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A Hispanic officer shoots a black man. Did he shoot the black man because he was black? No one is suggesting that the officer who shot Philander Castile did so just because he was black. The idea underpinning the racially charged outrage: the officer i question fired his gun in a situation where he wouldn’t have shot if Mr. Castile had been white. How does, how can anyone know that?

desantis blue logo no back 4 smallDoes the officer have a history of racism? If so, was this racism missed, tolerated or encouraged by his employers? Maybe. Maybe not. But the Black Lives Matter protestors assume the cop was racist. And that law enforcement agencies are racist.

Racism is “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

The protestors believe all white cops treat all people of color as inferiors. In this case, again, without any specific evidence that racism was a factor. Isn’t that racist?

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  1. He was white right?

    Aren’t all white people racist? So anything a white cop does to a black perp must be racially motivated, right?

    That’s what my corporate sponsored white privilege training seminar seemed to teach me anyway. That’s what my kids are being taught in school….

    Racism only flows one way in our according to the media, our president and every liberal/progressive voter in America.

    • Felony Stop Rule 1: Wait for backup.

      Cover-contact seems to be a lost art to modern police.

      How in the hell did we used to do felony stops (like armed robbery suspects) without shooting everyone? It boggles the mind.

    • I like how your context is a bunch of fuzzy photographs which prove absolutely nothing.

      Clear this up for everyone: do you actually believe a cop shooting someone for trying to obey his contradictory orders because he might have looked like the guy in the fuzzy photograph magically becomes “LAWFULLY SELF DEFENDING”?

      • Fuzzy yes. Check out the ear on Mr. Green shirt. AND I said perhaps…no one here accusing a brother of going muzzle economy (new phrase I learned today).

        • “muzzle economy”

          Sounds like something the cops engage in, considering their propensity to escalate to lethal force with the flimsiest of excuses.

        • Now that I think about it, isn’t the “muzzle economy” synonymous with what cops call “revenue extraction”?

        • Right, and people accept traffic and regulatory fines from cops because they actually believe paying the government is the right thing to do.

          Oh wait, it is because the cops will murder you if you resist the highway robbery. Literally, a muzzle economy.

  2. I know an officer local to me who has told me since becoming LE the job has biased her.

    She was rather bitter as she told me that, and the reason for the change was the way she was universally treated by the residents of a certain section of this mid-sized city…

  3. We don’t know anything substantive about what happened yet?


  4. Racism is a word used to define the perception of how all “whites” treat anyone considered “not white” (“not white” as defined by the media and the circumstances under which it’s applied). It has no other known applications.

    Equality through special compensation and consideration is not how equality is supposed to work.

  5. The professional agitators funded by Soros and similar don’t care whether or not the officer involved is racist. The issue is never the issue, as has been said many times before. Darth Soros, Dark Lord of the Progs, wants chaos, not justice.

    Many of those who are not paid agitators have accepted The Narrative. They Know the world is driven by racism, and are interested only in confirmatory evidence. They don’t care whether or not The Narrative is correct in this or any other particular case. The think in terms of group membership, not individual people and incidents.

  6. In the post-racial Obamaverse, everything is racial. Every dead black is Obama’s son and every dead white is a statistic.

  7. I must not be racist because I’m white and I fear that this sort of thing could happen to me. Now that I carry a gun I don’t fear criminals anymore, just cops.

    • People get killed when they resist arrest with force or make quick movements when they’re told to keep their hands in plain view. If stopped by a cop, I’d hand him my CHL and ID. Then, I’d keep my hands on the steering wheel unless and until he told me to move them. And I sure wouldn’t reach in the direction of my gun unless clearly ordered to do so by the officer.

      • Well that should work, in theory. I just think there are enough jumpy cops out there that might freak out over the sight of or even the word ‘gun’. And being pulled over is not the only scenario where you might have an interaction with the police. There was a case a couple of years ago where some loss prevention guy got a glimpse of a legal carriers gun and freaked out and called 911 about a man with a gun so they came out and shot him dead. Checked out his carry permit at their leisure. These things happen.

      • Hmmmm…. Here is what I was taught in my CHL class in the scenario of a traffic stop:
        1. Turn car off.
        2. Hands on the top of the steering wheel. Wait for the officer to approach, and ask for DL and registration.
        3. Advise said officer of concealed carry status – both of license (in possession) and hardware – also in possession, and where both are carried in you.
        4. Politely ask the officer how he wishes to proceed. (not, “How do you want to handle this?” The latter can sound rather snarky and provocative.”)
        5. Proceed with officer’s directions, step by step, up to the point if he asks you for the gun. NEVER ever reach for your gun. If he/she wants to see the gun, take possession of the gun, whatever the case, say “Officer, i would be happy to comply, but under no circumstances will I reach for my gun.” To do so is inviting a repetition of this current scenario, if indeed that is how it shakes out.
        6. If the officer is still insistent on seeing/taking possession, offer to step out of the car, keep hands in full view, and allow the officer him/herself to perform the action. Hopefully, dash cams or body cams will be present to record all of the actions of all parties.

        • Exactly. The officer doesn’t know you from Adam. Don’t do anything that raises his level of anxiety. Cooperate as instructed. Don’t make movements unless ordered to do so. And, get the stop over with as safely and quickly as possible. And, if he oversteps his authority, you wait until you get to court to argue the facts or the law.

  8. Gee RF- I THOUGHT the dead dudes gal said the cop was “Chinese”. I thought only evil white men COULD be raciss. Maybe the supposedly Hispanic cop(?) is a skittish boy who should never been a cop. What I’D like to know is what is the actual real-life verified background of Mr.
    Castile? I see some impugning him and somehow he didn’t REALLY have a CCL. Was he a gangbanger/thug/punk or was he what his gal claimed-a good guy?

  9. Yes, yes it is. Though I do find it interesting that the federal government likes to put “hispanics” in with “whites” when compiling violent crime statistics. Also interesting is the fact that people who are white and NOT hispanic commit less than 10% of the violent crime in this country despite making up 65% of the population.

  10. You want to hear some really fucked up shit?
    Mayor Kasim Reed is getting the Feds involved in a suicide. A man was found hanged to death in Piedmont Park. The police and Coroner ruled it a suicide. So why is the Mayor of Atlanta calling the FBI?
    The dead guy is black.
    Dey lynchin’ mofos down Souf!

  11. Ok, I get that the officer just pulled his gun and shot someone, but he is yelling profanities and is practically histerical. I think this officers mentality might have had something to do with the shooting, but I don’t think racism was it.

  12. Just because the cop was (D) does that mean he’s a racist? He’s against babies, but being for neck-scissoring isn’t really a defacto proof that he wants to discriminate what color necks. He could be for open-boarders (because his state only has a little one with Canada) but does that mean he cares who or how many come across? He’s for the President who’s for ISIS, and communism (and not just via the Castro bros.).

    We can’t decide, except that he’s a more-equal pig carrying a gun. So, yes.

  13. Officer Tony Abbate of the Chicago PD and barmaid Carolina Obrycka are both White. It didn’t stop him from trying to stomp her to death for refusing to serve him when he was already drunk.

    To paraphrase Freud, “Sometimes a psychopath is just a psychopath.”

    • Having known more than a few Chicago po-leece I’m afraid UR right Chris. I vividly remember this video. I also remember the fellow barflies who puzzied out stepping up to defend the tiny bartender.Can’t say I blame ’em. I think being a psycho is a prerequisite for Chiraq’s “finest”…that being said I don’t want the job.

  14. Absolutely. To judge the shooting on the basis of race before any investigation has been conducted is racist and reckless. And, that type of inflammatory rhetoric from an elected official helps flame the racial hatred that led vto the Dallas shooting. Dayton should be removed from office.

  15. My first inclination is to support law enforcement officers and wait for the facts, that said I watched the video and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a grown man with so much panic in his voice.

  16. Who cares what race the cop was. The only color that counts is YELLOW. As in, he was a YELLOW-BELLIED COWARD.

    Plain and simple.

    I hope he gets convicted of 2nd degree murder, or at the very minimum manslaughter. I hope the DA here doesn’t reach too hard and overcharge.

    Cowards, get out of the police service. You aren’t even in the top 10 mortality professions.

    • Something about the camera on the display side of the phone producing a mirror image.

      I don’t know. I don’t have one of those smarty phones.

  17. Look I agree we can not assume he was racist, but man if you listen to the video he says I told him to freeze and the woman says then you told him to give you his ID he was reaching for that. I have informed a police officer that I was carrying and he asked for my id, I am white and I did not get shot, another time I had forgotten I had a revolver in the glove box and when I opened it, the gun popped into view, again no reaction from the cop I handed him my ID and permit and that was it. Now is it just poor training, panic on his part whatever. The fact is he shot a black guy for reaching for his ID after the police asked for his ID. This happens WAY too often.

    • “Hayseed: Well, which is it young fella? You want I should freeze or get down on the ground? Mean to say, iffen I freeze, I can’t rightly drop. And iffen I drop, I’m a gonna be in motion.”

      — Raising Arizona

      I have seen various video on LiveLeak and YouTube especially when there are two officers shouting contradicting commands. Pulling your gun seems to be only training versus learning how to be more strategic in any situation and still have the ultimate option to shoot. IMHO, it is the lack of training.

  18. Racism is a term often improperly used. People use it in place of stereotyping, prejudice, or discrimination, when that is not what it means.

  19. it is now common for LEO to point a loaded deadly weapon at you, wether in fact you are presenting any sort of grave threat, or any evidence of a perceived threat, and you are not allowed to defend yourself. This is the problem. stop pulling irons and pointing them at people without just cause – hold them at your side, fine, but stop pointing guns at innocent people and not expect retaliation. We all know how serious a step it is to point a gun at close range at another person. this is crazy…this poor guy should have never had a gun pointed at him….period.

  20. The term “racist”, in modern parlance is a buzzword that people use when they lack the ability to form a coherent argument defending or attacking their actions or the actions of another person when is just so happens that someone involved has a skin color different from another person.

    It’s that simple.

    The root cause of most of these sorts of interactions with police is piss poor training on multiple levels.

    First off, as I noted yesterday these days prospective police are taught that everyone not in a uniform is not just a possible hostile but a likely hostile. The Police Academy here in Colorado actually teaches it’s students that there are three types of people an officer will encounter “friendlies”, “tangos” and “potential hostiles” with the emphasis more on “hostile” than on “potential”. As my friend’s husband who just graduated from that system put it: they teach “adversarial policing” these days. He also pointed out that none of the people who run the academy have any military experience whatsoever yet they style the curriculum as being “military” when it is in fact not anything like military training. In effect a lot of it is “high speed low drag” mall ninja bullshit. They give these kids a five day course on hand to hand combat and then tell them, actually fucking tell them that they’re some of the best trained hand to hand fighters ever.

    It boils down to this. They’re teaching people “adversarial policing tactics”, ie unwarranted aggression to make up for the fact that they’re not really teaching them a useful skill set. That’s combined with poor training on decision making and tactics. Most of these people know they are not well trained but they’re told that they are in fact well trained and this leads to a confidence deficit that they attempt to overcome with an even more aggressive use of the tools at their disposal.

    You can see this lack of training in the video of the BART cop that reached for his tazer and ended up getting his pistol and shooting some poor guy in the back of the head. You can see it in the videos from last night where cops are stacked up behind a shield in a way that makes NO sense. You can see it in the “pillar” video from last night as well. That officer (best wishes to the family btw he certainly didn’t deserve that) is not prepared for the level of intensity of aggression he’s facing from the shooter. He has no idea how to deal with that guy rushing him. That lack of training cost him his life.

    It’s a tough thing when you’re asked to do a reasonably dangerous job where the difference between life and death can be the blink of an eye when you’re being handed a ton of gear, constantly told you’re well trained but in reality you know you’re not well trained and you really don’t know how to use that gear.

    It’s an unfortunate reality of modern policing that just like some of the guys in “prepper” videos on YouTube or some of the “mall ninjas” we know so well, there is a heavy reliance on gear rather than skills. Yes, that gear is a great augment to your skills but it is not a replacement for those skills. With skill comes a sense of proportion and a certain calmness that generally allows for a measured reaction. A lack of skill, in a situation that requires it, leads to panic and panic often leads to overreaction. Overreaction can have terrible consequences when the tools you lean on provide lethal force.

  21. So this cop is another of those “white hispanics” the media & BLM invented for their convenience?

  22. To answer the headline question: yes.

    But then the whole of social justice theory is racist: “minorities have to be MADE equal by enlightened white folks.”

    He may be racist but we don’t currently have enough information to even guess at that.

    Somewhere along the line we started losing the ability to acknowledge uncertainty.

  23. Question for AG Lynch; Have you considered that your statement/ question os dermed racist by white Americans?

  24. Context matters. If the officer ran the person’s plate and he KNEW the person was a CCW holder with a clean record, then he should have a lot more restraint for their behavior (dumb or otherwise) than he should give a person with a long rap sheet.

    How hard is that to comprehend?

    What I don’t like is the fact it seems like it’s become the norm and excusable for a police officer to be an emotionally compromised anxious basket-case that treats everyone like they are a terrorist by default and it’s somehow now the civilian’s responsibility to not “freak out the police officer” or risk getting shot.

    What is this, grade school? How about the officer not be allowed on the street if he’s a socially and emotionally compromised idiot? Some responsibility and accountability is in order.

  25. Yes, he is racist.

    In his own words, the cop pulled over this law abiding citizen because he resembled the suspect in a nearby bank robbery. The resemblance? His “wide set nose.”

    The citizen was complying with the officer to produce ID when he was shot. What made the officer think that this was a threatening move? Would he have shot a white man in that situation?

    To those criticizing his girlfriend for filming the incident: I would hope my wife would have the presence of mind to do the same and obtain the needed evidence to bring my killer to justice.

    So, while the cop might not be as racist as the commenters criticizing his girlfriend, he is still racist.

    • Not sure why TTAG isn’t completely outraged and on the side of the late Mr Castile and his girlfriend. If there’s an ultimate enemy to our 2A rights, this incident represents a tragically clear example–law enforcement shooting first and asking Constitutional questions later is a threat that we all could theoretically face.

  26. How many white, licensed (CCW-carrying or open carrying) people have been mistakenly killed by cops?

  27. Here’s another question fer ya RF: is TTAG racist?

    Not sure why TTAG isn’t completely outraged and on the side of the late Mr Castile and his girlfriend. If there’s an ultimate enemy to our 2A rights, this incident represents a tragically clear example–law enforcement shooting first and asking Constitutional questions later is a threat that we all could theoretically face.

    • Again, we don’t have enough fact in this case to draw conclusions. I will only believe Diamond’s account of what happened when the dash cam footage is released and corroborates it.

      • This doesn’t stop the TTAG PoTG from claiming all sorts of associations and motives for the Dallas shooter.

        Double standards come naturally to copsuckers. 😉

        • I’m sorry. Was I supposed to be defending TTAG commentators? I thought we were talking about the Minnesota shooting.
          If I ever mistakenly stay on topic again, please feel free to change the subject again.
          Now that you have changed the subject to the Dallas shooter, I think it is pretty easy to figure out that he wanted to kill white cops since…that’s exactly what he did and, that is exactly what he told the negotiator.
          Now do us all a favor and sign the petition.

        • Case in point on double standards… you demand bodycam collaboration on the female victim’s statements (even though bodycams have a mysterious tendency to malfunction), but then you assume BLM is culpable for the Dallas shootings.

          Should you not at least wait for proof that there is some sort of link? Then again, BLM is a decentralized movement so I doubt there is any, but hey, that won’t stop you, amirite?

        • No, you are wrong. You are treating every case as if the are identical. For example, I have made up my mind on the Dallas shooting based on overwhelming evidence, most convincing, the shooters own words.
          I have also determined that the Sterling shooting was justified since seeing another angle of the video and better audio where you can hear the commands that were ignored by Sterling.
          The Castile case only dives us one point of view. I like to see things objectively before passing judgement.
          I have been in disagreement with many POTG whose opinions I respect. Notably The John Crawford and Tamir Rice cases that I called bad shoots. Not murder but horrible police work and criminal in some way.
          There is no set waiting period to formulate an opinion. Some cases are clear within hours. Others take months before the truth is known. No double standard there. I only seek the truth. My truth may be different from your truth, but we should not lump all cases together and assume racism or police unauthorized use of force. And what irritates me is even when the facts come out in court in front of a jury, and police or citizens are cleared of wrong doing, rather than drop those cases from a short list of racially motivated killings, they keep getting brought up as proof that institutionalized racism is a huge problem.

        • What the Dallas shooter said was he wanted to kill white people, which you assume is the same as what BLM wants as a whole, then you assigned culpability. This is not overwhelming evidence, this is a blame game concocted in your head. You want to see the entire BLM movement punished and you’ll make up anything to link the two.

          On the other hand, you reject everything Castile’s girlfriend says outright, because as a victim of police brutality, she has no credibility as far as you are concerned.

          So really, your expectations of evidence is just massive skewed in favor of police. Understandable, but dishonest nonetheless.

        • So one recorded instance of that chanting means the entire loose organization backs that point of view?

          And don’t forget the use of police agent provocateurs, this was well documented during the Occupy protests and the pigsters have all the reason in the world to use provocation against a movement that criticizes them specifically.

  28. Q: The protestors believe all white cops treat all people of color as inferiors. In this case, again, without any specific evidence that racism was a factor. Isn’t that racist?

    My opinion: The quote in the article defines racist as “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” Given “white cop” is not a race, the above assumption is not racist. Prejudiced? Absolutely, but not racist.

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