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From Diamondback Firearms . . .

Diamondback Firearms is proud to announce the release of our latest firearm, the Diamondback Sidekick Birdshead Revolver.

“We are proud to offer the new Sidekick Birdshead,” says Grant Hoskins, Diamondback Marketing Manager. “It is the perfect second edition to the already popular Diamondback Sidekick. Just like its big brother, it will include interchangeable cylinders from 22LR to 22 Mag.”

Featuring a frame and handle made from zinc with Cerakote finish, this compact revolver stands at just 4.95” in height and has a total length of 7.83”. The 3” barrel has a 1:16 RH twist, and the revolver has a width of 1.40” while weighing in at 24.5 ounces.

With a capacity of 9 rounds, the Diamondback Sidekick Birdshead Revolver is perfect for personal protection or target shooting. The single action trigger pull is a lightweight 2lbs, while the double action trigger pull is a smooth 16lbs. The front sights feature a blade design, and the rear sights are integral in the design of the revolver.

Priced at just $327.00, the Diamondback Sidekick Birdshead Revolver is an affordable and reliable choice for any shooter. Don’t miss your chance to own this top-quality revolver. Available on dealers shelves late second quarter of 2023!

For more information, visit our website or contact our customer service team. For PR enquirers please email [email protected]


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  1. hit a birdseye with a birdshead, clarence. easier than hitting a bullseye with a bullhead- too slippery.

    • I’ve not caught a Bullhead in years. They used to be in just about every pond I’d fish.
      Things are changing, used to see a lot of green herons and few grey herons , now that’s reversed, bullfrogs are getting scarce too. Maybe the grey herons are eating them?

      • Except the High Standard was made of steel by a well respected maker and this is made out of melted down hotwheel cars.

      • Yes, I used to have a High Standard and it was all steel. Great little hideout gun. I also have a Rohlm in .22 short that I am waiting to trade in whenever there is a “buy back” close enough to make it worth while driving there. It doesn’t register in single action but registers in double action — go figure. A guy wanted $10 for it and I told him it wasn’t worth $10 so he said, “Take it.” And I did. I figure whatever I get for it, it’s 100% profit. I don’t know anybody I dislike enough to give it to, so I will have to wait for a “buy back.”

        Not sure I would want to set off a .22 magnum in a zinc frame.

        • I’m sure I wouldn’t; catastrophic failure invitation you’d think. But Heritage sells rough rider s/a revolvers for decades, and no-one really hears about their .22 magnum/LR frames cracking or worse. My first revolver was Heritages’ 9 shot which failed to hold battery after about 18 shots, and who’s replacement under warrantee lasted about the same number. I too am waiting for a buyback program to salvage what I can. Zinc frames do not inspire confidence or anything even close to “top quality”, as one ad referred to the Sidekick.

  2. Not for $327 Diamond Back.
    theBiden has two more years, a loaf of bread should be around $12 by the time he gets re elected, companies are going
    to feel the crunch because people just aren’t going to have money to throw around like they used to.
    I’m kinda of the mindset of Boycott everything until some changes are made in the White House.

  3. I’d buy one. Or two. More firepower than a SA Rough Rider. And you can reload faster with the diamondback.

    • A Kel-Tec P17 has more firepower, a better trigger, more rounds, quicker reloads, is lighter, and still probably better built. The P17 is also way cheaper.

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