR and occupies a position six hundred yards from the school then begins piking off kids from that range, let me know. Maybe I’ll have to rethink this. Bot please note, NO ONE has ever done that Even the TexasTower shooter used the 7.62 x 59 I mentioned above. He commanded well above a quarter mile line of sight.

  28. ‘AR-15 Rifles Are Meant to Decapitate and Dismember Targets’

    Pfht. If that were true at least a few manufactures would use it for a selling point.

  29. “It cannot be emphasized enough, however, exactly what the AR-15 is: It is a weapon of war. It was made to blow humans apart. It is successful in doing just that. The requests for DNA tests in Uvalde stand as a testament to the gun’s success, but the conclusion that the weapon excelled at blowing people apart was well documented by the U.S. military itself during early field tests.

    During the Vietnam War, the U.S. conducted a survey into the impact of the AR-15 and its use on the battlefield. To put it bluntly, the survey found that the weapon, chambered with same .223 caliber rounds that Ramos used in Uvalde, was exceedingly good at killing human beings.”

    what a load of implied crap.


    1. The so called “survey into the impact of the AR-15 and its use on the battlefield” by the U.S. military wasn’t and never existed. There was an evaluation of a rifle designated the M-16, and some troops in the testing were asked for their input and later troops started submitting requests for improvements.

    2. The AR-15 was never used on the “battlefield” by the U.S. military. What was used on the battlefield was a rifle designated the M-16 which was a heavily (for its type) modified version of a temporary designation of a rifle called ‘AR-15’ by its creators of Armalite Rifle company (where the AR comes from). The series number was no different from any other product design designated numbering scheme, the AR stands for ‘Armalite Rifle’ and the ’15’ stands for the 15th rifle rendition in the design chain of a series. The U.S. military insisted upon these modifications for use in its military only rifle. The ‘AR-15’ ‘trademark’ designation stuck with the civilian rifle as a generalized title for the platform not the rifle type by Colt as part of the purchase agreement when Colt purchased the patent for the rifle platform. There is not one commercially manufactured ‘AR-15’ available to the civilian market that can qualify as an ‘assault rifle’ under the testing used by the U.S. Government.

    3. The ‘AR-15’ civilian rifle today is not a copy of a U.S. military weapon. The AR-15 civilian rifle existed in its generalized form as it is today (although more refined now) before the U.S. military adopted the generalized platform pattern rifle. Today, one can not actually buy an actual new original AR-15 rifle. The actual AR-15 rifle was only manufactured in the United States between 1959 and 1964, the rifle ceased to exist as a marketed item in 1964. From then on its simply the term ‘AR-15’ applied as a ‘marketing terminology’ to a general pattern type of rifle and Colts continued use of the trademark.

    In 1959, ArmaLite sold its rights to the AR-15 to Colt. After modifications Colt rebranded it the Colt 601 for sale to the civilian market, however it still carried the Armalite markings ‘AR-15’ due to patent purchase contractual obligations to Armalite/Fairchild Aircraft Co. Then Colt decided to market their Colt 601 to various military services around the world, and were successful in landing a U.S. military contract with its military modified version of the Colt 601, it was adopted by the U.S. military in January 1962 and subsequently designated as the M-16 rifle in December 1963 and went into production and service in 1964. Its at this point in Dec 1964 where the actual AR-15 ceased to exist, the rifles manufactured for the U.S. military were never AR-15’s. The last of the civilian versions of the original AR-15 design were sold in 1964 as the Colt 601 civilian model.

    Colt later continued to use the AR-15 trademark for its line of semi-automatic-only rifles marketed to civilian and law-enforcement customers (not military), known as Colt AR-15.

    4. There has never been one documented case where an AR-15 decapitated and dismembered anyone or ever excelled at “blowing people apart”.

    5. The DNA tests in Uvalde were not because the bodies were decapitated and dismembered or blown apart thus could not be identified, as implied by this delusional author. The DNA tests were because the law procedures of the crime lab work demands that blood samples be DNA tested.

    • “After modifications Colt rebranded…”

      Should have been…

      “After modifications and re-design Colt rebranded…”

      What made it to the military was not an AR-15 rifle that was designated M-16. It was a redesigned military only rifle when it went into production and not an AR-15 and the AR-15 ceased to exist. Today AR-15 is just a general marketing term or trademark used in reference to a generalized pattern. Contrary to that stated by this delusional and ignorant author there was no actual AR-15 used by the shooter in this school shooting.

    • As a note:

      In 1964 all remaining stock of the original AR-15’s were destroyed. Colt never sold an actual AR-15, what Colt sold to the civilian market was a redesigned and modified version based on the patent concept of the pattern. This established what is termed the AR-15 (as a general terminology referring to the general pattern) as a separate rifle from that of the military model. The “AR-15” designation today, now known more properly as ‘Modern Sporting Rifle’ (MSR), is not and never has been an “assault rifle”, “assault weapon”, “weapon of war”, or a “military rifle”. There has never been one documented case where an AR-15 decapitated and dismembered anyone or ever excelled at “blowing people apart”.

      In 1961, ten military model rifles designated ‘AR-15’ were sent to South Vietnam. These are the only 10 rifles that ever made it into U.S. military hands from Armalite and they were actually redesigned and re chambered AR-10’s prototypes and not really AR-15’s.

      In 1989, using the generalized marketing term AR-15, long after the patents expired, Jim Glazier and Karl Lewis started manufacturing the first civilian versions of a rifle they called the ‘AR-15’ but it too was not an actual AR-15 but rather they had done what Colt had done and simply used the term to market trying to capitalize on the Armalite brand name.


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