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“Only police and similarly trained individuals should be allowed to carry firearms.” That’s a standard argument of made members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex. If they had their druthers, the only people in the US to be “allowed” to carry a gun would be members of the military, the national guard and law enforcement officers.

Last week, local police who received “a tip” visited the Rancho Cucamonga High School classroom of biology teacher Joseph Nguyen. There they found a handgun stored in a locked file cabinet.

In addition to his teaching gig, Nguyen is a reserve police officer and, as such, allowed to carry a firearm. While the state bans guns within 1000 feet of a school, it was perfectly legal for Nguyen to have a gun through a LEO exemption in the law.

The district, however, takes another view. They prefer to keep their teachers — no matter how well trained, qualified or authorized — disarmed. Only district security officers are allowed to carry firearms on campus. As Nguyen didn’t have permission from school administrators, he’s been suspended.

The noteworthy aspect to this is the reaction of students and parents.

Courtesy KTLA

They see a law enforcement officer with a firearm as a very good thing. One more potential responder right there on campus, ready to protect their kids should the worst happen.

Courtesy KTLA

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“Everybody here has the same mindset. All these teachers should be armed to protect our children,” said parent James Marrs.

Supporter Ashley Biering said she and Nguyen are both survivors of the Route 91 mass shooting in Las Vegas. She took up a petition, calling for Nguyen to be reinstated.

“The governor of Florida signed a bill to allow their teachers and any coaches — anybody that has to deal with a school zone – as long as they pass the psychological test and the background and take the training, they can get their CCW and carry on campus,” Biering explained.

Yes, well that’s Florida. Ms. Biering and her fellow parents live in the gun control nirvana that is California where they measure “safety” and legislative performance by the number of gun laws they enact each year.

One former student called on the district to allow Nguyen back in the classroom.

“He keeps his students engaged, he tells it like it is,” said Eric Yang. “He’s not afraid to treat you like an adult, even though a lot of adults don’t treat you like that.”

Here’s how KTLA reported on the situation.

Parent support or not, Nguyen likely isn’t long for continued employment by the district. Making an exception and allowing a teacher to carry a firearm — even someone who’s also a law enforcement officer — probably isn’t a precedent they’ll want to set.

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  1. The teacher in question is also a sworn LEO. In most states, a LEO is REQUIRED to be armed at all times, on or off duty, no matter where they are. Are these parents who are getting hysterical even think that if there was a threat to the students, the police would show up WITH GUNS !!!. I just don’t understand this paranoid behavior about guns, and I am someone who grew up never being around guns much. These whiny ass liberals are the ones that scare the crap out of me…

    • This is California. I would be surprised if they permitted off-duty police to carry guns, let alone required it.

      Does anyone know what California’s law (or the local jurisdiction’s law) is about off-duty possession?

      I’m thrilled to see people actively supporting this teacher.

        • I do not know if that is true for reserve officers. Reserve officers, for example, must obtain a CCW to carry concealed in this State, while regular cops do not. Reserve officers are part-timers. Further, California passed a law (without any evidence of a need to do so) that banned CCW holders from carrying on campuses without the permission of the school administer. When three administrators around the state granted blanket permission, the Legislature changed the law to completely ban CCW carry on any campus. Only cops are allowed to carry.

          I don’t know what it is like in other counties, but in my northern county, EVERY school has a “school resources officer” who is a sworn officer.

        • Incorrect. In CA, when it comes to carrying of firearms off-duty, reserve officers are more restricted than full-time police officers.

        • I was referring to his question about full time officers, not reserve or part timer.

      • Only school shooters are allowed to carry firearms on campus, we need higher death counts to promote gun confiscation.

        • You have it exactly correct. They are willing to sacrifice children for the cause. There is no other explanation for the opposition to armed school staff.

    • Does that requirement apply to reserve officers in California? Since he’s a full time teacher, he’s obviously not also a full time LEO.

      • I have/had the same question…when I lived out there, I worked with a few “reservists”, and they weren’t allowed to be armed while not in the job of LE, so…

    • then there’s the issue of why he didn’t have that gun on his person…where it should have been…and how it was discovered and by whom…nothing is ever really secure in a public place like a classroom….

  2. “Only police and similarly trained individuals should be allowed to carry firearms.” That’s a standard argument of made members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex. If they had their druthers, the only people in the US to be “allowed” to carry a gun would be members of the military, the national guard and law enforcement officers.

    Actually, several statements and policy initiatives throughout the years betray that sentiment. Why else would police be unarmed in England and much of France at various times in recent history? Why have we seen college/university police forces in the United States that are unarmed? Why have we seen school police unarmed in the United States (cough, Baltimore, cough)? I guarantee you that hordes of Progressives dream of the day when they can disarm police. And similar hordes of Progressives dream of the day when they can disarm the military.

    This Progressive dream of disarming the police and military comes from their desperate obsession to realize a utopia where violence magically goes away when we eliminate inequality and social injustices. Once we achieve equality in a socially just world, all that will remain is to make sure we give enough hugs and words of encouragement to everyone and VOILA! we will no longer need armed police or military.

    • False. They only want criminals to be armed so they can use thugs to enforce social discipline like the Chavez-Maduro regime I Venezuela. Democrats talk Sweden but they mean Cuba and Venezuela.

      • tdiinva,

        I imagine a few Progressives look at disarmament the way that you described. The overwhelming majority of Progressives (probably on the order of 98%), however, truly are chasing the utopia that I described. That explains how even police are disarmed in the examples that I stated.

        Back to that tiny minority of Progressives who want everyone disarmed so that they can rule with an iron fist: I classify them as shrewd, nasty, and ruthless people who will do whatever it takes to realize their dream of tyrannical control — with themselves controlling the levers of power of course. This also coincides with my pet theory that the most ruthless, nasty people ultimately rise to power since they are willing to do anything to get there. When their only opposition is decent, righteous people who refuse to sink the same level, those decent and righteous people are doomed to to lose.

    • This is sad but true. I travel through Heathrow regularly. As the largest airport in London, it is a prime terrorist target. I used to be comforted by the roving patrols carrying SBR’s and sidearms. Since the first of the year however, the officers on patrol have been unarmed (though they still wear body armor). Apparently, people complained that the firearms made them nervous.

  3. Didn’t we already know they are that stupid? What happens when all hell breaks loose and he gets called to duty? You know like a riot over some stupid reason even when somebody is found not guilty.

  4. Golly even the privileged po-leece are screwed in Commiefornia…seems to moi he has a great case for winning a lawsuit!

    • he may keep his job..little more….a friend of mine went through a similar scenario…he was a part-time cop and a full-time teacher…but he made the mistake of leaving a small pistol in his jacket…where a kid found it…luckily it was quickly recovered…but it got pretty dicey there for awhile….

      • Yeah and we have a troll telling us to use the leftard “Change.Org…I’ve noticed quite an uptick lately.

  5. Well, I guess, we really showed those school shooters. We took away another person ability to stop them.

    Go California!

    Making schools into safe spaces for homicidal maniacs since 1960

  6. THOU SHALT NOT PROTECT THE CHILDREN. Commandment #2 of the “progressive” American left, right behind “Thou shalt have no other god before the State.”

    Progressivism is a progressive disease.

  7. Well that’s just dumb. , , , , , Maybe it was bring s pet to school day and no one wanted their Hamster shot?

  8. LEO should’ve known better when the school policy disagreed for his full-time job with his part-time gig. Can’t cry for sympathy for lack of common sense.

  9. Those in charge (politicians/school administrators) only consider the value of students when it pertains to the amount of tax dollars spent per capita. Politicians and the NEA work in lock step with one another. Beyond that they are a necessary evil. Control and indoctrination is their main objective.

  10. A cop is a cop is a cop. On or off duty.
    Kalifornia is just showing their idjit side yet again.
    I hope he suits the school district for millions.

    • He is a RESERVE cop, therefore not a cop “on or off duty”.
      Laws are laws and regulations are regulations but this teacher seemed to forget they apply to him. Can’t defend a teacher who signed an employment contract that says he will obey School regulations and decides to violate that contract.

  11. I guess the parents response was a “win.” They were advocating for another armed person in schools, but judging by their signs they only tolerated it because he was deemed to be in an elite class worthy of exercising his right. I’m not a fan of LEO exemptions.

  12. The California leadership and apparently the majority of voters want school children shot dead in their classrooms. In today’s world I don’t believe this is a exaggeration. Most of the leadership has NO children. And those that do send their kids to private school. The voters are just stoned. They really don’t care.

  13. Politicians, the left and their media whore accomplices DO NOT WANT armed and capable responders on campuses. What they WANT is a never ending stream of dead bodies they can blood dance about and use as propaganda in their quest to DISARM US SO THEY CAN RULE US. They don’t care if a THOUSAND students are murdered every week…..if those deaths can be used to further their evil agenda.

  14. Dispatched cops are under admini-control. Cop, or other responding on the ground is not.

    We can’t have people capable on their own, solving their own problems.

  15. They had a big dust-up a while back in Michigan over this.
    A small town chief had a strong reserve program that was sort of pay to play.

    Everybody from the big city emergency room doctors to Kid Rock would donate four figures to the PD and become reserve officers so they could defend themselves in hospitals, concert venues, etc.

    Then somebody finally noticed that Reserve Officers are not protected under LEOSA while they’re working as physicians, and it all fell apart.

  16. HOT TOPIC!
    The article is good, but the way it’s framed is a little difficult to comment on, for me anyway. If a law abiding citizen wants to carry concealed, then it should not be infringed upon, I stand with the 2nd Amendment, naturally. However, I would like to mention some factors that are “in play” here, that leaves some doors wide open. Personally, I would rather not have a “teacher” armed, but it’s their right. However, let’s observe a few things that automatically come in to play. First, if the students “know” that the teacher is armed, it takes away from the objective of the classroom setting which is ” teaching and learning”. How so? Well, if the students are aware of it, then it deters from the main objective. Plus, makes the students look at the teacher differently, good and bad. Also, imo, makes the teacher an active target for those who would plan something. Now, if the students didn’t know about it, then that would be much better. Locking them in a file cabinet is a bad idea, imo. This just leads to another scenario, etc. However, having more than one daily employed person, who is at the school everyday in a position to protect & serve with a weapon and not a novice or former whatever type person, but specifically hired and has the skills for active shooter/s situation is much more appropriate and side steps a lot of issues, especially legal ones, which are preventing school boards from engaging in a serious solution to this copycat crap that’s going on today, imo. Remember, the majority of all these mass shooting’s mechanically work with prior signs to watch for and they usually are a walk in situation or they skip school that day or were a former student with a grudge, mental illness, etc. I haven’t read much about kids just getting out of their seats in class and open firing, because it boxes them in and is not broader thinking like a mass shooting/shooter/s. A local high school has a deputy sheriff with an office, he likes kids and has a good repour with most of them and an open door policy for information, hazing’s/etc and while not specifically trained to “mentally flag” a potential shooter problem to keep an eye on, it’s still not perfect, never will be, but not bad either. Is he a target? Of course he is, that’s just part of his every day job anyway. This gives the teachers a gun free classroom and assurance that if something happens that there is a legal trained person on duty and also takes the students focus off the teacher, IF, they know that the teacher is armed. We cant have teachers publicly taking on the role of weapon’s security for a school, imo. It just opens Pandora’s Box, imo. I could list several possible scenarios of situations going bad fast. Kid’s do things for kick’s that are really stupid sometimes and this could get them killed in class and we don’t want that accidentally happening with their teachers. Look at that immature 17 year old knife wielding girl on the world news the other night. The girl was acting foolishly and attention seeking, well she got it in spades, didn’t she? Let’s start at the officers command to her about the knife. She first complied and pocketed it and stood still watching the officer to see what was next. He pauses communication and starts backing up, this is BIG mistake, because she now “feels empowered” that she is intimidating the officer, which obviously is not the case. The girl moves forwards and begins asking the officer questions, being a little shit, feeling like she is now in control and not even remotely aware that she is about to be shot. So, she thinks well, I’ll just whip out the knife again and keep walking towards him, since he is backing up, which invites the and department policy/protocol and justifies his use of lethal force, similar to jumping in front of a moving vehicle. Judging by the mechanics of the video. Notice how she immediately apologizes? The girl knew “exactly” what she was doing. Imeo, the officer should have continued with strong verbal commands and stood his ground, as she probably could not have sliced bread with the knife, by the time the officer could mace her or manhandled her. No reason to fire several rounds into a stupid girl that’s acting out for attention. Policy protocol justified on paper, but not in reality, it stinks. When he allowed her to question him and when he said “Something bad will happen.”, that was foolish on his part and playing her game. At those words, I knew what was going to happen next, too simple for me, sorry.

  17. “If they had their druthers, the only people in the US to be “allowed” to carry a gun would be members of the military, the national guard and law enforcement officers.”

    All the while complaining about policy brutality and discrimination…

  18. The officer should have been wearing his firearm instead of locking it up in a file cabinet. Hopefully, he will sue them and win. The school district knew he was a police officer when they hired him, and they knew that police carry guns.

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