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I made the mistake of admiring someone’s tricked-out shotgun at the American Firearms School. Scattergun guy swung the shotty to face me. It was like looking down the Holland Tunnel — of death. What’s the worst safety violation you’ve ever seen up-close-and-personal?

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Who Cares What the Rest of the World Thinks About Our Gun Rights? [Video NSFW]">Previous Post
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  1. Knob Creek Gun Range a few years back, two guys walked out onto a hot range to set up their targets on a very busy afternoon. Amazed neither got hit before the RO could get all of the shooters to shut down. Said idiots got escorted off the range without any further ado.

    • One of my soldiers did the exact same thing on a zeroing range in Kuwait. Needless to say, I gave him a well-earned smoking and ass chewing.

      • Another time I was at a public range and there was a father and son in the lane to my right, shooting a .44 revolver. Kid was maybe 9 or 10. Father hands the revolver to his son, and the kid takes a shot. Then he just swings the damn thing wildly to his left for no apparent reason, flagging me. I jumped off my bench and took a few steps back, eyeballing his dad hard. The dad just stared back at me for a second and said NOTHING to his son. Unbelievable.

        • Same range in CO, different day. I’m with a buddy at a rifle position working up loads for a couple muzzies and sighting in a couple bolt guns. Guy and his boy show up with a decked out AR that it looks like they’ve never shot before – lots of fiddling and such. Shortly after they uncase it they muzzle us but I just step back, flash a nasty look and let it go.
          After a few minutes, they muzzle the whole line again. I say, not very harshly, “please keep that pointed downrange”.
          A bit later, dad is trying to clear a jam of some sort and teenage son is pawing at the weapon and they point it at my right hip. I pick up my .54 cal. Hawken (pointed safely downrange) and say “if you point your rifle at me again, I’m going to point mine at you.”
          They left shortly thereafter.
          I don’t attend that range anymore.

    • I was at Knob Creek and rented a M3 Grease Gun. It jammed on the first shell. While I attempted to clear, the RO grabbed it out of my hands, turned 180 towards the spectators and pried the offending cartridge out. What a JERK

    • Shooters Paradise in Yuba City CA. I was looking at some 1911’s when I look over and the dealer was going through the motions with a customer picking up a .38 snub nose. In California, you are required to conduct a safe handling demonstration before you can take the weapon home. The dealer handed the customer the pistol and what he assumed to be a dummy round across the counter for the demonstration.

      I heard a loud bang and posted up behind a pillar. I peaked around and say smoke, a shattered glass case full of 1911’s, and a shocked dealer and customer. I grabbed the gun out of the guys hands and he sheepishly backed away.

      I cleared the weapon, and went around the counter to check on the dealer, still in shock. He was bleeding from the left arm, but it looked to be from glass, not a bullet.

      Thankfully the customer had the presence of mind to aim the gun at a 45 degree downward angle, or the dealer would have had a hole in his chest.

      Never stepped foot in that shop again for this, and many other reasons.

    • Sad to say, i’ve DONE the same thing. though, in what meager defense i can muster, the range had a 1 minute “no more reloading” phase and was almost through that so it was quiet and no one was firing. i got distracted and headed out on the pistol range.

      Still, the range marshal was not terribly impressed with my decision.

  2. End of high school I was teaching a few buddies how to shoot with my .22 in another friend’s generously rural back yard. One buddy was completely new to guns. He turns to ask me a question and sweeps us all with one in the chamber, finger on the edge of the trigger guard. I stepped forward, pointed the muzzle towards the ground with one hand, worked the bolt with the other, and ejected the live round in one freakishly smooth motion. It was almost John Wick worthy, except I didn’t repeatedly punch my buddy in the face afterwards. Everyone got a stern talking to after that, and I proceeded to show what a .22 LR round does to a large orange. The muzzler’s face went white. Lesson learned.

  3. A friend of mine has a bad habit of clearing his m&p .40, ejecting the chambered round and trying to catch it, meanwhile he is oblivious of the muzzle direction, generally straight at my chest, I’ve worked with him on it, he is older than i, but far less experienced, I had to teach him how to aim properly with standard pistol sights.

  4. Just last weekend, while commenting on how amazingly loud my SKS was (?!), I got repeatedly swept by a guy setting up at the bench next to me. He was basically pointing a rifle at the entire line of shooters instead of down range.

    Fortunately the RSO was on it. They kicked the guy out without hearing any arguments.

    I’m not sure I agree that that was the best action, since– rather than learning the lesson– he will likely be so shamed that he never returns, but I’m glad they were being observant of the line.

    Was that the worst? Maybe not, but it’s fresh in my mind.

    • Don’t sweat the ejection. If he’s the kind of guy to admit he was wrong and needs to learn a little more, he’ll be back. If he’s the kind of, ahem, person who can’t admit to a mistake, odds are he won’t be back and you will be better off for it.

  5. Worst one by someone else was the jackass at the show who didn’t notice the zip tie through the action of the pump shotgun. Tried to pump it several times, then pulled the trigger! A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

    Worst one I did myself. I cocked a hair-trigger Model 29 as I was raising it. Came very close to shooting my foot off.

  6. OOOh, that’s a tough question. Like asking a long haul truck driver the worst safety violation he’s seen. But I’ll take a stab at it. 🙂

    I was CRSO for a turkey shoot at the gun club here, and the wife of a prominent citizen registered with her husband. She is well known for being a little dizzy, but she proved it in spades that day. Her husband shot very well, then gave the gun to her as she was up next. I was too late to prevent him from handing it to her loaded… Looking a bit confused, she pointed the gun down range and managed to fire five shots without hitting anything but the dirt berm behind the targets. I started forward to see if I could help her, and then watched in horror as she turned, still pointing the gun in front of her… but now covering everyone waiting to shoot… as she waved it slightly back and forth asking why it wouldn’t shoot anymore! I was pretty sure the gun was empty since it was a revolver, so came at her from the side of the firing line and took hold of her arm gently… pressing on it to point the gun down at the ground – while everyone else made a mad dash to get as far to the sides as they could.

    Her husband came up and took the gun away from her, immediately checking to see that it was clear… and then herded her toward their car and drove away. I’ve never heard such a dressing down without any actual bad language. Neither one has been back to the range since, that I know of. Sadly, I’m not convinced that the lady is teachable, though I’d be willing to try. With a demo gun anyway.

  7. Took my son to a ccw class, guy in the lane next to me was so nervous that he kept shaking his weapon.
    He dropped a mag but still had a round in, started to move the barrel back and to his left…( towards me) to push another mag in …i jumped back.
    The Ro got between us and pushed his hand and weapon back down range. Ro told him very precisely and calmly to take his finger off the trigger when not ready to shoot.
    That’s as close to getting shot as i ever want to get.
    Had to get that guy to breath and shake it out, he could make coffee nervous.
    That was his very first shooting experience apparently.

  8. Outfitting a bunch of 17-18-19 yo’s with full auto weapons and explosive devices. Lucky I made it out of there alive.

    • But their military – they are trained 🙂

      If liberal urbanites who have never seen a trigger, let alone pulled one, knew how truly untrained cops and “military personnel” (a.k.a. immature dudes) are they might pause at the black whole sized exception they grant to having weapons . . . And then again they might not – statists got to state.

      *What was the rate of shooting-while-high in SE Asia? I heard it was not low (trying to avoid a pun).

      • I was clean and sober when it mattered. My ass meant too much to me to be impaired at the wrong time. But if all your info is second hand off the interwebz you may not believe that.

        • No need to get defensive, he was talking about the Nam, not the sandbox. These kids today are tight.

        • So was I. A common interwebz fallacy is we were all a bunch of druggies. You see it repeated by guys that weren’t even born then.

          Any large selection of the population has it’s bad elements. Most of us were not hollywood stereotypes.

          And trust me when I say this. Nobody is happier than me to see this new generation of soldiers getting respect and support from the home folks.

  9. The guy firing in front of me in basic at Ft Knox turned around, and pointed his A2 right at our Drill Sgt. In one smooth (Wick like) motion Drill Sgt Ski snatched the rifle out of his hands, and butt stroked him on top of the Kevlar. Knocked him straight out! That was 25 years ago, probably couldn’t get away with that today.

    • Pretty much the only time your wouldn’t get in sh*t for laying a hand on a candidate was when they made a safety violation on the range.

  10. Local gun club had an “introduction to skeet shooting” for teens and their parents.
    They gave a brief but explicit training session and had several ROs on site.
    Everything went well until one of the mothers stepped up to take her turn.
    They helped her load her shotgun (first time ever shooter) and stepped behind, ready for the pigeon launch. About that time she turned around with shotgun waist high, finger on the trigger and covered about everyone there.
    RO pushed barrel up and took it away from her. Needless to say, she didn’t actually shoot.

  11. when I was 10 or so, I shot 1 round out of a full magazine of my dad’s sks. I then immediately leaned the rifle up against the truck with the barrel pointed slightly towards my father. After a quite embarrassing ass beating (my older cousin and uncle were there, always embarrassing to be crying in front of other people) I learned a lesson about ever muzzle someone.

  12. Outdoor range on Army post. After calling clear and getting responses, went down range to change targets. Another gunner 3 targets opened fire. Got lot’s of attention, but she insisted “at home we have lanes.” As the Chinese say Ho Lee Fuk.

    At a Glock competition while I was shooting, next person over Glock jammed. RO told me she covered me twice while trying to clear it. She chose poorly.

    Just occurred to me both incidents were wimmin. Probably friends of my ex wife.

  13. At a university skeet shoot, an Indian kid who assured all present he had had shot before, in India, set the butt of a Super-X3 down on the ground, then looked down the barrel to see if it was clear. I think I flew a foot in the air and started screaming at him. Between that, poor gun care, and dodgy reloads, I haven’t been back to the club but may give it another shot this fall.

  14. Hunting moose in Canada. My hunting buddy had a loaded (round in chamber) rifle in a soft sided case while we were riding in a boat to hunting spot. While uncasing the rifle, he touched one off. Sent the round through the front seat, where I had been seated moments before. Bullet exited the bottom of the boat. Luckily just high enough to be above the water line while on plane.

  15. Thankfully have not been party to a huge amount of safety violations in terms of firearms at the range. Always heard some stories but never been involved thankfully. The local range by me has a vest from an RO that was shot at a range. Sure that guy wasn’t invited back.

  16. I had forgotten this, but my most frightening moments came while hunting many years ago back in Iowa. A friend asked me to go hunting with him and another guy I had never met. This being Iowa, we were hunting pheasants in a farmer’s fields. After getting permission, we started walking the fence line out to the back of the property. As we were preparing to go through a fence, I handed my gun to my friend and started through the fence. Suddenly I heard the boom of a shotgun go off right over my head. The third guy had spotted some pheasants getting up across the field, about 200 yards out, (you can’t hit anything with a 12Ga. at 200 yards). Scared the bejesus out of me. But since we were miles from home and I hadn’t driven, I was stuck. Later, as we were working our way back to the farmhouse through a harvested corn field, we were walking abreast spread out to see if we could get any birds up. As I was walking along, the same guy, who I believe was to my right, shot at a rabbit that broke behind me. He basically shot to his left directly behind my path. I lost it right there. I told my friend that I wouldn’t be hunting with that guy ever again. Twice in one day by the same person is twice too many.

  17. Civilian – Slinging arrows at an indoor range. When the line went to retrieve, turned around and the guy next to me, son was drawing on a target. Loud Marine voice stopping his draw and quiet voice to his father asking if he was going to handle it. He did. Took him off the line and had a long conversation with him.

    Military – Q town in the middle of a live fire with a SAW, jarhead from port moves directly in front as I’m sighting in on a target. When a Kevlar helmet fills your front sight post while booger hook is on the trigger, it gets your attention real quick. Corrective action was to come on line with him and fill his cammies with hot casings.

    • Talked to a Coyote (guys who run the live fire ranges for CAX) and they’d had a dumb PFC with his finger on the trigger while entering a shoot house. He put five rounds of 5.56 at point blank range into the SAPI of the guy in front of him, who immediately turned around, straddled him and punched him in the face until three guys pulled him off. Imagine two combat tours to Iraq only to get schwacked by some dumb boot stateside. I’d have done the same thing.

  18. Had a handicapped shooter shot himself and slowly bleed out on range when clearing a jam. He was by himself in that part of a large complex

    He was a shooter before the accident that put him in wheelchair. Had racking aide on chair and about 5 years in chair and as best they could figure it he loosened the racking aide to get a better angle on the jam and slipped. Can’t remember the make but it was a .22

    Club banned solo practice after that

    One other fatal where I wasn’t there but helped clean up afterwards involving lots of alcohol

  19. Lol Afghanistan, an Afghan Army guy was posing with his 249 for pictures and snapped off a single round into the tent.

    Also, medic was farting with his m9 and did a nice little “tent pop”. Since all of is were just chilling out we about s*** ourselves. Command at the time was really strict so we covered for him big time.
    “You guys hear a bang?”

    Our platoon Sgt also bought a donkey because, I dunno why. But it crapped a lot.

  20. About 10 yrs ago, i was at my family farm in corinth, kentucky. Had a group of friends, and alot of firearms. A friend, named korean johnny, was trying to fire his tec9. He could not get the p.o.s to run. We were sitting around a firepit hours later, and he was still screwing with it. All the sudden it fired and blew a hole in a metal chair another one of my buddies was sitting in. It missed his neck/head by an inch. It was horrible, and we were an hour from closest hospital. Couldve been very tradgic

  21. “What’s the Worst Safety Violation You’ve Ever Seen? ”

    A community organizer being elected to be POTUS.

  22. In Iraq myself and a few other AF officers were attached to an Army unit and we were taken along for familiarization training at one of the ranges in the Green Zone. (This was 2006 and it had the three Saddam heads near the range if anyone remembers which FOB that is) One of my fellow LTS could not handle the recoil and ended up shooting over the barrier which was 6 to 8 Hescos high. Marine Capt swept down the range and disarmed her and threw her off the range. He then came over to “talk with” the rest of us AF officers and explain basic rifle handling.

    Round two, same deployment different Army unit (National Guard out of MS) one of their SNCOs would leave her fully loaded rifle in her unlocked locker in the office where we had Iraqi cleaning crews through the building constantly. The officers in charge refused to do anything about it when it was brought to their attention.

  23. I RSO at our club (which is open to the general public) once or twice a month. I (and others on the line) get muzzled almost every single duty, despite repeated safety announcements (during each cold range, before we go back hot) Mostly it’s newbees. Sometimes though it’s guys just not thinking, especially if a gun jams and they are start working on it intently. People can really keep me hopping trying to keep thumbs from behind pistol slides, keeping muzzles pointed down range, keeping fingers away from revolver cylinder gaps, (or like yesterday, finger almost in front of pistol muzzle while sighting….. he thought it would control the recoil better the further he could get his hand down the barrel)

    And occasionally it’s a female with a low hung blouse…… I keep a special watch on those and stay close, cause when the hot brass goes down into a sensitive place you can see all KINDS of dancing, and sometimes wildly waving the pistol if she has never handled a firearm before. (And sometimes a few have even come completely out of their shirts.)

    I was working the rifle line one day and had a father and grown daughter start fighting (BOTH of them had both hands on the gun) over a shotgun and let off a round into the overhead. (we are an outdoor range) They were asked to leave and not come back……..

    You wouldn’t believe the number of guns (rifles and pistols) that are brought to the line in a case with a round in the chamber, and when the owner opens the chamber there is always a surprised look on their face….. because you KNOW the gun fairies keep loading those firearms when no one is around.

  24. I and my roommate rented a place; we went out shooting prairie dogs and came back to the flat. I put my three rifles back in the locker… my roommate kept his 240WM and sat in his chair. He aimed the rifle with the bolt open, he aimed it at me, at his cat and then he closed the bolt… and pulled the trigger,BOOM! The rifle shot through the wall and took out the Toyota across the ways rear left and right front tires. My roommate was in a panic, he asked me if I was OK and we went outside to see for any damage..Tires were noticed the next morning… he left a PMO for $500 in the mailbox… I and he were always adamant about clearing rifles b4 entering the flat… one screw up… I still have the spent round…

  25. About 3 years ago I was at a gun show. This gun show had a “no loaded open carry” rule and cleared and zip tied every openly carried gun for sale or otherwise. About 3 hours into the show the guy clearing pistols made a mistake and had an ND. Never seen a few hundred people instantly freeze before. Luckily nobody got hurt.

    Other instance was when I was probably 17, my cousin was 14 I think. We were shooting clays at my uncles property and my cousin was using a semi auto 12ga he wasn’t familiar with and it jammed. He had it at hip level and swing around flagging my dad and I. After we picked ourselves up off the ground after diving for the dirt my dad calmly corrected my cousin and then chewed up my uncle for not stopping it.
    Cousin learned a good lesson and we didn’t shoot at my uncles place for a year or so.

  26. In the military we used “clearing barrels” with an NCO to supervise personnel loading/unloading weapons. I lost count of the number of times someone stuck the barrel into the center hole and let loose a single, or burst from an M-16, M-60 MG, M-12 shotgun, or even an M-79 grenade launcher. Anyone in the area hit the deck!

  27. We had a kid in Fallujah that was cleaning his M249 SAW on post while in condition one. (Bolt open, 100 round belt on the feed tray.) Anyway…he decided to pop out the pistol grip/trigger assembly to dust then off, and suddenly he had a runaway gun.

    We heard him going cyclic and figured SVBIED was coming though the gate. There we found him. Bullet pockmarks all over, Iraqi Police vehicles lit up, two houses across the street….and nobody got hurt. Lucky dumb ass.

  28. One range which has the reputation for being FUDD central. These guys are the FUDD’s FUDDs. After finishing a sighting session, I asked one of the range officers to clear my rifle before putting in the case. The response was “Why would you want me to do that?” I answered “To make sure I don’t have a live round in the chamber!”

    I haven’t been to that range in over a decade.

    And the behaviour of some of the people at that range is another reason. There were a group of MEAs shooting a .30-06 hunting rifle on the bench to my right (Middle Eastern Appearance). One grabs a 8mm Mauser cartridge off my bench. I tell him you don’t want to do that. He responds aggressively what am I going to do about it? I said I’ll stand back and watch his gun blow up. 6mm excessive headspace, 60,000 psi, and a 15 thou’ oversized bullet equals big boom. One of his friends slapped the back of his head and told him to give the cartridge back.

    • The balls on this guy, grabbing another man’s ammo…on a range..with live fire…and trying to taunt you? If that happened in my neck of the woods, he would become one of the disappeared.

  29. Visiting my son in STL, ended up at a range. Guy next to us backed out of the lane with a revolver, muzzle swept the entire busy range in a 360 turn, then back into the lane. Thought my Afgan Vet son was going to administer a little range justice but he shook his head “NO” so we just watched very carefully until they left a few minutes later.

  30. Guy at an indoor range set his AR leaning against a table at the back of the range with a magazine inserted and the bolt closed. The rifle got knocked sideways and clattered to the floor sweeping half the people in the range. I am not sure whether or not there was a round in the chamber but it was still very not cool to get swept like that.

  31. A bit over a year ago, there were two guys sharing the booth next to me. It appeared one was a local while the other was a visiting friend. They were sharing a pistol.

    “Local” dude had just finished firing at his target. When he stopped, he turned around to chat with his friend. The only problem was that he still had the pistol in his hand, and he was pointing it directly at his friend’s belly! I’m usually a bit hesitant to step in to offer advice to strangers at the range, as egos can run big. But, in this case, I had to say something.

    With a smile, I leaned in and said, “Excuse me… you’re pointing your gun right at your friend. It should remain pointed down-range.”

    “Well, it’s not loaded.”

    I understand, but Rule #1 stipulates that all guns are presumed to be loaded. Rule #2 is that you should never point it at anything you don’t want to destroy.

    “OK… thanks!” (He said this with a smirk.)

    He began packing his gear, as they were done with their session. I went back to my own session. As the two began to walk out of the range, the local dude turned back and snarkily said, “Thanks again!”

    I smiled and waved. Sadly, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen someone point his gun directly at a companion at the range. I’m sure it won’t be the last. I have now decided to always speak up.

    Another unfortunately common mistake I see is when a shooter is inspecting or clearing a malfunction, he points the gun to his left (muzzling the person in the next booth).

    • Both good observations, and nothing wrong with speaking up to prevent a possible tragedy. I think we’ve all heard of people being shot with unloaded guns.

  32. Long ago, worked at a small corner gas station in the bad part of the bad part of town. Had the midnight shift one night when a bad guy staggered in with a revolver in his hand.

    He peered at me through whatever haze was affecting him, pointed his gun at my face, and sort of mumbled “money”.
    I was fifteen, and probably looked terrified, and he wasn’t a TOTAL scumbag, and so he pointed the gun sort of away from my face and said “don’t worry, I ain’t going to -” BLAM!!

    He looked shocked, stared at his gun, and then ran out. The Stewart Sandwich machine behind me was wasted. I spent the next three hours saying “WHAT?!! HUH?!!” to cops. Took me a day before I could hear properly.

    I’ve buried this part of the memory somewhat, but I’m pretty sure I wet my pants.

    • completely normal reaction for a 15 year old who almost got his face blown off.

      Thanks for your honesty.

  33. My then teenage sons and a friend were cleaning out a widow’s house for her getting stuff out of it to get rid of, and they found a shotgun in the basement. Their friend picked it up and grinned, then fortunately holding it straight up rather than pointing it at one of them, pulled the trigger. It went off blowing a hole clear through the ceiling/floor and deafening them. The widow came to the basement stairs and asked what was going on. They all replied “Nothing, everything’s fine.”

    I still wake up in a cold sweat once in a while thinking about what would have happened if he’d pointed it at one of my sons before pulling the trigger.

  34. Only ppl breaking the range rules at my outdoor “NO RANGE OFFICER” range.
    Specifically GONGS. Gongs prohibited.
    I’m ok with the experienced dudes shooting gongs at 400yds but that nitwit spraying metal at 15 yds was too much.
    Thats why I never go on weekends, too damn dangerous.
    Seen other crazy sht too. Idiots.



  36. Japanese tourists on an indoor range taking photos of each other holing rented pistols to their heads.

  37. Several years ago my brothers-in-law and I were at the local indoor range. The four of us were sharing the one available lane, so three of us were waiting well behind the firing line. We noticed an older woman in the next lane, firing a cheap Jennings or Lorcin .25 or .32, by holding it up almost to her eye. She fired one or two shots that way, then before we could say anything, she turned around muzzling all three of us. We all simultaneously hit the floor, as someone who was with her pushed her arm up towards the ceiling while grabbing the pistol from her.

  38. I was at a gunshow around 15 or so years ago in Monroeville. This was before all guns were wired to the table and or zip tied. My buddy and I watched a man keeping picking up pistols and dry firing the hell out of them. We didn’t make to far far before “BOOM”! He picked up a Makarov and shoot the guy in front of him in the leg. That was the end of the Monroeville Expo Mart gun shows for a good many years.

  39. It was me. I was about 14 and walking a really old fence line, so old the posts were gone and there were little holes in the ground where they had rotted out. I had a Star 22 auto pistol holstered. I happened to look down and there was a little rattlesnake coiled up in the hole next to my right foot (basically directly underneath the holster). I drew, unsafed, and starting firing into the hole. I had gotten off about 6-7 rounds before I realized how close to my foot I was shooting. I stopped and stepped away. When I looked at my shoe, there was a little gray streak down the side of it and a hole in the edge of the sole. I still cringe when I think of that and what my dad would have done to me if I had shot myself in the foot. The real kicker was it wasn’t a snake. It was a snake’s skin. And even at that age I wasn’t afraid of snakes.

    • It does in some people’s minds. I always have to shake my head when people say never pull the trigger unless you are actively shooting. Aside from disassembly before cleaning on the older Glocks, I guess they never function check their guns after reassembly or do any sort of dry fire practicing.

      How about, never pull the trigger unless the gun is pointing in a safe direction.

  40. Easy. First day volunteering as a range safety officer and within the first 30 minutes I approached a woman who was getting frustrated with her hits and would rest her gun on the bench while retrieving her target while her finger was on the trigger. I touched her shoulder to get her attention and she spun around to face me along with her loaded 45 aimed right at my chest with the safety off and her finger on the trigger. We had a little chat. I learned how not to get someone’s attention when they are holding a gun.

  41. My friend and I went to our local indoor range. Guy in lane next to us finished shooting and my friend commented on his AK. He started showing it to my friend while pointing it at me. When I told him that he is lasering me, he answered “That’s okay, it’s not loaded” and to prove it he pulled the trigger – still aiming at me! Even on very busy indoor range it was wery loud click.


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