Crowd at 2016 NRA Convention (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Dan, Jeremy S. and Nick are cranking out copy from the NRA Convention show floor. As we’ve got a few rifle and pistol positions left at the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival (October 14 – 16 at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill), I’ve asked the boys to hit-up some of the manufacturers to come and demo their guns. We’ve already got a stellar lineup: SIG SAUER, Kel Tec, STI, Wilson Combat, FN, Walther, IWI, Henry Repeating Arms, Canik and more. [Click here for exhibitor lists.] Who else would you like to see at the Texas Firearms Festival? What guns would you like to shoot and maybe buy (at a big discount)?

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  1. Guns that circumvent both the magazine tool removal law – and the bullet button ban. Would be hilarious.

  2. One name I don’t see on that list is a Texas derringer company called Bond Arms.

    Some people may have never fired a centerfire derringer for fear the recoil ‘bite’ may be too much for them.

    If Bond was there, they could see (and feel) for themselves if the ‘bite’ is too much for them…

  3. In addition to the ones already listed as appearing:

    1. S&W (w/ Jerry Miculek demo’ing)
    2. Ruger
    3. Barrett
    4. Benelli
    5. Noveski
    6. Glock

  4. I just noticed ‘Defense Distributed’ will be there.

    Will they be demonstrating their 80% AR-15 CNC machine, the ‘Ghost Gunner’?

    • I haven’t shot it but I handled the American Pistol at the gun store, it was ok but nothing earth shattering. Trigger was meh

  5. North American Arms; specifically the Sidewinder, Sheriff, Earl, and Hogleg models. I’ve been interested in their semi-auto Guardian as well, but never seen one up close.


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