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Gun control advocates are endlessly annoying. In their pursuit of civilian disarmament, they recycle the same thoroughly discredited arguments time and time again. The Second Amendment only applies to citizen militias! Open carry confuses cops! More guns = more deaths! No one needs an “assault rifle” to hunt Bambi! They’re only good for mass murder! We can curtail your rights without violating the Second Amendment! We need to do something! 
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What’s the anti-gun statement that really makes your blood boil most? Whether on-line or in-person, how do you deal with it? Me, I smoke a cigar and get to work. You?

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Should All "Good Men" Carry A Gun?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Is "Gun Violence" A Reflection of Our Failed Education System?">Next Post


  1. A family member argued that 3 gun is, “designed to teach people to mass murder” when I showed them a video of a young girl shooting competitvely at high speed with bang on accuracy. I argued that she was doing a phenomenal job given her age and she was showing an uncommon maturity in her ability to handle her weapons with deftness without hesitation, unlike that butthead Kuntzman.

    I immediately countered that is if that was in fact how they felt then why do they own more than one gun, since the lefties argue that having the opportunity to kill others is synonymous with actually being a killer.

    I seriously dislike disingenuous people, I know that my fudd family member was arguing from a point of dishonesty because they think that disarming us will save their rights, since this person is not a true part of gun culture.

    My blood boils when dealing with Democrats and progressives in general. It is a bewildering experience to hit up against such blatant stupidity and limp arguments about guns, civil rights, and most other topics. But I attack them back on the points of their arguments with logic which often leads to an impasse. Such is life with Democrats in the family.

    • IYearnforanARinCali,

      You are at an impasse because facts and logic do not persuade a person who only cares about feelings. If someone has decided that gun ownership feels horrible, no amount of facts nor logic will persuade them to change their position. The only thing that will change their position is when they experience a much more intense awful feeling at the hands of a violent attacker. At that point their position will change to support firearm ownership because it helps them feel better about their prospects if another violent criminal attacks them.

    • “unlike that butthead Kuntzman.”

      @IYearnforanARinCali, I think you meant to write “unlike that kuntzhead Buttman.”

  2. Anyone who tells me the are pro abortion but we have to ban guns for the children.
    Also anything coming out of the mouth of obama, clinton, watts, or bloomberg.

    • +1

      Alas, 65 is in my rearview mirror, but I still get royally pissed because anything stupid pisses me off. I’m an curmudgeonly old bastard and proud of it.

      • I’m 54 and crossed the geezer threshold about a year ago. Getting to the point of switching off the hearing aids and ignoring most people.

  3. All of the above**. I think the one that annoys me most is the complete lack of knowledge on the private sale spectrum. “You can buy machine guns online without a background check!!! OmG 4Reeelz!”

    Google is the enemy of ignorance.

    • But will give republicans the majority after Columbine. Then again after Aurora. Then again after Newtown. Then again after Orlando, most likely. Those damn stars just never seem to align…

    • I would love to hear their explanation how the Washington ballot initiative for “universal” background checks only managed to be voted in by a slim (59/41) majority if this were the case. Also when one considers that the pro background check spending on media was something like 8x or more than that of the anti BGC spending.

      • It’s because people in Seattle are idiots. 10% of people voted yes to both 591 and 594, even though the two initiatives were diametrically opposed to each other. Should people who can’t even read a ballot be allowed to voted? Sigh. Makes my blood boil.

  4. “I’m for the second amendment but…”

    Imagine if they said

    “I’m for the thirteenth amendment but…”

    • How about this one, I’m for the 1st amendments but it don’t like what you have to say or your ideas for you can no longer talk in public.

  5. Hell, they all do. The illogicalityness of it all! Although probably the children argument(s) get to me the most. As George Carlin once said “Fvck the children!” I look at it either as trying to control other people’s rights because you’re too whatever to train your child about gun safety- not my fault/problem that you have a child that you think is apparently too dumb, soft, unreliable or whatever to have anything to do with guns. This goes hand in hand with the argument about saving just one life and protecting our children. Child protection is great (disclaimer: no kids so I may not entirely “get” it) but hiding behind your child to promote your social ideals is cowardly to me. That being said, if you’re just not into guns or shooting and feel that they present too much of a risk to you and yours to have in the home, fine, just don’t come after me. Worry about all the criminals out there doing bad things with guns. And quit rurrnin’ my life!

    • The lefts obsession with anti second amendment rights.
      Anyone with half a brain knows it’s all a smokescreen for the never ending Corrupt failures of this democrat administration beginning with the POTUS, SCOTUS, on down.
      Yeah, it boils my blood to the point of burning my A$$!

  6. “No one is trying to take away anyone’s guns…”

    Bitter clinger, like this BS from Nobama:

    FLASHBACK: Obama Calls Americans “Bitter Clingers”
    Kevin Glass | September 17, 2012

    In the wake of a leaked Mitt Romney fundraising video that the media is using to claim that Mitt Romney has insulted a vast swathe of the American people, it’s useful to reflect back on the last time a presidential candidate muttered words of disdain for Americans who he claimed were dead set against him.
    In April of 2008, Barack Obama cling to guns or religion.”

    You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not.
    And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations …”

  7. All of them. I absolutely detest lies. How can you have an honest debate with a person who bases their arguments on lies? The answer is you can’t.

    • At least you found someone who at least pretends to argue. My “progressive” inlaws hurl insults, shout profanity, and threaten to kill themselves if you even suggest that their wrong. Nothing like throwing a temper tantrum to win hearts and minds.

  8. People who think that they are better then someone else really makes my blood boil. It doesn’t matter if it means that they are cutting in front of a line of cars to get off the highway or advocating for gun control while being protected by people with guns, I can’t stand the fact that they think they are better then others because of how they have built themselves up in their minds.

  9. Those d-bags that say “guns are bad mkay.” Then proceed to jump in their SUV with their cell phone stuck to their ear

  10. Only the police should have guns… only the government should have guns… I don’t believe in discrimination. All rules apply equally to everyone.

  11. From my Sister-In-Law “No one needs a weapon of war” and then she made the stupid machinegun noise. Now I like my SIL and she is normally a good and kind person, so I was gentle with my reply: “Whoever told you that someone can just go and buy a machine gun is telling you a lie. You have to apply to the government and pay a special tax and wait several months as well as the fact that that an actual M16 is going to cost several thousand dollars. Where a fairly standard AR that shoots once when you pull the trigger is going to cost 7 or 8 hundred. Also when you hear someone tell you how powerful an AR is you should understand that they are being dishonest about that as well, since the M16 is the least powerful standard issue rifle the US military has ever issued.”

    Many times people who do not know any better will regurgitate crap they are told by the talking heads. My SIL likes me a lot and values my opinion so she will think about what I said, and will likely have questions for me the next time we meet up for a family gathering. All we can do about the spew from the left is counter it with logic and calm reason.

    • However they accuse us of being brainless drones who mimic everything the NRA has to say about gun issues. Many POTG that I have met (certainly many on this site) actually seem to put a great deal of thought into their opinions and will verify statements and statistics from several varied sources before accepting something as FACT. That’s what I at least try to do.

  12. None of them “boil my blood”. Some of them are mildly irritating but that is more the act of being willfully ignorant and/or intentionally ignoring facts. It doesn’t have too much to do with the topic being anti-gun or anything else. When they try pointing out that anybody can go crazy and start killing anytime I usually inform them that I am well equipped to be a very effective rapist but somehow I have not become a serial rapist. Most stupidity is simply countered with facts.

  13. “~30,000 gun deaths*” / ~300 Million** guns in USA = < 0.0001 deaths per gun. Nothing to see here. Move along.


    Do this based on number of rounds sold and it get's really silly.

  14. Willful ignorance. Knowing nothing about guns is a badge of honor to some. “I’m FAR too civilized to even WANT to know anything about guns.”

    Fine, then don’t own them. Don’t even think about them. Nobody’s forcing you. Just don’t brand me a lunatic because I’m competent with guns, and don’t ban them just because they scare you. Just STFU already. If you’re not with us, if you don’t know anything about anything, then you can’t form a valid opinion.

    I don’t know anything at all about which pro athlete is best. But I promise not to make up an opinion on which is best, and I won’t try to ban those that I’ve arbitrarily decided to dislike. See how easy that is? Just shut up. Listen, fine, but don’t talk. Unless you want to learn. In that case, step up to the bar and open your ears. Learn all you can, and THEN form an opinion. And then STILL keep an open mind, cuz you’re probably wrong.

  15. Radishes. Every time I eat them I am reminded why I hate them. I must be mad for giving them so many chances.

  16. People in large urban areas that complain about gun violence and racist cops, but then proceed to vote the same cast of characters back into office each election cycle.

  17. The one that makes me upset is that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are both obsolete since technology has advanced. Since before Wilson’s presidency, Wilson and others argued against it because it limited their power over their fellow man.

  18. “My family fled (insert failed Central American country of your choice) because of government death squads, gang violence, and or narco-terrorism. Guns are bad!”

  19. I don’t hate gungrabbers and other low forms of unicellular life, and I have no intention of putting them out of their misery. On the other hand, I would not be terribly upset if they all dropped dead.

    As for the blathering of weak minded, ignorant and indoctrinated pea brains, I don’t blame them for being brainwashed. As long as they stay in their parents’ basements playing Call of Duty and praying for the free shit that they’re entitled to, they don’t cause any harm. Besides, they may turn out to be an ample source of cheap manual labor.

      • Dammit, I meant Dave Bowman. Poole was a Frank and a different astronaut entirely. His blood boiled too though.

        • Was that the incident where he described the sensation of saliva boiling on his tongue when the suit failed in the vacuum chamber?

        • Yeah, Phil has it. They were orbiting Jupiter and the ship’s main computer cut Frank’s air line on an EVA and then locked Dave out when he went to get the body. Crappy situation all around, things got wierd from there.

  20. Hillarys face makes my blood boil. Especially when trying to make me feel guilty for my “white privilige”. & our governments lack of respect for its tax paying citizens, with their blatant lies

  21. What makes me angry is the “ar is designed to kill” meme. People who know guns should know better. They will admit they’d feel safer with one, but then push for us all to be disarmed anyway. Because they don’t like them. And that’s it. They will say all kinds of crap about how your opinion doesn’t matter because you like guns, but their opinion is TOTALLY SUPER VALID because they irrationally hate a specific model. Or even semiautomatics in general.

    • I thought the 5.56 round was specifically designed to maim an enemy and not kill them to put larger medical and resource costs on a standing army. So technically you could say “no, the AR-15 is not designed to kill.”

    • I always finish the sentence with:
      “Bacon” “Ice Cream” “more than $45,000 a year” “2 pairs of shoes”

  22. Well the one that got me which subsequently got me banned from Townhall’s forum was right after Newtown, some ass wipe made this comment:

    “Yeah you need an assault rifle for when you are attacked by 30 1st graders”

    It’s the nastiness that boils my blood. I don’t mind bloody shirt waving so much but grave dancing make me want to whip their asses.

  23. Mass shootings make my blood boil.

    I hate that every time I see them on the news I can’t take just a moment to feel sympathy or empathy for the loss of life and the pain of their loved ones. It makes me angry that my first thoughts have to be “here we go again” and that I can’t have thoughts born of bereavement and mourning.

  24. Most leftists’ anti gun comments don’t upset me because it is fun to pick apart their lack of logic.
    Like when they say “You don’t need x,y,z to hunt”. I tell them that the 2nd amendment isn’t about guns for hunting. It is about bearing arms in order to defend the country from all enemies foreign and domestic which includes a tyrannical government.
    They always assure me that the U.S. government is not tyrannical. And my reply is, “You know why?”

  25. Anything pisses me off if I know it’s coming from a place of willful ignorance and is based on feelings instead of logic and reasoning.

    Since when did behaving immaturely become socially And professionally acceptable past the age of 28?

  26. For me it’s not any particular statement but the plain inability or refusal to converse without setting up straw men, misrepresenting what the NRA or JPFO or any pro-liberty people including myself have said. On other discussion boards, it isn’t uncommon for an anti- to accuse me of saying the opposite of what I wrote when my very words are included in his “reply”!

  27. Anyone who has an opinion on guns but has never seen one, used one, nor taken a hunters education style course.

    Speaking from a point of ignorance should never be done!

    • Ahhh fkn hell, I can hear their high pitched screams already of, “BAN SCOPES, cause they make SNIPERS RIFLERZZSSSSS”. One more of these shit shows gets on the news with a red dot, holographic, or telescopic sight and we are in prime BANNING mode from now on.

      My blood be boilin just watching this vid. Thanks for posting, it did make me laugh at how silly and sad that lady was, but it seems that our beloved mutual interest is “beset on all sides” these days; hell even Fox news is muscling in on the MSNBC territory.

  28. The one that I despise is, “Guns were designed for one purpose only: to kill.”

    That statement is actually false on its face. People design guns to send a projectile on a known trajectory, nothing more and nothing less.

    However people decide to use firearms is a totally different matter.

    • This one is at the top of my list too. Makes me grind my teeth,

      If Guns/A Gun/This Gun/Any Gun is designed for the sole purpose of killing then that means that guns are the single worst product sold in the world in the history of all of forever! Just this country alone has somewhere well north of 300 million of the things and they only manage to kill about 30 thousand people. That means the product designed ‘for the sole purpose of killing’ has a ‘successful use rate’ of 0.000001 percent. I am probably missing several zeros but you get the point.

      • The exact answer is 0.01% … which still more than supports your assertion that firearms, if their sole function for design is to kill, are the worst product ever developed in the history of mankind.

  29. Putting aside Kevin De Leon’s you can empty a 30 round “clip” in 4 seconds…’

    Sen Feinstein’s comment that, “no veteran should ever be trusted to own a firearm because they are all mentally ill with PTSD.” Or, ‘veterans should expect to be denied a right to own guns”. This from a woman who owes her freedoms to men and women of the armed forces who defend her rights with their lives and weapons far more deadly and destructive than anything the civilians purchase.

  30. Any comparisons to Europe or OCED nations in a talk of crime. It is like talking about crime in your city but removing the bad neighborhoods.

  31. There are three key issues that the pro-gun side usually fails to address properly. I think it may be because they are holding back until we win the general argument for gun rights, but here goes.

    “The second amendment as a tool against tyranny is bunk because civilians with assault weapons could never fight against drones and tanks and etc.”

    This is 100% bullshit. We lost the Vietnam war to a bunch of rice farmers with AK’s. Why? They don’t wear uniforms. Also, in the event of a cataclysmic rebellion within the US, the military chain of command would instantly fall apart. Loads of soldiers would break out of line. One guy with a remote drone can’t just fly around and identify heat signatures to fire on. This type of thing requires boots on the ground and a massive chain of command complete with in depth intel in order to work. As soon as one dissenting soldier breaks rank, it becomes impossible to implement. Drones, tanks, helicopters, A-10’s etc. don’t mean jack if you don’t know who the target is.

    The next civil war will not be North vs South, it will be from two camps of thinking which are spread everywhere throughout the nation. There will be no Mason-Dixon line. This is the information age. Some kid in rural Maine is just as connected to ideologies as the wealthy stock broker in LA.

    “Fully automatic blah blah.”

    Pro-gunners often (and rightly so) correct the use of the term “automatic weapon.” But I think they need to go further and explain the purpose of fully automatic fire. When soldiers in the battlefield are taking down enemy troops, they RARELY use automatic fire. Automatic fire is used for suppression. It’s designed to put heads behind sandbags, not really to selectively kill. Automatic fire is very inefficient, and hard to control. If I’m ever in a crowd under a mass shooting, I hope the assailant is using a fully automatic weapon, because they are going to drain that magazine quick and probably won’t hit jack-shit.

    “We support background checks, nobody wants the mentally unstable to have guns.”

    Another mark against the pro-gun advocates. It’s true we don’t want unstable people to have guns, but don’t forget who gets to decide what defines a mentally unstable person… It’s not you or me, it’s a corrupt government. They can turn that against you in a real hurry. If you vote the wrong way, buy too much gold, live off the grid, read the wrong websites, or post the wrong thing on thetruthaboutguns; you could suddenly end up on such a list because they don’t like people of dissenting opinion being armed. If I’m not mistaken, in the People’s Republic of California; folks with a prescription for medical marijuana weren’t allowed to own handguns for some time. Maybe even still.

    You have to be careful with labels. Put someone on the terrorist watch-list and suddenly their rights are stripped. Now they can be gunned down in a foreign country, sent to Guantanamo, or stripped of their civil rights WITHOUT due process. That’s some scary shit.

  32. “Boiling mad”? Umm, no. As an amateur historian, I find it fascinating. Here we are seeing up close and personal, also in western europe; the same forces of chaos that destroyed the Greek republic, the Roman republic, and now, the western world. We are seeing history being repeated, again. But this time, we do have thousands of years of history to look back upon.

    And just like these other republics, we will also collapse into chaos. I’m not looking forward to the coming collapse, for I believe it will come. If it does, those that survive, will be more of the type of those that post on these types of sites and we will have the searing into our soul of the certainty of the suicidal and culture destroying aspects that is communism, and all of it’s spawn, such as Liberal/progressivism. For we had been poised to go to the stars, we had actually landed on the moon, and with that technology, let alone what we have available today, we could have had bases on the moon, on mars and in the asteroids, with the vision of creating the ability of going to the stars. Now? We have to beg a ride to space from Russia!

    So instead, at the height of our advancement up to that point, Progressivism, slowly spreading secretly like a cancer in the body of our civilization, sprang forward in our schools, media and government, and turned that hope of reaching the endless abundance of the universe with our “can do” spirit, into a self-loathing, self-hating sense of impotence, and a hatred of all that we had created. Turning the human race from being an imperfect but loving reflection of G-ds love, into a virus, a disease upon the face of the earth that needs to be eradicated, so says the “enlightened intellectual elite”.

    So those that depend on government, will be consumed by the beast and those that have the ability to take responsibility for their own food, shelter , warmth and self-defense will have the best chance to survive and ultimately prosper.

    It is simply the laws of nature, the laws of G-d. It is survival of the fittest, and in the aftermath, the collective experience of surviving the collapse and all the resulting horrors that was created by collectivist hive mind of communism, on a world wide level, could be a societal wide wake up call for those of us that survive and it could cause the rejection of all the inherent evils that is Liberal/progressivism and it’s evil twin brother, statism, for the next thousand years.
    Opening, once again, the possibility of spreading to the stars, just much wiser, and with much more freedom as a society; at least, that is my hope and prayers, G-d willing.

  33. The one thing that – really – makes my blood boil isn’t (directly) related to guns. It is, however, related to tyranny. It’s civil forfeiture. Of any kind. If you’re suspected of maybe being involved in criminal activity, and wham, the government can take your property. No evidence required. No charges required. With little or no recourse for recovery.

    It hasn’t happened to me or anyone I know, but when I read about it it really pisses me off. Every branch is in on it, too. Local, state, federal, law enforcement, IRS. They’re all lined up to dip into your wallet. Write your legislators about that.

  34. Every time a politician or a rich elite who spends every resting and waking minute under the protection of security armed with firearms, but wishes to lament why I shouldn’t have firearms. The moment they have their security details armed only with steely gazes and harsh language (the Aliens defense method) then at least I’ll credit them for not being hypocrites.

  35. The things that annoy me the most is the perceived requirement for me to specifically justify why I own firearms and the idea the firearms are designed *only* to kill.

    Of course we all know that firearms simply are designed to fire a projectile and aren’t used to kill man nor beast very often these days. I sometimes reply that the internet and gps were designed as tools of war. Should we demonize them as well?

    As for justifying the “need” to own firearms, I simply reply that I enjoy the shooting sports and collecting firearms is a hobby that gives me pleasure. Additionally, I, like the overwhelming majority of gun owners, use my firearms responsibly and safely, my ownership of said firearms is almost certainly a net positive to society, and, with that in mind, the fact that I enjoy owning and practicing with guns is the only justification that’s needed.

  36. My blood boils at the idea that civil liberties have no constituency. Any time anything frightening happens, people on all sides start talking about how this or that restriction is needed to “keep us safe.” People have no principles and will betray everything in a heartbeat if they think it’ll keep the bad things away.

    • Can the gun community just chill out with the gay bashing? -IF- we welcome the gay community into the gun community, and we can get the gay community arming themselves in self defense and supporting gun rights, just imagine for one second what a monumental strike that would be to the very heart of the anti-gun movement. Gay populations are heavily centered in areas where gun rights don’t exist. Imagine how support for gun control could utterly disintegrate if gay people realized it might be a good idea to protect themselves. The gay community could become a very powerful ally that we should NOT overlook, and NOT exclude from our ranks.

        • Obviously, I wasn’t blaming the whole community. I was addressing whoever in the community happened to read it.

        • “Can the gun community just chill out with the gay bashing?”

          That is an indictment of the entire gun community. If you didn’t mean it that way then don’t say it that way. Besides that, people who want inclusiveness preach the “big tent” philosophy, then criticize those inside the tent for having different views. Hypocrite much?

        • Michael in GA, don’t even try to tell me what I meant. This isn’t a matter of opinion; I’M telling YOU what I meant. It’s painfully obvious what the point of my post was, and for reasons I can’t fathom, you’ve decided to take it personally. If you misinterpreted what I said, or don’t quite approve of how I phrased something, that’s YOUR problem. So get off my dick.

          WTF is your problem anyway? You’re the same dude who came at me a few weeks ago for speaking out against that “no fly/no buy” garbage. You had nothing substantive to say then, and you still don’t. You’re like a fucking mosquito whining in my ear. Go away.

        • I’m not telling you what you meant. I’m telling you how it looks to the reader. And to say that you are not blaming the entire gun community, only the ones who read it, assumes only the guilty parties will read it. How the fuck do we know what you are saying until we read it? Don’t get mad at me for calling out bullshit. It’s not like I am correcting grammar or ad homenim attacking. If you can’t have a disagreement without getting butt hurt then maybe this forum isn’t your bag dude. Lord knows plenty people on here have disagreed with me on subjects but that doesn’t mean you shout down the other side. Big Tent Brother. Big Tent.

        • To be perfectly clear, I’m not “butt hurt.” I’m simply expressing my annoyance with the fact that this is now the second time in just a couple of weeks where you’ve gone out of your way to make insignificant, pedantic criticisms of something I wrote while adding nothing at all of value to the larger discussion at hand.

          Nothing you’ve said so far has anything to do with the point I originally made, which (in short) was:
          If we can get enough gay people in our side, it could possibly be a crippling blow to the gun control movement. Period. If you had addressed THAT point, then I’d understand. But you didn’t. You just decided you wanted to pick a fight. I’m not interested. We’re done here.

  37. A couple of times a week, I like to go over to Mother Jones and poke around in the comments sections of rabidly anti-gun articles. The comments always allude to those hilarious charicatures of gun owners as impotent/ammosexual/terrified/uneducated redneck idiots who love the fact that the NRA is responsible for the death of every man, woman, and child in recorded history.
    It’s so painfully obvious that none of these people know anything about guns, nor have they even met an actual gun owner. Their only exposure to guns is through Mother Jones.

    I like to interject perfectly reasonable, rational comments and questions, and the responses are predictably angry, panicked, and wrought with emotion. I always chuckle and say to myself, “Mother Jones has you right where they want you; confused and upset.”


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