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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Would You Buy Hermann Goering's Pistol?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Do You Home Carry?">Next Post


  1. When you want a story 3-5 days old check TTAG. Still like this site though.

    Otherwise Bearing Arms,, The Firearmblog, the Gunfeed are all much more up to date when it comes to gun news.

      • Yep.

        And let’s face it, 99% of news stories don’t need to be seen within moments of the event. In fact, many “news” stories could benefit – some by a lot – for a small delay for more facts to become available.

    • Pretty much that list.

      News – thegunfeed and bearing arms (and Ammoland)
      Articles – TTAG, TFB

    • Either from or from the firearms coalition policy’s websites. The second one covers both state and federal issues.

  2. Bearing arms, gunfeed, ammoland,, the firearm blog, concealed nation, soldier of fortune, the gun blog

  3. I am one of the editors of the VCDL newsletter. It’s not all that timely by the time we get it out, but they really come up with some content I don’t see anywhere else and it is mostly national and other state stuff, not all VA stuff. For timely, I am active on sites like Personal Defense Network, Defensive Carry and the VCDL Facebook site. Members on those sites sometimes come up with some really good stuff.

    • AWR is the only thing I’ll read over at Breitbart these days.

      For every other article the thoughtful comments are overrun by idiots screaming Bible verses at each other and arguing over who’s a better Christian based on what version of the Bible they prefer.

        • IKR? Is large parts of the world they’d be cutting each other’s heads off or blowing each other up over what the proper interpretation of the Koran is.

  4. Considering the heavy lib/prog media bias and their being in deep in the pocket of the Ministry of Truth, I check for news everywhere, including out-of-country sites (it helps when you know 3 languages).

    You’d be surprised how many times I read something off the news in Spain or France that has been heavily censored in the U.S. media or completely hushed by the Clinton News Network.

    • I get weird looks from my liberal friends when I tell them I read Al Jazeera and the Jerusalem Post.
      In English. Real Americans only speak one language 🙁

  5. The /r/guns subreddit. Once you get past the kpop and aids, there’s a lot of up to date information on there.

    • I’ll second that. They actually do a pretty decent job of filtering out all the fluff from the various places I like visiting.

  6. Apart from those already listed above (got some more ideas for time-suck, thanks guys!) I’ll add Breach Bang Clear.

    Also, I subscribe to Gun Tests magazine. Not a slick pub, compared to some of the mainstream mags, but they’re not shy about telling you when something doesn’t work and they include older and lower-end guns in their testing. I appreciate that they’re a no-ads, Consumer Reports-style publication.

  7. I should add, since I often browse during breaks at work, I pretty much avoid all YouTube / video and most podcast-based sources. Sometimes on road trips I’ll load up a podcast or three.

    • You forgot Mother Jones. And also The Onion. Best investigative reporting on the planet. But go ahead, read the New York Times if you want. They get lucky sometimes.

    • I know i get totally factual and unbiased gun coverage from MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and PBS. Wonderful reporting at all times.
      On another note, TTAG,, Bearing Arms, The Firearms Blog, Hickok45, Full 30, MAC, In Range, and Forgotten Weapons.

  8. For politics- TTAG

    For culture/history- TFB (TTAG not far behind)

    Reviews- Got to keep it varied. Youtube (when not at work), TTAG, TFB, THR, Ammoland

    Overall Content- I’d have to go with TFB (sorry fellas) however the conversation/comments at TTAG can’t be beat. My mood influences things too- sometimes you just want to read about some guns and not politics and other times you want to raise hell with like-minded individuals about gun rights, and this is where TTAG shines.

  9. I get my gun news from TTaG as well as the FaceBarf pages of two state-level gun-rights groups for my state.

  10. Here mostly. I belong to a bunch of FB groups and many report “news”. Most of what I read about Illinois is total bullshite…I read other sites- most are redundant. And I’ve been to a kajillion websites. Someone mentioned Cam & Co. Used to watch on Sportsman Channel. Hey even here I’ve ” reported ” many stories.

  11. David Codrea – War On Guns
    The Zelman Partisans –
    Mike Vanderboegh – Sipsey Street Irregulars

    I much prefer the context and perspective offered by these sites (and TTAG, of course), rather than the raw “news.” As someone said above… the first “news” is usually so full of holes and lies it isn’t worth reading. I appreciate the effort David, TTAG, The Zelman folks and Mike put into finding out more of what really happened, and helping readers decide what they might do about it.

  12. For gun news? TFB.
    For really interesting historic or curiosity stuff? FW
    For dank memes and horribly politically in-correct discussions? /k/
    For 2A politics news? TTAG

    Usually in that order.

  13. I pretty much just browse here and the Illinois Carry forums. Otherwise, random articles that post locally or on other media websites, and (of course) stuff that shows up on my Facebook feed.

  14. TTAG, TFB, occasionally ENDO (but there’s not much “news” on there besides poking fun at mallninjas and other morons).

  15. I get great gun news from Inside The Chieftain’s Hatch. The guns are just a lot bigger and mounted in tanks.

  16. for gear, particularly technical and tactical clothing, announcements. I understand it’s an industry “go to” website.

  17. In order: Reddit, TFB, Bearing Arms, TTaG. It used to be the other way around, but I got tired of trolls and Sara and sensationalism. JWTaylor is still one of my favorite writers for TTaG though, so I try to check back often to see what he’s put up.

  18. Besides a few of those already mentioned I read daily TGO – Tennessee Gun Owners Forum, US Concealed Carry Association, and First Freedom. I don’t do Facebook but my wife watches Citizens, Not Subjects for me.

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