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On June 6, 2017, in a quiet residential area of Fresno, California, a home invasion resulted in a gunfight. The 30-year-old victim who fought back was wounded along with another man. The two home invaders were killed, as was the father of the wounded defender. The defensive firearm used by the homeowner was described as an AR-15.


Yang said the family was preparing to celebrate her brother-in-law’s birthday when in the early morning two armed suspects walked through their front door. The father, 69-year-old Chong Yee Yang, hollered to warn his children– one of his son’s (sic) ran out with an AR-15 and that’s when a gun fight began.

“On face value, it appears that these individuals are violent street gang members,” said Lt. Dave Madrigal, Fresno Police.

Elijah Mays, 27, and Xavier Williams, 23, are from Stockton and both have extensive criminal histories. Their records include murder, robbery, and home invasion charges.

No drugs were found at the house.


As a result of the shooting, Mays, Williams, and 69-year old Chong Yang died. Yang was the father of the 30-year old man. That man survived with only a wound to the shoulder, and Dyer said he remains in stable condition. Dyer said Mays and Williams were gang members. Criminal records from San Joaquin County show the two had been arrested previously for robbery, grand theft, and even murder. But why they came to the house armed is still being investigated.

It isn’t known if California’s severe restrictions on magazine capacity hampered the defensive shooter in this situation. Neither is it known how many crimes were likely prevented, and how many lives saved, by retiring Mays and Williams. Both were career criminals, aged 23, and 27 with the potential for hundreds of crimes in their future.

AR-15 type rifles are excellent choices for home defense. They’re powerful and easy to handle. With the right ammunition, they don’t over-penetrate. Normally, they have excellent magazine capacity to deal with multiple attackers, however it’s now illegal in California to sell any magazine greater than a 10-round capacity. After July 1, it will be illegal to own one.

Anti-rights activists claim that semi-auto rifles aren’t useful in defense of home and self. This situation is just another data point disproving that claim.

©2017 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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  1. Prepare for The_Resistance and everyone freaking out that he said that ARs make good HD guns . . .

  2. That sucks. Good on him for putting these two scumbags down, though. Maybe he saved many more lives down the road.

  3. The lefties weep that the perps weren’t 18-19 then they could claim 2 more “children” killed by evil scary black rifles.

  4. I live here and didnt hear about this one. I did a google search and its only covered in two sources. Yet another story burried by the libtard utopia filter agents.

    • Hey!! I live here too, what a world. On a more somber note, I wish that this man could have had his AR15 UN-hampered by our stup….uhm, malevolent Harass & Fiendstains (harris and feinstein) dynamic anti-gun duo. I wish that his AR could have been cosmetically unencumbered by our ineffective laws that target COSMETIC features and they do NOTHING to stop these criminals from procuring illegal firearms; our laws are meant ONLY to inhibit civilian firearms ownership. Prayers to this man for the loss of his father and good on him for ending these scum. I also heard ZERO about this until now. Thank you truly, TTAG for providing me with the truth that my local media simply overlooks to further their gun fear narrative!

    • I heard about it on KMJ during the Chris Daniel Show the day it happened and passed it on to ttag. They talked about it quite a bit but Dyer was slow with updates. It doesn’t seem the victims had any gang affiliation and there doesn’t seem to be a connection to the perps either, at least last I heard. I also haven’t heard any details on the AR and whether it met all of commiefornia’s stupid laws.

  5. I wonder if the weapons storage laws in California played a roll?
    I don’t think you have any storage laws for residential homes in Oklahoma. That’s probability why the home defender there got all three bad guys, because he didn’t have to remember the combination lock number under stress. Or forget where the key is.

    • Weapon storage laws? I have a j frame in my pocket and a 12 bore on top of the entertainment center in the living room and another upstairs.

      There is no law in CA that says I have to lock up or unload my weapons in my house. I will be held responsible should a minor get one of my guns and hurts someone with it.

      I do have safes. They are locked if I’m not home.

      • What about the Firearms storage laws in San Francisco???
        We talked about this on TTAG two years ago for those who have forgotten. How many other cities in the Golden State have storage laws in their city limits or counties???
        I don’t live there any more. I got the hell out.

        from June 2015

        from may 2016

        • San Francisco municipal laws are unenforcable garbage, except at the permits and commercial level, and those are mostly exploitative like “The Simpsons” $500 Leaving Town Tax. The exceptions are obvious laws like littering or pissing on the sidewalk. The idiotic board of stupidvisors signed laws to remove Bush from office and pull us out of Iraq. Is it really a suprise that they have retarded gun laws too? They have a law banning hollow points that everyone, includinng the cops, ignore and nobody cares…….. So no, San Francisco laws don’t count…. unless you’re Cheaper Than Dirt and you wont send ammo to SF.

        • For those who think this law can be ignored, I hope you never ever have to call the police to your home. Because when they investigate a breaking or some other crime they will see your unsecured weapons.
          I hate laws like this.

  6. We don’t have anywhere near enough information to speculate whether or not a 10-round magazine limitation contributed to the father’s death. I imagine there is a very good chance that the home invaders simply shot him dead immediately after the father yelled to the rest of the house.

    We do know one thing for certain: no one ever wanted less ammunition than they had going into a gunfight.

    • Assuming I went into a gunfight with the weapon closest to me as I type this, a .22 mag eight-shot revolver, I have to say that the lower limit on “too much ammo” would be two thousand rounds, as the weight could impede my movement.

      Other than weight, the only reason I can think of to call a large amount of ammo “too much” would be if it was several different kinds and I had to slow down to make sure I was reloading with the right stuff.

  7. I wouldn’t feel outgunned with 10round mags. I’d just have more. There’s more here than is reported. Maybe a relationship between the perps and the home invaded…glad they’re DEAD.

  8. I suspect it didn’t: California also has laws mandating features on ARs to make it difficult to reload, so if the 10 (or 11) rounds didn’t do the trick the defender probably would have lost.

      • The capacity may not have been the problem. It may have been the moronic “Bullet Button” limitation requiring you to push a button on the gun to load each bullet, effectively removing the intended semi-automatic functionality of the firearm. Might as well be using a bolt gun.

  9. They’ve passed enough laws as of this moment to neuter the design characteristics of the AR15 so badly that I am surprised the victim was able to put effective fire on the dead perps. They have turned a great weapon into a break action joke, any more laws pass and the AR is going to become a muzzle loader.

    The ONLY way to ensure a chance at living through a home invasion like this is an AR that doesn’t follow the stupid laws. With zero chance of changing them due to Democrat majorities in the big cities, the people are stuck unless the Supremes can ride in to save the day; but states rights have us screwed on this one. Adding a right to firearms ownership is moot, and with the gruesome twosome of Newsom sparring with DeLeon, not to mention Harris and Fienstein, we got an iron curtain of anti-americans.

    • People have spewed so much misinformation and passed so many invalid laws that it’s hard to keep things straight sometimes.

      The United States of America is a constitutional republic. Its constitution specifically limits what it can do, and enumerates rights that its people have that the government of the people cannot touch. Any thing that is not specifically excluded as the a right to the people or the power of the federal government can then be governed at the state level. If the states do not wish to follow these laws, they are in violation.

      The union and the states do not have the right to violate your God given rights. Hence the 2nd amendment. Evil people have twisted our republic, that protects everyone through the individual’s rights, into a democracy, that a “majority rules”.

      States do have rights, but not at the expense of the over-arching US constitutional document. Every person has a say does not mean majority rules. Otherwise, the state that doesn’t wish to follow those rules can secede from the union. Just as the federal government has exceeded its bounds and needs to be reigned in. Evil people have corrupted the mechanism, and one of the first things they did was confuse people so they don’t know what’s broke and how to fix it.

      • I concur, BUT this is California we are talking about, the air, the water, the sunlight is different. hehe Seriously though, the first case that argues FOR the 2nd’s protection of enshrined agency to choose what weapon and in what style judged most conducive to successful self defense that goes AGAINST this states laws no matter HOW unconstitutional is NOT something any of us are jumping at the chance to have first crack at. What if the Supremes voted AGAINST that theoretical case? What then? It would have far ranging effects across the country. And once a Demmy gets in high office, it would become a mallet to pound away at the rest of the states. That’s why leaving is IMHO the best method of retaining the right to self defense with the weapon of your choice configured however YOU deem it necessary.

    • IYearn4nARnCali,

      In settings that ban effective self-defense configurations of AR-15s, I really wish a major firearm manufacturer would offer a semi-auto rifle in .357 Magnum with a tube magazine that holds 12 rounds.

      Such a rifle would have about a 20 inch barrel which is short enough to be useful for self-defense in your home. And that barrel would launch full power 125 grain bullets at something like 2,200 fps which is a fantastic velocity/energy for promptly stopping human attackers at close range.

      Also of note: such a rifle, with a tube magazine, in a caliber that was developed 83 years ago, in a handgun caliber no less, would be much harder to ban even in California.

      • I like the way you think, Uncommon_Sense! But, it would smack against our “high” capacity magazine legislation that is set to further infringe our rights. I know, that you are talking about a tubular magazine which is not the same thing as a detachable box magazine, but you have to think the way those beasts do. EVERYTHING is evil when the complete and utter removal of firearms from America is your purpose in life, as it is with the Bloomberg Brigade.

    • “The ONLY way to ensure a chance at living through a home invasion like this is an AR that doesn’t follow the stupid laws.”
      The gun you refer to is called a Mini-14. While still limited by the 10-round limit, there’s no need for a bullet button, so changing mags is easy.
      If the features that make an AR an AR are only cosmetic, then a Mini-14 fits the need.
      Accuracy? At 10 yards max? Pretty good.
      Ergonomics? The damn thing works, what else do you need?
      Personally, I don’t see the fascination with needing an AR that’s crippled by (illegal) laws, when a perfectly workable (and that’s what you need in a case of self-defense) alternative is available.
      But that’s just me.
      I don’t even own an AR; my home defense weapon is 12 ga. If I feel the desire to shoot a rifle, my 7.62×39 rifles and Mosins serve me well. I used the real thing (M-16), and it served its purpose well, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only tool available.
      But, again, that’s just my opinion.

      • To your point, which I agree with, perhaps I chose the wrong word, and ONLY was too strong, but I meant in the context of the OP. An AR that is in the configuration the OWNER decides suits their needs, mostly the original configuration, is what I was driving at; and it should Trump the stupid laws we have here. I like the Mini’s, but I need to design a bottom metal adapter for the Mini to accept AR mags so I can become a billionaire and fight an epic battle against Everytown and Moms Demand, a kraken against a kraken. Sorry, I get a little carried away sometimes, hahaha.

  10. “Elijah Mays, 27, and Xavier Williams, 23, are from Stockton and both have extensive criminal histories. Their records include murder, robbery, and home invasion charges.”

    And they are walking the streets.

  11. Yes in the case of bullet button

    Thats in combination white flash hider, telescoping stock and pistol grip (only 1 “feature” is allow toigether white 10 round limited under the “asault” weapon ban ) it s an extreme limitation of your defense rights !

  12. Criminals with Felony convictions owning gun tell me it ain’t so! F***ing Democrats driving up gun prices again, still, Not in the land of the whispering bush where sheep are protected and men and Boys are fair game!

    • Would be very surprised to see if further investigation doesn’t reveal the defenders had criminal ties – armed criminals rarely target random civilians

      • I don’t know where you got that stat from. We had a whole rash of home invasions some few years ago which included a 63 yo woman that got shot, she lived.

        None of these folks were in the criminal life.

  13. Kel-Tec SU16-CA is so far IMHO the best workaround to these dumb arse laws in Cali. No it isn’t a Battle rifle but lets get real here IF you know what you’re doing and an actual battle did arise the Kel-Tec would serve you well. Then you just take the spoils of war. It’s a great HD rifle but you’ll be deaf after you fire it in your home lol. HD doesn’t give you time to add ears when you need to defend. Mini 14 is a decent close range option as well , expensive after you do the upgrades but from the box good enough for 25 yd shooting.

    If you must have an AR there is a brand called the Fightlite SCR that uses AR uppers. I carried an M16 I don’t get the attraction to AR’s but maybe because I prefer rifles/shotguns and the ease of use.

  14. A prosperous family, with an ethic background that is often unarmed attracts home invasions.
    Only the young son was armed and despite being wounded, survived.
    Too bad that any good guys were wounded and died.

    • I live in CA. If Asians are choosing to be unarmed here I’m not seeing it. And they love them some ARs.

      And Fresno is a shall issue county. No reason for any honest citizen to be unarmed there.

  15. Are handguns allowed where this happened? Still a 10 round mag restriction? I think two 1911’s with Wilson or McCormick or anyone’s 10 round mags, even the 8 rounders with one in the pipe would be nice to have tucked in your waistband, or a striker fire if you don’t like cocked and locked… in addition to the AR or Mini 14…

  16. Not completely aware of all gun laws in California and other states that have placed limits on magazine capacity. Is there any restrictions as to how many magazines you can have or buy? It not, buy as many as you think you might need and feel safe with. Then practice with unloading and reloading in case of a home invasion like the one in story. yeah I know, someone is going to blast me for saying practice loading procedures and some nut will do the same thing. Pretty sure they already thought of that though.


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