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We’ve pretty well established all the reasons why gun buybacks are at best useless and wasteful, and always a really bad idea. But that was way back in the olden days when they were occasionally done on a piecemeal basis by local jurisdictions sprinkled around the country. We’re now living in the post-Newtown era. So let’s put on our thinking caps. How could buybacks be made even worse? We know! Hold them nationally — and make them compulsory . . .

That’s right, playing off the post-Sandy Hook anti-firearm feeding frenzy and cribbing from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s latest gun-grabbing brainstorm, heater hater extraordinaire DiFi thinks a federally paid confiscation of designated “assault weapons” is a really peachy idea, too.

As is reporting, she’s even enlisted everyone’s favorite veteran assault weapons banner Bill Clinton to help with the effort. But don’t worry, the idea is still only preliminary at this point.

“We are also looking at a (possibly compulsory) buy-back program. Now, again, this is a work in progress so these are ideas in the development.”

What could possibly go wrong? The Greeks has a phrase for situations such as this – ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ.

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  1. I am still waiting for the CT police to release crime scene information, like, pics of the firearms used. Where is the Oswald moment? Why are they holding back? Why were the initial reports so muddled?

    Anyone want to wager the surveillance video from the school has already been “lost?”

    • Saul, Saul, why do you question your loving media government complex. It is hard for you to kick against the goads. They’d never lie to us.

      • OK, here is a question for the police/media complex, if Adam Lanza destroyed the hard drive in his computers how can they establish he “spent hours in the basement playing violent video games.”

        Since the computers harddrives were destroyed what led them to this supposition?

        There is something rotten in this entire incident that goes beyond a skinny Ritalin junkie mad at his space cadet mom.

        • I’m not saying this is the case or defending anyone, but there are lots of games that require you to play online only. If he was playing these types of games records/accounts could be garnered from the online gaming servers and the host companies. Or records from his IP service. Just a couple possible scenarios.

  2. This is jumping the shark big time. This idea is beyond ridiculous and will never gain traction outside their echo chamber in CA, NY and DC.

      • Not saying that it can’t or won’t happen but people will not accept it. Part of me is hoping Cuomo goes through with this so the SCOTUS can strike it down and reaffirm our rights but then I remember they ruled not engaging in commerce can be taxed.

        • Hey now be nice.. 😉
          He has come to his senses.. 🙂
          That being said, right now is not the time to be overcome with hysteria, but to be vigilant on all fronts, and and be prepared to take action.

    • Yeah, just like Obama won’t come for our guns. Seriously, why do people refuse to understand that there are politicians in this country that will do anything to destroy our rights?

  3. Does one really seriously have to be a frikken IDIOT to hold public office?

    The hypocrisy!

    This asshat, DiFi, who herself has a concealed carry permit, and carries…

  4. Every few days I’ll add this: I realize that Congress can pass anything they want to but the Heller decision will have to be voided for an AWB to legally stand. There is no way AR’s, AK,s and mags holding more than 10 rounds cannot be considered commonly owned.

  5. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people just bought these rifles, because they were afraid they’ed never get the chance again, what the hell makes the politicians think they are going to simply turn them in, and the whole false majority narrative is failing, my state, the second I know of, had their CCW License processing system crash because so many people are applying and renewing them. We are a much larger group than the NRA, GOA(I prefer them though), MAIG, Brady Bunch, Demand a Plan groups all put together, but we’ve been quiet with our mouths and loud with our wallets

  6. I wish I could say “Molon Laabe” and know with confidence I wouldn’t be alone in resistong this madness by force.Yet,the NRA’s membership is 4 million against an estimated number of 90 million gun owners nationwide.That means less then 5% of gun owners in the US can be bothered to care about their rights enough to get involved politically,which by extension means if Washingon demands their ARs and AKs they won’t be taking up arms against DC.At work last week the topic turned to Sandy Hill,and an AR15 owner told me point blank he’d get rid of his rifle if it meant even one kids’ life could be saved.The guy who said Molon Laabe died on the battlefield because someone in his ranks turned traitor,a lesson we few politically aware gun owners should remember.

    • I can say for one that I’m not an NRA member because I don’t have a desire to be. I shouldn’t have to pay membership fees to exercise my God given right and there’s too much politics involved wit the NRA. As far as the Leonidas being betrayed by someone in his own ranks, Herodotus said it was a local farmer/shepherd, not a Greek soldier…but I get the idea.

      • Yeah, you shouldn’t have to pay to exercise your rights but by not joining, you willingly accept any bs legislation that gets pushed against firearms too. People have to fight for their rights constantly and though it shouldn’t be like that, it is.

        • Some of us don’t support NRA because their principles don’t all line up with our beliefs on gun rights. I’m sure they mean well, but they simply don’t represent the beliefs of the rest of the law-abiding gun owner populace.

          And how else do we fight the anti’s? By not voting for them. I sure did NOT vote for B.O. twice!

      • Mikey, they still have guns in Austrailia. A madman with a .30-30 winchester can kill just as many defenseless kids as your friend Lanza. If the same madman sawed down his legal shotgun as a backup to the rifle he would be able to fend of unarmed attackers during a reload.

        Something other than gun availability is at work in Austrailia. As usual, you’re wrong, but you knew that before you made your comment.

        • You sound like Wayne. You refuse to accept that gun availability is a major factor. It was in Australia, and its correction was a big part of the solution. As you said there are other factors, but easy access to guns by someone like Lanza, which is your fault, you and his mother and all the gun-rights fanatics, is something we need to address, just as Australia has.

        • Mikey, guns are still available in Australia. Rifles, shotguns and even handguns. Your availability of guns is a wash. There’s something else at work here.

          And if you could pass an AWB, I don’t think you can, there will still be millions of the weapons falsely classified as AW’s still in circulation. Nothing that you’ve said in any of your comments suggests any way to make schools safer when the kids come back from xmas break.

          We need armed people on the campus’s for the immediate future to prevent any recuarrance of Newtown. While you dance around like the organ grinders monkey and produce nothing rational or usefull the rest of us have been trying to come up with real world solutions.

        • As long as you guys keep allowing your mentally ill kids and very young children to have access to your guns, like Adam Lanza’s mother did, you’re right. Nothing will change. And you wonder why I blame you?

        • JWM wrote, “While you [Mikeb302000] dance around like the organ grinders monkey …”.

          That is priceless … I am still laughing!

        • As usual, mikey, you dance around the point. We need armed people on our school grounds NOW to prevent any more Newtowns. Dance, monkey, dance.

        • Lord and master La Pierre said so, so now you repeat it. We need that NOW, is that right?

          Did you see the calculations of what it would cost. That was based on what, one or two officers per school? And the cost was in the billions.

          Have you ever seen a larger school? Some of them are sprawling, with multiple entrances and exits. What do you suggest there? How many officers would it take to secure those, and what kind of equipment might they need to deal with lunatics in body armor intent on murder?

          You guys are unbelievable in the blind way you support each other. And all of it is to deflect attention from the real problem – easy access to guns by mental cases and dangerous people which you make possible and from which you won’t budge an inch.

        • I retired from a large school mikeyb. And your suggfestions about new laws to keep the unfit away from guns and better security for existing guns does nothing for the immediate need to protect these schools.

          There’s more than enough armed volunteers in every community that could do the job at little to no cost to the G.

          So long as you won’t budge an inch on trying to arm volunteers and teachers that wish to be armed the problem will persist.

        • “So long as you won’t budge an inch on trying to arm volunteers and teachers that wish to be armed the problem will persist.”

          Where the hell did you get that. You guys are the one’s that won’t budge an inch on the fact that gun availability is part of the problem. You’re the ones who are using the “a policeman in every school” nonsense as a smokescreen for the first main problem, gun availability to unfit people.

          Armed volunteers you say? What happened to highly trained and carefully vetted? Isn’t that what’s needed? And it would take more than one or two of those highly trained and vetted security personnel in each school. Does that sound practical to you?

        • More practical mikeyb than some pipe dream of drying up the supply of guns in a country that guarantees our rights to own guns uninfringed.

          And while you’re spinning your wheels and accomplishing nothing the schools will be still under threat.

      • Hey Mike,

        Why don’t you walk every bad neighborhood in every major city at night for two months. Don’t use a weapon of any kind. Now, you have to do this from at least 10pm to 3am and cannot have anyone else with you. I bet you would not do it and if you started doing it, you would decide you wanted a gun. Of course, you’d still lie about wanting one and would be a hypocrite, but thats how people who deny freedom behave. Or better yet Mikey, why don’t you join the Military, so you can prove that you are not the complete coward socialist everyone knows you are?

        • Casey, now that’s a real intelligent comment. Why would anyone “walk every bad neighborhood in every major city at night for two months” even if such a thing were possible?

          As usual you’re confusing reasonable gun control, which is what we might be able to hope for in the States, with total disarmament and gun confiscations.

          The reason you keep exaggerating that is because what the gun control folks are suggesting is not all that bad and you know it.

    • Just to add, not all people are NRA members. Some might be GOA members, some might be Calgun supporters. There are lots of people and many might not support the NRA but support local groups.
      If there ever was some sort of attempt to rid the country of inanimate objects, I think we would see some serous resistance. People would unite and it won’t be pretty.

    • Interesting point ST. Over two thousand years ago 300 men stood and said those words, “Come and take them.” Books and movies are still being written and made about these men.

      How many men does it take to make a stand for freedom and principles? Can we come up with our 300?

      Over two thousand years and they’re still legend. 10 years from now nobody will ever know mikeyb existed. Which legacy would you prefer?

  7. Their arrogance is our best weapon against the AWB. The more extreme they make it the less likely it will pass or be supported by the majority of the public. It’s even tempting to write and encourage them. The faster they drive off the cliff the better.

    • Be careful what you wish for… I know people say not to use the R word because it makes us look crazy, but if they passed a law like that that is what they would have, the local police officers, and even military reserve ( and even the regular military) will not enforce it… So who will carry out their orders? And how many would resist? The tm Hell in a hand basket keeps coming to mind…

      • I served active duty Air Force.Those of you counting on the integrity of our military to save the day are gravely mistaken.I can’t speak to LE not having been a cop, but in the military the Chain of Command supersedes even the UCMJ.More then one ethical military member’s been “administratively separated” for daring to remind his boss that theyre not above the law.Meanwhile dirtbags get promoted because they happily buried their commanders/1st Shirts dirty laundry.

        If the US military is ordered to seize civil arms,that’s exactly what they’ll do. Any unit which disobeys will be relieved of duty ,replaced with alternate personnel,and court martialed quietly.Dont look for it on MSNBC either.

      • I asked a law enforcement friend of mine recently if he would turn in his AR15 and high capacity magazines if they called for an AWB. He laughed and said hell no. He wasn’t kidding. Bring on the “R”. I think the liberal crazies will find out that they don’t really have the support they think they do.

      • local police officers, and even military reserve ( and even the regular military) will not enforce it

        Wishful thinking my friend, wishful thinking. We’ve had about half a dozen incidents in the past 100 years alone of US troops firing on unarmed citizens – their loyalty is the government because they falsely believe that the government is “the country”.

    • The more extreme they make it, the more fluff they can negotiate away, so at some point we’ll have some weak-kneed GOPpers from Dem-leaning districts say “OK, we’ll then we’ll give you the 10 round limit and no more AR’s, semi-auto handguns and such”.

      After all, those guys need to get reelected to, so what’s better than a big gesture to the suburban, NIMBY, soccer-mom, average joe dual income independent voters?

  8. We can put an end to the no “military style” weapons in the hands of civilians meme by using both clauses of the Second Amendment. At eighteen years of age every male (should be female as well) citizen is required, under penalty of law, to register for the Militia. That is what you are doing when you register for selective service. There is no draft at the moment but if authorized by Congress the President can order the states to draft your a$$ into the US Armed Forces. It would be wise if before a young person reports for duty that he/she be already familiar with the weapons that they will use to defend the nation.

    • The military recruits from all over the country , including the seedy parts of Baltimore,Chicago,and NYC. I’d heavily insist that there are young people of militia age who have no business knowing anything about an AR15 beyond which end the bullets come out of.The ghetto rats occasionally load the wrong ammo into their guns, and I see no reason to alter that dynamic of ignorance.

    • Excellent point tdiinva. While we’re at it, let’s us fully embrace diversity and inclusion. The militia is all able-bodied citizens capable of putting their shoulder to the wheel in the event of an emergency. All able-bodied citizens; young and old, male and female, liberal and conservative, every color, creed, ethnicity and orientation.

    • For an AR to be a military style weapon, it would have to be select fire. However, you have a great point that it’s a requirement for this country.

      • The M1 Garand, the M1 Carbine, the ’03 Springfield and the SKS (to name but a few) were and are, to this very day, military weapons. Select-fire does not a weapon of military utility make.

        • Good point about the ’03 springfield. SGT Alvin York killed over 100 Germans in one engagement with his bolt action rifle with help from his little friend the 1911:

  9. In one of the Sunday morning talking head shows this morning, they said Clinton originally proposed that we have armed gaurds in schools as part of the proposal for his AWB legislation and the person speaking seemed to want to take credit for the Democrates and play it off as their original idea that the NRA is just figuring out.

    Anyone know the history because I cannot seem to find it.

  10. Let’s also stop calling AR15s and others assault weapons. Instead call them correctly “sporting rifles”. Correct the liberals every time the say it, and expose their ignorance. I laughed the other day when someone on National TV was calling to ban those AK15s and AR47s. Keep up the good work liberals 😉

    • The problem is, this “confusion” is intentional. In 1989, Josh Sugarmann of the Violence Policy Center wrote:

      [H]andgun restriction is simply not viewed as a priority. Assault weapons–just like armor-piercing bullets, machine guns, and plastic firearms–are a new topic. The weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons–anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun–can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons

      The enemies over the Second Amendment don’t believe in the truth, but rather power and control. They believe their ends justify whatever means are employed.

    • Quit calling firearms “weapons” at all, I always cringe when I hear cops, military, gunshop owners or ANYBODY automatically call them “weapons.”

      They are only “weapons” if used against another person. Kind of like “hammers.”

  11. This is starting to remind me of the health care “debate” in terms of tactics. My boss and I were talking about the health care act and it was illuminating – his position was that the democrats had already compromised and it was the republicans who refused.

    I was confused and asked how that was, seeing how the democrats passed it on party lines, etc..

    his response: they compromised from their original position – single payer.

    I see this as falling into the same thing – have a few of the very liberal democrats float this out, get everyone panicked, and then come back with a “compromise” – we’ll just ban the sale of them going forward, etc. The media will continue to paint us as non compromising blah blah blah.

    I’m not naive enough to think they dont want to confiscate, but I seriously doubt this country will put up with forced confiscation.


  12. Since the anti-gun folks are suggesting that the 2nd amendment only extends the right to bear arms to the militia. Maybe to preemptively protect our rights, we should all be forming militias. Seems that if it’s our right to form militias, then as militia members we should also have access to the latest military weaponry. How would they like it if we start carrying our AR15’s and more advanced weaponry around in full military garb as militia members? Careful what you ask for.

    • If you are a citizen between 17-45 you are already in the unorganized militia. US code dictates that very clear. Over 45, not sure if you can opt in.

    • Agreed. What I’d love to see come from this whole ordeal is organized state militia’s (broken down by region inside each state of course). It’s one thing for them to try and push around voters with guns, it’s another thing for them to try to push around organized voters with guns.

  13. They can’t even figure out what to do with tax
    Breaks and the fiscal cliff, where they Think there Gona come up with money to buy guns
    They need to stop lickin around the tush
    And work on the mental health of this country

      • That’s not the point. How can they explain to someone who’s entitlements have just been cut that they’re spending $10 billion to buy peoples’ guns?

        • Dan, Ralph makes a valid point that I think is important.

          For 50 years, the field of political science has essentially been based off of one major theory, that being that politicians care about one thing: re-election. We’ve been trying to disprove it for years and have instead been shown thousands of examples where it holds true.

          Few politicians would risk alienating their elderly constituency (the most active voting group in the nation) over a gun buyback simply because the expenditures would be more efficaciously spent on Social Security checks.

  14. Perhaps it should be pointed out at this time that the 2A isn’t about sport or hunting, unless you’re talking about hunting tyrants. So-called “modern semi-automatic sporting utility rifles” (or whatever) have a “sporting” aspect wholly incidental to their to their original design criteria. We all know and can agree that they were designed as weapons of war and they have been proven quite effective at meeting their design objectives. That is exactly why it is the right of the People to possess arms of military utility; checks and balances, a sort of Mutually Assured Destruction should those in power get too far out of line. The Founders knew that and we pussyfoot around that aspect of the 2A at our peril. Notwithstanding the shrieks of horror and madness that will surely ensue from our more liberal, squeamish and fainthearted countrymen, this needs to be a part of our so-called “national conversation” on guns.

    • They were designed as weapons of war, but they’ve been defanged for consumer use. That little selector switch makes a huge difference as far as I’m concerned.

      • As much as I like full auto capability and think that it is also part of our fundamental right, I wouldn’t feel under-gunned with an AR-15 against an M-16.

        I still hold out hope, being the romantic idealist that I am, that one day, perhaps even in my lifetime, the judiciary will at long last completely embrace the 2A, recognize the militia/insurrectionist aspects of the amendment, and strike down as unconstitutional the NFA ’34, GCA ’68 and the Hughes Amendment.

        Assuming that we don’t get into a gun control induced civil war in the coming months, and if Gura and Co. keep winning in the courts, that day may come, though I’m certainly not holding my breath. OK, OK, you can stop laughing now.

        • I’d be OK with them simply ruling the the Federal government can’t ban them and that it’s a state issue.

          That way anti-gun states will keep current laws and the rest of us get to enjoy our full rights (after much petitioning, depending on the state).

  15. There are still plenty of folks out there who realize that the ideas of justice and law are two entirely different concepts. Providing guns to Mexican cartels is not legal or just; AWB may be legal, but will never be the right course of action. There is plenty of evil inherent in the human condition, and allowing oneself to be disarmed is not good preparation for it.

  16. I am not saying it can’t happen but I am saying that it is unlikely right now. It’s sooooo unlikely right now that I hope they try it because the push back they will get would be enormous. CNN reported that there were over one million ar’s sold in the last 5 year, we all know this number is way low and that is Just ar’s. with the fiscal cliff still seeing no resolution and national debt at an all time to the point a democratic president is willing to say they may have to look at cutting some Medicare/Medicaid and raising the age on social security, I want to see how they tell the poor “no insurance”, the old “no money”, and “by the way we are going to buy millions of guns back against people will”.LMAO. You can be sure there are definitely three type of people that show up at elections- the entitled, the old, and the gun owner. Let them piss all three groups off. Let them try it and difi may be the only democrat left up there is a couple years

    • So absof^ckinglutely right. Besides, I do not think that POTUS wants to go down in history as the black man who disarmed the white man. I’m sure that he wants his legacy to be better than that. Crime is crime as far as I’m concerned, but black-on-white crime causes great outrage (as does white on black crime) and I’m certain that POTUS doesn’t want the finger pointed at him.

  17. I wonder if the finger that Bill is shown wagging above (his trade-mark lecture image) is the same finger he used with Monica Lewinski, just asking.

    • Nope, that is Bill showing how his little shoulder thingy popped up when Monica blew into his speech at the podium!!

  18. How can I as a taxpayer tell them where to stick it and that my money wil not fund this?

    Let me be more specific, how can I do it and avoid having the feds at my door for tax evasion? We all know thoes damn feds will send their tactical guys to surround an elerdy couples house for that and yet we have murderers on the run in this country.

  19. King Leonidas and his men fell with their weapons at Thermopylae.

    I’m not proposing concessions by saying this, but I am reminding all who take only this all-or-nothing approach that we should be more proactive in a positive manner.

    We should organize and lead on making laws like CA’s Mental Health Firearm’s Prohibition Reporting System national. I do think we should go one further and not just require reporting of patients in institutions but create a system whereby patients with very specific high-risk symptoms are flagged to NiICS (they have the right to refuse hospitalization and/or treatment). A system of checks such as an appeals process and a formal process of adjudication would be appropriate.
    I focused on specific symptoms and not diagnoses because general diagnoses are not focused enough. Neither is being prescribed a specific medication, as many psych meds are used off-label with much success: case in point: SSRIs for anxiety, OCD, premature ejaculation.

    We should also organize and perform community outreach programs that will 1) reduce the non-gun owning public’s fear of guns and 2) humanize gun owners as responsible, reasonable people.

    • 3) dehumanize the 10% of the country on anti-depressants
      4) Cause people to never voluntarily go to a mental health professional ever again.

      And I doubt it would reduce the fear of anyone, since the Sandy Hook shooter didnt buy his guns, he stole them.

      • That’s the hard one – Lanza used guns that belonged to his mom. Did she buy them for him? Would you restrict access to only the individual, his family, his acquaintences, anyone in 20 mile radius?

  20. To my second proposal, I wanted to add that if we have the resources to institute a School Shield, we have the resources to do community outreach.

  21. Is it OK for government to sock one person in the eye as long as they promise to sock everyone in the eye?

    And wouldn’t a repeal of the first amendment also affect everyone “equally”?


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