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DABDA. The five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. I admit it. I was in denial. I thought Ted Cruz would sandbag Donald Trump’s presidential nomination at a contested convention. Maybe “hoped” is the better word. While I view Hillary Clinton as the gun rights anti-Christ, I view The Donald as a firearms freedom flip-flopper (considering his previous support for gun purchase waiting periods and an assault weapons ban). Flip me once, shame on me. Flop me twice, God help us all. Still, in this case, I think it’s better the Devil we don’t know than the Devil we do. I held my nose and voted for McCain and Romney. I’ll hold my nose, cover my eyes, block my ears and vote for Trump — if only to protect the Supreme Court from another Kagan. You?

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: What Kind of Safety (If Any)?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: "Should people named in restraining orders be allowed to own guns?"">Next Post


      • A vote for Libertarian is a vote for Hillary. If Hillary gets elected with a democrat Congress on her coattails, Australian-Style Gun Control will be the law of the land next spring.

        Guns will be rounded up next summer, except for (registered) singles, doubles, bolt action long guns and pellet guns.
        No semi-autos, no pumps, nothing even remotely resembling military (No Airsoft), no pistols grips on bolt guns, no pistols except at an official Shooting Club. Stalinist “Report & Reward” will be used to catch lawbreakers.

        • Uhmmm…
          Noooo, a vote for a Libertarian is a vote for a Libertarian.
          Beyond that, it’s definitely a message that the voter doesn’t like the R or D candidates.

        • …. And all she has to do is wait for the republican senate and house to send a comprehensive bill destoying the 2nd amendment to her desk for ratification and enforcement…….


        • @soccerchainsaw I agree that a vote for a libertarian is a vote for a libertarian, it is also like being held at gun point and shooting your one bullet straight up into the air with the hope that it falls with gravity, Bucks the wind, and ends up entering the top of the skull of the person who is holding you up. Can it happen? Sure but that’s not the way that I am using my only shot. This is coming from someone who will typically put a couple libertarians on his ballot. I put libertarians on the ballot to make sure both parties know that I don’t like their views with the hopes one of them will move towards the libertarian ideals. In the case of Trump this won’t work, the republicans party hates him but let’s be fair they hated Cruz too that’s why he left the race.

        • Fuck you. And I mean that in the kindest most democratic and brotherly way possible. Seriously, a vote cast for a Libertarian, is a vote cast for a Libertarian – your party of choice isn’t entitled to anyone’s non-Democrat vote. If your party and/or any of its candidates had their shit together you might have a reasonable starting place to be able to kindly ask for my vote. In the mean time, go dangle your chads over somebody else’s ballot box.

          and David P. – your analogy is ridiculous, but if we want to continue it, voting for any other candidate but the one you want is basically handing your gun to the person you feel is less threatening in the room, and hoping they shoot the right person in your defense. No thanks, I’ll just save my bullet.

        • Prior to “rounding up” guns, they have to be registered. That would be a many-year-long court battle, during which time another GOP can get elected and repeal the whole thing. The sky is not falling, vote for the person you want to win.

        • Let’s be very clear about this subject. There are many candidates qualified to be on the ballot in the presidential election, but only two of those candidates stand any realistic chance of being elected to the office – Democrat or Republican, which is why most people have never heard of any of the others until they see the names on the ballot.

          That being the truth of the matter if you cast your vote for any candidate other than D or R, no matter how much you hate them or love your choice, you have dumped your vote in the crapper and flushed. You might as well have stayed at home. If you hate Trump but detest and fear Hillary, but vote for “anyone else”, you have effectively voted for Hillary since at the very least a vote for Trump cancels someone else’s vote for Hillary.

          I was all in for Cruz and Trump makes me VERY nervous, but I truly fear for the future of our country if Hillary is elected. Under those circumstances I would never flush my vote against Hillary just on a matter of principle.

        • There is a chance Hillary will become president. There is a chance, albeit much smaller, that you and others vote libertarian and that causes her to win. And if all that happens there is a chance that she will expend all of her political clout to make guns illegal and actually win that battle. Then it comes down to if the police will chance thier lives and try to take them from us.

          But out of all of those chance happenings the only real thing in your power to decide is who to vote for. Voting libertarian is a vote of conscience and there is nothing bad about that. Of course, as usual i will not be voting because democracy is a horrible form of government. I give u Trump and Clinton as my proof.

        • I’m voting for Trump because he pisses everybody off. Good enough for me and I’m a registered Libertarian.

        • In my State (Texas) I can usually safely cast a protest vote. And I have the last three elections. I will wait till the end of the day this year to cast my vote if it looks like there is any chance Texas may not be solid red.

          If I lived in Colorado, or Florida, or any battleground state, I would have a different outlook on Election Day.

        • >> but only two of those candidates stand any realistic chance of being elected to the office

          Yes, and that is exactly the problem that needs to be fixed before anything else can be fixed.

          And a vote against either of the major parties is a vote to fix this problem sooner rather than later.

          If the major parties know that you will vote for them anyway (“because the bad guy wins otherwise”), they have zero incentive to listen to anything you have to say.

        • Ah yes….another in a near endless line of thoroughly indoctrinated ‘new american’ citizens…applying and perfectly exemplifying the old ‘Paradigm of The Lesser Turd’…dutifully and knowingly casting a vote for one of the ‘selected’ candidates, just as intended.

          Also a perfect exemplar of cognative dissonance in action.

          The CFR/Cabal tacticians, illustrated by Professor Quigley so long ago, continue to see their plans unfold as intended.

          And so continues the fall of the Republic and the destruction of the Constitution and of Liberty itself.

      • I just had to chime in here on this one .
        Being a strong supporter of Cruz , financially and other , I was very sad to see him lose Indiana and leave the contest , but I believe he made the best choice . I supported Ted because I know him to be a convicted purveyor of truth and believer in the ‘ Originalism ‘ interpretation of the constitution , for which I am also . I know he would protect and defend our rights and freedoms before anything else . As a gun owner , I know Ted would have my back and protect my property and my right to own it and protect it myself .
        I also believe you can know a tree by it’s fruit and the fruit of Teds tree was the same from the moment it began to bear and still today is the same fruit , deeper and richer , but the same . I know what I am getting .
        Hillary has produced the same fruit as I can tell , for as long as she has been in the public eye , and you know what you will get if you take a bite .
        Donald Trump has shown us that his fruit is always different and one can never know what flavor or texture you will get when biting in and it is for this reason I will not cast my vote for Trump . I am not a stupid man and perfectly understand the no vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary theory but I refuse to cast a ballot for the lessor of two evils knowing that I am still casting a vote for evil .
        I will not stand before God and try and reconcile a ballot cast for someone I believe to be evil and have evil intentions for me if I oppose his agenda . I will not support someone who will not acknowledge their nature to be evil before God .
        I will write in Cruz when the time comes and continue to pray for America and work in my community to try and safeguard all our rights .
        I hope , if Trump were to be elected President of the greatest empire the earth has ever known , that my fears about him will be unwarranted .
        I truly weep for our future if Trump , Hillary or Sanders wins the White House .

    • Trump is the man you all have been asking for, for a generation. He’s the man everyone, even liberals, have been asking for, for a generation. For the past 30 years, it’s been nothing but, “I want an independent” or, “Id vote independent, But..” Or, “I’d love a third party, but..” Or the ever timeless, “I’m so sick of both parties!” Guess what? Now you have him. Trump is THE closest thing America has ever had, abs likley will EVER have to an independent or third party. Don’t like his style? His money? Tough. That’s what it takes when you go up against the two greatest and most powerful political machines ever created by mankind. The DNC and GOP. Make no mistake, Trump is actually a revolution. Hate him all you want, but he’s the man the people of America have been begging for, for decades.

    • Any of the above.
      Although just randomly dropping a GARY JOHNSON! on people has a satisfying ring to it.
      It’s funny how freaked out when you tell people there’s a party that will give them their freedom back…

        • A vote for a libertarian is a vote for a libertarian. Every prediction market has Hillary winning by a good margin. I see two real choices here: either compromise by voting for Trump (who may turn out to be worse for civil rights than Hillary anyway), and still probably end up with Clinton anyway, or vote for a libertarian candidate. Obviously, a libertarian candidate has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected, but if they garner an unusually significant portion of the vote we may succeed in influencing future policy. A vote for Trump, as I see it, sends the message that we’ll settle for anything. That’s not a message I want to send.

          Maybe I’m too much of an idealist, but I can live with that.

        • I don’t understand how Trump could POSSIBLY be worse for civil rights than Hillary. Trump may be an ignorant moron, stumbling his way through this thing, but he hasn’t sentenced 4 Americans to death just to save face AND committed treason for convenience’ sake.

          Trump is far from ideal, but Hillary is much worse.

        • No, vote for a man who is the most disliked presidential candidate EVER was vote for Hillary. Enjoy the next 4 years.

        • A knowing vote for the selected clown-puppet de-jour from either the Republican-wing or the Democrat-wing of the single Globalist-Collectivist Party, is a knowing vote for destroying the Constitution and Liberty itself.

          Ponder that.

          It really is that simple.

        • Psst…both Trump and Hillary are authoritarian statists/federal sumpremisists. Neither advocate for following the Constitution.

          Two wings…same bird. Republican and Democrat are merely the right and left wing of a single party…the Globalist-Collectivist Party.

          The fact that this long-standing and glaringly obvious fact is beyond so many people, well, it merely shows how pathetically indoctrinated so many are.

          And the on-going staged clown-circus that is our ‘political/election system continues to be unshakebly effective, just as intended.

      • Yeah! Stick it to the man! Stand on principle!
        ….and lose every supreme court case for the next 60 YEARS.

        Presidents are temporary, and frankly not all that powerful (as Obama “The greatest Gun salesman of all time” has demonstrated). Congress is more important than the president, but the Supreme Court is the high stakes table. Literally in one case they can abolish the 2nd Amendment. Gone forever in one vote.

        • ^^^^^THAT……..By not voting for Trump as the last chance to stop Hillary, you are effectively guaranteeing a third and possibly 4th Obama term as well as ensuring a Supreme Court for decades that will abolish the 2nd Amendment and all the others for that matter.

          A vote for a Libertarian is a completely empty gesture that will make you feel good for the 2 seconds it takes to push the button and then nothing but regret for the next 8 years.

        • And literally in one case they can eliminate the 2A, sign their own death warrants, be replaced by people who overturn that unfortunate mistake, and everything goes smoothly from there. Fantasies work both ways, scare tactics, especially unrealistic ones, do not contribute anything.

        • @LarryinTX
          Respectfully, its not a fantasy.
          Remember Obamacare – Supreme court Decision.
          Abortion – Supreme court decision.
          Restrictions (or elimination) of prayer in schools – Supreme court decision.
          Recognizing that the RKBA is an individual right – Supreme court decision.

          Its not a fantasy if its already happened. So much of what defines this country ultimately came down to a supreme court decision at one time or another. It is the highest-stakes position in our Federal government – both in outright power and in duration of term.

          If it goes bad, it will stay bad for 60 YEARS.

    • Remember “Nader Trading”?
      Those of us who live in states that haven’t voted republican, since Bush Sr. screwed the pooch, should vote Libertarian. If the Ls get real poll numbers (15%, I think), they get to go to the debates. If they get real election numbers, it could mean the end of this false dichotomy.
      Imagine a presidential debate where rather than debating increasing spending 5% versus 20%, somebody asks why we’re spending all that money in the first place!

    • If you do not want Hillary to win and are considering voting for someone other than Trump, or not voting, ask yourself why. Are you trying to make some sort of statement? Meaningless. Do you want to be able to get on the Internet and post in comment sections that you voted Libertarian or didn’t vote? Meaningless. Do you want to be able to puff up your chest and say “I could never vote for Trump.”? Hope that takes you far in life.
      Is it so you can sleep at night? Selfish.
      We’re each individuals, we’ll live our lives and die, and voting so that you can tell folks how you FEEL about Trump, or for the other reasons cited above is vapor. Whatever your rewards for not voting Trump are, they will not outlast you. Given the SCOTUS situation, the repercussions if Hillary wins could last for decades and potentially cause irreparable harm to this nation. Is making your little statement worth that?
      Stopping Hillary will require every single person that doesn’t want her in office to vote for Trump. So if you don’t like Trump but don’t want Hillary to win, please get over yourself just a little and vote for Trump. Just tell people you didn’t.

      • This.. So much this. You can make your protest vote, or not vote at all and you have no one to blame when Hillary gets elected and the Supreme Court gets stacked with our worst nightmares. Trump is far from perfect, but Hillary is still much worse. Our kids will be dealing with the results of this election if Hillary gets elected.

    • Will never win. Him, libertarians, or any third party for that matter, will never win. Why? Because morals. Why do you like third parties? Because they’re nice. They play by the rules. They don’t hurt anyone, lie, cheat, or steal. Guess what dude, this is American politics, and ALL of the above is fair game, and has been since day ONE. Go back and research what Americas earliest elections looked like. You’ll find many shocking similarities. Third parties don’t win because they take the moral high ground which is the tactical low ground. If you want to wrestle with the pig, you gotta get dirty. I for one, absolutist LOVE what Trump is doing to American politics. It’s been along time commin, and the tables have been turned around…

      • Third parties have trouble in America because of our winner take all system not because of morals or any other reason. Trump is not some amazing candidate that will change politics. He is no different than Cleon, a demagogue celebrity. Know one even knows what he is really for other than promissing a bunch of crap he won’t be able to deliver on.

      • To your point about being fair and playing nice—as some say, ‘If you find yourself in a fair fight, you should examine and revise your tactics’.

        Look, if you intend to win a contest, election, fight, war or whatever, you need to be prepared to do what is necessary. Don’t enter into these contests lightly. Politics at that level is a messy, nasty business and not everyone has the stomach for the fight.

        I for one am glad we finally have someone like Trump (with all his flaws) standing up to all the nonsense that has been pushed onto us for all these years. Look at the last 7 years and decide if you want at least 4 more. If the answer is yes then vote for Hillary.

        However if you want to try to change the direction of the country a little then maybe vote Trump if you get a chance. There are reasons why the guys running the GOP club don’t want him. He is, like most of us, an outsider. He is not welcome in their club. He owes no loyalty to any of them. Despite everything negative about him, i don’t see him kissing the ring or anything else that belongs to the so-called Establishment shot-callers.

        The Supreme Court will change dramatically in makeup over the next four years due to age. Who do you want picking those new justices?

    • Voting Johnson is a guarantee that our gun rights will be gone. Stop wasting time and at the very least vote to protect the only thing that is left: The SCOTUS.

      • 1st) electoral college.

        2nd) if you took every single vote that Gary Johnson got last election and just added it to the Trump column it wouldn’t make even the slightest of dent, so, I’ll just vote my principles, thank you.

    • I agree- but that is setting the bar very low.

      Trump is a grade ‘A’ Douchebag. Hillary isn’t even a human being.

      • That is a seriously good point.

        Trump might be, shall we say, a rather poor role model. Hillary, on other hand, is just plain loathsome.

      • As South Park once famously opined, “I’d better get used to having to pick between a douche and a turd sandwich because it’s usually the choice I’ll have.”

        In this case, I pick douche over turd sandwich.

        • This year, I would argue that our choice is between an amoebic dysentery sandwich and a douche previously used by the Hildog

      • I made this same parallel in on an earlier post.

        Trump is a pile of shit
        Hillary is a pile of shit full of razor blades.
        And non standard candidate is a peanut butter sandwich

        Eating a pile of shit sucks. It makes you upset that you have to eat it, and it tastes like shit. However, eventually the taste goes away and you forget how much it sucked.

        Eating a pile of shit full of razor blades guts your insides and you bleed out and the last thing you taste before the blackness overtakes you, is shit.

        Voting to eat a peanut butter sandwich, but then not getting to eat it, and having to eat the shit full of razor blades anyway, well, that’s some double plus suck right there.


  1. Just imagine all the new and awesome firearms innovations and start-up companies that will happen right after President Hillary gets sworn in…

    • Firearms, whether further freedom or restrictions, are so far down the list of a Trump agenda they will never see the light of day.

      All in for Trump, Bitchez, lets blow some political shit up.

        • It’s not the same America Reagan was president in.

          It may sound calloused, but no mass shooting is going to tip the scales in today’s culture – the media has overplayed their hand and the public has been thoroughly desensitized.

          That and we have analyzed these shootings to death, and none of the laws suggested would have made any difference – that’s also common knowledge now.

        • If we subsidized every American carrying and practicing with a firearm, got the hell out of the way, even, that would change mass shootings. Would not eliminate, there would still be the equivalent of “suicide by cop”, but with something like 50% carrying a gun, that shit would get very unpopular.

        • Larry, not one in fifty Americans would carry a gun, much less fifty percent.

  2. I live in a red state, no way Hillary would win here. So I guess my vote doesn’t matter, I might as well vote Johnson

    • I’m in the exact opposite situation. I don’t see any republican taking Illinois so my vote has been wasted for decades. That being said, I refuse to hold my nose and pull the lever, I will vote my conscience.

      • I’m with you Omer. I live in Cook my vote NEVER counts except my village. I will never ever go dumbocrat or “other”. And I just left 4(yeah four) FB Cruz groups. Is Trump a turd or a douche? If he endorses Cruz for AG or supremes I will “actively” support his orangeness…but donnie has to go right and big-time pro-2A.

        • ^^^THIS. Trump could do a great deal to put my mind at ease by appointing some solid people to AG (Cruz), Secretary of State, and Head of the IRS (Rand Paul).

      • You do remember that we have a GOP governor, elected by popular vote? Right? It’s one of those things that Chiraq can’t mess with unless we let them. They only have 20% of the population.

        • I thoughts the same thing, but with Blagoavich(or however it’s spelled), Dick Durbin, Obama the (barely) present senator, there has been some serious head scratching as to how people get elected. Dead people voting, gang members voting, there have to be down right illegal and/or at the very least defiantly shady happenings concerning elections in the north east area on the south west corner of Lake Michigan.

        • Lots of folks(including black democrats) thought Rauner(who won by a scant margin) would be better than Quinn. So far the state is going to hell(more than usual). Certainly not(all)Rauner’s fault. But I thought he was doing a one and done 4 year term(ala Trump). Lots of similarities between those 2…And I’m from Kankakee originally-where the repubs are as bad or worse than Chicago democrats.

        • Chicago has been positively famous worldwide for rigged elections for 75 years or more. Is there some reason we would expect that has changed? Maybe photo ID would help, if so it won’t pass.

        • Check your history timeline. Chicago has been known as a political corrupt cesspool since before the First American Civil War.

  3. Better than another Clinton. I’ll vote McAffee if it looks like a wash for my state one way or the other.

    I hope Cruz’s loss is enough to finally convince the republicans holding tent revivals and speaking in tongues isn’t doing them any favors.
    Focus on real things like individual liberty and the economy. Not ghosts and the mythical commands of bronze age deities.

    • “Focus on real things like individual liberty and the economy. Not ghosts and the mythical commands of bronze age deities.”


      Maybe someday.

    • I’m confused. You seem to claim to be a proponent of individual liberty yet you’re no fan of the First Amendment. Perhaps there’s a home for you in the Democratic party. They’re big on religious intolerance and bigotry.

      • I’m pretty sure he meant that the stated strategy is hurting otherwise sane republicans in the republican primary and in general elections, not that people should not be allowed to do it.

        Whether they like it or not, a democratically elected leader has to represent his constituents.

        • Well he blatantly misrepresented that strategy in order to smear Christians, so his bigotry is pretty clear to anyone who bothers to read his nasty little comment.

        • I don’t know, Governor, it seems pretty clear he was criticizing their strategy, not telling them they had no right to be religious.

          Read it again, without the “Christians are being persecuted and I’m looking for evidence of it” attitude.

        • Then he *could* have just stated it that way (focusing on the strategy of appealing to evangelicals?) instead of taking an ad hominem swipe at those with religious beliefs.

        • Steve, exactly how did you miss Shireman’s contempt for Christians in that statement? Sure, he was probably using a little hyperbole there, but it’s obvious he despises the religious conservatives in this country and believes there should be no room for them in the Republican party.

        • Contempt for Christians does NOT equal a desire to prevent them from being what they are, no matter how much of a martyr complex some Christians might have about the fact that some people have contempt for them.

          Your persecution complex is making you read far more into his statement than was actually there.

        • I think you missed my point altogether. He’d be a much better fit in the Democratic party because they embrace religious bigotry. That said, it’s my guess that he’d embrace all sorts of First Amendment infringements, but that’s just speculation. I mean, if you don’t think Christians should be included in the political process, what other rights do you disapprove of? The right to free assembly? Speech?

        • I think you missed my point altogether. He’d be a much better fit in the Democratic party because they embrace religious bigotry. That said, it’s my guess that he’d embrace all sorts of First Amendment infringements, but that’s just speculation. I mean, if you don’t think Christians should be included in the political process, what other rights do you disapprove of? The right to free assembly? Speech?

          Again…the man said Christians weren’t doing themselves any favors. He NEVER said they shouldn’t be allowed to participate, by force (one violates your rights by use of force, threats or fraud, not by claiming you’re being a fool), only that they were causing harm by doing so and ought to wake up and realize it.

          As for the contempt, he’s only dishing out the same sort of abuse atheists routinely get from many Christians (it starts with Psalm 14, where atheists are called “fools”)–if they are lucky, that’s all they get is a few insults. Somehow it’s righteous when a Christian does it, but persecution and an attempt to deny rights when an atheist returns the favor?

          Geez, man, don’t let your butthurt over some contempt (did he strike a nerve?) cloud your vision. The “forbid” is all in your head; you have a persecution complex, where any criticism magically transforms itself into persecution. That reminds me of the attitude of a jihadi Muslim, not that of a reasonable man.

        • FWIW, Cruz’s definition of religious liberty is outright insane. For example, when he boasts that he has a solid track record of defending religious liberty as a lawyer, one of this examples is the case where he defended “In God We Trust” on the money. Care to explain how that has anything to do with religious liberty in a positive way?

        • Steve, his criticism was not of Christians, it was of the Republican party for reaching out to Christians. He doesn’t want them in HIS party so I was just pointing out the obvious, that he’d be a better fit in the Democratic party. I’m not ‘butthurt’ about anything, I’m not even an evangelical Christian. But I personally think we shouldn’t be so tolerant of such bigotry. So I called him out on it. That’s all. By your vigorous defense of him I can only assume that you share his bigotry.

          int, ‘In God We Trust’ is simply an acknowledgement of a higher power than the state. His God might not be your god, but God isn’t defined in the statement. Much like the Pledge of Allegiance ‘Under God’. Simply means that your allegiance to the state is subservient to your duty to adhere to your conscience. Even atheists have a conscience (presumably), so I don’t get the outrage over such acknowledgements. It doesn’t say in Jehovah we trust, or in Allah we trust, or in Vishnu we trust. You get to fill in your own name for God. Seeing as how so many people have made money their god it seems to me to be a wholly appropriate place to put it.

        • I’m an atheist. I don’t have god or gods, nor do I have names for them. And don’t you tell me that my conscience is kinda like god. It’s nothing of a kind; and, in any case, it’s not for you to arbitrarily redefine the words that I use.

          “In God We Trust” makes several assertions. First of all, it asserts the existence of a deity – that is establishing theism right there, and directly counter to the beliefs of atheists, agnostics, pantheists and Buddhists. Second, it uses singular “god”, so it is directly counter to any polytheistic religion, such as Hinduism or Asatru. Either one of those two points is sufficient for it to be in conflict with the Establishment Clause.

          If you claim that really it’s an appeal to conscience, then it should say “In Conscience We Trust” – you fine with that? Or if you say that it’s really just fill-in-the blank, then let’s say “In Something We Trust”. But better yet, how about getting rid of it? It wasn’t there when the country was founded, nor for 150 years after that. And then we don’t have to argue over whether and whom it offends.

          But even if you’re right and it’s not really about religion, then how can defending it in court amount to “fighting for religious freedom”, which is what Cruz claims? You have to pick one of the two here: either it’s not about religion, and then Cruz makes no sense; or it is, and then fighting for religious freedom would be fighting to remove it, not fighting to keep it there.

          Also, FYI, “Allah” is not a name. It is simply Arabic for “The God”. Christians in Arab countries also pray to Allah in Arabic, and historical Christian Arab martyrs had names like “Abdallah” (servant of God). Jews, when they speak Arabic, also use “Allah” to refer to Yahweh.

        • We all have our gods whether we admit it or not.

          Since I’m not part of the movement, I can’t speak with authority over how evangelicals view such things as removing ‘In God we trust’ from the currency. However, I’d speculate that it comes down to the general trend of removing anything religious (and in particular Christian) from the public square, so to speak. There is no ‘separation of Church and State’ in the Constitution, only a mandate that ‘Congress shall pass no law establishing a state church or inhibiting the free exercise of religion’ (paraphrasing). So I suppose the evangelicals feel the same way about the removal of long standing traditional religious references as hunters would feel about the banning of hunting on public ground. The fact that it’s always been there makes it’s removal a personal attack.

          I’m not personally offended. I realize that if the Church doesn’t run the state, then the state and the church are natural rivals. The state cannot expand without the shrinking of the church. For instance the state has replaced the church when it comes to caring for the needy. A century ago if you lost your job you went to your church and everyone got together and cleared out their pantries. You got a box full of potatoes, flour, bacon, butter, etc. Today you make an appeal to the state and you get an EBT card with several hundred dollars taken form hard working Americans against their will. Personally I think the old way was better. But the state and the church cannot grow together. This is why the evangelicals are the natural ally of anyone who believes in limited government. I can’t understand why some so called conservatives or libertarians are more threatened by the religious than they are by the state.

  4. I can’t stand to look at Ted Cruz, I don’t think he could win a national election, and I never did.

    I think Trump is smart enough to surround himself with the ‘right’ people. I also think his ego will keep him from being a bad president (if elected), he could not stand being thought of as a failure.

    Remember people, this is an election for the Supreme Court, anyone but Clinton.

    • “Remember people, this is an election for the Supreme Court, anyone but Clinton.”

      ^ This ^ So . much . this !!!

      I don’t care what you think of Trump, there is no way that his Supreme Court nominees will be anywhere near as awful as who Hillary would appoint. And lest you be in a hurry to dismiss this notion, just imagine Barry being on the Supreme Court for the next 25 years … and how that would destroy our nation.

    • That’s how I’ve been looking at it- we’re voting for a SCOTUS justice. I don’t care for Trump, but like you said, his SCOTUS nominee will be way better than hers.

  5. The advance auction on stolen goods on November 8th will not change the fact that America sucks and will continue to suck worse and worse. Yeah, yeah, “go find some place better” .I’m not grading on a curve here. With a Republican, we might have a shot at getting suppressors off the NFA and national reciprocity. RF , I’m surprised you thought the establishment candidate would be any better than Trump. If anything he’d have been worse, not that he’d be able to beat Hitlery anyway. I won’t vote for Trump, but I’m glad he’s destroying the awful liars in the GOP. It will be most entertaining watching strongman Trump go after that cu nt Hillary in the “debates”.

    • So you’re going to vote Libertarian in the general and make it easy for Hitlary to win? Why don’t you just work to primary libertarian candidates into the GOP?

      • With the Trump take-over is now officially a big government party with explicit anti-personal-rights agenda (Muslim ban etc). Effectively, it is further removed away from libertarian platform than Democrats at this point, although both are very far out. So, why would libertarians want to run on their platform in GOP primaries? It’s not their target audience at all.

  6. I will vote for Trump unless:

    1. The Libertarian party nominates Gary Johnson this weekend (their obvious and best choice, if they fail to nominate him then they actually WANT to be marginalized)
    2. The Libertarians run a real campaign with a. Money (calling the Koch brothers) and b. media access (an even harder problem).

    #1 is pretty likely. #2 not very likely.. So yeah even though I may barf on the way I’ll vote Trump to keep Hillary out. What a retarded shit show.

    • I was not happy with Johnson’s answer that a Jew should be forced to bake a Nazi a cake. No one should be forced to perform a service for anyone else, that’s called slavery.

      • He’s not perfect for any of us, but is the one misgiving you have about him worse than the dozen you must have about the other candidates?

        • No one is perfect, I’m just stating that I REALLY did not like his answers during the Libertarian debate, that one in particular. I did vote for him in 2012, the only thing I didn’t like was his stand on abortion, but he’s still way better than anything the Republicans have put forward in decades.

      • I hadn’t heard that. Seems to me he might be playing devil’s advocate with such an analogy just to make your point.

        • No, he explained it later that using religion as an excuse for a decision was a slippery slope and should not be tolerated. I personally think the “leader” of the Libertarian party should use the freedom of association as a basis for choosing to serve or not serve someone and let the free market sort it out with the government on the sidelines doing nothing with this specifically and next to nothing in general.

  7. Donald Trump has sons who are gun guys. Hillary has a nazi youth league daughter who wants guns confiscated.
    I will be voting for Trump.
    You suicidal libertarians can voted for free stuff, gay marriage, men in women’s bathrooms, and Marijuana intoxication because those things are more important to you than the second amendment.
    California has proven this.

    • That doesn’t even make any sense. And how is California “libertarian?” It is the most nanny state of nanny states! You obviously don’t understand the thinking behind libertarianism.

      • Yeah this guy knows nothing about the Libertarian party, we realize all of the Constitution is important,and all individual liberties are important.

        • Show me a libertarian who has called for the removal of the mulford act from the law books in California in the last 12 months or the last 12 years????
          Your hero Gary Johnson has said the government should force a private business to let men use the ladies bathroom.
          I stand by my statement.

      • Your great leader Gary Johnson wants to use government force so men can use the ladies restroom.
        Marijuana intoxication is been the number one priority for libertarians in California. That is why they vote for anti gun but pro pot candidates.
        California will deny a stalking victim a gun or make her wait ten days or more to get one. But when prop 8 passed men wearing dresses traveled from SF to parade around rural conservative counties who support guns but not gay marriage.

        The priority of libertarians is to put “things into their bodies” correct? The second amendment has not been a priority.

        Keep voting for people ” who put things into their bodies” and are against gun civil rights.
        See how long you will keep your guns in California or elsewhere.

        • Does he support the government forcing companies to let transsexuals into restrooms of their choice? Or is he saying government should not be allowed to force companies to NOT allow them into restrooms of their choice?

          I don’t know the answer to this, but it’s necessary in this world full of double and triple negatives to read what he wants carefully. If it’s the latter, then he’s restraining government force and letting the company do as it wishes.

  8. Why waste a vote on libertarian, green, etc.
    As much as I like Johnson, he’ll never garner more than 5% of the vote.
    So my reasoning is that while it won’t be a vote for Hitlery, it would be a wasted vote to defeat her.
    I’ll vote trump.

    • You live in Oregon, I live in Washington. In swing states, that’s a different story, but the Democrat is going to win in our states by 15 points. So why not vote Libertarian, if that’s what you want to do?

      • Carlos, the closer pro-2A’s get to winning the state, the more likely people on the sidelines are to join in, feeling it is no longer hopeless. That is why you should vote for the “lost by 15%” candidate, because you’ll help the candidate lose by only 14 or 12%, eventually enabling some momentum in the next election.

    • Tom, Oregon chose Obama by a 12 percentage-point margin in 2012. No matter who you vote for, it’s going to be a “wasted” vote…

    • The only reason why he’ll never get more than 5% is because you (and others like you) refuse to vote for him, because he will never get more than 5%. It’s a recursive, self-fulfilling prophecy.

  9. Virtually anything Trump does will see huge amounts of scrutiny from everyone and will likely face an uphill battle with the establishment the way it is. I don’t think he could order lunch for the first lady without there being some controversy of it covered on CNN or MSNBC. Overall I’m okay with that compared to a Hittlery getting elected. I think a lot of people on both sides will be swallowing the bitter pill this election season.

    It also means that we need to hold congressional seats and try to dominate the mid terms in 2 years.

    • The senate is the absolute key. As mad as many are at the senators, if that body comes under the control of the democrats, Merrick Garland is the best case scenario that 2A supporters can expect. Even with President Trump, a democrat controlled senate will only allow known liberals, they may even hold out for a hard left liberal. It happen with Nixon, Ford, and once to Reagan.

  10. I’d rather watch this country burn than see Hillary Clinton in the White House, so yes, all in for Trump.

    • I will probably weep openly in the parking lot after I vote, but yes, anyone but Hillary.

      The fact that Trump Vs Hillary is the “Choice” we’re being offered is some Criminal BULLSH*T.

  11. I think a lot more people will vote for Trump than people realize. They just won’t support him outspokenly out of fear of being branded a racist/misogynist/made-up sjw word. Silent majority and all that. I hope he chooses Rand Paul for VP. Hillary vs Trump, Trump absolutely.

    • Or keeping it alive.. for one more hit from the life-support respirator. Its hard to tell.

      Either way I hope each and every one of you is training your children to hunt, fish, and shoot. White collar skills are going to be as useful as tits on a bull when things hit rock bottom.

  12. I’ll vote for Trump. He’s my candidate from day 1 because he understands that extraordinary times sometimes call for extraordinary measures. We can’t start rolling back the government until the SJW insurgency has been well and truly put down.

    • If you’re going all politically incorrect, why hide behind vague words such as “extraordinary measures”? Lay it out as it is – what exactly you want to do, and to whom.

  13. My Congressman is up for re-election, so I will vote. However, I might write in Mickey Mouse for President.

  14. I wonder how many other people out there are like my wife: Not really interested in 2A issues. Doesn’t trust Hillary. Is totally repulsed by Trump. She was ready to vote Hillary until I ask her if she wanted Hillary to appoint the next 2 or 3 SCOTUS judges. Wife responded that that was a pathetic way to pick a president. Then she admitted that she wouldn’t want to entrust hillary with that responsibility. I suspect she just isn’t going to vote at all.

    • My wife is the same way. Hopefully there will be a far amount of female voter-apathy in the polling stations, because I think that hurts Hillary more.

    • I am married to a life-long democrat, from a family of life-long democrats, who is anti-gun (at least modern ones; for reasons I cannot fathom, she does not object to my 1800s repros), who CANNOT believe that I might vote for Trump, yet who absolutely cannot stand Hillary either. I don’t know what she’ll do if Hillary is the candidate, but I suspect she just won’t vote for President at all.

      As between Trump and Sanders, I might vote Sanders, not because I agree with his economic agenda (I most certainly do NOT) but because he will be a toothless figure head who will not be able to pass much of anything that calls for new taxes, as long as the Republicans maintain their majority in at least one house. Trump, on the other hand, might start WWIII unless he learns very quickly to put his mind in gear before he opens his big mouth.

    • I think God my wife is incredibly down to earth. She doesn’t care about 2A issues, but knows the woman is as crooked as they come. that and Hillary was automatically disqualified under the mantra, “No more Bush’s, no more Clintons.”

      Pretty sound advice there.

  15. Well, voting for a third party candidate is just like voting for Hillary… If you don’t vote for Trump, then it’s your fault if Hillary wins the election… I hope you like the Dem’s being in office, because it’s all your fault if you stay home or vote third party…

    That’s all I have ever heard from the establishment loving R’s, from voting Libertarian/Independent, over the years. Apparently, it was all my fault the Republican Party sucked, because I choose to vote my conscience.

    I cannot stand Trump, but I love how much his is pissing everyone off (D’s and R’s, alike), and since a third party never seem to get traction, I’ll take it.

    Get you some of that crow.

  16. I vote for Nobody for president. Nobody is a really good candidate, you should look into them.

  17. My mantra has not changed: I will vote for whoever has the best chance of beating Hillary. Trump is not perfect on 2A, but he is way better than Hillary. I also think he is more honest than most. He has to be. No one would lie about the bat-shit crazy stuff he says! I also think he is less beholden to outside influences. We always say we want major change, but when the major change comes our way, we don’t accept it if it isn’t custom-made to our preferences. Revolutions don’t work that way. Nobody gets everything they want. I think he would nuke a lot of our current political process, especially the Republican Party, and both of those need to be nuked.

    Any other vote is a vote for Hillary and the end of the RTKABA. Hillary will be Obama on steroids.

    • Except Hilary would get involved in more foreign conflicts and insert ‘boots on the ground’ in more places, not caring a wink that those boots have humans in them.

      Hitlery is really an adequate description and all I can hope is that Americans are smart enough not to democratically elect the Hitler of our time.

      • Maybe I am getting old, but I don’t seem to remember her recommending that when she was SecState. We might have bombed the shit out of Qaddafi, but I don’t remember any boots on the ground. Except for the Surge, there has been a draw down in troops in Afghanistan, and a withdrawal, until ISIS, from Iraq. Most foreign governments know her and “like” her, but are appalled that Trump might be president.

        • Most foreign governments (and citizens) only know Trump from the misrepresentations produced by outfits like The Guardian in the UK, and MSNBC/CNN for those who seek US news outlets. Of course they’re baffled.

          I find it remarkable that so many Trump statements have been misquoted, transmuted from limited unremarkable quips into general unlimited statements that sound like unacceptable slurs on ethnicity or religion. He’s a better guy in person, casually, than on the campaign trail.

        • When you have State Department, as well as CIA assets set up shop in a war-torn country you had just subjected to a bombing campaign in the hopes to reach out to key contacts, you better believe it’s a form of “boots on the ground”. She just didn’t want to admit it.

  18. Replace the name Gary Johnson with Hillary Clinton on your ballot.,because a 3rd party vote is for the Democrat

  19. Those of you saying “I’m just going to vote independent” are throwing your votes away and possibly helping Hillary win. If your 2nd Amendment rights are of concern you will vote Trump even if you hate him. He isn’t the one running on a platform of gun confiscation and suing gun manufacturers out of business. He isn’t the one who will appoint anti-2nd Amendment judges to the Supreme Court.

  20. I sent the Donald a congratulatory note on securing the nomination. I asked that, should he (hopefully) win in the fall, he nominate Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court. I could go through 4-8 yrs of Trump with 30+ years of Supreme Court Justice Cruz.
    But yes, its becoming a tradition where every 4 years I hold my nose and vote for a president.

    • Cruz on the supreme court would be an ETERNAL victory for those who value the Constitution. The changes he would make in his 45+ years on the bench could radically alter the country our grand children grow up in – for the better.

      • You want a really victory as supreme Court Justice then you want Andrew Napolitano, not that there is a snowballs chance in hell that will happen but it would be nice

  21. Honest question for you, Robert… if this was 1980 and you were facing Reagan as a presidential candidate versus his main opponent in the primaries, George H. W. Bush, given Reagan’s gun control track record as governor, would you have “held your nose” to vote for him? Or when he was running against Carter?

    I realize it’s apples and oranges with a completely different 2A/gun rights culture now versus then, but conservatives tend to hold Reagan in the highest regards while conveniently forgetting he wasn’t exactly “a friend of ours.” I wonder if people will be looking at this campaign in that same sort of light 36 years from now.

    • Most people have short memories. Most people don’t remember that the GOP was so pissed off with Reagan winning the nomination, that they pushed a third party run of a former Congressman; John Anderson.

      Anderson got (if my memory serves) about 6% of the popular vote, and no EV’s. Most of those votes came from Carter. Reagan won just over 50% of the popular vote.

      The clowns in DC really haven’t changed much since the 70’s. The modern movement for “limited government” really sticks in the craw of the professional political grifter class.

      • DG, it really is that simple. However, in the background lurk several issues. Trump’s intention to end the capital gain treatment of Hedge Fund “Carried Interest” has roused to fury several of the big donors (Paul Singer, Robert Mercer the backer of Cruz). The notion of import duties on more manufactured goods has the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on red alert, even though that same body has backed the use of tariffs for favored domestic manufactures, for example placing duties on imported shoes. The establishment talks about “how presidential?” and “stop the high-school stunts and insults.” What they really mean is “get your damned hands off our net profits.”

        For all the posturing of the establishment as white shoe socially polished gentlemen, I still remember the Bushes effectively sticking Dukakis with a new running mate, Willie Horton. Thinking of Lee Atwater reminds me…that that the dirty work of elites is supposed to be, in their view, done by the hired help.

        Which brings me to David Gergen et al getting all worked up about Trump’s mentioning the National Enquirer’s photo alleged to be of Rafael Cruz working the streets for Castro with Oswald. What all these folks ignore (or never knew?) was that papa Cruz had spent the prior three days traveling around Indiana organizing church groups to work against Trump, calling Trump despicable names and accusing him of actions that never were. Jumping on Rafael was every bit a legitimate response.

        • Jumping on Rafael was every bit a legitimate response.

          Even if it’s with a fabrication? Two wrongs make a right?

  22. Nope. Never Trump.

    Put that lunatic in office, with a big “R” by his name, and the GOP will race to support whatever mix of statist menace and amateurish buffoonery Trump concocts. They’ll gleefully follow Trump and his National Enquire-reading, self-consulting “good brain” right into slow motion self-destruction.

    Hillary is, perversely, America’s only hope. She’ll overreach and send us plummeting, of course, but America needs a salutary crisis, the sooner and harder the better. We need to hit rock bottom at full speed, with an opposition still intact, so we can reorganize and re-emerge as something new. Her horror of a presidency should be enough to do it.

    Blinded by populist delusions a la Trump, we’ll get stuck in permanent, unrecoverable rut, which everyone will hate but feel obliged to support.

    • I’ve always thought Hillary represented the same old rut and Trump to be more like the Sweet Meteor of Death. But I could be wrong.

    • I am afraid you overestimate the peoples will to act. After 8 years of Obama and the nation would elect Hillary, I don’t think there is no depths that we could sink that would wake up the voting public. For whatever reason GOP voters rejected the only conservative running with enough guts to take on the establishment. So I don’t know that there an intact opposition that could withstand 8 years of Hillary. At least Trump has had to show some pretense of being conservative, so I think any reorganization efforts to re-emerge is better with him than Hillary.

  23. I’m not sure why everyone is so sure Trump isn’t as bad as Hillary. He has publicly supported single payer Healthcare (recently), says the government has done a bad job of taking care of people (this week), and was previously for an assault weapons ban. The man was a registered dem long before he was a Republican and has changed his stance for political expediency.

    I can’t take him at his word because tomorrow his word will change. Politics aside, I find him to be a detestable human and I can’t justify voting for him. I’m in a red state so my vote won’t be missed, and I’d rather vote my conscious and sleep well than fall in line and have to answer for his presidency.

    • “…. I’d rather vote my conscious and sleep well than fall in line…”
      Hope you can sleep well when you’re no longer allowed to defend yourself the way the soon to be eviscerated 2A will look once Hildabeast and her SCJ’s are done with it.

      • The problem is that you’re assuming Trump won’t do the same. Nothing in his past, except for his campaign platform, indicates he gives a damn about the 2nd Ammendment. I have no reason to trust what he says because what he says changes from day to day. Just because someone has an (R) next to their name doesn’t mean they are a conservative or care about your liberties. My point is that I believe Hillary and Trump are two peas in a pod. If he doesn’t roll over during the general and hand her the Office, he’ll roll over and be his progressive self while he’s in it.

        • 8 years ago Hillary also said she thought Obama was going too far on gun control. Gun control happens to be one of the only places she can run further to the left than Bernie. Believe what you want, but I think her stance now is bluster and will be put on the back burner once she’s in office. Her presidency will suck, but like obama’s it should strengthen a conservative house and Senate which would check her policies and SCOTUS nominees. If she did get something through, I would expect more pushback from the citizenry. With Trump I think we lose the Congress, and those representatives we don’t lose will be complicit I’m his progressive programs. Then again, my guy is out so what do I know.

  24. I don’t think the flip flop metaphor even works to describe Trump. He’s more like a magic 8-ball. I will vote for him to oppose Hillary because I know what she is, but I don’t expect things to be much different with Trump. I don’t think he has the temperament for governing.

    • Trump has a perfectly decent disposition, and has built and run a large organization for many decades. In fact he has a much better record of stable work progress than Hillary. I would ask you if a presidential disposition hides key billing records from a federal court for six years, or sets up a private email serve primarily to subvert the FOIA? Hillary talks the slick psuedo-policy talk of Washington. That was her home for many years. But an experienced DC hand knows that the policy talk is for the public. What will really happen, what pros like Hillary will DO, lies at a deeper level and is only discussed privately among friends and donors.

  25. Thedonald has 6 months to convince me that he’d actaully be any better than the Hildebeest. Don’t hold your breath on that. The choice is between two New York liberals. The only reason Thedonald ran as a Republican was he couldn’t beat Hillary in the Democratic primary. So I’ll be writing in Limberbutt McCubbins or maybe The Zodiac Killer.

    • So given the choice of two “liberals” you’re going to hand the election to the more batshit crazy one?

      • If Thedonald can convince me that he’ll only be 80% as bad as Hillary he’ll get my vote. But if he’s 98% as bad you might as well let the Dems keep the White House and hope they’ll eventually start getting the blame for what they do.

        • I’ve thought about that – the backlash of whoever is in office will likely hand a lot of seats in congress to the opposite party.

          But that’s a temporary swing – the permanent changes are all in the supreme court. Are you willing to lose every single supreme court case to a bunch of Statist activists just so we can hold a majority in one house of Congress?

        • If Thedonald announced his pick for SCOTUS and it was someone who would defend the Constitution like Scalia did, that in itself would get him my vote. Unfortunately, in the meantime I don’t really have any more faith in Thedonald’s potential picks than Hillary’s.

        • I am also skeptical, but I’ll take a coin toss over an absolutely certain catastrophe.

          Or in other words, I’ll play a round of Russian roulette before handing a loaded gun to someone who has openly announced they’re going to shoot me in the face with it.

      • Deez is taking Limberbutt’s VP spot.

        The Zodiac Killer thing is a jab at the Trumpies because they were spreading it around that Ted Cruz was the Zodiac Killer, even though he wasn’t even born when the killings started. Then Thedonald himself went on Fox News insinuating that Cruz’s dad was the second gunman on grassy knoll, so I thought that might be an appropriate write in.

        Speaking of internet rumors, I’m trying to get it started that Hillary was in the Manson family before she met Bill, so help me spread that one around. I need to work one up for Thedonald as well.

        • Donald did not go on TV implying that Rafael Cruz was the second gunman on the grassy knoll, though you delivered an MSNBC version of what happened. Rafael spent the prior three days orgainizing anti-Trump forces in Indiana, saying absolutely despicable things about Trump as he did so. Trump got word of it and fired back, asking if that was really Rafael Cruz in the photo with Oswald, handing out pro-Castro leaflets. That’s not an excessive punch-back to an slandering opposition activist.

        • I didn’t say ‘imply’, I said ‘insinuate’.

          verb (used with object), implied, implying.
          1. to indicate or suggest without being explicitly stated:
          His words implied a lack of faith.
          2. (of words) to signify or mean.
          3. to involve as a necessary circumstance:

          verb (used with object), insinuated, insinuating.
          1. to suggest or hint slyly:
          He insinuated that they were lying.
          2. to instill or infuse subtly or artfully, as into the mind:
          to insinuate doubts through propaganda.
          3. to bring or introduce into a position or relation by indirect or artful methods:

  26. Think of the SCOTUS.

    The next president should that person be in office for 8 years could nominate up to 4 people to SCOTUS.

    If Hillary is in, our gun rights and other rights will pretty much be nullified by the justices she will pick.

    Pretty much that is all I care about — they will both otherwise suck as President.

  27. I live in one of the forty or so states that aren’t even in contention (there’s absolutely no chance Texas will choose any Democrat for president this year), so I have the luxury of being able to vote my conscience and choose neither.

    • Trump’s numbers are so bad, I’m not even kidding, GA, AZ, UT will be contested. He’s trailing by 13% in FL already, 20% in NH. He’s going to lose worse than Dole in ’96. He was literally the weakest, worst option possible and a plurality choice the clueless con man.

        • As I recall 2012 was the year Morris said Romney would win. The “leftie” polls turned out to be spung on target.

          Realclear politics called 2012 correctly except for one state, and mostly called 2014 correctly too.

          They’re calling trump down 6 percent right now, and it was 8.5 percent before Rasmussen popped out with their poll. (Rasmussen, by the way, called 2008 for McCain, so I give them zero credence)

      • You’ve no sense about how polling numbers and allegiances change over the months approaching November. Not even Hillary’s people take your simplistic view of the odds.

        • The numbers will change, of course. The point is that Trump is starting with a severe disadvantage, and will have to work very hard just to even the odds, while Hillary can afford to be on the defensive with plenty of margin to concede and still win.

  28. You state the issue in media terms; as if the choice were of anybody who ever lived. That isn’t it, it will be down to 2 people and it will be the lesser evil. Sometimes you don’t get to chose A) Win the biggest lottery ever and B) go to bed without dinner. For all the Trump angst I think there are things worth considering at least. Is he a crony capitalist? Absolutely as is everybody else doing business in NYC right down to the proverbial push cart, all Trump and said other business people did was play the hand dealt them. Of the 2 candidates is he the one who feels entitled, is it ‘his turn’ ? Not so much, in fact I would venture that a win and subsequent presidency for him would be the defining moment of his Life. Is he an unabashed egotist? Probably I have only met him very briefly and that was 30 years ago, but that goes along way to calming the previous assertion insofar as I believe he would want, yea be driven to excel. Does he talk loud in public, does he take nothing off the table in terms of potential demands and future actions? Absolutely, perhaps a periodically thorny public persona. On the other hand we have ample evidence if common sense isn’t enough of what announcing our detailed intentions and self imposed limitations to our adversaries produces; if somebody is threatening your home and you say you will defend it only until 17:00 all you have done is give them the afternoon off. Is Trump the one who has been necessarily cocooned by handlers for decades? Again not so much, and it is worth considering what his probable opponent’s words have been, at least the unguarded ones that have slipped out.

    Certainly the man has his flaws, but ask yourself this, is he a petty vindictive socialist ideologue who views the American people and our traditional and arguably long functioning values as the real enemy? All this in the bargain , I couldn’t say how much I personally care for him. If elected he will certainly be less than perfect, no doubt this will be a crashing let down given the last few years and all. But I think it worth remembering that even if he would be an imperfect president and potentially fair weather friend to gun rights, as far as Hillary is concerned we ( firearm owners of ANY stripe and conviction) are enemies and can expect to be dealt with that way.

  29. We know that Hillary will stack the Supreme Court with Progressive operatives, and then squash the 2nd amendment. She told about her plan. Under no circumstance will I give up my guns or my 2nd amendment rights, and I am certainly not alone. We are playing for all the marbles now. With Trump, at least we have the chance that the US will be intact in 4 years, and at least we will have the chance to fix what he screws up. There is no way to fix what Hillary will do to us.

    • It will take 60 years to remove her operatives from the Supreme court – 2 whole generations will be born and raised in a USA who’s gun culture will be exactly like the UK.

      That damage will never be undone. Ever. Remove guns from the people’s hands, and they will leave their minds and their culture as well. America will go full Sheeple.

      • I agree. It is remarkably difficult to overcome the creation of law by SCOTUS and the lower federal courts. As one example: Both California and the U.S. had statutory protection of marriage as “between a man and a woman.” The lower and appellate federal courts brushed that legislation aside, as if the prior hundred years’ jurisprudence had simply been a mistake. The chance that that direction will be stopped after Hillary packs the court? Zero. Other solutions could have been created that protected the domestic arrangements of gay partners without subverting the institutional device that has provided special incentive for men and women to mate and produce children.

        The same narrow absolutism will come with any re-make of SCOTUS 2A rulings.

        • Lets not forget Obamacare’s “Its not a penalty, its a Tax” that SCOTUS interpreted as “Its not a tax, even though it says its a Tax, so we’ll call it a penalty and rule that its legit”.

          ..and that was with Scalia and other Constiutional justices on the bench.

  30. Amazing how many people here are more concerned about their fiddle rather than the city.

    Trump will win in a landslide.

    • You haven’t seen the last 30 polls? He is going to get crushed by probably 12%. He is TOXIC. Women hate him, hispanics, blacks, asians. He has the lowest favorables of any candidate ever.

      Hillary has received more votes in the primaries, so he’s not even getting more votes now.

      I will write in a conservative, I’m not voting for a liberal con man.

      • Then you’re a cretin whose ego is more important to him than his right to keep and bear arms. Congratulations, you’re officially worse than a FUDD.

        • With people who will willingly give up a vote in order to make a pointless point, we will certainly lose the 2nd amendment, the 1st amendment, the country, and probably, our lives.

          Does anyone who boasts that they will throw their vote away understand what’s happening? In WWII, the US allied with Stalin to defeat Hitler. This is the same thing. You stand up like a man, hold your nose, and work with your enemies enemy. You know why? Because if you don’t, everything is lost.

        • @Serge

          OK, go ahead and disagree with his planned course of action…but which of the facts he has mentioned are wrong?

          Absent some totally unexpected event (Like Hillary getting arrested–it’s deserved, but I don’t expect it to happen) Trump is going to get his ass kicked.

        • And, by the way, Fudd should not be all caps, since it derives from a proper name, not an acronym. (Or did you mean Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, FUD with ONE “D”?) But go ahead and continue to make yourself look sub literate.

  31. I’m for Trump. All parents have a hard time saying no to their kids, especially if their kids are passionate about something. His son’s are pro. Add it up. His daughter Ivanka is a great example of how successful he is as a father and that is one, if not the, toughest job in the world. Anyone can have kids but to really be a father and raise them right takes character and that is in short supply today. Sure, he can put his foot in his mouth but that is how he is a real person not some talking head with handlers. He has a concealed carry permit and understands that RKBA is a Right not a privilege. I think he’ll do better than fine by the 2A. He’ll remove barriers.

    • Quote: “He has a concealed carry permit and understands that RKBA is a Right not a privilege. I think he’ll do better than fine by the 2A.”


      Psst…a concealed carry ‘permit’ is utterly a govt granted ‘privilege’ and is anathema to a fundamental ‘right’.

      It seems as if both you and Trump are clueless as to Amendment II and also about the glaring difference between a ‘Right’ and a govt granted ‘Privilege’.


      Of course this is direct evidence of Trump’s statist-collectivist beliefs, but, then, why allow such pesky little factoids intrude upon a goof old fashioned Trump orgasmic rub-off, huh?

      And people wonder why we are so fucked up and how govt has become tyrannical.

  32. Lol, “Democracy”, picking between 2 insane choices every 4 years….and this is the system we kill people around the world to spread.

  33. I’m torn. I think if Trump gets it he’ll be disliked by both sides and accomplish nothing, and a politician who does nothing is the best kind. But if he does do something terrible for civil liberties and succeeds in it, I’ll bear the blame and consent via voting.

    Libertarians don’t stand a chance, but at least my conscience can vote for them in most issues.

    • Well, so long as you’re sleeping soundly when Hitlary’s stormtroopers show up to kick your door in…

      • What’s the difference between the stormtrooper wearing a T instead of an H? For the first time as far as I can remember I can vote for a lifelong Democrat or a lifelong Democrat.

        • The difference is that you know for sure one of them is real, the other is your paranoid refusal to admit that your guy lost in a fight he was supposed to win.

        • So far, Trump is the only candidate in this race that has proposed and/or endorsed policies that would involve jack-booted thugs busting doors and dragging people out at gunpoint.

    • Screw peoples conscience and vote for the candidate that will ensure you can own firearms in the coming years without a million strings attached.

    • I don’t think I have the civil right to piss in the girls room. I would absolutely destroy a man who walks into the bathroom after my daughter. The time is coming when the States are gonna finally put an end to this insanity. Hopefully an article 5 can kill the behemoth that a 100 years of progressive policies created.

      • I haven’t heard much about Trump and states rights. I could be wrong so I’m willing to be wrong but with Trump and states rights but all I’ve seen him address is marijuana and even then he flip flopped.

      • With the newly enacted “bathroom bills”, there are people looking like this who will be walking into the bathroom after your daughter because the law mandates that they do so:

        (Yes, this is a trans guy. Meaning that he was born a woman. So the law that people like you have enacted to “protect your daughters” means that he’ll be peeing in the next stall to your daughter.)

        Will you attack them, too?

  34. I am voting for Trump because the radical world and country I live in
    demands a radical leader not afraid to turn back the PC Gen. clock.

    I and every voting age member of my family and immediate family are
    voting for Trump.

  35. It’s strange how people are talking like there’s some kind of equivalency between Hildebeast and Trump just because he shares some New York views.

    We are talking about a woman who cheated on her husband in the first year of marriage and got prego,
    was fired off the Watergate commission,
    tried to destroy every single woman her husband raped,
    very likely had several people murdered to cover her crimes,
    laid the blueprint for Obamacare nearly 15 years earlier,
    rented out rooms in the White House like a freaking hotel,
    sold Russia Uranium rights for Clinton Foundation donations while Secretary of State,
    hid ALL her Secretary of State emails on a private email server that were only uncovered after the email address was leaked when Blumenthal’s email got hacked,
    copied thousands of top secret and beyond files to that server,
    and left 4 Americans to die in her embassy in Benghazi.

    There’s no moral equivalency here folks. It’s a successful global businessman who has had to make it in one of the most corrupt cities vs. a woman that I would not be surprised to find is a lizard person with no human emotions holding her back. I wanted Cruz so bad. We got Trump. This isn’t a hold your nose pull the lever vote, it’s a pull the lever to stop the smell vote.

  36. I’ve been saying for years we need to throw a hand grenade in the Washington Cleptocracy. I know for a fact that Hillary is NOT that hand grenade. She’s an industrial sized lying, conniving Graft Hoover. I’m pulling the pin and voting for Trump.

    If all the DC insiders really hate him as much as they all claim, he’s the man for the job. Instead of comfortably lining up at the trough to line their pockets, I want every establishment pol in DC saying, “Oh, f*ck! Now what?” If he turns out to be another dud, well, I will have tried.

  37. Hilarious. HEY CONSERVATIVES THERE AREN’T ENOUGH OF YOU LEFT! If you take your balls and go home, you will never even be invited to play again. And Barry Goldwater is not going to walk through that door. I know it’s hard to let go of the past but if you don’t it’s over. They have already hit Trump with everything they have and he’s still pulling even with Hillary in the polls. He will destroy her. She doesn’t stand a chance. She is one media cycle away from being the underdog for the rest of the election. As soon as he finds a brand that will stick it’s over.

    • The thing about Trump that has to scare the Democrats is that he’s unpredictable. He’s not wed to any “conservative” position, not tied to any paid-for special interest.

      Being unpredictable is a very powerful asset in politics – or in war.

      • >> Being unpredictable is a very powerful asset in politics – or in war.

        It can also be a very powerful liability. Unpredictable can also mean unpredictably bad.

        With Trump, though, I’m scared because he’s predictably bad. In other words, if he actually does what he says, well, shit. If he doesn’t, that would be a pleasant surprise (in a sense of “this turd sandwich had less shit than I thought it does based on the smell”).

  38. If Hillary wins by as much as one vote, she’ll call it a mandate and we’ll have 4 years – at least – of her painful speechifying. All the while Bill tours the world collecting multi-million-dollar speaking fees. Probably several times a day. Oh, and completely unrelated, the Hillary machine will facilitate the sale of strategic resources to the highest bidder. And also completely, totally by coincidence and out of the goodness of their hearts, key business leaders will donate grandly to the Bill and Hillary foundation.

    Please, please… Don’t prove me right.

      • Every vote not cast for Gary Johnson is a vote cast for Hillary!

        See how easy that is? And, its just as true as your statement.

  39. The GOP deserves this outcome. They’ve pissed on their base since 2001, and finally, people who really want to see government limited in scope and price, have had their fill.

    Even now, Rep. Paul Ryan is finagling a way to shove through a bailout bill for Puerto Rico’s stupidity.

  40. Its the devil we don’t know vs the shrew we do.
    There is no choice for our countries future in the court if nothing else.

  41. I voted for Trump in my state primary just because I HATE Cruz with a passion. When November arrives, I’ll do what I always do, vote Libertarian.

    • Yeah, that crazy dude talking about destroying the IRS with a flat consumption tax, government being limited by the CONTRACT it signed with the States (Constitution), and forcing the Fed to actually follow GAAP instead of like their own personal piggy bank. F*** that ****, right?

      Ted did everything he could to win, and he got farther than all the other losers. God willing he get nominated to the Supreme Court to hold the line until we can put in term limits and easier impeachment.

      • Cruz had a hard on for TPP (same with Rubio). He is in NO way pro-10th amendment.

        He refuses to co-sponser the Hearing Protection Act. He is in NO way pro-2nd amendment.

        • Not that I like TPP, but in what way is it counter to the 10th Amendment? Managing and regulating foreign trade (including trade deals) is one of the few powers that are very explicitly and unambiguously granted to the federal power alone in the Constitution.

          What should scare you, rather, is that Cruz believes that putting “In God We Trust” on government-issued money is not a blatant violation of the Establishment Clause that it so clearly is. In fact, he claims that putting it there was an act of religious freedom, and people who want to remove it are suppressing religious freedom. Which is insane.

  42. I think that right wingers, pro gun guys (and gals), and longtime conservatives and libertarians need to bargain, and not with ourselves. Ask the Trump camp, why should we vote for you? Why should we trust you? The more voices the better.

    BTW, Democrats have been in the transactional politics business since Andrew Jackson.

    • Because whatever your paranoid delusions are about us, you know damn well that Hillary will be far far worse.

  43. I think there are plenty of legitimate concerns re: Donald and his beliefs but I will be voting for him simply because he makes the “Establishment” on both sides apoplectic. At this point, that is good enough for me…

  44. Within 24 Hours of Being Presumptive Nominee, Donald Trump Flips on Minimum Wage. Just call him FLIPPER!

    • And he seems to be thinking of bringing Kasich in as Veep.

      Not a conservative, never was, but too many butt-ostriches won’t see that. Hillary must be laughing her putrescent ass off; she couldn’t have asked for a “better” opponent.

      • Right… “Not a real conservative” that’s why he got more GOP votes in the primaries than there were voters in the 2012 GOP primaries TOTAL.

        • Because he spent the last six months saying exactly what low information voters wanted to hear.

          Not because he has ANY actual record outside of that of being a conservative. You’ve seen a zillion posts about how he supported the AWB, and has flip flopped on just about everything (except, maybe, that wall on the border). But go ahead, be a butt ostrich. (A butt ostrich, of course, is an ostrich who doesn’t bury his head in the sand, but rather in a different location.)

        • You can get a lot of votes by basically telling each person what they want to hear, even if the positions are totally contradictory.

          Like, say, promising much lower taxes AND preserving social security, Medicare etc AND solving the debt crisis at the same time.

          Talk is cheap. Actually doing all that Donald has promised to do is not just hard – it’s physically impossible.

          So, what is he actually going to do? Who knows? He could raise the taxes and keep one part of his promise. Or he could plunge the country into a massive debt increase (current estimates of his proposals put them somewhere in the ballpark of adding $10 trillion budget deficit). Which one is to your liking?

  45. I’ll believe Trump has changed before I’ll believe Cruz is pro 2A because while Trump supported gun control years ago, Cruz makes no effort to hide that currently supports it every second the senate is in session by his refuses to co-sponser the hearing protection act and love of TPP. Same with Rubio

    • What planet are you living on? It might be worth moving there, Earth is looking pretty shitty right now.

      • Apparently you didn’t get the memo from your liberal handlers, steve. My job takes me to Berkeley on a regular basis. Nobody, and I mean nobody I’ve talked to there wants hillary.

        Trump is going to clean up. people want to send a message to the powers that be in DC. That message is Trump.

        This may well be DC’s last chance to heed the warning. If not…..things is gonna get funny.

        • Granted, the far left of Berkley doesn’t like Hillary…because they like Sanders.

          What makes you think that once Sanders is yanked off the table as a choice…they will prefer Trump to Hillary? Has anyone said they’d rather vote for Trump over Hillary, given that Sanders isn’t an option?

          The parties get away with running such shitty candidates because everyone hates the other party even more than they hate their own candidate. I’ll bet those leftist Berkleyites, when push comes to shove, decide they’ll pull the lever for Hillary, because (in their minds) Trump will be even worse. And they’d think this no matter who got the R nod.

          Looking further out than Planetoid Berkely…Trump is hugely far behind Hitlary nationwide. He’d get his ass kicked even if all of Berkely decides to vote for him.

          Don’t mistake your local situation for an accurate read of the entire country.

  46. Maybe my math skills aren’t quite sufficient (I am from Arkansas after all), but the argument that a vote for a Libertarian (or any third party) is a vote for Hillary doesn’t seem to pass my feeble attempt at logic. Hypothetically, if the vote is tied Hillary-10 and Donald- 10, and I vote for third party…how does Hillary obtain my vote? Seems it would still be 10:10:1.

    • Because if you hadn’t thrown an infantile tantrum because your guy got smoked, the vote would be 10:11.

      • It sounds like you are the one throwing the tantrum. Trump supporters, hell, republicans in general, always assume any 3rd party voter who doesn’t vote third-party will vote republican, or at all. Its a level of entitlement that rivals the best the Democrats have to offer.

        • Do you see a lot of liberals threatening to vote 3rd party if Sanders doesn’t make it? No? Thought not.

        • Actually yes – both 3rd party and no-voting have been expressed by Sanders supporters. But if they do either it doesn’t mean they are defacto voting for Trump.

      • >> Do you see a lot of liberals threatening to vote 3rd party if Sanders doesn’t make it? No? Thought not.

        You really live in a bubble if you are so unaware of the present state of affairs. Google “Bernie or bust”, and enlighten yourself. Plenty of people are promising to vote third party (usually Green) or not vote at all. I doubt they will actually do, but it’s a very heated discussion currently, because Clinton supporters are pissed about it.

    • Hitlery at 10 votes and Trump at 9 votes.
      Two people vote Libertarian versus Republocrap.
      Hitlery wins.
      There is no maybe with Hitlery; she is coming for all of your well being in life, not just guns.

    • The only way to survive a mad world is to find a cure.

      Embracing the madness is a way to not feel regrets as you go down with the world.

  47. I was for Ted, but the thought of a brokered convention with the RNC dumping both Cruz and Trump while bringing in Mittens, for a loss to Hitlery in the Fall was real downer.
    I voted for Tump and put a Trump sign in my yard.
    Hitlery is a real downer for sure.
    The Libertarian Party has come and gone. It now just benefits the Donkeycraps.
    I thought Charles Koch’s comments about supporting Hitlery shows the Libertarian Party for what it is.

    • Libertarian: Liberal, but doesn’t want gun control. However, will sacrifice guns in the name of more pressing liberal ideals.

      • Libertarians have a radically different economic platform from liberals.

        Trump has actually moved the Republican economic platform much closer to the liberal one (by supporting all the entitlements like social security).

        Ironically, that might mean that your invalid assessment will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, if libertarians realize that the sole common point that they had with Republicans (laissez-faire economics) is no longer there; and on social policies, they are definitely closer to liberals.

  48. NEVER Trump, and NEVER Hillary. I’ll vote third-party or else stay home.

    As an Asian-American, I will NEVER vote for someone who cheers the Japanese-American Internment.

    I don’t know what possessed the trumpies to elect an authoritarian piece of New York trash as their candidate (there’s already one such candidate as it is, i.e., Hillary), but anyone who’s done his homework knows Trump’s history on 2A issues (supporting the bans, etc.). And there’s a lot more liberty at stake than merely the 2A; Trump is happy to wipe his rear end with 1A, 4A, 5A, and 8A as well.

    Under either major candidate, I fear for not only 2A but also 1A and countless others. It’s painful.

    • It is either Hillary or Trump. If it is Hillary, you will lose everything – 1st amendment and 2nd amendment – and you will not get them back without a war or the Supreme Court justices die off after a few decades. If it is Trump, there is a chance. If enough people vote 3rd party, it goes to Hillary. This is like WWII where you must pick a side — the Allies or the Axis Powers — and if you hate Stalin so much that you are unwilling to join the Allies, then you are essentially forfeiting the world to Hitler. Get it.

      • Trump is a disaster on the 1st Amendment. Two words: Muslim ban.

        As far as the 2nd, here’s a funny thing. All you guys here have been saying for years that the practical reason why you want guns is to resist government tyranny. Now you’re basically saying that literally anything is acceptable so long as you get to keep your guns – including (implicitly) more government tyranny, that you are supposedly intending to resist with your guns.

        I guess now we know that most Republican voters are hypocrites when it comes to their rationale for gun ownership. Those who supported Cruz are at least consistent in that regard; but those who support Trump have no leg to stand on.

        You should be honest with yourself and others, drop the pretense, and embrace the Trump approach to the world. “Why do I need guns? Because fuck you, that’s why, libtard.”

  49. And what’s the first thing he did after Indiana? He started fundraising like every other Democrat politician. He hired a Goldman-Sachs executive who is a Soros chrony and a major donor to Clinton to raise money for him. Good job signing your own death warrants you idiots. You deserve it.

    • + a billion

      He’s also given plenty of money to the Clintons in the past…but of course the butt ostriches ignore that.

    • So… Again… Do you really think that voting for a 3rd party candidate who doesn’t have a prayer is going to help matters? At least (if your “no true scotsman” BS turns out to be right) Trump has a chance of not being horrible, Hitlary… Not so much.

      • Serge, I just don’t believe Trump is any different from Hillary. I’m not basing my opinion on anything he’s said. I’m basing it solely on what he’s done in the past, and his current actions as well.

        • Let’s grant you the 95% chance that you’re right. What are your options?

          Don’t vote? Hillary wins 100% chance of a bad outcome.
          Vote 3rd party? Hillary wins 100% chance of a bad outcome.
          Vote Trump? 5% chance of a good outcome.

          I’d put my money on the 5%, because the alternatives are worse.

        • Serge, your logic is sound. I just disagree with your percentages. I think they are two sides of the exact same coin. The author Larry Correia said it best: It’s going to be huckster fraud democrat against lying criminal democrat.

        • That’s why you pays your moneys and takes your chances.

          I think the scenario above is horribly pessimistic. It relies on the assumption that people don’t change. Given my own life experience, even if I agreed with you, I’d be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, even if my trust turned out to be misplaced, I would be no worse off.

          I like Trump. I admire his willingness to take a boot and shove it sideways down the throats of SJW scumbags. Had Cruz won, I would have voted for him. Defeating Hillary is far more important than any other variable in this race.

  50. Dr. Jerry Pournelle on why ‘Trump is the Candidate’
    ‘Cruz, and now Kasich have withdrawn; Trump will be the Republican candidate. When he started as one of a group of seventeen, no one I know thought he had a chance. I myself thought he was in in for a lark: he could afford it, he’d learn something, and he could obviously influence the direction of the debates; but everyone thought he wasn’t serious and hadn’t a chance even if he were.

    A year later he’s the last man standing. Cruz, who ran him a hard campaign, was also anti Republican Establishment, a bona fide candidate, US Senator, serious, not thought of as a clown. Now he retires, defeated. If you add their votes together it comes to well over half of the Republicans voting in this year’s primary election going against the Republican leadership and establishment. Even the Stupid Party ought to get that message. They’ve had the purse strings yet the budget grows; bunny inspectors and other needless government workers remain; the size of government grows exponentially; there are more regulations all the time; 20% of American families now do not have one employed person in them; real unemployment as opposed to the artificial “official unemployment rate” is over 20%; the Depression continues; and nothing whatever has been done about unemployment. Jobs go overseas never to return, cheap goods flow in to be paid for with borrowed money, corporate profits and the Dow go up as employment stagnated; the public school system is in ruins – and the Republican Establishment wonders why no one trusts them.

    And now there are mutters from otherwise intelligent people that they might have to vote for Hillary –first time I ever voted for a Democrat, and a left wing Democrat at that, but at least she’s not Trump. And yes I actually heard an intelligent friend say that.

    My answer was simple. With Hillary you know it will be more of the same as we’ve had for the last 8 years. More Depression, and with it you will get a Liberal majority on the Supreme Court. Obama has already nominate the first one. Do you think the rest will be better?

    “No, but—“

    “I’m not through,” I said. “Trump has already said – said within hours of Scalia’s death – that he would appoint someone as much like Scalia as he could find: a scholar, original intention, literal black letter constitutionalist. He has already said he wants to make America great again. Maybe he can’t. Maybe he can’t build a wall and control the borders. But at least he wants to and will try. Hillary and Obama don’t even want to. Like Jimmy Carter and his national malaise, Hillary and Obama don’t think America will ever be great, doesn’t even deserve to be great. I don’t know what Trump can do, but at least I know he wants the same things you and I want, and I damn well know Hillary doesn’t want them.”

    “I think I’ve been listening to the media too much.”

    “Maybe you have. I repeat: Trump wants what you want. He may be able to do it. He doesn’t know how to build a wall, but then he doesn’t know how to build the Trump Towers. I’d rather have someone who at least wants what I want that Hillary who says she wants what I don’t want.”

    “Ok, OK, OKAY. Enough”

    And I suppose it is enough.’

    • Pournelle is a guy who describes himself as “to the right of Atilla the Hun” (and is proud of it!), and writes books like these:

      “In The Mercenary, later integrated into Falkenberg’s Legion, the newly independent planet Hadley is threatened with economic collapse, famine, and resulting mass death. This can only be avoided by having a large part of its city population relocated to the countryside and assigned to work in agriculture (a socialist solution which is very reminiscent of Mao’s “cultural revolution”). This solution is unpopular, and the leading Freedom Party won’t hear of it. The party uses bloody, violent means to force the planet’s President to resign and get themselves into power. The story’s protagonist, mercenary commander John Christian Falkenberg, finds what he considers a brutal but unavoidable solution: in order to force the city people to move to the countryside, the Freedom Party must be completely crushed, in however bloody a way – as the other alternative is a total economic collapse in which at least a third of the population would perish. Accordingly, he gets his soldiers into the stadium where the Freedom Party holds its rally, catching its members by complete surprise. His men break the disorganized resistance and proceed to systematically kill the armed militants and party leaders. ”

      So yeah, great endorsement.

  51. As far as I’m concerned there is one issue and one issue only,.The 2nd. Amendment!
    I don’t care if you want to vote third party. But name one third party candidate in the last 50 yrs. who won?

    We may not know where Trump stands but we DO known where Clinton stands. The 2nd Amendment was not for hunting or target shooting. If you don’t fully understand why it was written, read articles on “This is what happens to a disarmed populace”

  52. Well at least you’re willing to walk back from the #NeverTrump abyss you adamantly maintained in the other threads. I’m fine with pushing a canidate and principles, but principles have to take into account that one of these canidates is a much, much worse alternative to the other.

    It’s really simple… What’s worst evil you can think of for either candidate. I promise you one won’t even compare to the other.

    • >> It’s really simple… What’s worst evil you can think of for either candidate. I promise you one won’t even compare to the other.

      Indeed! Trump wants to specifically target Muslims, and thinks that Japanese internment camps weren’t such a bad idea… add 2+2, get 4.

      On top of that, a considerable section of Trump’s supporters are virulently anti-Semitic, and revel in Holocaust imagery as an intimidation tool. Here’s one good example:

      So, gee, I wonder, what’s the worst evil one can think of?

      Oh, of course. It’s Hillary taking away our “high-capacity magazines”.

  53. What I get from this thread (other than the lib pothead BS) is the great grand dad REALLY screwed up when he gave women (wives) the vote. Zero chance it shut her up or got him some back in 1920. NOTHING else the early progressives dreamed up worked.

  54. Trump has absolutely no business being in charge of the military and foreign policy of the United States. I can’t think of anyone in modern history less qualified to be Commander in Chief. Hillary is also unacceptable.

    The choice between unacceptable and unacceptable is to register your displeasure with a third party vote. I will be voting Libertarian for the first time ever–and I was a delegate to the Republican state convention back in the 90s. No way in Hell will I go to my grave having voted for either one of these people.

  55. Better to keep a clean conscience and not vote at all. When the next generation asks who you voted for, you’ll be held accountable. Doesn’t matter how much you pinched your nose, a vote for evil is a vote for evil. Lots of Germans held their nose in WWII.

  56. As a congenital workaholic Donald Trump spent more time building his businesses, overseeing dozens of projects at a time and neglecting his first two wives thus he wasn’t aware of what pro-2nd Amendment forces were facing. Trump didn’t read up on or concern himself with firearms other than what he came across inadvertently. By concentrating on more pressing (to him & his shareholders/employees) business Trump took what little he read about guns in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal as the gospel truth trusting that those who authored the pieces and provided the statistics were being honest and not advancing an agenda thus he made ill-informed statements which he has now repudiated.

    The fact is it wasn’t until Trump’s sons, Donald Jr and Eric, reached adulthood and became involved in firearms that Donald Trump Sr. began to take an interest in anything more than a handgun for self-defense and realized the policies espoused by so-called “experts’ was nothing more than folly, lies, and misinformation meant to sway those ignorant of our “lifestyle” and promote disarmament. Now that he has become “informed” on the firearm issues we face Trump is “all in” for the 2nd Amendment and the right of Americans to own, carry, and use a firearm for any reason save for committing a violent crime.

    It is not often that someone of Trump’s stature admits they were not only wrong but ignorant of the facts and misinformed so I for one commend him for his conversion, I applaud his stance on “National Concealed Carry” reciprocity and am sure when elected he will direct his Solicitor General to sue ALL states that resist allowing law-abiding Americans to carry their firearms across state lines in order to protect themselves and their loved ones when traveling.

    I wasn’t sure about Trump at first, living in the NY/NJ Metro Area and working for companies that provided transportation for his USFL football team and to gamblers headed to his Atlantic City casinos I’ve watched him for over 30 years now and have been impressed with his accomplishments, failure is not an option for him. I’ll admit Ted Cruz was my initial choice for president but his actions in selling out the citizens of Mississippi and doing Mitch McConnell’s bidding in sabotaging Chris McDaniels who was challenging the philandering 80 year old RINO Thad Cochran in the GOP Primary gave me cause to rethink my support for the Texas senator and I couldn’t vote for someone who sold out a fellow TEA Party candidate to advance his own career (Cruz would’ve moved up in seniority had Cochran been defeated).

    I’m ALL in for Trump, I think he will do us proud and advance our cause. The fact is he CAN’T be bought and everything they could use to blackmail him is already out in the open.

    Piss off a Liberal and “Vote Trump”

  57. I quit reading at “Ted Cruz”. Why do you sheep continue to support people who are not eligible to run for office? Robert Farago is a stooge and a hack, He is the type of idiot responsible for the mess we find ourselves in. Learn the constitution for once.

  58. It is astonishing to read comments in this blog from people who are willing to forfeit their 2nd amendment rights by voting for a candidate who has no chance in order to prove to the world that they hate Trump. This will be why we will lose this election, lose our 2nd amendment rights, and lose this country to tyranny. History will know this generation as the one that let freedom die.

  59. Hillary and no scalias in court ? No other words can call a nightmare more for gun owner as this supergau 🙁

  60. Well, my thoughts – we tried Ron Paul. Twice. How far did that get us? Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is a double-speaking rat-man that scares his own children in between his pretending to be a constitutionalist and handing the government more power. And elbowing his wife in the face. The other candidates aren’t even worth a mention.

    Mass-deporatation unfortunately is the most important issue in America because the illegal latins have been brought here to shore up the DNC and will in twenty years have the presidency permanently locked up exactly as they have done to California. They will vote for the left to keep the government gimmie-dats comming, and in the process the 2nd Amendment will effectively be voted away. To avoid that the reality is that the National Guard needs to go door to door and grab anybody that speaks Spanish natively and bus them to Mexico along with their anchor babies, and when Mexico objects anybody they send to meet our guys at the border can be shot. Trump is already backpedaling on this. I wouldn’t expect him to actually make more than a token effort.

    Leftists in general need to be violently suppressed(rounded up and executed) and a way to strip them of their political rights needs to be found, because unless we do that their hyper-inclusive mass democracy will vote Western Civilization out of existence in the name of fighting racism. Eurabia is already a foregone conclusion because of them, and no administration will allow the white Europeans to escape to America because the left will call everyone involved racists, and as we all know that’s the WORST THING EVER.

    I recommend Robert Heilein’s proposed solution in Starship Troopers; the answer to beating the left is to be found in the re-establishment of America as a Neo-Sparta. There’s no way the left will put up with a six year military hitch where they don’t get to choose their branch of service or their job within that service and where they have the opportunity to walk away literally whenever they want. If they can quit, pathetic weaklings that they are, they will quit. Only the motivated right wing K-selects will endure such punishment, and everybody including remaining leftists will benefit from the prosperous society that results.

    Trump will do none of this. Trump will make deals, but at the same time he will be seen as a right winger and the people that most need to be angry will instead be hopeful. The pressure and anger that has been building under Obama will be released harmlessly and the Three Percenters and any in the military that might have staged a coup when faced with President Hillary will now be pacified to the point where the festering problems will be allowed to continue to fester, just like what happened under Dubya. It will take another eight years of a democrat like Obama to build the anger again, and that clock won’t start for another nine years. So the can has effectively been kicked another twenty years into the future.

    Enjoy America while you’ve got it. Your children will inherit a third world shiat hole.

    • >> Leftists in general need to be violently suppressed(rounded up and executed)

      Come and take it, fascist scum.

  61. This November, before every gun owner leaves for the polls, get out your guns and look at them because if Hillary wins, you’ll be parting company soon. If she wins, she’ll carry the Senate with her and maybe even the House. She’ll name a Justice immediately and 2A won’t be worth the parchment it’s written on. This woman said it should be illegal to have a gun in a car.

    Any vote for a candidate other than Trump is effectively a vote for Hillary. The electoral math is absolute. No third party candidate will ever win the White House. If Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t, nobody can. The Republican primary in my state, Trump beat Cruz by less than 1,000 votes – if the Libertarians had voted for Cruz, the results would have been reversed. That’s “principle” in action.

    If Hillary is elected, it’s not going to be about expanding gun ownership any longer, it’s going to be about trying to keep the guns we already own. Everybody on this forum has chafed for years about government oppression of RKBA, and now the complaint is “We didn’t get Cruz” or “Both of them suck” so “I’m staying home?” Well, quite a few of us served under COs who were situationally challenged, but we had no alternative. Life is like that. If you want to bet your RKBA on a gesture, find a way to do it where you aren’t also betting my rights and the rights of every other American.

  62. Some(too many) of the comments here confirm my suspicion of paid astroturfers posting on this site. This issue for gun owners, or anyone who can fog a mirror and appreciates what little freedom we have left, is night and day.

  63. And so it goes, as we as a nation have turned our backs on the laws of the universe, the laws of nature as set by the I Am; we see the result.

    The mass murder of the unborn, the destruction of the family with the focus of having children to be replaced by “alternative life styles” that usually sees having children as an assault upon our planet, with human beings as a virus or disease to be “cured”. The selfish self-indulgent glorification of the “me generation” , supported by government theft from those that produce to those that consume. As a man that feels like a woman, can use a woman’s bathroom.

    We see once again that without the guidance of the creator, that human beings completely go off the rails into madness, mass murder and societal suicide.

    So the real answer to our problems is not who we vote for in this next election, it is whether we return to sanity with our voluntary, underline voluntary, return to our one true source of love, of life, of abundance. The word of G-d as brought to us by The Christ.

  64. To all the wailing and teeth gnashing pussies who monger doom and gloom reference one of the proffered Globalist-Collectivist Party candidates (Repubs/Dems) ‘taking or outlawing your guns’…it would seem to this old country boy that such a doom and gloom scenario would only be possible because of pussies and ferfraid ‘new americans’ just like you.

    Anyone with and sense already knows that voting, petitioning, begging, court cases, and other previous valid avenues to restore Liberty and restore the Constitution have long ago been co-opted and abrogated. Any thinking man can also see that govt is NOT going to cease its relentless efforts to steadily assume tyrannical power and utterly abrogate the BOR/Constitution…what little actually remains at this time.

    Any thinking man also realizes that a Trump or Clinton vote will NOT change the course of the coming totalitarianism…not…one…iota.

    It falls to the non-pussies to bluntly state to the wailing tooth-gnashing pussies that it will ultimately come to force of arms/civil war/revolt when whatever line in the sand that constitutes ‘too much’, is finally crossed by Leviathan in its ceaceless march to world govt.

    Get a clue, please.

    World govt will not allow a free armed constitutionally governed people who exercise individual liberty and a Republic of sovereign states. Seriously…get a clue, pull up your skirts, unwad your little-girl panties and open your freaking eyes.

    Of course, for the teeth gnashing and wailing pussies who fall in line dutifully (if with grumbles) each and every election cycle (read purposefully staged clown-circus), any thinking man can see that these weasels will continue to fall victim to cognative dissonence and continue to wail and gnash teeth and march right off the ciff, like all good indoctrinated ‘new american’ lemmings do.


    Wake up and see reality.

  65. To those of you who will sit home or vote Libertarian — I live in NC, which is often a battleground state. I can’t sit home. I will vote for Trump. The real issue in the bathroom war going on here is not transies in bathrooms. It is whether the larger cities in this state, already infected with the cancers of SF-East and NYC-South, will, like the disease carriers in the Walking Dead, spread the disease throughout the state. The gnashing of corporate teeth over the bathroom bill is like the gnashing over Trump’s refusal to go with the Wall Street Globalist agenda. The only way to end it is for people to get out and vote for Trump, and vote for the Republican candidates in the Senate and House elections. I don’t like some of these candidates, although I don’t mind Donald, but I will vote for them. Anything else gives the election to the Hildebeast. I saw an article today in the MSM where she invoked what BILL Clinton will do for her faithful when she is elected! How can you not throw up?? We do not need both of them again!!

    California gun owners please consider registering as no party preference or democrat so you can vote against Hillary in the primary. You can register online. A primary vote for trump only gets him more nominated. A vote for Sanders is an actual shot at Hillary. You can vote however you want in the general but if you live in California the Republican candidate is chosen. The play is to vote against Hillary now.


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