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There’s a bit of a divide in San Antonio, with the local news on the liberal side of things and most of the population good ol’ gun-owning Texans. So while I’m sure the headline was meant to be shocking, the only thing I heard from passers-by who saw it on the newsstand was “huh, I should get out to Cabelas this week…”

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  1. Some BIG heads in Texas are being scared into antigun nutisum like Sen Hutchinson But once Texas gun owner like W Virgina gun owners fight back at the idiots in the news pushing for bans think Texans in the Senate and media will know better than siding with NY and Washington DC gun banners.

    To all Texans watch W. Virginia’s pro gun rally that made the W. VA Senator change his mind again on gun bans. And team up on Sen Hutchinson get the fact we as Americans do NOT support fascist gun bans!!!!!!!!!! Hope you work on that Sancahnim.

    • Yes I am.. Living in California though can be difficult at times. For many of us here, it is like beating your head against a brick wall. Eventually we stop due to the pain!
      Calguns is not giving up the good fight and neither am I, however with a super majority in the state legislature, it is going to be one hell of an uphill battle..
      Changing the mind of Dianne Feinstein would take some serious Jedi mind foo!!!

      • Opps sorry thought you lived in Texas not CA sorry. Know particularly how your fell im just north of you from CA on the left coast. LOL

        In star wars terms DiFI couldn’t be worked on with Jedi mind tricks she literately looks and acts like the Evil Emperor Palpatine extra on the looks….EEEEWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

        • LMAO hahaha you know it!!
          Beleive me if I did live in Texas, I would be much happier I am sure..
          I grew up in the bay area, but now live just south of Sacramento. It is central valley, and more rural. I still commute to the Bay Area to work which stinks!

    • Sen Hutchinson is retiring at end of term, did not run for re-election.

      Ted Cruz, republican, won her seat in 2012 election.
      Cruz’s father immigrated from Cuba. Mother is from an eastern state
      Ted Cruz was born in Canada. He has been very politically active in gun rights on state and federal level. 2nd. amendment guy!

  2. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, did not seek reelection. Ted Cruz is new U.S Senator. Won senate seat this past election. He will be swore in late January 2013
    His father immigrated from Cuba. His mother is, I believe, American born.
    Link about him: Very pro 2nd. amendment. Senator Hutchinson was also pro 2nd. amendment

        • Hope he does But all Texans need to show your female senator to NOT back the gun bans she wants now. Make sure if she goes with Sen Di FI it will be here last time being treated nice in Texas!!

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