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  1. Put it in the vice downrange and then blast it with the shotgun…that would be more impressive.

    50BMG standing by after that…

  2. I have to wonder why they didn’t use a solid state drive. It would have made for a cooler running and much more rugged drive. Of course the price relative to capacity would go up, but the people who are usually in the market for rugged computer equipment aren’t on a Walmart budget.

  3. It’s rated to sit in aircraft fuel? That’s cool and all, but really, who needs that? In other words, who goes around putting their portable drives in diesel and aircraft fuel tanks?

  4. Probably from California by the look of shotgun. Ammo was around bird shot.
    I shot my broken Apple Airport Ex stream Base Station with 45ACP and 9mm, could not penetrate metal antennae.


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