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“Guns are the mental illness of our society,” Joesph Britt writes in a letter to the editor at “Gun possessors become uncontrollable and kill multiple innocent people; we mourn the death of the innocent, bury them and talk about the rights of the living.” Surprisingly, the anti-gun author used to be Officer Britt. Not so surprisingly — given his opening salvo — he’s uncomfortable with the idea of his fellow Americans defending themselves by force of arms . . .

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As a young officer in a gunfight I had the revolver, the bad guys had automatic weapons, the adrenaline in my body was so high that I didn’t realize I was dry firing (pulling the trigger on a weapon without live ammunition). I was a well trained officer but the shock of being in a fierce violent shootout unexpectantly and unprovoked puts you at a real disadvantage. The amount of shots fired by the bad guys at us were in the high double digits, evidenced by the holes in the glass window across the street, the backdrop of my position. I was sure glad no one walked behind me.

So I love the untrained target shooters who are so convinced they are going to prevail in a shootout and put all their shots in the target. This target is shooting back. If you the gun owner who is defending their home (which seems to be the main reason gun owners recite the reason for gun ownership) misses the target, you may shoot your family member or your neighbor. You want to tell your family that your aspiring daughter or son or the family of your neighbor that this was a casualty of your 2nd amendment right. Fuzzy rights fuzzy targets.

I’m thinking there won’t be many warm fuzzies for Mr. Britt coming from TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia, especially with his reference to “automatic weapons.” Nor do I imagine that many will answer our question of the day in the negative. But give it some thought and answer this query as well: what do cops bring to the ballistic bad guy beating equation that non-law enforcement types can’t?

Meanwhile, here’s Mr. Britt’s money shot:

Let the police do the policing. You can call 911 faster and get out of your house quicker than you can: wipe the sleep out of your eyes, locate the gun, load, aim, fire (is your target clear?). Oh ohh forgot the safety is still on.

Our world is faster. Cell phones, camera phones house alarms, motion lights, blow horns, good door locks, good doors give you a better safer chance to defend yourself than guns. It’s the mental illness of our society that keep us doing the same thing getting the same result but thinking this time it’s gonna be different. We say we don’t want more children killed but our actions say we are not replete.

Answer this one…for the children! [Note: the video above is not meant to denigrate the superb service and bravery of American police officers. But it does illustrate the point that cops aren’t always as effective as they could be.]

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  1. All things being equal EVERY individual is more effective at stopping crime than a police officer for one simple reason: a cop has to be there when the deed goes down in order to stop it.

  2. Oh goodie. So this maroon first advises us of his own, personal, complete and utter incompetence while in possession of a badge, a gun, extensive and expensive training at the community’s expense, and the trust of a helpless community, then tells us we should just give up and let him be in charge? Do these people ever listen to themselves?

    One cop and 15 armed citizens would be a better bad guy beater than one cop with a revolver and very little common sense.

    • This was just his “enlightened” moment. That is the “ah ha” moment when a person thinks they have seen the truth. This revelation never comes from research or fact finding. That takes too much effort and the process keeps you in a state of questioning your conclusions. Contrarily, the “enlightened” one oversimplifies the matter and uses anecdotal or empirical evidence as proof. They find comfort in “knowing” and there is little, if anything, that can be done to snap them out of this fantasy. It’s worse when it comes late in life. Young ones can outgrow this thought immaturity.

    • Yep, this Idiot who managed to empty his revolver without connecting with his target even once thinks he is more capable and competent than I am? I suspect he has put far less lead down range than the average TTAG reader. When I watch folks at the local cowboy shoots ringing steel, it is rare that they miss more than a single round with either revolver, but I suspect even the young kids competing there far out class his meager skills!

      • Considering the oft repeated statistic that most cops never draw their weapon during their career in law enforcement, much less have to face a life or death gun fight with all that entails, how are they any more prepared for that eventuality than an armed non-LEO citizen?

        • I’ll say that most people who carry a gun and actually hit the range once a month are probably better shooters than your average cop.

          As to your average cop never drawing a gun during their entire career? I wonder where the stat came from. Every officer I know (anecdotal, I know, but it is 100%) has drawn multiple times, if not dozens. Not actually shooting, but definitely drawing down on bad guys.

    • +1…
      That cop’s an idiot. HE should have learned that HIS training made HIM about as effective as an untrained person….. Arrogant prick…… Instead he has the “I am the only one professional enough BANG!!” mentality that a lot of cops get.

    • “Let the police do the policing” ???????

      Rodney King Riots – LA’s finest were the “First to Flee” the rioting.

      Columbine – A sheriff’s deputy was the first to spot the shooters, but stayed in his patrol car rather than confront them.

      Hurricane Katrina – NOLA police were themselves looting businesses.

  3. You should see the stuff that goes on at my annual qualifier. It’s pathetic how bad most LEOs are. A mediocre IDPA or USPSA shooter is worlds better than 90% of LEOs out there.

    • This 1000x. One of the only tests I’ve ever taken where 50% was an acceptable passing grade. Judging by the average skill I see at a public range and the average skill I have seen during LEO qualifications, our police have a lot of catching up to do even when there is no stress.

      In my experience the marksmanship training, requirement and re-qualification standards that our law enforcement agencies are held to would horrify the sheeple if they had enough knowledge to form a coherent opinion. Most of the specialized situation and stress under fire training I received focused on the main difference between law enforcement and the average citizen. We can concentrate on avoiding stupid people doing stupid things in stupid places. The police are trained to find stupid people doing stupid things in stupid places. That is, training to go TO a potentially volatile situation, initiate contact, try to deescalate and use force if necessary. The key here is that as a police officer the bad guy knows who you are and is engaged with you usually before the SHTF. What the sheeple don’t understand or refuse to acknowledge is that most of that specialized training is based around what to do before deadly force is needed.

      The average citizen (if they are not the primary target) has the option to run away and the element of surprise should they decide to stay. Concealed permit holders receiving the same super-fantastic-uber-special-mega-important training that makes police so much better and more trustworthy than anybody else . . . would be a complete waste of time in part because their role is so wildly different and there little emphasis on marksmanship. We POTG can concentrate on a much narrower scope of training which makes it possible for us to be better prepared for the much narrower scope of our potential involvement should a situation arise that justified clearing leather. Because that scope is so much narrower we can spend more time concentrating on the marksmanship portion.

    • I’ve had the opportunity to shoot the Kansas City Police Department’s qualification course at their range twice (you have to to be commissioned by the city to carry at a security job in KC). It’s a decent course and you have to shoot 75% or better to pass, but a competition shooter would absolutely smoke it. I’ve shot in a handful of USPSA matches and that’s the hardest shooting I’ve ever done on a range by a long shot. The military doesn’t train you to shoot at something the size of a softball 20 yards away with your sidearm.

      It was not uncommon for people to fail to qualify (LEO and non-LEO). They also take safety seriously. The last time I shot they DQ’d a deputy for a safety violation.

      • yes, I am glad to hear this side of the story. A LE organization that takes its job seriously.

        Also, in response to the main article, carrying a gun is a civil right, but also a burden, with moral responsibility should you ever have to use it. Why would a person care to shoulder that burden and the risks surounding it? Because Lawmakers, Law Enforcement and the Legal System in general have been a systematic failure to the point where a citizen looks around and says: “I would be safer if I carried a gun.”

        The gun buying “frenzy” is a direct response to our failed legal system and our political leaders and law enforcement divisions to fix it.

  4. So tired of this “just call the cops” BS from someone that is clearly less informed and less trained than the average”target shooter” as he calls them. You mean to tell me that picking up my nightstand gun, that is already loaded thank you very much, is going to be slower than picking up my smart phone, dialing three digits, waiting for the operator to get the information, give that information to the nearest officer, and then hope that I can get my family together and jump out the second story window so we don’t have to go downstairs with the home invaders? Give me a break.

    So adrenaline affects your aim… this is my surprised face. Somehow that same adrenaline isn’t going to affect your dialing the phone, giving your information and getting out of the house? All of those actions on that amount of adrenaline is going to be faster than pointing and pressing a trigger? Miss me with this idealistic view of police response times, there are a literal bevy of instances where the police were too late. Here is a thought experiment for you officer Britt… go downstairs by your front door and see how long it takes you to climb the stairs to your daughters/sons/wifes bedroom and then match that with your areas police response time. Im going to guess that getting up the stairs is a lot quicker.

    • Agreed.

      “Let the police do the policing. You can call 911 faster and get out of your house quicker than you can…”

      Calling does not equal police teleporting to me like my State Farm rep (that happens, right?). Bad guy has kicked in the door and is on his (or their) way up the stairs.

      Options (w/o resorting to armed defense):

      • Huddle under bed while BG kills family. (No)
      • Advise family to ‘jump for it’ out the windows. (…No)
      • Beg for mercy (as a distraction perhaps)
      • Throw stuff at badguy until police arrive (good luck with that)
      • Use harsh language

      I really loath these ‘just lay there and die’ LEOs. How about if you don’t make it to a caller’s house on time and they are injured or killed we get an eye-for-an-eye from you? No? Then piss up a rope and keep you own self deficiencies to yourself.

  5. There are shot detection systems installed in many high crime urban areas. How well are they working out? What about the violent members of law enforcement, specifically those who commist violence against their own wives and girlfriends?

    No thank you Mr. Britt, I have much more trust in my fellow citizens and the supportive members of law enforcement than I will ever have in elitists narrow minded fools like you.

  6. “What do cops bring to the ballistic bad guy beating equation that non-law enforcement types can’t?”

    Qualified immunity.

  7. Let the police do the policing.

    Yes, because only cops have the authority to shoot an unarmed black man in the back until he is dead.

  8. I’ve seen enough LEO’s at the bottom of the score sheet and even sent home for “reckless disregard for safe handling” to know ………yes.

  9. So much fail to address in one article, but I’ll stick with this: Why do these morons think that just because I own a gun that I don’t lock my doors, turn on my alarm, have my (gun and) cell phone close by, and have a big, well trained dog at the ready? Those measures are for the deterrence of anyone illegally entering my home; a last chance for them to turn around and leave with the same amount of holes they were born with.

  10. Cops, sure. 15 to 20 minute response time, and when things are really bad they won’t show up at all.

    [flame proactively deleted by user]

  11. what do cops bring to the ballistic bad guy beating equation that non-law enforcement types can’t?

    Well….a propensity to shoot dogs?

  12. Lay off him guys, it was hard for barney to remember that he only had 1 bullet. Sarc/

    • He definitely forgot it was in his pocket.

      Seriously though, who knows. That’s like saying one person is better than another person. There’s a lot of variance. Perhaps better than a bad cop, perhaps worse than a really good cop. I’ve never been in a situation where I needed to put that to the test and hope I never will either.

  13. I posted this a while back under a different item, but it bears repeating here:
    ” If we had such teeth, we could fight back, and stop this savagery.” That night, when the wolves came, the newly armed sheep sprang up with their weapons and struck at them and cried “Begone! We are not food!” and drove off the wolves, who were astonished.
    The next day, flush with victory and waving their weapons, they approached the flock to pronounce their discovery. But as they drew nigh, the flock huddled together and cried out “Baaaaaaaadddd! Baaaaaddd things! You have bad things! We are afraid! You are not sheep!” -

    To the typical anti, which the writer of this piece obviously is, there is no difference between an armed citizen and a violent criminal. Example: “Gun possessors become uncontrollable and kill multiple innocent people”. They are unable, or unwilling(I would say this is the one that applies to Britt) to realize the extreme stupidity of this. This man has an obvious vested interest in supporting the police no matter what, since he is one, and his livelihood depends upon the masses accepting him as ‘the authority’, no matter how ridiculous his assertions are.
    For as long as that cognitive dissonance in (what I will laughingly refer to as) their brains exist, dialog with them will remain impossible, and all attempts to coexist and/or appease them are doomed to failure.

  14. If less than perfect gun use is the problem, perhaps Officer-Friendly should turn in his, now and forever.

    If we’re disarming people because they are somehow unqualified to have arms, I nominate Officer-Friendly. He seems to have done poorly in the event, to cling to an insanity he’s identified himself, and to engage in magical thinking (that changing the future changes the past.)

    “Occasionally, some people Gun possessors become uncontrollable and kill multiple innocent people; we mourn the death of the innocent, bury them and talk about securing the rights of the living.”

    Having a gun personally, or not is a choice each individual must make. Whether in general it’s better to disarm responsible, peaceful citizens has been answered. It isn’t.

    “It’s the mental illness of our society that keep us doing the same thing getting the same result but thinking this time it’s gonna be different.”

    Indeed, reactionary people who have had a bad experience keep trying to make it go away by taking guns away from responsible, peaceful people, most of whom have not had similar bad experiences and never will. What helps the odds of creating a better future in the real world?

    Really, because you had a bad experience once – a two-fer, actually – doesn’t mean everyone else sinks to the level of your bad luck or poor performance. Since we haven’t invented time travel, disarming everyone else forevermore will do exactly nothing about the past.

    I do wonder, how many less-able, un-uniformed innocents is Officer-Friendly willing to sacrifice on the alter of his own not performing. I, for one, would like the opportunity to celebrate the lives and rights of the innocents not killed, raped, traumatized and more because they have the means to stand up for themselves, with a gun if that’s what it takes.

  15. Jackasses like this piss me off and do a discredit to the job. I love armed citizens and the more that are around, the better.

    Bad police should be held accountable, but the majority are overall good people.

    But for many that are going to be throwing stones at police in the comments of this article, if you’ve never even drawn down on someone before I would not be so quick to be a keyboard commando and talk a bunch of crap. You honestly just don’t know for sure how you’ll react until you’re faced with a real situation, despite any competitions you may shoot in.

    • Maybe if cops didn’t sell out what little morality they had to begin with to dispense violence for politicians upon victims who offend politicians, the taxpayers who fund their paychecks and pensions and get nothing in return would stop criticizing them.

    • You honestly just don’t know for sure how you’ll react until you’re faced with a real situation,
      True, but neither do Police & Military Elite Operators.
      I know a former Spetsnaz member who stated that nothing can really prepare you for real combat.
      I will say watch out for the adrenaline dump.
      I agree with my friend who was in combat in Vietnam to think and keep your wits about you.

  16. So…”I’m ill-trained and ill-equipped to stop bad guys from committing crimes. Y’all should for sure give up your guns and call me, the police, to come and protect you.”

  17. It’s one of the reasons I took up PPC, IPSC, IDOA and 3 gun shooting.
    I knew my agencies standards were lacking.

  18. His argument is pretty pathetic in terms of logic: the average LEO is a better shot than the average “target shooter,” therefore we shouldn’t do anything at all to protect ourselves other than call 911. As the professorial elite might say, his conclusion does not flow from his premises. Besides, a good number of DGUs seem to occur in circumstances that do not lend themselves to his run away and call 911 scenario.

    But he does appear to be from Massachusetts, so let’s call that “blue state logic.”

    In the meantime, I am going to protect my family and myself by all the means at my disposal and then call 911.

    • >the average LEO is a better shot than the average “target shooter,”


  19. I live in a sanctuary city and hub of international drug trafficking. Kind of a lot of criminal element hanging around.

    As recently as TODAY, a psychologist and her licensed professional counselor husband pleaded guilty to felonies for tampering with mental health evaluations for peace officer candidates. Now, more than a dozen police agencies in the Houston area scrambling to retest officers to ensure they are fit for duty.

    Soooo……you want me just to surrender my rights as a human being and shirk my responsibilities as a man to defend my family, and rely exclusively on the local police? You should have your head examined.

  20. You can call 911 faster and get out of your house quicker than you can: wipe the sleep out of your eyes, locate the gun, load, aim, fire (is your target clear?).
    In the dead of the night, I can retrieve and discharge my firearm at a target in about 5 seconds. It would take me 10 seconds to unlock the phone and dial 911, then they’d have to pick up, then I’d have to explain the situation, then Law Enforcement would to arrive, and since my wife has ambulation issues, it would take at least another 45 seconds to get her out of the house, assuming the exit wasn’t blocked. So, he’s an idiot if he actually thinks 911 is faster
    Oh ohh forgot the safety is still on.
    Confirmation, he is an idiot. Safety is built into the trigger, there is nothing to leave on. On my handguns that have an external safety, it literally takes not one millisecond longer to flick the safety off while drawing, than it not having an external safety.
    The idiot probably take 5 seconds to click a mouse button, as it seems complicated beyond his comprehension.

  21. I get a kick how he refers to himself as well trained. I was a police firearms instructor for years and I always found the officers who had a background in target shooting and hunting did better both at the range and in a real firefight. Fact is that 80% or more of police do not routinely train with their weapons aside from that one or two times a year they have to qualify, where recreational shooters are putting rounds down range monthly. I even had one Caption showed up to qualification with his Dept. issued H&K USP rusted into its holster, he had spilled his soda on it a few weeks earlier. I enjoy being a cop and I am proud of what I do. However the the general public need to stop holding up Law Enforcement as the gold standard of firearms training. Your average CCW/CHL permit holder is more likely to hit what he is aiming at, and also statistically less likely to commit a crime.

    • And yet the voices from your community who agree with you are few and far between. There is no battle cry from police departments and organizations refuting the liberal left’s lies that only the police should be allowed to have guns because they are the only ones properly trained. Sure we see and hear about departmental anti-terrorism training and SWAT training. But we citizens don’t need that kind of training. I evaluate my range training on the basis of the human torso. How many hits, how many misses. How well will I perform if that torso is shooting back? I don’t know. But neither does the LEO before his first live shooting.
      Thanks for your service.

      • Nation wide this is very true, However here at my dept. in Texas the majority of officers do believe in and support a civilian right to carry. We even have a few officer who volunteer time teaching CHL classes at their churches. Our administration on the other hand doesn’t even want us officers to carry of duty, it takes our union for us to retain our 2A and LEOSA rights. So this whole “only we should have the guns” attitude exist within the LEO community as well.

        • The very same is true here in southeastern VA. I have never met a LEO who viewed OC or CC as a problem, and quite the opposite. Funny though, our elected sheriff is a Democrat and hates guns.

        • While this is awesome to know, especially about the cops in New York. However I still think Gman’s point holds true. The majority of LEOs don’t stand up for carry rights until it starts to effect them personally.

      • Very true. Honestly I would like to see a 100% qualification standard for law enforcement training. If one bullet misses the torso then you fail. But that would never happen just because depts. would lost 1/3 or more of their officers.

  22. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I don’t think ANY training can prepare you for being shot at while having to defend your life or the life of your loved ones. I certainly have thought long and hard about that. The only conclusion I have come to is that I am willing to put my life on the line to protect my loved ones. That is what I bring to the fight that few LEOs would. We have a real stake in the game, they do not.

  23. The cop vrs mr everyday disscussion aside…..
    Why is there always mention about a manuel safety being such a time consuming part of getting on target and getting a shot off?
    To me?……its a bigger issue identifying the threat and being the first to take action vrs what type of weapon system you run.
    I’ve seen guys not identity the threat and react too slow even though they run without manuel safeties, and I’ve also seen the opposite…a guy who makes the right call and gets his weapon with a manuel safety on line quicker than the threat.
    This argument is just about as useless as which caliber is the best one or what gun is the best.
    It’s about your individual weapon and how well you work as a system.
    I just see this pop up now and then and just like this article, it’s ridiculous.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. The weapon system is a great analogy. NYC cops have 15-17 pound trigger Glocks. I don’t care how well you train, that’s an inaccurate weapon system. I carry a BHP. I practice draws weekly. That slide safety is of no concern to me anymore because we are a weapon system and work well together.

    • Yep, not surprising this cop is for unarmed citizenry, considering one of his arrestees got their conviction reversed because there was evidence he was legally defending himself against Officer Britt.

  24. “So I love the untrained target shooters who are so convinced they are going to prevail in a shootout and put all their shots in the target.”

    Straw man much? I’m not convinced I will prevail in any shootout, nor am I convinced I’ll “put all (my) shots in (the) target.” Neither is a salient point. NOBODY, not even Saint Miculek can guarantee they’d hit the target in every circumstance. (This is why you know your backdrop – which isn’t that hard in your own home!)

    He then rolls into a false dichotomy (classic liberal argument tactic): His insinuation is that you either can guarantee that you’re skilled enough that every shot will hit the target, or you shouldn’t have a gun. If that were the case, the entire NYPD would have been disarmed long ago.

    What is the rate of law enforcement Officers accidentally shooting innocent bystanders compared to armed citizens doing the same during a DGU? Bueller…..Bueller…….

  25. Memorize:

    1. Police have no legal duty to protect individuals.
    2. Police have no legal liability when they fail to protect individuals.
    3. Unless assigned as bodyguards, police have virtually no physical ability to protect individuals.

    The police don’t protect individuals. They draw chalk outlines around individuals unwilling or unable to protect THEMSELVES.

    If you’re not willing and able to protect YOURSELF, you’re just not going to get protected AT ALL. Anybody who tells you different is a LIAR.

    The author quoted is a LIAR who would try to bamboozle me into believing that the cop who shot Akai Gurley, or the nitwits and cowards who tried to kill Emma Hernandez, Margie Carranza and David Perdue, and the Cleveland cops who professed not to be able to see a race riot in 1986 are going to “protect” me better than I’m going to protect MYSELF.

    Many years ago, the wannabe “hitman” bodyguard of a drug dealer threatened to kill some friends and myself because he [erroneously] believed that we’d turned him into the college which we attended. We dutifully [and foolishly] trooped down to the Fulton, Missouri PD who told us that there was NOTHING they could do until one of us was physically harmed, but that as soon as one of us was killed, they’d spring into action. We got a similar response from the Callaway County Sheriff. He however noted that Missouri had very strong protections for lawful self-defense and advised us to protect OURSELVES. We took his advice to heart and cross-leveled arms and ammunition, and made sure that our antagonist KNEW. That was the end of the threats.

    “We don’t have to protect you and we won’t LET you protect YOURSELF.” is a tough sell and getting tougher all the time.

  26. Seems like one of his first mistakes was to carry a revolver. Why limit yourself to somewhere around six shots? He should have carried a semi-auto, at least a 1911. Or, a 9mm with 17 or so in the mag. If he had that, he could have kept on firing. Probably still would not have hit anything, but he could return fire.

  27. Sanctimonious professional ass-hat with a badge. The correct thing to do is immediately return high volume of fire to suppress the enemy’s fire. Note if someone is directing AK or AR fire its no longer a police action, you have a firefight on your hands,

  28. The bottom line: they don’t trust us. This cop, the anti-gun movement, all think that civilians are either:

    A: Hair trigger nutcase waiting to explode.

    B: Incompetent.

    Unlike the Founders, they have no faith in the average citizen to do the right thing. Which is sad and, frankly, anti-American.

  29. He says, “You can call 911 faster and get out of your house quicker than you can: wipe the sleep out of your eyes, locate the gun, load, aim, fire (is your target clear?). Oh ohh forgot the safety is still on.” I beg to differ.
    According to my wife I am a caveman and thus no need to wipe the cold out of my eyes. The Glock Brand Glock 35 sits within hands reach at all times while in my home in Condition 1. Consequently I don’t have to locate the gun or load it. I just simply have to aim and fire. Oh ohh remember your finger is the safety.

  30. He was “a well trained cop”. So that means what, he spent 30 minutes on the range during the police academy and shot a total of 50 rounds?

  31. Our world is faster, but the cops still take 30 minutes or more to get to your location.

  32. If you the gun owner who is defending their home (which seems to be the main reason gun owners recite the reason for gun ownership) misses the target, you may shoot your family member or your neighbor.
    Or you may shoot the bad guy and save the family member or your neighbor’s lives.

  33. As a young officer in a gunfight I had the revolver, the bad guys had automatic weapons, the adrenaline in my body was so high that I didn’t realize I was dry firing (pulling the trigger on a weapon without live ammunition). I was a well trained officer
    My BS detector went off on this one at several levels.

    • Yes, an empty revolver vs. automatic weapons (note the plural), and you survived how, exactly? Because bullets just bounce off your awesomeness?

  34. Repeat after me: no matter how bad you suck, it does not actually constitute evidence that anybody sucks worse than you do. It’s the same with police as it is with anybody else.

  35. Who did this clown partner with? Barney Fiffe? If he’s any example of the modern police officer, I’m buying more guns.

  36. Why bother?

    There have been no confirmed cases of law abiding citizens ever using a gun to stop crime.

    “DGUs” are nothing but a MYTH!

    Your 50X more likely to turn your own weapon on yourself or a murder a loved one than stop criminal threats.

    And another study showed that CCW holders are known to make situations actually worse!

  37. Does Britt also believe drivers should close their eyes and wait for impact in auto accident?

    Same reasoning since most people have not had cricial driving courses.


  38. This man has not given this issue a single moment of serious thought. Armed citizens don’t do any damned policing, you idiot. We don’t go chasing criminals, stopping strangers for “probable cause”, or serving warrants. We aren’t getting into the sort of firefight you describe. No we’re the people being killed by the folks you got into that firefight with that put them on your radar in the first place.

    Never mind the fact that most defensive gun uses don’t involve shots fired.

    I could go on for hours, but typing on a smart phone that’s only a few paragraphs.

    This guy had no clue, not one single clue.

  39. This fukin clown leaves me speechless. Yeah, this sniper who’s not obligated to protect me or anyone else, thinks we should give up our guns and call him. Priceless l tell y’all.

  40. My guess is Britt has dreams of being Chief of Police some day…. probably Chicago or DC.

  41. A few random thoughts on this one.

    1) Until the cops have Star Trek transporter technology, their response will not be faster than my gun.
    2) I still have to wipe the sleep out of my eyes to dial 911 on my phone or flee my house. If I leave, I have to go get my infant daughter first.
    3) My gun is already loaded and I know exactly where it is. My primary defensive gun has no safety. It’s one of those evil, modern, high capacity, DA/SA types that supplanted revolvers.
    4) I have strong doors and locks, cell phones, digital goodies, and blah blah blah… and several guns. I wouldn’t trade even one of my guns for cops. No offense to the boys in blue, but please see point 1.
    5) If the cop misses the target, he/she may shoot my family member or neighbor. Last I checked, dead is still dead.

  42. “Call the police”. This guy has never lived in Detroit. 2 hours later, the police will help the coroner load you into a wagon, if they come at all.

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