Good idea, the TAK Impactor Training Gun. When we used a standard-issue blue gun (inert) in a Krav Maga course I was aware of the danger, should a participant get carried away. Which reminds me: are you ready for close-quarters combat? You know; with a gun? Do you have a plan? Have you had any training in that regard? Both in terms of shooting from the ground and counter-attacking an assailant to get to your gun?

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    • The last bunch I faced turned tail and all I ever did was take off my jacket. Wonder what got into them fellers?

  1. Is the question about close quarters combat — e.g. engagements at roughly 30 feet and closer? Or is the question about combat at contact distance including hand-to-hand combat?

    I am prepared for close quarters combat.

    I am also prepared for hand-to-hand combat at contact distance — including disarming an attacker with a handgun (as a last resort), protecting my handgun while counterattacking, and striking first with my hands, forearms, elbows, knees, and/or feet to initially stun my attacker and gain enough time/distance to draw and shoot.

    Most people are not prepared for hand-to-hand combat. And I don’t see how anyone can prepare without investing several dozen hours in basic martial arts techniques.

  2. Years of training and a shelf of awards say I probably should be.
    I’m perfectly happy with never finding out if I actually am.

  3. I get about an hour of CQC (closer than longsword’s length) instruction and practice a week. I guess my odds of surviving such an affair are maybe modestly improved from it. My defense is probably 99% from risk avoidance and 1% from combat preparation.

  4. Years ago I did get into some close combat. And won. Now I’m retirement age and losing “it”. A severe knee injury,neck/back problems,cancer and sundry other maladies. Come near me and I’ll shoot ,stab or spray pepper at you.


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