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“There’s nothing that will sell guns and ammo faster than a conservative politician frothing at the mouth that Democrats are coming for your guns even though everybody with half a brain knows that it’s simply and absolutely a lie,” Clete Wetli opines over at “This NRA-sponsored baseless rhetoric has become routine in politics because politicians know it works for the segment of their base that’s hoarding MREs and incandescent light bulbs in their basements.” And so on. Nightmare scenario: Hillary Clinton becomes President Pantsuit. How would her administration “come for your guns”?

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: What's YOUR Favorite Pistol?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Why Do (Some) Cops Support Gun Control?">Next Post


      • No relative safety.

        The brownshirts (Black Lives Matter & SEIU) will be ‘refined’ in a “night of the long knives” into the SS, sometime before the next election, attempting to keep O in power. With a subsequent in-swell of foreigners confusing many individualized ‘local’ efforts of resistance further hampered by unexplainable fuel shortages, rolling power outages, communications disruptions, etc., etc., what-have-you. O and the SS, after causing the demise of the H-bomb and several other key libs, and after failing in his putsch to become the first half-Arian Furher and the “the supreme judge of the people,” takes his own life in a bunker with Frau Wasserman Schultz. Conservatives go on to de-“lib”erate America and G-nuke the Eastern Seaboard, Miami, IL, WA, OR, CA, MN, OH, (the rest of the planet can suck-it). They will resist the growing urge to destroy a new atol in the S. China sea, and give China back to Japan, UK back to Germany, put a few non-Gentiles back in ovens, take nukes out of Japan, etc., etc., etc. It’s all been played out before.


    • Hillary “She-Wolf of Chappaqua” Clinton and Bubba don’t do “incremental”.

      Ask the Branch Davidians.

    • Very much so.

      A favorite seems to be “Well, you can keep your XYZ gun (grandfathered)”, however, the transfer of those grandfathered guns is made illegal so it cannot be passed on to your family/children. This is a confiscatory ban…just delayed a generation. It is as incremental as it gets, folks.

      California is currently playing this game again with one of its ‘gunpocalypse’ bills.

    • First they’ll cancel professional licenses like your electricians license, CDL, nursing license. Then your drivers license. No building permits, your tax returns, car registration things like than. Take your tax return. Cancel your car insurance, freeze bank accounts. All incrementally. Just turn in our guns, you’ll get everything back. Hell, at some point they are probably going to take peoples kids.

  1. How? They will do whatever they believe is a) necessary or b) whatever they think they can get away with.

    • Same with Kalifornistan–with the rate they are pushing Gunpocalypse over here. Counting down the days for executing my escape and evade plan.

  2. By staging a confiscation as a ‘buyback’ program (mandatory, of course…)

    “Australia is a good example, Canada is a good example, the U.K. is a good example. Why? Because each of them have had mass killings” she said. “Australia had a huge mass killing about 20, 25 years ago, Canada did as well, so did the U.K. And, in reaction, they passed much stricter gun laws.”

    • What the confiscation buyback doesn’t get, a Stalinist Era “Report & Reward” program will.

      A spouse, kids. neighbor, in-law, mistress, cousin, business competitor, co-worker, et al will collect a $25,000 reward for turning in gun possessors. Burglar breaks into your house and finds a gun, bingo, jackpot + 2 Get Out Of Jail cards. Fines against illegal possessors and taxpayer dollars will fund the reward program.

      Ghettos and barrios will be left alone — too dangerous for LEO’s.

      • Wrong. They will be left alone because the gangs are the Party enforcers. The reason they are going to win is because most of us are focused on the wrong threat.

      • If a 4473 was completed, they know what you own. Don’t fool yourself In that regard. Bought private party? Hope you only pay cash for ammo and accessories (you really think the data mining is for foreign terrorists? ??????????)

      • They know unless you have paid cash for everything firearms related and have never had a 4473 for a gun

    • What’s wrong with CFLs?
      CFLs use marginally less power while being slower to activate, more prone to breakage, and toxic when they do break? Sounds like a winning combination to me!
      Here’s the recommended clean up procedure from the EPA for a broken CFL bulb:

      Before Cleanup
      * Have people and pets leave the room.
      * Air out the room for 5-10 minutes by opening a window or door to the outdoor environment.
      * Shut off the central forced air heating/air-conditioning system, if you have one.
      * Collect materials needed to clean up broken bulb:
      – stiff paper or cardboard;
      – sticky tape;
      – damp paper towels or disposable wet wipes (for hard surfaces); and
      – a glass jar with a metal lid or a sealable plastic bag.

      During Cleanup
      DO NOT VACUUM. Vacuuming is not recommended unless broken glass remains after all other cleanup steps have been taken. Vacuuming could spread mercury-containing powder or mercury vapor.
      Be thorough in collecting broken glass and visible powder. Scoop up glass fragments and powder using stiff paper or cardboard. Use sticky tape, such as duct tape, to pick up any remaining small glass fragments and powder. Place the used tape in the glass jar or plastic bag. See the detailed cleanup instructions for more information, and for differences in cleaning up hard surfaces versus carpeting or rugs.
      Place cleanup materials in a sealable container.
      After Cleanup
      Promptly place all bulb debris and cleanup materials, including vacuum cleaner bags, outdoors in a trash container or protected area until materials can be disposed of. Avoid leaving any bulb fragments or cleanup materials indoors.
      Next, check with your local government about disposal requirements in your area, because some localities require fluorescent bulbs (broken or unbroken) be taken to a local recycling center. If there is no such requirement in your area, you can dispose of the materials with your household trash.
      If practical, continue to air out the room where the bulb was broken and leave the heating/air conditioning system shut off for several hours.

      • This is why I’ve jumped straight to LED lighting. It’s more expensive over the life of a bulb, but I like the color better, and I like that I don’t have to deal with all the above crap if one breaks.

      • I love my LED lights. But the new incandescent bulbs are supposed to use less energy than LED s and they can’t be marketed here in the USA.

      • The EPA’s instructions are like using a Barrett to shoot a mouse.

        If you happen to crush an entire case of CFLs, it might be prudent to follow them.

        The LED lamps are getting cheaper down at the Home Depot. I like the Phillips flat 60W equivalent for about $4 on sale.

  3. Hard left Supreme Court justice that will uphold the most restrictive and infringing laws passed by deep blue Democrat controlled states. After that, it’s about getting similar laws passed in purple and red states, cities, counties, or any other unit of local governance.

  4. Clete Wetli is a local halfwit here. Sorry. He has a little radio show now and it’s a total brain drain.

  5. Ban on future sales. Grandfather in current owners, but outlaw sales or transfers, including by inheritance. In one generation’s time, all people in possession will be defacto criminal.

    In 50 years, when looney Grandpa Peter dies, just turn in his guns to the government-owned collection center for safe disposal. It’s every good citizens responsibility.

    Mission accomplished, and not a drop of blood shed.

    • I think that is how it would start. Every year that passes there would be fewer voters with ‘skin in the game’ and perhaps more with some jealousy towards those grandfathered. I don’t think it would go 20 years before they’d be outlawed altogether. Then they’d be picked off piecemeal. In a surveillance state, that would go fairly fast, and you couldn’t do anything with them except hide them.

    • “Ban on future sales. Grandfather in current owners, but outlaw sales or transfers, including by inheritance. In one generation’s time, all people in possession will be defacto criminal”

      For those that don’t know, they already have a name for this plan. It’s called “Universal Background Checks”. UBCs for short.

      • I’ve already sold several firearms to my grandkids and great grandkids. Unfortunately when my kids eventually have kids, they will have to name them Maribel, Cletus, and Ned.

    • That is the law in California already with respect to registered “assault weapons” after the (1991?) ban. There are several bill p[ending in the Legislature right now that will expand the definition of “assault weapon” to include any non-C&R or antique firearm with a detachable magazine. Meaning all bullet buttoned ARs and AKs will have to be registered retroactively as “assault weapons,” and there will be no new sales allowed except for rifles where the mag can be removed only by disassembling the action. There is another bill held in committee (that will not likely reemerge this session, but one never knows) that will ban ALL detachable magazine semi-auto rifles, and all semi-auto pistols which have the magazine outside the grip.

  6. First, I have to say, I do not have a basement.

    Second, Hillary already expressed her support for Australian style gun confiscation in the US. Heck, we have a video of her stating that. Many other Democrat Party operatives have said it overtly as well. What more proof do we need

  7. It all comes down to registration for eventual confiscation. It wouldn’t surprise me if they offered some greatly watered down national concealed carry bill as part of a registration scheme. Require all gunowners to register their firearms and request a FOID card. Once a FOID card is obtained, you can apply for a May-Issue concealed carry permit. Said permit would be accepted in all 50 states, however it would be highly restricted, allow for signage to be posted to block you from entering public/private spaces, and would only be issued with justifiable “need” such as protecting a politician as a bodyguard.

    Tag on that all ammo purchases require a digital logging of your FOID number so they can track if you happen to be buying ammo in calibers for weapons you haven’t registered. Make private sale of ammo/arms go through an FFL. If you buy ammo you can’t “legally” use, they can search your home and either bust you for illegal ammo sales to other gunowners, or locate said unregistered firearms, and confiscate all of your arms along with your FOID.

    It’s doable, especially with a willing supreme court. Will Americans let it happen?

    • It is happening already. California has an ammo bill in the Legislature right now with many of these same features, and an even worse ballot initiative for this November’s election (Newsome’s “Safety for All” ballot initiative.) But of course no reciprocity. Any bill that would allow people from out of state to carry here will never make it out of committee.

      • The point would be to trojan horse the erosion of our rights. Offering national concealed carry (that is highly limited and issued solely at their discretion) sounds good, all we need to do is allow for a national registry so we can start to track how these evil guns keep ending up in criminals hands. No assault weapons ban, no restricted features, just “common sense” law unifying concealed carry laws across the nation (to the strictest most unconstitutional standards currently found in the US) along with harmless registration of all firearms just so they can track criminals. Then once passed, they can either not issue concealed carry permits, or block it with legislation later, leaving registration in place. Then you just start picking off random groups of firearms, citing whatever tragedy happens at the time, using registration to ensure that the guns are actually removed.

  8. Incrementally.
    But there is a gigantic swath of the populace that won’t comply.
    So it won’t work. It’ll just create millions of felons.

    • “It’ll just create millions of felons.”

      That’s a feature, not a bug, as far as they will see it.

      As they catch them, thy will just allow them to plead out to probation, no jail time.

      But they will be convicted felons.

      • “But they will be convicted felons.”

        Who can’t legally own guns, or course.

        And, under terms of their probation, are subject to no-warrant searches of person and premises. Regularly.

      • Everyone knows that laws don’t apply to criminals. We’ll all just become “justice-involved” OFWGs and apply for anything we can get for free from the Government (and still keep our backup stashes in various bodies of water).

  9. If you are an Oath keeper all these anti-Americans ones illegally changing laws and ignoring the laws of our country consider the unlawful ones as traitors, seditious rats, who should be dealt with as vermin! accordingly unless 35 states change the constitution the vermin will be eradicated when coming too take our guns and or our pursuit of other freedoms guaranteed in the 4th 5th 10th and 14 amendments specifically, it may wind up like Waco but it will be one hell of a show, especially when we go VC on their ass!

    • Where the VC fell short was their failure to target opposition leaders. In this new Communist States of Amerika, no public official should be able to put their head out of their respective bunkers without having it blown off by a marksman. I think they’ll run out of politicians long before we run out of marksmen.

  10. Cross-check records of everyone who has ever legally (under state law) purchased marijuana with any database of gun owners and start arresting people. Even if you don’t believe such databases exist, they could cross-reference with NICS and arrest everybody who’s ever “vacationed in Colorado” if they fill out a 4473.

  11. I don’t think I have heard anybody on our side say that they are coming for your guns. The only place I hear it is the antis using it to try to make us look ridiculous. That tells me that they spend far too much time fantasizing about going door to door.

  12. “No one is coming for you guns…”

    But not from a lack of trying. If the gun owners of the US, and the “gun lobby” just rolled over every time a gun control measure came down the pipe, confiscation efforts would have begun in the 1960s. During that decade, a sitting President was killed, and his brother, a Presidential candidate, was also killed. Other prominent figures such as MLK and Malcolm X met their demise as well. The tool in all these situations was a gun.

    And people called for gun control. The Gun Control Act of 1968 was a direct response to these high-profile killings. LBJ really wanted a lot out of it. He wanted, in addition to the provisions on the books today:

    – A national licensing scheme. Each and every gun owner in the country would have been required to be licensed just to own a gun. Whether it would have been per gun, or per owner, I don’t know.

    – Mandatory registration of all firearms. Which is exactly what it sounds like.

    These provisions were struck from the final Act, in part by efforts from the NRA. It could have been a lot worse.

    Had licensing and registration passed, confiscation would have been the logical next step, especially after the inner city crime waves of the 1970s and 1980s. Miami had it’s own spat during the Cocaine Cowboys era. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to imagine that the local PDs would have started scooping up guns during those days.

    Confiscation attempts would have surely happened by now if the more onerous provisions of GCA 68 were allowed to stand.

    • Great overview. Sometimes our side is just as deceptable of forgetting history as every other segment of society.
      As far as I’m concern banning the future purchase of guns or cosmetic accessories is the equivalent of coming for them as anything. Forcing people in a state to turn them in is too.

  13. She would roll the Supreme Court on her first day. After that she redefines sporting purposes in a way we won’t like. All civilian sales of expended brass cases will be redirected overseas. She will push states to follow Delaware and will withhold funds from states that don’t buckle under, just like Obama is threatening to do with education funds over transsexuals in school bathrooms.

    • That’s a favorite trick of the feds. Those of us old enough to remember the 55 mph national speed limit saw it at work then. Speed limits are set by the states. However, their federal highway funds were at stake if they failed to reduce the limits to the feds’ satisfaction and to enforce them effectively. It took a combination of factors to kill 55. One was the Republican takeover of Congress and their “Contract with America”. The other was resistance from states whose strongest efforts were insufficient to force citizen compliance.

      • “Minimum age to drink” laws were another example.

        I gained the legal right to drink alcohol at age 18, then lost it to a Federally-pushed state law at age 19, then got it back at age 21.

      • The purpose of the 55mph national speed limit was to reduce fuel consumption and lessen the amount of oil that needed to be imported after OPEC raised the price of oil in the 1970s (74?).

        OPEC raised the price of oil following the US assisting Israel in the war of 1973 as payback.

  14. Frog in boiling water.

    Give it another one or two generations of children raised on the public education system and there won’t be anyone left willing to fight to keep the rights they were born with.

  15. Right now, NICS must respond within three days to block a purchase from a dealer. Hillary wants to change this so that the purchase cannot proceed without NICS approval no matter how long it takes. All she has to do to shut down purchases is to underfund NICS so that a huge backlog develops.

    Years ago, France pulled the same trick to get around the World Trade Organization which refused to let them block importation of Japanese VCRs. They instituted a “safety inspection” program and assigned one inspector to personally examine each and every imported VCR. I suspect his bosses didn’t object if he came in late, took long lunches and left early.

    • There’s a long running joke that the NICS approvals will be given to the summer intern to be completed during their lunch break.

  16. Isn’t the Sheeple’s Republik of Kalifornia a PERFECT example of what the statist on the left have planned vis a vis taking away our guns? One little (or big) step at a time until BOOM the other foot drops.

    • Not really.

      What they have done is to make buying new guns difficult-to-impossible, by imposing so-called “safety testing” and never-tested-in-a-production-environment microstamping. They have messed with existing guns very little, except for occasionally tweaking/tightening the laws on so-called “Assault Weapons”.

      The most recently proposed laws are changing this, but they aren’t law — yet.

  17. Stage some more FEMA drills like Sandy Hook to drum up public support for gun bansn then shout enough is enough! and use executive actions to expand terror watch list and start a registry. Appoint a Stalinist SCOTUS justice who will legislate from the bench.

    Hilllary could care less about the issue, but she would rule like a tyrant, not a president. She has a shady history with organized crime, communist China, and cover ups that would make Obama look like a moderate (Marxist).

    • Sandy Hook was not a FEMA drill, and neither you nor anyone else alive has any concrete proof to the positive whatsoever. Operation Fast & Furious, though, was conducted specifically to provide (artificial) impetus for gun control laws. We do have concrete proof of that. Look at how well that turned out for them. Didn’t move the needle one bit. Neither have any of the other mass shootings since then.

    • I’d say a new AWB with no sunset clause and a very NARROW initial definition of “assault weapon”, and then slowly tightening the law to increase the number/amount of affected firearms and accessories, is the most likely way to get there.

      A combination of boil the frog, and divide and conquer. For example, most skeet shooter-type shotgunners won’t stand up and fight for AR owners or defensive handgunners if a new law attacks JUST those groups. Look for more of this.

  18. They’ll keep infringing for no other reason than they can get away with it. This behavior ends not with a bullet but a stroke of a pen. Use the vote and when they’re unemployed tell them why.

  19. If they’re not coming for our guns, then how come they lie so blatantly about guns? (Katie Couric’s movie, “Gun show loophole”, number of school shootings since Sandy Hook, including suicides with “gun violence”, including upper teens and older gang members as “kids”, “cop killer bullets”, “undetectable plastic guns”, etc, etc.)

    Seems to me that if they had an honorable agenda, they wouldn’t have to resort to deception.

    • They lie about everything. Guns are no exception. If you believe the TV, stick a fork in you, you’re already toast.

  20. My personal opinion is that they do it by adding straws until the camel’s back breaks.

    California is doing exactly this. They don’t make it “illegal” outright by passing a law, instead the pass a fleet of laws that spawn regulations that add to the costs of operating a gun store and owning/possessing a gun. As they price people out of the market and drive up the cost of running an legit firearms business the businesses start to disappear.

    Eventually it gets to the point that only a very, very small fraction of people are willing to incur the costs and endure the legal burdens of ownership and at that point, for the vast majority of people, guns are de facto illegal.

    This has already happened with the NFA. There’s something like 240K legally owned and privately held MG’s in the US. If you want one you have to pay a fortune to pry it away from an owner.

    • I’m not a California resident, but I have to wonder- at what point do the gun manufacturers stop trying to sell guns in California?

      Working in manufacturing and seeing all these special “California compliant” guns, I mean, I know it’s a huge state with a lot of people, but with all the nonsense manufacturers and dealers have to go through in Cali, I think at some point it’s just going to not be worth it financially to keep changing designs and tooling to produce Cali compliant weapons.

  21. Is this a serious question? Declare you an enemy of the state(look at climate change dissenters),draconian taxes(look at Cook co,IL),FOID revoked for traffic tickets, mag restrictions,etc…death by a thousand cuts.

  22. Step 1 of “Coming for our Guns” is simple. UBCs with no limit on processing time. Mandate federal permission for every kind of transfer to any entity and give the gov’t unlimited time to process the request.

    Step 2 would be a massive expansion of the definition of prohibited person. Add anyone who ever received a traffic violation (you’re a criminal) or filled a prescription (you’re on drugs) to the Prohibited Person list and you have most everyone prohibited.

    Step 3 is to stack the SCOTUS with Lefties to ensure and legal challenges to steps 1 & 2 are rebuffed.

    Within a couple of generations, all firearms that haven’t been turned in to the feds are now illegal.

    • Quite plausible. Well said.

      Instituted slowly, with massive media support, it would be hard to stop.

  23. Another attempt at an AWB is almost guaranteeed. Whether it succeeds or not, she’ll give it the old Wellesley try.

    More than likely though, she’ll be most effective through court appointments.

    I also think we’ll see a lot more effort just to make purchasing ammunition a complete pain in the ass, because she hates us.

    • Also I expect them to try to mandate liability insurance on gun owners at some point.

      The Dems mandated health insurance so I’m sure they’ll run that up the pole too.

  24. “…everybody with half a brain knows…”

    And that’s the truth. Most of the prog horde has only half a brain. (If they do have more, they’re not using it.)

    Those of us with eyes to see and our whole brain to work with know that Democrats’ hard core of progressives absolutely DO want to take away your right to own guns in the future. The only reason they haven’t made a “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in” law yet is that they know they’d have to kick down doors to make it happen (and a lot of armed citizens intend to start shooting if that happens).

    If they thought they’d get compliance with a turn-in/confiscation order, they’d do it in a heartbeat.

    Even someone with only half a brain ought to know that.

  25. As long as ball games can be watched and beer can be drank won’t nothing happen. Anymore than it did in the Brady bill bs
    All talk

  26. As I have mentioned here before one of the problems we had in Australia is that we did not have a “gun lobby” like the NRA as there were very few restrictions in most states. All I had to do prior to 1996 was to walk into shop or private sale pay and walk out with anything except full auto. So most shooters were not members of any club and it was too late to organise when needed.

    The federal government used monetary power to force states to pass laws we have now. All income tax and many other revenue bases were taken from the states during WW2 as a “tempory” measure and is now used as a club by federal to force their ideas onto the states

    If you are not an NRA member or simular you are not helping each other

  27. In this hypothetical the playbook is already written. Just look at california where they are attempting to confiscate magazines on a political whim. They are now literally seizing property. How that is not completely and utterly unlawful I will never know. It doesn’t take much to get from there to the “scary evil guns” that they have been so successful in demonizing. It’s kind of frightening actually.

    All it takes is one chip at a time to destroy an iceberg. And anyone who claims that it’s a lie is either hypocritically lying, or straight up self-delusional. It’s what they want. And they’ll bring it about as soon as they can.

  28. They won’t come for the guns with battering rams and MRAPs. King Clinton the First tried to do that and it came back to bite him. But when he strong-armed Ruger and S&W, it worked. He discovered that he had a phone and a pen.

    Now, with the courts under the control of the masters in Washington and some of the states, and the electorate being well indoctrinated by the public education system, the G doesn’t have to go all Ruby Ridge on us.

    They will come with laws, writs, ballot initiatives, TV specials, NPR and executive orders, all nice and legal. The courts will approve because they are part of the same hypocrisy. The G will also try to cut off the supply of guns and ammunition through litigation, legislation and any other means necessary.

    And Empress Clinton will do it all in the name of public safety.

  29. Most likely nobody will come to take them away directly. More likely is a gradual erosion of rights with roadblocks to transfers.

    To answer the question asked, here in Northern New England IF anyone goes house to house it will be the MA, CT and/or NY National Guard. I have never spoken to local cops, sheriffs or active duty military who said anything other than ‘hell no’ when asked if they would comply. Relatives in the MA guard, different story. To them, crime in Boston is directly correlated to the number of lawful guns in Maine.

  30. “The final outcome hinged on a simple equation based of the availability or non-availability of enough federal agents to make fresh rounds of arrests each day, crushing domestic terrorists and their internet supporters faster than they could proliferate. New arrests were being made, but still the assassinations of government officials and media figures continued to escalate. One a day. Five a day. Ten. Twenty. Some officials were killed by their very own bodyguards or aides, who then disappeared. The words “civil war” were being tossed around on both sides.

    Even though the total number of murdered government officials was insignificant as a percentage of their total numbers, far too many of them reacted hysterically out of personal fear. Practically the entire Senior Executive Service demanded protection teams of federal agents to personally bodyguard them twenty-four hours a day. Soon there were no agents available to stamp out the internet insurrection with new arrests, much less somehow interdict a single domestic terrorist on a private sniper mission. Instead, all of the armed federal agents were kept occupied guarding terrified government leaders.

    And that was the downfall of the plan: it just came down to numbers, manpower, and, perhaps, agent morale.”

  31. “Frothing” conservatives don’t sell guns, leftists do. Which is why Obama is America’s Number One (numero uno for Democrats) gun salesman. Or should I say salesperson in case his preferred pronouns have changed? Either way, here’s the article and infographic:

  32. Well, technically Hillary won’t be coming for your guns. She’ll send your local police officers to die for her cause.

    But at that point “What difference does it make?”

  33. Tax ammunition. Worked for tobacco. incremental increases until people just can’t afford it. If not at the sale end then the production end until people either can’t afford it or afford to be in that business. Not unlike what Obama is doing to the coal industry, ironically.

    Sure, somebody would pitch a fit, but the first round of taxing would be so small that it would all but be sure to pass court muster. From there, you establish precedent for other small increases. You wouldn’t even have to register ammunition purchasers. Instead of gun buy backs you have ammunition buybacks that reward large cache turn-in instead of X amount for a single gun. Make certain ammunition worth more than others in the buy-back. I don’t give a crap about your 45-70, but your 9mm and 5.56 they’ll pay for.

    I would even go so far as to throw the gun lobby bones to get this on the table. Alright, you can have silencers, no more tax stamp, but we get to sin tax ammunition without a fuss. Somebody would bite. A lot of somebodies.

  34. she appoints anti gun Justices to the Supreme Court…an anti gun state passes an anti gun law…they send it through anti gun courts all the way up…and then they declare that law Constitutional….that way they by pass congress…and then when they get control of congress they already have the Constitutional argument settled.

  35. First they won’t come for your guns if they don’t know what you have so only register the ones you consider expendable.

    Second, they won’t come door to door. They will grab them opportinisticly so once a gun you keep is on the prohibited list it stays hidden.

    Third, they will take away your legal right to defend yourself so you can’t use them. A lot of people who only have them for defensive purposes will turn them in.

    The purpose of gun control is to put gangs in control of the streets to exercise social control. Despite what the anyi-cop mafia thinks the threat to your liberty comes from gangs working as the Democratic Party’s agents for social control and not the police.

  36. My guns? No one is coming for my guns. Someone else’s guns, maybe. My kids’ guns? Likely. Pass some laws that say my guns are illegal? I’ll give you that. But actually come take my guns? No. That would be insane. Nobody wants to die for some redneck’s rifle.
    “But I live back in the woods you see, with the woman and the kids and dogs and me..Got a shotgun a rifle and 4 wheel drive and country boy can survive. “- HWJr

  37. It won’t happen. It’s like all the rhetoric of rounding up all the illegal aliens in this country. There is not enough manpower at local, county, state or federal level to mount a confiscation plan. Even giving 15% of the population as the number of illegals you cannot make 15% of the population disappear without serious repercussions. You do not have the manpower or the budget. Let’s change the example to Alcohol. Start Prohibition 2.0. Do you realize how much money is wrapped up in all levels of Alcohol (production, distribution, consumption, sales, advertising)? You just cannot make that go away. Use firearms as an example – you cannot simple destroy production, distribution, consumption, sales and advertising of firearms at the stroke of a pen or by confiscation by law enforcement. There is too much money involved. Remember when Barrett told Cali “F-You and no more sales of my .50 cal to your law enforcement agencies’? Same thing but the whole industry will say “F- You, you will not destroy our livelihood.”

    • What they will do is undermine the firearms support infrastructure. You won’t able to buy ammo, get guns repaired, train or practice. It will take a while but guns will pretty much disappear as useful tools. Only criminal gangs will have useable guns and they will be used to intimidate the general population.

  38. It won’t happen so long as we have Article 5 of the Constitution. 2nd Amendment will not be repealed any time soon.

  39. she will push for states to start a gun owners database and then give the feds access to it. then they will comb threw it and come up with even more ridiculous things to ban and then confiscate.

  40. Tax firearms sales at $500 a gun. Call it a “background check fee” or “document fee”. Car dealers do it now and nobody complains (too much).

    Do a dollar a round tax on ammunition for healthcare. That’s already been proposed in a number of places. Outlaw the sale of reloading powder because terrorists might use it to make bombs. We know that doesn’t work but the safety moms don’t.

    Push for bans on “military calibers” as we see in South American and European countries. 5.56, .30-06, .308, .45acp, 9mm and .38 all go away. Redefine “sporting purposes” as lever, bolt, or single shot actions.

    The left is patient and they’re willing to wait a generation or two. It took 60 years to make certain recreational drugs legal in some states. Its all a matert of time

  41. The question is “how” and it’s a good one. Say lefties repeal the 2nd with a new amendment that also bans private ownership of guns manufactured after the 19th century, they still have to enforce it. They will try a mandatory buyback, but honestly I get the feeling the whole thing would end up looking like that scene in Captain America: Winter Soldier when Cap goes on the intercom to tell SHIELD that half of SHIELD is Hydra. The police and military doing the confiscating would start off saying “no I won’t do that” and in short order half the room is pointing guns at the other half of the room who are pointing guns at them. And this would be happening all over the country, and happening BEFORE the militias ever get involved.

    Honestly I think that if something like that goes through there will be a military coup just to avoid the civil war it would cause.

    Leftists can’t see that. They don’t realize that America isn’t Australia, that gun control has already triggered one war here. They just see their power and their goal of making everybody equally helpless. This is why leftists need to be physically removed, either from America or from planet Earth. At the very least they must have their right to engage in political action completely taken away. I recommend Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers” as a good place to start if you’re too squeamish to go the way of Chile and start sending out right-wing death squads.

  42. “As California goes, so goes the Nation…”

    See Mark N’s post on the recent legislation by Ghost Gun DeLeon, and other Democrats pandering to the lowest common denominator left-wing limosine liberal whoring themselves out for campaign funds,
    to take the glory away from LT Gov Newsome’s initiative gun-grabbing glory mongering inititiative to campaign for Governor.

    The Leftwing of the CA Democrat Party, which now owns a supermajority in the two halves of the legislative branch, and the Governor, and the Judicial branch- if you are following what the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has been up to (see Peruta en banc), is competing amongst itselves to see who is the most radical, most politically correct, and that includes gun-grabbiest, for votes of the SJW/LIV/libtard elite…

    At some point, this rush to Venezuela style governance will hit the cliff, and fall into the sea, lemming style…
    My guess is another couple years, when all the productive dual income middle-class has emigrated to Texas, and the retired folk have moved to Arizona, or Colorado…leaving SF and LA with 40% welfare dependency class solid Democrat Vote bloc… not that it wlll do much good…how much can you tax people on SSI, SSDI, TANF, and Medicaid- below the poverty level, as new immigrants in Sanctuary Citys?

    who’s got the popcorn?

  43. I am in Hawaii, the home of state sponsored terrorism against it’s own citizens. Let’s look at what is happening here that they want to hide…

    Snitch culture. Your personal info and illegal, invasively obtained surveillance info will be given out through state/corporate sponsored social and “religious” groups. You will at first, be portrayed as the witch/communist/terroristwhogonnablowupdamall. They will even tell them what names to call you and give them a bunch of political jingoistic phrases which they will idiotically vomit when they attack you. They will claim these jingoisms are like magic spells which vindicate them legally and spiritually.

    Violent psychopaths will then see you as an an easy victim because they think the cops will protect them. They will gather all the violent psychopaths who will try to do whatever insane evil s##t has been brewing in their corrupted souls and get them to to rape and murder you. Yes, I said rape, and you are male. They will try to make a show out of it. They will try to incorporate some sort of urophilia or fecalphilia, they like toilet related stuff.

    If you protect yourself, you will live for a bit, but now they will claim everything they have ever done to anyone – especially you is now justified and you are “violent” for making them run away. They will go from claiming to be the mysterious demigod like evil people who are going to do whatever they want to you because they are above God, to being the high holy religious vigilante anti terrorist special forces superhero underdogs. And they were just kidding about the whole rape thing, they were just good ol’ boys having fun trying to stop a terroristic who gonna blow up da mall or vote for the wrong candidate.

    Read the above. It will repeat until they murder you. The cops will use whatever passes for the “secret police” in your area to orchestrate this. Here it is called the CRU, they do not use badges or uniforms, but they will use uniforms to try to look like soldiers when they do raids, but cover their names and badge numbers. They do raids to murder people under guise of police action, if the victim is unsuspecting and profiled as non violent, if they think they will get shot at, they will try to murder the person in custody after other parts of the department arrest them.

    Here is the thing, they will accuse you of everything in the book, (Always stuff they are guilty of), but one of the core claims is they will claim that everything is justified because you are a “gun owner”. This accusation will be used in the courts to railroad you and your family or friends who try to help you. They claimed it was justification to do anything they wanted, from the horse’s mouth, “Public safety surpasses the constitution, what, are you a constitutional scholar?” The cops said they should have shot me for allegedly taking pictures of one of their cockroach snitches from my property as he was coming on to my land and tauntingly making death threats.

    All of this is true, and just the tip of the iceberg.


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