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This year’s Texas Firearms Festival features Full-Auto Friday. VIP ticket holders get serious trigger time behind dozens of machine and sub-machine guns from major manufacturers. If you’ve never shot a machine or sub-gun gun, there’s a reason why they call the full-auto lever the “giggle switch.” They really are a hoot. If you have shot full-auto, which guns have you fired? Which one(s) was your favorite and why? And if you could own two — count ’em two — machine or sub-machine guns, which ones would you buy?

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Hillary Clinton...What Could Possibly Go Wrong?">Previous Post
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  1. I’ve shot an M16A1 and an M60. The 60 was easier to shoot full auto and easier to walk the tracers where you want to hit. Probably not a big shock to anyone. I have only shot full auto with the US government paying for the gun and the ammo and paying me to shoot it. I would only shoot an auto if someone else is paying for the ammunition.

  2. Courtesy of the US Army, got to shoot:
    1. M2 .50 cal.
    2. M60
    3. M249
    *4. M16/M4 – 3 round burst.
    5. AR15 Full auto SBR with suppressor, during LaRue range day. (forgot about this one)

    My 2 MG/SubMG wishlist would be
    1. AR15 lower
    2. AR10 lower

    To open up a wide range of possibilities.

  3. Shot:
    FN FNC
    Micro Uzi

    Would buy if available for less than ridiculous price (unlikely to ever occur):
    Ma Deuce

  4. I carried the M60 wiith a sling when i was in. Didn’t care for shooting it at night….4 feet of flame lit you up.
    Shot .50 cal as well… butter.

  5. Shot…

    Vector in .45 ACP

    Would buy?
    Drop in auto kits for any AR platform at the drop of a hat.
    HK auto kits for my G3 and MP5 clones.

  6. M16A2

    They were all fun, even if my AG was crappy and I had to lug the M60, spare barrel, and almost all of the ammo.

  7. Out of all the full auto I have shot, I’ve honestly enjoyed shooting the Tomphson more than anything else. It’s surprisingly accurate and very easy to control.

    • My pop was in ‘Nam, he related shooting a Thompson and noted it was heavy as Hell but a soft shooter.

      He hated the crappy .38 he was issued…

    • My list is almost the same as yours; went and got a Schützenschnur too, eh? I earned mine back in ’03. I didn’t much care for the G36, aside from it folding and having transparent mags. But the MG3 is a different story, I like it almost as much as I love the Ma Duece.
      My company brought along our M2 and 240B to the schützenschnur range for the Bundeswehr guys to have some time on; they universally liked the M2, but were underwhelmed by the 240B. After all, they have the MG3, and that thing is wicked.

      The rest of my list:

  8. “Question of the Day: Which Machine Guns Have You Shot?”

    That depends. Do you mean real machine guns…or anything full auto?

    I try not to be pedantic, but calling the MP5 or Glock 18 a “machine gun” annoys me.

  9. Thompson SMG
    All of them at the Knob Creek shoot in Kentucky. Fav was the Thompson. Why? It’s a Thompson. Buy any two? An MG34 and a Thompson

  10. M240 and M16A2 (USCG). Nothing like a mounted automatic weapon on a boat. Except maybe on a truck. Wouldn’t know about that.

    I’d take a select fire AK and an RPK if anything was on the table.

  11. I’ve been an instructor on the M2 (which I loved). Qualified with the M240, and M60. Fired the M249.

    As far as rifles go, qualified with the M16 and M4. I’ve also fired the world’s crappiest AK 47. Those things really will run in spite of abuse.

  12. M4 on 3-rd burst.
    Mk. 48
    Mk. 19 – on tripod as well as with a joystick from inside a Stryker IFV
    M2HB – same as above
    M134 Minigun

  13. In the Army M249, M16A2, M240, M2 – the absolute best was the M2, also the Sterling SMG in Iraq just for fun with some contractors. Talk about controllable and easy to use.

    LE- specifically the federal FITP course: MP5 and Colt SMG. I wound up actually liking the Colt better.

    Hanging out too much at rifle ranges: Thompson and Sten.

    • Oh yeah and a buddy’s UZI.

      Which two? That’s tough, probably the M2 and the Sterling. Since I wouldn’t feel like feeding or hauling an M2 around I’d say the Sterling and the Thompson.

    • And here I was thinking I’d be the only one to mention the Colt SMG. Unfortunately I had to pay to rent it but I could easily justify it as research for my SBR build.

  14. P90, a full auto AR build, AKM, Glock 18, Thompson, Uzi, mp5 in various configurations, BAR, and an m249.

  15. 1. M60
    2. M 16 full auto version
    3. F1 – 9 mm
    4. Bren Gun rebarreled from .303 to 7.62
    5. FN FAL heavy barrel full auto version 7.62
    6. FN FAL in standard select fire 7.62
    7. MAG 58 in 7.62
    8. AK 47
    9. Scorpion sub in .32

    All fun to use but the FN in heavy barrel and the MAG 58 both way too front heavy and badly balanced

  16. I’ve never fired any fully automatic weapon, but just this morning I picked up my first cowboy assault rifle, so I guess I’ll just work up from there.

  17. If you mean a real machine gun and not a select-fire subgun or assault rifle, that would be a WW2 German MG 42. Because it’s old, it was de-tuned to run a bit slower than 1500 rpm. It was still helaciously fast.

    I can’t imagine being on the business end of the MG 42 at full roar. I don’t know how anybody faced up to it. But the Allies did.

  18. Shot the Chauchat, the Thompson and Reising SMGs, and the M2. They were fun but I’ve never had the desire to own any full automatic guns.

  19. Pretty much all that were in service with the Marine Corps in the ’70s including the M-14, M-16, M-60, M-85 .50 and the M242 25mm chain gun, plus Thompsons, an M3 grease gun, a Swedish K, a S&W M76, a Sten and an Owen borrowed from the FBI Academy for training purposes, and the Uzis and AKs that made their way to an armory in Japan after the evacuation of Saigon. Also manufacturers’ samples of most subguns in production in 1980, including the MP-5 (memorable because it worked, no fuss or bother, and easily stayed on target). But since 1982, I’ve shot none at all. I wouldn’t choose to own any now, as they are of no practical use.

  20. I shot several full auto guns at the Sturgis Ralley in 2010 from an outfit called “Guns of Freedom.” We were limited to subguns and intermediate rounds as a “neighbor” who owned the adjacent property was none too pleased and parked several RVs on the top of the cliff which was about a mile away and acting as the back stop (he was hoping they would get hit so he could file suit) . It was a bummer since they had a Ma Deuce, BAR, M1919 etc that I would have loved to shoot. Anyway I got trigger time with the following:
    HK UMP

    What would I buy? Since I don’t have a Class 3 FFL or SOT I would stick to a transferable Thompson and a M1919 as I always wanted something belt fed.

  21. Tommy gun
    Full auto ar-15
    Full auto Glock 17
    And a couple others I’ve forgotten about

  22. M2

    M2 is awesome and useful too. SAW some to like.

    Any auto “assault rifle” is just moronic and no rational way to justify tactically or logistically. An attempted (fail)band-aid for poor training and discipline.

  23. A South African (Lyttleton Engineering Works/Denal) produced FAL (R1)
    A South African produced Galil (R5)

    Both were fun, the cycle rate on the FAL was faster, but, the lower recoil of the R5 made it more useful in full auto.

    • I have a major soft spot for South African and Rhodie FALs, take my extreme jealousy as a compliment. Was this in relation to military service or did some range have rentable pieces?

      • These were, still are, South African Police Services firearms. The R5 is the standard issue patrol rifle, the R1 is now in a more limited role with the SAPS but had quite a history with them and the special operations groups.

  24. Fired:
    AK 47
    AK 74
    M2 HB
    M3 “Grease Gun”
    M1949 Hovea
    STEN Mk II

    M1914 Lewis Gun
    M1941 Johnson Machine Gun

    Honorable Mention”
    Bren Gun

  25. When I was on active duty I fired:
    Mk19 grenade launcher
    M242 25mm Bushmaster canon (Coolest by far)

    To own I think I would like an MP5 and a SIG MPX.

  26. Shot
    L-link AR-15
    Glocks w/ adapter
    Cobray M11
    1-off custom belt fed .22 (I didn’t make it, just got to shoot it)
    bubba triggered 1911 that ran on me.

    Bofors 40mm
    Both for duck hunting, you know.

  27. RPD, M16s, MK18, AK47s, AK74, MP5, HK51, HK91, HK21, SW76, MAC10s, SWEDISH K, STERLING, BERETTA 38, FN30, MG42, MG3, FS2000, UZIs, BREN,

    hoping to cross the ma deuce off my bucket list this weekend at the Saddle Butte Machine Gun Shoot

  28. The P90 is the most fun.
    The 100 rounds out of the Dillon electric was over so fast, I didn’t have time to get a boner.
    The H&K 53 is a flame throwing brass destroyer.

  29. Sten, UZI and Thompson. Liked the Sten the best, felt like I could write my name with it. The UZI hopped left and right and the Thompson loved to climb but they all pasted a smile on my face,

  30. In the USMC as an 0311:


    And a few others in my current job. I believe a modded HK PSG-91, but I could be mistaken.

  31. Never shot but given the chance id buy a ma deuce and a real m4

    Though if we are really dreamin id trade the m2 for a stationary mounted gau-8

  32. USAF

    GUU, AUG, MP5, M249, M240.

    Running medical for the Security Forces had it’s privileges. The GUU I carried had an A-1 upper, and shot like a dream, despite being rebuilt probably 4-5 times.

    Loved the MP5!

  33. Oh man have we got some great full auto offerings this year.
    Of course we will have our Full Size BAP9 and our compact BAP9C in 9mm. Both fantastic SMGs.

    We should have some others as well, all suppressed of course, as we will be hosted by The Silencer Shop again this year.

    How we handoff a full-auto to anyone, we walk them to the line, we explain to them the function of the firearm, the different settings on our firearm. Once that is cleared, we have the shooter fire 2-3 rounds in semi-auto, then they are free to move the selector to full-auto.

    We stand to the right side of the shooter, our left hand on the shooter’s right shoulder for the entirety of the shoot.

    Can’t wait to see everyone there.

  34. Full auto: M16, mp5, akm, Thompson, Grease gun, uzi(1985 they sold NIB for 350 plus stamp in WVA. 1986, not so much.) M60, M2. Probably others I’ve forgotten.

    Other weapons. 81mm mortar. M79, Law rocket(can’t remember the m number) 90mm recoiless rifle(Again, m number evades me).

    Do grenades and claymores count?

  35. BAR – just one mag. The gun weighed almost as much as I did back in the day but it was fun.
    Colt Commando 9mm – felt like too much gun for a 9mm
    MP-5 – easy to shoot and keep on target although I recall that the trigger was rough

    If I could afford to own and shoot two I’d go for a Thompson just because and Ma Deuce. If you can see it, you can kill it.

  36. AK
    SCAR 16
    SCAR 17
    HK G36
    GLOCK 18
    M249 SAW

    I don’t operate. A friend owns a range which specializes in full-auto rental. My faves are the MP7, UMP45, and SCAR 17. And for some reason I’d love to have a GLOCK 18 as my EDC.

  37. Having retired as both a cop and as a soldier, I have been pretty fortunate when it comes to which automatic weapons i have fired:

    M1 Thompson
    M2 Carbine
    M3 greasegun
    Swedish K and later the S&W clone M76
    M249 SAW
    M240 Med MG

  38. Having retired as both a cop and as a soldier, I have been pretty fortunate when it comes to which automatic weapons i have fired:

    XM134 (The GE original)
    XM5 40mm aircraft mounted grenade launcher
    M1 Thompson
    M2 Carbine
    M3 greasegun
    Swedish K and later the S&W clone M76
    M249 SAW
    M240 Med MG

  39. Assuming we count anything full auto, here is my list. All are courtesy of the US Army and a “Foreign Weapons Familiarization” in the late 1980s:

    M3 Grease Gun
    (We shot several other “foreign weapons” but only the AK, MP5, and Uzi were full auto. The G3, FAL, and several others were semi only.)

    If I could buy two:
    H&K auto sear (I already have a semi-auto MP5 SBR I would love to drop a sear into.)
    Modern belt fed .308 in the M60’s weight class.

  40. Guess pretty much everyone has me beat. I’ve only had the wonderful pleasure of shooting a rented HK MP5 on Full Auto. Was like a fire hose. Burned though ammo quicker than I could buy more, so didn’t last too long. But was an unmitigated blast while it lasted. Swear I could have drawn a smiley face with it.

  41. All courtesy of Uncle Sugar:
    Colt M4
    Colt & Bushmaster Commando
    AK-47 (fam fire only)
    M249G (same)
    …and my favorite, and last issue long gun: H&K416D.

  42. Not enough.

    Wrote physical mail my candidates for congress and senate to ask if they would introduce NFA repeal legislation if elected.

  43. Hmm…let’s see, full autos. I have never been in the military but a friend is an FFL07/SOT02 so have had a chance to shoot some of his fun stuff.

    1. Uzi
    2. MP-40
    3. Glock 17 in a CAA Roni stock
    4. SIG MPX
    5. Bulgarian AK-47
    6. M16 (actually an AR15 with a full auto sear made up like an M16 so for all intents and purposes…)
    7. M1919 A4
    8. Maxim IMG 08/15
    9. PTR91
    10. Mac M11/9

    Choices to own if I ever move to a free state and have the money

    1. MP-40 So smooth, easy to hold on target and since I reload, I could probably afford to feed one for an occasional outing. Also an incredible piece of history and for a subgun, they still sell in the somewhat reasonable area of $$
    2. If I was rich? M1919A4. The two that I have shot were each so much fun to shoot. The M2 is awesome but even with reloading, I couldn’t afford it. .30-06 or .308, I could afford to reload for it for an occasional afternoon of fun, I could probably get either caliber down to about .25 per round, not bad. Also, that history, I am a sucker for the history.

    Just as in regular guns, new plastic guns are boring, old wood and steel guns are ten times more interesting and exciting. Although that Glock 17 at 1,200 RPMs was freaking fun to shoot.

  44. M16
    S&W M76 SMG
    Thompson SMG
    Mac 10 SMG w/can
    MP-5 SMG
    M16 w/.22 conversion kit

    Which two to own? The M76 and the M16A1.

  45. rented an uzi and a thompson when bell’s was still open.
    something about that simple sten makes me want one. and maybe a potato digger. a gatling isn’t really auto, right?

  46. Courtesy of the Italian taxpayer:

    Actual machineguns
    Ma Deuce (we call it “The Browning” here)
    MG 42/59 in 7,62 NATO (those who were able to obtain single shots were awarded a beer back in the barracks)
    FN Minimi 5,56 NATO (it must be said that shooting it freehand is a real PITA for a southpaw)

    Other miscellanea (dunno if they qualify as real MGs):
    Beretta BM59 in 7,62 NATO (similar to an M14, obtained by some wicked engineers at Beretta modifying Garands in full auto and adding a detachable magazine)
    Beretta M12 (Sweeeeeeet machinepistole)
    Beretta 70/90
    Beretta ARX
    M4 (nuff said)

    Courtesy of the albanian Army while posted there:
    AK 47

    Courtesy of the Swiss Army during an “educational visit”:
    Fass 57 in 7,5×55 swiss
    Fass 90 in 5,56

    Courtesy of a stuck firing pin =8-O

    Ciao from Italy

  47. I work with an FFL with a class 3 license so I have been blessed to shoot the following.
    – Ma Duce 50 cal
    – M60
    -M249 SAW
    – Bren gun
    – BAR
    -SCAR 5.56
    -AK 47
    -Thompson sub machine gun
    -Grease gun
    – Uzi
    -Kriss Vector
    -Glock 18
    And several others. My favorite to shoot it the Uzi. Small and controllable. The Kriss vector is also a hoot to shoot and really cool on 2 round burst.


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