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(courtesy Law Enforcement Targets)

My mother is virulently anti-gun. Well, not so virulently any more. At 96-years-old, she’s lost most of her animus (though she still hates Republicans with an passion undimmed). Still, the thought of buying her something firearms-related for Mother’s Day is beyond ludicrous. My first wife — mother of my first two daughters – lives in the UK. If I sent her something like the Law Enforcement Target above, she’d probably be arrested. My second wife – mother of my second two daughters – is an alcoholic. So no. But I realize that most members of TTAG’s AI have firearms friendly moms and/or wives who are mother to their children. What if any gun-related gubbins (UK term) will they receive on Mother’s Day?


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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Are You Ready for Close-Quarters Combat?">Previous Post
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  1. .380 ammo. That woman gives zero fux if I bring the grandkids but god help me if I show up without a box of plinking ammo.

  2. More ammo for my daughter. She’s not my mom, but she is a mom. She’s been bugging me to take her to the range.

  3. My mother-in-law who lives with us, tolerates my firearm enthusiasm from afar. She won’t even pickup an airgun for indoor target fun. She and I do share gardening. She will be getting a bullet bouquet, caliber to be determined.

  4. Mom’s gone, bride has about everything/anything she wants (I’ve sold her Beretta Jetfire .25, given her Colt Detective Special to a son, but she still has a .38 and 2 .380s, plus several expensive carry purses). She’s been going shooting with me (mostly watching) for over 50 years now, it never really fascinated her. She never completed her training for a pilot’s license, either (quit instead of going solo), but she sure loved to watch me fly. But I can buy what I like without harassment, and give ballistic presents to our sons, so I can’t complain.

        • Been accused here a few times as being a liberal. I don’t get it, don’t remember ever posting anything that supports a liberal cause.

        • The absolutely outrageous things you say ate the kinds of things gun grabbers stereotype what gun owners think. It’s a dead giveaway.

        • Absolutely outrageous?

          In a historical content, I think my statements would barely make lukewarm.

        • Honestly no, I don’t read these comments enough to know what many people are about. Anyway, Mr. Farago’s post is pretty, erm, Kubrick-esque to begin with. So it makes sense to me might as well unleash some vulgar humor.

  5. If needed, and viable, for your state, you can’t go wrong with a carry permit course.

    And, it may be cheaper than another gun and ammo.

    • I resemble that remark!
      Got my wife a GC at Christmas for the cc course, which she is attending tomorrow.
      MDay present will be her EDC.
      Hmmmm, hamerless SP101, LCR in .327, ??….

      (I can’t wait!)

  6. probably nothing since my mother is a not a gun fan and im not a self righteous ass that pushes my agenda on other people.

    • Obviously, your Mom is blessed.

      My Mom is 95. Every day whether I’m visiting her at home or on the phone she asks, “Son, how many more days of Obama do we have?” This is followed by “You still got my .25 auto from WWII?”

      Often Mom asks, “How did that Obama get elected twice?” This takes some explaining on my part. Then, “You know, your father taught me to shoot skeet. I broke 25 straight once.”

      I am blessed.

      • “Obviously, your Mom is blessed.”

        In more ways than one.

        Pop is a Progressive to the bone, but mom and all three of her kids are unabashedly conservative…

  7. Nothing. My wife tolerates my Civil War repros and my Kentucky long rifle, but has an absolute aversion to modern firearms. My mother is 85 and has never fired a gun, so nothing there either, especially since she lives in Illinois and sending her a firearm (e.g. a .32 because of her arthritis) would make her a felon since she does not have an FOID.

    • You should get your wife a huge chocolate gun and get yourself a huge real gun. Definitely something modern. Get like an AK with a drum – show it to your wife.

  8. My mom’s been gone for nearly 40 years. But she wasn’t an anti and was cool with my dad’s guns. My late great mother-in-law had a shiny 38. I’m planning on getting my gorgeous wife/mother of my sons something similar. Summer anyways…

  9. Birth mother passed peacefully several years ago. Stepmother (aka Wicked Witch of the West) also dead. Long cold and dead……

    …..sorry. I was having a moment there…

    So, with both mom and the B*tch gone, I’d like to get my wife something, well, a little bit naughty. I was thinking along fairly traditional lines. Something she might not ordinarily get for herself.

    But then I said ‘screw it’.

    .44 Magnum wheel gun.

  10. Already bought my wife two concealment holsters – one ankle, the other the tank top kind with the built-in holster from GunGoddess. I’m also buying her a S&W Bodyguard with the built-in laser for her birthday, which is the same day.


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