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You don’t have to be a Boy Scout to know it’s always good to be prepared. Many of us keep a truck (or trunk) gun and some emergency equipment on hand as we tool around town on our daily rounds. What you see above is the gear TTAG’s Jon Wayne Taylor keeps in his Toyota Tundra. Believe it or not, there’s still enough room for five of us to head to lunch in the big rig, too. Sure, this is probably more than most of us need or want to schlep around on a regular basis. Though if the zombie apocalypse ever does break out here in Austin, we know where we want to be. What do you keep in your vehicle? [Full inventory of JWT’s truck after the jump] . . .

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Large tarp
Come along straps
Vertx Gamut Backpack with Fighter Design Soft Armor insert
Chemlights, visible and IR
Phantom Ops flashlight, visible and IR
Black Guard Customs push dagger
Fire extinguishers
Write in the Rain notepad, pencils, markers
Bean bag
Signal mirror
Earplugs (5 sets)
Redman tobacco (ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME)
Lighter fuel
Waterproof storage bag
Maps, compass, protractor
Scarves (it’s not a “tactical shemag”, it’s a damn scarf, hippies.)
Zippo, matches
Spoon (2)
Cigar, case, cutter
Duck tape
Bottle opener
Flash drive
Sewing kit
SERE Kit (in the matchbox)
Marking panel
Work gloves
1911 magazines X2
Streamlight Flashlight
Level 4 Hardplates, carrier
550 cord
Fighter Design Sportsman’s Needle and Line
Water purification tablets
AR front sight tool
Knife sharpener
Eye Pro
Kryptek gunfighter gloves
Fighter Design Frag Gator
Black rain poncho
Medical Kit
All seasons change of clothes, including shoes
Fullcloth wool blanket (circa 1900)
Weapons cleaning kit
Assorted hats and patches
Homemade green river pattern butcher knife
Randall small game hunting knife
Moore Maker 2 blade trapper knife
Swiss army knife
Spare batteries (AA/CR2/CR123)
Mosin Nagant 91/30, 10 rounds ammunition
Winchester 12g, 20 rounds mixed ammunition, chokes
Homemade AK47, 90 rounds ammunition (sometimes switched out with Underground Tactical .556NATO, suppressed or an Underground .458SOCOM SBR)
FNX Tactical .45ACP, suppressor, 60 rounds ammunition
Streamlight weapon light
Kahr PM9, 15 rounds ammunition
Gun cases and holsters
1911 magazines
2 gallons of water in bottles (not in pic)
1 gallon of gas (not in pic)
Small automotive toolset (not in pic)

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  1. One of the downsides of a Wrangler is that there’s to a lot of storage space for stashing stuff out of sight. I have a 40mm can bolted to the inside of the rear hatch that has some basic survival / medical supplies. Unfortunately, in Illinois, it is illegal to have a firearm permanently stored in your car.

      • I’d just lie when they asked about it:

        1) I’m on the way to the range after work.
        2) I’m going to go do some target practice at my brothers property.
        3) I’m on my way to the gunsmith to take a look at it.
        4) I’m on my way to the sporting goods store so they can sight it in.

        Etc etc.

    • I disagree on the “illegal to have gun permanently stored in your car” comment re: The People’s Republic of IL.

      430 ILCS 65 (FOID) and 430 ILCS 66 (CCL) make no mention of this. In fact, the latter specifically states that a licensee can store a loaded handgun anywhere in the state, even prohibited locations thanks to vehicular safe harbor, with the exception of federally prohibited locations (military installations, VAs, post offices) and sites governed by the nuclear regulatory commission.

      Long guns, while not given “safe harbor” treatment in the CCL act, are not prohibited in vehicles for any sort of duration/time in the FOID act.

    • For your basics (no firearms) the Smittybilt GEAR system works really well with the Wrangler.

      I had a 2012 2door Rubicon until earlier this year (it was a POS so I sold it at 38K miles) but I kept the GEAR system stuff. The seat cover fits my 2016 WRX (and other vehicles with similar bucket seats) and will hold a TON of stuff while only using currently unusable vertical space. You can also get a tailgate cover that will hold bags as well. (I cut that up and reused it in my WRX).

    • Live in joliet, and I swear I remove the mauser from my trunk every time I put my car in the garage and put it back in the trunk every time I leave the house.

  2. Unfortunately, this article would get you arrested in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts…In the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, according to the local/state police “authorities “—who are in charge of what citizens may receive their 2nd.amendment privilege….

  3. AR-15 with a 4×32 ACOG with a quick detach base and back up irons. 4 spare mags
    S&W Governor loaded with 45ACP and a few speed strips of OOO and #4 birdshot
    I keep a 33rd glock 9mm mag as a reload for my G26 carry gun and a box of 380 if I’m carrying my LCP that day.
    Got a small sling bag with some essential goodies and a few hundred cash I keep in my consol (I drive a 3/4 ton Chevy diesel)
    In the tools box is recovery and towing tools and chains and a backpack with some water bottles I rotate out and a change of work clothes and work boots in case I’m off somewhere in town clothes and flip flops and need to walk home. Nice to have a spare set anyway in case I get soaked with diesel or get too dirty at work to wear all day.

  4. I can’t legally keep guns in my car all the time unless I want to be the test case for NJ’s transport laws, but a baseball bat with glove and ball nearby is good enough for me : ). I also filled my old high school backpack with a bunch of “social survival” or really bad traffic jam stuff and it has come in handy a few times. Change of clothes, over the counter meds and DIY basic medkit, snacks, books, chargers/batteries, car stuff (wiper fluid, spare fuses…), toiletries, condoms, etc. I drink water like a fiend so a palette of bottles is never far away.

  5. I don’t have a “trunk gun” per se- My job doesn’t allow firearms on site (though they will lock them up for you if you bring them) though if I did- Ak. Always answer is AK.

  6. I’m on a motorcycle with saddlebags 90% of the time, so my “truck” kit is significantly smaller than this. Makes me really picky about what I consider essential, though.

  7. I have a tool box with basic tools, bungee cords, and ratchet straps. Never know when I decide to stop at the pick-a-part for some part I need.

    I also have a kind of mini “bug out box,” which is a small cardboard box (from a case of beer, of course) that has a flashlight, couple bottles of water, protein bars, lighter, poncho, tarp, paracord, old Leatherman. I keep adding to it as I think of stuff and have a few spare bucks to put to it.

    Oh and a Glock entrenching tool under the seat. Edit: I also have jumper cables and an old 400K candlepower spotlight under the other seat, now that I think about it.

    As for guns, just what is on me that day, usually a G19. I don’t feel comfortable leaving firearms in a vehicle.

    • I drive a station wagon, no place to hide stuff. I too have a Goto Box. Mine is a generic copy paper box. When I do any long distance travel, I throw in an obvious tacticool backpack loaded with clothing. Nobody looks twice at the cardboard box.

  8. Whatever you do, DON’T click on that “Toyota Tundra.” It appears that the link was added by VigLink, with or without permission I have no idea. But I’m not about to find out.

    I don’t doubt for a moment a Tundra doesn’t have or can’t be modded to provide that much space, but honestly….you really need this much? Can you keep track of it all? That’s not a bug out bag, that’s a bug out truck!

    Hate to admit it but I don’t have a truck. I do drive my grandfather’s car a lot though, and when venturing to Atlanta I’ve been known to load a range bag or two, depending on the possibility of political unrest. On the motorcycle, it’s best to avoid potential traps altogether. Mobility beats firepower….usually. I am looking for a slightly larger range/duffel bag that would hold a Kel-Tec Sub2000 and a number of Glock 33rd mags along with a spare handgun/mags, and enough spare room for clothes/shaving kit to spend a weekend on the road.


    • It’s not a bug-out truck. It’s a hunt anything, anytime truck. Will it do well as a third line of defense? Hell yes it would. But I started just putting the things in it that I used for hunting all the time, and then threw in a few extra things for just in case. This year I’ve spent too much time away from hunting, but I used to hunt almost every day. I’ll get there again this fall.

      • I sorely need to get to the point where I can even afford thinking about a weekend off in the woods. I haven’t seen the inside of a blind since before my ETS 7yrs ago. Hell, I’ve nearly forgotten how venison even tastes…. *hangs-head-in-shame*

  9. A blanket, jump box, coolant and oil, and my pack of Camels. My “truck” is a miata so it has to be pretty much the essentials. And I don’t feel comfortable storing firearms in there permanently when all someone needs to get in is to take a boxcutter to the roof

  10. I pretty much keep all of that in the car minus the guns and with more tools. I don’t bother with food or water, my commute is 10 minutes on back roads with multiple routes that I could take off road if I really needed to. I will add food, water, snow clothes, and a blanket if I’ll be traveling distance when there could be/is severe weather.

  11. AR15 behind the back seat in the pick-up. 4 loaded USGI mags in a mag pouch under the driver seat. Two extra loaded Glock 19 mags in the center console.

    Basic hand tools, heavy duty 12V air compressor, tire plug kit, first aid kit, recovery gear, and other small essentials are also present.

  12. The other day when those two got lost by the Penn Nuclear power plant and cut the chain to the gate , I thought who carries bolt cutters in their trunk?

    Later that day I moved my backpack out of the way to get the compressor out, and low and behold, a set of bolt cutters.

    • My bolt-cutters are a 12″ crescent wrench and a pry-bar. They take up less space and have more uses than a set of cutters alone.

  13. I’m in an urban area and I drive a small Eurotrash-mobile. It can go really fast in one direction on a road. Can’t store much though.

    My “essentials” are on my person or in my backpack that goes everywhere with me. EDC is always on my person, spare mags, batteries, chargers, and some first aid stuff in the backpack.

    It’s enough to get home, even if my vehicle is compromised. We don’t have built-in parking at the office so our only option is the street. If the SHTF, my car could be a very long ways away. I actually pretty much plan on having to get home on foot if things really go south in the space of a few hours.

    I could stow an AK in my car though. The trunk is big enough and since the tires are run-flat, there’s a spot where a spare would normally go that is now a trunk-within-a-trunk. However, my concerns with that would be:

    – Theft of the vehicle or something as simple as it getting towed. Suddenly there’s a gun of mine not under my direct control on the loose.

    – If I’m away from my car, the rifle is useless, and again it could become someone else’s rifle if the SHTF and my car gets broken into.

    • Since a rifle buried that deep won’t be instantly accessible if you need it anyway, consider taking out the bolt carrier and stashing it someplace else – nearby but hidden. Sure, any thief would have both components if they tore your car apart to look, but likely you’d be rendering the gun unusable to anyone until they find a new carrier – which would take time to do.

  14. So, what’s the plan for all that stuff (especially the long guns) if you break down or are involved in an accident that disables your truck far from home?

        • Depends on your insurance carrier, policy, and adjustor. I know USAA doesn’t have anything against covering for the loss of firearms from theft/fire/etc, but I dunno if they cover tragic boating accidents.

        • My policy with State Farm covers anything under 5k in value. Had the same insurance agent for 25 years.

  15. Having had four guns stolen from various trucks, I no longer leave anything in either the jeep or pickup that I’d hate to lose. But I do keep recovery and repair tools, spare specs and phone chargers in each, plus practice ammo and mags, timer, rangefinder, hearing protection, and a steel target in the jeep.

  16. I won’t go anywhere hunting in texas without bolt cutters, u never know when some dumb ass is gonna lock the wrong gate…

    • Can you expand on this? In my neck of the woods, it’s usually the person who owns the gate who locks it, and if I caught you with a bolt cutter on one of my pasture gates. well. let’s just say I’d be “displeased.”

      • On land that is leased or shared, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of other hunters locking the wrong gate, the one that I had access to, sometimes once I was already on the property.
        Also, and I don’t see this as much anymore, it was too common for oil service workers to chain gates up of land they had lease to pull from, and sometimes the gates of land they didn’t.

        • In that case, what’s considered polite?

          A note saying, “Sorry, but I cut the lock you dumb-asses put on the wrong gate.”?

        • Be nice. Don’t cut the lock. Cut the link next to it. I always see guys go right at the lock, rendering it useless.

  17. My vehicle has enough tools and “survival” items to get out of sticky situations without providing a luscious target for thieves. Anyone breaking into my ride would be sorely dissapointed with the loot. If it’s not on my hip (or case on a range trip) it doesn’t stay in the auto.

  18. • Tool box (tools, gloves, ground pad, elec/duct tape, etc., etc)
    • medical kit (refresh each year due to heat…)
    • emergency blankets
    • rain suit (2x)
    • camp towel (2x)
    • Couple of floppy sun hats
    • Spare set of sunglasses
    • bunges
    • ratchet straps
    • Tow straps
    • tarp
    • rope
    • 100′ roll of para-cord
    • couple quarts of oil
    • pre-mix engine coolant
    • gallon of drinking water
    • salt tabs
    • Sawyer mini filter (2x)
    • emergency tire patch kits
    • hi-lift jack
    • jack plate
    • flare (3x)
    • 12v work light
    • Surefire 9p
    • water proof bag
    • 12v tire pump
    • foot pump (that thing is brutal)
    • 60W foldable solar panel and controller (love this thing)
    • Pop-up beach shelter (weighs nothing. hey, I live near the lake!)
    • Get-Home bag (that’s another list entirely)
    • M92 PAP with shockwave
    • 3-mags (and ammo)

    Hmmm…gas mileage suffers. Heh.

  19. I keep a floor jack and stands (those bottle jacks suck), a pretty extensive socket wrench set, a full set of fluids fir my truck, spare light bulbs for the truck, a trap, a snow scraper (because I love in Michigan), a handgun safe, spare napkins, dental floss, a set of paper maps for the area I am in, and a roll of toilet paper, because you never know when you are going to need to crap in the woods at the side of the road (been there a couple of times). And 200 rounds of 9mm, just in case I am passing the range and get the urge to send some lead downrange.
    That doesn’t include my EDC bag, which I have designed as a get home bag with medical supplies, spare mag, fire starting kit, shelter, knives, flashlights, etc. That bag goes everywhere with me.
    No permanently stored long guns in the vehicle, but if I’m going more then a days hike from my house, I generally will throw in an AR10 and 100 rounds of ammo.

  20. This is jumping the shark. Pocket dumps are one thing. Truck dump are going to get crazy fast.

    Besides I don’t really want people to know what’s in my truck……

  21. Daily driver or infantry fighting vehicle? Seriously now, that’s on another level.

    I keep a long gun or two with appropriate ammunition, a 72hr pack including change of clothes, shovels, tarp(s), lights, frequently a hard hat, a jacket when I’m not in Florida, air compressor, tool kit, eye and ear protection, weapon cleaning kit, and around five gallons of water.

  22. Interesting article, as I don’t find many folks with my way or thinking on supplies in your rig.

    I have a Wrangler 4 door, and the picture in the article looks like a pretty good start for what I keep in the jeep. In addition, I have a 24 volt welding system, Trauma Kit (I think I see something similar in the picture), water filtration for 1000 liters, 6 gallons of gas, 4 gallons of water, a high lift jack, pry bar, assortment of bolts (both metric and standard), multi meter/wire/connectors, freeze dried meals, sealants, brake line, lubricants, lots of tools, winch recovery gear (one trip to rescue a stranded Jeep and passengers in deep snow required over 100 winch pulls in 14 hours), air tools (compressor under the hood), emergency locator beacon (to satisfy my wife), and probably some stuff I am forgetting.

    I spend A LOT of time far away from civilization, so I want to be able to self rescue, and I have survival supplies for about a month, longer if I ration. My kids joke that they won’t even start to look for me until I am 3 days late. After 7 days, they would actually start a real full scale search…which is why my wife insists on the emergency locator beacon. In the Northwest, it’s easy to get away from civilization…

    Folks give me a hard time about all the gear I carry, until the they need help, then I’m their best friend…

  23. My truck got T Boned and I havn’t replaced it yet. The other driver was found at fault. Since unloading the wreak, my spare bedroom now looks like this picture. Made for an interesting conversation with the investigating officer. I’m sure he was aware that I was CCing at the time, by checking the state database. A polite officer, but very wary. Good thing we were both employed by the County.

  24. In a 2016 WRX, still capable of holding two very large suitcases, two large backpacks and four people:

    Smittybilt GEAR Seat Cover (Drivers seat):
    6x each .308 .243 Win, .30-30.
    4x each: AAA, AA Batteries, Li-Ion to survive cold
    1x IFAK (List of contents below)
    1x SOG SEAL Pup
    2x Chem handwarmers
    2x each Emergency “space” blankets and SOL survival bivvies
    1x BIC lighter
    1x pack survival matches
    1x 2oz gasoline
    2x four pack emergency candles
    1x 50′ paracord
    1x electronic ear pro
    1x eye pro
    1x Mechanix Gloves
    1x 12 pack 123A batteries
    4x Chem lights
    1x small roll duct tape
    1x box assorted blade style fuses
    15x zip ties 80lb
    1x Pack “Wet Ones”
    1x Leatherman
    1x Tire gauge
    1x Surefire flashlight
    1x set lockpicks
    2x Gear straps
    1x Headlamp
    1x travel size gold bond lotion
    1x chap stick
    2x microtowels
    2x travel toothbrushes
    1x toothpaste (travel size)
    2x lensatic compass
    1x water tablets
    1x can of SPAM
    2x can Chef Boyardee
    3x vacuum packed tuna
    1x lifestraw
    1x cookcan
    various assorted snack bars
    1x “grill” (this stainless thing meant for cooking stuffed jalapenos
    12x tea candles
    2x set camp utensils
    1x 1oz vaseline

    In the trunk:
    2x fire extinguishers
    1x electric tire pump
    1x paper towel roll
    1x can of windex
    1x ski/snowboard shovel
    1x ice/snow scraper
    2x Fix-A-Flat
    1x 1.5 gal gas can
    1x HD Jumper cables
    1x Recovery Strap
    1x set OEM floormats
    1x basic tool set. pliers, common sockets, driver, hammer, screw drivers etc
    1x lockout kit
    Vacuum sealed to save space: 2x t shirts, 1x pants, 2x socks, 2x underwear, raincoat, beanie.

    Map back (on passenger’s seat)
    2x three pack road flares
    1x road atlas
    1x various state maps
    1x various quadrangle maps

    Located as needed
    Survival Hammer
    Other knives
    plastic bags
    CB radio mounted to side of console
    Yaesu FT-60 radio on driver’s side visor

    IFAK on driver’s seat
    1x Condor Rip-Away EMT pouch contains:
    1x EMT sheers
    1x Sharpie
    1x Benchmade folder
    1x Note pad
    1x Pen
    1x large pad moleskin
    1x tweezers
    4x tampons (various uses)
    1x “glitter tube” 81mg aspirin
    1x “glitter tube” 200mg Ibuprofen
    1x “glitter tube” Immodium AD
    1x Penlight with pupil gauge
    Assorted ABD pads
    Assorted Tegaderm
    1x CAT
    1x Israeli Bandage
    1x bottle hand sanitizer
    1x tube Burn Jel
    4x pair nitrile gloves
    4x safety pins
    2x Instant Cold Compress
    6x Alcohol Prep Pads
    1x Emergency “space” blanket (separate from others mentioned earlier)
    Assorted Band-Aids
    2x QuikClot
    5x Gas X
    1x “glitter tube” Sudafed
    1x Pocket mask
    1x package “glacier gel” (burn jel type of thing)
    2x Tongue depressors/splint materials
    10x 1g Salt Tabs

      • @jwtaylor:

        18 rounds, 6 each for my preferred “into the mountains” calibers. Why six? Because the pouch holds six of each.

        @Geoff: Total weight on all that stuff is significantly less than having a 10 year old boy in the back seat. In fact, if you’d like I can weigh it for you pouch by pouch, not item by item.

    • Is that WRX capable of moving 0-60 in under 45 seconds with all that ‘stuff’, *cough*…?

      (A hundred years ago I ran a 101-EE under-dash in a Mazda pickup. What passengers?)

      • The weight totals out to less than a 10 year old kid in the back seat. The car is still fully capable. I’m sure there’s some loss of acceleration as there always will be with added weight but it’s not perceptible with two people in the car.

        In fact I used to put multiple times, maybe even 10x more weight in my ’03 WRX and go winter camping with my buddy and a 100lb dog in the car as well. The only thing that really suffered was the gas mileage, the car would still give a Mustang a run for it’s money on a curvy road. The mileage issue was mainly to do with the cargo carrier messing with the aerodynamics of the car. Even empty it cut my mileage by more than 14% due to wind resistance.

        I can weight the stuff in question here out for you if you want, bag by bag, not item by item.

        • No need to weigh it.


          I got to play with a WRX a few weeks back, *loved* the way the AWD lets it claw through corners. That car stock drove like a Honda Si I had built up years back, but without the power…

  25. A fairly similar list to what JWT has
    18 v battery drill with matching grinder with spare blades for cutting steel etc
    8′ by 10′ tarp and straps to make rain / sun shelter
    Aprox 48 hours tinned food that can be eaten from can if needed
    20 litre water daily and up to 80 litres of water for planned hunts as I live / hunt in northern Australia and not being able to talk to or see someone for days like the Professor above is not unusual except by sat phone which I don’t have

    • I had one of those in the bed but I sent it after some dumbass kid that fell into a pit. Haven’t heard from him since. I’m sure he’ll be back any minute.

  26. I feel like JWT found a bunch of stuff he forgot he had…including some guns…while he was cleaning out his truck for that photo. Been there.

    • Found a few spare rounds and some old unit patches. Was really hoping to find a spare AK or PTR91 laying around in there. Alas, nyet, or nein, or whatever. I actually use most of this stuff pretty regularly.

    • 2 gallons of water is on the list. And it’s clothing suitable for anytime of the year, in Texas, not a year’s clothing.

  27. I feel less than enthusiastic about keeping spare batteries (at least alkalines, they hate heat) in a car. Not a problem if parking is underground, has overhead cover, or it is plainly freezing outside, though.

  28. That’s far too much duplication, and a complete dependance upon being in the south, where you don’t need to worry about freezing to death. Just because the media loves to talk about global warming doesn’t mean that there will never again be snow in Texas.

    Just off the top of my head, you’re missing a real tool kit, coolant, engine oil, radiator stop-leak, tire chains, a real extraction strap, handyman jack (aka “widowmaker”) and a real (down to 0F) sleeping bag. I’d have some radiator clamps, some soft iron wire (aka “baling wire”) in there as well. It is the duct tape of the metal repair world. There’s no jumper cables I see. I’d also have a small bottle of distilled water for my battery. I’d get some Super 88 electrical tape in there as well. I carry some grade 70 chain with me, as well as some hacksaw blades.

    There’s too many guns in this mix. Yes, I did just say that. Get one good, handy bolt action rifle in a compact package. A Remington Model 7 is a good starting point, .308 would be a fine round, as would 7mm08 or .243 Win. You’ve got an AR-15 front sight tool, but no AR. You’ve got 2 1911 mags, but no 1911. The shotgun? OK. There’s a whole bunch of knives, but no Leatherman or equivalent tool. I honestly don’t know why anyone would bother with a Swiss Army knife, they’re useful for little more than cleaning your fingernails. I’ve changed tires with nothing but a Leatherman on my belt. A good saw (like a bow saw) is very handy for cutting small trees or brush in your way, but if you get the right Leatherman, it will have a saw on it.

    Another biggie: No two-way radio. I carry a ham 2/440 HT in my rig at all times, and most all of the time I also have my BK fire radio with me, with which I can raise help on the county emergency services dispatch, USFS fire lookout or other government repeaters.

    • Some minor surgery on the 2M-440 rig and it might also hit those government-fire repeaters. (strictly as a back-up only, of course…)

      • Yea, it might, but it’s a Baofeng, and quite frankly, I haven’t the time to bother with it. Eventually, I’ll put a real 2/440 radio into my cars, and I would probably unlock the frequency range on those radios. I used to run an unlocked TS-430S for my HF rig, so I could hit Army MARS frequencies.

    • Other the really cold weather stuff, most of what you mentioned is either in the truck’s tool kit or on my person. No really cold weather gear. Over 40 years here and I haven’t needed it yet.
      As far as too many guns, that’s crazy talk. Also I loan them out when hunting constantly. Same with the AR front sight tool. It ain’t for me, it’s for the newby pig hunter that invariably shows up without a zeroed rifle and without a tool.

  29. I mostly just keep trash in my vehicle, in case I need to disguise myself as a hobo who likes cheeseburgers.

  30. Lol trash, I cut the bottem off an empty water bottle the other day so my dog could drink. I see Alotta people saying it’s so much stuff, vehicles are huge these days, it easy to fill only 1/4th of a trunk with alot of tools and gear. I liked this post and the lists of stuff others carried. I like to never ever say, we’ll I could fix this problem if I was at home with my bigger set of stuff…..

  31. I’ll fly the gyrocopter to distract them while you charge the front door. You can probably leave most of your arsenal in the truck though because they got a woman guarding the front now, so maybe just pack a blade and charge right past that dumb bitch.

  32. A couple folks have mentioned one important item.
    My rule is never let the fuel tank get below 1/2 tank.
    If the SHTF and no electricity, you won’t get far without any fuel.

  33. No pistols (I live in Canada), no tobacco (don’t smoke). Trunk gun is a Rossi Ranch Hand with a full Rossi 92 stock mounted in .38/.357mag & 500 rds, 250 ea. of the two calibers. The usual car maint. stuff like everyone. I’m a member of a volunteer Search & Rescue team, so I have always got my 72-hour pack, my urban pack & my wilderness pack in my trunk.
    WAAY too much stuff to list; suffice to say with the gear there two people could survive, have shelter, fire, food, adequate clothing, protection, the ability to hunt, and water to stay hydrated the full 3 days, any time of the year, in any terrain (except water…I don’t carry a boat)

  34. So everyday truck dump now? what’s coming next “everyday nightstand dump: two handguns liquor cigarrettes a magazine and rubbers and survival fishing line” rofl

  35. If you are in Austin you are surrounded by zombies. Know the difference between Austin and the rest of Texas? The rest of us don’t have to go to college to get a 5th grade education.


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