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By Russ Bynum and Brynn Anderson, AP

One minute, Rayshard Brooks was chatting cooperatively with Atlanta police, saying he’d had a couple of drinks to celebrate his daughter’s birthday and agreeing to a breath test. The next, they were wrestling on the ground and grappling over a Taser before Brooks took the weapon and ran.

Seconds later, three gunshots sounded and Brooks fell mortally wounded.

Atlanta police video released Sunday showing a seemingly routine sobriety check outside a Wendy’s restaurant that quickly spun out of control, ending in gunfire. The killing of the 27-year-old black man in an encounter with two white officers late Friday rekindled fiery protests in Atlanta and prompted the police chief’s resignation.

Police said Sunday the department terminated Officer Garrett Rolfe, who fired the fatal shots, and officer Devin Brosnan was placed on administrative duty. Rolfe had worked for the department since October 2013, and Brosnan since September 2018.

Meanwhile, authorities announced a $10,000 reward for information finding those responsible for setting fire to the Wendy’s restaurant at the shooting scene. Flames gutted the restaurant late Saturday after demonstrations grew turbulent. The protests prompted 36 arrests.

More than 100 people, some sporting umbrellas and rain gear after on-and-off rain, protested peacefully at the site Sunday evening. Police blocked some side streets, slowing traffic in the area as people held up signs.

The two officers’ body cameras and the dash-mounted cameras in their patrol cars showed they spent more than 40 minutes peacefully questioning Brooks. The fighting erupted when they tried to handcuff Brooks.

Andy Harvey, chief of police of Ennis, Texas, who has written books and developed training on community policing, said such moments can turn in a split second.

“The moment you put your hands on someone is when someone will decide whether to comply or resist,” Harvey said. “That’s what happened in Atlanta.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation will present the findings of its investigation to prosecutors. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said in a statement Sunday he hopes to reach a decision by midweek on whether to bring charges against the officers.

The officers were called late Friday over complaints of a car blocking the restaurant’s drive-thru lane. Brosnan arrived first and found Brooks alone in the car, apparently asleep. Brooks agreed to move the car, showed his license, and Rolfe arrived minutes later to conduct a sobriety check.

“I know you’re just doing your job,” Brooks says on video after consenting to a breath test. He mentions celebrating his daughter’s birthday and says: ”I just had a few drinks, that’s all.”

Rolfe doesn’t tell Brooks the results though his body camera recorded a digital readout of 0.108 — higher than the 0.08-gram blood alcohol content considered too intoxicated to drive in Georgia.

“All right, I think you’ve had too much to drink to be driving,” Rolfe tells Brooks. “Put your hands behind your back.”

The video shows each officer take hold of one of Brooks’ wrists as Rolfe tries to handcuff him. Brooks tries to run and the officers take him to the ground.

“Stop fighting!” one officers yells.

One of the dash cameras recorded the brawl. As Brooks fights to stand, Brosnan presses a Taser to his leg and threatens to stun him. Brooks grabs the Taser and pulls it away. He struggles to his feet, the Taser in his hand, and starts running.

Rolfe fires his Taser and a yelp can be heard above the weapon’s electric crackle. Rolfe runs after Brooks, and seconds later three gunshots sound.

Both officers’ body cameras were knocked to the ground in the struggle, and none of the four police cameras captured the shooting. Footage released from a Wendy’s security camera showed Brooks turn and point an object in his hand at one of the officers, who was steps behind him. The officer draws his gun and fires.

“As I pursued him, he turned and started firing the Taser at me,” Rolfe told a supervisor after the shooting in a videotaped conversation. “…He definitely did shoot it at me at least once.”

GBI spokeswoman Nelly Miles said Sunday she could not confirm whether Brooks fired the Taser.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said Saturday she doesn’t believe the shooting was justified. Police Chief Erika Shields, who joined the department as a beat officer in 1995, resigned.

Brooks’ death inflamed raw emotions in Atlanta and across the U.S. following the May 25 police custody killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Some public officials questioned whether shooting of Brooks was as clearly an abuse as Floyd’s death after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed a knee to his neck.

“The question is when the suspect turned to fire the Taser, what should the officer have done?” U.S. Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, said on CBS’ “Face The Nation.” Scott, the Senate’s only black Republican, said Brooks’s death “is certainly a far less clear one than the ones that we saw with George Floyd and several other ones.”

Stacey Abrams, the former Democratic lawmaker who gained national prominence while running for governor in 2018, said “there’s a legitimacy to this outrage” over Brooks’ death.

L. Chris Stewart, a Brooks family attorney, said the officer who shot him should be charged for “an unjustified use of deadly force, which equals murder.”

Stewart said that Brooks, a father of four, on Friday had celebrated the eighth birthday of one of his daughters.

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  1. Cops can’t have it both ways.

    “If a suspect gets ahold of a taser, it represents a deadly threat”.

    “If the suspect doesn’t comply, I’ll just tase him to get compliance”.

    Its either a “less lethal” or it isn’t. Sorry boys. It can’t be both a pain compliance device and a less lethal weapon.

      • Ooh! Ooh! I know! The dude runs over, grabs the glock out of the officer’s holster and puts one or two in the back of his head.

        Alternatively, he sees the now immobilized officer as an opportunity to escape and keeps running. The problem is trying to figure out which of the two he would have chosen, and if you think you can reason your way through that and accept a 50/50 chance of a dead cop along with a dead civilian… better you than me, making that choice.

        • The second cop on scene just let that happen? He was there, the guy didn’t do that, so that’s a hypothetical that was never in play in this situation.

        • So, the entire escalation to a deadly encounter was because the police officer brought a firearm to a situation that should have been handled by unarmed officers.

          You know, there is some rationale behind the idea of unarmed police officers, even in an armed society.

          Of course, they could have just clarified that he lived within walking distance, took his keys and told him to start walking. I had a friend who was a cab driver in a small town and it was no at all uncommon for the police to call a cab; particularly in a case like this, where they did not actually see him driving.

          Yes, it is armchair generalling, but the situation was peaceful until the police applied force. This is a picture of the need to hit pause and rethink policing in the US.

        • Most street types are pretty cowardly and he will likely run.

          Hasaf, once upon a time, cops were peacekeepers would would snatch up your keys and just drive you home in the back of their patrol car, or to the county jail to sleep it off.

        • To those replying that Tasers only shoot once: they’ve been making 2 shot Tasers for LEOs for years. I remember them announcing a 3 shot model about a decade ago, but I don’t know if they ever released it. As for the notion that the presence of another cop negated the danger to the shooting officer, no it didn’t. The guy managed to wriggle free once already; do you think a lone cop would have a better chance? Even if it turns out the Taser was empty, you’re demanding the cop process more information than anyone’s brain can handle in that span of time, even without accounting for stress. He acted out of a very reasonable fear of death or grievous bodily harm, and the use of deadly force was therefore morally justified.

        • Hasaf how do you know a gun isn’t needed. What if he were carrying or had it in his car. How do you determine a gun isn’t needed unless the perp is standing out in the open buck naked

        • This is pointless sophistry. The cop wasn’t alone. If he’s been tased his mates tackle the suspect long before he can get to the tased officer’s firearm. Besides which, the taser is not itself a ‘lethal threat’ just because you can make an argument that it might opportune an actual lethal threat thereafter.

          Under that standard, you could shoot a suspect for hocking a loogie in a cop’s face – after all, in the cop’s confusion, the suspect might grab his gun!

          I remember in the 90s when this was an idea – “should cops have tasers?” – it was an obvious ‘no’ that nonetheless went ignored. And for a quarter century, they’ve been wielded for convenience, impatience or just out of aggravation routinely.

        • “it was no at all uncommon for the police to call a cab; particularly in a case like this, where they did not actually see him driving.”

          That sort of treatment was usually reserved for the high-toned, quality folks, if you know what I mean…

        • MADD killed any leniency for DWI/DUI/DWAI. Now, drunk drivers are a millimeter higher than baby rapers on the criminal scum scale.

        • Did I miss something?

          “Did not see him driving”

          He moved his car from the position he was passed out in, to the parking spot.

          Drunk. Driving.

        • Ok, so somehow while drunk and running away he pulls off a miracle shot with the taser (which he’d already expended prior to being shot) and it also miraculously somehow hits the officer through his bulletproof vest and drops him. The man would still have to stop running, completely reverse direction, and make it back to the downed officer prior to the OTHER 2 COPS that were also chasing him getting to him. I see that as rather unlikely, nice try though.

      • How would he go unconscious? Was there two cops there? Were they wearing body armor? Does body armor stop a taser like a sweater/jacket does? Was the man trying to kill the cops or flee arrest? Was the man running away when he pointed a taser at a cop chasing him with a taser?

        • Chief Censor- That’s a lot of questions to deliberate and answer in a split second, isn’t it? Congrats, you’ve just made the argument in favor of shooting.

        • Did you seriously just ask how does electrocution cause unconsciousness?
          And their body armor does not cover face, neck, arms, legs or lower abdomen.

        • Here is the cop’s problem.

          When the guy grabbed the taser during the hand-to-hand struggle, the cop was in imminent danger. If he got tased or stunned, the guy could have gotten hold of his gun and then he could have been shot at point blank range.

          Now, here is the question that creates the problem. How long did that jeopardy last? For the remainder of their mutual lives? Could he have used deadly force the next year, month, week or day?

          At the time the cop made the decision to shoot the suspect was escaping. He was yards away. Apparently, he fired the taser at the cop. Fine. Were the two guys within the range of the taser? If out-of-range, the taser was meaningless. Once fired, it would remain meaningless until it could be reloaded.

          Furthermore, suppose that they were within range by an inch or a foot or two. The fleeing suspect’s aim wouldn’t have been good enough to enable him to have much of a chance of hitting the cop. But let’s grant the suspect the benefit of the doubt about his taser-man-ship. Suppose he did incapacitate the cop.

          Now, could he have run back to the cop, take control of the stunned cop’s gun, shot the downed cop and the accompanying cop, all before the accompanying cop shot the suspect?

          A jury is apt not to be convinced that the cop was in jeopardy; that jeopardy which a reasonable man would have regarded as capable of inflicting lethal force on the downed cop.

          Compound that problem (of convincing a judge or jury) with the political atmosphere. His lawyer has his work cut-out for him. Nevertheless, the cop has the presumption of innocence and he has a right to present the best case he can construct.

        • If he had tossed the taser away, there would be valid argument. When he fired it at the officer, sleep tight.

        • The prongs would probably not penetrate deep enough through the body armor to function as intended. However, the further you are from the target, the wider the spread between the prongs and a Taser isn’t accurate like a handgun with a single projectile to begin with. That means you could very well get one prong in the leg, the other in the harm, and that temporarily incapacitate you. I know it’s a lot of “if.” I honestly think Taser-like weapons bring more problems that they can solve, many cops are too “Taser dependent,” meaning they rely on it too much and when it doesn’t work they don’t know what to do, a minority of cops even abuse the thing because they suck in defensive tactics and handcuffing techniques. It’s also one more piece of equipment they have to carry and train with.

        • Chief BS tells us the cops were immune since they had body armor on. I’d like to see him react to a hit in the groin. In fact I suggest we submit him to it. And guess what the choirboy would have done then, especially one high on drugs.

        • You sound like a failed law student trying to turn a line of questioning into a vehicle for perjury.

          “Answer yes, or no please”

          That’s not how it works, chief.

      • He wouldn’t feel you kissing various parts of his anatomy. When your turn comes, be sure to shout “but I get wet thinking about cops!”

      • Tough guy calling names on the internet. WWWWooooooooo.

        Time to go upstairs Junior. Ma has some lunch for you.

        If you had half a brain, you would have read that I DID NOT say it was or wasn’t a deadly weapon. Only that it can’t be both a deadly weapon and a pain compliance device.

        As such, cops should NOT use a Taser to get compliance from non-violent but non-compliant people. Like they currently do.

        Hurry up. Mommy says your lunch is getting cold.

        • Donny your tampon is showing. You do realize people have died after being hit with a taser don’t you gender studies major?

        • Seems that the cop panicked when the perp resisted, poor training and maybe a poor choice of career. It takes a cool head to desensitize a situation like this. The policeman couldn’t keep his cool.

        • I love it when people who never been in a situation like this render judgement based on their sandbox battles with their tough kid sister and that awful girl next door who beat the stuffing out of you when you were 9.

          Such experience, one can only conclude these idoits were on the OJ jury.

      • Sure, and now the cop is fired, his career ruined, and he’ll probably go to prison. AMAZING that he would shoot a BLACK guy in the back with all the violent protests going on nationwide. This cop is a shrewd one! (Not Mensa material.) All he had to say was: “I couldn’t catch him”.

      • The argument of what kind of force a taser is considered has been settled already. It’s not considered a lethal weapon. It used to be marketed as a non lethal, then for legal reasons it was marketed as a less lethal device.

        The only people that really die from a taser is people with bad health issues and those that fall and hit their heads when they stiffen up.

        The model of tasers designed for non cops is a little more aggressive/capable than police tasers because cops were abusing the taser. There are restrictions coded into the police taser to stop cops from electrocuting/abusing people. For instance, there is a short time limit that the taser will shock someone and another time limit you must wait to shock again. The tasers for the public are designed to shock for a longer duration so you can put it down and run away.

        A beanbag/rubber bullet gun is much more dangerous than a taser. You could argue a nightstick is much more dangerous than a taser.

        Guess what European cops get to carry instead of guns?

        • We don’t care about what Europe, it’s so screwed up . Now about here in the U S , I think there needs to be training for the general public as how to interact with police officers. DO NOT FIGHT or be an idiot. Use manners and you would be surprised at how easy things will go. Do not get drunk and drive to Wendys and pass out in the drive thru lane. If arrested for dwi you will probably be out the next day. Why are so many raised to run when they see the police even if they are not doing anything illegal ? Doing stupid things results in bad consequences. Good riddance to the idiot at the Wendy’s.

        • @Aaron

          You should take your own advice.

          European police have specialized forces that get to have guns and they only use them in certain scenarios. There are cops that don’t get to have a gun. Asia also has cops that don’t get to have guns. Because they know if you give a cop a gun they are more likely to use a gun. They train the gun carrying cops way differently than American and Canadian cops get trained to prevent the use of the gun.

        • @Me, in America cops get to carry MORE and BETTER guns than the rest of us.

          If they carried like the rest of us, they’d be prohibited from carrying in all sorts of locations, they wouldn’t have those full-auto weapons in the armory, they wouldn’t be exempt from the insane rules in hoplophobic states like CA, and they wouldn’t have a union-paid lawyer backing them whenever they unholster a weapon.

          At least they *can* lose their jobs for a sketchy shooting caught on camera…but apparently only if they shoot a black man. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

        • Then ING you need to start saving your paper route $ and upgrade from that HiPoint.

          US cops DONT have more/better than you/I and own. They get free training ammo with is a more important point

        • The use of a Taser can be considered “deadly force,” a Michigan State Police Taser expert testified Wednesday during the trial for a former trooper charged in the death of a Detroit teen last year during a chase.

          “You have to consider the crime and whether the force you’re going to use equals the need to take them into custody,” said Michigan State Police First Lt. Barry Schrader during his testimony in the trial of Mark Bessner. “Once you choose to use the Taser, you have to take into totality of circumstances when to use (it), such as the crime. Use of the Taser could be considered deadly force depending on circumstances.”

        • I never saw police in Rome or Florence or Venice. I did see, usually two Army soldiers with Beretta ARX100 carbines, at multiple posts in the city ( for show) at tourist sites and I suspect many more somewhere near by in the background for backup if needed.

        • @ Ed S chrade says: June 15, 2020 at 11:26 –and to any other post about behavior with law enforcement; here we go …

          Law enforcement officers are nothing more, or less, than (supposedly) highly trained civilians with a set of task(s). For the most part, these (supposedly) highly trained individuals are from the same region or local community from which they patrol.

          Having said that, this behavior (on both sides) of the civilian | police discussion is a result of the local community, neighborhood or regional ‘behavior’ toward one another within that same area –and nothing to do with civilian | police interaction; until someone identifies themselves as: other than civilian.

          It is peoples’ behavior toward one another regardless of status, training or not. Yes, there are some who have developed solid evil behavior –that must be handled.

          Treat others as you want to be treated. It is *mental*, prove me wrong.

        • Guess what European cops get to carry instead of guns? Well, I know they carry guns in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and I am not certain about the current situation in the UK but it seems the governments armed more cops due to terrorism over the past years. Germany and France also have better SWAT teams in my opinion.

        • I’ve been in the UK and seen police carrying MP5s. Ive been in most of Europe and never seen an unarmed policeman. Care to tell where you saw them Chief Blowhard?

        • I have also been all over Europe. Seen far more armed police than any “unarmed” ones. BTW, unarmed does not mean what Chief thinks it means.

    • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: [says something really dumb today]

      “Don from CT” on TTAG: “Hold my beer…”

      • How is saying that it can’t be considered BOTH a deadly weapon AND a pain compliance device dumb?

        Again, another person with a reading comprehension problem.

        I’m fine with considering it to be a deadly weapon. But then it shouldn’t be used to gain compliance from non-violent people who are refusing orders.

        • Did you watch the whole 45 minute video? Or did you see something else? Because compliance stopped when you start fighting back. Look, I am all for standing your ground, but when you are as wrong as this dude, you don’t really have much ground to stand on. And since he “complied” right up until his little tantrum that resulted in assaulting another person (try to think of the cop as a person for a second) and stealing a “possibly deadly weapon” (Right? We agree a taser CAN be deadly?) then you don’t really have an argument.

      • Well dumb John probably considers a billy club to be a pain enforcement device till you see someone’s head smashed in. By the way more people are killed byy “unarmed individuals” than are killed by rifles but the sociology major knows exactly how dangerous a taser is due to his long years flipping burgers.

    • An officer of the law USED to have the authority to use a larger degree of force to force compliance on the non-compliant. More force than is afforded to the non-sworn citizen where only the force applied in defense may not exceed the force required to stop that applied in aggression. An officer of the law having been dully armed also has the authority to use deadly force to stop an attack in which the result may be a loss of consciousness and thus leave them at the mercy of the aggressor who may gain access to his/her firearm and do more permanent damage to the officer and the innocent.

      • This is where you and I differ. No officer has the right to be judge jury and executioner in any case where there is little to no possibility (read probability) of LETHAL harm by a suspect and certainly when the suspect is identified and known and even though he flees could NEVER possibly escape justice. You are lying if you say otherwise.
        A taser is by legal definition of the POLICE DEPARTMENTS across the nation a “less than lethal weapon”. Otherwise it could never be considered for use in less than lethal circumstances. That simple. However the number of dead would disagree (usually hit between heart beats or with co-morbidity issues).
        Any “trained” officer who is in fear of his life and limb when a person is running away and farther away than the “less than lethal” weapon’s range is nothing but an executioner and LIAR.

        In St Petersburg FL an officer shot a man in the back as he was running away unarmed. The officer knew that there were 10-12 squads responding to the situation and had SURROUNDED the area. (Failure to pull over for lights and siren). The officer was 400 pounds if an ounce and stated he was too winded from running the 30 feet from his squad car to chase. Considered a good execution by the police.
        I say take all arms from police except special squads. Special squads should have to be CALLED IN. There is no excuse for having 90 day wonders have the right to KILL.

    • You can call it whatever you want, it is indeed a less-lethal option than a striking weapon or a firearm. However, if you are incapacitated by any means (be it a fist, a choke hold, or a stun gun), your other weapons can be turned against you. We do not reason that police or any other lawful user of a taser will stun somebody so that they can then do further harm. In this case, Mr. Brooks seemingly demonstrated that he was willing and capable of taking and using an officer’s weapon against him or others.

      • So a man takes a taser away from another man that is trying to use it on him, then he shoots it at another man with a taser who is trying to taser him, runs away with the taser, tries to shoot it again at a man chasing after him with a taser, is willing to stop fleeing arrest and take a gun from a cop and shoot that cop over a DUI?

        We should ask the man that resisted arrest if he wanted to kill two cops.

        • Again, he seemed to demonstrate that he was willing and capable of taking an officer’s weapon and using it. He didn’t take it away and toss it, or even just run away with it.

        • The Chief BS artist denies reason and logic and informs us that in the Twilight Zone violent resistance to a lawful order by a police office and a violent attack on a police is perfectly acceptable but any action by the police is excessive if it isn’t in accord with his vast experience.

          I do love armchair critics, especially ones that are social deviants.

    • “Lethal” vs “less than lethal” is 100% irrelevant to the determination of whether the use of deadly force was justified.

      The only question is whether the actions of the deceased reasonably caused fear of death or great bodily harm. Given the circumstances (the deceased was very drunk, resisted lawful arrest, instigated a physical altercation, stole an officer’s weapon, and, while fleeing, turned, pointed, and discharged that weapon toward the officer.

      100% justified.

      • I think that carries the day, there’s also the possibility that he had a gun on him since he hadn’t been searched yet. I wouldn’t want to be the cops, but this guy did this to himself.

        • Just to clarify, he had consented to a search and had been searched, it was at the 21-minute mark.

        • Hasaf tells us that the choirboy had consented to be searched and as anyone who has seen the video has seen there was not a search. Apparently our BLM aficionado missed that, but hell it doesn’t play to his warped agenda. Again how can we doubt Hasaf’s motives, I mean he’s a real law and order type, that’s why he was out burning Wendy’s.

      • What if the man that was shot dead actually fired the taser twice, that taser model can only be fired twice and he was shot after the taser was empty of cartridges?

        Is it reasonable for a taser trained officer of the law to shoot a fleeing man who has an empty taser?

        Can the your argument also be a defense of the man who resisted arrest and disarmed a man who said he was going to tase him? He had two men trying to tase him after all.

        • What if CC found a brain lying in the street. Would he/she know what to do with it or would call Soros Inc for instructions?

        • The Chief BS artist should answer one question:

          If you play stupid games you win stupid prizes. Why are you defending a druggie and someone who assaulted the police for no reason? Do you hate all police or only white police? How many years have you done in the pen? Are you under psychiatric care?

      • I don’t get how you can say lethal vs. less-lethal (for practical purposes, nonlethal) is irrelevant. You have to evaluate the situation in light of what both parties knew at the time — and the cops KNEW that the fleeing suspect was holding a nonlethal weapon.

        • Many a hypocrit on this comment board. I know most of you have wet dreams about you and your tacticool weapons being the “good-guy with a a gun”. So shut up! Cause now you claim the good guy did bad. The cop was in a situation where split second decisions had to be made without full intel. Quit Monday morning this thing. You all sound like those “shoot them in the leg” losers…

        • Okay, internet rando. My compact pistol and worn-out hybrid holster will be very pleased to know that they’re now tacticool.

      • “reasonably caused fear of death or great bodily harm”
        Lets see here;

        Cop taser, at range, guy running away, already discharged once if not twice, know to have no other weapons with a backup officer and person chasing him is a physically healthy cop.

        I think the reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm is pushing it.

      • Chip, I don’t believe that .108% qualifies as “very drunk”.
        That is more like being barely drunk.

      • While I agree I also think we should look at Georgia law. Any person ( cop or not ) can use deadly force to prevent a “forcible felony “ under Georgia law.

        Unlawfully Shooting a taser at a person is activated assault. I’m pretty sure activated assault constitutes a forcible felony.

      • Your comment is absolutely INSANE. There is NO taser made that fires farther than 35 feet. This “suspect” was farther than 35 feet. There could be no possibility of harm by the suspect at over 35 feet. Neither can a person RUNNING AWAY do harm to anyone.
        The fact that you stated that the cop could possibly have had fear proves your intolerance to humanity and you inability to logic and reason.
        By the way, according to the POLICE DEPARTMENTS across the USA tasers are considered “less than lethal” therefore the use of lethal weapons is not acceptable.
        The real problem: the Police in the USA are pretty much ALL 13 week wonders. One can go to an “academy” and be an officer in that amount of time without a college degree.
        Do you really want High School bullies that are on power trips to have guns and the right to KILL people who are running away?
        I can’t believe you even suggested that this officer was even mentally sound let alone made a rational decision.
        Take away ALL police weapons. One special squads should ever need them.

    • False. Taser requires a speciffic procedure to be less lethal instead of plain old lethal. If the drunk keeps sending voltage into the cop after he’s KOed, there’s a good chance of death. Not to mention a KOed officer is an officer who can’t protect his gun, a natural target given what the officer knew of the suspect.

        • In theory. Although at the same time, law enforcement are primarily trained as solo agents, and presumably carry that mindset especially when under stress, even if it’s not necessarily immediately appropriate. Which brings up a rather thorny question about culpability, training, and mindset when acting solo vs acting in a pair or group. I genuinely don’t know if this officer was wrong to shoot, and I very much DONT “back the blue”. But I’m genuinely enjoying these comments and discussions

        • I’m not sure about that either. If the guy was just running away with a taser, that’s NOT a good shoot…but then we didn’t get to see the crucial 10 seconds before the shooting, so we don’t have complete information. Anyway, yes, it’s good to discuss these things and look at it in light of what you’re allowed to do (or not) in a self-defense situation.

    • Disagree. Because the perp can tase the cop and then take his firearm.

      It’s better to look at the whole picture here rather than look at just what a taser can do.

      The perp was intoxicated and sleeping in a drive through. The perp resisted arrest. He dropped the two officers to the ground. He took the officers weapon. He then tries to tase them while running away.

      Zero sympathy. Doesn’t matter what race he is.

      Prosecuting cops for this will definite consequences. This message says – if you are doing your job, and even if your actions fall within the purview of the law, if it goes viral on social media, you will be fired and prosecuted.

    • Well, since the Fulton County DA (Atlanta) previously charged Atlanta officers for Agg Assault/Deadly Weapon for Taser use against two college students, I would say the DA has decided it is a deadly weapon.

      The DA cannot have it both ways.

    • First about tasers is while they are less-than-lethal, it doesn’t make them non-lethal as many accidental deaths have proven.

      And this cuff’em all approach even when not necessary is the escalation point here. If they said to the victim he was over the legal limit and for his own safety they’ll take him to a safe place where he can be monitored until sober, the situation would not have escalated unnecessarily.

      • And while I agree with the first half of this comment, the second half is bull squat. This guy didn’t want to get cuffed, he didn’t want to be arrested, be it right or wrong, I’d say he feared what would happen to him if they got the cuffs on him. Maybe it was the booze thinking for him. I’m guessing his father never told him what mine told me, disrespect a cop, expect to get beat. Fight or run from a cop and when they catch you it may be a closed casket. I too am a Southerner. A six foot three, 230 pound white ape. I was warned to treat every LEO with respect and have a lawyer you can trust.

        So far as the man’s record, lots of LEOs have complaints filed against them, body cams have reduced that and clears many more. And when that body cam shows they are bad, that’s what laws are for, burn ’em.

        Like the Mayor said, she didn’t know if what they LEO did was by the book or not, but she wanted him fired before an investigation. That’s bull squat. Find out what their training is, fix it if need be, but don’t crucify a LEO when he acts appropriately.

        And by all means, let protestors burn down a burger joint, no big deal. Unless it is you burger joint, or the place you had a job but won’t anymore.

    • You can’t fight the police, steal their weapons, attempt to use them on said police, and expect not to get shot.

      • Clearest thought yet on this subject! If he would have obeyed the law he’d be alive, its all on the perp.

    • Actually, they CAN have it both ways as they do with, say, batons. A police officer whacking someone in the thigh with a baton is not deadly force. If a DUI grabs it and comes at the cop swinging, it IS deadly force.

      Not only because the drunk guy might simply use it to murder, rather than arrest, the cop- but because he might do it accidentally. And with a taser, some drunk idiot firing back at cops may hit them in the face and eyes. Serious bodily injury- Tennessee v. Garner applies.

    • Yeah uh no, you ignorant slut.
      Police do not have to respond to less lethal force with less less lethal force. If you attack a PO with a taser, club, knife, bare hands, he is justified in SHOOTING YOU! If he has grounds to to reasonably believe that you have committed a forcible felony and are now a fleeing felon, he is justified in SHOOTING YOU!
      I am generally against abortion, however I am really starting to come around to the idea of retroactive abortion starting with you, and everyone in chaz.

    • …hard to say how they’re going to spin this…but initially, at least…it appears deadly force wasn’t justified….

    • NOTES __
      — Once the perp was identified, with no other pending violent charge\s or active warrant\s, why would there be a need to employ a taser? Did the suspect attack the officer\s?

      — If (before the struggle), there was no violence, active warrant\s or damage done, let the perp run; on foot. The story or post does not say he was driving away (DUI). Wait a few hours or days, then schedule a home, or place of employment visit.

      — Why was the officer with the taser, or any weapon, that close to the perp allowing him/herself to be disarmed?

      Mind boggling.

    • What a brain dead statement. The suspect could have easily been going for the cop’s gun. In such a situation the cop could not have been sure what the suspect was aiming at him. But because of your vast police experience you can lecture us about what proper police procedure is?

      All that from a gender studies major too.

    • Donny tell us about your years of police experience that allows a gender studies major to comment on the appropriateness of a policeman’s actions after his been assaulted and had someone attempt to steal his gear. We all realize those life and death battles you fought in the faculty lounge at Al Sharpton junior college, street preacher school and barber college.

    • To be fair, they’re NOT trying to “have it both ways”:

      “5 Atlanta Police Officers fired last week for using a taser to remove two college students from a car. Officers were fired because the Atlanta District Attorney’s Office deemed the Officer’s use of the taser was DEADLY PHYSICAL FORCE.”

      If it’s “deadly physical force” when cops use one, then you can’t turn around and claim it’s not when a suspect fires one at them.

    • As we now know Paul Howard, the DA, charged the officers as a taser isn’t a deadly weapon. At the same time he charged two other officers that used a taser with assault with a deadly weapon.

      Howard also claimed the GBI worked with him on the charges and that Officer Bronson would turn states evidence. Neither of which is true.

      It’s a mess.

      Last, it looks to me as the taser is fired at the officer. You see a light colored stream come from it.

      As an aside, there’s been research as to “why” suspects get shot in the back
      “ In general, regardless of how fast the subject was running, he was able to return from a “weapon discharge” position within half a stride or a little more. In some cases the subject’s back was so square to the “fictional officer” as they were shooting, that even if the officer was to discharge his weapon at the subject as the subject’s weapon was pointed at them, and continued to be trained at them for all intents and purposes, the bullet would still enter the subject’s back at very close to 90 degrees.” http://www.uapdi.com/my/docs/shotback.pdf

  2. If you steal a weapon from a cop who just arrested you for DUI, and you then point the weapon at the cops, you need a butt whipping and if it kills you, it is YOUR fault! This was never about race, it is about felons pointing weapons at police and not cooperating! I learned long ago that all it takes is Yes Sir, No Sir, keep my hands where they can see them and follow their instructions. Then I get to go home to my family. If I tried this same crap they would shoot me too! More white folks are shot and killed by the police than any black folks. Just an excuse by the radical left wing socialists trying to destroy America!

    • I think everyone should be able to agree that this incident had absolutely nothing to do with race. Cops responded to a call for help from Wendy’s. Found drunk passed out in running car, blocking the store’s legitimate business. Attempted arrest for DUI and were attacked. Race was not a factor from beginning to end. Yet, what are the screeching protests about?

      • The protests are about the people disagreeing with the high level force used in situations that don’t require that force because other options are available. They want police to be treated like they are, as in, heavily restricted as to when they can use deadly force and savagery.

        • You are wrong. They don’t want the police. And calling a cop racist every single time is not helping your case.
          Unless you really do want chaos???

    • So white people haven’t learned how to not get shot by the police? I guess they are dumber than black Americans if they are getting shot way more than black people.

      So the ranking of intelligence in America is Asians first, brown people second, black people third and white people last? Based on which people are shot by police more…

      • Thank you for acknowledging Asian Supremacy Chief. This usually gets overlooked for some unknown reason (sarc). Asians also earn the most, and are most likely to keep their families intact. White supremacy is a myth.

        • It definitely dose. My wife is asian (cause I couldn’t find a western women to put up with my BS) and her family is fairly middle class. I visited her family a few years ago and all the same as it is there as it here . Drunks, poor , drug addiction but the food was definitely better especially when it was fresh from the farm. It is the same everywhere just we have more freedom to complain and their police definitely would not have cuddled a foul like this.

    • June 2020 the drunk black guy was mollycoddled for FORTY minutes. Really? Think some drunk white guy would get for FORTY minutes of hand holding? A drunk in public Ralph or Larry get FORTY min of ass kissing. NO just PC BS. And “Kiesha” is an idiotic quota baby fool likely to be the demtard VP nominee.

      Cop pulls taser and then has a discussion with the drunk on whether to taz da bro?? BS, The cop was an idiot. How do you loose control of your weapon (or tazer toy).

      Same as handgun – don’t unholster unless you’re going to fire it. Draw – Fire. 1second.

  3. It’s amazing anyone still goes to work as a cop knowing it’s now acceptable to fire or even charge them for defending themselves against dirtbags like this who are willing to beat the shit out of cops over a DUI.

    • The Libertarians, Liberals and the Left are going to get their dreams to come true. The “police” are going away. And that vacuum will be filled by something. We will all see just what that replacement will be.

      “Cops Have Started RESIGNING En Masse Across The Country, Crime In The CHAZ SHOCKS Naive Leftists”

        • Tim has some good points now and then. He is a self-knowledge liberal but dislikes SJW’s and identity politics. He has said in previous videos being mixed race they often treat him especially bad because he dose not fit neatly into thier pre-defined racial stereotypes. I do watch him regularly to get a liberal point of view without a heavy dose of propaganda.

  4. I don’t see how deadly force is justified. Isn’t this sort of situation covered in training? I’m not a cop. What do they teach you to do in this situation?

    All of that being said, it’s stupid to fight cops. What was the endgame here? Did he think it would be over if he just ran away? I don’t deserve to be robbed or shot just because I’m walking down a public street, but I’m not going to be walking down a street late at night in an area known for criminal activity.

    • Dude,

      What if one of those taser barbs lodges in your eyeball, resulting in (at least) you losing the eye and (at most) you suffering brain damage or death from the electric discharge?

      Or what if the perp tases you “normally”, the discharge stops you just long enough for the perp to run up, take your gun from you, and pop you in the head with a couple of rounds?

      • That’s a good point. I’m not any sort of expert in police matters. Like I said, it’s stupid to fight cops. I saw this story when it came out, and I thought the other cop on the scene was the one that took the shot. That’s why I questioned it. If the taser was deployed, then I would think the threat was over.

        • Yes, I was thinking that as well. Once the taser was discharged, it was no longer an item posing any threat. I suppose it was the action of quickly raising and pointing an item at the cop in a dark (nighttime) environment that prompted the decision to shoot.

        • Gents, it depends on what model they carried but multi shot tasers have been out for over a decade.

    • Dude, when I was a kid, once the cops said the magic words, “You are under arrest.”, any resistance was cause for use of deadly force, gun, club, spray, anything imaginable. And I don’t understand why or how that has changed.

      • I just hate to see a life cut short, but the drunk here made a really stupid decision. Of course, I support the right of police to defend themselves. It’s always easy to Monday morning quarterback when it isn’t your ass on the line.

    • If a bad guy has control of your taser (or anyone else’s), shoot him.

      1) He can shoot you in the face\eyes\neck, on purpose OR accidentally because he’s drunk and untrained
      2) If he shoots you ‘properly” you will be completely helpless and have no way to defend yourself from that point on. He can stomp you to death if he wants.

      Now, we can talk about ‘necessity’ in hindsight. If he had Tased an officer he probably would not have been able to stomp him to death because the others were there. But that doesn’t eliminate #1 as an issue and even if it did, it’s impossible to make all those decisions in the second you have to shoot or not shoot. That’s why the training is simple.

      • This is why I was curious about the training. It sounds like he was probably doing what he was trained to do.

        • The other angle is that it’s possible he thought he was being shot by an actual gun. The snap discharge of a taser can be confused for one (that’s why cops yell “taser taser taser” before they deploy one- to prevent contagious fire).

  5. If you turn and point anything at a cop, even your finger, you risk being shot. There’s fractions of a second to work out what is going on. Get it wrong and you could end up dead.

    • They knew he had a taser and he wasn’t armed prior to the struggle to get cuffs on him. They had a lot of time, it wasn’t a so called “split second” decision. The other officer didn’t feel the need to plug away.

      Cops like to argue that other officers would have done the same thing, thus they did nothing wrong. Well, it appears one officer in the exact scenario chose to do something different. It’s a silly defense anyway, but it is the standard defense that somehow works for cops and not the rest of the public.

      • You can clearly see in the multiple videos that the Suspect turned and shot the tazer at the 1st Officer. Then you see the 2nd officer enter the frame as the 1st Officer pulls his gun and shoots. The 2nd Officer emerges from around a vehicle, running at the suspect. The 2nd Officer was not in position to shoot. So he didn’t shoot.

        There are many other Police shooting videos on the YouTube Channel, “Police Activity”, and after years of watching them I’ve seen more than one officer shoot a suspect who has stolen a taser. I recommend you spend a few hundred hours watching that channel and see just how dangerous Police work can be.

      • They didn’t know he was going to fight them until he did. The police had no idea what would have happened had the man ran off with the taser. Maybe he would have stopped and surrendered. Maybe he would have run into the Wendy’s and held people hostage. Maybe he would have killed a child. This is not the death that the BLM and anti-police movement want to hang their hats on.

      • Go do the job yourself, then. You can be the brave guy that processes all that information in a second and doesn’t rely on training that tells you to shoot someone who is shooting at you.

        Go on. We’re waiting. Show us how it’s done.

      • I don’t know, but well trained cops know NOT to hold up your badge when in civilian clothes when other cops arrive at a ‘hot’ location.

  6. Resisting arrest, fighting/hitting police, pointing weapons at police does warrant use of deadly force. Hitting someone is intent to kill usually and so is pointing a weapon…

  7. Justify? Probably not.

    But play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I can’t muster up much sympathy for the guy. Or the arsonists.

  8. I’d shoot him. If any swinging d*** pointed a taser at me I would not hesitate to shoot him. If it was a female I may hesitate, maybe.

    • Male or female makes no difference. Once the taser takes effect, you are helpless for a few seconds. A ten year old kid could take your sidearm and shoot you with it.

      The strongest argument against the cop is that his body armor reduces the target area vulnerable to a taser. They could have let the drunk go and picked him up a few hours or days later. Then, charge him with resisting arrest and assault on an officer in addition to DUI.

      • Yeah, as well as any deaths and property damage he has caused in the meantime. Except he would likely just leave again, since they can’t do anything to stop him, probably they should just forget the whole thing, go home and have a beer. Is that about right? Can you go and teach them to sing Kumbayya?

  9. Everybody need a real good class in high school about how to deal with police.
    Even if you are sure you did nothing wrong: Comply as best you can, be polite even if he’s not, take legal action later if you were wronged.

    • They would rather teach them to hate the police, which only makes the situation worse. Solving problems isn’t the goal.

      • Yeah, because those same kids become cops. Can’t fix those bullies, just go to hire them instead.

        Land of the free…

        • You get the good with the bad. Bad cops are fired all the time. The best solution is for you to not break the law. That way it really does reduce your chances of being arrested by a cop. As well as reduce your chances of even encountering one.

    • This is exactly how I dealt with my situation.

      You know what good it did? Less than none. An intentionally falsified report by the responding officer’s that I’m now having to fight against in court. Thanking the heavens that body cameras were rolling to disarm those lies in the report. The victim, myself, being railroaded. All while the scummy perpetrator walks away and files an injunction against me, founded on the accusation of me committing HIS crimes, propped up by that pack of falsehoods in the “official” report. As the person in the legally & morally correct side of this, I am standing beside myself in disbelief.

      Meanwhile, I’m hemorrhaging $$$ fighting this, while the perp doesn’t even have to spring for the ink this garbage is written with. In the end I’ll lose my home. Because I cannot stay here after calling the officer’s complicity & duplicity into question once the tale of the tape proves their words untrue. There are likely to be badges remanded to the people afterwards in this situation. I will however, get exactly none of that back. None. In a fight for my civil rights to top it all off.

      I shouldn’t be worried, I have the “official” footage, plus that of my own sec cams, and additional audio/cam footage/photo’s to boot, proving everything in my favor. But, it doesn’t give any comfort whatsoever that they have ignored all of that up to this point either. I’m chomping at the bit to go into further detail railing against the injustice of it all, but I cannot as it is an ongoing within the court’s case’s.

      I am in favor of the rule of law, but this very much gives me pause when pondering the subject. Now, imagine what your statement looks like through the filter of my experiences. And this is the stripped down, bare bones, nondescript version. Justice System, indeed.

      • I’m not saying things will always turn out well, but they would have been a lot worse if you were belligerent, uncooperative, tried to run, etc.

        • If similar stories become common, more people will invest in their own cameras, running full time as we carry our guns. And, eventually, we will make it a death penalty offense for LE to falsify reports. Does not change the response to an officer.

  10. Is burning the Wendy’s down justified? BLM thinks so.

    Point a taser at a cop and you’ll get shot. That much is true.. at least it was. Now the police are not going to do a damn thing to any minority suspect. Why get fired, prose used, and destroyed when it’s safer to do nothing?

    • “Is burning the Wendy’s down justified? BLM thinks so.”

      The arsonist in the video was “White presenting”… 🙂

        • If I remember correctly, BLM was created by white people and is controlled by white people for their leftist agenda.

          White people use black people for their personal political gain. This has been going on for hundreds of years. They are going to save black people or save white people from black people, whichever propaganda works at the time.

        • You really need to learn when to just STFU or at least make an effort to get the correct information…
          BLM was founded by 3 black women….
          BLM claims inspiration from the civil rights movement, the Black Power movement, the 1980s Black feminist movement, pan-Africanism, the Anti-Apartheid Movement, hip hop, LGBTQ social movements, and Occupy Wall Street. Several media organizations have referred to BLM as “a new civil rights movement

      • BLM thinks it’s okay no matter who does it. At least, I haven’t seen any statements from them saying they *don’t* want arson done in their name, and they’ve had plenty of opportunities to clear that up recently.

    • So, we’re going to outlaw choke holds. When is anybody going to mention the obvious? If I feel in such danger that I feel a chokehold is the way out, but they are illegal, then I will shoot the mofo. Obviously.

    • no justification for burning down the Wendy’s…and ATF has already posted a reward for the perp….

  11. if you bother reading the law in georgia, a taser is the same thing as a firearm. not to mention the multiple felonies being committed before the shooting, shooting at a violent fleeing felon.

  12. Atlanta DA files charges against cops because they fired a taser at two people to get them out of a car and he felt taser posed a deadly risk.

    Same DA files charges against a cop because a perp fired a stolen taser at the cop and the cop returned fire and tasers do not pose a deadly risk, so the officer should not have fired.

    You can’t make this shit up…

  13. Not in that particular scenario.

    Bad shoot, but they will try to justify it “legally” like they do all the other bad shoots.

    They will argue a taser is a lethal weapon in the hands of non cops, but not a lethal weapon in the cops’ hands. They will ignore that the cops are wearing body armor and the taser needs to enter the skin with the probes. They will argue it’s a possible lethal situation for a cop when a taser is taken from them, however, that is when he/she is alone and the man wants to kill them rather than flee.

    I have seen the same situation before. The result was the same although there was numerous cops on scene.

    Should be minimum voluntary manslaughter. I heard the cop was also messing with the evidence after the shooting — that could be an additional charge.

    • “I heard the cop was also messing with the evidence after the shooting”

      Yup, sure you did. Probably got it from a friend of the Atlanta’s Mayor’s hairdresser too.

      • I heard it on a news report. Don’t remember which station. They claimed the officer put on his gloves and picked up or moved the casings.

        Remember that one white cop that shot a black man fleeing and claimed the black man grabbed his taser? I heard from a witness the cop planted the taser on the black man after he shot him multiple times, turned out to be true.

        • Just abolish the police. Things will be much better then. Or keep the cops. But just disarm all police officers. That should work out very well.

        • “you heard from a witness…”

          Horsefeathers and BS…it’s amazing how many bad instances and bad actors you have personal access to. Not to mention your vast store of intimate knowledge of past and current crime events.

          You, Sir, exhibit all the hallmarks of pseudologia fantastica.

        • …….and that Former Officer is now in prison serving real time for murder. Unless he’s let out early for Covid19……. Let that sink into your Progressive Ideaology filled head….. a dude in jail for murder under color of law and he might be released early because of fear mongering.

        • The only reason the murdering cop is in prison is because there was third-party video.

          Episodes like this police officers abuse of power and murder have been occurring for 100 years, without any consequence.

          Without the video, the cop would be hailed a hero for removing that evil black trash hoodlum from the street.

          Without the video, most on this forum would be saying good riddance to bad rubbish, and patting the policeman on the back.

          That’s why police officers often harass or arrest citizens exercising their right to video in public, the cops know they will probably commit crimes and they don’t want citizens to gather evidence on their criminal behavior.

        • “Without the video, the cop would be hailed a hero for removing that evil black trash hoodlum from the street.”

          And without the body cam, people might believe that narrative. Instead, we see that the police were very cordial and professional. Then the drunk had his last brilliant idea, and made the decision to fight them.

  14. Agree with all the above…why does pretty much every cop carry a taser? Because the “activists” demanded that less-than-lethal weapons had to be deployed. So if the dude who’s running away turns and points a taser at you, you’re not facing a mortal threat. You are, however, hyper-adrenalized after that same dude just rolled you and your partner and started running. He turns around and raises his arm toward you, and your TRAINING kicks in, you stop the threat, and life as you knew it just changed forever. As taxman said above, all it takes is “yes, sir/no sir, here are my hands in plain sight”. The situation sucks for all involved, and sadly, it’s not going to make 2020 any more palatable for anyone in the USA. IDK if it’s culture, nature, or nurture, but it sure seems like way too many guys think that it’s okay to fight off cops, when it should be plainly obvious to anyone who can fog a mirror that your odds of winning that battle are not that good. OTOH, same logic goes for lottery tickets, and they sell the hell outta them, so, **** it, I don’t know.

    • The man was drunk. Drunk people are some of the dumbest people around. Heavy drinkers appear to lose brain cells faster than those that do not drink at all.

      Don’t drink, people. It’s a waste of money and brain cells.

      • The equation for whether or not imbibing alcohol is beneficial or not is different for different people. Thanks for telling us all what works best for you – the next time we are you, that will be useful information.

        • I never had a drink. The information I have is from seeing others drink and articles written about drinking.

          A very little wine is different than what alcoholics do. I known people who can’t stop drinking that always make silly arguments. I have heard it all. You can’t make an argument I haven’t heard.

        • Chief Censor, I cant make an argument you haven’t heard before?

          The all powerful creator of the universe, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, created the universe after drinking heavily. Additionally, in heaven, the Flying Spaghetti Monster provides a beer volcano for the enjoyment of all. Heavy drinking is clearly promoted by the divine and is therefore by definition good.


      • Libertarians encourage the use of all drugs. In private. Or in public. But they refuse to acknowledge the personal responsibility the drug user has for any resulting actions.

    • The argument against that is that a cop being tasered is in mortal danger of the perp taking his firearm and using it on him. It is not lethal force in the hands of a cop, by theory, because if he uses it on a perp, he’s not going to then turn and shoot the perp. That’s the theory.

  15. What the public thinks is always a crap shoot. So many times I’ve heard of dirt bags driving home (police in pursuit) thinking once you’re on your own property they can’t arrest you.

  16. Why do SOME people always want to fight the cops, ? Just do as they say & take your lumps, in court or at the hands of the peacekeepers,
    Just another martyr for the anarchists.
    He made a choice, & not a very smart one.

    • You must have not watched the interaction with the police before they had enough to arrest him.

      You don’t know how dangerous he was to the public because they have no evidence of how drunk he was when he was driving to the Wendy’s. They found him asleep in a parking lot in line for food. He would have stayed asleep until he sobered up enough, as evidenced by how long it took to wake him up.

      Maybe he didn’t want to get arrested because his daughter was having a birthday party the next day? The guy is drunk, which means he is not thinking properly, he didn’t even know where he was.

      The reason why the cops wanted to arrest him was because they get rewards for DUI arrests. The cop that shot him makes a lot of DUI arrests and has been rewarded for his numbers. Now he has some points on the board for a shooting. He likely gives out a lot of tickets to poor people too.

      I wouldn’t be surprised that’s why the chief quit. She rewards those cops for their numbers. Now that lead to a shooting as expected. That white lady doesn’t want anything to do with the young generation.

      • Do you know the dead guy personally , too? Because you are making a lot of excuses for him while blaming cops for as much as possible. Assume much?

      • He was driving drunk. And the cops literally called in for instructions to see if they should arrest him. They where very gentle shiny the arrest before he started resisting violently.

        And the shoot was certainly justified. The cop has the right to use deadly force to prevent any forcible felony on his person. Ag assault is a forcible felony.

  17. The deadly part kind of dropped off with the presence of the second armed cop… The Mayor called the taser “deadly force” last week when cops tased a couple of “college kids”, this week she called it a non-threat during the “non-confrontational” event in the hands of a black man (who had just overpowered TWO cops) under the influence… So cops are not the only ones playing both sides of the deadly force/non-lethal game… Also note the cop did not pull his gun until the perp shot the taser at him… As far as the white boy arsonist, he would not have been there in SUPPORT of the mob if there had not been a mob… How many black people tried to stop the guy? Did anyone try to stop the fire from spreading? Oh wait, they were too busy trying to block 16 lanes of one of the heaviest traveled interstates in the country….

    Creepy Uncle Joe woulda shot him in the leg…

    • It was a white woman that set fire to the building very early on. The black people did not want any part of that and minded their business. People recorded the white woman setting the fire so white supremacists couldn’t blame black people like they always do.

      During the arrest of those two college kids a cop pulled a gun and pointed it at the driver. I didn’t hear the mayor say a taser was deadly force. A handgun is deadly…

      By the way, the cops fired and arrested for the attack on the two black college kids were almost all black, only 1 was white.

      • A gun is not deadly force til you pull the fucking trigger… If black people stood around minding their own business while some white bitch set the Wendys on fire then they should STFU now and quit complaining because a couple more black people are out of work because of it… I really doubt you’ll find too many “white supremacists” participating in these riots OR bothering to place blame over those fires set in the name of BLM which is also a radical racist organization…. More likely you would find a bunch of white subversives trying to undermine our government and disrupt our way of life much like our resident trolls like you, miner etc…

      • So BLK has no white supporters? That doesn’t explain all the white people carrying their signs.

        Try again to bullshit us.

  18. Seems like an awful lot of these “hands up i cant breathe dont shoot he wasnt doin’ nuttin'” events begin with somebody trying to fight the cops.

    When these communities complain about the great unfair plight of having to teach their children how to act around police do them mean telling their kids not to bow up like a gorilla and wrestle an armed member of a gang in uniform over something you’re not going to get away with anyway?

    Because, truly, expecting people to not escalate every interaction into a brawl is apparently far too great a burden.

    “It’s because I’m black!” changes meaning when you start shouting, arguing, wrestling, fighting, kicking, etc…

    No longer is your race associated with how the police treated you but how you behaved when confronted by police.

    • Police are trained to escalate in the academy. They get more training after they graduate to attempt to teach them not to escalate, but this training is only done to appease the people. The officer that shot the man had recently got some deescalation training.

      Arresting them man was in of itself an unnecessary escalation. There are various of better ways the police could have dealt with the situation. But the officers get rewards for DUI arrests. Got to please those Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

      • You can’t control how other people act.
        You can control how you act.
        Maybe they didn’t have to arrest him. Doesn’t matter. Once that ball starts rolling you aren’t going to stop it unless you have buddies waiting to ambush and chance a rescue.
        He’d be alive if Wendys didn’t call the cops. He’d be alive if the cops didn’t arrest him. He’d be alive if he didn’t start a fight, grab for the cops equipment and aim it at them.
        Only one of those things was in his power to do anything about.

        • Actually the whole show was in his hands the minute he decided to get in his car and drive to Wendys while being too drunk to stay awake long enough to order a hamburger… Probably fortunate that it didn’t happen while he was actually driving and possibly killing an innocent child or even a whole family… You make your choices, be prepared to live (or die) with the consequences…..

      • False. We spent more time on book work and de-escalation and PC diversity training collectively than we did PT, defensive tactics or time at the firing range. The change of emphasis has not been helpful. The current emphasis on academic rhetoric and the lack of time spent on defensive tactics and PT has led to soft unskilled and confidence lacking new cops. So, they are often quick to go for the gun, because they can’t/don’t know how to physically subdue a combative suspect. All the changes to cowtow to SJW PC crowd by filling up the police academy curriculum with diversity feelgood BS has caused a lot of these problems. There is only so much money and time. I would rather have more emergency medical hours than “multiculturalism”.

        • I can’t even make the argument to not hire females as general armed officers because it eventually leads to unnecessary shootings if that officer was a man. They say it’s sexist to say women can’t physically handle combative/resisting men.

          Then there is the people that say you are fat shaming people when you have physical standards that officer should have to maintain to continue employment. Cops can get fat and lazy all they want.

          The smart, strong, skilled and compassionate Americans don’t rise to the top of candidates because they won’t just follow orders and they don’t play politics. They are considered over qualified or troublemakers.

      • Arresting them man was in of itself an unnecessary escalation.”

        Lose a loved one to a drunk driver and you’ll change your tune. Then watch them get 6 months and walk out of jail.

        You are pretty clueless as well as selfish.

  19. I doesn’t matter what I “think”. I got hammered on a CCL group because I dared state ” why couldn’t this Georgia cop NOT shoot that idiot???”. Dumbazz should’ve known what would happen after he shot homie in the BACK. You can be as law & order as you want. The reality is try not to kill a black man for a day. Duh…

  20. This isnt really about this specific incident. This is about whether, in general, you are satisfied with government or if you want to tear it all down and start again.

    • Apparently a lot of Americans like to live in filth. They don’t like to clean house. No spring cleaning for them, just hoarding all the unnecessary crap until they die.

  21. What I don’t understand is that Brooks volunteered to walk home in order “in order to not be in violation of anybody”. Since he was on private property and not on a public roadway, how could the police have any grounds to cuff and arrest him in the first place?

    • He gave in to the pressure from the cops to blow into the machine. That number got him arrested. And the cops wanted to arrest him before they even got on scene.

      • And the cops wanted to arrest him before they even got on scene.

        We are in the presence of the Great Kreskin “mentalist extraordinaire” thought he was dead? You a fuckin mind reader now, Chief?

  22. The short answer is yes, LE is justified in using deadly force against someone that has a less than lethal weapon. So is a non LE citizen. The reason is it gives the suspect time to gain control of you or your weapon with the possibility of death or serious bodily harm for the LEO/citizen. You roll those dice if you want to. Me? “Here. Hold these hollowpoints for a minute.”

  23. In the case of one officer with no backup? Hell yes, deadly force is a reasonable response.

    Problem is all the factors about this shooting that are not the above. There was a long interaction, time to frisk the suspect, test sobriety and run his license and name. The officer had backup. The Taser had already been fired, and Tasers have only one or two cartidges depending upon model. Effective range if there is a cartridge in it is 15 feet. After that the Taser can be used in Drive-Stun Mode, but only in body to body contact.

    During the short chase one officer pulled his own Taser but either did not use it or did not have the time to use it. The other pulled and used his gun. The suspect died of two rounds in his back.

    Looks bad for the officer. Does not appear he was in any danger when he fired. He was unarmed and this was known. The Taser is not a deadly weapon and once dscharged (firing the cartridge w/ barbs and wires) its effectiveness drops. The officer had distance on his side, the Taser could not be used against him in Drive-Stun.

    And again, he had backup and that officer had chosen to pull his Taser in exactly the same situation.

    So no, in this case the killing does not appear justifiable.

    • Umm, what?

      The cop who shot had deployed his taser already (you can see him running with it after the idiot). The second cops taser was in the idiots hand.

      The time when the idiot fires the taser and when the first shot if fired is less than one second.

      And yes, a taser in the hands of someone who is not limited by use of force policy and training IS a deadly weapon. Just like a baton is a less lethal weapon, but if a suspect takes it and thwacks you in the head it becomes a deadly weapon. If those prongs hit and connect, you are out of the fight and are at the mercy of someone who has already fought with cops, and who has fired a taser at them.


      Breakdown with slomo to highlight how fast the actual shots were.

  24. I don’t get why the guy resists if all he was facing was possible DUI and he would have gone home that night most likely. Did he have warrants, or past offenses? Why do people keep escalating the situation, it is a cultural thing that they resist and try to run? Once the scuffle starts too many bad things can happen to you like dying, or you injur or kill the cop and now you are in prison. At that point surrender and have your day in court and you see your kids again. I have survived my encounters with law enforcement, not because I am white, but because I have enough sense to know I won’t win the fight when I am at decisive disadvantage.

    • Been hearing some opinions on this point. Fear of what happens to black suspects after being cuffed is what I usually hear from those I know. Resulting in panic, further fueled by excessive alcohol.

      • Creating hate, fear, and division IS the goal, so I would say mission accomplished. Where is living legend and noted intellectual, Maxine Waters to tell us how these cops woke up in the morning looking to hunt down and murder a black man?

  25. When I went through training with Taser it astonished me how so much of the Taser business model is backed by an extremely well organized legal department. They spend a ton on Lawyers. The Taser works well when you get the probes to hit with good connections and with some space between them so the shock immobilizes the largest area possible. In training I was hit multiple times, not fun but I will take that all day over OC spray. Each individual cartridge is unique and when discharged fires a bunch of tiny confetti with microdots along with the probes. The Taser devices also record any discharge and the duration of the discharge. There is a lot of tech jammed into these things. They tell you to treat them like cell phones. In the training we were taught that if a suspect gained control of a Taser it would be grounds to justify deadly force due to the immobilization it could cause leading to other tools on the duty belt being taken. This is why they discouraged us from ever buying the Thor shield vest carriers. Thor shield was a product that was woven into special soft armor vest carriers that in theory would act like a Faraday cage. Having the Thor shield would potentially negate the ability to justify deadly force. I guess we will see where this case goes.

    • I honestly couldn’t tell whether you were pro or anti Taser / Axon in that comment; either way you might be interested in the movie “Killing Them Safely”. It’s very slanted against Tasers – especially the non-lethal claim – but Axon had enough faith in their product to extensively cooperate with the production and end up coming off fairly well.

      “Each individual cartridge is unique and when discharged fires a bunch of tiny confetti with microdots along with the probes”

      When they first sold Tasers to non-sworn civilians, you had to register your details with Axon. The confetti did the confetti thing and couldn’t reasonably be cleaned up totally, the idea being you might Tase someone and flee the scene but the cops would just be knocking on your door later anyway.
      In any case that’s a vestigial feature now since you can buy the cartridges anonymously.

  26. Watching the video the police did everything correct. If this guy had just parked in the proper parking spot and slept it off. He would be alive today. Libertarians are on record supporting DUI.
    That is something we will just have to disagree on. But the cops did the right thing. Protecting themselves and the public from a dangerous person.

    • Chris T in KY,

      I support being intoxicated in a car as long as the car is parked in a safe location that is not trespassing nor impeding people. And for further clarification, I don’t care whether the keys are in the ignition or if the engine is running. As long as the car is parked in a safe location, the people inside the car should be good as long as they stay put.

      For the record: parked in the middle of the drive-through lane of a restaurant is NOT a safe location.

      • How about just drink at the house, and always have a designated driver if you’re out. I personally think alcohol is overrated.

        • He is not asking “What is a preferable course of action for alcohol consumption?”, but “When is the violence of the state justified on an alcohol user who is located in a car?”. No one here is advocating drunk driving.

      • to uncommon_sense

        I can’t count the number of times I have parked my car in a proper parking spot. And just slept off my intoxication. Just doing my part as “a responsible drug user”.

        ps. I hate the “keys in the ignition” argument. Or “the engine is still running”. It’s best if you just turn the engine off. But as long as the vehicle is properly parked. As far as I’m concerned you are good to go. Now just go to sleep.

        • KY must have decent… er, better, laws on DUI.

          Most places I’ve lived if you are drunk in a car the keys better not be in the car or you’re getting a DUI/Aggravated DUI depending on how drunk you are.

          The advice around here is to put the keys on top of a tire, get in, lock the door and sleep it off. However, people have been arrested doing this too. Cops wake them up for a “welfare check”, get them out of the car and call it “drunk in public”.

          Personally I think it’s stupid but I don’t drink so I kinda stopped caring.

        • Sounds magical. Just because I am drunk does not mean that I like to sleep in temperatures of over 120 degrees or less than 30 below. Park the car with the engine running and climate control in charge, wake up in the morning still alive. Cops may feel free to watch and see if the car is actually driven, otherwise any ticket should be for SUI, not DUI. And my welfare is my business, butt out.

    • You can’t be in the driver seat regardless of being parked in the right place. You will definitely get arrested if you have the keys in (old cars) or the car running. You might be able to get away with it if you are on your property when they make contact with you.

      Reasonable people would think the cops wouldn’t mess with you if you are sleeping it off in your car. You are wrong. Maybe cops from decades ago. Cops these days are itching to arrest as many people as they can for that bonus and promotion. And new cops really want to exercise their new privileges and immunities on the public.

  27. Remove the words “police officer” and replace with anybody carrying a handgun.

    The answer is yes.

  28. I watched the entire 42+ minute video. I am pretty darned critical about police conduct and both police officers conducted themselves honorably and admirably in my opinion. That says a lot coming from me.

    Does turning and shooting a taser at someone justify deadly force? Probably and that is an important topic for discussion. What I can say for sure is that those police officers did an admirable job at least up to the point where they started struggling with the man.

    • Agreed.

      Up to the point of the struggle the officers were doing well. But shooting that man twice in the back when they knew all he had was a discharged Taser? That’s weak stuff. Especially as the second officer did not see a need to draw his gun, he had his own Taser out.

      • If you’re going to have armed police, using a weapon capable of incapacitating someone on an armed officer should be grounds for a defensive shooting. Is the cop supposed to juke the taser? Plus no matter what anyone says, tasers kill all the time. The weakness was when they couldn’t restrain him or transition to the arrest in general. I liked their attitudes but they seemed too beta if you get what I mean.

    • Agreed.
      My 2 cents – they were too nice and not assertive enough early on which led to the scuffle and shooting. Totally justified. Some people just go crazy when the adrenaline pumps and they’re that scared. Pretty sure that’s what happened to the young man who lost his life. Feels like 3 lives screwed up there for nothing.

  29. the scary thing is that we all sit here and debate whether this is legitimate or not, but others just hear black man dies and they go riot and burn down cities. It seems to me that now any time a black person dies at the hands of someone other than a gang member, there will be riots. I dislike the cops as much as the next guy, and I fully agree they are out of control. At this point any reasonably intelligent cop is going to quit or just refuse to respond to calls where non whites are involved.

    • When are we going to hear demands to defund/disband the drug gangs? They probably kill over 1000 times as many black men as the police, every year. And defunding the police will not help that at all.

  30. Atlanta, the center of the doughnut in so many ways, dark in center, as nothing is there of much interest and it was abandoned by many long ago. Similar to Chicago with a ‘Lightfoot’ type mayor too, but this one is appropriately the ‘Bottom(s) of the barrel.

    Many black cops in big-A-town, or there used to be, and this helps as most things that happen can be put into the black-on-black file to be soon forgotten or swept under the rug; most GA cops can do better than to take orders from an ultra-liberal mayor/politician that just spouts the radical dems’ party line and talking points continuously.

    Even so, should the Soros operatives and the others come on down to GA they’ll get much more than they bargained for. Minneapolis or Seattle in those sorry blue states was one thing, but GA and Atlanta will be a very different experience for the anarchists and Soros operatives.

    Kemp won’t roll over like the spineless blue state governors; & the visitors, those that are able to leave, are likely to be sent packing with their tales between their legs; but many will receive some extended room and board here, perhaps after they get the medical care they’re probably going to need. Bashing yankees comes natural here; it will be just like old times. But come on down, if the price is right [what Soros will pay you], & if you wish, and good luck – you’ll need it.

  31. Since he already lost his taser and pepper spray when chasing after someone isn’t a good idea, I’m sure Joe Biden would advise the cop should just have thrown his baton at the bad guy (aiming for the hand of course). Remember police aren’t civilians. It’s not stop the threat, it’s gain or maintain compliance. Letting a criminal run off with your taser isn’t going to have a happy ending.

  32. Just another incompetent demo-rat mayor, much like Chicago’s ‘Lightfoot’, so these things happen when a politician is low-iq and ignorant. She’s responsible for the behavior and tactics of the APD. How did she do on that?

    But the odds that the cop that shot the drunk was a black cop is high because this happened in the APD. Everybody knows the APD is the worst of the worst of the cops in the state so there’s that fact as well. Cops need to get back to using their clubs to beat down or knock out hostile drunks and others that resist arrest.

    They should also bring in more K-9 helpers and just release the dogs on hostile drunks and rock throwers and others. Just open up a can of whoop a$$ as needed and why couldn’t one of these APD cops have been a good enough fighter to have just punched out this drunk? I know I could have punched him out with just a one-two and he would have been out cold. It would be an interesting time to be a cop if you know what to do in ‘certain situations’; could be a good short term gig with so many jobs available. Think 1960s and how cops handled things; in GA they remember and can get back to that no problem. Law and order means knocking some heads and breaking some eggs.

    Cop was probably within his rights within GA law; however these APD cops were candy a$$ cops by failing to take the guy down and out using blunt force. He would be in the slammer with some bumps and bruises and would have a knot on his head. This would now be a non-event. The shooter, cop, now must be sacrificed to the mob(s) same like the others recently – mostly for appeasement and for political reasons.

    • “hey buddy I think you are drunk”

      “no sir, I have been sober for 15 years”


      Your mentality is part of the fucken problem. You want them to be so aggressive they can intimidate ANYONE they try to manipulate into waiving their rights. What if it was you? How do you know you would be okay? Because you comply? Plenty of assholes who don’t give a fuck if you comply or not, if they want to “bust your ass” they are going to do just that.

      Do not mistake my stance against yours to be some “defund the police” stance. Quite opposite actually. But I certainly do not agree with your mentality of turning them into Gestapo. I don’t expect you to understand. Not even sure why I bothered commenting, your drivel just gets old. You “know you could have punched him out”… yea okay pal. Real easy behind a desk. I’ll bet you’ve won em all. Just out of curiosity, how much training do you have trying to restrain someone? LOL…. obviously none. Because if you had any, you would know that it’s never an open and shut case. Every scenario is different.. but you’d just give em the ol 1,2… huh. Fucking idiot.

  33. So an officer of the law is supposed to let himself be tased, possibly incapacitated by a drunken fellow who has already shown he’s willing to fight not one but two police officers and relieve them of a taser in the first place? It’s an unreasonable fear for the officer to have, that said individual might be inclined to retrieve the pistol and use it to shoot him or his partner if he is temporarily incapacitated by that taser?
    Right. Just double checking what heavenly omniscient standards we are expecting in the heat of conflict with someone willing to fight multiple police officers.

    • Wait, did Brooks shoot the taser first? Was the taser a single shot, if yes, then it’s empty, no longer a threat. If it was a double shot, then its a different story in firing back with a handgun.

      • how would anyone know that? If you point a weapon at me with intent to incapacitate my ability to defend myself, the results won’t end in your favor.

        • I studied the video more. For this incident, Brooks apears to fire the taser high, above Rolfe’ head, a miss, then Rolfe drops this taser, reaches for his gun and fires 3 times. It looks like both Brooks and Rolfe had the Axon Taser 7 model which has a back up shot. So Brooks could have discharged the taser a 2nd time at Rolfe. Rolfe was not going to let that happen.

        • Actually, the cops would know that, as it was their taser. OTOH, if he has your partner’s taser, are you sure he does not also have your partner’s gun?

  34. New headline: “Drunk Does Stupid Sh!t, Get’s Shot.”

    I don’t give a rat’s hat about Brooks. Frankly, I don’t give a rats hat about the cops, either. Nor do I care that some scvmbag lowlifes burned down a Wendy’s.

    But if they had burned down a Five Guys, man, I’d be furious.

    • Before they burn it down you could loot it. It’s the only right thing to do in that situation. Can’t let things go to waste, it only adds fuel to the fire. The vegans will be pissed if no one expropriated.

      • Some day, Hollywood might — might — make a movie worth watching. But I’m not holding my breath.

        But man oh man, the fun I could have had with “The Shape of Water.”

  35. raSHARD caused his own death through is behavior beginning to end, but two shots in the back, cop is toast.

  36. drunk – check
    DUI – check
    passed out behind the wheel – check (you can call it ‘sleeping’ if you want)
    interaction with police – check
    bad decisions – check
    dead – check

    play stupid games = win stupid prizes – check

  37. Evidence o TTAG clearly show that CC and fellow travelers would be last. Selfselected Darwinism, not race related.

  38. Of course a black man is going to resist getting into handcuffs! Look at what happened to Gorge Floyd! Killed after being cuffed.
    Now that being said, in my young and stupid days, I was arrested 8 times. Each time all I said was yes sir and no sir and when the LEO cuffed me I complied with all further instructions. Never got beat by a cop. And by the way, there was probable cause in every case.

    Just my 2 cents.

  39. Yes!
    I have never been in hand cuffs. Yes I speed, but I get my DL out & put my widow down, with my hands on 2 & 10 oclock on the steer wheel. It is yes Sir or yes Ma’am, I do not play around with people with guns, even more so with those with state authority. We had a lot of White male killed in gun play & choke holds by LEOs.
    Knowing this makes me want to behave more then ever. You pay the price for fighting the LEOs.
    Stay out of trouble & obey the person with the GUN.

    • I’ve been pulled over countless times. Only once did the cop ask me to get out, pat me down, and put me in the back of his car while he called it in. I was pulled over for having a headlight out, and there was zero reason for him to do that to me. Did I make a fuss over it? Nope. He wrote his ticket and we went our separate ways. Some cops are just pricks, just like everyone else.

      • You should have made a big deal out of it. A headlight? And he wants to pat you down and put you in his car?

        Fuck that. You just waived all your rights trying to be a good guy. You are the reason they get away with that shit, and when someone won’t let them, they end up on YouTube with a bunch of comments like “why you gotta make their job so hard?”. Fuck outta here.

        Some cops are pricks… because some people are pricks. I mean, a headlight… and he ran you for everything he could. You should have known your headlight was out, and you should have not even rolled down your window. Or you know… inspected your vehicle from time to time and not driven at night with one headlight. Also, a good reason to keep spare bulbs in the vehicle… because bulbs get hot and fail. Extra’s are cheap. Getting your history ran and waiving your rights to some prick is just a poor excuse for your own failures.

        • Settle down man, it’s not the end of the world. Resisting would have done nothing but prolong the event and raise everyone’s blood pressure. I didn’t think much about it at first when he asked me to step out. I thought it was weird when he patted me down, and I thought it was really weird when he put me in the back. At that point it was already done. I was about 22 at the time, but I had been pulled over enough to know this was out of the ordinary. I would question it at this point in my life if the cop asked me to get out.

          As far as checking headlights, who checks their headlights every single time they get in their car?

        • I do. Tires too. Real quick.. but at night it’s pretty obvious. That said, I get it. I was young and caved to their demands when I was in VA. Got super troopered.

          Never again though.

    • South Carolina has a duty to inform law and also allows everyone to carry concealed in console or glove box loaded. (hate that word ‘allow’)

      Having said that, most are on their best behavior when carrying, those that act out are not carrying mostly and feel they can get away with pushing as they are unarmed. Kinda weird that way, at least in the UpState, not sure about the low country.

    • I have a gun. Obey me? Damn right you will, with that mentality it should be real easy to make you.

  40. Anyone that thinks he should not have been shot is nothing but racist baiting anarchist fools who have no idea of personal accountability. PERIOD

  41. It’s the fault of having drunk driving laws. If we didn’t have them there would have been no crime, no arrest and therefore no shooting. We should only arrest drunk drivers after they killed or injured someone. But if they resist arrest or flee we should just let them go. Property damage can be handled with insurance. See how easy it is to keep incidents like this from happening.

    • There’s still reckless driving or public endangerment laws you can arrest them for.

      Texting has been shown to be much worse…

    • Something like 10,000 people are killed in the US annually because of DUI’s if I recall the stats correctly. If you ask me, apprehending people that are too far in the bag to drive safely is well within the realm of what LEO’s are supposed to do.

      • Operating a motor vehicle is a legitimate focus for government control. As such, we should learn and obey laws from traffic signals to licenses to alcohol. If we disagree with some aspect, that is why god invented ballot boxes. The only real bullshit I’ve seen in my life was the 55 mph speed limit, and nobody paid any attention to it.

  42. The point that’s missing is “Don’t Resist Arrest!” Once a peace officer has the suspicion to take you into custody, shut your mouth and cooperate. Resistance is just going to escalate an already deteriorating situation, and the end results are someone’s going to get hurt or killed.

    • …because after all, it is the credo of POTG to mindlessly comply with all orders given by government actors.

      • The mindless action is choosing to fight with the police. What good is ever going to come from that? I guess you can die knowing that your ego is intact.

        • How about after your governor has ordered all firearms confiscated door-to-door, and you’ve just watched your neighbor’s family removed in body bags, and now the jackboots are headed for your door? Gonna welcome them with a smile and “Welcome, officer”?

      • because after all, it is the credo of POTG to mindlessly comply with all orders given by government actors.

        “government actor’s” is a bit of a broad brush.. I know better than to pick a fight with a cop (or cops) on his/her turf over something as simply stupid as a traffic stop especially while carrying concealed…. Cops (or any other “government actors”) knocking on my door to violate MY rights as a human being AND an American citizen with Constitutional protections is a whole ‘nuther animal…. I am in compliance with (mostly) ALL Federal and State firearms rules and regulations and am lawfully permitted to carry a concealed weapon in all but a handful of very blue states…

  43. In Germany the cops carry fully auto assault rifles or submachine guns on them, as does Netherlands. The only countries that don’t carry firearms is Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, UK, and the Maldives, but even in these countries there are exceptions if they’ll carry or not, but all those countries have access to firearms should the need arise. India carries the Infield No.2A1 rifles, the French use Ruger Mini 14 rifle, and the Polish police use AKMS and the G36 assault rifles. Every country in the world each have their own variation of our SWAT, and they all can get real assault rifles. Even though most of the UK does not carry firearms, London cops are different, they carry full on assault rifles as they patrol the streets and the airports.

    As far as someone grabbing a cops taser and then turning to use it on cop, taser’s have been known to kill people, so that is a borderline lethal weapon, but regardless, the person’s intent was to harm a cop, the cop had every right to shoot him.

    Problem now boys and girls is that cities across this nation are NOT supporting the cops anymore in a shooting because of the public outcry, this is why cops are quitting across the nation. So what happens to your city if there isn’t enough cops anymore? can you say anarchy? So you better be armed to shoot a violent offender coming soon to a home near you.

    • …first time I saw a cop with an automatic weapon was in Brussels back in the 80’s…couple of gendarmes casually strolling through the airport…one with an UZI slung over his shoulder…definitely an “uh-oh” moment…..

    • I was in Prague for new years one year, I think 2009… I dunno, it’s pretty much a blur, and “cops” were basically military. Amsterdam the next year was also a mindfuck… I saw someone get stabbed, my third time, and police? lol… police were basically useless. I honestly cannot even remember seeing a single police officer the whole time. Maybe because that trip was a bit blurry too… never mind.

    • Full auto in the hands of my local Barney Fifes -very bad idea. Its been a few years ago – a prisoner being escorted to the court house attacked the transport bailiff and escaped custody. Three bailiffs gave chase , more than a dozen rounds were fired at the escapee in a busy downtown street. Not one round hit the escaped prisoner. Luckily no one else was hit either. If you cannot control your service pistol howthehell are you going to do any better with full auto?

  44. So you are all saying that, if you were the cop chasing this guy, and the guy turned halfway around with something in his hand, pointed it at you, and “fired it,” in that split second, you would be convinced that it was indeed the stolen taser and not a gun the guy had tucked in his abdomen?

    Bully for you.

    I don’t buy it. This guy played stupid games and won the big stupid prize. It devalues the George Floyd narrative just even to consider this as a similar case.

  45. This one’s simple. If you take a police officers Taser AND fire it at him- get shot, dumbass. I guess your life didn’t matter enough to you.

    Two reasons. First, a taser immobilizes someone when it hits properly. If a bad guy immobilizes you he can walk over, take your gun, and shoot you. Or he can just stab you with a knife he had or smash your head with a bottle. Do you have time to decide whether that’s going to happen while the probes are coming towards you? No, so the rule is simple: bad guy gets your taser, shoot him before he can hit you with it.

    Second reason: When used properly with training, a Taser is very unlikely to cause death or permanent injury. When used improperly, it can easily cause permanent serious bodily injury. If a cop fires a taser into someone’s back as he runs away, its a very safe shot. If some drunk idiot turns back and fires it and the probe hits a cop’s eye, it’s blindness. The rules justifying deadly force authorize it in the case of this. The department is gonna get it’s ass sued off by these and the cops who they fired and charged for pulling two idiots out of a car when it comes out that this is exactly what the cops were trained to do.

    • “If a bad guy immobilizes you he can walk over, take your gun, and shoot you.”

      That’s certainly true, especially if the other cop (there were two) is busy munching on a Krispy Kreme while his partner is getting lit up with his own gun. But I don’t think that could have happened since Brosnan was not AWOL during this farce.

      Two cops couldn’t cuff a drunk?

      Cops might have a hard job, but right now they and they alone are making it harder, if not impossible.

      • Do we actually know what the other cop was doing? I couldn’t see either of them in the videos. Only the one body cam. Did I miss something? Is there another video showing the other cop just twiddling his thumbs? Not trying to be rude or anything, but until I see the actual “fight”, I won’t jump to conclusions. Also, just because he was “drunk” doesn’t mean he wasn’t a fighter… it might have even helped him. I knew a dude when he got some JD in his system, he was unstoppable… Even if he was slumped over and mumbling, if you did something to piss him off, like try to help him, it was game over.

      • You are correct that, in this case, that probably would not have happened (although the serious bodily harm from getting shot in the face with a taser? Still a problem). But the courts have held- and it’s only reasonable- that a police officer cannot be expected to make considered judgements like that in the split second with which they have to decide.

        If there were only two cops and the guy was firing a taser, should one take it for the team, hoping that the other will be able to take the guy? What about if it’s three but one of them is the captain’s worthless son that weighs 115lb soaking wet and couldn’t wrestle his way out of a plastic bag?

        Training that sort of decision making in an emergency doesn’t work. So the training is simple: if the bad guy gets your taser (or baton, etc) and tries to use it on you, the situation is now one of deadly force. This wasn’t an innocent guy shot trying to get his phone out. It wasn’t a guilty guy kneed on for 8 minutes while handcuffed. It was someone who valued his life and those around him so little that no only was he driving around drunk enough to pass out at the wheel but to then fight the cops AND grab a taser and try to use it.

        If his life didn’t matter to him, I don’t see why it should matter more to me.

      • Ralph must have served a bunch of donuts in his time. I’ve seen little guys high on drugs and they are impervious to pain and seem to have unusual strength. I wouldn’t want to tangle with them and if I had to I do anything necessary to emerge alive. But Ralpie baby is the veteran of countless police encounters.

        He knows the inside of so many prisons. Its what child molesters do.

  46. Yet another logical reason for not living anywhere African Americans live. Every medium to large metro city in America with a high percentage of black population has high crime and violence. Please prove me wrong, but you can’t. Not racist, just facts. So why not move, it’s a quality of life issue.

    • It really isn’t racist. Sad but true. I have known plenty of good folks who just happened to be black. It wasn’t like they asked to be born any certain race… they were good people and that’s what mattered. However, the majority of people I associated with or simply just knew in those urban environments happened to be black, and yep, you guessed it, most were NOT good people. I saw a lot of it start at the family level too.

      • Uh-huh. And the black folk tend to elect Democrats. So, does the city life cause the criminal activity, does the black population cause the criminal activity, or do the Dem government cause the criminal activity? And, of course, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

        • It’s definitely the urban environment. Close quarters for too long is enough to drive anyone mad, and these people are stupid enough to live that way. It’s really just a numbers game. The democrat bought the chicken first, btw 😉

        • I learned a long time ago, not to worry about the cause, Wasting time trying to change, when people are too stupid to actually evaluate who and what they vote for, might not be in their best interest. In these big cities, when you realize you are living with hood rats in a sewer, don’t roll around in it, stand up and move away. life is to short to ask why anymore. Blacks worldwide are incapable of self government or rule (proven fact). Wherever they are in large groups, they quickly destroy everything they touch. Knowing that, the logical and prudent course of action is to remove yourself from these areas or cities. It’s really that simple.

  47. If someone tried to assault me with a taser or pepper spray or a bat or baton or anything else that could do serious bodily harm and I’ll do my best to shoot them. Easy peasy.

  48. It seems like what this really hinges on is the presence of the second officer. Without a doubt, a lone officer would be 110% justified in using deadly force to prevent a suspect from tasering him. Things get a bit more murky with a second officer there due to the fact that his presence would make it rather difficult for the suspect to then turn around and attack an incapacitated officer. So, LEOs in general can reasonably be expected, through both training and experience, to react to situations as though they were alone, because they frequently are solo. With that in mind, would it be reasonable to expect one to be able to switch his/her mindset very quickly from solo to teamwork? That’s not a leading question either, but it does seem to be the crux of the matter. I *think* the officer was justified in shooting, but I honestly can’t say with any degree of certainty

    • Have you ever tried to detain someone resisting? Sometimes, it takes 4 or 5 people. “trained” or not.

    • Red tells us that if two cops were present that they wouldn’t be justified in shooting the suspect. I might remind police veteran Red (apt name comrade) that three cops were ambushed, one was killed and the other two wounded before they could eliminate the choirboy.

      Red is surely qualified to comment on brain surgery, advance quantum physics and how to make the perfect fondue based on his years at barber college.

      • Dude if someone actually had all that knowledge and chose to be a barber, I’d definitely fondue with them.

    • This guy already defeated both officers *together*, you think if one is incapacitated by a taser, the other is suddenly going to turn into Superman?

  49. Assault an officer and steal their taser? Yes you deserve what you get. Be a man accept the fact that you were wrong – comply with the officers commands go to jail till you sober up. He would have been home later that night or the next day. No one wants to accept responsibility for their actions these days . Say good by to the country you once loved the morons have seized power in a 6 block area of Seattle and the stupidity is spreading

    • Yea I am all for standing your ground against police, but when you are wrong, you are wrong. Everything about what this man did, was wrong. At this point, any smart person who is a police officer should just quit because the outcome of answering ANY call throughout the day just is not worth the risk. Especially if the person in question is black. And that is fucking sad. You want to keep racism alive? Because that is how you keep racism alive. Not only that, but it’s worse than it ever was at this point. Nobody owns slaves (except the government) but the hatred for white people is out of hand. A country that progressed through slavery and freed the slaves, now having blacks all throughout society making up everything from the lows to the highs and even people in government… cough… a president… cough… is being guilt tripped for being white because of the history of the country? There is not one single country that wasn’t founded on some crazy fucked up stuff. Not one. So tired of the race baiting. The way things are going, responsibility will be non existent because people won’t even have to work for a living anymore. They’ll just exist and pop out more kids. From trailer trash to the elites of all races.

  50. “look at the white girl tryin ta burn down the wendy’s…. this wasn’t us….”

    Yea, your protest enabled it, after the whole place had been looted due to your rioting, and you did SO much to stop it… Then it’s about race, again… smh.


    The guy “fell asleep” (taco bell repeat anyone?) in the drive through, and when he was being detained decided to fight?

    These are the types of people that define this “movement” and you wonder why people are fed up with it. Ridiculous.

    I’ve had enough of the dumb in the past couple months for a lifetime.

  51. Well we’ve determined in this country that things like selling loose cigarettes, legally carrying a concealed weapon, unknowingly using a counterfeit bill, or sleeping at home are all acceptable excuses for lethal force if you’re black…

    • I wonder how many black cops use excessive force? Or are your stats only towards white officers? White officers only using force against blacks, not white, brown or anything in between, right? What about black on black crime? Ever wonder why police presence is so frequent in certain areas?

      Nah, of course you don’t ever ask the important questions.

      And this is coming from someone who firmly believes in exercising ALL your rights and refusing to wave them when in the presence of police. As soon as you involve race, it’s total bullshit and you prove one thing: You are easily manipulated by headlines and ALTERED/BIASED statistics.

      • Story I hear on TV is that black officers are measurably more likely to use deadly force against black subjects than white officers are. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know.

    • Ding Dong Bitch tells us blacks are oppressed and if whites did the same things they wouldn’t win the stupid prize. Except all evidence is that cops deal with whites on a consistently harsher fashion than blacks. Therefor you are either ignorant, a liar, or a race baiter.

      I vote for all of the above. But you can’t help being a black studies major now can you?

    • What is white privilege? If you are white YOU are responsible for the fact that young black men don’t have jobs , if YOU are white it’s your fault that blacks commit crimes at a higher percentage than whites. IF YOU are white YOU are responsible for slavery(that took place more than 100 years ago). I am an old gray haired white guy so that’s why when I stopped to get a drink at the local convenience store a car full of young black men threw a lit cigarette in my window and sped away. I’m white so I guess I’m supposed to accept that all problems blacks face are my fault. BULLSHIT

      • I had that happen when I was in VA. Car full of bangers and I came back out to my buddies Gran Marquis that he let me drive up to the corner store was sprayed with malt liquor and they threw the bottle in the car too. Guess they didn’t like a white boy pulling up in a better car… or the fact that I was a rival of their fake ass set at the time (young and dumb, we won’t go there). But I cannot tell you how many times I have been discriminated against for simply being white. It’s almost like the playing field is even? Nah… that can’t be.

  52. The guy was already ID’d, he left NOT driving his car, and there was ZERO need to chase him. Swear out a warrant, DUI, Theft of Police equipment, assaulting Officers, Resisting Arrest. Impound his car, go to his home address and arrange to have the lock changed… locate his place of employment and family, notify them that he is a fugitive and it will be better for him to turn himself in than if the cops have to locate and detain him. Leave it at that… Once he cooled off AND was sober he’d KNOW just how bad he’d messed up. Either way he’d still be alive and the cops are still on the job. Looks to me like bad choices were made by ALL involved. You can’t convince me4 this wasn’t “You’ll DO AS I SAY OR ELSE”, police are NOT supposed to be the GESTAPO… P7…. their training was inadequate at best, lethal at worst.

    • Maybe if he had DROPPED that piece of cop gear instead of trying to incapacitate the cop with it they might have let him run and grabbed him later, but dude CHOSE to snatch that taser, he CHOSE to fight those cops and HE MADE the decision to play Rambo with the run and gun bullshit… The cops treated him with respect and kept the situation calm right up to the moment he broke all badass on them and there is nothing “GESTAPO” about defending yourself (maybe in your little world). Bad results come from bad decisions and black, white, brown or green under that exact same set of circumstances the results would have been the same… Charge: being dumb in a no dumb zone… Results: maximum response from LE… Sentence: death

    • It’s so easy from behind a desk, isn’t it. Everything just falls into place and plays out exactly the way you want it to… every time.

    • Endangered Moron tells us the cop should have let him go. Yup when you have someone who violently attacks a cop and attempts to steal his gun/equipment, we all know harmless civilians are not endangered by allowing this person to be at liberty.

      Tell us how many times your mommy smashed you in the head as an infant? And didn’t the lobotomy work?

  53. Police don’t have any more rights to utilize lethal force as any other citizen. If someone pointed a taser at me (and I knew it was a taser), would I be justified in using deadly force, at that time? Looking through that lens, I would have to say, “Yes.”

  54. Cops screwed up allowing a drunk to get a taser and take off. Cop in foot chase knew the perp was fleeing with a one shot taser that had limited range. Just not enough life threating danger to warrant the use of deadly force at that point of the chase…unless you want to stretch the truth and equate a non lethal teaser with a Glock…some people might buy that sht.

  55. My dad was a cop in Texas so I may have a different viewpoint than some.

    We can Monday morning quarterback based on the video. We weren’t on the scene. We weren’t on the ground fighting with an individual that’s resisting arrest. Police have to make those decisions in a split second. However, we’ve now reached the point where a policeman of whatever race is never going to use his gun if the suspect is black for fear of losing his job, being in jail and starting riots. This gives blacks, who already cause more crime according to statistics, free rein to do what they want, particularly in states where they’re out without bail before the police and get the paperwork done on the arrest.

  56. Montana Actual says: >>>June 16, 2020 at 00:05

    “bashing yankees comes natural here”

    What trailer park is that again?

    __There were no trailers or trailer parks during the civil war – MORON.

    • So… house boat? You live on the river? During the civil war? Do you even remember what I said or are you just leaving random comments about me now?

      LOL. I have you so flustered you cannot even decypher your own comments anymore. The only thing I can hope for from this point out is to piss you off enough to get in a bad mood before you go out and end up road raging someone into a DGU resulting in your death. Because it’s clear you have some rage issues, and I can totally see you getting into a road rage incident. Pal.

  57. Montana Actual says: >>>June 16, 2020 at 00:05

    But I certainly do not agree with your mentality of turning them into Gestapo. I don’t expect you to understand. Not even sure why I bothered commenting, your drivel just gets old.

    __Watch and learn, GA law enforcement and governor Kemp, going forward. Only in your demented and damaged crack/meth brain is what I described turning the cops into the Gestapo.

    You “know you could have punched him out”…

    __No doubt about it… Plus cops have billy clubs and are better off using them early on as opposed to the alternatives. This drunk was an easy mark to take down and out. He would be alive now, but these were stupid cops working for the lib-low-iq mayor Bottoms.

    yea okay pal. Real easy behind a desk. I’ll bet you’ve won em all.

    ___If you only knew, but you put on display here every day what you’re about. Total worthless and idiotic drivel you write and post… Your comments on this article, way too many, and far too much of your half-cocked and half-a anal-ysis… YOU’RE NOT MY PAL > PUNK …

    • ok, pal.

      Everytime you comment from here out I am going to fuck with you so hard. I love it. Almost as much as I love meth apparently.

  58. Just out of curiosity, how much training do you have trying to restrain someone? LOL…. obviously none.

    __I should not brag and have no need to, to a low life like you. I could brag, but in this forum no thanks.

    Because if you had any, you would know that it’s never an open and shut case. Every scenario is different.. but you’d just give em the ol 1,2… huh. Fucking idiot.

    __In this case, there’s no doubt that any cop with any game at all could have taken this drunk down and out. That part of it IS an open and shut case. There are different types of the 1,2… as well, kung fu, judo, karate, and kendo…, you babbling buffoon and low life meth/crack head. F your half-c(o)cked ‘anal’-ysis … Emphasis on ‘anal’ …

    The way things are going, responsibility will be non existent because people won’t even have to work for a living anymore. They’ll just exist and pop out more kids. From trailer trash to the elites of all races.

    __You’re a f’n genius with all of your half-c(o)cked ‘anal’-ysis here at ttag.

    tdiinva says: >>> June 15, 2020 at 16:36

    TTAG needs the ability to upvote.

    __TTAG doesn’t need any of that mickey mouse cheit like twitter and the others. Also many newbies come here now wanting language and other types of content to be censored. This is all liberal BS that’s typical. Montana Actual however, is one that so much needs the like me, like me, upvote me, upvote me, when everybody knows he’s a jail bird, out temporarily, as a brain damaged drug doing guy from the hood. What a LARPer and psychotic fool.

    • Dude, you have serious problems, and it’s clear they are with a lot more people on here than me. Wow that shit was hard to read. You really need help. I have gotten under some peoples skin here, as many others have too, but it’s clear I hit the fucken jackpot with you. Pure gold.

      Hold this pipe real quick.

  59. Montana Actual says: >>> June 15, 2020 at 23:39

    I was in Prague for new years one year, I think 2009… I dunno, it’s pretty much a blur …

    __Like anybody should be surprised that it’s just a ‘blur’ in what little remains of your crack/meth brain. But surely nobody gives a phuk anyway.

    I honestly cannot even remember …

    __Again, no surprise and who cares. Tell us all about your experiences and ‘feelings’ you nut-case bombaclat.

    Maybe because that trip was a bit blurry too…

    __Yeah I bet it was blurry as drunk as you probably were and with all of that blow you were doing.

    never mind.

    __Yeah … never mind/no mind, that’s you alright. Great these freudian slips you’re constantly having… Do us all a favor, and yourself, and STFU. And YOU’RE the fool that wrote all of this crap I’m writing reply to so don’t blame me. Somebody needs to take out the trash; I have no problem about doing it.

  60. He could have showed the guy that number he blew, he could have handcuffed him and said, he’s being detained , I thought the cop was kind of crabby…. back in the 80s, before everyone wanted on television and wanted to make money by giving out DUIs, the cops used to drive us home and say don’t let me see you out again tonight , My Generation turned out pretty good and we said yes sir ,no sir…. I guess that will be back in about fifty or a hundred years

  61. I do see the police view, Shoot them before they shoot you. If a criminal does not want to take a chance at getting Shot. There are a lot of choices, Don’t resist, Don’t break the Law, Quit thinking that the world owes you something, Stay home, Get a Job and live right and the list goes on and on. This is for White or Black Criminals. The problem is that the prisons are giving too much.

    • Don’t resist. Floyd can no longer talk to you about not resisting.
      The issue is that I have had my civil rights violated by several officers in my 65 years. Including illegal entry into my property without warrant. Illegal search of my person without cause. Illegal search of my car after being told I was given a warning for something I never did AND then my license and registration returned….in other words blatant violation of rights. Most of this nation is beginning to understand that the VIOLATION of CIVIL rights under color of authority is the HIGHEST CRIME possible. It leads to exactly what happened to Floyd.
      When an officer TOUCHES you BEFORE telling you he is placing you under arrest he is committing BATTERY according to the law (yet is exempted from the law, BS). The law states that one must obey even ILLEGAL ORDERS by a police officer. Think about that a moment. The Nuremberg trials were supposed to let everyone understand that an illegal order should NEVER be followed BY ANYONE.

      The laws in the US pretty much state that you obey illegal orders by an officer and deal with it later. However under common law adopted by every state “the king (an his minions) can do no wrong”. This means that you have NO right to sue the government for this illegal action and most of the time no right to sue the cop. It literally becomes catch 22, Joey and suffer loss of civil rights or disobey and suffer PRISON or JAIL.

      That simple. However all officers are taught to commit battery upon the person and NOT tell them that they are being arrested and what for UNTIL they are subdued (insane altogether and frankly meant to cause additional charges). That is nothing but INSANITY. If anyone grabs me I WILL MOST LIKELY react physically ( If a cop grabbed my wrist I know how to break his wrist in 1/10 of a second in response, and frankly I SHOULD if he never advised me that I was under arrest). They KNOW this. A misdemeanor arrest automatically becomes a felony because a COP grabs a person without explaining that they are arrested and that person RIGHTFULLY reacts. The person pulls back their hand or even moves to offense and suddenly felony resisting, but had NOT beed advised of arrest.
      IT IS CRIMINAL BY THE POLICE not the person being attacked physically. ALL PART OF THE JUDICIAL AND JUSTICE CARTEL WHOSE GAME IS POWER AND MONEY. A HELL of a LOT of money. In the USA there are MORE in prison that almost the entire rest of the world. Think about that.

      • I asked myself… Isn’t it odd that a country with majority white people, have a majority white people as police? No… not really, because there are more white people. Right?


        so isn’t it odd that a majority of arrests happens to be white people? No… not really, because there are more white people. Right?


        What is odd is that the majority of murder is committed by the 3rd largest racial group. Right? Yes. Because You’d think the numbers being so much higher on the population side there could be no way that such a small group could outweigh the majority, right? Silly thing is, here in the US, they do. And that is black on black crime. NOT what the media wants you to believe (and yes, you clearly do believe it). And you wonder why police presence is so high (or… was) in those communities where the majority of people are black? Or, judging by your comments, maybe you don’t wonder because you never cared to actually look.

        Crazy what about an hour or research can find you. The internet is a powerful tool. I encourage you to to use it. If you are going to have a racial discussion, at least have the numbers to back it up. Numbers don’t lie. They give us great things, like scientific equations (while, yes, relative to life on earth). If you can show me numbers that actually back your beliefs, that would be great. I mean, I never questioned your prison population number being the highest, because it is, which is something I will agree with you that is a problem here in the US… but it certainly is for the reasons you believe. The main reasons are that prison sentences are longer for violent crimes than most countries, and parole is also longer. Meaning an offender ends up back in prison because they don’t stay clean. Good talking to you, hope to hear your finds on the matter so we can get this whole thing straightened out 😉

        • *certainly is NOT for the reasons you believe. (last paragraph)

          I apologize for the grammatical error. Want to avoid confusion here.

  62. In many cities just being drunk in the car and having the key is drunk driving even if the car is not running. My father was charged with DUI under exactly those circumstances and that’s how the law read at that time in Ohio. I don’t know if it has changed as that was in the mid-70’s.

  63. I watched the video sick to my stomach that the cop had to shoot the drunk driver. The PBT registering .108 is misleading, which is why they are only accepted as PC. I locked up enough drunks, that I know the suspect had a much higher BAC or was also impaired by drugs. Once the suspect turned with the taser, all bets are off! I would have responded in very similar fashion. To those that want to begin saying it’s not deadly force, deadly force is not the standard used. He was under imminent danger of being killed OR Injured. To anyone who has been lit up, a taser certainly qualifies as injured. In every death of a suspect tasered, it was dangerous enough that the people bitched about it. The DWI cop was more than fair. The suspect was so out of it, he didn’t know he went back to sleep after being awaked. It’s only a victimless crime until that drunk runs his four thousand pound car into your family, killing them all. Then you’ll see who the victim is. I had respect for the Mayor of Atlanta until this. She is spineless, and has poisoned an obvious justified shooting, to quell the thugs that are waiting for something to loot and burn Atlanta. Biasing the actual event will not save your city from burning. What will save the city is to release the entire video, along with the burger joints video. Any officer in a like situation would have, no should have reacted the same. It has become a habit to blame. Then blame the person who imitated the entire event. The suspects have to accept the responsibility for causing the interaction, themselves. You break the law, expect to be arrested. I don’t give a hoot if the arresting officer is ninety years old, one foot in the grave and blind. When the officer tells you that you are under arrest, he is speaking for every last citizen who has entrusted him to protect the public. It isn’t a love affair, like the Fire Department. When they come, they’re hero’s coming to save the default. When the police arrive, they are most of the time coming because someone has been victimized, and the public demands the person committing the suspect who victimized the public, to be arrested, and held to ACCOUNT for that victimization. When did it become possible for the police to say, oh screw it, I might get hurt, so I’m going to give him a bye? There are no bye’s in life. You want to commit a criminal act, be ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS! No he wasn’t shot for DWI! The suspect chose to escalate the situation to one that not only disarmed the Officer, but chose to attempt to use it on the officer. If this is how you are going to support your officers, Atlanta will be in total destruction. What semi-intelligent person would accept a job, Knowing when the crap hit the fence, the elected officials would not stand behind you regardless? I wouldn’t blame every cop from quitting! Sorry, this isn’t one of the cases you can add to the highlight reel of bad shootings. It turned out to have a terrible ending. But the suspect chose that ending when he attempted to fire the weapon at the officer. Mayor you lost my respect, and every other supporter of criminal justice. If this officer is charged, every citizen should speak out supporting those individuals who are brave enough to do the job no one else was wants. Speak out sgainst the obvious political move. Shame on you mayor, for wimping out and not supperPrying your co

    • If cops did not have guns and tasers the PEOPLE would not react to them with FEAR. IF cops did not violate civil rights, or when they did if other cops arrested them outright for doing so people would not have fear of COPS and being arrested. This should have happened with Floyd BEFORE Floyd died, Instead cops watched and became part of the crime itself.
      I have had my civil rights violated by “officers” at least 4 times in my life. Three officers entering my yard without warrant to “check the registration” of a vehicle parked out of sight of the street. I warned them THREE times to leave. They wanted to argue and kept walking in. I warned them again and told them they need a warrant to enter my property and were violating my civil rights.Then I finally warned them that they were CRIMINALS violating my civil rights with fake badges and guns. I explained that I was going into my house to get my rifle and blow their brains out if they were still in my yard. They left without further argument.
      HOWEVER they still had already violated my civl rights and even refused to stop doing so upon demand. If a person failed to stop doing something a cop told them to stop doing and was armed a cop would just shoot them, period. The people have that right as well my friend, we have just forgotten that we do. Many places in the USA cops will never enter into private property without a warrant (see WACO). Those three cops should have arrested each other for violation of civil rights under color of law as they were all THREE CRIMINALS, they will NEVER be real police.
      Federal law: violation of civil rights under color of authority is to be investigated by the FBI, prosecuted federally and the sentence is MINIMUM 5 years, maximum 15. How often do you think that the FBI investigates police for “routine” violations of civil rights? NEVER. How many prosecutions? NONE. That is what the “internal affairs” departments stop. OR most cops would be in federal prison today
      Dont talk to me about cops having the right to be judge, jury and executioner. As far as I am concerned since my civil rights have been violated 4 times in 65 years, every cop is in the BIG BUE LIE and are all just criminals with badges. They don’t arrest each other for violating INALIENABLE rights even when called for it. They take reports and it goes to INTERNAL AFFAIRS and then no where. The responses written are all LIES by the officer under oath. Therefore they are ALL criminals and thugs and I do not believe any cop should have the right to shoot anyone unless being fired upon with live ammunition. If our men in the Middle East have those rules of engagement then why shouldn’t cops?
      BTW my daughter as a teen proved (all by herself and without attorney) in court that a cop lied under oath. The cop was still in the force 15 years later. Explain any of this as rational?

  64. while a taser is a non lethal device and firing one should not be considered deadly force, I have to say that firing it at a police officer should change that because he has a gun that would fall into the wrong hands and be used to take inocient lives. just like you holding someone at gun point and he walks towards you. you shoot them. if not, that person gets your gun , what do you think would happen?

    • NOPE. There is NO excuse for officers carrying tasers and guns at all. The fact that they carry both creates REAL issues. One officer fired his gun thinking it was the taser, killing someone. I am sure the reverse has happened as well.
      Have you ever seen officers in a crowd? ONE hand on the taser and pistol at all times.. Same during an arrest or struggle. One hand tied at all times while working..and guess what, the officer’s off hand is the only one available!
      The fact is that carrying the weapons places the officer at a DISADVANTAGE UNLESS the weapon is unholstered. Then is is deadly at all times.
      However, I believe that under the law we should consider that IF an officer releases the weapon from its holster that he should face a shooting review as if he fired the weapon.
      Meanwhile we need to take the weapons away from police in general. They have proven overall that they should not have them.

      • NOPE. There is NO excuse for officers carrying tasers and guns at all.

        I’m assuming YOU have a plan for disarming criminals and putting an end to ALL violent crime…. Or would you prefer that we return to vigilante justice? You step on my foot and I shoot you in the head? Hey, don’t get me wrong I’m down with it either way… I don’t know where you live or what kind of lifestyle you engage in but to have that many negative contacts with cops you must have done something to draw attention to yourself.. In the old days after my discharge from the USMC (which included several excursions to the RVN) I engaged in what many considered as an “alternate” lifestyle that included old Harleys, days long parties, LOTS of bar fights, guns, drugs, alcohol, wild and crazy young women, a lot of crazy high speed shit and almost daily contact with local, county, state AND Fed LE…. I lost count of the number of times my rights were violated (does getting your ass kicked by a bunch of cops count?) or how many times I spent the night in jail AND the number of times the club lawyers got the shit dismissed… One day I woke up and rejoined the real world… I owned a tractor trailer for nearly 20 years and after becoming a “citizen” again my only contact with cops has been a handful of speeding tickets and a few issues with DOT which is inevitable if you drive over 3,000,000 miles on the nations highways in a commercial vehicle…. I might add that 90% of the problems I had with LE in “those” days was self inflicted and well deserved (just like we are seeing today) with no regrets… I do believe Floyd was murdered even though he resisted he did not deserve what happened to him… I guess I’m fortunate that cops were more civil back in the day, when you quit fighting they quit beating your ass…Atlanta will be a fail even though the cop was justified he will be charged and convicted of something just to soothe the mob….

      • No they haven’t. Nobody has. Not even civilians. Numbers don’t lie, unlike your feelings. How many cops carry guns every day vs. how many actually use them their ENTIRE CAREER? Actually, I’ll start simple: How many cops are there? Now how many cops have ANY sort of infraction their entire career? Now try civilians: How many gun owners are there? Now how many have ever used a gun to murder someone? How about simpler for civilians…. How many people exist on earth? Now how many people have ever committed any act of violence their entire life? To put it in perspective: In 2018 there were 686,665 (rough number) of full time police in the US – and around 1,000 to 1,300 deaths by force – of which the majority were white “victims” by a large percentage – 65% white and under 30% black. You can google the numbers yourself… even through news sources like the NYT they are roughly the same. I just took them from the first 5 sources and rounded.

        If what you were saying were true, all those numbers would be INSANELY HIGH, and our population would not continue to grow around the world. As it stands, the murder rate to population rate is fairly low. The same can be said for police. Numbers don’t lie. So tell us again how the violence the media wants you to see is actually a majority? I encourage you to look for yourself.

        • There is an average of 56,000,000 police/public contacts which result in little over 1000 deaths annually. In 2019 371 whites were killed and 236 blacks of that number 20 whites and 9 blacks were unarmed, 48 cops were feloniously killed in 2019…… So far since May 25 when George Floyd was killed the number of deaths associated with the protests/riots has surpassed the total number of unarmed people killed by cops last year and one 28 year old cop will spend the rest of whatever you can call “his life” on a fucking ventilator with feeding tubes, a catheter and a shit tube attached to his colon (sound like fun?) sounds like a fair trade to me…. (Yes I’m being sarcastic again)

  65. they did the test he was found to be intoxicated they told him to put his hands behind his back he was under arrest then he fought and grabbed the tazer

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