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Hillary Clinton may well be the next President of the United States. I know: that’s a deeply distressing thought. But it is what it might be. If this nightmare scenario comes true, what then for gun rights? A large part of that depends on what happens to the House and Senate. Assuming Ms. Clinton’s not stymied by a Republican legislature, I reckon she’ll violate the Second Amendment from [at least] three distinct directions.

  1. She’ll “close the terrorist loophole,” adding suspects on the FBI’s unaccountable “Terrorist Watch List” to their NICS’ prohibited persons database.
  2. She’ll appoint a pro-gun control Supreme Court Justice; who will, Elena Kegan-style, swear not to upend Heller. Who will then upend Heller.
  3. She’ll move heaven and earth to implement a new “assault weapons” ban and “universal background checks.”

What other havoc might a Clinton administration wreak upon American gun owners and their right to keep and bear arms?

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Where's the Anger At Muslim Extremists?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Is This The Worst of Times for Gun Rights?">Next Post


    • The problem is the large number of swing voters who want background checks on all transfers and more stringent rules on terrorists & domestic abusers. The NRA should throw them a bone and let Trump take away Hillary’s position on those 2 issues — he needs all the help he can get.

      No Compromise = President Hillary+Democrat Congress = Complete Disaster for Firearm Owners.

      • I will concede the no guns for terrorist list or for those being investigated for terrorism….under one condition and that is it has to be explicitly stated what a terrorist is and what isn’t. Otherwise we open the door for interpretation by government lackeys and next thing you know, you become suspect if you ever post a negative comment about the government, or belong to the NRA or non PC organizations.

    • This is her end goal, I think she believes that the few that resist will be easy to put down and in turn she will point to that resistance as the reason to totally destroy the Second Amendment.

    • Rush is saying the demoncrat senate is filibustering for gun control at this very moment– noon, 6-15. So your war may start more early than January ’17.

  1. Supreme Court Lost
    Assault Weapon Ban
    Not Removing federal off places as the “gun free school zone act”, post office, greyhound bus, aimtrak, United States Army Corps of Engineers ect
    Nothing as remove sbr/sbs, silencer and vertical forwardgrip from nfa list
    No National Right to carry
    Nothing in the directory of open the 86 full auto register, remove the 68 felony flatrate ban and import restriction


  2. It is my belief that she will attempt to push through everything she has all ways wanted i.e. Total destruction of the 2nd.

  3. Eh, laws are only as good as the people who follow them. Large scale civil disobedience and millions of guns that will never be spoken of or used at a range again.

    • The government will move very slowly on rounding up guns. They will require insurance companies to provide $10,000,000 accident coverage for all homes in which firearms are located. Banks and mortgage companies will be allowed (or required) to deny loans on home with guns. Then there will be big rewards given out to stool pigeons who report illegal firearm possession (Australia is about to add that nugget to their laws). Fines and legal fees and job loss for illegal possessors will bankrupt possessors, the home will be confiscated, no college for the kids.
      Most members of the younger generations are anti-gun and anti-hunting and they will eventually have more than enough voting power to repeal the 2nd Amendment. Just a matter of time.

      • “Most members of the younger generations are anti-gun and anti-hunting”

        You got any actual data to support that, or are you just pulling crap out of your butt and selling it as “data.”

        Because Guns 2.0 is a thing and there are heap tons of young folks interested and getting interested in guns. Lot’s of folks that post here, for example, are “younger generations.”

        I don’t know that ‘heap tons’ = ‘most,’ but I am seriously questioning the veracity of your assertion.

        • “Most members of the younger generations are anti-gun and anti-hunting”

          You should see my 4 year old with his bb gun. And me, vintage 1987, with all my “assault rifles.”

        • The “younger generations” are not anti-gun, but they are pro-handout. They are for sale, on the cheap.

          The same people who worship at the altar of Bernie Sanders will prostitute themselves willingly. And it’s not all their fault. This is what years of government indoctrination has turned them into — woolly-headed idiots.

          If the young people are the future, then there is no future.

      • Both of my elementary grade kids like guns and shooting.

        I’m working on the nephews across the street. They are all boys, so my guess is they will see their cousins shoot and want to join in.

        We are also arranging for other young kids in the neighborhood to join us this summer.

        I’m playing the long game with regards to gun rights.

  4. With a democratic congress, a complete and total gun ban. Absolutely no firearms allowed, not even a single barrel break action rifle. And then complete, totalitarian rule in the name of “cracking down on hundreds of millions of illegal guns”

  5. Ive been enjoying the term Blitzkrieg when describing what will happen if Hillbeast wins. So into the hypothetical machine we go: She wins, legislation proposed, legislation passes –> Aussie style turn ins in cooperation with state officials and big brother neighor spying campaign nationwide. Possible Civil Disobedience, mass ignoring of this new legislation leading to more direct measures. Either way, this two states of America cold war thing weve got going on may start to get a wee bit warmer. The quote from Firefly “I am to misbehave” comes to mind (as much as I dont care for Whedon or Fillion).

  6. If the Hildabeast wins, we can be granted to be persecuted relentlessly for trivial law violations and victimless “crimes” whenever possible. The SCOTUS will rubber stamp ever bad law possible and Congress will sit on their thumbs doing nothing.

  7. I would also expect – if the Dems win both houses of Congress and the White House – that “gun safety” becomes a “national security issue.” What could that look like?

    How about moving ATF under DHS? An administrative move (why not, the ATF has been moved before, multiple times) is all it takes to turn into a political statement.

    Next step, go after the states with the “loosest” gun laws. I expect they’d focus on CCW as that is a good general indicator. Push the states to toe the line with the ever evolving “national security standards” involving firearms and punish those who don’t by any number of means: press, stupid lawsuits filed by the DOJ, and then – of course – threaten to withhold federal funds that basically keep many state programs running not mentioning the infrastructure investment from federal tax dollars.

    What’s to stop them – the Supremes will be lost, the Congress will be lost, and all balance of power will be a memory.

    • MarkF,

      Good point. We should NOT underestimate the potential of fedzilla to play dirty pool. They could sick all their alphabet soup agencies on people who own firearms … just like they did recently with conservative political action groups who filed for tax exempt status. One such filer, after publicly and formally requesting sanction against the IRS for obvious discrimination, found their business under audits from the IRS, the ATF (they had a Federal Firearm’s License), the EPA, and OSHA.

      We can expect all this on top of withholding federal funds.

  8. not to make light of a horrific tragedy…………but I think we need to ban alligators too! Where does it end?

    could this have been a defensive gun use….what if dad had his edc knife on him…could he have inflicted enough pain/damage for the gator to release child. dont know….but a terrible nightmare.

    • The battle was already lost when he and his child were playing in the water in gator territory.

      This was a lack of common sense or ignorance regarding the threat of gator attack in general.

      Having a firearm may have ended the attack sooner, but the key here was not putting the child in danger in the first place.

  9. Everything depends on the political balance in the Congress. If she doesn’t have Congress, then she has nothing. If she has Congress, then she will get everything she wants, much along the lines Robert suggested.

  10. Watching their dueling press conferences, it’s obvious he is wearing her out. She is sleep walking through her lines. The Trump guys are hinting at internal polling showing a huge swing in his favor in the post Pulse news cycle. This thing is getting real.

    And now the dems are filibustering for gun control in the senate. Paul Ryan has to choose between continuing to attack his own party’s candidate with the enemy’s lies, and standing up to the dems like he was actually elected to do.

    At this point if Hillary wins she will collapse at the finish line with a mandate for gun control.

  11. War. I think it’s coming no matter who is “elected”. We’ve been building up to that point for years if not decades.

  12. “What Happens to Gun Rights If Hillary Clinton is Elected President?”

    The United States becomes the biggest shitshow the world stage has ever seen, and it will have global ramifications.

    That may happen not matter who is elected president, but with Clinton, I’m thinking it is pretty much guaranteed.

  13. If Hillary wins, Democrats will acquire a slim majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives (riding Hillary’s coattails) which means Democrats will be able to pass any legislation they want. And with “universal healthcare” in the rear view mirror, Democrats’ first priority will be … wait for it … GUN CONTROL! That will include bans (without grandfathering) on all “military style” (AR/AK platform and similar) firearms, bans (without grandfathering) on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, and quite likely even bans on other semi-auto firearms like Ruger Mini-14s.

    Perhaps even more importantly, HILLARY WILL APPOINT AS MANY AS FOUR PRO GUN CONTROL SUPREME COURT JUSTICES and a Democrat controlled Senate will confirm ALL of them. With a solid anti-gun majority on the bench, the U.S. Supreme Court will then “further clarify” any and all previous pro-gun decisions to allow for “compelling government interests” and “public safety” rationale on a new, even weaker version of “rational basis” … which means that the government can simply say, “in our judgement,” is a good enough reason for the law to stand up in the courts, even if there is data that refutes the government’s “judgement”.

  14. What Happens to Gun Rights If Hillary Clinton is Elected President?

    Nothing. My rights do not depend on the govt for their existence because my rights are inalienable.

    If Clinton is elected I expect that the current govt violations and infringements on my rights will get worse. That means I will have to take measures to better secure my rights.

  15. If the Hildebeest keeps flapping her wrinkled lips about gun control we won’t worry about her becoming president. They know damn well it’s the third rail in politics.

    • Right on- if she is elected, we may as well join the EU-open our borders and continue to fall prey to unrestricted mass immigration, political correctness, SJW and become an even bigger welfare/nanny state.

  16. We simply need an adult in the White House for a change.

    People that make decisions based solely on knee-jerk feelings are children and clearly lack maturity and common sense to make good decisions.

    Reboot the election and don’t settle for children to lead this country.

  17. Honestly? Probably nothing, maybe some empty EOs and a lot of grandstanding, but in the end probably nothing. There is almost 0 chance we lose the house and senate (or even one of them for that matter) so it will be a lot of shrill cries and stamping of feet, and in the end nothing. Hopefully Republicans/Libertarians pull the collective heads out of their asses and nominate a candidate who can be taken seriously 4 years from now.

  18. Not a damn thing will happen. Oh sure, there will be a continuation of Obama’s harassment of owners and the industry, but no actual new legislation.

    The GOP, assuming they hold at least one chamber of Congress, will stop it.
    No, not because the Democrats light GOP is conservative and believes in the 2A. The GOP is just another tribal entity. They’ll oppose Hillary on guns just so they can oppose Hillary on guns and have a 2020 campaign issue to run on.

    Now, if Trump slithers in……

    Then the GOP will work him and his anti-gun agenda, and “across the aisle ” with Democrats, to snatch your freedom.

    Believe it. Watch it happen. I’ve already been proven prescient and correct on Trump and firearms as recently as TODAY. He’s not our friend. He’s a big time NY liberal autocrat you’re getting on bed with.

    Don’t make me have to say I told ya so….again.

  19. The GOP leadership is dying to pass something, and show how concerned they are and how bi-partisan they can be. Ok, so put up a bill that says terror suspects or those being investigated as such are prohibited from purchasing a gun legally ( not that it will stop them, but makes the left feel good) but to the language has to be specific as what a terrorist is and not leave it open to where anyone that disagrees with the government is put on the list. They can make the definition pretty narrow and low information crowd will not know any better and they can the feel all warm and fuzzy.

    • Buy a nice selection of several S&W M&Ps and perhaps a Palmetto State Armory or two. I’d say that several decent quality ARs is better than one really expensive one at this juncture.

  20. I’d wager heavy tax on ammo and guns with onerous schemes designed to make them unaffordable in other ways.

  21. From what gets reported here and other sources her ideas seem to be way past what we now have here in Australia.

    As I have said several time before our laws are not great but easier to deal with than California when I was there.

    Once you have a licence in my state the only limit on numbers and ammunition is your budget and storage. Worse laws in some other states

      • In New South Wales for longarms, you attend a club, obtain a temporary license for three months that allows you to compete or practice under the supervision of a licensed firearm owner, join the club, and send your paperwork to the Firearms Registry. Once approved, you take the paperwork to the local DMV equivalent for the photo ID license.

        To buy firearms, you need to have your storage inspected and verified by the police. Once verified, you contact the Firearms Registry for a “Permit to Acquire”. You fill out the form, justify your need for a category B (eg: repeating centre-fire) with “Target shooting at extended ranges and for the humane destruction of feral game“, return to the registry, and wait the 28 WORKING DAYS (in reality 6-8 weeks including delays in the postal service) for the approval. Category A firearms (including, oddly, lever-action shotguns) do not need a reason.

        Take the PTA (PITA) to the shop along with your payment, and buy the firearm. You can put a deposit or buy the firearm with the PTA application, but you cannot take it home until the PTA is approved. Private sales have to be transferred via a dealer.

        Handguns are similar but with probation periods and more scrutiny involved.

  22. The implications of a Clinton presidency are much bigger than even the 2nd Amendment. She is under multiple federal investigations and the evidence of malfeasance and corruption appears to be overwhelming. If she escapes indictment with the help of a corrupt, politicized DOJ and becomes president, then it will be obvious that we no longer live under the rule of law. Everything that this country is based on will be thrown out the window.

    What would the states do? There are already multiple lawsuits by state attorneys general against the current administration for its lawless behavior and unprecedented intrusion into their sovereignty. Would they just roll over and accept whatever decrees come down from the federal government under Clinton?

  23. This is a no brainer . . . we lose them. Period.

    So all you Trump haters out there need to get with the program and vote for Trump instead of wasting your vote on some also-ran third party candidate or independent who doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning, or else you will be watching Clinton take the oath of office next January.

  24. I’m prepared to die if someone tries to forcibly take my weapons. I will not go quietly. I suspect I’m not alone. At some point you have to realize that life is not worth it without freedom and liberty and 2A is the epitome of that.

  25. This question is for all of you Never Trumpers while Hillary makes us #feeltheJohnson as she shoves it up our arses.

  26. I strongly believe Hillary will go after the Second Amendment in every way she can. Once that ball is rolling and she has stacked the Supreme Court in her favor, she will use databases of gun owners to compile lists of potentially problematic citizens. The Fourth and Fifth Amendments will be swept entirely away in the interest of national security. The citizenry will be targeted with PR campaigns and social media campaigns about gun owners, and known gun owners will be targeted by the heavy hand of government both directly and indirectly.

    Once enough citizens are disarmed, disinvited, or otherwise ‘removed’ from acceptable society:

    First Amendment speech will be given lip-service, but slowly shifted to “politically-correct” and “acceptable” levels. Those who speak out of turn from the national line will be targeted. This will evolve into anti-Christian speech being nationally accepted because many Christians are opposed to homosexuality. Many churches will be shut down. Critics will be silenced. This will branch out to other religions in time.

    Disarmed Americans who do not fit the correct profile or believe the right things will be targeted, re-educated, or eliminated. We’re already seeing calls to incarcerate people who do not believe in the theory of global warming/climate change.

    What many people do not seem to understand is that the Second Amendment is the lynchpin which protects us from both socialist or fascist dictators, and why ‘progressives’ and other fascists hate it so. A dictator is what Obama wishes he were (he has even said as much in front of cameras) and what Hillary hopes to become.

    And no, I’m not a mindless, tinfoil-hat-wearing, conspiracy nut.
    We’ve seen this exact scenario play out and repeat itself in various nations throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.
    I’ve just spent too much time studying history. It’s a brave new world.

  27. Red Sox
    For adult license be 18, no criminal history and a four to six hour safety course that includes range time.

    Junior license from 11.

    In my case automatic approval as ex Army with honerable discharge

    Some states harder and junior is from 12

  28. I do care what might happen. But whoever is there. Wont change my life one bit.
    A little civil disobedience goes a long way.
    Unless they come and knock down my door and kill me. Wont change a thing Id be doing if Hildabeast tried to get her way. If Im not caught and why would I be?? Why change anything Im currently doing on a daily basis. Look at the Northeast in the slave states.
    Im very proud of a lot of those free walking government made felons up North..

  29. Remember New York and Ct with their “assault weapon” registration requirement. Those citizens ignored that law in huge numbers. We will need to be ready to ignore and disobey anything the Clinton admin manages to pass.

  30. If Hillary is elected, RF will have to change the name of this blog to “The Truth About Single-Shot Twenty-Twos.”

  31. And THIS…… why I was for Rubio, as he would be enjoying a 15 point lead on the crooked witch HillBillary. I told all my Trumster friends not to take your eyes off the ball. The election is NOT about who you like but who you hate. All I wanted was for HillBillary NOT to be PREZ. I did not care about PT Barnum (Trump) one way or the other, but believed it would be an UPHILL SLOG to get him elected. Soooooo…….Don’t blame me, Trumpsters… tigers got what you wanted……………HOW DOES IT TASTE (assuming HillBillary wins, of course)?

    • Given our choices, I think it’as time for all of us to pull together and get Trump elected. He wasn’t my original first choice either, but he’s got my vote against Clinton.

  32. What, no questions about what might happen if Trump is elected? I mean, the guy claims to support the 2nd Amendment and then folds like a cheap suit the first time some Muslim shoots up a bunch of logbutts (my preferred pronunciation of LGBTs). What’ll he concede next time? Perhaps Hillary with a Republican Congress that spends all of its time trying to impeach and remove her would be the best possible outcome.

    • You mean like how well things have gone with Obama in office? Trump is far preferable to Clinton on every topic.

  33. This question is incomplete and ignores our responsibility to engage and vote for our senators and representatives in Congress. The President cannot create new laws. That is the purview of Congress. If elected, Hillary will no doubt seek to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court who will uphold gun control measures. That appointee must be confirmed by the Senate, though. We should all focus on supporting our pro-gun rights congressional candidates.


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