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How Will Gun-nut Nation Explain An Uptick In Violent Crime? Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser asks over at In case you hadn’t guess, the Massachusetts FFL reckons the recent rise in violent crime runs counter to the “more guns = less crime” pro-gun rights ethos.

desantis-blue-logo-no-back-4-smallHow will the NSSF [National Shooting Sports Foundation] explain away the increase in violent crime while gun sales and CCW permits continue to soar? I’ve got it! Just blame it on the possibility that Hillary might defeat Trump and then immediately ban all guns. No matter which way you cut it, you’ll always find someone who believes the Martians have established a colony at Area 51.

The fact that urban centers with strict gun control account for the bump in violent crime stats (Houston excepted) seems to have escaped Mr. Weiss’ notice. I guess it would have messed-up his puddle of consciousness rant.

Speaking of which, labelling pro-gun rights Americans “gun-nut nation” runs counter to the “3 percent” anti-gun meme. You know: three percent of gun owners account for 98 percent of America’s guns (or something like that). As Saul Alinksy would say, personalize, isolate, kill, crush, destroy!

In some ways, he’s right. There are now two nations within our nation: statists and liberty lovers who, for some reason, cling to their guns. Anyway, we aren’t gun nuts! Individually, we are “firearms enthusiasts” or “gun rights advocates.” Collectively, we’re the People of the Gun! Or are we? What do you call yourself? Does it vary depending on to whom you’re talking?

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Is Your Woman Armed?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Are You Going to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival? Would It Work in Your Backyard?">Next Post


    • Actually the better question is what do we call them. We need a stable of good solid pejoratives to hit the Gun control freaks with my suggestions are:
      Gun control wackos
      Democide supporters

      what is your favorite?

      • Fascisti.

        Or Commie.

        If they start to get all uppity about it, then comes the history lecture.

  1. The obvious answer is the Ferguson Effect. Intimidated cops who won’t police proactively = more violent crime.

    Also, nothing good comes out of Chicago.

  2. Chicago is on track for a record murder tally this year. Must be the fault of those uppity folks in Moulton, Alabama.

  3. You say gun nut like it is a bad thing. I think it’s a badge of honor. Wear it proudly my friends!

  4. Most gun nuts I’ve seen talk about how the “evil” government is going to enslave us, ship us off to death camps, implant us with microchips or whatever fringe dwelling nonsense these people speak of.

    And this saul alinkisy stuff is nothing but conspiracy theory junk that poses as facts when it has no basis in reality itself.

    No one again is coming for you guns.

    Almost 8 years later obama has done nothing to deprive your “constitutional right” to murder and oppress innocent americans without impunity.

    Still again and again….I don’t see europe, canada, japan and australia turning into despotic tyrannies.

    These types of incidents don’t happen everyday in those countries.

    I don’t see Norway or other Scandinavian countries turning going to complete anarchy.

    I don’t see Singapore turning to a 3rd world hellhole.

    These countries including the United Nations have debunked the “more guns, less crime” manta.

    And I demand that NRA propagandist Robert Farrago to take my challenge of comparing the numbers of murders and mass killings in the US versus the number that happen in 1st world Europe, Asia and Oceania nations.

    • “… take my challenge of comparing the numbers of murders and mass killings in the US versus the number”

      You obviously missed the edit window because you forgot to use the words gun violence or gun deaths.

    • Well I mean all of those lots of European countries, Japan, and Australia are Anti Free speech, that’s certainly a step towards despotic territory.

    • Singapore is hardly to be upheld as a paragon of liberty. You can’t chew gum in public or spit on the sidewalk without incurring a fine.

      • 25 years ago, it was a $500 fine, too, not something sensible like $20. Just a few weeks ago, one of the principals in F1 racing spent 6 hours in jail for dropping a cigarette butt on the sidewalk. They are pretty extreme. Way back, they executed a couple Aussies for dealing drugs.

    • I’m really torn about you. I just can’t figure out if you’re a troll or if you really are an ignorant asshole.

      • There are millions of people in this country that feel the same way as this supposedly “Concerned American Patriot” (not me). That doesn’t automatically make them trolls or a$$holes. It’s the way they feel. Lots of us gun owners feel differently. Does that make us trolls and a$$holes on their websites? He is stating his opinion and asking for differing viewpoints. I suspect he is pretty dogmatic in his viewpoints, same as gun owners, neither is persuadable to the other side. So what? This stuff isn’t math, where only one answer exists, such as what is the positive square root of 49?

      • Same here. Tin-foil fedora wearing conspiracy- theorists may own guns, but they are not gun nuts. Gun nuts love guns, ammo, gun cases, safes, optics, carry methods/devices and all other things gun related. It’s why we’re here having this discussion. The conspiracy nuts love conspiracies and they will have a separate window open on such a website, only occasionally clicking back to this one. Generally, they won’t comment much here since the real gun nuts give them so much flak for their beliefs.

    • “Almost 8 years later obama has done nothing to deprive your “constitutional right” to murder and oppress innocent americans without impunity.”

      And he publically considers this to be the most troubling and frustrating failure of his administration.

      Take your brainless statist copypasta elsewhere. Maybe New Vermont.

      • And Hillary promises to continue the battle if elected. Do you morons think nobody is watching? You can just lie, and lie, and lie, and no one will notice? Or are*you* so stupid you believe your own spew?

        • They know they are lying. They know that we know that they are lying. The intended marks here are the people who are uninformed and/or undecided.

    • Ok, let’s really talk about US murders.

      The national murder rate is around 4.5. The caucasian murder rate is under 2. The hispanic murder rate is under 4. The black murder rate is nearly 16! The black murder rate is more than 8X higher than whites and more than 4X higher than Hispanics. 13% of the population has committed over 50% of all murders year after year for decades.

      White Americans, despite their high gun ownership rates and ever increasing concealed carry rates, have violent crime rates lower than almost any other group on the planet. Americans of any race, creed or color with concealed carry licenses have proved themselves to be the most law-abiding of people even compared to other law-abiding groups.

      When people try to talk about the real criminal homicide/violence problem in this country they are called racists, but cutting the black homicide rate just down to the current national average would reduce homicides by 48%. I have yet to find a liberal who, when presented with these actual facts culled by anyone with a decent math ability from the FBI crime stats, actually wants to talk about violent crime anymore. They want to call names, build strawmen, argue hyperbole and blame white privilege but never, ever want to actually discuss the reality.

      So, want to compare this with Europe? European nations historically have far more homogeneous populations than the US. They also have a much higher percentage of the similar demographic populations that have the lowest violent crime rates in the US. Yet England has a much higher non-homicide violent crime rate than the US for example. But yes, their homicide rates are lower, but comparable to similar to the rate among similar demographic groups in the US. So there ya go. Send 1,000,000 LA, Baltimore, Chicago, Nashville street hoods to Copenhagen and we’ll see how their violent crime rate compares in a few years.

      We, as a nation, are never, ever going to talk about the reality of violent crime because that reality has a huge racial component and a huge failure of 60 years of democrat party redistribution of wealth failure component. This is obvious when one sees that everyplace that saw increased violent crime rates for 2015 is generationally democratic controlled.

      • You are so right!! The problem is that this is preaching to the choir.
        Bring these facts up in public and you will be labeled a racist.
        Just like the entertainer that had to apologize for saying “All Lives Matter”

      • Well, much of Europe is in the process of getting “multiculturalized” as it were by a large influx of poor unskilled Muslim immigrants.

        I suspect that their crime rates are already being affected.

    • Confiscation or what would more likely happen, forced buybacks, haven’t happened because a pen and a phone still doesn’t trump a law from congress. Try again next time!

    • Obama hasn’t been good for guns, he has been thwarted in his attempts to be bad. With Clinton it will be the same or worse. Both see Australian-style confiscations as a goal, and it is only by the efforts of pro-gun forces that they will be stopped.

      They absolutely are coming for our guns. The reason we have them is they’ve been stopped from doing so.

    • Because we can thank Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Paul Ryan for stopping his attempts. You ought to read this document called the Constitution. There is more in it the Second Amendment.

    • Dear Concerned American, now Patriot.

      You don’t see lots of things, again and again, maybe it’s time for stronger prescription? I grew up in Europe and still have contacts there. Freedom is hard to find there.

      Almost every sentence you write is a lie, but this one stands out – it is a double lie: “Almost 8 years later obama has done nothing to deprive your “constitutional right” to murder and oppress innocent americans without impunity.” Obama did cause only minor damage to our constitutionally protected rights, but not for lack of trying. (Anybody remember his “pretty shameful day” speech when Congress handed him his a55?) What shall not be infringed is our right to keep (own) and bear (carry) arms, not as you suggest use arms to murder and opress without (sic) impunity. You see, murder is very illegal.

      And if you want to compare some statistics, go ahead and do it yourself. Who are you to demand anything from owner of this blog anyways?

      Instead of regurgitation of gun grabber’s talking points try to think about this – what good would it do if decent and law abiding people become defenseless? Criminals will not disarm no matter what the law says.

      American society is an armed society. Get used to it or move into one of those first world countries you like so much. I bet that Japan for example will welcome you with open arms.

  5. OFWG; wear it proudly! Obviously, if all of us grandfatherly types were behind the triggers of the nations’ shootings we wouldn’t have 80%+ of homicides characterized as black-on-black.
    I’d like to see published a map graphic and table of precincts/zip-codes/cities with a per-capita homicide rate vs. black/brown/white demographic percentages. Likewise, I’d like to see a map graphic and table of suicides with the suicide’s sex and age.
    Let’s be pragmatic here. Voters are going to recognize that homicide and suicide are 2 distinct phenomena. Those voters who – understandably – care deeply about black-on-black homicide will be less concerned about elderly white men committing suicide with shotguns. Those voters who – understandably – care deeply about OFWG-suicides will be less concerned about shotguns being stolen and used by male youths in the inner-city. These data will help focus upon the nature of the problems – plural – and how little gun-control promises to cure either one.

    • Any such map graphics would never see light of day. Does not fit the narrative. I suspect it has been done, and buried, many times by now. In part, it is because of the confusion of the gun-grabbers themselves, in their minds there is a *reason* for their determination to wage war on inanimate objects, evidence which proves that thesis to be flat wrong must be somehow flawed, if it cannot be massaged to show their imagined “reality”, just dump it as worthless.

  6. I’m a gun nut.
    Single issue gun voter.
    Quit a lucrative and stable job and uprooted myself and my family to flee to a gun friendly state.
    If this state ever went AWB I’d be out of here for a freeer state within the year.
    I ignore no-guns signs whenever there isn’t a metal detector.
    I’ve melted aluminum cans into a block and worked an AR lower out of it with hand tools.
    Financial priorities are as follows: housing, ammo, food, utilities.
    I’m a gun nut.

    • >>I’ve melted aluminum cans into a block and worked an AR lower out of it with hand tools.

      You sure your name isn’t “MacGyver” and not Shire-man ?

      • Mac Guyver would punch me in the face for using his name.
        It’s fugly as all hell and the aluminum you get from soda/beer cans is no good with all the impurities.
        It was a summer long “can it be done?” kind of project.
        I’d rather have one of the many 80% poly lowers and I’d trust a poly lower much more over my tin can Elephant Man lower.

        But the question was answered: yes, it can be done.

        • Isn’t aircraft grade aluminum just a factor of heat-treating? Could your toy be so treated? I dunno, just supposing, sounds like a fun summer project.

    • You comment made me curious about what Al the cans are made from

      Interesting, soda cans appear to be:

      “The can body is made from Aluminum Association (AA) alloys 3004, 3104, or 3204. The ends are made with AA 5082 or 5182, and 5 years ago there was work by one manufacturer to use AA 3004 for ends.”

      It doesn’t really compare well to 7075

  7. I suppose I only take exception to the sobriquet “gun nut” when it’s an anti-gunner is voicing the appellation. I don’t mind it from a fellow “gun nut” any more than I’d mind being called a “car nut” from someone who is like-minded about them.

  8. I call myself “Drew,” or sometimes “You Stupid F***!”

    I like People of the Gun, or just a Gun Guy or Some Guy who Happens to own Guns.

  9. I prefer statist enemy independent thinker. Nothing gets those like the gun guy more irrational than having a different view than them.

    BTW Mikey, Milwaukee’s violent crime has spiked in the inner city with lots of black on black crime. Two main reasons for this and both go back to city hall. The liberals understaff our police, then stab cops in the back if they have to shoot a thug. That’s why this violence doesn’t happend in Green Bay, Appleton, Stevens Point, Eau Claire, and Waukesha.

    But evil people are going to try to demonize and vilify those who disagree with them, just like Mike has done here.

  10. Must resist urge to ad hominem. I mean he DID start it, though.

    I try to avoid labels. Gun owners works for me. Maybe I should start using something with more flare. How about lovers of liberty?

  11. “Gun guy.”

    Or “collector of shit.”

    Those are my titles. I buy guns like I buy old video games and computer garbage. Just another thing to collect and learn about.

  12. • The left would call me a gun nut
    • The media would say I have an ‘arsenal’
    • Jezebel would say I have a small pen..
    • HuffPo would say having guns in my home is a danger to my family
    • Bloomberg hates the idea of me
    • HRC puts me in a basket
    • The DNC says I’m the cause of all the problems

    I’m proud to be an American.

  13. “How will the NSSF [National Shooting Sports Foundation] explain away the increase in violent crime while gun sales and CCW permits continue to soar? I’ve got it! Just blame it on the possibility that Hillary might defeat Trump and then immediately ban all guns.”

    They pay this moron to write? He just missed his own topic. He wants the NSSF to explain why crime increases then mockingly answers a question he did not ask. What a fucktard!

    • If NSSF reads this, feel free to use my answer: BLM. That’s your up tick in violent crime and murders. How many people have been beaten, shot, stabbed, and places been burned because of them? I would bet my ammo supply that it is the same percentage increase or greater.

  14. Am I a “gun nut”? No.

    I am a firearm owning, Adorable Deplorable.

    Thank you, and good night.

  15. I am a gun nut. And I have nothing to apologize for and no need to explain anything.

    I’m part of a tradition of armed, intelligent, and free men that stretches back to the Mormon exodus, the American Revolution, and the Magna Carta. Mike Weisser and his fellow travelers, on the other hand…

  16. “There are now two nations within our nation: statists and liberty lovers….”

    ….and a lot of people with a foot in both camps – those would-be statists, if only their chosen group was the majority and in power. Many people, including many here, love them some liberty when its their rights being encroached upon, but they do not really understand from whence Liberty flows, and so are at risk of making the same errors in reason that the statist make, should circumstance find them on top.

  17. Call me whatever you want. I’m just proud and thankful not to be you Weiner.. I mean Weisser,

  18. I have a few guns but I have hundreds of automotive tools and I don’t consider myself a car nut, I prefer “Enthusiast”.

  19. Sadly, I do not have the time or money to be a gun nut. I’m sure the anti-gun nuts would see me as a gun nut, but my knowledge is quite limited, as is my firearm collection. If money were no issue (which would free up my time considerably) I would strive to become a gun nut. For now I will have to be satisfied that my small assortment of guns & knowledge of them is adequate for personal/home protection. Going canoeing soon. I hope to not have an accident that would reduce my collection to a sad memory.

  20. I tell my students we’re all nerds for something. Jock? Sports nerd. Gearhead? Car nerd. Shooting enthusiast? Gun nerd. I nerd hard on horror, hot rods, animation, and handguns. I dig rifles, too… just nerd harder on handguns, both revolvers and semis. I can explain (rationalize) why I have guns, intelligently debate or discuss gun rights, talk at length about my favorites, even explain why I still dig my first semi, the dreaded SW40VE Sigma! It does Glock stuff for half the price… and twice the trigger pull!

  21. I am not a gun nut.

    “Firearms enthusiast,” thankyouverymuch.

    As for the uptick in violent crime, I don’t see it happening in Vermont, Utah, Alaska or even in my county, which is only an hour from that progressive utopia called Chicago.

    Find someone else to blame. None of my guns has ever been involved in a crime.

  22. Whatever…
    Better a ‘gun nut’ than an ‘anti-gun-nut’.

    Call me whatever you want, but don’t call me late for supper.

  23. Since the term “gun nut” apparently includes anybody who laughs out loud when an ostensibly grown man describes how firing an AR-15 left him shattered in body and soul, yes, I guess I am.

  24. I arrived at “gun nut” status late in life. SOME people (but not me) would think having a gun store &an FFL is the penultimate of nuttery…so what is the deal gun goof Mikey?

  25. Quite often, firearms owners are their own worst enemies. The duck hunters don’t like the AR-15 “black rifles” so they see no problem if attempts are made to ban them. The traditional rifle owners don’t like machine guns, so they have no problem with them being legislated out of existence. Some pistol owners see nothing wrong with certain long guns being outlawed just as some rifle owners would have no problem seeing pistols banned.
    Friends, ALL firearms advocates must “hang together” and realize that an assault on ANY means of firearms ownership and self-defense is an assault on ALL forms of firearms ownership and self-defense.
    There is absolutely NO ROOM for complacency among ANY Second Amendment supporters. An attack on one is an attack on ALL…
    ALL firearms laws are unconstitutional on their face. Imagine the hue and cry if “reasonable” restrictions were placed on First Amendment activities, especially with the “mainstream media”. The Second Amendment is clear–what part of “shall not be infringed” do politicians and the media not understand…of course, they understand full well…it’s part of their communist agenda…

  26. A failed gunshop owner that starts an antigun blog and then creates and operates an antigun organization he calls “The National Medical Council on Gun Violence”. What are the odds of something like that? The NMCGV seems to have been created out of nothing, by an absolute nobody and yet had the clout to get a few conferences scheduled in gun control cities like Portland, Seattle and Chicago. Not only clout, but money. I’ve been following them since they were formed and mike doesn’t share much about them. Just the other day I found that the contact person for his latest ‘conference’ is one Betsy Storm. Betsy is a ‘volunteer’ and leads a Chicago area chapter of MDA and was a survivor of the Million Moms March Fraud that was folded into Brady after a bit of their criminal activities came to light. So, at least we can put mikethegunguy in bed with MDA. I pretty much already knew that, but now it’s official.
    The guy is a serious paste eater and pretty much qualifies as Ware, MA’s Village Idiot.

    • Call me anything but late for supper.
      I’m proud to be American, blessed to be a Texan, and a member of the LGBT crowd (Liquor, Guns, Bacon and Tits)!
      Fugh Weiser.

  27. I prefer civil rights activist. Or ammosexual. Refuse to bake a cake for me and my lawyer will eat your lunch.

  28. What the heck is a “Gun Nut”? I realize that the term is supposed to elicit a negative response, but the semantic content of the perjorative is zero!

    Am I a “Gun Nut”? I have no freaking clue what you’re talking about!


  29. “How will the NSSF [National Shooting Sports Foundation] explain away the increase in violent crime while gun sales and CCW permits continue to soar?”

    Hey, here’s an explanation: All of the increase in violent crime is occurring in large cities that have been run by Democraps for 75 years or so, and most of that crime is in the poor neighborhoods where the cops have been told to stop any proactive policing (“Terry stops”), because that will offend the Black Lives Matter activists. so the cops have pulled back, and the “gangstas” are once again running the neighborhoods and killing each other over turf. THANKS, OBAMA and LORETTA LYNCH !!!!

    (And for anyone who finds that comment to be offensive: Good, I am glad that I have offended you. Feel free to KMA.

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