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The antis would have gun muggles believe that gun owners are spoiling for a fight. Especially anyone “crazy” enough to carry a concealed weapon or, Heaven forfend, open carry. I find the opposite to be true: most gun carriers avoid stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things. Which would be where?

desantis blue logo no back 4 smallI reckon no-go zones include ATM’s in bad neighborhoods and/or after dark. It might also include sporting events or concerts. Or entire states like New Jersey and California, where civilian disarmament includes out-of-state visitors. And countries, like Mexico, where cartel craziness has invaded tourist meccas like Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta. Where’s no-go for you?

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    • Blue states
      Ghettos and Barrios
      Protests filled with “urban youth” or “dreamers”
      Anywhere leftist are in large numbers and feel like their numbers some how over come their weakness
      Anywhere were I can not carry (duh)
      Place filled with dumb men and ugly women.

  1. Anywhere you are not needed. Work and home, and the straight line in between, are the only true “go zones.” Every place else is a change in the routine and could lead to trouble.

    And no dancing.

        • And we are all prone to it. There is an area where I walk my hounds that I have to shake myself out of reverie because I am so used to being there. The threat is from four legged critters including Moutain Lions. I hope the dogs alert me in time. That is why it is good to vary where you go.

    • Are you being for real? I will not let paranoia imprison me in my own house. I don’t go stupid places, but to say go no places at all is missing out on life. What’s the point of living if you’re too afraid to do anything?

    • News to me. I always thought Idaho was full of friendly, well-mannered people like much of the mid-west. Then again I also thought Idaho had similar demographics to Maine or Wyoming.

      • I think most of Idaho is great, I really like the country there but the only reason why Ive gone to Idaho is for the backcountry. And it’s in the less liberal parts of the state where I get the heebie jeebies. Another incident is my best friend was in cour d’alene in Uniform with a sidearm in a thigh holster and a guy went right up in his face squared up and started telling him to go back where he came from. Like really? One my buddy is clearly in the military plus he’s openly carrying…it just seems smarter to avoid those sorts of situations that could escalate especially when I’m alone.

        • Jon,

          What you described is a fairly common threat in every remote place … hence the plot of the movie Deliverance. Unfortunately, in such locations you will occasionally stumble upon “local boys” who hate “outsiders” or violent anti-social people who take exception to your presence. Every year, people “disappear” in such remote locations. It stands to reason that those “local boys” and/or anti-social people have to be responsible for some of them.

          Most everyone seems to be aware of the potential dangers of being in blighted urban centers. I am somewhat surprised at how few people recognize the dangers in remote locations. Such dangers were actually the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back and compelled me to get my concealed carry license. I like to camp and hike with my immediate family in remote areas and I had too many dicey encounters with people in such locations. Now, whenever I go to such areas, I have a sidearm on at all times and a long gun (with scope for shots up to 300 yards) which is readily available if necessary. And if I have a dicey encounter, I bust out and deploy a dozen battery operated infra-red motion-activated alarms to surround my campsite to alert me of any unwelcome visitors.

          Yes, I had interactions that were that bad, an element of which was the fact that the creep and I both knew that it would take the local sheriff every bit of 45 minutes to respond to any call for help — which isn’t any help at all if you are out of cell phone coverage.

        • And for every one time that happens there are 10 more times it happens to Whites, so with those numbers in mind I really do care more about the great number/people are effected.

          More over I have hard time thinking a white person would do that, risking being sued/threat in jail for it.

    • My two adopted daughters (Hispanics) and i stopped into a town for a meal. Conversations came to a halt. The place was lily white….we weren’t treated bad, but people kept staring. My girls, both of whom are pretty, were very uncomfortable. Being kids of the gun, one asked, “do you have enough ammo to get us out of here? ” got to live kids!!!!

      Are parts of Idaho racist? Maybe. Could have it been a white guy with two attractive Hispanic girls was unusual? Likely. Good manners by the diners that night? Nope.

      No go zones: only places I will be frisked or otherwise searched

      • I have had a couple of encounters like that and they were all white-on-white. On the way back from a spring break trip to New Orleans I stopped for gas in Cairo, Illinois at a time when Cairo was “farther South than Mobile.” I had a Chicago city sticker on my car and we got the Essy Rider look.

        The other time was in small town NE Wisconsin in a community where my wife’s parents live. We went to this supper club after my father-in-laws funeral. I was wearing my flight jacket The locals were staring at us like a scene out of the movie Betrayed. I thought I was being paranoid until we left and my wife told me she had the same feeling. Militias were popular in the area and they probably thought I was the guy in the black helicopter.

    • Really no different than a pale face being in the wrong part of town…

      I’ve gotten the “WTF you doin’ here, white boy” look while in south Dallas, more than once.

      Such is life.

      Side Note: the motto for North Dallas should be, “At least we aren’t south Dallas.”

      • I lived in Dallas for four years and completely understand your point. Never been anywhere with a worse panhandling problem either. Guy walked up to me in a parking lot asking for money from 30 feet away. I get into my car and he had the balls to knock on my window repeatadly. Pretty sure I turned into a Marine Drill Instructor for a few minutes when I rolled down my window. Thankfully he took off running.

        • I had a panhandler approach me once while I was removing a rifle (cased) from my trunk! I was alarmed – put the rifle down, lifted my shirt to show my pistol, and told him that if he backed off I’d leave 3 bucks on the ground when I left.

          Guy was mentally ill. I hope he doesn’t get shot.

      • Yup, grew up hearing “rigged it south dallas style”.

        I used to deliver pizza in Arlington when I went to UTA, had plenty of comments comment on my lack of additional melanin while bringing them dinner.

    • Idaho has it’s share of ignorant racists, to be sure. And I can think of areas of the state that are definitely worse than others.

      But Idaho also has a lot of decent folk. Many of us are raised to be very polite, but we also tend to mind our own business, and expect others to do the same. Some folks might think that means we’re unfriendly. Not really.

      If you want to visit any areas in Idaho that are definitely more welcoming of non-whites, try any of our large Native American Reservations. The phrase “Effing White Man” is very popular, particularly on the Nez Perce Reservation. Except they use the more colorful verson.

  2. Anywhere I deem it may be hazardous to myself or my property.

    That changes as time of day and circumstances present themselves…

    • Chicago’s okay north of Roosevelt Rd. Look at a map of homicides, they’re very concentrated.

      Also, hillary’s nether regions are a no-go. Just saying….

  3. The 11 states my NC is not honored; Washington, DC, anywhere there are metal detectors or searches–will not fly anymore–refuse to be unarmed

      • Remember the guy in the Police Academy movies that could make realistic sounds of automatic gun fire? He could really terrorize the sheeple today.

        No go areas would be California, Hawaii., Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Washington D. C., and any other place that one of my four CC licenses are not recognized.

        I also don’t fly and avoid any large gatherings (with the exception of gun shows & NRA events) like sporting events, concerts, movie theaters, etc.

        I’m also very careful about banks and ATMs. I only use ATMs that I can block with my car in a way that would require a thug to jump over, or crawl under, my car (and I operate the ATM with my left hand while my right hand is on the grip of my pistol).

    • If I need to make a long distance trip, I’ve went almost exclusively on Amtrak since ’09. The only exceptions I’ll make are if time is a factor, or I can make the drive in less than 8hrs.
      It’s really not bad for cross-country travel, but there are a few major stations that I despise making changovers at. Chicago is one of them, DC is another. They’ve instituted airport-esque security searches at them, which adds at least an hour to boarding times. But anywhere else, I can show up at the station 20min prior and just walk on the train.

      The secret to a cheap & comfortable long-distance Amtrak trip is to bring your own food, a strong adult beverage in a thermos, a portable DVD player/laptop, comfy pillow, and a fleece throw.

      And even though the trains occasionally stop long enough to jump off for a cigarette, now most smokers I’ve met travelling just use a quality e-cig or mod/vaporizer. None of the conductors care when people are vaping, but can & will throw anyone off the train if they get caught smoking (along with a hefty fine).

      Plus…. there are rarely enough people to fill all the seats; when the train starts moving, people spread out and often you’ll have a row all to yourself. There is tons of leg room, seats recline pretty far and have leg bolsters which elevate. So paying for a sleeper car is completely uneccessary, unless you *need* a bed. Fellow travellers are mostly older adults without screaming kids, or strangely, a lot of Amish between DC and Pittsburgh.

      In regards to guns, Amtrak has allowed them to be checked & secured in recent years, and the process is fairly easy. I brought my takedown Winchester .22 on the last trip out to Colorado, and wasn’t treated like a potential terrorist by Amtrak employees. But because of the lack of TSA-style strip searches at average Amtrak stations, one *could* conceal carry pretty easily… although being caught would have federal consequences.

  4. States that refuse reciprocity with my home state.

    Fortunately that stupid round red circle slash no Beretta sign that one of my local cinemas user have on their ticket window has no legal meaning and therefore means squat to a consealed carrier.

    • it does in my state. fortunately the theater closest to my home doesn’t have one of them there signs. and they have those super comfy recliners.

      • Fortunately the newest and best and closest theatre to me has never put up one of those. Needless to say, they have gotten my business since there put it up. Haven’t been back to that Regal since then.

    • Theaters I go to (in Arizona dadgummit) have the same sign. Don’t care. No metal detectors or pat-downs, it’s not a real gun free zone. They often have uniformed officers providing security on blockbuster opening nights and I walk right past with a pocket pistol in my jeans. I’d rather have the option of survival next time Aurora happens.

  5. I go everywhere. And I carry everywhere there isn’t a full body scan. It’s okay to be in a dangerous place as long as you know it. Act accordingly.
    I go where I want. I don’t avoid places if I have a reason or desire to be there. Freedom of travel is important to me. I’m only speaking of the U.S. Out of the country is a different issue. I’ll be in Athens Greece next month. I’ll be gunless but not unarmed. Pick pockets are the number one issue. I’ll be trying to spot them first. I’ll make a game of it.

    • Since I am an actual member, I assume those signs do not apply to me. If they show up, haven’t seen them yet. Of course, I never look, either, at Costco or anywhere else.

  6. Mr. Farago already covered most of my “no-go” locations.

    No-go states: Hawaii, California, Oregon, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C., New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.*
    No-go locations: professional sports arenas/events, nightclubs/bars, bad neighborhoods
    No-go countries: all of them, especially Mexico!

    * Illinois: I will drive through Illinois since they honor out-of-state concealed carry licenses while you are in your car on your way through the state. I will not stop at nor stay in Illinois.

    • Living in a bordering state to ILLinois, and needing to cross the border for any reasonable shopping options, I am glad to take advantage of the fact that ILLinois will let me carry in my car since I am permitted to carry in my home state. ILLinois does not honor any other state’s CCW permits. Oddly, though, they permit “transport” almost everywhere as long as the weapon is cased and unloaded. A good “fanny pack,” such as Tommy’s Gun Pack, which is specifically designed as a gun case, allows me to “transport,” but not “carry,” virtually anywhere I want. Easy to draw my semi-auto from the case and shuck in the mag from my pocket PDQ if needed.

  7. Well, I guess places with metal detectors would be one, since I carry in GFZs otherwise, I don’t use ATMs at all, that’s what banks are for, and I carry in the banks. I spent a week in CA visiting friends this year, first time I’ve been in the state in 15 years, the NE will not ever see me again. Mexico? I am so sure!

  8. Any city or state that has been run by Democrats for more than 10 years. That’s generally long enough for them to turn it into a lawless hellhole.

  9. I go anywhere I want to go, and god help the person who tells me I can’t.

    I don’t go anywhere that I don’t want to go, and god help the person who tells me that I must.

  10. Me? I go pretty much everywhere. Or did. Unarmed too. I’m only slightly more careful with my beautiful black wife. When we(and my large sons) were in Kankakee, Illinois for my nephews wedding I noticed a skinny tattooed white hillbilly glaring at us at a Wendy’s. He was about a second from getting his azz kicked. My wife was oblivious as were the kids. Chicago has lots of dangerous neighborhoods-lots more than Chicago Steve relates. Gold Coast shooting, far north mayhem,eastside idiocy and yes north of Roosevelt rd can suck badly…

  11. Ummm…. everywhere?
    I avoid crowded events and places. Always have. Not so much for safety reasons. I never really think about safety. Number 1 priority in my life to limit my exposure to annoyance and frustration. People are annoying and frustrating. So I avoid them.

    Even as a kid. Family went to Disneyland and I put a fuss to be left behind. Friends would throw parties and I’d leave the moment reaching for food or drink became a push and shove endeavor.

    • Regardless, that giant crowd of people all backed up waiting to have someone search their bags and go through the metal detector is just as attractive to a spree killer as that same crowd inside the stadium. To a spree killer, it doesn’t matter where the crowd is, only that there is a crowd and they are unarmed.

      And all those unarmed people going into the stadium have to walk from their car to that gate, unarmed. No thanks.

      • There’s never a backup at MLB games. There are so many gates and a “search” consists of a young girl looking into your bag or cooler. There are armed police on duty and if I need my gun, I can reach it. Just sayin’.

    • From a friend who went to Boston Comic Con last week the event was so half-assed organized that the “security” gave up wanding and searching about half way through the first day.

      They just let hordes of nerds through the doors with no checks whatsoever.
      Couldn’t even be bothered to maintain the theater of security.

      ISIS could have gotten close enough to Shatner to shat in his lap.

      • Don’t know what illegal food is. They don’t allow outside alcohol. You can bring food and drinks in but the drinks need to be bottled. I put clear rum in a water bottle and have never had a problem.

  12. I stay away from gangstatown. Other than that I will go anywhere that has. CHL reciprocity or permits open carry.

  13. Don’t go to stupid places with stupid people doing stupid stuff. Used to, then became an adult. I carry because some people will never reach a stage of acting like an adult.

  14. Thankfully, I generally have no desire to go to problematic places, so it’s mostly a non issue. However, I’d say anywhere I can’t carry is avoided. I have no need to go to government buildings outside of work, except once a year to renew my business licence. I’m armed at work so no problem there. I don’t like sports arenas or bars, and movie theatres are overpriced. Bars are really the biggest no go. I don’t like being around judgementally impaired persons. I suppose that I agree with the statement that you shouldn’t change your habits and avoid living a full life out of fear. For me though it’s not fear but good sense to refrain from spending time around fools or in places that put a low priority on my right of self defence.

  15. Shopping malls and movie theaters, haven’t been to either in 20 yrs or so. The risks are too great, especially if your spouse wants to spend money. I also don’t go to any town or area which is described as “quaint” or where they changed the name from something like “Old Town” to “Olde Towne”. Going to be a lot of gun free zones there.

  16. I get the meanest looks from skinny yuppies. One only must carry arms of a circumference exceeding six inches to earn their ire. So, I generally carry muscular, edge, and cartridge weapons around them.

  17. My only no go zones are places I can’t legally carry what and how I want to.

    So….basically just schools, government buildings, USPS property, states where my licenses and permits aren’t honored or hollow points are illegal, and anywhere I get asked to leave for carrying.

    I’ll go to malls, movies, concerts, bars…I’ll just be carrying. All they can do is ask me to leave. Security at these places suck, and them not finding my gun is one more reason for me to carry.

  18. I’ve got to say, a lot of these replies dismay me. My wife and I spent a month last year driving north-south from Montana to New Orleans, stops in Little Rock, Memphis, New Orleans a few days each. On to San Antonio, Albuquerque, Phoenix, several days each, again. Then up through Denver, Cody, Great Falls, then home. To Canada. Unarmed the whole way.
    I am a gun lover & lifelong shooter, and I’m DEEPLY envious of your right to carry. I’m 61 years old, walk with a limp and am partly deaf, and I will be damned if I won’t go wherever the hell I want to go, whenever I want to go there. I practice good common sense, situational awareness, and judgment at all times. I’ve never gone looking for trouble, but I’ve NEVER backed down from it if it came looking for me, either.
    I’m no hardass; I’m skinny, old, out of shape, and tend to have a bit of a mouth on me, if you listen to my wife, yet I’ve NEVER felt unsafe in your country or mine simply and solely because I was unarmed. It bothers me that with the liberties you enjoy in the USA, so many of you seem to avoid entire States because of their politics.
    I surely don’t know what the answer is, but I know that avoiding places isn’t it.

  19. Sports bars. In biker bars, everyone tends to be armed (and polite.) Colorado allows carry in bars, as long as you’re not intoxicated.
    Mexico, sadly.
    Denver really has no “bad” neighborhoods, but bar districts at 2:00 letout are definitely a no go. Of course, the odds of me being out at 2:00 are laughably slim.


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