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TTAG Publisher Robert Farago (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

I don’t get out much. Nor do I play well with others. But on occasion I’ve been with a group of people — in Austin — who don’t know what I do for a living. There’s always someone who does. And they always reveal my ballistic shtick. Reactions vary. But someone invariably asks if I’m carrying. Sigh. I have a range of answers. “Concealed means concealed.” “Operational security demands discretion.” “No.” “Yes.” Does this happen to you? How do you deal with it?

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  1. Not really an issue. I’m not concerned about concealing from everyone around me. I’m only concerned about staying within the letter of the law. I’d open carry on a constant basis if I legally could.

    • I don’t try for total concealment either. Just enough so that the vast majority of people won’t notice – and that doesn’t take much concealment at all. Only one person might have said something about it (a minute or two after my shirt blew up in the wind) but was vague. He said that I was armed to the folks he and I were talking too. I had a practice sword in my hand at the time so I am not sure which weapon he was referring to. I just shrugged my shoulders and it went no further.

      • IWB Holster + untucked T-shirt is enough to get me through the “mostly concealed” threshold set by Illinois law. Given that I think the law is unconstitutional to begin with, that’s all the room I give it.

        The only annoying part is that I have to fix my shirt every time I get out of a chair or it rides above the gun. To be fair, this is much less of an issue with my PPK than with my P229.

        • Mine is OWB usually over a light tee shirt but under an unbuttoned button up. A bit of the 6″ barrel often sticks below the shirt. I am in MN though where open carry is legal, if not practiced.

    • I’m not worried about anyone seeing it either. I could legally open carry here in Ohio so I don’t even have legal concerns. I just don’t want attention brought to me is the only reason I conceal. Don’t want to put up with the possibility of some business telling me that I’m scaring the other customers, the possibility that someone would assume bad intentions of me, or just that everyone is going to be staring at me. But if one person notices every once in a while, I’m not overly worried.

      Nobody has ever really noticed either. They might have seen me acting nervous because I’m still not a long time carrier, and socially awkward anyway, but nobody has ever said anything really. Most is some guy giving me a suspicious look in Walmart but I have no idea what it was about. Yeah. There are problems but all I can do about that is keep carrying until I get used to it.

  2. girl sat down on the couch beside me… she felt something hard in my pants… and asked what it was…

    Be nice, people.

    • How about this as a response:

      “The real question is are YOU carrying, and if not, why not?”

        • Exactly my point. If you cc and answer with anything other than ‘no’ you might as well just open carry.*

          *void where prohibited.

        • I can’t control what people think. Even if I wasn’t carrying and somebody asked me, I’d still tell them it isn’t a question I answer one way or the other. Whether the actual truth of the matter is “yes” or “no,” my answer doesn’t change. I really don’t think it’s ‘tactically sound’ for people to know that I’m carrying or know that I’m not carrying. I’ve had this conversation with plenty of people and I did not get the impression that they took my answer as a “yes.” It seemed like they took my answer as a “sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, but never is it your business to know.”

  3. Once a child observed me putting my holstered pocket carry gun in my pocket as I was exiting my car in a parking lot. The kid, I’m guessing was around 4, told his mom that I had a gun. Loudly, as she was loading grocery into her car. Looking up first to her child then to me, she made friendly eye contact and said in a disbelieving voice “You don’t really have a gun?” I answered in my best jaunty devil may care voice as I walked off towards the store “Of course I do.” ” Doesn’t everyone?”

    • Nothing wrong with that, but personally I would have used that as a teachable moment for the kid. Simply be respectful and show the kid that being armed is no big deal.
      Unless the mom was already being cantankerous.

  4. Anyone that needs to know that I’m carrying does(and knows not to bring it up in public), anyone else doesn’t and would have no reason to ask.

    • People ask me as I work at being an ambassador/ de-mystifier of the “gun world”. Depending on where I am and who it is, I make light of it (as per William above). At work in scrubs (strictly verboten) I say “And where would I put it” while I have a NAA Mini deeply concealed. (No, not there.)

  5. Depends on the person.

    If a friend or acquaintance notices, they get an honest answer.

    If someone I don’t know asks, then I evaluate. If they just seem friendly or curious (99% of people), honest answer and maybe some conversation. If they make me uncomfortable, they get an, “I’m sorry, what do you mean?” If the point at my inadvertently exposed firearm, it keeps me from lying.

    Also, if I’m not sure how close the nearest school is, I may avoid answering. Because 1000 feet is a pretty long distance, especially when you have as many schools as we do in our area.

      • Texas, it depends. Other states like WI, schools AND school grounds are a NO GO zone ALWAYS.
        In TX, if there is a school function going on, *in a building* you’re going to have to avoid it, find another route, etc. However, they (smartly) specifically addressed cutting through parkings lots and etc., and that’s fine, regardless of school function or not, say if you were walking your dog through the parking lot, etc.
        In TX “Premises” means a building or a portion of a building. The term does not include any public or private driveway, street, sidewalk or walkway, parking lot, parking garage, or other parking area.

  6. “I don’t carry all the time,” is all I say. True ‘nuf, I have to go on my son’s school property enough which requires things to be locked up in the car. They can draw their own conclusions but they often infer I’m not carrying at the moment, which is fine by me.

  7. “Are you packing heat? ”

    My response~ a sinister smile, ala “If I must respond, you will perish.”

  8. Right when Texas was about to allow open carry, I had a situation in the office where a coworker who had apparently previously clued in on the fact that I carry concealed daily asked me in the break room among other coworkers “Hey Warren, are you going to start open carrying?” I don’t think any of them had any idea I carried at all. If they did, they’ve never said anything about it. It did make for an awkward few weeks around some of the less-than-enthusiastic coworkers, but eventually (I think) it all just dropped off the radar.

    And for those who might wonder how I responded, I just said, “no, but if some of our other coworkers felt prompted to open carry I wouldn’t have a problem with it.” and walked away. I’m sure some of them were left wondering who else might carry.

  9. Well I’ve “outed” a concealed carrier who wasn’t doing too good a job.

    Background: Every open carrier I see I thank for carrying. Always has led to a pleasant exchange.

    One day I was in line behind a “concealed” carrier who carried their wallet on the same side as their gun (one of the first thing I tell students to change). There it was, for all to see when he paid for his meal. Plus, his coat didn’t drop back down after the transaction. How to tell him? So I did my usual cheery “Thank you for carrying!” — he fixed his coat and then gave me a withering glare and walked away.

    No retention and for all to see — you’re welcome.


    • I got about the same response from someone at WalMart who was doing such a bad job of it (shirt completely up over the gun) I wasn’t sure if he wanted to OC or not.

  10. Here in MA, the people are oblivious. I could duct tape my pistol to my forehead and wear it like a tiara and nobody would notice.

    I have never been outed. I’ve even gone out of my way to have close encounters with cops, who are just as oblivious as the unarmed citizens. I attribute this to my cunning, ninja-like ability to camouflage my pistols. Or, maybe — and I’m just spitballing here — maybe, nobody cares.

    As an OFWG with an avuncular attitude and a grandfatherly appearance, I don’t frighten anybody. And when I speak about guns with folks, instead of being intimidated, they are fascinated. Go figure.

    • I could duct tape my pistol to my forehead and wear it like a tiara and nobody would notice.

      I’ve seen pictures of people doing precisely that, needless to say they were joking.

      At least, I *think* they were joking.

    • Similar experience here in CT. Walked around for hours with a gun on the waist and no one cared to notice or simply didn’t care, I really can’t tell which it is and both are equally surprising.

    • Similar experience here in CT. Walked around for hours with a gun on the waist and no one cared to notice or simply didn’t care, I really can’t tell which it is and both are equally surprising. Although I am not yet an OFWG.

    • I lived for a time in MA and carried concealed all the time on a “restricted” LTC class A. That’s Massachusetts talk for a license to carry with which you cannot really carry with.

      Anyway, Ralph, you don’t happen to know anybody named Barbara, do you?

  11. Perhaps answering a question with a question would provoke thought.
    Them: Are you carrying? (or, Do you have a gun on you?)
    Me: Why? Do you think we might need to defend ourselves soon?

    Them: Yes!
    Me: Yes. Are you armed?

    Them: No.
    Me: Then it doesn’t matter either way.

    Now option B allows some lead-in to discussion about why a person might decide to be armed, situational awareness, etc., should the person be open. That could be a good thing. If the person’s not open, then it provides a ready response to repeat as necessary: “Then it doesn’t matter either way.”

  12. What timing. I was just outed this past weekend. One of the other Scout dads at the campout asked if I carried. From his word choices, I figured he was friendly toward it, so I said yes and asked him how he knew. It was the CCW web belt.

    Well, I’m not going to stop wearing them because they’re comfortable and not usually visible under a shirt, but I have ordered two Trakline belts to solve the one-hole-too-tight-the-next-too-loose problem. And I think I encouraged the other guy to apply for his CHP.

    • The Boy Scouts Organization bans guns during all Boy Scout events and activities, except for ridiculously restricted and rare shooting activities. They have been completely taken over by lefties. Its amazing how many unsanctioned scouting campouts and activities our group has.

      • Which is why I wasn’t eager to admit I was carrying against the rules. Fortunately out in flyover land , it isn’t an event without at least two shooting sports

      • Wow, I didn’t know. When I was a scout our scoutmaster open carried on all of our camping excursions, and encouraged those of us with access to firearms to bring them along so we could shoot cans. I think we may have even had a marksmanship merit badge. Times have changed…

        • Reports of the BSA’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Rifle and shotgun badges are still around, as are archery and tomahawk throwing. At the last high adventure camp, my older son learned to clear a house from a veteran who had built a shoothouse on his property (paintballs in this case). There aren’t many orgs left that take city kids into the woods and encourage them to get wet and bloody. The “no weapons” policy is for insurance purposes only, I’m sure, considering everyone has a knife on his hip.

    • The Trakline is a great belt. I wear mine at work all the time. Unfortunately, I can’t carry inside the office but as soon as I’m in the car, it goes from the secured lock box into my Alien Gear holster.

  13. My own father nearly “outed” me to an extremely important business customer who is so far Left on the political scale that you would need a 100 foot wide piece of paper to see their location on the graph. That would not have turned out well.

    Aside from that, I had one customer see that I was printing and asked if I had a handgun on my side. That turned out fine. And I had one other customer see that I was printing and noticed but didn’t say anything. I later learned that he was a police officer which is why he was looking for it and noticed it. About a year or two later I mentioned it and he was also good about it.

    • My friends know I carry, but I keep it top secret from business associates. I work in the residential construction industry and I doubt there are too many of them that are hard core lefties, but I don’t want to find out by losing a contract. This includes their employees, clients, etc.

  14. I can neither confirm nor deny the absence nor presence of any object or collection of parts that may or may not be suitable as a weapon for offense or defense.

  15. CCW was legal for less than two months in Illinois. I just got my license in the mail and decided to give it a test drive. In line to get a Italian Beef sandwich in a near Chicago suburb, Chicago PD FTO in line accidentally bumps into me from behind talking with the other two officers with him. He feels the gun under my shirt and asks if I’m carrying. I reply, “yea, license just came in the mail today.”
    His response, “Right on! What do you carry?”

    • Thank you, it’s good to know that Chitcago PD does still employ humans.

      The ones I see in the newspapers seem to be angling for an Abbate style early retirement.

  16. In terms of printing, no, I’ve never been outed. Truth be told, most of my friends who know that I’m usually armed don’t ask about it, I think it’s a non-factor to them. I’ve told them in the past “if I’m carrying, chances are that unless I tell you, you simply won’t know” which is concealed carrying done right, in my opinion.

  17. The time I was almost outed was when I was at a Jewish ceremony at a friend’s home. I was sporting a M-36 in a formed leather pocket holster. My young son was standing in front of me when he leaned his head back into me, hitting the pocketed gun. He loudly asked “What is that?”. I whispered that we would talk about it later and everything was cool. Whew! I’m sure that the parents knew that I was into guns but would also prefer (demand?) that I not bring any guns into their home.

    As they say, “concealed is concealed”. I usually default to a LC-9s in a pocket holster. Goes almost anywhere.

  18. Once by my (then) 3 year old daughter. It was right after I started carrying. We had discussed that Daddy’s gun is family business we don’t talk about with strangers. As a three year old she forgot and told the clerk who sniled weakly and mumbled something about supporting the 2A.

    We had a remedial talk after that and going on 3 years now she has never slipped up again.

    On a different note my dog and I just finished 12 weeks of obedience and agility training. At the end of the class the instructor.mentioned getting her CCW and how excited she was. We talked guns for a few minutes and deciding she was good people I asked if she had ever noticed mine during class. She admitted she had not. I was rather pleased that 12 weeks of running, bending, sitting, getting up from the ground and never a noticable imprint or flash.

  19. I have educated my kids to not discuss my concealed carry in public. Haven’t had a problem there.

    Once when in a convenience store with some shady-looking characters, a co-worked blurted out “You have a gun don’t you”. I said “where would I carry a gun with what I’m wearing?. (I had two – off-side pocket and 3:30).
    It was nerves on their part. The shady-looking guys did put down the stuff in their hands and leave.

    Once back in the vehicle I informed them that next time I’d blurt out “why do you have all that cash in your pocket?” in an alarmed voice.

    They got the point and realized it had been a boner move. Within 3 months they had their CCW permit. Slow progress.

    • “The shady-looking guys did put down the stuff in their hands and leave.”

      Probable boner move on his part, but it sounds like his instincts were right on the mark…

    • This is why I refuse to answer the question, regardless of whether I’m carrying or not. I don’t want people knowing or assuming that I’m carrying and looking at me expectantly, saying something out loud, or otherwise drawing attention to me should something weird go down. That would be bad enough if I am carrying and even worse if for some reason I’m not.

    • I agree with both you guys. He was right and was at least aware and observant. He got nervous and asked me about carrying. It didn’t happen again. He now carries regularly and sometimes mentions that incident. He has had his wife out him when she got uncomfortable. She has not gotten her CCW yet though.

  20. “Why do you ask?”

    What someone chooses to conceal beneath their clothes, I think they have chosen to keep to themselves. Courtesy says we deal with others as they choose to present themselves, including what they choose to keep private. “My rash is healing up just fine, and what business is this of yours?”

    Courtesy says we appreciate how people choose to present themselves … or find other people to appreciate. If you aren’t inclined to say “Wow, nice gun.” when u see one, maybe hang out with other people. If you aren’t inclined to amusedly ignore someone who makes a big deal of your carried arm, maybe don’t wear one. Either way choose people to hang with that you will enjoy responding to.

  21. Schrodinger’s carry: until it is visible, you are neither carrying it nor are you not carrying it.

    • That’s actually how the laws on concealed carry in Arizona are written. To the point where you actually aren’t carrying until its revealed, making the age restriction for concealed carry pointless unless you get caught.

  22. My friend, who did not know about my CPL or my interest in guns gave me a hug and bumped into my carry gun. She was very surprised, but totally cool with it for the dual reasons that she likes shooting, and she knows me and that I will be responsible.
    The only person who really has a problem with me carrying is my anti-gun dad, who totally jumped my s#it when he saw my empty holster when I was in his house and thought I was carrying (I don’t carry at my parents place out of respect for his views, but apparently that isn’t a two way street).

  23. My wife and 9 year old daughter alert me if they can see me “printing.” My daughter says ‘Daddy your porkchop is showing’ or my wife will discreetly put her arm around my waist and reposition my shirt. I have never been “Out-ed” because not many people outside my gun friends know that I even own guns.

  24. Paraphrasing a sign seen on an Austin storage yard:

    I carry a gun three days a week. You guess which three.

  25. Them: Are you carrying a gun now?
    Me: Why? Are you going to rob me?
    Them: Well, no. I’m just wondering if you are carrying a gun.
    Me: Are you talking about my cellphone?
    Them: Oh, Ok.

    • when i work in the liquor store i get the same question. them: you have a gun? me: why, are you planning to rob the place? them: no, just wondering. me: it’s florida, do something stupid and you may find out. And the only time I was outed was a friend came up from behind and put her arm around my waist. In the two yeas I knew her, she never noticed it before. Funny how she wanted to hang out more often after that.

  26. I’m in colorado, open carry is common practice, I’ve been asked why I carry, I ask back why don’t you? Simple enough I think, get interesting answers too.

  27. I get a pat down from some friends that are also carrying, to verify that I am. If on the extremely rare instance I’m not, I get scolded.

  28. I was given a kind hand on the back to guide me into my chair by an elderly, grandmotherly figure. Told her it was my cell phone and changed the subject.

  29. I was once, but I wasn’t trying very hard to keep the gun concealed.

    I was in Phoenix delivering a car to a friend. I got into town at about 10:30 PM and decided to clean the car at a self-service car wash before dropping it off. There was another young white guy washing his car there as well. I had my pistol in an OWB holster barely covered by an untucked polo shirt. I didn’t bother about concealment when bending over or reaching because OC is legal in AZ.

    Anyway, as I was finishing up the car, a police cruiser pulls into the lot right in front of me, watches me for maybe ten or twenty seconds, then leaves. I’m pretty sure they saw at least my holster. Like I said, though, OC is legal there. I assume the other guy saw my gun and called the cops after he left.

  30. First day I had my CCW, threw on my pistol as the wife and I were heading out the door. Stopped in at Dick’s Sporting Goods for more ammo. Wandering around the store, a young girl, maybe 4 or 5 comes out of nowhere and runs forehead first right into the slide of my G23. Loud clunk, and you could tell by the look on her face that she didn’t understand. Dad came around the corner, smiled at me, laughed at his daughter and said, ‘Shes done it to me before, too’. Granted, this was in El Paso…hard to find many gun guys that don’t carry.

  31. I had a very annoying relative notice something while hugging at a memorial service.

    She: What is that?

    Me (thinking on my feet): My colostomy bag.

    She was speechless and wandered off.

    My wife overheard and spat out tea…

  32. I was asked once, by a woman, if I was carrying a gun while in line at a store. She was obviously rabidly (and as irrational as a rabies victim) anti gun. At the time I wasn’t carrying. I asked her if she had put on clean underwear that morning and said that asking about concealed carry was as intrusive and as rude as asking about her underwear. I went on to say I didn’t want to know about how clean her underwear was and she didn’t need to know if I was carrying. That ended that conversation. I’m not sure if that would work with a man, though, too many men would drop their trousers to show everyone they had no underwear on.

  33. After 19 yrs of CC in Texas I am convinced no one ever notices much of anything. Now I open carry on occasion and no one bats an eye either. I really think they never see it. Never has anyone said a word if I was CCing to date. I have had a couple of thumbs up when open carrying.

    Try hugging the little old ladies at church and not get noticed. So far so good. Now that’s the only time I worry of being spotted.

  34. Once, at the office. Co-worker patted me on the “gun side” as a greeting gesture. Didn’t think much of it since the company is generally pro-gun.

    Other than that, only “outed” if I feel comfortable doing so. Which is to say, I’m usually noncommittal about it.

  35. Yes, but anyone who knew was in the know…

    So, no one cared; not that I would’ve cared.

  36. Yes, actually. Waiting in line inside a Chik-fil-A, a guy approached me and said my pistol was printing through my cargo pocket. I thanked him for the advisory.

    I don’t own a gun. The “print” was my wallet and keys.

    Good eye, though.

  37. The social conventions for carrying guns are still being worked out and until armed citizens become a normal, expected occurrence the potential for untoward encounters will be with us for some time. You can never really tell if a are-you-carrying-a-gun kind of question is made out of simple curiosity or is a precursor to some kind of trouble. Basically, I think carrying a gun on your person should be thought of as an element of “embodyment” i.e., that inviolate zone of personal space demands the mutual respect of others. What this means is that there are things about one’s emobdyment that are simply not allowable for discussion in polite conversation. Still, if someone is rude enough to inquire, I think the best response is a “null” response. Robert’s “concealed means concealed” explanation is a good example but a better one, I think, is to simply say “that’s a question I never answer”. You haven’t said you are carrying but you also haven’t said you are. You are also tacitly announcing to your questioner where you stand on the whole RTKABA issue. Usually that puts a stop to the are-you-carrying-a-gun questions but, if it doesn’t, you’ve set the situation up so that any further questioning can simply be dismissed as unacceptably rude.

  38. Printing isn’t illegal where I live so the only people who can tell are the cops and other conceal carries, who don’t care. Everyone else is satisfied with that’s my cell phone.

  39. Indiana issues an LTCH, which makes for great code words between those of us who do carry.
    I once gave a hug to a female friend and quietly asked her if she had an LTCH to which she responded; ‘Yes!’ I was new to CC and she pointed me in the direction of an excellent instructor! Ever since then she tells me the only reason I want a hug from her is so I can feel her gun!

  40. Occasionally, at get-togethers with the in-laws, some of my wife’s adult cousins or nephews will ask if we’re “packin'” or if we’re”strapped”, like we’re some kind of gangster. They’re just trying to get the older folks riled up.

    We usually play it off and tell them not to worry about it, that it’s not their concern, and that’s about the end of it.

  41. I conceal carry my SCAR 17 down my pants. Sometimes people notice the muzzle sticking out around my angle, but otherwise no issues.

  42. When I worked for my previous employer, I would store my Walther in a small tool bag (engineering company, not unusual for people to move personal gear from personal vehicle to company truck) on my passenger seat. One day when going out to lunch with some co-workers, a new employee made it to the door before I could get in to move the bag and asked “Do you mind if I move your… um gun?” The new employee was from the mountains in NC and was cool with it, and I explained to my wide eyed passenger in the back seat that I had a permit, I was carrying the firearm legally, and that state law allowed me to store my weapon in my locked vehicle on company property. Everyone seemed fine with that information, and the wide eyed co-worker always offered to drive when we went to lunch after that.

  43. I have never been outed, but have outed several people, always because of shoddy or unsafe carry. The most recent case was a guy who’s J clips didnt catch his belt and the holster was about to fall out of his pants. Also a woman whose gun was sticking out of handbag while she stood in line at walmart.

  44. Been carrying for 35 years; 15 as a LEO (off-duty or in detectives), 20 with a CCW. Never been outed. I don’t wear cheap holsters or belts, and work as hard as possible to look so nondescrpit that I probably couldn’t be picked out of a line up. And now that I am middle-aged, I get ignored by sales people, too.

  45. I’ve been outed twice. I was spotted by my boss when i worked at a convenience store. Not sure how he saw it i didn’t print at all and my shirt hadn’t ridden up. And a few days ago while at a local jeweler, who carried himself and spotted the bulge. I don’t particularly go to great lengths to conceal from everyone. Most people are oblivious as hell.

  46. Twice, but both were friends. One knew I carry regularly (though didn’t know I was at that very moment). The other was drunk and felt it when she hugged me. I finally got to use a really bad joke I had been waiting several years to use when she asked, “is that your gun?” To which I responded, “No, I’m just happy to see you”.

  47. I conceal pretty well, so it’s hardly ever an issue. But one time an old friend mentioned to a new acquaintance that I like guns and carry all the time. New acquaintance, looks me up and down, head to foot, then says, “But you look so mild mannered and polite.” In my mind.. “F**k you stupid elitist libtard.

  48. Pretty much everyone knows I carry. I get hugged a lot and sometimes hands find my piece. I’ve shooed hands away on occasion. What’s that? It’s my gun. Don’t worry, I’ve been carrying guns for over 20 years and I’ve never had an issues.

  49. I had a coworker see “something” the other day, and he came to the conclusion I was a diabetic and it was an insulin pump. I did not disabuse him of the idea.

    Carrying under a tucked in polo shirt is not the easiest thing when you have an active job that involves a lot of bending, squatting, and stretching.

  50. avatar Brian is in a bad place and no one will help. It's ok. Just remember when you were happy...

    Where I live, in Honolulu, concealed or any type of carry is considered an “act of violence” (Words direct from the pig’s mouth) and therefore terrorism. Unless you are a cop. Or related to a cop. Or part of the massive snitch groups that the police use to commit murder, rape and entrapment with complete “plausible deniability”.

    Protip: Yes, I said RAPE. As in they like to forcibly sodomize men, especially on the toilet. They also like to get video of men on the toilet and show it to people. And if you protect yourself or try to expose this, they will scream terrorism. They will even come after your family members. The courts will cover it all up. It is standard operating procedure here in Hawaii, and it is going to happen up there… They will claim all they do is justified because you legally purchased and owned a gun when they get caught, and the courts will say it is all kosher, because all gun owners are terrorists, and everything they do is ok because the law is just holding them back from doing the greater good… this is standard here.

  51. At my last job, a lot of labor was included so my shirt often rode up over my carry piece. Naturally my boss and co-workers found out that way and I didn’t mind. What bothered me was when they started to tell customers or vendors that I was carrying. Mostly it was the boss. At least three times in the year I was there. Then he decided he didn’t want me carrying there anymore, so I don’t work there anymore.

  52. If I get asked at work i just restate the corporate policy printed in the handbook and lead them to believe whatever they want. “The handbook says it’s an offense that can lead to immediate dismissal, what would you do?” There are those that know. Two VP’s I work closely with “don’t know”, but one reminds me when we’re going to buildings with metal detectors to go to the car if I need to. We did active shooter lunch and learn one day and apparently the joke of “run to David’s office” was circulated. I don’t affirm it or deny it, but those who spend a lot of time with me seem to figure it out. I helped the owner of the company’s wife buy a gun.

    I shoot competitions and facilitate the company range day each year, so those at work who want to know have generally figured it out. I also have a small collection of brass in each caliber on the shelf and a sample of “liberal tears” gun oil on display. I kind of wave the flag of likely concealed carrier I guess.

    At home, in public, it doesn’t come up ever. I carry “big” guns too not so discretely. yet and still I don’t get questioned. I’m also one of those weirdos who looks people in the eyes in stores and say hello. By seeking someone’s eyes you either draw them to your own or force them to look away, either way they generally don’t look at your hip. I’m too ugly to get “checked out” so no worries there.

  53. When I took the CC “training”, the instructor said to say “No”. Admitting you are carrying means you are no longer concealed even if it is your buddies. Now that OC is law in Texas I do not think it matters.

  54. Does anybody do the shoulder holster method with a tucked t-shirt along with an open button up???

  55. Really interesting conversation because I work in the same office as my FIL. There are 6 of us in the office who are licensed, 3 of us that actually carry regularly. The FIL outs the boss consistently to random people in conversation. “Don’t get in front of him, he’s armed” “Don’t get between him and the door” “He’ll shoot ya” and all kinds of stupid comments like that. He tried that one time with me. Once. I told him he’d better keep his mouth shut and it was none of his business. Truth is most of the office doesn’t know if I’m carrying or not and I like it that way. Even though I know they assume I am – and they like it that way.Seems like the biggest problem is people who don’t CC and can’t seem to keep their mouth shut about those that do. The fewer people who know, the better off you are.

  56. My reaction to some stranger asking me this question is that it’s the exact same thing as asking me if I’m wearing underwear….It’s just poor etiquette.

  57. When driving a cab in a college town, carrying a load of kids to their next adventure, Mr. ShotgunSeat spoke up:
    Him: do you carry a weapon when you’re working?
    Me: I carry a bad attitude, got any more stupid questions?

    And the crowd all LOLed.

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