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Texas (courtesy

All four of my daughters are gathering in Texas next month. Thanks to divorce and distance, it’ll be the first time in five years that the full female Farago/Santana clan will be in one place at the same time. My progeny and ex-step daughter want to motor to California for family fun. Nope. Now that the Golden State has gone full you-know-what on gun control, I refuse to reward their tourist industry with my cash. More than that I don’t want to travel unarmed with my girls.

desantis blue logo no back 4 smallThe idea of not having the best possible tool to protect their lives is impossible to entertain. So I will carry — and keep a trunk gun — when we journey to The Land of Enchantment, where my gun rights are recognized.

How about you? Do you eschew states that refuse to recognize your license to carry or “allow” constitutional carry? Or do you go into “enemy terrority” under sufferance due to family concerns or business?

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    • the good selection of tiny guns in small calibers certainly help in this endeavor. Getting made in a slave state will cost you your freedom.


    • Me, too, although I also avoid them when possible. I have carried in Chicago, NYC, DC, and many points in CA. And just might again.

    • I agree with, but don’t think that attitude would work in states like MA, CT, NY , if caught carrying a pistol, and you don’t have a out of state license, you go to jail and lose your inalienable right to keep and bear forever.

      I know a friend pulled over in MASS. With a 12 round empty mag on his back floor, he is facing 10 years in prison. He was travelling from his home state through Mass to a state that recognized his ccw, but, the mass state police could not overlook his oversight in missing an “evil” high cap mag, which is illegal in that foreign land.

      Do not visit these anti self defense states for any reason

      • Really? No gun… no ammo… just an empty mag? A simple bit of steel or plastic, a spring gets you a 10 year term in the big house?

        I’m not saying I don’t believe it because I do, it’s just intolerable. If you rob a 7-11 you will probably get less, no?

        This is some grade-A bullshit right there. This makes no one safer. Talk about your victimless crime.


        • I know someone who was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm for having a spent peice of brass on the floor of his truck, it’s a shame that I know if I ever get pulled over in ma. that I’m going to be forced to try to reason with a stormtrooper who is to stupid to realize what a nazi he really is….welcome to progressive America.

          • Same in our communist capital dc–even one EMPTY shell casing & you are charged with ‘unlawful possession of unregistered ammunition’–happens

    • YES ! , I will drive hundreds of miles around Maryland from WV to go to Penn. , just look at a map and see what I’m talking about . I will not visit NY , Mass. or California ever and I actually have begun avoiding buying products on-line that are made in a ‘ Gun Restrictive State ‘. These states will not get my money .
      I would wish all the 2nd Amendment loving citizens of any state that restricts your Constitutional rights , would move and declare your reason for leaving as you wave good-by .

    • I’d say that many of these states have gone well beyond “not protecting” and into “attacking” our rights territory.

  1. I live in Virginia, only a couple of miles from the Wilson Bridge, which is on the Highway to Hades. I treat the Potomac River as if it were a moat full of burning gasoline and fire-proof crocodiles with lasers mounted on their heads.

    Not to say I don’t occasionally venture across said river, but I need a compelling reason to do so.

  2. Business takes me across the country via truck camper and wherever my CA CCW is not recognized, I fuel at the state border, secure my armament in lock box, cabled inside camper then proceed. I refused to carry if traveling through the North East. Various state highway patrols search databases targeting out of state CCW carriers. If I were to stay overnight in New York, I become a felon for possessing a handgun regardless legally registered handgun and the camper being living quarters.

    Regardless of CA’s 8 hours of law and 8 hours demonstrating proficiency, many states do not recognize CA CCW because California will not recognize any state that is shall issue because filling out a form, is not the vetting the citizen. This was senator Feinsteins’ explanation.

    So even though I’ve satisfied CA requirements I cannot carry across the country because other states do not infringe on a citizens ability to lawfully protect themselves. Oh the Orwellian world we’ve become.

    • Get yourself some nonresident permits that are honored. Utah and Florida are two examples.

      • DO NOT rely on Utah permits being recognized or those from AZ or any state either. Colorado for example will NOT honor a permit if the person doesn’t live in Utah – be careful out there. These laws change and are misinterpreted by state patrol officers and courts faster than you can blink. Instead, start writing your congress critters demanding CCW facilitation across all state lines and or vote out those SOB’s in both state and federal who want YOU to be unarmed and a victim! TRUMPIZE them! We are working on voting against BENNETT in CO who is a dirtbag for this very reason.

    • FWIW, most states recognize campers as homes for legal purposes. i.e. Break into a camper it’s treated the same as burglary of a stick built home.
      So having a gat in there should be OK. Even in communist states.

      • Not exactly according to

        Conversely, if an RV-type vehicle is located and hooked up at a campground or commercial park, an officer suspecting a crime at such a location would more than likely be required to obtain a search warrant from a judge or magistrate before conducting a search.
        In all states, motorhomes, vans and vehicles towing trailers or carrying camper-type structures are considered “automobiles” for the purposes of search and seizure. When being operated as such on the highway, an officer with probable cause that a crime has or is being committed involving such a vehicle may stop it and perform a warrantless search for items relevant to the suspected crime (including driver and passengers if legally justified)….”

        I can certainly see a NY or MA state trooper go through your camper after traffic stop regardless of the legality of that action. I know, not without consent, but then they’ll just arrest you and do it anyway.

      • NOPE – do NOT depend on hearsay. Contact the courts or an attorney in EACH state to which you will visit or read their laws about what is considered a home BEFORE you assume your camper is your home and it will protect you. You might suggest to the USCCA or NRA to do an article on this topic!

  3. I live in PA. I no longer travel in or visit MD, NY, & NJ. When I go south, I go around MD via West Virginia. Fortunately, most of my trips south have been to states south of western PA.

    • That strikes me funny Mad because I live in WV and if I have to travel North East I avoid MD also , I bet there are a lot of us passing one another on the highway , traveling miles out of our way . We should fly a flag to let each other know who we are so we can flash our lights and wave . That is truly shameful it has to be this way but I am still for a states right to enact these stupid laws .

      • An entrepreneur will create the CCW flag! Anyone needing some income get to it now! IT will be a big seller!

        • Some of are just the ideas folks and others will make the dime ……………. it’s OK , I enjoy my median income life , my ideas are free to the public . Here is another . A smoke detector on a mic stand that will reach ceiling height . Be a blessing for older folk and handicapped or people who don’t want to climb a ladder every time they want to check or change the batteries on a VERY important and neglected safety tool .

  4. We live in PA. We try not to travel to Maryland, New Jersey, or New York. If we do have to travel through those states, we try to spend as little time and/or money there. Not only can we not exercise our 2nd Amendment rights in those states, they are socialist/communists havens. Why should we support their economies? They can FOAD!

    • Yes, I’ve figured out how to cross MD without given them a penny in toll. Fuel up at the PA line, don’t go in hungry, so no tax either. Screw ’em.

      Unfortunately, I love spending time in Maine. It’s pretty much impossible to get up there without dropping at least some money in slave state. Plus, I personally am unwilling to risk carrying a firearm on the other side of the US iron curtain. Would like to have a gun camping in Maine, but it’s just too big a risk, even if you follow the rules for legal transport through NJ/NY/MA.

    • It’s a considerable bit out of my way to avoid Maryland altogether and fortunately I’m usually taking I-81 South. I-81 crosses MD near it’s narrowest point. 12 miles between the Potomac River and the PA line. No real need to stop in MD. I will stop either side just to secure my weapon though. That’s a hassle but not worth the legal shitstorm.

      • I did it for years , not anymore , just out of stubbornness . I go through Ohio . 79 up to 80 or 79 to 76 . It’s a beautiful drive .

  5. My wife wants to drive from Texas to PA to visit her father… We’ll be going around Maryland.

    • Good plan. I had the misfortune of living in MD for several years. Once you stop in MD, you become subject to its ridiculous laws. From MDSP’s website: “you can only transport a handgun between residence, to and from a repair shop, a shooting sporting event, between a residence and place of business if substantially owned and operated by the person.”

      So, by stopping to get gas or a meal, you are no longer subject to FOPA and are breaking MD law, as you are not going to any of those locations (ain’t Federalism grand sometimes?). So, my theory when going to MD has been to stop at the gun range, walk in, pick up an application, read it for a minute, then walk out. I make sure I’m conspicuously standing in view of the store’s video cameras, so I can prove I was there that day. Then I can say I was going to go to the range to shoot, but didn’t like the range fees. I have about two dozen range applications I just toss in my glove box.

      Was never happier than when I left that state. Fuck Maryland. It should be kicked out of the union, AFAIC.

  6. I have to go back to south Baja to bring back my truck. I am dreading it. I really got sick of Mexico and not carrying. Because I will not have it with me when I fly into Mx I will also not have my side arm on my drive to Wy where I will leave the truck at our new but yet uninhabited home.

    • I have to question your wisdom. First of all, how can any truck be worth your life? In my humble opinion a trip from the southern Baja Peninsula all the way to the U.S. has to be one of the riskiest treks that you could take across Mexico. Second of all, how much is all that travel going to cost? (Remember to include the value of your time.) And could you sell that truck in Baja? Could you take the money from the sale of the truck, along with the money that you would spend on travel, and simply buy another truck for about the same net amount of cash?

      • 100 % Agree.

        You can hire someone in Baja to drive it to the border for you.

        As for not having your carry on the drive north, consider FedEx-ing it to yourself wherever your first motel stop is…

        • Dial 555-sinaloa I, sure they will be HAPPY to help el gringo to transport a loaded pickup into the US. NO charge Yankee.

      • It is a very nice ’71 C10 (freshly custom painted just like Mexicans like) with hoodlum wheels and filled with at least $6k worth of my stuff. I have driven that drive seven times before. It is mostly near the border that it begins to seem really unsafe. I’d cross at Tecate. That is usually the fastest crossing with the least vendors.
        Yeah, I might well die, but probably not. Still I will dislike almost every moment of the trip.

        • I’ve made many trips similar to the one you are describing. I carry, but then again, I don’t fly down. That makes it extremely difficult. I assume that you haven’t cached a gun in the truck. I’ve never had a problem in the interior. It’s the border that gets tricky.

  7. Don’t travel beyond rare trips to the city in the next state. I carry discreetly and very carefully there, and get back home to WY as fast as I can manage it. Otherwise, I don’t go anywhere my gun is not welcome, openly or concealed.

    My family lives in So. Calif. too… and I won’t set foot there ever again – at least not until after the revolution. 🙂 They all know where I am.. and if they want to see me they can do the traveling.

  8. I can’t avoid spending money in CA as we live here. However, the military base down the road has a gun counter. I got a great deal on a 9mm Shield and paid zero in state taxes. Take that, Jerry Brown.

    We are thinking of a road trip going east next year. If the state doesn’t honor my AZ permit we will bypass.

  9. I avoid states like the plague that consider me a felon for possessing effective self-defense tools. I could care less about visiting New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Washington, D.C. As much as I would like to visit California, Oregon, and Washington, nothing there is worth my life.

    The only “exception” if you will is Illinois: I will drive through Illinois when I am driving across the northern part of the country only because Illinois + Lake Michigan + Lake Superior + Canada is a 2,000+ mile north-to-south barrier that is totally impractical to drive around. The only redeeming aspect to driving through Illinois is that Illinois does not consider me a criminal for having a loaded handgun in my car while I am driving through. Other than a single stop for 4 minutes to use a bathroom, I sail right on through Illinois with basically zero risk … as long as I choose a “nice” location to use a bathroom.

    • Oregon and Washington have, for the time being, good carry laws, and Washington at least has decent reciprocity coverage. That’s probably going to change, but for now, if you want to visit the Pacific Northwest, chances are decent you can do so armed.

      • CarlosT,

        I do not live in Oregon thus Oregon does not recognize my concealed carry license from my home state. I thought Washington would not recognize my license either, however I just verified that Washington does indeed honor my concealed carry license from my home state!

        Looks like I just might have to schedule a trip to Washington in the next couple years. I figure I will go at the end of August — right in the middle of their two months of sunny weather!

        We all know why California doesn’t honor licenses from other states. Why doesn’t Oregon honor licenses from other states? I would love to go there some time.

        • Oregonians can answer better, but from what I understand, the powers that be consider other permit processes as not equivalent to theirs. It doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s what I’ve heard. The logic doesn’t hold water because Oregon is pretty middle of the road: the permit itself isn’t cheap, but it’s not too expensive either at $65. There’s a training requirement that can be satisfied a number of ways. It’s shall issue. There are a number of states that are functionality equivalent. [shrug]

          August is a great time to visit Washington, so is September. Great place to visit. I would love to keep it a good place to live, but I don’t know…

  10. In a word, Yes. If I have to transit through, I try plan ahead and not buy their gas, patronize their restaurants, hotels or other businesses for that reason alone. It’s discretionary spending and that does enter into my decision. I think a lot of people probably do the same thing. I wonder how much business they are losing? At least a couple thousand from me alone! I don’t think their leaders have a clue. If they did they probably wouldn’t care anyhow.

    I remember talking with a guy I work with. Real left wing drone. When informed that GE just announced they were departing Connecticut because of Malloy’s latest tax increases, his response was “If they don’t want to pay their fair share then we don’t need them.” You can probably guess that his job wasn’t one of the thousands affected.

  11. Yes sir I do. Unfortunately I have to travel to Commiefornia in a month or so and I’m less than thrilled. I avoid anywhere that doesn’t accept my ut permit.

  12. Nope b4 a trip I follow the path through friendly states, unfortunately my profession requires me to be unarmed, but I shouldn’t be on my own time!

  13. Pro-gun states have HIGHER murder and suicide rates than states with strict gun laws.

    Pro-gun states are even known to cook their crime stats to make it seem like crime is low when it is not!

    The only reason states with strict gun control have gun crime is because lax law states refuse to do anything about their guns being leaked in said strict states.

    New york, Illinois and California stood up to the bullying tyranny of the NRA and remain one of the best safest states in the US.

    You see.. Here in the states our laws support criminals and the mentally unstable citizens to purchase guns. So I feel Germany’s pain that they suffered from an attack by some NRA inspired lunatic.

    To all the “What about the strict German gun laws haha?”.

    U.S. Gun deaths per year: 33,781

    German gun deaths per year: 808

    Nice try

    • New York, Illinois and California are safe????????????–since WHEN–these states are to avoided like the Plague–England, Germany, Australia, etc are very dangerous countries with crime rates far higher than the US–many tools are used for violence & evil people use whatever is available–you speak as a brainwashed moron

    • I don’t think anyone in their right mind looks at LA, Chicago, or NYC and thinks of a nice , safe place.

      All those state are happy to have more rural populations to water down the numbers from their urban cesspool metropolis cities.

    • Glad you are staying out of freedom loving states. If there is anything else we can do to make you liberals fear us, please don’t hesitate to ask. Liberals have already ruined enough of the country. PS – I hear Germany wants lots of immigrants – perhaps you should go there where you (but not your wife or daughter) will “feel” safe from guns.

    • Wyoming, the state with the highest gun ownership per capita (approximately 67%), has a homicide rate of 1.4. California’s is 6.7. Vermont, a state with nearly no laws about guns, has a homicide rate of 1.1. New York, which is always trying to pass more gun control, has a rate of 4.4.

      The truth is that crime is perpetrated by people, and the available tools are not an important factor in crime rates. Cultural and social factors have much greater influence on how much and what kinds of crime a community will experience.

    • Factually incorrect. Across the 50 states, there is no correlation between strictness of gun laws and murder rate. If anything, it goes slightly in the other direction. The “studies” which show higher rates of violence in states with liberal gun laws cherry pick, and consider only a subset of states. You can achieve any correlation you want if you get to select your data-points. The same is true across nations, or if one does the analysis by county in the US instead of by state. The correlation between rate of private firearm ownership and homicide rate is approximately r = about 0.10 at all levels of analysis. Very weak relationship, but if anything in the direction of more guns fewer homicides.

      As far as suicides go, that’s less clear. Still, that is beside the point. If I were to decide to check out, I’m not going to sweat the local laws anyway. Also, it’s not about whether you are at particular risk for violence. You are at risk for violence as soon as you are born (actually, as soon as you are conceived given that about 500,000 unborn are aborted in this country each year). You are at risk for violence no matter where you are. That’s life.

      The issue is whether or not the government in a given area decides the little people deserve to have the same ability to protect themselves as government officials, retired police, and the wealthy do.

    • Dear Concerned American (if you are that),

      When the educated and open minded see “Gun Death” numbers we know what follows will likely be propaganda. Please go study up on what your favored “gun death” statistic includes. A helpful hint is below.

      Also take a close look at how various countries count things in their statistics. Then spend some time reexamining your flawed anti-gun talking point based conclusions.

      Let’s work with a round number of 32,000 gun related deaths a year in a racially and culturally diverse nation of about 312 million people.

      About 60% of that 32,000 are suicides, not murder.
      About 3% are accidental and that % is falling even as ownership soars.
      About 4% are justified (police, civilian self defense).

      That leaves about 33% are homicides. Thus about 10,500 murders of which 80% of are gang related violence.

      Yes the United States has a suicide problem. Yes we have serious gun violence problems in some of our inner city neighborhoods. Want a fun research project? Take our 30 most violent zip codes out of the data and reexamine things.

      Any intellectually honest (vs spewing/trolling cherry picked stats) evaluation of gun crime in America will reveal:

      1. We have states/cities with strict gun regulation and low gun crime.
      2. We have states/cities with strict gun regulation and high gun crime.

      There is obviously far more to the fixing the problems than just passing more gun control laws. Hint it’s about the people not the guns.

      A little American violent crime research project for you. The top 10 safest states in America are:

      #1 – Vermont
      #2 – Maine
      #3 – Virginia
      #4 – Wyoming
      #5 – Kentucky
      #6 – New Hampshire
      #7 – Idaho
      #8 – Utah
      #9 – Minnesota
      #10 – Montana

      No go research firearm ownership rates and gun regulations for each of those states. It will be a eye opening education for you. Well that is if you are anything more than just another close minded troll.

    • You guys that are responding to ConcernedAmerican understand that you are wasting words on an imbecile and troll right?

    • Nice try indeed , Hillary , I recognize your prose and punctuation , good luck at the convention your Hillarness , you should go somewhere else to spout off your inaccuracies and concentrate on what pant suite you’ll be wearing , you awry rascal .

  14. I’m fortunate…thus far, all my family and friends live in free states. So any travel to the socialist bastions of gun control would be, currently, strictly discretionary…and I choose not to go there, period. It’s still a big country with plenty of beautiful, freedom loving states that can have my hard earned vacation money.

  15. My North Carolina permit is good in 39 other states, just about a record —even good in Washington state & Delaware!–sometimes travel very carefully thru Maryland, no stops for ANYTHING–communist states do not get even one dime of my $–do not go to Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine any longer because you CAN NOT SAFELY travel in New York or New Jersey (are you listening VT, NH & ME–put pressure on your communist adjoining states, they are costing you LOTS of money)–we need National Reciprocity very badly–do not reward communism with your $ & maybe? they will listen–(probably not)

    • swimming pools kill far more children than firearms–lets ban them–face it, accidents & crime kill people without letup–because of our Muslim president, b. hussein obama, we are unfortunately going to need our weapons

        • See, this is exactly what you don’t seem to understand, or even attempt to process…

          Those who work at or patronize the 7-11, or go to a swimming pool, are responsible for their own safety. Every individual is responsible for his/her safety, and that of their families in every situation, at all times. Does not matter what the danger may come from. The danger from criminals who want to harm them is no exception.

    • Thank you concernedamerican for supporting our fight for gun freedom in this country. As I’ve explained to a number of trolls that play here the gun control argument is about numbers. Every time a senator or congressman thinks of gun control he thinks of the millions of progun folk that visits sites like this.

      By commenting here and getting others to reply to you you help raise the pro gun numbers.

      By contrast I have never logged onto an anti gun site. Regardless of any comment I made they would use the raw numbers to support their cause.

      So, once again, thank you for your support of firearms freedom.

      • If only numbers were actually on your side when statistically they’re not.

        Sorry. But I’m a freethinker.

        Not a brainwashed whore of your gun lobby pimps.

        I refuse to be brainwashed by heavily debunked garbage of more guns equals less crime when statistically it’s not proven true.

        Europe, Australia and Japan has debunked your beliefs many times.

        Using abnormalities like the recent attack in Germany or France as “proof” that gun control doesn’t work versus the numerous mass shootings that happen in the US everday is circular logic at most and piss poor reasoning at best.

        And I’m pretty sure no one with any logical thinking would’nt be caught dead supporting you on this terrorist website.

        • Europe, Australia and Japan are awash in violent crime with many types of weapons of used–feet, hands, arms, legs are all used as weapons also

        • “versus the numerous mass shootings”

          You keep saying ‘mass shootings’, which is a very vague term. Yesterday at the range I go to there was a mass shooting, we all had fun.

          Try and use specific defined terms and back up your assertions with facts.

          And don’t just throw out a bunch of links, I have no interest in following your logic by trying to decipher from some like to an anti second amendment website and which sound byte you are trying to reuse. Make your own argument and reference publicly accessible studies or data.

          Then try and make a sensible point, not just calling out ‘you terroist sheeple!’.

          I don’t think you can do that.

        • I’m sure you go along with global warming/cooling man made climate change. With data that is so inconsistent and dishonest (wiki leaks) but is used as a means to an end. Data only the government accumulated and then interpret and come to only one conclusion. Surprise it fits their argument, amazing. Gun control fits the same mould. Control the date pick data that fits your argument and delete all other data. The UK is a perfect example of selectively reporting crime. Home invasion robbery have skyrocketed. Assaults and low level crimes are not reported since the police never show up. Good luck defending yourself in your home in the UK as you have no right of self defense. Fighting back will and has gotten victims arrested.

          • Pretty much anywhere in Europe, if you resist any form of attack, robbery, etc, YOU are arrested & the criminal set free–most of the EU is just a shit hole where no one (except the elite) are safe–and since they are flooded with refugees, it is a huge mess getting worse by the day–just like our worthless Democrats feeling that they are ‘entitled’ to 24/7/365 protection at our expense–all of the politicians over there, just like here,that do not want us to be armed, have security–what hippo-crates!–same with the Hollywood elite

      • Good to know just how stu…….ignorant you are on the matter.

        I look forward to your continued support and help for our cause.

        • If only I could but I won’t.

          Keep bleating all you want sheep.

          But at least I’m freer than you and not stuck living in fear of some windmill when the real killer is the gun in your own home which I won’t be surprised if you end up harming yourself or a loved one.

          Studies do show that a gun in the home increases the like hood of suicide or murder against yourself or a loved one.

        • Let me guess. Liberal arts major, right? Because, cupcake, every comment you make here and every reply we make to you helps gun rights.

          Just cause you’re too stu……unenlightened to understand that doesn’t change the facts.

    • Yeah and I’m sitting here reading about another atrocity in highly gun controlled Germany where a lunatic killed a pregnant woman with a machete and injured others. Carnage stopped when a guy was ran over by a car.

      Then of course we have Munich where an 18 year old boy without any training and just a handgun brought a major European city into lockdown for hours as he ran around meeting zero resistance and having his way with that disarmed population.

      BTW, last I checked violence in America has been going down while gun ownership increases. How those apples?

  16. Especially during this summer of rage, it makes sense to avoid the Unconstitutional States. Other than a brief, armed pass through of IL, I have taken some of my favorite places to visit (DC, NY, CA) off my bucket list while they have these unconstitutional laws. I even waited until VA came back into the fold to go there. Let’s hope National Right to Carry will pass. (Good Reason to DUMP RYAN and vote for Paul Nehlen)

  17. Well since I live in Illinois I can’t avoid it. I carry semi-legally anyway. No gun(yet)but that’s about to change. I always have a pepper blaster/knife on me. I avoid sketchy parts of Chicago (almost all of it!). But Chicago is working it’s way South with drive by shootings nearby…

  18. I travel to New Hampshire, Florida and Nevada, and I’m licensed in all of them. I’m thinking about getting a CT license for when I go to Foxwoods. VT and ME do not require a license.

    I refuse to go to NYC, the land of my birth and home to many friends. My bestie is coming up from NYC to visit me this week, and we will be shooting a whole lot of guns and running through a whole lot of ammo.

    Do I go to places that deny me my right to self defense? No fvcking way. But I do feel all warm inside when I go to Boston where the residents, who paid for all that infrastructure, are denied their rights while I legally carry.

    • How do you legally carry in boston? Massachusetts isn’t reciprocal with anyone, and out of state permits are like unicorns…I hear about them from time to time,but have never seen one in person.

  19. I live in the SE and would not ever consider venturing to the NE or Komifornia for any reason whatsoever. There is never a good reason to support gun free zones; only poor reasons.

  20. Statistically nothing is remotely likely to happen. No reason to hamper my life because of not being able to carry. Besides…. conceal. A 9mm P938 looks like a big wallet in a good pocket holster.

  21. I avoid them like a democrat avoids spending his money. If I do go I carry a cheap POS that can be thrown away at a moments notice with 0 regrets.

  22. We have to cross Illinois to get from Kansas to Tennessee. When we do we fill up with gas in Missouri or Kentucky and try not to spend any money in Illinois.

    • Presumably you’re crossing the river at Cairo. You’ll be much relieved to know that the Mississippi River bridge is open again and you only need be in that benighted state for the 2 minutes or so it takes to get from the MO line to the KY line on the Ohio bridge. I’ve made the transit many a time over the years when I lived in Springfield and visited relatives in Georgia. Now I live in Georgia and it just bugged the hell out of me to have to drive thru Cairo up to I-57 worrying about either being pulled over or jacked by one of the street bums all over the place. Even more so on the bike.


  23. I carry where my ccw is allowed.

    If I can I avoid the depressing states.

    But business related trips. Those I have to take because it is part of the job.

  24. concernedamerican: In Great Britain and/or Australia, they call it a murder IF there is a conviction. No conviction, no murder. If the charge is negotiated down, it’s not a murder.

    The Police Chief in Manchester, England has been caught fudging numbers on crimes for years because his pay and bonus was based upon crime rates. Sort of what the big city police departments do.

    Where have you been?

  25. I will visit such states if absolutely necessary for business. I will not travel there for pleasure.

    We are a big country, and most of it honors my CHP. When planning vacation, I show my spouse the reciprocity map for North Carolina from and ask her to pick any state that is not red and can be reached without traveling through a red state. Looking at the vast expanse available between Maryland and California, besmirched only by Illinois and Minnesota, it is hard to see that as an onerous restriction.

    When we run out of wonderful destinations in those states, maybe I will reconsider.

    • The NC permit is probably the best & is a great place to check all current laws before traveling–also belong to United States Concealed Carry Association for legal coverage ‘just in case’–does not matter what type of weapon you use–up front payment & very reasonable premium–covers both the civil & criminal charges–quick access to a Pro 2nd Attorney wherever you are–good piece of mind

  26. I definitely avoid states that violate my Constitutional right to defend myself whenever I can. Unfortunately, my work sometimes requires me to travel to hellholes like Maryland and California so I just suck it up, spend as little money there as possible, get out as quick as I can, and always carry a high intensity flashlight and tactical pen. What’re you going to do? I have to have money to buy more guns and ammo when I get home.

  27. I do avoid going through states where i cannot legally carry. I do have to pass through one state when i go to visit family. I gas up before i cross that state boundary and accept that im commiting a felony while passing through.

  28. Yes, I avoid travel to those states if I have a choice. And I have in the past. I’d rather spend my money in friendlier states.

    Sadly, I grew up in Massachusetts and visited Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, and the Freedom Trail on field trips in school just like all Mass. students did, but won’t be going back to visit or be a tourist anytime soon. Let’s hope common sense prevails there in the days to come.

  29. I avoid going where my permit is not honored. but If I have to , I make sure that my car is clear ,and I am in compliance with their laws. unloaded and locked in the trunk with ammo separate. cause jail isn’t on my travel plans.

  30. Yes. But I live in AZ, as long as I don’t step in CA I am good. Although, I used to live in PA, and I used to take very extreme routes to minimize my time in MD when heading south. Not only because of they anti-2a laws, but also because driving through the farmlands of Delaware and taking the Chesapeake Bay Bridge was much more relaxing drive than I-95 straight down.

  31. I certainly avoid places that require me to go unarmed. I broke my own rule and disarmed a few years ago for a veteran protest in DC. Our rifles, handguns, and the like were in the trunk of a car in Virginia. I vowed to never again return to DC unarmed and intend on keeping to it.

  32. I avoid all states that are anti-gun. It pisses me off when I drive from Texas to my sister’s in Pennsylvania that I have to spend about 20 minutes in Maryland, unarmed.

    Adjusting my route from now on so I stay out of that backward “state” forever.

    Luckily, she is not close enough to NJ to make me worry…

  33. I live in Czech Republic, so I’m *surrounded* by states where I can’t carry. And yeah, I do tend to avoid places where I can’t carry, although I’ll add that I do make rare exceptions.

    The same goes for anti-gun shops around here – even though the no-beretta sign carries no weight of the law, I don’t wish to spend my money in such places. After all, such shops are quite rare here, so it is more of a symbolic thing.

  34. I absolutely avoid states I can’t carry in. I live in PA and the closest town with a grocery store is actually in NY. I know that sounds strange, but I live right next to the Delaware River in PA. It’s 10 miles to a New York town with a grocery store and shopping versus about 30 miles to a Pennsylvania town that has a grocery store and shopping. 15 years ago I would cross the Delaware river and shop in New York without even thinking. Though honestly for the last 10 years my family and friends are actually scared to to cross the bridge. We really aren’t scared by accidentally conceal carrying firearms, but are scared of New York’s knife, pepper spray/other defense tools, and ammo laws….. What if a empty shell or loaded round somehow rolled under the seat, under the floor mat, or even fell in-between the seats. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found an empty shell in a pocket, shoe, or in the cuff of my pants or shirt. Though the biggest scare come’s from having emergency/survival bags stored in all my vehicles. The emergency/survival bags have multi-tools, 5+ inch survival knives (the kind that have a nice sharp blade on on side and serrated tree cutting blade on the opposite side.) a couple of different types of saws, glass breakers with seatbelt cutters, road flares,a flare pistol, and a kimber pepper spray gun. The list goes on and on and with other survival items that I know are 100% NY legal. We live in the middle of nowhere and I’ve had to use the use the sawing tools a couple of times to help clear the road of a fallen tree. So yeah I ACTIVELY avoid certain States. I’m to busy living my life to have time to keep up with the new weekly laws making XYZ illegal to waste my time, business and money in that State.

    PS: I work in the firearm/defense/information technology/computer science industry and though I will never publicly admit it my businesses secretly discriminants against those states because it’s so much of a PITA having to deal with all the state and local laws. Thats not to say we won’t work in certain states… just means we give them our normal cost proposal and then multiply it by ten so we get outbid or are too expensive. Though if you want to pay $600,000 for a $60,000 job it then becomes cost effective to pay the lawyer’s legal expenses to make sure we follow all the laws correctly. Sadly for the residents of certain states I’m not the only one in the business of actively avoiding doing business with them. You might think I’m an awful person for doing what I do, but think about this for a second! I live in GA and PA and fly back and forth all the time. I transport firearms with hi-cap mags and banned in states like NY. Heck I even check-in and transport NFA weapons when I fly back and forth. If for some reason the plane I am on has to make an emergency landing or a necessary flight re-route that touches down in New York…..well New York’s policy is to arrest me and make me wait for my day in court to show the judge the FEDERAL LAW allowing me to legally interstate transport the firearms through the state to get to my final destination. Yes I will win the case because I’m 100% legal, but I’ve now had the firearms confiscated, been arrested, payed lawyers, payed a bail fee, will lose security clearance’s…especially when re-newing them, and probably cause a ton of problems renewing FFL’s, getting NFA forms approved, and I’d bet my last dollar if I was to walk in to a LGS attempted to buy a gun I’d either fail or have a hold on a NICS background check. Luckily my “residence” state is Georgia and all I need to do is show the LGS my CCW permit and bypass a NICS check that will probably fail or some crap. Sorry for the rant! I just really hate NY and other states with similar anti-gun laws and the majority residents keep voting for these legislators and screw the residents that live in upstate NY who DON’T vote and don’t follow state gun laws. Yes the 80% of you who have banned hi-cap mags and firearms up the wazo which would be legal if you all voted.

  35. I spent 4 days in Boston last week. The first thing I did once I got to the hotel was go find a place that sold knives and got myself a legal to carry 2.5″ fixed blade knife. I stayed in a really nice neighborhood and didn’t go sightseeing because I didn’t have my edc weapon. And after the Wednesday (or Tuesday?) AG move, someone else will have to make that trip because I won’t spend my money in Ma on principle.

  36. Drives some of my family a bit nuts, but I won’t travel to certain states (PRC, NY, NJ, a few others), or see movies with certain actors. Not supporting them with my money.

    I had to make a trip to CA for a funeral last year. It was painful and I got in and out ASAP (in and out the same day). Everyone wanted me to ‘stay for a few days and enjoy the coast’. No. Going home. Bye.

  37. True story. We are on vacation in September. Wife asked if I would like to visit San Diego. I said not without my G19. She said “oh yeah, never mind”.
    Hey San Diego chamber of commerce! You just fucked yourself out of a couple thousand dollars of my good money. Key West was our next choice and we carry there all the time. Decided on a cruise in the Greek Islands. If I have to go unarmed, might as well be out of the country, drinking Metaxa!

  38. I travel to NYC, Newark and Baltimore fairly regularly on business.

    I wouldn’t take my CCW to any of those places on a bet. Not 100% sure what a bad element would do to me in those locales. 99% sure what LE would do to me in those locales.

  39. I am traveling to MA in a couple days (against my better judgement) to take my son on a college visit (with a very slim, and still vanishing, chance of him going there). I actually can’t wait ’til I get asked about how we’d like our son to go to school there, given the MA governor’s recent actions. Because we’re flying out of Logan to return home, I left my hardware safely at home.

    Before MA, though, we’re going to be in Philly; I don’t know how I missed the fact that the DNC convention is also in town while we’re there (we planned the trip months go), and that fact is making me really, Really, REALLY nervous the more I think about not having my piece with me. My SA is going to need to be through the roof.

  40. My wife works in CA during the week, while we (I) live in AZ, so I end up going there on weekends about once a month. If I fly there, it just isn’t worth the legal risk of checking the gun on the way back. If I drive, I do keep a gun in the vehicle but follow the CA laws while I am there. And go back to my usual carrying as soon as I exit CA.

    I’d like not to go to CA anymore, just like I’d like her not to be working & living part time near a huge fault line, but neither of those are happening soon, so I minimize my travel there. I’ve got to go there soon, for a couple of weeks. I view it as going to another country. Which I’ve done twice this year already. And felt somewhat uncomfortable doing.

  41. I’m in Virginia, I haven’t been in D.C or Maryland in years and don’t plan to ever go back into those dumps. I’ll go south for beaches and vacation destinations where I can actually carry legally. Had a great time this past June in the Outer Banks, all with the security of my G19 on my hip.

  42. Didn’t much matter while traveling across country, usually had a weapon of some kind, tire Iron, chain, knotted rope, large nut on para cord, broke knife welded too small chain, Kukri, pistol etc, vehicle! can’t defend easily against random violence! However not traveling by automobile,much, avoid NJ, CA, Conn, NY, MD, Mass, RI, Delaware, most states controlled by Democrats who have passed anti -American gun laws still on books even though power may have changed!

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