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“There is a simpler solution, as Donald Trump has said many times, if you have somebody shooting back the game’s over. When the shooting started there wasn’t one person in there that wouldn’t have traded everything he owned in the world to have a loaded gun. But these people don’t realize it until they’re in a situation that’s far too late.” – Mark Bando [h/t]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: "Gun Rights Extremist" = Terrorist?">Previous Post
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  1. Hell yes. Also, Tucker Carlson just destroyed someone on ARs in a clip that will be going viral soon. There is pushback, at long last. Trump is neck and neck in Ohio anf Florida, this could put him over the top.

    • Eric Bolling, while subing on the Trump Factor pointed out the AR-15 is not an assault weapon during an interview with some nameless liberal twit.

    • ” Tucker Carlson just destroyed someone on ARs in a clip ”

      It’s a magazine, not a…oh wait. Nevermind.

        • Now that was sweet!

          I’m so F’ing tired of the superficial pablum of the Left and their slanted polls.

          Every single idiot pushing the No Fly No Buy should be put under that same degree of questioning.

          Loved the “I think you should be convicted before being punished because I’m an American” knife thrust at the end.

          The guy realized he just got creamed with that last sentence.

        • Stern has been consistently on our side. You can bet he carries. He’s one of the privileged few who has a NY concealed carry permit.

    • Could have put Trump over the top, if he hadn’t already joined Hillary in calling for knee-jerk violations of the Constitution which would not have prevented the ‘mass shooting’ or even inconvenienced the shooter in any fashion.

      Now he (and the NRA and 90% of the GOP politicians) needs to walk back his stupid promises to violate our civil rights before he can begin to claim the high road here.

      The happiest moment of the year for HRC must have been when she gleefully tweeted a welcome to The Donald for joining her in the anti-gun club. As a lifelong resident of that club, she enjoys a huge advantage over any idiot who just joined up this week.

  2. They don’t realize it until it’s too late and if they should be lucky enough to survive they don’t get picked for a photo op meeting with the POTUS and their story isn’t plastered all over the MSM for the next month.

    Come up with such an insightful gem as “gunz er bad” however and it’s lunch with dignitaries, prime time interviews and at least one book deal.

  3. And this is exactly why I carry EVERY DAY!! Been told by many people that a cop will shoot anyone with a gun in a situation as such, I say common sense tells anyone, ar-15 vs pistol, well you can tell who is aggressing, and who is defending, am I right? Police officials please chime in!!

    • By the time cops arrive on any such scene a defender will have either already failed or already succeeded and re-holstered so worrying about who the cops will target is a non-issue.

      The “cops wont know who the bad guy is” crowd seem to assume that a carrier and an attacker will just sit in a standoff for 45 minutes waiting for the police to arrive.

      • Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!!!!!!!!!

        We have a winner!!!!!!!

        Furthermore, in the one instance that I am aware of (Trolley Square Mall in Utah), the cops who arrived did NOT shoot the armed person in plain clothes who was in a prolonged firefight/standoff with the spree killer. The cops who arrived somehow managed to identify the “good guy with a gun” and then proceed to outflank and take out the actual spree killer.

        • Apparently, cops don’t just go running into a situation blasting away. Who knew they were capable of using things like common sense and situational awareness? (Sarcasm off)

    • That and the fact that you’ll have at least 10 minutes to reholster after it’s all over before the police arrive.

    • I’m not a policeman; however, I am a criminal justice student… I do believe that people should carry for self protection and that police should be trained to expect and how to handle armed would-be victims defending themselves.

    • “Been told by many people that a cop will shoot anyone with a gun in a situation as such”

      This may be true, but with cops taking between 10 minutes and 3 hours to do anything, you’ve got plenty of time to put it away before then, because whatever happens it will be over and done with by the time Blue shows up.

  4. 300 people in that club. Imagine 10% carrying. What do you think the outcome would have been then?

    • A problem solved in 3 seconds instead of 3 hours. But Billary says it would have been worse…

      • It would be worse for the Hildebeest, because it would blow a bunch of 9mm holes in her disarmament agenda.

    • It was probably “illegal” to carry in that club anyway.

      Putting it in more realistic terms: “Evil assholes (politicians) threatened to harm (arrest, which means kidnapping and caging) anyone who chose to possess the means to defend himself in that club.”

      • In Florida it’s illegal to carry in a bar or nightclub.

        Statistically, somewhere around 5% of people in the state have carry permits.

        extend that to 300 people in the club, 15 of them could have been potentially armed, had not they been disarmed by dumb laws.

      • Where was it, Texas?
        Where a patron was illegally carrying in a bar and shot the perp who thought he’d have only gun in the no-gun zone?

        Did they ever catch/persecute him for that?

        If I owned, worked, or was drinking in that bar, I would have been stricken by amnesia and PTSD and unable to recall who shot the bad guy or whether he shot himself.

        Found a similar event in Ohio in 2003, they prosecuted the defender for felonious assault of an armed robber.

        • “If I owned, worked, or was drinking in that bar, I would have been stricken by amnesia and PTSD and unable to recall who shot the bad guy or whether he shot himself.”

          As would I. Unfortunately, that’s been made a crime too. On top of that, the powers-that-be would make sure that they did everything possible to revoke any liquor license.

    • With a ratio of 300:1, they didn’t need to be armed to take down the murderer before he had shot very many. Apparently, no one thought to counter attack, with bare hands or, better yet, broken bottles, while he reloaded. Instead, they sat around, waiting for the cops, and died.

        • Reloading does not provide any significant advantage to the good guys. That is a myth born by Hollywood. But, counter-attacking the attacker in mass in most of these kinds of events has a far better chance of working than huddling in a corner waiting to be shot in cold blood. Sure, a few may get shot, but the bad guy cannot shoot everyone. And, the faster you subdue the shooter, the faster you can get medical help to the people bleeding out on the floor. The days of relying on government for your safety is over. But of course, if you gun-free zones and always carry, and this will likely not happen to you.

    • Probably more like 1% or 2%, if you went by the actual percentages of people who carry…

      But that is still several against one.

  5. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims”

    Nine vile words politicians say to cover their legislation and complicity in the murder of their citizens.

    Replace those words with these nine.

    “Terrorist infringing on Americans were shot by armed citizens”

    The only courage politicians need is do whatever necessary to make the change.

    • It would be satisfactory to replace those words with, “Intended victims use broken bottles to mutilate face and stomach of would be mass murderer.”

  6. Stupid statement. He was at a club where most are drinking. Still wouldn’t have had a gun

    • Depends on State law, and whether his son would have been a believer that concealed means concealed.

      • Florida law says you cannot carry in any establishment that serves alcohol. However, I follow the ‘rule’ that says, ‘if it’s concealed, how will they know ?’ I’d love to see an Islamic radical try to shoot up any typical biker bar.

    • You haven’t visited many clubs or other social events, have you?

      Just like “No guns allowed” or “Gun Free Zone” signs those words written by some politicians and passed into law will NEVER guarantee that any venue is gun free, whether by criminals or by the regular patrons.

      If a pistol is concealed and there are no efficient detection methods at the entrances there is no way to know how many people inside are in fact armed. As I recall the Aurora shooter entered the theater and then retrieved his weapons by using an exit door and returning.

      A long time ago I worked door security at a nightclub in Los Angeles. For one night. I refused to go back because 1) I was on an unarmed post and required to frisk patrons entering the club, and 2) No matter how heavy their coats or large their purse I was NOT allowed to search the females entering the club and there was no female security with me to do the job.

      How many women carried their date’s weapons into the club? I had no way of knowing and certainly did not want to be there to find out.

      While it may be possible to alarm exit doors and set up proper screening procedures at the entrance to minimize weapons it does nothing to protect the guards or the patrons waiting in line to be screened.

    • Back in my drinking days, when we went out there was always someone who maintained the ability to drive a car, meaning not drinking. That would be the man carrying. That, and the bartender, manager, waitstaff, and what not.

      Agree, drinking and shooting do not mix. That does *not* mean that guns should not exist in places where drinking happens.

      • It’s one thing to say that you shouldn’t slam down a six pack and head to the range, and an entirely different thing to say that you shouldn’t be allowed to defend yourself in the face of a lethal assault because you’ve got a BAC of .07. Getting stinking drunk in public (or private) isn’t the brightest thing to do with or without a gun, but most of us can go to a club and have a good time without ending up passed out on the bathroom floor.

        • Point taken, but at least for me personally I really don’t think alcohol and driving/guns should be taken with any degree of casualness whatsoever. If I had one drink I would not drive a car, nor would I get in a car driven by someone who had done, period.

          I know lots of people go out for dinner and what not and have a drink or two and then drive home, I have just always considered that bad judgment.

          Lots of those people I know by the way have racked up DUIs and a few accidents. I haven’t.

          Just my opinion, is all.

        • In at least one state (Iowa), the limit for carrying is a BAC of .08, the same as for driving. I agree that carrying at .07 is a bad idea. If you pull your gun in public, it’s because you are fighting for your life. The equivalent in driving is to be on a track, in a racing car, trying to win the race. Driving at that level on the street is illegal even if you are stone cold sober.

          For me, a nice dinner out consists of soup or salad, a steak, a potato and a glass of wine. The dinner would be incomplete if any of them were missing. Since I limit myself to one glass, I never come close to the legal limit for driving and, by the time I head for home, most of that has been metabolized. It would be absurd to claim I am not fit to drive. I hope we don’t reach the point where even my minimal consumption is illegal. If that were to happen, I would never again go out for a good meal.

    • You mean like how the murderer didn’t have a gun?

      And as I read it the father said that people in the club were wishing they had a loaded gun. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that’s most likely true.

  7. The question is, how many mass shootings have been prevented by regular joes carrying guns? Whenever a concealed carrier drops a guy with a gun, it doesn’t make national news – only when a concealed carrier doesn’t – does it make global headlines like this.

    • “… how many mass shootings have been prevented by regular joes carrying guns?”

      That is next to impossible to establish. Unless a spree killer has a rifle with 10 magazines and just posted a video stating that he was about to enter a crowded venue to kill as many people as possible, we cannot be sure what someone was going to do.

    • “…The question is, how many mass shootings have been prevented by regular joes carrying guns? ”

      You will have to look up the statistics for shooting that involve less than whatever today’s number is for ‘mass shootings,’

      There was a graphic posted around here recently that showed the body counts in gun-free-zones versus places where citizens returned fire. In case you don’t want to go searching I can sum it up for you…. the sooner the killers face opposition the sooner the situation ends and the smaller the body count.

    • “The question is, how many mass shootings have been prevented by regular joes carrying guns?”

      That would be a very difficult question to answer for one VERY important reason. In the last 50 years only ONE completed mass shooting (that wasn’t gang-bangers shooting at each other) has not occurred in a Government Mandated Disarmed Victim Enclosure, and THAT one incident was actually an assassination attempt.

      There have been a couple of events where people have left the GFZ to retrieve firearms and returned in time to stop the killing. And I think at least one event in a school was stopped by a group of football players that attacked the perp causing him to off his own self.

  8. The folks in this community are discriminated in so many ways just by being what they are. Themselves. Its unfortunate that any one be put down for being what they are and or a persons beliefs in modern America. I may not agree, but these folks put up with so much crap daily in some instances. Called for or not. The LGBT stick to their dammed Liberal beliefs for the most part. Its those beliefs that cost them beatings in some parts of this country.
    The Gay community out of all groups should be armed to the teeth. If any group in this country should be 2A believers it should be them and not just The Pink Pistol bunch..
    Also the State of Florida not allowing guns in bars is a crock of crap. Im not saying I break the laws here or suggest someone should. If Im in a bar I sure as hell have myself something on hand. I also choose not to drink and if asked why?? I just say Im the designated driver of my group of friends this night out.

  9. Without first hand knowledge I would wager there were combat veterans in that room. As someone who along with his brothers had to fight his way out of more than one ambush I can tell you that two, three or four veterans who know something about cover, movement and concentration of fire would have ended that bastard in short order. There would probably still be some casualties but no where near what there were. Idiots and their gun free zones will probably never learn and the death toll will mount.

    • “Without first hand knowledge I would wager there were combat veterans in that room.”

      Actually, J38, I am pretty certain there were no such people in that nightclub. First of all, military personnel in combat roles are openly hostile to homosexuals and that alone would discourage pretty much anyone who even thinks homosexual thoughts to stay out of military combat assignments. (And since you cannot generally control what military assignment you will get, that means you stay out of the military.)

      Second, if any combat veterans were in that nightclub, they would NOT have been hiding in a bathroom stall huddled with a bunch of people. They would have positioned themselves at the best ambush location (at the edge of a corner or just inside a closed door) they could find with the best improvised melee weapon available such as a chair or bar stool … and most likely would have delivered some blows to the attacker.

      This is one time that I am going to play on stereotypes: many, if not most, male homosexuals stick to the effeminate/sissy ethos. Last time I checked, effeminate/sissy types would not be leading a counter attack. Rather, they would be huddled in a corner … just like the people killed in the bathroom stall. Sticking to the stereotypical homosexual effeminate/sissy ethos did NOT serve the victims well.

  10. As mentioned BY ME on the last post I caught Nightline on ABC last night and they had(for them) a positive story of gays and pink pistols carrying guns/CC. Specifically a very overweight lesbian gal with a baby GLOCK. Who woulda’ thunk? Now if they vote “pro-gun”…

  11. ah think the father is right, of course. but didn’t this happen in a place that guna ar banned because of liquor bein’ served? like, a law against guns in a bar?

    • Florida law in a nutshell.
      If booze is the primary service. No guns allowed. If a part of the place as in a restaurant separated from the bar area. Guns allowed in the restaurant area.
      Little boys room next to the bar?? Technically, takes yur chances crossing over to use the can…… If posted with sign can be any size………BS, doesn’t mean a thing. Except criminal trespassing at worst if asked to leave and you refuse. For the most part if a sign. Why would you bother to spend your money there to begin with???

  12. The parents and loved ones should sue the state of Florida for forbidding people to carry and defend themselves in a club where alcohol is sold. And there should be class action suits initiated by Second Amendment rights organizations all over the country on the grounds that ‘Gun Free Zones’ make people less safe.

    • “And there should be class action suits initiated by Second Amendment rights organizations all over the country”

      There should be, and were there such an effort I would certainly kick in some $$ to help make it happen, as I am sure would a great majority of all y’all.

  13. Have you ever been to a cop bar? Plenty of guns and drinking. ….

    I have carried in a dance club with my wife. Even had a drink, the world did not end.

    • Yeah. Not cops and we still carried everywhere, drinking or not. Times have changed so much that the country is almost unrecognizable to me and comrades still above ground. I rarely drink, but if I do, I don’t disarm.

      Few years ago, I was at an extended camp and socialize get together with quite a few young combat veterans. I was drinking a beer and one or two of the young men notice that I was still armed while drinking. My response was a polite, “Why the hell not?” Within less than a half an hour I noticed everybody with their sidearms again. It was uneventful, a lot of fun, and everybody felt more comfortable being armed like they would have been any other day.

  14. The guard was armed and got off a few rounds, but was of course an early target

    Pity the Pink Pistols weren’t holding a meet ‘n’ greet; of course, a successful DGU would likely never have made the news.

  15. And Democrats intend to make that a permanent position, on your knees begging for mercy.
    But we can’t stop hillary apparently.

  16. I don’t come here often, because my current circumstances preclude me from spending money or making time for sport shooting (which is for me to decide, not for anyone else to arbitrate), but when these mass shootings happen, I find myself wondering how so many anti-gun Americans seem to have no problem whatsoever with the administration giving fully automatic and heavy weapons to gay-hating al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria and gay hating Nazis in Ukraine, or logistically supporting the gay-hating GCC member states bombing and starving the people of Yemen, etc. I know they have limitless capacity for stupidity, but goddamn, how dumb can they be?

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