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My mother doesn’t shoot. In fact, she hates guns (but loves this gun owner). Over the years, I’ve met plenty of Moms Who Demand Ammo for Guns in America. Moms who teach their children well (don’t you ever ask them why.) Is yours one of them?

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    • When the clip flew out on the last shot you shoulda yelled “You broke it”, assuming she didn’t know about the en block.

  1. My wife and mother of our 3 children loves shooting .22s. She is a proud owner of a variety of guns in that caliber.

  2. My mom’s been gone for 38 years. But she had no problem with my dad’s guns. Both mother’s of my pair of sons like guns too. Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers!

    • My mother, also passed many years ago, was a country woman. A gun was just another tool. She knew how to work a shotgun like she could work a tractor or a hoe. Country folk have a streak of common sense in them. She didn’t care for the history of guns. She just wanted them to work when something was prowling her chickens or her kids.

      • My mother was a country girl, bred, born and raised during the depression and grew up with guns in the house, could even shoot, albeit inaccurately, and had several sisters who were excellent shots.

        But she married, left the farm, and became the most venomous anti-firearm snake alive. She had no family members or friends die of gun violence, outside wars, nor was she ever involved in any skirmish as a bystander. She just hated guns in any shape and form, right down to Dad had to fight like hell to get my brother and me cap guns and Gene Autry holsters. God forbid I should ever have a BB gun or something bigger.

        Point being, it ain’t how you’re raised, though it does help make a difference, it’s how you think and what you think about.

  3. My mom is the reason I got into guns. She’s hunted, shot, and carried since she was young. She though a CCW class would be something fun for the family to do together.

  4. At nearly 86, my mother has never fired a gun, and with the arthritis in her hands, never will.

    My wife has handled my unloaded black powder pistols (she is a Civil War fan and appreciates the history, plus the innate beauty of old Colt designs), but has not and never will fire one of them, being a hater of all things gun. She won’t even touch one of my modern firearms.

    Fortunately, this is not a hereditary ailment; my daughter loves her new FNX .45, an upgrade from her 9mm Taurus.

  5. Mom’s been gone 42 years. She probably never fired a gun, but didn’t have anything against them either. However, she hated BB guns because she thought that they were dangerous toys (you’ll knock your eye out!), which is why I got a Nylon 66 instead of a Daisy Red Ryder.

  6. Unfortunately, my mom now falls under the category of “needs constant supervision” and thus our extended family does not allow my mom to handle firearms. She would if we allowed her. And she encourages all of us to acquire, carry, and shoot whatever we want. That being the case, I cannot complain too much.

  7. My Mom is not the shootin’ type. And to my dad, guns were just tools.

    My wife, however, comes from a family of firearms enthusiasts and helps me teach the grandkids how to shoot. She also shoots pistols more accurately than I do, and gives me a run for my money on the trap range.

  8. When growing up, I knew my mother hunted with her father, and had a Model 53 Winchester in 44-40 as her deer rifle. She also had a Colt .38 special revolver. They stayed at my grandfather’s house until he died, and then went to relative for safe keeping. Growing up, there were no guns in our house, although I was allowed to shoot my other grandfather’s single shot .22 when we visited. I have no idea which parent instituted the “no guns” policy but after I moved out of the house and my mother died, I took possession of both. I gave the revolver to my brother and bought a SSA revolver is 44-40 to go with the rifle. Both are sweet shooters.

  9. Sadly no, my mother does not shoot. She used to, but she ended up with some serious arthritis in one place… her trigger finger.

    I told her to learn to shoot with another finger, but the recoil of anything bigger than .22 causes her a lot of pain in that index finger, and she thinks .22 is a “pansy round”, so she hung up the gun belt. Sad but true.

  10. Nope. She hates guns and thinks they’re nasty. But fortunately she realizes that anti-gun laws only make life harder for responsible people — and our family is chock-full of people who own and use guns responsibly.

    Also, being a lifelong rural dweller, she knows that guns are indispensable tools (even if they’re icky), and my dad’s old bolt-action .22 is always within easy reach back at home. I keep hoping someday she’ll agree that she should know how to use it, but it’ll probably never happen.

    However, the mother of my children (aka my wife) actually is a gun owner. Doesn’t shoot much, but does carry, and supports the Second Amendment 100%. Unfortunately, also a die-hard Democrat, but I’m working on her.

  11. My 69 year old mother is considering taking her first NRA course in order to learn how to shoot after decades of the never-ending stream of street crime (much of targeting whites) and years of illegal immigrant/”refugee” violence.

    My wife — also a mom — shoots occasionally to avoid becoming the next Amanda Blackburn.

  12. My mom helped teach me to shoot when I was 12 with my dad, we all went out to the range. She was better than he was as well. My wife’s mother on the otherhand, is a die hard progressive and has literally hyperventalited when we let it slip that we wanted a gun safe…She knows I moved her from Texas, and that I used to hunt (true, though haven’t since i was a kid), and have a shotgun and a rifle. She doesn’t know it’s an EEEEEEVIL black rifle, matching my wife’s, or about our CCW’s. Hopefully she never will, because I can see her going into hysterics.

  13. After my father died my mom wanted to get better used to his pistol. A S&W 38 spl so we shot together.
    A few years later she was having trouble loading it and didn’t like any of the speed loaders she tried.
    She ended up with a Smith 1917 and full moon clips as she could load and empty all at one time.
    Much was said and admired when this little old lady swung on and hit target’s while practicing with my friends and me.
    Often words like “cannon and holy crap” all with respect for her.

  14. Mom is just sort of laying around.
    She was a lifelong Republican; but she is now an official Democrat.

  15. I actually took my 70 year old mother her first time to shoot since she was a little kid a few weeks ago. She did well with an AR-15 and a .22 Smith and Wesson Compact. Had trouble with the slide of my 1911, but shot it fine. She now has located a friend to go with where she lives.

  16. She used to, but she is getting up there in age so doesn’t ‘go out with the boys’ anymore.

    She still has her 870 20ga in a quick-access container near the bed and a pistol ready if need be.

    Bad guys coming into her home are not going to like the reception they get.

    She is also very vocal pro-2A granny. She is constantly sending emails and facebook posts to remind folks to look to their rights and watch for .gov overreach relating to our gun rights.

  17. I took my mom to the range a year or so ago. She said it was the first time she’d shot a gun since she was a little girl. She did okay with everything but preferred the 1911 and the AR to everything else. ‘Merica!

  18. My mom shoots. My sister shoots. My wife shoots. My oldest daughter shoots. At least two of my female cousins shoot.

    (Otherwise known as “a family from Indiana.”)

    And on a somewhat related note: I recently found out that Sarah Beard’s parents are members at my tiny church.

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