detroit police dogs shot doggie death squad
Detroit Police HQ, Image: Mr. Granger [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Sadly, for all of you (us) canine lovers out there, we’ve published more than our share of stories about cops shooting dogs over the years. Whether it’s during a no-knock raid, a standard call or just a random encounter, pooches and police can be a volatile mix.

That’s not to say all cops are dog murderers. But from reading accounts from all over the country (and elsewhere), some officers of the law certainly seem to go for the gun rather quickly when encountering man’s best friend.

As Reason reports, the city of Detroit — which evidently has quite a history of this — is about to shell out a good amount of cash over three dead dogs that resulted from a warrant served while searching for weed.

The City of Detroit will pay out $60,000 to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit by a woman who says police wantonly shot and killed her three dogs during a marijuana raid three years ago.

The plaintiff, Nikita Smith, claimed in a 2016 lawsuit that officers from Detroit’s Major Violators Unit acted as a “dog death squad” when they executed a narcotics search warrant on her house for a suspected marijuana offense, shooting three of her pit bulls, including one that was behind a closed bathroom door. Extremely graphic photos entered into evidence in the case show bullet holes riddling the outside of the door and the dog dead inside the bathroom.

Be warned: that last link is ugly. What was the result of the raid on Ms. Smith’s home?

Smith was arrested for marijuana possession, but the charges were later dropped when officers failed to appear in court.

Nice. Detroit’s vice cops seem to have a history of plugging pets.

The settlement is the latest in a string of costly payouts for Detroit due to dog shootings during drug raids. It also set new precedent in Fourth Amendment law. Detroit tried to argue that, since Smith’s dogs were unlicensed, in violation of Detroit’s municipal code, she had no legitimate property interest in them under the Fourth Amendment. The court rejected this argument.

Smith’s attorney, Chris Olson, calls the decision “a milestone in police-dog shooting cases that continue to plague the United States.

Reason reports that the unit that killed Smith’s pets shot 54 dogs in 2017. And one of the cops involved in the Smith incident has shot 80 dogs over the years.

The Reason story (read the whole thing) goes on to detail other six-figure settlements the city has paid as a result of a lot of dead dogs. The biggest tragedy, besides the loss of dearly loved pets, may be that the city’s taxpayers are the ones left holding the bag rather than the canicidal cops themselves.



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  1. My neighbor has had her dog shot by law enforcement. ,,,,, Once upon a time I called the law because a pickup was cutting donuts in the soy beans. Cop shows up to take report, boldly marching towards me. My dogs were trained and did not appreciate a bold March towards me. I told the cop stay in your truck, but NO. The deputy Sheriff had his hand on his gun ready to shoot. ” Huh, I make a report and you come out here to shoot my dogs?” It was close to being a bad thing. Dogs don’t like being yelled at by people they don’t know, just give the owners a little time and things go smoother.. … Why do cops like shooting big dogs? ,,, There easier to hit then the little ones.

    • Don’t call the cops unless you want soneone (or something) shot.
      They have ONE tool in their toolbag and one brain cell in the brain pan.

    • LEOs are trained to take charge when they respond. And that’s a good thing, in the vast majority of cases.
      Unfortunately, far too many people, including some LEOs, believe in Zero Tolerance.

  2. “Reason reports that the unit that killed Smith’s pets shot 54 dogs in 2017. And one of the cops involved in the Smith incident has shot 80 dogs over the years.”
    – – – – – – – – – – – –

    I have no problem with a cop shooting a dog that is attacking somebody. But those two sentences get right to the problem, why in the hell are so many dogs getting shot? Most cops never fire their guns in their entire careers other than at a shooting range. How in the hell can a cop who has shot 80 dogs get away with it? There’s no way in hell those are all defensive!

    • hey if I have a dog that does not obey me and attacks somebody I will shoot it myself until then leave my dogs alone

    • It might be that they’re just quick on the trigger but it’s also that drug dealers often use pitbulls and other dogs that they train to be very aggressive.

      • and not to justify drug dealers using pit bulls, but when cops started sicking german shepherds on drug dealers … the drug dealers responded the way any normal human would.
        get their own dogs that can take down german shepherds.
        cops started it … drug dealers are finishing it.
        once again, i despise drug dealers.
        but every action causes another.
        for some reason politicians and cops never seem to realize that.

    • I value my very small dogs more than the vast majority of people out there. Entering my house under some made up circumstance and my dogs are the last thing anyone should be concerned about. Pull your gun on my five pound dog and your already past being in deep sh*t. Castle doctrine is just that my castle.

  3. “since Smith’s dogs were unlicensed, in violation of Detroit’s municipal code, she had no legitimate property interest in them under the Fourth Amendment.”

    Um, unless I’m missing something, didn’t this court just make mandatory, monetary compensation for destroyed contraband? A guy with an unregistered machinegun damn sure still has a legitimate property interest in them (since a registered equivalent can be many thousands of dollars). I rather imagine bump stock owners likewise have a legitimate interest in the value of their lawfully-purchased property.

    No way this ruling stays upheld for long.

    • No, this ruling does not entitle people to compensation when police seize contraband because dogs are not contraband.

      • The dogs were illegal property (ie contraband); they would be seized & destroyed had she refused to register them. They shot the dogs for no reason, not because she refused to register them & they were taken/destroyed under due process. I say it’s a distinction without a difference, from contraband, and I hope someone in that jurisdiction makes the same argument regarding guns or drugs, frankly.

        • You can buy a vehicle, place it on your property, don’t title it or pay the city tag fee/etc.
          You might be fined but the city won’t claim the car is contraband – your ownership is not in question.

          The popo was a tad smarter they mighta checked to see if the owner had proof of vaccination, at least they coulda claimed they thought they were rabid.

  4. I’m sick of every cop doing a mag dump in every shooting. I don’t think the current crop are receiving a proper amount of training

    • The problem is the training. Also why you see an increased frequency of the shooting each other.

      The free pass they get doesn’t help either. You’re starting to see more cops changed for excessive force and shooting people who don’t need shot.

      I don’t hate all cops just the worthless ones. Some really good ones out there. Clean up your house and stop covering up wrong doing.

    • Well… if they carried something with a little more power then a 9mm… just saying. When cops carried .45s and .357s they didn’t have to shoot the perp 24 times.

      • +1 Cops need to go back to carrying .357 revolvers. And if they’re too wimpy to shoot .357s they can carry .38s. Very few cops ever need to fire their guns in anger, and far fewer need to do mag dumps. If the shit gets too thick they’ll all still have their ARs in the cruiser anyway.

        • The ARs should be replaced with lever actions in .357. Require the cops to take a definite action before every shot is fired, not just pulling the trigger.

        • People here know I’ve been advocating the LEO’s return to the days of carrying a S&W Model 10 loaded with .38 Special. It appears that I was merely ahead of my time.

          You’re advocating for .357’s. I think that, in light of LEO’s affirmative action hiring practices, that might be a little too stout for the poor dears.

          Let’s compromise and allow them to carry carry .38 +P’s.

        • While I agree with LE carrying larger rounds, I think you guys are starting to wander into pro gun control territory by making this about semi autos. The idea that “making them preform an action before each shot” is something I’d expect Diane Fienstine to say. Meanwhile, doing such things would do little to prevent cops from shooting too many dogs or people. I suggested bigger rounds because of the stouter recoil and bigger muzzle flash, and greater energy the round puts on target. That in turn, I believe would cut down on smaller, more feminine, emotionally unstable women, and weaker male recruits, which I think is the problem. Physically small and weak people often over compensate with bravado or anger. Regular sized adult men in fairly fit shape likley won’t feel as much fear or panic from a dog when they know they can manhandle it, same with adverse people.

        • Chris, with an ‘amen’ from the choir, I wouldn’t be opposed to a scoped .308 (with some range time) in case they run into a situation that just won’t wait for the SWAT sniper.

          DG, the nice thing about a .357 is that if you can handle the hot loads you can shoot them and if you can’t then .38s or .38+ps work just fine too.

          C…rad, the flip side of that argument is that civilians should be able to own anything the civilian police can be equipped with. I.E. fully auto AR-15s. If we’re going to draw a line it should be the same line for cops and civilians.

      • Cops carried .32s and .38s for year with 6 shots. They relied on shot placement and/or the bluff of being in control. They also used nightsticks and saps or sap gloves. They got in there and did their jobs. Spray and pray is something untrained gang bangers do.

        Revolvers did the job fine and the old time retired cops usually still carry one. The 21st century police forces could learn a lot from those old timer cops.

  5. The cop on that team that has shot over 80 dogs in his career so far, yeah that guy is a coward and straight up pure POS.

    I’m sure that psychopath just loves being able to play the power mover of blasting someone’s pet right in front of them and then shoving his rifle in their face.

    • Most cops don’t like to shoot dogs.
      The few who do, do it often enough to make it look like all cops are doing it.

      Obviously, these few psychos have no business carrying a gun in public, let alone badges.
      Also obviously, they have no fear of anybody taking away their jobs for being dangerous psychos.

    • Agreed. 80 dogs? This is a 100% coward piece of shit who probably tortured animals in his youth and is not necessary or wanted in society. If any Anti gunners want to know who to red flag… it’s this guy…. take his guns away. As Long as due process excludes his brothers in blue who will undoubtedly claim EVERY ONE of those dogs was moments away from killing them all.

      • Yep, any of his teamates that had a knowledge of his totals should also be canned.

        Police unions also are accomplices in these crimes since the penalties get shifted to the taxpayer.

    • 80 dogs from one “officer”? I think the number of dogs murdered by police each year may exceed the ~400 people murdered with a rifle each year.

  6. If the public wants to prevent mag dumps and improve accuracy/training then it’s time to enforce ‘Revolvers Only’ for the service weapons of police.

    Those growing up in the 1960s/70s saw that is what the police carried. I can remember the nightly news banging on how the police were out-gunned by the criminals. Well, we’ve come full circle now when it comes to this particular arms race.

    Carrying only 2-3 speed loaders and a Revolver would certainly decrease mag dumps. unrealistic I know…just a thought.

    • I wouldn’t say revolvers but I would say larger calibers as I noted above. For completely logical and even pro LE reasons. Figure, they carry a modern 1911 or really any platform, but in .45, 10mm or any significantly larger caliber then 9. A more powerful round that will put a threat down quicker, but with greater recoil, which will create a more demanding and more rigorus training standard. No more physically weak recruits who have no buisness in LE and struggle to aim and hold the weapon properly. Physically stronger officers will also be more confident and effective in their hands on abilities and less likely to panic. I think the biggest problem in LE isn’t even militarization or lack of training, I think it’s affirmative action policies that have lead to a “anyone can be a cop” attitude forced on many depts, under threat of federal lawsuit. Small, weak people have no buisness in a job that requires physical violence.

      • Larger calibers only help if you actually hit the target. With police routinely turning in sub 20% hit rates, more power only equals more danger to the public. The nature and understanding of handgun combat has changed, now high round count is considered good…just like gaining fire superiority in a military engagement is good. The model perhaps should be cops without guns…exept those who can actually shoot well. If the standard test were actually a challenge most cut cops would fail at the moment.

    • It’s not about training or equipment, this crap is 100% about accountability, or rather lack thereof. You could issue all cops Desert Eagles and hundreds of hours of marksmanship training/practice, and as long as they continue to have unofficial blanket legal immunity nothing will change.

    • Government employees should always be outgunned by citizens. We are the masters and they are the servants.

      • yep and if they refuse to allow us any particular tool for defense then take away from them EVERY means of defense other than their own body including battons, saps and tazers. Then also make them personally liable for any bad actions as part of their duties. Problem solved

    • Same. Especially a trigger happy cop. My dogs are well behaved and quiet. When they are loud, they have good reason. A cop puts his hands on his weapon, mine is going to unload first. ESPECIALLY if I am the one who called them (which never happens – for good reasons).

    • JD and B.D.,

      Just to be clear, dogs are nothing more than property in our courts. That means the courts will be adamant that you are NOT legally justified to use deadly force to stop someone from killing your dogs. If you apply deadly force to police for attacking your dogs, you will go to prison for a very long time.

      Note: I vehemently condemn police who shoot dogs which are not a credible threat of maiming or killing someone. My comment above is not a defense of police. Rather, it is a “heads up”. As much as I hate to see police shoot dogs that are not a credible threat, I would hate it even more if I heard that you were going to prison for protecting your animals.

      • Your dogs are property. Police dogs are cops. Shoot one of theirs and you go to jail just like it was a person.

      • Uncommon_sense, for a lot of people, if you shoot their dog, the law goes out the window. Blood for blood, Life for death, become the law of the land. Its grounds to start a war over.

  7. You will never win with the public when you shoot the family dog. I understand when someone is being mauled to death and so does everyone else.

    While I’m on the rant how about that throw a flash bang in the baby crib and blame the infant for not moving. Where wastage National outcry from the cops??? There wasn’t any.

    You lose credibility went you cover for bad cops.

    INCLUDING SWAT. What crap. First they do is shoot your dog’s. Remember Ruby Ridge the U.S. Marshals were illegal on the property and shot the Weaver kid’s dog. Death followed.

    Wait for the Red Flag laws and they start shooting the dogs. How times, oh I’m sorry wrong Fucking house.

    I’m tired of you fearing for your life and the crap I go home at night. Most of us just pet the Damn dog. I said it before going home at night was NEVER on the table in the Army. It was the mission at all costs.

    The cops who shoot dogs just because they can are just FUCKS!

    • Let’s face it…there are a lot of chickenshit cops out there. They seem to think when they pin that badge on, it gives them a license to kill.

      They say “everyone wants to go home at night.” But yet, we have seen on tv where multiple cops have emptied their mags into a car when the vehicle was not moving. We see them shooting unarmed people, dragging pregnant women out of their vehicles and thrown to the ground, beatings of people who are on the ground and not resisting, etc.

      The cops want to go home at night. I’m sure that the people who are shot in the back because they are running away, also wanted to go home to their family. Or the people who were shot multiple times, when a shot in the leg would have disabled most people.

      Maybe if the tables were turned, and the cops who die in the line of duty, were instead, just shot in the leg; would not their families be more happy to at least have them still with them, instead of 6 foot in the ground ?

      Perhaps I am wrong, but I think there are cops who never should have been allowed to pin on a badge. I don’t know whether they become jaded from having to deal with today’s society, or whether they had a personality flaw that truly made them unsuited for the job to begin with.

  8. Now if they can find a way to take that $60,000 out of the cops pensions instead of directly from the innocent taxpayers I’d call that progress.

    • How does the dog owner get a $60,000 award??? I can see the dog owner getting replacement cost (maybe on the order of $800 per dog for a total of $2,400) and a little something extra (time and travel expenses to acquire the replacement dogs). So, maybe as much as $4,000. Where does the extra $56,000 come into play?

      Note: since our courts consider dogs to be nothing more than personal property, dog owners should not be able to claim anything along the lines of “pain and suffering”, just like you could not claim “pain and suffering” for the cops destroying your front door.

      • In a word, trauma. Same if it was simply your door, too. Let’s say police just light up your door for no reason. There’s a reasonable expectation outside of mere cost of the door it would be a fairly traumatizing experience. Personally I’m not sure about 60 grand either, but having violence done upon you or your property is “worth” more then the simple cost of the object in question.

      • ‘Where does the extra $56,000 come into play?’

        Like Conelrad said, mental trauma. Your home is your castle and having the state invade your home and kill your pets without just cause is out of line. Many states have a thing in civil cases called ‘trebling’ which is basically the concept that because your behavior was especially egregious you have to pay 3 times the damages as a punitive measure. Combine the two and I think the cops (i.e. taxpayers) got off easy. Unfortunately the actual bad behavior goes unpunished while the taxpayers foot the bill. There’s a fundamental flaw in that principal.

        Also, I am not a robot.

      • you miss the whole point of civil settlements, which is to disincentivized the bad behavior. $60k is TOO LITTLE to make a dent in a bureaucracy’s budget. should have been $6M, OR have the cop pay the $60K out of his pocket.

      • Conelrad and Governor Le Petomane,

        In this case the police were serving a search/arrest warrant at the woman’s home. Therefore, the woman cannot claim any sort of “trauma” in any civil case as far as I can tell. If the police needlessly broke a piece of furniture in the process, all she can claim is replacement cost for that particular piece of furniture.

        Again, I am not defending police actions in any way, shape, or form. I simply cannot see how this woman gets a judgement that is 10 to 20 times greater than the replacement cost of her dogs.

        • Two things; first she wasn’t convicted of any crime, so yes, she can claim emotional trauma. Not sure of the exact circumstances of the raid in this case, but if a SWAT team invaded my home in the middle of the night, maybe tossed a couple flash bang grenades to wake me up and get me out of bed, pointed their fully automatic rifles at me, forced me to the floor and handcuffed me while they ransacked my house only to find nothing (or a small amount of pot, which I don’t smoke so they wouldn’t find any) – I think I could rightly claim to have suffered mental and emotional trauma over it even if they didn’t shoot my pets.

          Second, pets are different than other property. Maybe you don’t have any pets, but I’d guess the vast majority of pet owners wouldn’t accept $60,000 from someone to shoot and kill their pets. The closest you could get to that in furniture would be perhaps an antique that your grandfather built and maybe it isn’t worth $600 but you wouldn’t part with it for $60,000. But even then there’s still a big difference between destruction of property and killing a pet.

  9. Several years ago I was stopped by a WHP. Had my Golden in the pick up bed. As this little (short) shit approached my window my dog was barking and wagging her tail in a happy dance. Said little shit swung wide w/hand on gun then demanded I get her “under control” or he would shoot her. When the little shit got to my window, still showing a threat (hand on gun) I replied in a conversational tone that HE might be shot if he shot my dog. He did back down. He was fired from WHP 6 months later for same actions.
    All for a burned out license plate light.
    1. I don’t recommend my behavior as par for the course.
    2. If possible have dog(s) in the cab area so as not to scare little shits.

    • I generally have nothing nice to say about the performance of the WHP as a result of my interaction with them at accident scenes. They’re usually just lurking around the scene like a bunch of buzzards circling, waiting for someone to die, or for someone to stand up so they can shove a breathalyzer in their mouth.

      But do something useful like control traffic and keep the traffic hazard off of FF/EMT’s working the scene? That’s clearly someone else’s job.

      • I, too, have witnessed this strange practice. Must be in the “How to be a (jack off) HP osiffer.” I have met some (1) that wasn’t a jack off, but they are very rare.

    • Hrm, I had a cop threaten to shoot ME. because i politely disclosed that I had a CPL and that I did have gun with me at the beginning of our interaction (speeding stop) – as is required by my state’s law… pretty much in those exact words. He asked where the gun was and I told him I had already put it and its holster under my seat so it’s out of the way and wouldn’t be a “surprise”.
      He went on to yell at me about how if he had seen it he’d have his gun to my head and he could shoot me and blahblahblah… I was like “yeah, that’s why I put it under the seat where you wouldn’t see it and I couldn’t easily reach it, before you came up. I just said that.” This was years before the Philando incident. Also, the speeding ticket was BS. I was in a 20yr old car, on a cold engine, in winter cold snap. I couldn’t have been speeding even if I wanted to.
      But that story got me out of jury duty once… so it wasn’t all negative.

  10. 80 dogs? Pooch grim reaper. Just for the record, in certain urban drug and crime infested areas there are tons of dogs. In early 90’s Newark there were thousands of stray dogs in the streets,many of them pit bulls. I can see having to shoot a few over decades on a drug task force but 80? He enjoys it and his team enjoys him enjoying it. Sick stuff.

    • Interesting that you say this. Can you imagine what it would be like to work every day with someone who made a routine out of killing (80) dogs? Is a man like this someone you’d like to have lunch with, ride in a patrol car with, or—and this can happen much easier than you might think—have a guy like this in a supervisory position over you? What kind of people does it take to work with a person like this without being so disgusted at just being in his presence that they’d want to look for another job? If you answer that question you’ll have a pretty good impression of the kind and quality of people who come to work in that cop shop.

      • Pardon the pun but you’re spot on. You probably have heard about the link between animal killing and torture and psychopaths. I wouldn’t be comfortable relying on a psychopath to have my back in a dangerous job. That PD is cultivating killers. Those types should be excluded during the recruitment process during some sort of psych eval or testing. This is all sorts of f’d up. Imagine what a psycho who killed 80 dogs on the job as a cop(not even animal control mind you) does off the books. I’ve seen dangerous animals put down too and that bathroom photo in the article looks crazy. Just like abusers seek out youth with unattentive single parents this type of nutjob could seek out impoverished high crime areas because they know the oversight just won’t be there. Can’t believe that guy still has a job.

  11. first of all, the government needs to get out of the business of raiding homes for marijuana. save that stuff for the more deadly and addictive stuff like meth and opioids.

    second, a $60k settlement isn’t all that much. make it $6M and then you will get their immediate attention.

    • I watched one of the “Cops” type shows recently, and they pulled a guy over with paper (Temporary) tags on his just bought, the day before, used beater car. They pulled him over for not completely stopping at a stop sign. He just didn’t quite stop, there was no one at any of the other corners of the intersection, and it was like 1am. So they check his papers and all that, and here comes the “May we search your vehicle?” and he says, “OK!”, not knowing that under the seats the dog would hit on what was left of an old old joint, he gets cuffed for a while, but the Sergeant comes out and actually has a brain and tells the cop who pulled him over to let him go as it will be impossible to convict him when he had just bought the car and the joint was literally falling apart from being there a long long time. The patrol cop argued and argued with the Sgt and after sitting on the curb for almost 40 minutes, the driver was released. On top of the cop who pulled him over being an idiot, he threatened to kill the driver’s Pit Bull, who was as nice as he could be, twice. He was obviously terrified of him, and a woman officer who came for back up, laughed at him and smootched the dog while the original cop warned her to be careful. IMHO, that guy shouldn’t have a gun and shouldn’t be on the street. Filing is more his speed. Bad cops need to be removed from the street, not left out there until something bad happens and it costs the city/county big bucks. As time goes by, I think that states will pass laws allowing people to collect pain and suffering money for pets shot needlessly by cops. A lot of my friends are retired cops and they all say that they would have felt terrible if they had to shoot a dog for even a legit reason, and if their partner shot one for no reason, he wouldn’t be their partner for long.

  12. Dogs 🐕 getting shot ! Wait until THEY start “RED FLAGGING ” political opposition, self-proclaimed Sovereign Citizens, NRA members, TTAG commenters–(Molon Labe…) Might NOT have a choice…You might “NOT want to die upon that mountain ” but you might NOT have a choice…I said the same Damn thing before…It was bad ju ju when the government allowed the police departments to Paramilitarized…Now you have a “standing army” who is going to regulate all YOUR constitutional rights…

    • They dress up like soldiers and claim honor that is not there’s. Where’s the usual comments from cops about how we aren’t trained.

      What proves my point is do you see the regular cops who post here condemning a POS shooting 80 dogs? How about my comment on SWAT throwing a flash bang into a crib and then blaming an infant for not moving. See any outrage?

      They need to take the toys away, go back to revolvers and shotguns.

  13. actually … the answer to all of it … is to hold cops accountable for their misdeeds.
    until that happens it will never change.

    • You’re right. Somehow personal responsibility never gets past the thin blue line. There’s not much of a movement among honest cops to hold the scum accountable either. I don’t view all LE as criminals but I understand people who fear or hate them based on the actions of the few. If men are to have the power to impact lives so greatly and even end lives there has to be more accountability.

  14. How much you wanna bet that the cop in question is a ‘roided-up douchebag with full sleeve tats on both arms?

  15. I live in Detroit and we have a rampant problem with wild dogs, and with folks who buy dogs and train them to be hyper-aggressive. If that woman was selling dope, I’m pretty sure her dogs were not couch pets. Best place to put your angry pooch? ext to your stash.

  16. I live in Detroit and we have a rampant problem with wild dogs, and with folks who buy dogs and train them to be hyper-aggressive. If that woman was selling dope, I’m pretty sure her dogs were not couch pets. Best place to put your angry pooch? Next to your stash.

  17. A very important topic being discussed here and too many fantastic comments or solutions for me to quote/support. I really like a lot of what’s being stated here. My mind first went to what mailmen and delivery drivers have routinely suffered over the years that’s frequently used in comedic fashion on television and movies. These people have only three options. Stay in the vehicle, pepper spray or the well working “Do you mind if I give your pet a doggie treat?” My hounds used to love it when the delivery truck would show up, treat time! lol. Concerning the dog mix, like I stated before here, outside of people, drug, bomb type stuff requiring “tracking”, etc. That dogs should be removed from the plateau, when it comes to attacking/confrontation with people, just my personal opinion. “Merlin” made a strong point about criminals and people in general moving over to pit bulls to do their thing and where they got it from. Plus, for many owners, just an extension of their tattooed and body piercing personality hostility personas. I, personally am not a fan of pit bulls, because of what they were bred for is “still in their blood”, regardless of how they are raised and they can still be very unpredictable, not safe. I’ve seen super scary feats and other things by them in a bad way. My best friends wife is a pit bull rescue person and I respect that, but I don’t like being around them type of animals. I agree, it’s blatantly obvious this officer has a thing for shooting dogs, as some do shooting people, both must be accountable. Great idea about taking the money from the PD instead of the tax payer! I completely agree with going back to revolvers and shotguns, get rid of tasing, flash grenades, paramilitary conduit and home invasions, etc. It’s pure stupidity, that almost always leaves carnage behind of some sort, unethical procedures. The total lack of nonviolent intervention skills, mental and physical that are available to officers is just not being taught, implemented or used today. Let’s get it together fellas and be the positive exception to the current rule. I’ve seen too much old school police work to know that it works the majority of the time, if you want it to. As previously mentioned, all over a little pot or a light being out on a vehicle or even a non felony warrant, can be handled without escalating things into a death match, good grief. The bait and switch tactics is appalling, as Ruby Ridge was mentioned. If you’ve never heard or read what the late chief Supreme Court Justice John Marshall stated about the law encouraging men to do what they normally wouldn’t do on their own? You should read it. Brilliance! The nation needs to get on the same page concerning hemp, I’m so sick and tired hearing about states rights and how much more difficult it would make law enforcement’s job, pure baloney, imo. It’s proven that it would make less confrontation, take a leg off the Mexican mafia and would actually help pinpoint hard drug manufacturers, mules and offenders. Great commentary by some on the poly gun with pretend safety and 19 rounds to a mag to solve a problem. Lord knows I could go on, lol. I think this is one of the better threads that I’ve ever read here, thank you all. On a final note, I know a semi famous black bluesman from SC and his father was and is deceased, but well know internationally and they both grew up dirt poor. His father had a pet turkey (lmao) that actually used to walk my friend to school and literally babysit him while he was young. His father was known for making and selling hooch to supplement his poverty / income in the fifties. One day an officer was snooping on the property and the turkey caught him and tried to drive the officer away, father and son watching all the while. The officer became aggressive and started striking the turkey, so a turkey, having a formidable beak to peck with decided to take an inch of flesh out of the officers leg and when it did, the officer drew his pistol, probably a 32 back then? Drew a bead on the turkey and his father hollers out the screen window and says “Mister. If you shoot that turkey, then I’m going to shoot you.” The Officer holstered his pistol and backed off and left the property. It’s documented in a book as well, but when my friend told me the story, besides laughing until my gut hurt, my mind went directly to The Andy Griffith Show and Barney creeping around a farm looking for a liquor still. I guess it don’t matter if it’s dogs, cats, turkeys or what have you. Animals are family and territorial by nature. Something most people should always take for granted. ; )


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