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I know that some regular readers don’t like me that much. I have a nasty habit of not toeing the conservative or the Republican line. I’ve even done things like criticize Marge Green and defend the LGBT community. But, today, I’m going to surprise the people who don’t think I’m fair and even-handed, and take the LGBT community to task.

During the last days of 2023, a transgender woman in Maryland got shot in the parking lot of her apartment complex and died. Looking at pro-LGBT accounts on social media and LGBT websites, you’d think this was a horrific hate crime, “senseless gun violence”, and just more persecution of a marginalized group that’s just trying to live their lives. After all, she liked to tell people to “stay sparkly”, and even opened her home to transgender strangers who needed to stay in Baltimore to get surgeries.

So, the thinking goes, the police should keep this vicious, hateful slaughterer of innocent queers in jail, but if they have to let him go, at least tear his apartment apart to make sure he’s disarmed. The gun control box wine moms have also been trying to use this tragedy to their advantage.

But, the story doesn’t appear to be anywhere near that simple. According to CBS News:

Delen had noticed Lewis walking toward his vehicle and said something akin to “Are you waiting for a food delivery, sir,” according to the charging documents. Delen alleged that Lewis was offended by his remarks, believing that he had misgendered her, and began yelling at him, per court records.

As Delen began to drive off, Lewis followed on foot. He then stopped his vehicle and re-engaged with Lewis—that’s when they got into an altercation, according to charging documents. At that point, Delen pulled out a gun and shot Lewis in the abdomen, per court records.

Exact details on why Brian Delen, a food delivery driver, fired at her were not given, but that’s pretty normal in the wake of a self-defense shooting. Smart people give these details to their lawyers, who then help keep them out of prison, even if that means that they’ll be roasted in the court of public opinion in the meantime.

But, the man’s lawyer does say that they have a pretty solid self-defense case. In support of this fact, the lawyer offered that Delen not only used his own first aid supplies to render aid after the shooting, but also offered no resistance to the police when they arrived, peacefully surrendering his handgun and not resisting arrest in any way. He even had a Maryland WCP (Wear and Carry Permit), which requires training on both marksmanship and relevant use of force laws.

The court also seems to think that his self-defense case is pretty decent. If they didn’t think so, they wouldn’t have released him and only ordered him to surrender any remaining firearms he has.

More details are sure to trickle out in the coming months as this case goes into the legal system and Delen gets a chance to fully tell his side of the story. But, it’s pretty clear at this point that it wasn’t a hate crime and wasn’t intentional persecution of the LGBT community.

Why I’m Not Happy With The LGBT Community’s Response To This

As you probably know, I’d normally defend the community. As a lesbian, I’m part of that first letter, but I have friends who are described by the other letters in the alphabet soup. The average lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person isn’t a threat to society or even a problem for straight people. The “gay agenda” we all follow normally involves things like going to work, buying groceries, and doing the laundry, just like straight people.

But, like any community, there are some people who aren’t well. I’ve met those folks, too. Some people develop serious mental health issues after being mistreated by society, often including the families they were supposed to be able to trust as children. When left untreated, things like C-PTSD and other mood disorders can be a real problem that ruins lives.

I’ve seen this first hand, and had to defend myself from a transgender person with rage issues once. I almost shot them with a rifle they were trying to steal from me. Now, I’m a little more careful about what transgender people I’ll befriend, and who I steer clear of, because I know to look out for signs of untreated PTSD. I haven’t had any problems with the rest of the community since.

The simple fact is that people with problems need to seek treatment and get control of their issues, not expect society to put up with that nonsense. This is as true for queer people as it is for straight people. That treatment should be more readily accessible, and society needs to get better about not mistreating people to the point where they develop dangerous disorders. Studies show that such mental health issues are not more common than the general population when transgender youth are treated well.

But, don’t mistake my compassionate view on this for a blank check for non-defensive violence. It’s not a hate crime when someone defends themselves from the rare LGBT person who gets violent over something small like accidental misgendering.

I don’t know whether C-PTSD played a role in the death of Meghan Lewis, but it’s not normal to chase and then physically attack someone for something as trivial as using the wrong pronouns.

Instead of normalizing bad mental health and violent behavior to get some cheap political martyrdom win, the LGBT community should instead use this as an opportunity to encourage more people in the community to get help. In the long run, that will do a lot more good for transgender rights and their place in overall society.

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  1. “I know that some regular readers don’t like me that much.”

    Don’t confuse criticism with not liking you. Most people aren’t interested in an echo chamber where everyone agrees with them.

    • I concur 100%, Dude.

      Jennifer, many of us do value your thoughts and input, and probably would like you just fine if we ever met, even when we disagree. ai for one am glad you are here. I do think you, and many other LGBBQWTF people have a chip on your shoulder that is either too big or shouldn’t be there at all. It reminds me of another demographic that I am close with many members of, and I have told many people in that demographic the same thing.

      As for the case, I need more details on this case before I form an opinion. The fact that the driver stopped his car and engaged may be an issue. We will see what comes out.

    • It’s not a matter of likeing you or not likeing you. It’s a matter of voters like you turning NM into an anti 2nd hell hole. You wanted MLG – you got her. And if she has her way your ‘rights’ will be furthur restricted after this session since she is calling for extensive constitutional restrictions.
      Who knows how the legislature will react, hopefully they will do the right thing and save us from voters like you. MLG is out of control and voters like you have created this monster.

    • Very even-handed article. Common sense. That comes through whether I might like you or not. (Since I don’t know you, I don’t have a predisposition to like/dislike you.)

      I firmly believe that almost all of us have some measure of C-PTSD and a significant minority have PTSD on top of the C-PTSD.

      The main thing we need to deal with today is the taboo against effective treatment of PTSD/C-PTSD. The three most promising drugs for these indications are ketamine, MDMA and psilocybin (mushrooms).

      All are hallucinogenic. And that is the core basis of the taboo. The DEA has capitalized on this taboo by putting these three on the Controlled Substances lists. Ketamine is on the relatively permissing Schedule III. The other two are on the prohibited Schedule I.

      MDMA has just completed two Phase III clinical trials showing 60+% efficacy for PTSD. It will probably be approved by FDA in late 2024. But it will be prohibitively expensive.

      Psilocybin will remain on Schedule I for many more years. Fortunately, mushrooms are easy to grow so they will take the path following marijuana. Federally illegal/decriminalized by states and municipalities. But no help from doctors or psychotherapists for mushrooms.

      Nothing will help so much as to get the DEA off our throats and allow these three promising drugs to be widely and economically available.

      But no one is interested in progress for the mentally ill. We could probably solve half our suicide problem in a couple of years if we made ketamine readily available. But we WILL NOT. We Americans have too firm a grip on the taboo created by the War on Drugs, which started as Nixon’s war on Blacks and hippies. And we still pay the price.

    • “Don’t confuse criticism with not liking you.”

      In reality- who actually needs to know, or gives a damn, that Jennifer is a lesbian? I don’t wear my gender or sexual preference on my sleeve, nor report it every chance I get. I also doubt any, or at least many, even on this sometimes testosterone-soaked site would seek to change her, or by this point in time, even be concerned about her choice of mates, dates or lifestyle.

      I would be interested to know, however, if said trans “woman” (author’s choice of words, not mine) was born with, or/and still had a crank at the time she/he/it assumed room temperature? It seems, in reading exhausting reems of articles, that transgendered people undergo and exhibit mass symptoms of depression and mental illness problems after making their choice.

  2. The simple fact is that people with problems need to seek treatment and get control of their issues, not expect society to put up with that nonsense.

    lol. Good luck with that. Anything even tangentially related to ABCXYZ is lauded, praised, defended, excused, propped up on a pedestal, and something society, especially those fragile and impressionable children, is being told to aspire to.

    That psycho in clown makeup and a crop top chasing you down the street shouting is just expressing his/her/its truth and you’re a bigot if you think maybe, just maybe, there might be something not quite right under the hood.

    This ship the “community” is steering has gone too far and turns too slowly so we just have to live with it all now.

    The really truly funny thing to me is that it isn’t the work-a-day, productive people who just happen to be gay who got us here. We’re here because of a coalition of so-called allys and heterosexual meddlers (Karen and her Coastal Elite jam band) couldn’t be bothered to separate the wheat from the chaff and got high on all their back-patting, high-fiving activisming.

    • …and got high on all their back-patting, high-fiving activisming.

      And rich. It’s funny how that story never gets told. Those people had to move onto something else after they scored the SC marriage ruling. Gotta keep the “movement” going to keep the cash flowing.

      • “And rich. It’s funny how that story never gets told.”

        Boy, oh, boy, do I have an example for *you*. :

        “The University of Michigan continues to exponentially grow the number of staffers dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion, with at least 241 paid employees now focused on DEI and payroll costs exceeding $30 million annually,…”

        “The payroll costs are $23.24 million for salaries and $7.44 million for benefits, or $30.68 million, an amount that would cover in-state tuition and fees for 1,781 undergraduate students.

        Thirteen DEI staff members earn more than $200,000 and 66 earn more than $100,000 when factoring in benefits.”

        Click on the links, check out the job titles.

        This is literal *insanity* in action…

        • Good for them…embracing capitalism. Well, only for themselves of course. Because Damn Tha Man and Destroy the Patriarchy. Whatever.

  3. Ya know(or not)in the at least 10 years I’ve been around TTAG we’ve had various female author’s pushing something. From a female using her young daughter as a prop to a another who claimed TTAG was a boy’s only club. Soon enough whomever now run’s this site will discover there is precious little support for this kind of “report”. As America goes up in flames🙄

    • Look at me! Look at me! I’m a lesbian–Deal With It!!! I have to protect my family from the Fascism and Handmaid’s Tale.
      “I know that some regular readers don’t like me that much. I have a nasty habit of not toeing the conservative or the Republican line.”
      Serious eyerolling here.

  4. It’s not a question of like or dislike. It’s a question of truth.

    Even Camille Paglia, a lesbian academic, has stated we’ve been here before. Homosexulaity and trans genderism (along with political rights for women) is one of the final stages of a civilization before its collapse. The historical record is clear. With loosening moral and sexual discipline, a civilization loses its drive to survive and does not replace its own population, and begins to depend on foreign cultures. The old term for this is decadence. Barbarian cultures on the outside, though less “civilized” and technically proficient, have stronger sexual discipline and take advantage of this decadence to invade and conquer the old civilization. We saw this with Rome, and we’re seeing this with the modern West, especially Europe, with Islam. We’re seeing this with the United States, which depends on immigration of foreign populations to keep government programs financially afloat. As the original culture is diluted by foreign cultures, the civilization weakens and finally collapses

    These are the facts of life, and are not dependent on feelings.

    • quote: “the United States, which depends on immigration of foreign populations to keep government programs financially afloat. ”

      and this right here IS the downfall and doom of these here New Ninety States. These “government programmes” are for the most part UNcnstitutional. WHY do fedGov pour billions into useless programmes that fix nothing but the bank accounts of the politicans and “swarms of officers to eat out our substance”? Those issues used to be dealt with locally. Even during the Great Depression there was little real “help” from gummit, either state or fed. Sure WPA and CCC were government programmNEFITS. Both my parents were children/youth during the Great Depression. They talkd about “how it was” then, along with their siblings, all of which I also knew growing up. Mom talked about when supper time came round at home. She was ten or so. SHe’d ask “Mom, how many plates shall I set out for supper”. Well, Honey, there are seven of us, Bob will be here too, so probably set out a dozen plates. SOMEINE ELSE is bound to show up”. They did, and they got fed. Most of the rod-riders who bailed as the train slowed down coming into town, just where Mom lived then, knew they could get a meal there.. the place was “marked”. Sometimes Grandma would put the last morsel of food on the table for a stranger, not knowing where breakfast would come from. She trusted that God would provide… and He ALWAYS did. I got this frm her, when she was ninety. On the other VERY important hand, not one of their “guests” ever left without fuding some task or project to help with. No one ever took their meal for granted. Mending fence, splitting stovewood (their cooking fuel), helping to butcher a few rabbits, panting the shed, repairibg some split shingles…. EVERYONE pitched in and did something.
      That mindset has disappeared from our culture, I believe BECAUSE of these government programmes. One quick look t today’s “homeless camps” tells that story, I’ve never seen a third world barrio anywhere near as chaotic, filthy, unsafe, dangrous, as these places. They reek of “yu own me because I am till breating” atitude. Not the slightest consideration for anyone else but ME….. and the border crossers are merely one more symptom of the same disease. Deliberately organised and funded by our FedGov who DO what they are NOT tasked with doingm and NOIT doing the very things they ARE assigned to do.

  5. …it’s not normal to chase and then physically attack someone for something as trivial as using the wrong pronouns.

    I think you mean the right pronouns. The delivery guy used the proper pronoun, not the wrong one. He’s the normal person in this incident. The abnormal person in this incident is living out a fantasy. It’s a free country. You’re welcome to live out your fantasy. You are NOT welcome to make other people participate in your fantasy. That’s the thing the people in the “lgbt community” can’t seem to grasp. That concept is completely alien to them.

    Do you know who killed this tranz person? The “lgbt community” and their “allies” killed this person. Liberals said it’s normal for a man to think he’s a woman. Furthermore, they said everyone else has to participate in the fantasies of these mentally ill people. They encourage the mental illness by praising them and showering them with attention. They tell the deranged person that it’s an act of violence to NOT play along with the fantasy. What do you think will happen when people don’t play along? Of course they’re going to be angry and confused! This mentally ill person was set up to fail. Liberals/Progressives, the “lgbt community” and “allies” killed this person. Then they shamelessly dance in his blood to advance their pro-“lgbt”/anti-gun agenda.

    P.S. I think your articles are interesting.

    • With that being said, I don’t think you should intentionally inflame a situation. When you talk on the phone, you can tell if you’re talking to a man or a woman. A man called me about a job. I referred to him as sir over the phone. When I met him in person, he had a feminine hairstyle, makeup, painted nails, and breasts. I didn’t refer to him as anything after that. He was very cool actually. I did the job. He was one of the few people that paid me more than he owed me. He didn’t lose his temper when I originally called him sir. He was smart enough to understand that he sounds like a man because he was a man. This was years ago before the current level of craziness around this issue.

  6. This kweer crap continues to confuse. Is this trannee person a man or a woman? If it was born a man, then you don’t refer to a biological man as “her.”
    When it is referred to as a transgendered woman, does that mean it’s a woman pretending to be a man, or a man pretending to be a woman.
    If you’re going to write an article, we should be clear about what the h**l you’re talking about.

    • While we’re on the subject, since when is getting your reproductive organs chopped off classified as “life saving surgery”?

      • There are people who want one or more of their healthy limbs removed. I don’t recall what the term is for it, but nonetheless, it is considered a mental illness. Why is it those who want their healthy sex organs removed are considered anything other than mentally ill?

        • Used to be Gender Dysphoria and treated, but the DSM IV was ‘updated’ to reflect new feelings, compassion, and understanding. No, I don’t have to participate in your fantasy. I follow The Science. XX and XY. Sorry. That’s not how life works. This isn’t Burger King.
          Oh, and the person that desires amputation of a healthy limb is Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID). Funny how they kept *part* of that diagnosis.

    • To add yet another layer there are those who wish to be identified only by the gender they’re LARPing as and there are those who wish to identified as “trans” because that status is its own thing separate from picking a stable gender and even still there are those who exercise the privilege of determining on-the-fly what term they would like to be called and will change it up without warning to fit whatever situation they believe they are in.

      I get it must be frustrating to be called out as something you don’t believe you are but a lot of these people aren’t helping themselves any.

      I think of it like a nickname. You want me to call you “T-Bone”, sure. You want me to call you a chick, sure. Do I believe either? Doesn’t matter. You’re the only who cares.

    • It is very confusing. I thought I had it figured out. When they use the qualifier “tranz” preceding man or woman, it means the opposite. Example: A tranz woman shot up a Christian school. I actually heard something like that on the radio. I thought okay, that means it’s really a man. Nope, it was a woman. Using the rule I thought I understood, they would normally call her a tranz man. Eventually, they began calling her a woman who identifies as tranz. Everyone can understand that. Don’t get me started on using they to describe one person. Try reading one of those articles!

      • That was a very confusing incident. They should have just said “A woman dressed up as a man shot up a Christian school,” then everyone would have understood! But apparently the new rules depend on whether the person had their driver’s license changed to a new gender:
        Woman dressed as a man who wants to be a man but her driver’s license still says “Female” = “trans woman.”
        Woman dressed as a man who wants to be a man and has already had her driver’s license changed to “Male” = “trans man.”

        So apparently it all depends on the driver’s license, and since you can’t see a person’s driver’s license by looking at them, what are you supposed to call them?

    • I’m fine with agreeing to disagree on this one. When you write, I won’t make you use pronouns you don’t want to use. When I write, I’ll use the pronouns I think fit the situation. As long as nobody’s forcing anybody to do anything, we all win. I value your freedom to disagree with me on this, and you should probably value freedom too.

  7. Well, respect just went up a notch, Jennifer. What’s right is right, what’s wrong is wrong, doesn’t matter what group a person identifies with. If, in this case, the tranny attacked the delivery driver for “misgendering” him, her, or it, then the tranny was WRONG WRONG WRONG. Glad you can see that.

    I guess we wait and see how the case evolves in court. All we know at this point is, at least one person was wrong. We can hope that the DGU guy was right. I’d hate to be arguing the case in an anti-gun blue state.

  8. Why does everyone, even the writers here, assume just because mostly conservatives post here that we would all dislike the gay community for some mystical reason? I mean, go be gay if you want that’s your call. I don’t subscribe to such nonsense, but that doesn’t mean I actively try to not befriend a person who is a gay or lesbian. I will say that I do actively avoid trannies. I’m sorry, but there is something wrong with them. The wiring in their brains is malfunctioning or something. But again, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t befriend a person because he or she is gay. My brother in law is gay. Unfortunately for him, he rolled the dice one time to many and is now HIV positive and is riding a razor’s edge of being full blown aids. Certain behaviors are just not worth the risk to me.
    After seeing that Nashville shooter doing what she did and then the authorities trying to suppress the evidence from the public because it would damage that community?!? Sorry, no special treatment for criminals. It is interesting to notice the increasing percentage of trans people in these situations though isn’t it? And they are almost always the aggressor.

  9. Three strikes against you with some here Grace. 1) You’re a woman. 2) You’re a woman. 3) You’re a woman.

  10. Keep pushing anyone and they will eventually snap. When we do it to animals it’s called cruelty; when we do it to people that’s life, suck it up.

    Having said that.

    It is an extremely good habit to get into, to avoid assuming hostile intent, until proven otherwise. Most people are not out to get anyone, they are just trying to go through their day.

    If you get misgendered it might be an honest mistake. It might be someone who thinks you’re a demented freak. If it’s the former, accept the positive intentions graciously and proceed appropriately. In either case, flying off the handle will just cement that image in their mind. That kind of behavior doesn’t just hurt you, it hurts everyone else who doesn’t conform to typical gender expression.

    • If you are gay or lesbian, you are probably one of only a few gay/lesbian people most people will know at once. It would be rare for someone to know more than 5 or so at a given time, more likely only 1-3.

      If you are trans, you are most likely the only trans person most of the people in your life will ever meet.

  11. If you were born with male gear you are male. Get yourself surgically sculpted into a female and you are still a male. Really simple.

    • Indeed.
      Also the headline,
      “During the last days of 2023, a transgender woman in Maryland got shot in the parking lot of her apartment complex and died.” is wrong.

      It should be
      “During the last days of 2023, a man pretending to be a woman in Maryland got shot in the parking lot of her apartment complex and died.

      If I had my perfectly functional legs amputated because I identified as disabled, should my courage be lauded or my sanity questioned?

      • Lauded, obviously.

        Of the 52 individuals he interviewed, 18 had told their psychotherapist about their desire for amputation, and none reported a reduction in the intensity of the desire following psychotherapy. On the other hand, on the scant evidence available, wannabes who succeed in 
procuring an amputation seem to experience a significant and lasting increase in well-being.

        The only mental illness left is believing there is mental illness. Everything is a brave, strong, individual choice and deserves it’s own flag and month of celebration. Doctors with large student debts are counting on you.

    • As a technical correction to you, jwm, after the surgery, while true they are not female, they are no longer male, they are a eunuch; a mutilated eunuch.

      • A eunuch is still a male. I castrate most of my bull calves and goat bucklings. Steers and wethers are still male.

        Basic biology is apparently a lost science.

        • It’s also a ‘great way’ to control the population and eventually reduce growth. Hmmm, maybe my kids won’t be forced to eat bugs in the future…that’ll be fodder for the sterilized population.

    • A little off topic, but it is not as simple as you might think.

      Research is showing changes in hormone exposure while in the womb influences brain development, and may be a contributing factor to sexuality and gender identity. Especially confirming is studies of identical vs fraternal twins.

      Then there are the instances of abnormal chromosomes, or androgen insensitivity syndrome.

      • Then it’s a good thing our environment is saturated with endocrine disrupting chemicals.

        You’d think at least some of these people would be angry about what the EPA, big-pharma and various chemical anc plastics manufacturers potentially did to them but instead they all just embrace their artificially mutated states.

    • From the things I learned by observation in high school files:

      At one time, babies born with “ambiguous genitalia” were surgically assigned to female gear, and raised as girls. About half were male, and some realized their essential maleness at puberty. Some of those ditched the dresses, masculinized their names, and started using the boy’s bathroom. Trouble ensued, complicated by the fact that many/most did not know what had been done to them – sometimes even their parents did not know.

      This problem was at the root of the legal aspects of the transgender movement. Please note that it has *nothing* to do with mental illness, language bullying, 1st Amendment, gender preference or morality.

      Just another problem caused by arrogant doctors who were on the nurture side of the nature vs nurture debate. Or had the urge to experiment…

      • Let’s see if this gets censored again.

        Dr John Money: psycho nut job who used psychology as a cover for his proclivities tortured kids and his work is still followed to this day:

        His most notable victim, David Reimer:

        The tranzam community likes to dismiss story as some sort of hate anecdote but that’s not the point of the story. The point is 1) compulsory circumcision is stupid and needs to end, 2) doctors can be narcissistic psychos and patients need to accept this, 3) nature beats nurture (which is not a jab at LGBTs because that may very well be their nature but you cant expect people compelled/groomed into
        the life to be healthy and happy so stop with the grooming already)

      • Actual hermaphrodites are exceedingly rare and irrelevant to discussion of the normalization of the mental illness being labeled transgenderism in modern society.

        • David was not a hermaphrodite. He was mutilated by a doctor then physically, sexually and psychologically tortured by another doctor who happens to be a founding figurehead of the circus we’re living with today.

    • two options:

      XX, XY

      a vanishingly minuscule portion of the population are XXY, but these rare individuals always present as XY.

      there might be (I am not certain, just ignorant) an even smaller portion of the population that are XYY or maybe even XXX.

  12. Not enough information, but I do wonder why Delen would stop to re-engage someone who had already behaved aggressively toward him. Maybe he stopped to complete his delivery and it had nothing to do with Lewis following him. I’d also like to know why Lewis thought it was a good idea to follow Delen, but I don’t think Lewis will be answering that question. I’ve said it before, don’t fuck with strangers for that very reason. You don’t know who they are or what they will do.

    • “Not enough information, but I do wonder why Delen would stop to re-engage someone who had already behaved aggressively toward him.”

      GF, perhaps the delivery driver had paid-for food to deliver and realized they would get reamed by the restaurant for not delivering it?

      Just spitballing here…

    • That’s the kind of thing we’ll have to wait for details on. Any number of things could have happened to get the guy to stop the car again.

    • I first ran into preferred pronouns working at Google. I found a nifty trick when talking to people, or about them, was to use their names. No pronouns required. I refuse to use plural pronouns, like “they” to refer to a single person.

      • It would be rude to refer to someone as him or her when they’re in your presence. That’s how you can tell this is an egocentric movement. Just like satanism, tranz ideology is the worship of the self. They want to dictate to you how you refer to them when they aren’t around.

    • The consensus appears to be not only is the evil boogieman going to be Black now it’s going to include anyone who does not fit the genitalia mold.
      God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

  13. “…but it’s not normal to chase and then physically attack someone for something as trivial as using the wrong pronouns.“

    And just who is it that goes nuts over the whole pronoun thing forcing it onto everyone?

  14. Let me get this straight, no pun intended; Some trans guy gets pissed because someone else whom he did not know used the “wrong” pronoun? Then chose to escalate the situation to a possible confrontation that resulted in self-defense shooting causing his death?
    Sounds like a case of play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Has nothing to do with sex, gender, whatever.
    I have friends and family who are in the gay community. I have no problem with them. But they are also what I call common sense gay. They know there are two sexes. They think underage trans care is wrong. Wait till they are 18 and then as an adult, it is their choice. They think the pronoun thing is dumb. Many of them think the trans issue is hurting the gay community as a whole.
    What I do have a problem with is militant gays. The ones who make everything in to a gay issue. You want to love someone of the same sex? Fine. Have at it. I dont care. I dont have to care. What you and another consenting adult do in the privacy of your own home is none of my business. Dont try to make it my business. The guy who cuts my hair is gay. Do I care of his sexual preferences? Nope. What I do care about is he can do a good job at cutting my hair. For that, I pay him.

  15. The LGBT agenda is the destruction of American values and the implementation of communism, just like feminism, BLM, and every other intersectional movement. It’s cultural Marxism.
    Treating others with respect and tolerance, even if we disagree with their actions or beliefs, as long as they don’t harm others, is part of the American agenda. Gays, trans, and others are a part of it.
    And I think you’re a pretty good writer. And you’re one of the few at TTAG who can proofread an article, so that’s a bonus.

  16. michael jackson’s preferred pronouns were hee!/hee!
    as a lesbian, i find some of these articles off putting.

  17. “The court also seems to think that his self-defense case is pretty decent. If they didn’t think so, they wouldn’t have released him and only ordered him to surrender any remaining firearms he has.”

    “ONLY?” We seem to be ignoring this huge violation of the victim’s rights. The victim is now defenseless, and everyone knows it. How does this pass a Bruen analysis? He’s being disarmed before conviction for any crime, AND as noted, it sounds like nobody even thinks he WILL be convicted of any crime.

    • You stole my next comment. Thanks and well-done!

      By far the most significant part of this incident to the average citizen. …

    • I saw that too, and scrolled down to make the same point. Like a bait and switch. Focus on the stupid gender arguments with one hand, while the other sneaks in and grabs the firearms with hardly anybody complaining or even noticing. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  18. As far as people hating you Jennifer you have to realize on this forum there are perhaps more mentally ill people and more violent and ignorant people than I have ever encountered on any other forum. I remember several new people that happened to stumble upon this forum who were “normal” gun owners and they only posted once stating they were shocked and appalled by the people who hang out here and vent such outrageous hatreds.

    If any people who are not gun owners ever stumbled onto this forum it would only prove to them that more gun control not less is needed simply because of these very dangerous and armed violent people who promote such hatred of anyone “different” than themselves.

    I think this case may be more complicated than meets the eye. Since we only have the testimony of the survivor of the encounter we will never know what kind of conversation really took place. The delivery driver , Delen, could have actually and deliberately insulted Lewis but to be fair Lewis escalated the conflict by chasing him down and Delen escalated the conflict by stopping his vehicle rather than just driving on. Delen seems to have no physical injuries from the encounter.

    Whenever you shoot someone who is unarmed it may go very badly for you especially when politics and or race enter the equation and if there was no physical damage to the shooter. Here we have a man who claimed his life was endangered from an angry woman who was “unarmed” and Delen had no physical harm on his body. Not too many Juries are going to sympathise with Delen if he gets prosecuted which could still happen.

    Remember also that politics can escalate the prosecution of someone. Remember the incident when a man named George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin who happened to be unarmed and black. If race had not entered the case Mr. Zimmerman would never have went to trial as Zimmerman was violently attacked and as a matter of fact the local Police Chief refused to indict Zimmerman and then when forced to the Chief resigned. Zimmerman was also at fault for not obeying the police dispatcher who told him to stay where he was in his car until police arrived. Once again if no weapon had been present Zimmerman would never have confronted a giant street thug twice his size and would have waited for the police to arrive and Martin would never have been shot and killed.

    I might add incidents like this is exactly why European countries outlawed both concealed and open carry. If no gun had been present there would have been no killing. Europeans know that more people are killed by hotheads than are ever killed by strangers on the street in a robbery attempt or even by a break in when people are home as most robbers wait until no one is at home to attempt a break in. In Europe it is very hard to get an unregistered gun which again is the reason that crime, homicides and mass murder are so much lower there.

    When you vet every gun purchase you can weed out a large amount of crazy and criminal people. Even our inadequate Brady Law has vetted out several million people who were ineligible to own weapons its just that they could then go out on the street and then buy second hand guns that never get vetted.

    • You are confusing those of us who believe in the 1stA, the 2ndA, the Constitution as a whole for mental illness and violent tendencies.
      We also know capitalism is not evil.
      We know from history that socialism and communism always fails. They bring everyone down and no one up except those at the very top.
      We know Jennifer is a lovely young lady and a very good writer.

      • We know how “his kind” deal with wrongspeak. They classify it as mental illness and lock them up indefinitely in “asylums” to be “cured” (read prisons worse than real prisons and torture to confess).

    • “on this forum there are perhaps more mentally ill people and more violent and ignorant people”
      Pot, meet kettle.
      If I found a place that had those kind of people in it, I would do everything I could to avoid it. So why are you here?

      • “So why are you here?”

        Lil d enjoys getting the attention his dad never gave him. Some day I’ll tell the story about why he is the way he is. His brother, small p, turned out about the same.

    • Liar. Explain how the Czech Republic has more CCW holders per capita than the US? Complete and utter bullshit as usual. Euro countries fear rebellion, that’s why they keep their people unarmed, I know, I escaped from the UK almost 20 years ago. The very first Firearms Act of 1920 was specifically enacted to prevent returning WW1 veterans from starting a revolution as a result of not coming home to a land fit for heroes. Your shoe size matches your IQ.

    • “..vent such outrageous hatreds.”..look in the mirror, boy. Your “hatreds” are just as real; just because you try to couch them in verbose fluffery does not negate thier vitriol.

  19. At the workplace it is now recommended to avoid all gender pronouns as fluid gender people can change the obligatory pronoun preference at perhaps 1 Hz. The issue of probouns and equality was solved after French Revolution, Soviet and Chinese by the use of “citizen”, “comrade”, etc.

  20. Many of the comments here reveal thatd Jennifers first two sentences and Debbie Ws first comment are correct.

  21. Jennifer, when you are disingenuous using stats like those from the “Gun Violence Archive” to push a leftist talking point, you will be called out. To be honest, you would not be missed if you left and went to write for WAPO or NYT. However, if you insist on continuing to write for TTAG, can you, at least, control the urge to cite thoroughly debunked organizations or studies? And how about we compromise on the “woman”/”man” thing and use “person”, that way many of us won’t feel like we’re being forced to participate in the mental illness or fantasies of those who choose to believe they are something they clearly are not. Mind you, I have no problem with them doing it, I just refuse to be forced to agree.

    Just so you’ll know, I have multiple gay & lesbian friends. We break bread together, shoot together, talk long into the night sometimes, and generally have a good time when around each other. One of the things we agree on is it would behoove your community to drop the “T” and the rainbow.

  22. At one time, babies born with “ambiguous genitalia” were surgically assigned to female gear, and raised as girls. About half were male, and some realized it at puberty. Some of those ditched the dresses, masculinized their names, and started using the boy’s bathroom. Trouble ensued, complicated by the fact that many did not know what had been done to them – sometimes even their parents did not know.

    This problem was at the root of the legal aspects of the transgender movement. Please note that it has *nothing* to do with mental illness, 1st Amendment, or morality. >/b>

    Just another problem caused by arrogant doctors…

  23. the society that will rise from the ashes of the current one will be known for two things:

    1 a low tolerance for bullshit and

    2 high expectations of those who want to be full fledged members of it

    that is to say the deranged and morally bankrupt will soon find themselves in the situation theyve always been in since mankind collectively started the process of trying to get its act together:

    on the outside looking in

  24. Another noteworthy FYI about this story since people are always discussing stopping power: a .380 was used.

    At that point, Delen pulled out a gun and shot Lewis in the abdomen, per court records.

    Delen reportedly shot Lewis with a .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun, according to the charging documents.

  25. I love how you are still trying to convince yourself that “transgenderism” is a normal condition and not just sexual deviance combined with mental illness. At the end of the day, it’s just some weirdo aping the opposite gender while demanding everyone take they/them seriously. Do what you need to do, but LGBTQIA+++ has always been, and is always going to be, a collection of people behaving abnormally.

  26. Jennifer, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, you’re one of the best writers this site offers.

    That said, the last few articles from you have focused on items affecting or associated with the gay community. I don’t know if it’s your intention to focus on that aspect, or if you’re being pigeonholed into it by the new owners of this site, but if that’s what’s going on, that is disappointing. You’re a thinker, a reasonable person, a 2A advocate, and a good writer, and I have never once thought of you as gay or a “gay writer”. If that’s what you get reduced to, it will be a shame because it will trigger the culture warriors, bigots, etc.

    We’re all a single-issue crowd here.

    • Yes, Ms. Sensibe is very much a single issue person and that issue is promoting and voting for the very politicians that want to destroy the single issue of TTAG blog.

      Kind of make her a super troll as TTAG give her the bully pulpit to preach from. Somehow, she manages to work the ‘I am gay’ issue into a blog that has nothing to do with gay and everything to do with…well a single issue. 2A!

      Gay is a life choice, a life preference – be what you want in that respect. Tranzz is a fantasty, and has DNA testing to back that up.

      Also – never hear others on this blog noting they are gay – why does she push that agenda on TTAG? Not part of the blog – is this some kind of ‘rub it in’ agenda of hers?

    • “That said, the last few articles from you have focused on items affecting or associated with the gay community.”

      Ms. Sensiba has direct, personal experience with those communities, and that makes her the obvious choice to author these articles.

      It also seems to me the TTAG commenters have something in common with the LGBT community, that being a small number of our members are the loudest and most vocal in their opinions of the M/F/Alternate folks…

  27. If your a LBGTwhatever, cross fitting vegan marine which one do you announce first?
    Nobody cares

  28. Since i love factual reporting, i would prefer to read something like “dude with balls and a mental illness” over trans woman, becausse it informs me about the actual biological and genetical gender of a person and also their mental state. With “trans woman” you never know if it’s a dude pretending to be a woman, a woman pretending to be a man or whatever else they come up with.

  29. There is no such thing as ‘trans’. You are what you are, no matter what you want to be. Believing otherwise is a mental defect. Not a defect of your DNA. Stop falling into the ‘Newspeak’ trap of progressiveness. In it’s attempt to redefine words, phrases and science to justify their emotionally driven ideologies. This was addressed many decades ago. 1979 in fact, in the movie: The Life of Brian.

  30. Perhaps referring to and addressing everyone as “you” would be a better choice. Since so many are so sensitive about a pronoun, either not using a pronoun or using the word “you” may be a better choice. The issue in Delen’s statement was relative to “food delivery” and not proper grammar. So many are too sensitive to things that really don’t matter. Besides if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be a duck. Hence, if a person dresses like a man, looks like a man then it is only natural to assume the person is a male of the species or vice versa relative to females.

    • If we’re only gonna use one pronoun phrase it should be ‘clam eater.’ Most dudes love a clam, and a good number of the ladies too. Majority rules!

  31. “transgender woman.” See, this was your first mistake right off the rip. There’s no such thing. You should have written, ‘a mentally ill man masquerading as a woman…..’. Now that would’ve been honest. We don’t want the communist creep infecting our world.

    • Amen. A “transgender woman” is a man masquerading as a woman for whatever twisted reason. Mentally ill if you ask me.

  32. “I know that some regular readers don’t like me that much.”
    When did we become a society that because we disagree we don’t like each other?

    • One take: Always been some of that around. Got amplified by Obama when elected and put on steroids by msm and the left when Trump got elected.

    • “When did we become a society that because we disagree we don’t like each other?”

      It really began about the time of the Clinton administration. Because we didn’t want a Leftist-run nation, their response was to vilify us as being ‘evil’…

  33. I ran into this “mis-gender” thing just yesterday trying to pay for a cup of coffee from this pink haired individual with a beard, who for reasons known only to the Gods couldn’t figure out that the change from a $3.27 bill from a $20.00 was $16.73 and kept trying to give me $15.00. When I said ” Dude, you’re off by a $1.73″ He/She/It/They/Them/Xe began screaming about their pronouns. I, of course instantly corrected my pronoun use for He/She/It/They/Them/Xe to “Asshole! You’re off by $1.73 ” I got it, but I did get asked to leave, which I was doing anyway so…..

    • Hey, I think I resent you calling it an asshole. Many people have told me that I’m a perfect asshole, and I have NOTHING in common with the pink haired bearded dude.

  34. “I know that some regular readers don’t like me that much.”

    Yet you refuse to take the hint.

  35. San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk was the only gay person in public office to announce that he supported the second amendment and owned a gun. And he said everyone should have a gun.

    Unfortunately, this is not a widely held view among the l g b d q x y z community. To them the pleasures of the world come first. Which is why they have always voted for candidates who support their personal pleasures.

    And at the same time are against the Second Amendment.

    There are more gay gun owners and that’s a good thing. But do they really support the second amendment, by voting for second amendment candidates? No, they don’t. “Gay rights” are the first thing they ask a candidate about.

    The drug leg@liz@tion crowd is the same way. Getting intoxicated on their favorite substance is far more important, than preserving their civil right enshrined in the Second Amendment.

    On TTAG there have been many stories about Self defense gun use involving h0mosexual gun owners. And the stories are always about just the basic facts. Jennifer on the other hand, spends a lot of time talking about homosexual this, or homosexual that.

    And that is why she’s not popular. Also, she publicly said it was a good idea that people be denied. They’re gun civil rights because she disagree with them politically. And TTAG writer John Boch had to correct her on that issue.

    And being called names by hom0sexuals is just a small price to pay, when you stand up for your Second Amendment civil rights.

  36. Awaiting moderation again, I’m not surprised. I will not join the deceitful lie, by saying that a man is a woman when they are not. The “Transformers” are deceitful people, and they want the rest of the world to go along with their deceit.
    Or be called names in the process.

  37. Like clockwork, TTAG reports on some gun incident involving a trans person and the bigots ignore the details of whatever case and merely comment to proclaim their outdated mid-20th Century view of gender science. Does nothing whatsoever to promote gun rights, and plays into the hands of those trying to portray gun owners as a bunch of intolerant OFWGs.

    • No, like clockwork. The liberals spend a lot of time talking about sexual issues involving a gun self-defense case. I’ve been on this platform for since it started more than ten years ago. And there have been many stories, TTAG has covered about gay people using guns to defend themselves legally. And they are all totally supported here.

      Unfortunately, jennifer wants to spend more time writing about sexual issues instead of a self defense case. She seems to believe she needs to do that to justify something in her mind.

      • And as far as the bigots go. They are the ones taking 2A education and shooting teams out of the schools. They are the ones saying a father is not necessary in the home. There are the ones who want to replace a father with a government welfare check.

        And replace his love and discipline and guns, with the guns of a big city police department.

        The atheists and the gays publicly disagree with the christians when the christian said a father is necessary in the home.

  38. So anyway Linda walks up to me and says her boyfriend has a flat tire and could they use one of mine, seeings our cars were the same.
    Sure, so I throw the spare in the pickup and me and Linda drive out to the flat tire.
    Its pouring down rain and I’m sitting in the truck thinking,”I’m glad that ain’t me.” as her boyfriend changes the tire.
    The next day at work I told some people about it, “I felt sorry for the poor dude, he got soaked.” and one of them says “Dude? , Linda’s boyfriend is a woman.”
    Could have fooled me.

  39. had issue with moderators with bl
    essbeeyanan and a pretty cool diatribe that evaporated so this.

  40. Good God, lady.

    I look forward to the day when this author, and others like her, are able to acknowledge the absolute insanity that currently is “trans”. Using “preferred pronouns” isn’t a kindness, it is exceptionally cruel. You. Are. Cruel. for agreeing to the madness a person affects.

    That wasn’t a trans-woman, that was a man who had all the physical characteristics that a man has. And now he has been shot.

    “WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?” in angry male voice.

    “Whet ded u cull meh?!?” in corrected, falsetto male voice, trying to sound like a woman while stumbling after the offender in heels that no man should wear.

    BOOM. The testosterone challenge failed. Male guts rearranged.

    It’s like you simply can’t, won’t, will not see the logic that is plainly in front of you.

  41. Any argument or discussion that starts off with someone feeling the need to tell me their sexual orientation is an automatic fail. That, in and of itself, makes it clear that their orientation is the entire focus of who that person is. It is terminally egotistical.

    Signing off now. Goodbye and good luck.

    • Jennifer continues to associate with the severely mentally ill even after one endangered her, some people never learn and those people are called Liberals/Progressives, their actions in pandering to and actively seeking to normalize abherent behavior put everyone around them at risk.

  42. Once again Jennifer Insensible’s poltical leanings are revealed for all to see, she is is a devout Lib/Prog as evidenced by her repeatedly referring to a male as as “she/her”. Here are some facts Jennifer, one cannot change their sex, chromosomes are immutable characteristics ergo if one has XY chromosomes they are and will always be “male” no massive doses of female hormones or barbaric genital mutilations (surgeries) can change that fact.

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