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It’s not news that California is America’s gun rights hell. The latest raft of laws that the state’s millions of gun owners are trying to navigate (or not) includes mandatory registration of “assault rifles.” Technically, that was already supposed to have happened, but due to rampant non-compliance and some technical difficulties, the state extended the deadline to June 30.

A Bakersfield man, wanting to comply with Sacramento’s latest diktats, attempted to register his firearms through the state Department of Justice’s web portal. How’d that go for him?

According to court documents, the California Department of Justice raided Jeffrey Scott Kirschenmann’s home last month, after he tried to register an illegally modified gun online through the state’s website.

What they found in his home, led to the DA filing charges: a dozen guns, 230 rounds of ammunition and two silencers seized from Jeffrey Scott Kirschenmann’s home in a gated community in Northwest Bakersfield.

Wow…all of 230 rounds. It isn’t clear from media reports how the rifle in question was allegedly modified. And the silencers are clearly illegal in the Golden State, because James Bond or something. For our part, we were impressed that the reporter somehow managed to write her story without once using the word ‘arsenal.’

A “recognized firearms expert” suggests gun owners seek help from an FFL in navigating California’s system.

Retired KCSO Commander Joe Pilkington is a court recognized firearms expert. He could not speak directly to Kirschenmann’s case but says the laws are changing so frequently, it’s often hard to keep up with the latest regulations.

“Just in the last few years, there have been lots of changes in gun laws,” he said. “Making an effort, a good faith effort to comply with these really complicated laws, should count for something.”

Maybe it should, but it doesn’t. And the difficulty legal gun owners experience in complying with the ever-shifting legal requirements heaped upon them is, in the view of Sacramento’s leading anti-gun lights, a feature, not a bug.

Kirschenmann is out on $150,000 bail, accused of 12 felonies for possessing assault rifles, silencers and a multi-burst trigger activator.

Ignorance of the law is never considered an excuse. But somehow, ignorance in drafting those laws and the infringements they impose on Second Amendment freedoms never seem to have any consequences. Go figure.

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  1. And this is why when you get to the point where everything is illegal just don’t do anything…
    If no one registers, they can try going door to door.

    • Or your neighbors, friends, coworkers, and spouse become existential legal threats. Stasi is no way to go through life.

      • The trick is to make sure everybody has dirt on everybody . . . or at least can be manufactured to appear that way at the drop of a hat. One of the rules concerning rats is its ok to rat on a rat – that’s not ratting. If you get popped for guns they get popped for illegal liquor, welfare fraud, charges of rape (real or not), investigated for terrorism, etc. etc. Yeah, its dirty pool but welcome to California 🙂

      • Well, I lived through it. I knew a guy who had guns, which were super illegal and banned at the time (he had a single-shot 12 ga and a couple of home-made muzzleloaders). One day, criminal police paid him a visit and interviewed him. They were looking for people who manufactured guns and someone reported him to them. They lost interest because there weren’t any machine tools in the apartment. They were sitting on a sofa where the guns were hidden and drunk the complimentary tea 🙂

    • “Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against… We’re after power and we mean it… There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”

      –Ayn Rand, ‘Atlas Shugged’

  2. Ain’t freedom great? LOL LOL LOL. This is only the beginning. The serfs will be controlled.

    • Twelve guns and only 230 rounds of ammo? That’s less than 20 rounds per firearm! Disgraceful

          • “Probably have more than that lodged on the bottom of my boots.”

            You have boots? My ammo “cache” is stored in the watch pocket of my jeans. If I had boots, I could store an entire brick of .22long.

        • Nah. Pocket watch pocket that is located inside of your right side jeans pocket just above the outside pocket brim. You know, the one nobody ever uses any more and mostly phased out of most jean manufacturers?

          I use it to clip my knife in and let the knife hang inside the main pocket instead of the clip hanging outside the pants pocket. Keeps the knife clip from hanging up on other things.

          Or use it to keep my 500 rounds of .9 in.

          I don’t wear a vest or have any cameras that would fit into a vest pocket. My cameras are old antiques that stll use film.

        • Harley,
          Just think how much ammo you could store in that watch pocket if you got rid of that out dated .9, and picked up a new .09!

    • Maybe he believes (believed?) what the CA uniparty says, that the CA government is basically on his side, and there to serve and protect him from criminals. But I simply repeat what you said.

  3. This is a huge part of the reason I’d be really not inclined to register anything. He acted in good faith and got jack booted thugs at his door who will inevitably screw his entire life up.

    • Just like all the fools who missed the “assault weapon” registration deadline and foolishly took advantage of the Attorney General’s “amnesty period” to register them late. But those people were deliberately and entrapped, this guy did it to himself.

        • the way it is now in cali???
          an illegal alien has better rights than a full legal citizen that was born here!!!!

          example one gets pulled over in a car without a DL or insurance…they DO NOT get arrested and can call an legal insured driver to claim the car on the spot!!!
          joe citizen gets arrested for no ID and no insurance!!!!! car impounded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Law abiding (as far as I know) farmer, minding his own business and not harming anyone, just trying to comply with the law. After a plea bargain, he might not go to prison, but probably will no longer be legally eligible to own firearms.

      So, CA has succeeded in disarming the harmless to make him weaker and less able to defend himself from actual criminals, all the while doing nothing at all to make the state safer.

      As the article says, CA gun laws: working as intended.

      • Law abiding
        Aside from the 2 unregistered suppressors, you mean.
        If he’s willing to break the NFA, I have no doubt he’s broken a bunch of other gun related statutes. I bet he got cause because he tried to register a SBR or something.

  4. I modified an M1911A1 into an “Artillery Pistol” (i.e. Extended Barrel) plus a few other things. And had to seek out a Firearms Lawyer to have the M1911A1 Artillery Pistol recertified, as a “Carbine”. Big Bucks $$$$. Sounds like he tried it on the Cheap (i.e. No Firearms Lawyer) and got caught…

    • Recertified as a carbine? That’s ridiculous! If there was no buttstock attached to the 1911 it’s still a pistol, albeit a very long barreled pistol, but still a pistol! Who told you it had to classified as a carbine???

        • I was in law enforcement during the 1970’s and 80’s and later held an FFL so I know that just installing a longer barrel on a pistol is not illegal and requires no reclassification…period! Why not tell us everything you did to the pistol so we can have a better understanding of how and why this occurred?

          • I took a Colt Model 1911A1 and converted to look something like a 1917 Lange/Luger Model 1200 (P08) Artillery Pistol/Carbine. With all the “Bells and Whistles” on it. My fist thought was to have either a Folding Stock or Detachable Stock, but VA State Police told me that the Stock had to be Permanently Mounted (i.e. None Folding).

  5. Dear Jeff Sessions,

    Please do something about the Kafka-esc gun laws that we are stuck in. Our state is in full contradiction to the faith, spirit, and letter of the constitution of the united states.

    How about you put a stop to this before more people are rounded up and arrested to satisfy this states need to turn a republic into a democracy.

    Mob rule didn’t work for the greeks, didn’t work for the romans, it wont work here.

        • It was still never really a Democracy. A corrupt Republic, sure, but never a Democracy.

        • We are technically a representative democratic constitutional republic, and according to the “Democracy Index” we are now considered a flawed democracy partially based on how functional or government is (no surprise) and political participation.

      • Slaves and most working class Romans didn’t have franchise. Not a democracy by any definition.

      • The Roman Empire fell because immigration diluted their native-borne populace with foreigners whose loyalties laid elsewhere, because their military was overstretched, because their borders weren’t secure, and last of all because the elites were incapable of defending themselves ie. lacked the numbers, skills, and weaponry necessary to ensure their and their empire’s survival.

        The one thing that gives me hope is that the elites here in the USA the majority of which are our enemies lack the means (firearms) with which to control us, they depend exclusively upon law enforcement, a corrupt judicial system, and a compliant populace to enforce their tyrannical decrees, should law enforcement ever decide en masse to stand with us and we as a whole refuse to comply our opponents are toast.

    • Ignorance of (or disdain for) the Constitution is no excuse for making unconstitutional laws.

      • Art……They say that ignorance of the law is no excuse but neither is ignorance in the law. As far as the amount of ammo he had , it looks like he was really low and needed to make an out of state trip or sit down and do some reloading doesn’t it. Commiefornia. How can you register an assault weapon [ full auto ] if you do not own one.

        • I think it’s illegal to go out of state to buy ammo or components.

          California defined what an “assault weapon” is. Basically, any modern long gun.

        • Any California law that made it illegal to buy ammunition or components in another state would violate the interstate commerce clause. Once a California resident enters another state California loses jurisdiction.

        • tdiinva: As I understand it, it’s not the buying it out of state that’s illegal. It’s the importing it back into California part; you’re only breaking Cali law when you bring it home without a background check, so interstate commerce rules don’t apply. Over the years the Cali pols have gotten quite good at crafting laws like this.

        • A ban on importation is also unconstitutional. That is an attempt to impose a restriction of movement and people an goods between the States. All they can do is ban the piissesion of a good in the State.

          • “A ban on importation is also unconstitutional.”

            The “ban” is on possession within the state of ammunition not purchased in the state. A ban on “importation” itself (catalog or internet sales) might be interference of interstate commerce. The ban on possession of ammo not purchased through the regulatory system of Californication is not interference. Otherwise, a government ban on smoking in public places (or businessess) would be considered interfering with commerce (and such challenge would have already been launched in court).

        • tdiinva:
          CA’s border inspection stations are legal, yet they do exactly what you claim is illegal.
          The Interstate Commerce clause is intended to permit the otherwise legal importation of goods. It won’t, as a grosser example, protect the importation of heroin, because that’s illegal. It also won’t protect the importation of guns into a state where those guns are illegal, even if they are so designated by state law.

    • Sessions is too distracted with drug crime to worry about the big picture, dontcha know? Go adk Rosenstein as he seems to be running the Justice Department.

      • Rosenstein’s only interest is coving his butt (and Obumer/Hellery). He has no time for the rule of law.

  6. Ignorance of the law may not be an excuse. But willful non-compliance is definitely on the rise, which is a good thing.

    • “Lists”?

      We should me making our own lists.

  7. I’m a lawman but if this is what it was to come to I wouldn’t be. Kalifornia is the way it is because of their own doings or willful passiveness.
    What’s important is that the rest of us don’t allow this to happen where we live though its well underway in New Jersey and a few other states.

    • “What’s important is that the rest of us don’t allow this to happen…”

      My barest understanding of epidemiology is that a virus will spread until eradicated.

      Remove the border protection from southern Californication, and build “the wall” north along the Californication border, up along Oregone and Washingout . Dogs, lights, armed patrols.

  8. another consequence of the full employment act for lie-whores, just another day in CLRA (communist lawyer-run-america)

  9. How much do you want to bet his “silencers” are fake suppressors and the “multiburst trigger activator” is a shoe string or rubber band? If he’s law abiding enough to try and register his bullet buttoned rifle(s), then he’s probably not in possession of anything actually illegal. Then again, he could be an idiot. Best to stay off CalDOJ’s radar. California’s government has nothing but contempt for gun owners.

    • If he had reloading supplies they would have said he had a bomb making plant setup in his compound.

      • Actually, reloading and it’s supplies are “tolerated” by CA lawmakers. The new law of having to obtain a permit to buy face-to-face ammo doesn’t include reloading, so reloaders can still buy all their supplies, powder, projectiles, etc out of state or on the internet. Ammo can still be bought over the net but the ammo has to be shipped to a licensed dealer.

  10. ……” For our part, we were impressed that the reporter somehow managed to write her story without once using the word ‘arsenal.’“……

    He needed at least another dozen or two rounds of ammunition to be considered an arsenal.

    • Not in Bakersfield, that city is a transplanted suburb of Tulsa. Any TV reporter that works there knows it.

  11. AND the po-leece happily busted him…yes he’s a dimwit especially with silencers. I will NEVER comply with registration.How on earth would they know unless you tell them?!? Note the massive non-compliance in NY and NJ(Massachusetts?). Coming soon to Illinoisistan along with a raft of BS regulations.

  12. “Multi-Burst Trigger Activator”

    …Known outside the state of California as a Rubber-Band.

  13. I know a lib bernie bro that rails against assault rifles. At the same time he owns a never papered silencer.

    CA is a weird place to live.

  14. Sooo… isn’t that he “tried to comply” with the law. It’s that he broke the law by having an illegal firearm. He just admitted his crime through the state’s website. Totally different.

    TTAG 2018: New owners, same old sophistry.

    • What exactly was illegal? Did he have a bump stock, an arm brace, a muzzle device, a folding stock, a detachable magazine, a bullet button, a pistol grip?

      Maybe he had no clue what configuration or model is now illegal in California and he simply knew he had to register his gun.

      I also don’t believe he had actual suppressors because nearly every news story in California is either intentionally misleading or intentionally leaves out the most important details.

    • You can see my comment down below with a hopefully better explanation. He was trying to comply with the law, but the paperwork that CA had for the rifle he was trying to register made it appear that he bought it in 2017 after the law took effect and making it ineligible to register. My understanding is that his wife purchased it in 2013 and part of their divorce proceedings changed the transfer date to 2017. More stories of this nature will come out since the window for registration closes at the end of June.

    • A friend of mine who is following the case more closely told me that they have since dropped the charges against him for the rifle for which the warrant was originally issued, but he is still facing all the other charges.

  15. California is like being in a bowl of granola, what isn t nuts and fruits is flakes.

  16. You can legally have sex in public in California on days the government gives you permission. You can perform any sex act in public you wish, and you won’t be arrested.

    You can shoot up crystal meth in public to improve your sexual experience. You won’t be arrested.

    You can defecate in public in California, just like they defecate in public in India, and you will not be arrested.

    You don’t have to register as a sex offender in California. I think that is a new one. But you do have to register your guns.

    California is a utopia for the Libertarians Liberals and the Left. I was born and raised there. The Mulford Act is still on the books. The open homosexual elected leadership and the pot heads say they will never repeal that law.

    I moved away a very long time ago.

    • As I recall the “Mulford Act” was in direct response to the Black Panthers in 1967. And signed into Law in July 28th, 1967 by then California Governor Ronald Reagan with direct support by the NRA. Not one of the NRA’s Brighter Moves.

      • I hold the current elected leadership, whomever they are, accountable for the current status of the loss of civil rights in California.

        Governor Reagan is dead. The NRA leadership that supported the Mulford Act were all voted out of office or run out of the organization.
        Now the NSSF and the NRA are supporting black gun civil rights groups.

        The Liberal fascists are now responsible for the tyranny in the not so golden state.

        But it is interesting how the three L’s, Libertarians Liberals and the Left, since the 1970s, go out of their way to support the gun carry rights of the Klu Klux Klan while they march in black neighborhood, under the protection of the ACLU and the three L’s.

        • What does/did the NRA have to do with that dopper?. Where was Obumer and his minions. A extreme leftwing state gov’t with ttheir sockpuppets in the NAACP? You care what were you doing?

        • Philando Castile in addition to being a dumb@ss who couldn’t follow instructions, was a POS drug addict and habitual scofflaw, he “earned” his wings or in his case “horns” (he’s in Hell where he belongs) by his own actions it’s a shame his chickenhead didn’t meet the same fate

        • Czj
          Philando Castile was driving under the influence of drugs. Just like driving under the influence of alcohol. I’m glad the police stopped him so he wouldn’t kill anybody by smashing his car into them. While he did have a gun permit he shouldn’t have been intoxicated while carrying a gun and driving a car.

          Many people do stupid sh#t when they are intoxicated. He paid the price for doing stupid sh#t.
          BTW, I was stopped by the white cops and I carry all the time. This black gun owner was polite and was only given a warning. Try being polite. It will get you further in life.

          Libertarians have publicly stated they support people who drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs as long as they don’t crash into people or a power pole, and inconvenience hundreds of electrical customers.
          They restated their position in Reason magazine during the police officers trial.

        • Chris T wrote: “The NRA leadership that supported the Mulford Act were all voted out of office or run out of the organization.”

          Ultimately, ‘The Mulford Act’ was one of the things that led to the NRA ‘Revolt at Cincinnati’ (May 21, 1977).

    • You forgot that you can knowingly transfer HIV or aids and never tell your sexual partner and it’s no longer a crime in CA… that’s my favorite of their new f’d up laws.

    • The only thing remotely libertarian about California is that they no longer prosecute recreational use of weed.

      I can guarantee you that you’re closer to the left than most libertarians are.

      • Libertarians have only themselves to blame. They made drug legalization a number one priority. NOT gun civil rights. They think drugs and gun rights are of equal value. They are not.

  17. I always wondered how ignorance of the law is not an excuses when the Justice Department can’t even tell you how many laws are ON the books?

    • One way to find out! Contact the Birlingham Gun Barrel Proof House in Birlingham, England. But I suspect that a Court Order and a Letterhead of a Recognized Police Department is also required. But that would be only of Firearms Manufactured within the United States, and not actually owned in the United States.

  18. I would guess this man moved into Kommiefornistan from a gun friendly State because of the suppressors, which they don’t mention if registered with the ATF

  19. This case, and other similar ones, have been covered in a California specific forum and involve the dates of transfer for the rifle attempting to be registered.

    What has been happening is that people go to register a rifle that they have owned for many years, but there was some sort of event that made it look like it was purchased after 2017 when the new CA assault weapon ban went into effect making that rifle not eligible for AW registration. In this case there was a divorce with some sort of pawn shop transfer to get it into his name instead of his wife. Another case a person was in a car accident in 2017 with his rifle in the car and ended up in the hospital. The sheriff secured his rifle and returned it to him, but the paperwork involved made it look like a 2017 purchase even though he had owned it since 2005. Again, the new CA AW law into effect in 2017 with a window until the end of this month to register anything grandfathered in prior to 2017.

  20. Under Haynes v The United States Kitschsnmann was exempt from registration because to do so would violate his 5th Amendment rights.

    Pro tip:. In the world of as it is if you have an weapon that is illegal don’t tell anybody about it.

    • You have a launcher? I have to put a plastic propeller on the nosecone, attach a big rubber band, wind up the prop, and throw the rocket into the air by hand. And I am the only one on the block who can afford the means to launch rockets. Sounds like you live in Nirvana.

  21. two lessons learned here:
    1. complying with registration laws is risky and liable to be a bad idea,
    2. CA is a good state to be from.

  22. Wow, 230 rounds! I have a bit more .38 special rounds than that for a S&W .38 Special +p snub nose revolver that I don’t even shoot.

  23. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in 2017 California passed a Bill that allows California Gun Owners to buy as much Ammunition as they want from Out Of State, as long as Ammunition is sent to a Licensed FFL California Vendor.

    • …who can charge you $100 for a background check if he so desires.

      I guarantee none of them will do it for free. And there’s no law (AFAIK) forcing them to do it at all.

        • The law is blatently unconstitutional. California cannot impose their law on other States. The sale of ammunition is not regulated by federal beyond a few age restrictions. Once a person leaves the State, California loses jurisdiction.

          • “Once a person leaves the State, California loses jurisdiction.”

            And jurisdiction pertains once a resident re-enters Californication.

            If the residents of Californication are prohibited from possessing an item within the state, or required to register the item (or obtain a permit to possess), then importing said item puts the importer (purchaser of a prohibited item in another state) is in violation of the possession law of Californication.

            It is not the purchase outside of Californication that is illegal. It is the possession inside Californication of prohibited/regulated items that violates the law. The shorthand explanation/code is to state that purchasing the prohibited/regulated item is a crime in and of itself, regardless of the location outside Californication.

        • Possesion of said ammunition is not prohibited. The law merely requires a background check for ammunition sold in tbe State. Requiring a California resident to get a background check on ammunition purchased out of State when he may legally possess that ammunition violates the interstate commerce clause.

      • Background checks with resulting fees are limited but transfer fees of ammo or firearms can vary according to whom you want to deal with. Certainly, you would call around to different dealers to find what each charges before you order anything…that’s just common sense.

    • I used it as an excuse to finally take up reloading. I would like to get more 8M3 though.

  24. “shall not be infringed” covers it all.

    It’s In our Bill of RIGHTS, aka known as The Supreme Law of THIS Land.
    The US Constitution.

    There are no and can never be, a “reasonable” infringement.
    Intrinsically, Utterly impossible.

    Such anti-laws are fake, just like the FEDs’ Perpetual Debtor Noted “money”~!!!

    • You’d loose that bet with the “Suspension Clause of 1787 (Article One, Section 9, Clause 2) which was specifically written into the US Constitution by Executive Order of President George Washington.

    • ” “shall not be infringed” covers it all.

      It’s In our Bill of RIGHTS, aka known as The Supreme Law of THIS Land.
      The US Constitution.”

      So is, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,…”


  25. We who are alive today, have never lived in a US Constitutional Republic.

    But its encouraging to see that more and more of us are demanding to.

    There is but One Law in the Untied States and it is the Law of This LAND, and it is the US Constitution.

    “Don’t Tread on me” has a deep meaning. The word Tread is about the RIGHT to be Respected by our Public Servants.

    If you wish to live long and prosper, DON’T be disrespectful of us.

    The RIGHT to OWN Guns and Ammo is to be a protected, respected RIGHT. It is not a wrong.

    His defense is all encompassed in this phrase, “shall not be infringed.”
    There are and can never be ANY “reasonable” infringements. Across the board, it covers all of it. the word “not” in the phrase has meaning, purpose and intent and remains forever binding upon our Public Servants.
    They, not us, have crossed the line of civility.

    If they do not stop, only bloodshed will ultimately result.

    Since no one gets into an office of Public Honor and Trust without taking the Oath, “infringement “laws” are themselves the violations. “Enacted” by Treasonous Actors. Their TREASON is against you, against me. Us.

    This guy was a sheep, but did not know it. Now he must face the difficult choice of waking up. ALL of us must.

    He should NEVER have sought to “comply.” They are ALL “infringement laws” that have to GO.
    Americans have a long Tradition of taking such matters into their own hands, as well we must from time to time.

    We are their real BOSS, and Public Servants who refuse to wake up, refuse to their own Peril. They each took an Oath, NOT to overturn US Constitutional Law but to UPHOLD, Protect and Defend it. It simply is not that complicated, but a 1776 Style Revolution may be our only remaining choice.

    Buzz words like “Vigilante” are not going to hold us back for much linger. You could say they have LOST their currency value. Kind of like the FEDS phony “money.”
    Perpetual Debtor Notes at ever increasing compounded USURY.

    They ARE putting the screws to us. And all of it is illegal. Their pretentious fake and phony “laws” are illegal.

    In saying this, does that make me a “radical” or does it make me a very good American?

    • The harsh truth is: “Might makes Right”. Government is the “might”.

      The constitution states, “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land;…”

      “We the People…” are entirely responsible for what the Government does, permits, restricts. “We the People…” agreed that we would be bound by “…the Law of the Land…”. Our first means of redress is to reward elected officials for their actions. If “We the People…” permit elected officials to do as they please, we have only ourselves to blame for losing control of our servants.

      If “We the People”, in a majority of those voting, decide to violate our own constitution, then “We the People” have the governance we chose, and deserve. If adherence to the constitution is disfavored by the bulk of the franchised, the remainder must comply, or take other actions to correct the drift of the nation. To date, it seems the majority of “We the People” are quite satisfied to allow governments to decide all things for us.

  26. Great… More left-coaster gonna be moving to Texas now. *sigh*
    I just wish they would learn how to drive courteously and dispose of their trash properly, not along our roads. (I-35 used to be clean, now it looks like 101 through San Jose!)

    Who would pay $100 (or more!) to watch our Gov Greg Abbot (in a wheelchair no less) get into the ring with Gov Moonbeam? My money is on Abbot wiping the floor with Moony’s butt!!

    I realized a bit ago, my .45 is illegal in Commiefornia…. I only have 10 and 12-round mags for it. Isnt the max 8? Another reason not to “go west young man”…..

    Trump had the right idea of a wall. Just the wrong placement. Needs to go all around Cali. At least most illegals from the south provide a decent service/work, unlike that forsaken state!

    • Magazine capacity for all handguns and rifles is 10 + 1 here in California ( except for tube fed .22s )

    • Jim, you don’t have to worry about “left coasters” who are leaving Kalifornia because of our oppressive gun laws. We’re the very one’s you’d want to have in Texas!

      • Californicators seem incapable of learning. There is now a ballot initiative asking to break the state into three pieces. The original intent was to give the non-city population representation in congress. To not be ruled by the big cities. As it turns out, in the break-up scheme, each piece will have a large urban component, permitting more Dimowits to be elected to the House and Senate (assuming the Congress would allow the break-up). The non-urban population would continue to be subjugated by the city dwellers.

  27. Anyone remember that very short story about the guy who wouldn’t surrender to the gun grabbers, fortified his house, went out with a bang….etc…

    I keep thinking it was by David Codrea, but part of me thinks it was by another 2A advocate who passed away in the past year or so…

  28. If this guy had just NEVER attempted to register his gun he would never be in this trouble today… Now he is looking at a felony and he will never be allowed to own a gun for the rest of his life…..

  29. If is was something like an 18th Century 2-pounder, it would would have a bore diameter of ~2.4-inches. And Cut a Horse in half at ~1,000-yards.

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