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By Larry Keane

Former Vice President Joe Biden sure is a fiction fan. So much, in fact, he’s conjuring up spy theater as his presidential campaign gun control answer. I wish I was making this up, but the sad truth is the leader for the Democratic nomination for the presidency is betting on special effects and compelling storylines to set America’s Second Amendment policies.

His latest idea was gun manufacturers already have the capability to produce DNA-activated firearms, capable of only firing by those who have a biological match. His remarks on the subject were delivered to 180 donors from New York City’s Upper East Side this weekend.

“If I get elected president of the United States of America with your help, if that happens, guns, we have the capacity now in a James Bond-style to make sure no one can pull a trigger unless their DNA and fingerprint is on it,” Biden said.

Biden said the technology exists and it’s only because of those pesky gun manufacturers that it isn’t universal.

I’ve watched James Bond films. His quirky inventor Q was clever but we all knew his technology was the stuff of imagination. Biden isn’t quirky or funny. He’s just plain wrong.

Not Joe’s First Shot at Guns

It’s also not the first time “Shotgun” Joe’s been off target giving gun advice. There was, of course, his poor advice during a Facebook town hall event when he said no one needs to own an AR-15 modern sporting rifle. He told his audience his advice to his wife Jill was to “buy a shotgun” and blindly “fire two blasts.” Aside from grossly irresponsible, it’s potentially poor legal advice.

Biden went on to tell his preening donors DNA-activated firearms technology could already be part of the American gun culture if it weren’t for the gun manufacturers who he says wants to stop it from happening. Again, very imaginative, but still not true.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearms industry trade association, doesn’t oppose the development of authorized-user technology. It does oppose mandates to adopt such technology because it is unproven and unreliable. Biden knows this too, or at least he should. He was named by President Barack Obama in 2012 to lead a task force to propose gun control solutions. In the end, Biden’s task force proposed 23 executive actions, including exploration of the “gun safety technologies.”

The Sequel Is Never As Good

So, if Biden headed the task force to initiate so-called “smart guns” for widespread use, what happened? President Obama promised the government would put its’ weight behind developing these guns. Turns out, the plot line on this one was pretty thin. The National Institutes of Justice studied the technology that exists to “unlock” a gun even after investing $12.6 million in gun safety technology research over 15 years. The result was “none were successful.”

Biden also must have missed the memo that the real reason so-called “smart guns” haven’t been flying off the shelves is because no one wants them. Just five percent of those participating in a recent survey said they would consider purchasing a gun with authorized-user technology. A full 70 percent said they had reliability concerns. They should. Firearms are not just for target shooting and hunting. They are also self-defense tools and in a life-or-death moment, they must work each and every time as intended. There is no room for a second attempt at a fingerprint match or battery failure.

The Government Accountability Office took a look at programs that work and cited programs like NSSF’s Project Childsafe as a model to be followed. To date, the firearms industry has distributed more than 38 million gun safety kits including locks, to more than 15, 000 law enforcement agencies across the country. This is just one of the real solutions to make our communities safer.

And Joe, that’s not fiction.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel at National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. C’mon, you know Creepy Joe doesn’t have any ideas, I wonder who he plagiarized it from?

      • Mhmm, DNA bands on the bullets. Even if you controlled the ammo supply and only allowed people to have government approved ammo with DNA markers, people would just make their own damn ammo.

        • And if they make the Ammunition Supplies required for Reloading with a Special Coating that absorbs any and all DNA as in Hair, Skin Dust, Sneezing, Coughing, or whatever then what…

        • Leslie says: “And if they make the Ammunition Supplies required for Reloading with a Special Coating that absorbs any and all DNA as in Hair, Skin Dust, Sneezing, Coughing, or whatever then what…”

          There are may who have the capabilities to cast their own bullets; I’ve done it myself.
          No DNA capturing required.

          • And you know this to be a fact exactly how?/! Compare Forensic Science of 2019 compared to that of pre 1980’s or even 2010…

        • Because “experts like you should know what temperature that DNA degrades and that is more than enough to neutralize it even if you could use the molten lead as personal lubricant.

  2. Maybe embed a tiny camera in each gun and use face recognition. A very very tiny camera.

    • Not a bad idea, actually. Not the part about face recognition for some kind of activation system– we all know that’s a dead end and a bunch of nonsense. But a little tiny camera used to aim the gun, sort of the next-generation red dot– that’s something that could have some merit.

  3. IF you you think Joe is S L O W what does this say about his dumb donors?!?😄😊😏

    • Your basic statement is 100% correct. He is actually a really dumb person. I mean, actually a dumb person. The kind of guy if you worked with at a mortgage company, or a software company, or McDonalds, you would think “My God, this guy is really stupid” and you’d wonder how he got the job.

  4. … the sad truth is [Presidential candidate Joe Biden] is betting on special effects and compelling storylines to set America’s Second Amendment policies.

    His latest idea was gun manufacturers already have the capability to produce DNA-activated firearms, capable of only firing by those who have a biological match.

    Sadly, we are in a “post-truth” society. To be totally blunt, reality, facts, and truth do not matter to countless millions of people who operate on emotion, fantasy, and their whimsical notion of virtue.

    • They never did and never will. It has always been an era of yellow journalism and fake news. Hope you do your best to combat your biases.

  5. There always has been one in the United States of sorts since at least 1868, by the Gun Barrel Proof Act of 1868. So why should this be a Big Surprise to anyone…

  6. He seems to think smart guns would cut crime, gangs, etc. Does he not realize that these people will not use them?

    God, this guy is a total idiot.

    • Yes, he is is really, really stupid.

      It’s amazing how someone this dumb got to where he is. It’s like the movie “Being There”

      • Actually, he’s not being stupid in presenting these idea. He’s just speaking to his audience, telling them what he thinks they want to hear. All politicians do this.
        He is, though, being stupid in thinking they will remain within the walls where he said them.

  7. So I can shoot my guns, and my guns only! What if I buy a new gun and my buddy wants to try it? Or vice versa? If I return a gun to the manufacturer for repairs, do I send my DNA with it so they can test fire it? If a burglar breaks into my house, my wife can’t use my gun to defend herself?

    This has fail written all over it. Just so much wrong with the idea.

    • In May 1926, the Mk.6 Exploder was tested on the Mk.10 Torpedo! The First Test FAILED, the Second DIDN’T, a 50% Success Rate. In 1927, the Mk.6 Exploder went into Full Production, even when the US Navy knew that it had a ~50% Success/Fail rate. It was Cheap and Easy to Produce. You honestly think the US Government WON’T produce a Technology that isn’t less than 100% Successful, if those within the US Government can claim Success…

      • They didn’t do more tests because torpedoes were expensive. And also didn’t take into account the variances in the earth’s magnetic field between the test location and other parts of the world.

        The Navy’s solution to the torpedoes failing operationally but to blame the submarine crews until tests were done in Western Australia during the war to prove the torpedoes reliability.

        • Guess what, the Aluminum Firing Pin in the Mk.6 Exploder was a copy of an Imperial German Navy Firing Pin used in Anti-Submarine Mines. And was Never intended to be used in a Torpedo. So much for the Spoils of War! Same Firing Pin plagued the US Navy until problem was resolved in 1944…

    • A woman in Macon GA spent 3 months in jail (no $ for bail) because the melted cotton candy in her car looked like meth. The lab had a 3 month backlog of cases. There’s 23,000 cases in Illinois just waiting, (from “CBS This Morrning”news June 20) It ain’t like TV, folks.

    • well that’s a news flash Lezzie, I’m glad that someone finally figured out that we stole a lot of german technologyduring the wars

  8. DNA matching, huh? Does that mean I’ll have to spit on my gun and wait for lab results? Don’t think I’ll be doing that.

  9. First we ‘test’ that whole system out on the presidential limo’s and Air Force One before it gets added to firearms. With all the failures I’m sure it won’t be long before he drops that idea!

  10. Creepy Joe talking about DNA…ew

    Oh, and “James Bond-style?” Is this how far we’ve slid into Idiocracy? Grown men aspiring to lead the most powerful nation in Earth’s history, trying to describe real-life policy goals using silly fictional pop-culture references?

    • Soon we’ll be saying our special forces are “all like, totally ‘Batman,’ scro!”

  11. BTW, the continued references to the ‘smart gun’ ID verification technology shown in the last Bond flick by various anti-gun figureheads, is probably evidence that the scene was shoe-horned into the film intentionally by an activist business-influencer like Kathleen Kennedy does for Disney projects. It’s not like they aren’t above paid product-placement for cars, alcohol, or women; propaganda is just the political version.

    It’s a pretty obscure detail in a moderately popular film from several years ago…and yet the Brady’s/Moms/Bidens/Feinstein’s keep bringing it up in casual conversation? Not buying it.

    • Andrew might be on to something here.
      Gang bangers could be matched to kids with their baby mommas and child support collected.

  12. What I find interesting is that he sounds much dumber when he is campaigning or engaging in other political speaking. When he is just talking about something in a less political manner/environment he sounds and acts a lot smarter. I was shocked when I heard a speech he made at something like the Aspen Ideas Festival (not sure), a long way from an election, that was at least internally consistent and was fairly light on stupidity. I suspect stupid sells and he successfully embraced that quite a long time ago.

    • I think, instead, that he tailors his remarks to match the beliefs of his audience.
      Bill Clinton was really good at that. He spoke several times to audiences that included both labor and management on the subject of labor/management relations, and each group came away thinking that he was on their side. He really was a passed master on that particular capability. (And for the grammar masters: both “past” and “passed” are correct in that usage.)
      What he (Sanders) sometimes fails to understand that technology available to everyone ensures the message will not stay within the walls where it was given.

  13. And people want this DUMMY as PRESIDENT? HLC, Ho Lee Chit!!! The Dems spoke of Trump being unfit, DNA operated guns and I’m gonna cure cancer! HLC again. He’s starting to make Nancy and Mad Max seem sane and logical.

    • Of course they want this dummy for Prez. And if they can find someone dumber, they’d back him/her. The dumber the better.

      The gubmint doesn’t run anything anymore. They are just middle-managers for a lot of hot-button issues. The real power is over on K street with the lobbyists and in the board rooms on Wall Street. Dumb people are easy to control, hence, Obama.

      • Creepy Joe is a placeholder candidate until the DNC can get someone who ticks the right diversity boxes.

      • “And if they can find someone dumber, they’d back him/her. The dumber the better.”
        If that’s the qualification for POTUS then AOC would win the election hands down! :o)

  14. With mere words Biden has propelled us into the twenty-fourth and one half century. He scoffs at you, Al Gore, and your internet. Biden has cured cancer, DNA tagged all the things and will soon colonize Mars by simple decree.

  15. Fingerprint, blood draw from trigger finger at the same time, real time analysis of DNA from stored samples loaded under legal supervision, .22 caliber gun with <7 shot capability.

    Got it.

    • Actually, it should also only fire if in an authorized zone with a firing authorized signal reply from both federal and local authorities;-)

    • Make that .22 a single shot. Can’t have those evil fully semi auto military style assault weapons running around wreaking havoc. It will also make your 20 rounds a month allocation last longer.

  16. Just another reason why Creepy Joe was always referred to as ‘the dumbest man in Washington’ for all those years. Never had an original idea, never got any legislation passed worthy of the name, never did anyone other than his donors any good, always spouting off in the worst way, plagarist extrordinaire, everything about him is artificial right down to those fake choppers and the fake hair transplant and bad face lifts. God what a mess.

  17. Joe Biden: “we have the capacity now in a James Bond-style to make sure no one can pull a trigger unless their DNA and fingerprint is on it,”

    No, Joe, we do not. There is no real-time DNA scanner, certainly not one that can fit inside a pistol and analyze DNA on a finger. The new (2018) DNAscan/ANDE™ Rapid DNA Analysis™ System is a portable, DNA “rapid” scanner is about the size of a microwave oven, takes 90 minutes to 2 hours to process a DNA sample (“rapid”), and requires a mouth/cheek swab sample to be placed in a cassette loaded into the device. A 2017 paper published in Forensic Science International: Genetics found a test of 193 samples swabs indicated an overall success rate of 75% with no incorrect calls identified. This is not near accurate enough or fast enough to be part of a firearm safety system. I don’t know how much each “rapid” DNA scanner costs, but I’d guess over $100,000 not including maintenance, calibration, and certifications. Another company in the U.S. also makes rapid DNA scanners, but I just chose to use the ANDE as a representative example of the commercial state of the art that Biden is talking about. I didn’t even address the relative unreliability of fingerprint scanners and how the don’t work on dirty, sweaty, bloody, or gloved fingers.

    If Biden actually believes his own drivel, let him make a pledge “As of [date], my protection detail will only use firearms which make sure no one can pull the trigger unless the DNA and fingerprint match one of the authorized protection detail personnel. This will enhance the safety and security of the general public, my security personnel and staff, and my family and myself.”

  18. If the government wants to promote development of smart/personalized guns, all they have to do is write it into their requests for bids. Announce that the next Capitol police or secret service firearms candidate must include personalization.

  19. Oh, It’s just uncle Joe being himself again. Imagine him with the launch codes for our national defense system.

  20. To the best of my knowledge the Feds do no’t have my DNA, I plan on keeping it that way.

    • If you were ever Medically Treated at a Hospital or by your Dentist and signed a Consent Form, then the Hospital and/or Medical Services has a sample of you’re DNA…

    • Don’t worry, it’s highly unlikely anyone would think retain marsupial DNA, let alone uniquely identify the donor of the sample. You aren’t micro chipped are you? Ear tagged? Have a radio collar? Have you ever been the subject of experimentation? If not, you should be fine.

      (Besides, I’m guessing judges balk at search warrants listing the place or premises to be searched as the 2nd hole past the lightening struck persimmon tree.)

  21. The mere fact that we have to be exposed to someone so mentally retarded, that he would say the things he says, shows you how screwed up this last ditch effort to stop Trump, by any means necessary. And they can’t come up with one viable person to take him on.
    It is just so stupid, that I worry for our great Country. This can’t be their real plan. Mr. President, please be careful.

  22. I’ve seen one safety product I’ll trust. It’s a locking device called Zore.
    At this time there is only a 9mm model. .45 and 5.56 are in development.
    I urge all to check it out.

  23. Biden knows it’s all bullshit. He also knows many millions of people are stupid and believe whatever they are told. He’s just playing to the crowd.

    • And the Scandals that keep Popping Up with the Trump Administration and Now with the NRA. And you’re still not seeing a pattern there…

  24. I think we should demand Smart Presidential Candidates! Joe just does not measure up.

  25. I look at Biden and look at Trump. Objectively, I’m glad we’ve got Trump and not Biden [What a f**ken clown]. But, seriously, is the best we can do? I knew some real men— God-fearing warriors, family men— in the Army (Vietnam, Class of ’68). I know they exist but looking at both sides of the aisle, I see very few who would exceed the IQ, character and human insight of my DI in Basic, SFC Eddie Askew, a black man from Alabama with an Eighth grad education. I don’t get it.

    • Donald Trump had a 2.4 Grade Point Average Education, and was in the 40% Lower Percentile Group graduating Penn States Wharton School of Business Management. Somewhat LESS than the “Brainiac” he claims to be…

  26. They want to ban semiautomatics — which would mean forcing everyone to use revolvers — and yet they want to mandate “smart gun” technology that won’t work in revolvers, especially the many single-action revolvers that are clones of the 1873 Colt Single Action Army revolver!

    This means they want to ban all revolvers and all semiautomatics that aren’t “smart guns” chambered in .22 LR (the only “smart gun” in existence right now is a .22 LR, and it’s not very “smart” either, as it can be easily defeated by holding a magnet next to it).

    “Smart gun” mandates will make the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting extinct, because you can’t shoehorn “smart gun” technology into an 1873 Colt Single Action Army clone.

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