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Smith & Wesson 686 at TTAG HQ (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

At the moment, I’m the literal blogger in his pajamas, squirreled away in TTAG’s above-ground bunker. As my PJ’s aren’t suitable for home carry, I’ve got a Smith & Wesson 686 by my side, loaded with Hornady .357 hollow-points. While I own a number of high(er) capacity semi-automatic pistols, I find the Smith an endlessly reassuring firearm. It’s got nothing to do with reliability. It is . . . what it is. A gun. The gun. I can’t really explain it, other than to say I can’t imagine not owning revolvers. Or buying more. Do you share this addiction view? Which revolvers do you own/cherish?

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    • Not with that attitude! 😉 Make it a goal, then figure out how to progress towards it.

      I should be doing better about mine actually. This was a good reminder.

  1. 6″ GP100 with a red dot mounted to a Weig-A-Tinny rail. The most impractical firearm I own. Also probably the coolest.

    • Well damn, you just perfectly described my revolver – 6″ GP100 with a Weigand rail and C-More Railway. My absolute favorite firearm I own!

    • My EDC? Ruger SP101 in .357. Its also my usual house gun because I’m too lazy to unlock the safe and load up something else.
      If I’m feeling frisky I might fetch my Ruger Vaquero in .44 mag and load it with Gold Dot Special.
      The short wish list has a 4″ Security Six on it – one day…

  2. Yes a S&W Airweight snub. Great pocket carry. Also have an Arminus .22 revolver six inch barrel. One of those great under $100.00 finds at the gun store. I like it because it’s stamped, made in West Germany

    • I’ve got a number of revolvers (and autoloaders). The ones I LOVE are the S&W 642 Airweight, and the Ruger Security Six .357.

      The 642 even fits my pajama pockets for home carry.

      There is some sort of deep visceral joy that a revolver inspires. My Glocks are likely better fighting guns, but the revolvers inspire confidence (especially the Ruger .357).

  3. “Got Revolver?”

    Yes. Smithy 686 as well. 🙂

    Not wearing pajamas though. Prefer to do Sunday browsing au naturel. 😉

    • RF and I think alike on this topic – I also own an S&W 686 6″ barrel that I bought the day I left the Army (May 1987), so it’s been my companion for 29 years now. Unless I am starving and homeless I will never part with that pistol. I also have a 642 Airweight in .38 special. Doesn’t shoot as nice as the 686, but it is a lot easier to conceal.

      • I also own a 686, action slick and Wolfe springs. Never failed me thru thousands of rounds. If I had to have just one handgun forTEOTWAWKI, it would be a 686, followed by a SW Model 64.

  4. That 686 smith is something I try and avoid at the local gun shop. Nice revolvers like that have a bad habit of following me home.

  5. Steel revolvers give me that warm fuzzy feeling that automatics just don’t. Still, I carry a plastic automatic.

  6. My Ruger SP101 .357M was my first carry gun, and it was my only “jewelry” for many years. I still love it, and still carry it sometimes, but I finally had to face the fact that 5 rounds are not enough insurance, and I’m never going to get any faster reloading from speed loaders or strips. Not happening. Then, in the last few years, my old hands are having a harder time with both the recoil and the 5 pound trigger at the range each week… so I don’t carry it as often as I used to. The XD 9mm is reliable, the magazine holds 16 rounds +1 in the pipe. I can reload in a flash, and both recoil and trigger pull are not a barrier to accuracy or comfort.

    So, there we are… but the Ruger still has the place of pride in my office, on display whenever it isn’t in the holster on my belt. And it remains loaded and ready to go if it is ever needed.

  7. In before OMG! THAT’S NOT ON YOUR BODY OR IN A SAFE!!!!1!one

    No revolver, yet. Eying something in .454 to pop my cherry. Can also chamber .45 Colt for those instances when you don’t need to obliterate a city block.

    • I have every intention of ordering a Super Redhawk as soon as I can afford to, but stuff keeps coming up.

      • You will *love* it, I did mine.

        Consider one with a longer barrel and *definitely* consider a pistol scope with some weight to it.

        Makes the muzzle flip and recoil much tamer, but with all the *BOOM* and the sensation of the pressure wave moving through your body still there…

  8. S&W 640, no lawyer lock. I rarely carry it, but there are days when I just feel like a steel wheel on my hip.

    I need a backwoods gun and am vacillating between a Glock 29 and a GP100 Match. The Glock makes better sense but the revolver…

    • 640 here too… Bought one 20 years ago. Got a real nice action job done on it by Evolution Gun Works, then stupidly sold it. Just bought my second, but a Pro variant this time.

      Looking at a Model 66 next.

    • a Glock 29

      A Glock 29 makes no damned sense at all. The barrel is so short your 10mm ammo turns into very expensive S&W .40 with a huge fireball at the muzzle. Might as well just buy the model chambered in .40 to begin with (I don’t have my Glock model number cheat sheet with me right now, or I’d name it).

      A Glock 20 fills the backwoods gun role much, much better. At least you’d be carrying something that’s in ten millimeter after it departs the barrel.

  9. I have a 629 (not that it couldnt do it) and a couple of .22s but nothing i would use for home defense but i have a buddy that swears by a 686

  10. Ruger GP100 Match Champion on the hip on weekends. I feel pretty confident that any neusence animals will drop within 100 yards with it. Luckily I have not had to use it yet. Hard to beat a revolver for home open carry.

  11. 638 (my usual edc, remember the first rule) and a Security Six. I need a .44 and a .22, and an N frame, and a Snake, and….

    Anyone recommend a good gunsmith? I need to get the sights on the S6 fixed.

  12. 3″ 686+ is the only revolver I own currently.

    Carried model 15, 19, 36 on and off the job previously.

  13. A 686 and a 638 air weight. My 686 has Crimson Trace hand grips. Last time I was at the range I was complimented on my shooting. Yep, that laser dot makes all the difference.
    I the the 638 for when I drive long distances. Can hardly tell it’s there.

  14. Had a couple revolvers. Not my thing but I’ll be buying the wife one. Yeah a 357 with a 3 or 4″ barrel is cool…

  15. I only own one and it doesn’t get shot or carried anymore…

    Don’t really know why I keep it, other than just to have at least one revolver.

  16. I keep thinking that I should buy a revolver but just keeping putting it off. Maybe if it looks like Hillary is going to sweep then perhaps I will buy one because they likely will be banned last. Revolvers are inferior packages for concealed carry. You can get an automatic with better ballistic performance than an easily concealable revolver.

    In the mean time there is always another bolt gun to get.

      • Not bad at all with Hornady 165 gr. Critical Defense. 200 gr. Gold Dots and Cor-bon DPX bullets thump pretty good. Not wrist breaking snappy like a heavy .40 S&W, but move like a shove. As you know as well as anyone DG, the .44 is very similar ballistic wise to the .45 ACP. I also have some Buffalo Bore hard casts that really pound; kind of like a hot .357 magnum from a snubby. Those aren’t fun.

  17. 4″ GP100, lcr, bodyguard 38, and my grandpas navy issue victory model 38 from ww2. Looking to add a smith in 357 to the collection. That 686 looks like it’d be perfect

    • Smith 686 is the working man’s Python. Get s good action slick and it will serve you well. Some come very smooth from factory.
      Ruger DA revolvers are tanks but actions are stiff and heavy.

  18. Ruger Security Six, stainless, 4″ barrel, .357 magnum. Bought it back in the early ’80s as my first handgun. An absolute joy to fire.
    S&W Governor stainless in .45LC, .45ACP and 2.5″ .410 shotgun, making it a short-barreled rifle in Kommifornia. The wife’s bedside weapon. I can barely pry it from her at the range to fire off a few rounds.

    Coming this summer… .44 Confederate Navy black powder revolver. The wife just wants it. No reason, just because.
    Coming later this year… S&W .44 magnum.

    • The so-called “Confederate” model black powder pistols almost always have brass frames, which are not nearly as strong as the steel framed models. While you can press 35 grains of black powder into the cylinder, it is not recommended for longevity. (Or accuracy for that matter. The .44s shoot better with 30 gr of powder.)

  19. Ruger Blackhawk 50 year anniversary model .44 magnum.
    Ruger Wiley Clapp GP100 (black).
    Ruger GP100 6″ Stainless.

    The GP100s get Double Taps. I prefer full bore .357 over .38 special +p+. I’ll get a Smith when they ditch the Hillary hole. I’m still without a semi-auto (since December) btw. Thought about getting one a couple weeks ago but I picked up a lever gun instead.

  20. 642 in my pocket right now. In the lock-up sits my father’s .32 U.S. Revolver, my grandfather’s .22 Iver Johnson Target Sealed 8, a Single Six and it’s Bearcat buddy, a Pre-10 S&W .38 from the police department that hosted my Explorer post, a Ruger Security Six 6-inch in stainless, and a like-new S&W 66-2 6 inch I just got a couple months ago… and haven’t fired yet! I had a 10-14 as well, but it got traded toward my Windham AR. Haven’t fired that yet either!

  21. Robert – HEY, WAIT A MINUTE! Aren’t you the one who publicly denounced your 686, for the nefarious internal lock? You swore you would sell that unreliable piece of junk 😉

  22. A Ruger Single Six. It was my grandfathers and the first gun I ever shot, around age seven. He always told me he was going to give it to me when he passed, but he surprised me and gave it to me when he moved to Florida (he’s still alive and well). It’s one of maybe three of my guns I would never, ever sell.

    I had an LCR .357 but ended up selling it when I needed some extra cash when I dinged up my wife’s car in my driveway. It’s a sweet revolver though.

    My next gun purchase will probably be a PD trade in Smith 64 or a new 442.

  23. I like revolvers. Properly maintained, they’re quite reliable.

    I’ve always advocated them for people who don’t have the time to train for all the various failure modes of semi-autos.

  24. When I was young and poor, I couldn’t wait to turn 21. When I did, it was FEG HI Power clone, Norinco 9mm Tokarev, and $69.99 Makarov all day long. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want an antiquated revolver when all these autos abounded! Got older, better jobs, better autos. Glock, H&K, Sig, etc. Now, 25 years later, I own a dozen revolvers and I love them. There is something so cool about thumbing back the hammer on a GP100, S&W 66-2, 686, etc., to take a long shot at the range. My bedside gun is my 3 inch 66-2 357.

    • An excellent choice for the effect downrange, yet I implore you to try to have hearing protection on if you ever have to light that off indoors.

      The pressure wave out of a .357 is, IMO, the closest thing to an auditory laser I’ve experienced out of a handgun. Nothing beats a .357 for penetration, either in terminal ballistics or your hearing.

      • When I was young and stupid a fired of two rounds from a .357 blackhawk without hearing protection and in a place that was semi enclosed. My ears rang for 2 hours. But if I ever have to use one in self defense tinnitus will be the least of my worries. If anything it’s probably even louder when the barrel is pointed in your direction anyway.

  25. Just put a GP100 4″ on layaway yesterday. Super excited about it. Be a couple months so slowly pay it off, but no debt in the process.

  26. I’ve owned or own the classic J-frame models — the real Bodyguard (not the newer plastic revolver that’s called a Bodyguard), the Chief’s Special and the Centennial. Great guns all.

    I love to shoot the larger revolvers, especially the 686+ and the 629, but they can be difficult or impossible to conceal so I only carry the pocket rockets.

    And my favorite revolver is still the S&W Model 10.

  27. Super Redhawk .44, GP100 .357, LCR .38 & .22…and an old H&R .32 with a quarter-ton trigger pull. I’m looking at a medium frame .38 for my next one. I generally shoot pistols, but revolvers put a somewhat different smile on my face.

  28. Oh my yes. My first and still primary CC firearm is a Ruger LCR in .38 Special. Something I intend to replace because it’s such a nasty sucker to practice with. I have become enchanted with the S&W Model 10s (pre-lock) with 4″ heavy barrels. So nice to shoot with very little muzzle flip or recoil and lots on the market. I have one, a police trade-in with just holstering wear that I put walnut target grips on and keep for home defense and open carry, and another LNIB with original grips that’s a safe queen. A couple of Ruger SP100s in different calibers. A real nice S&W 49 (Bodyguard) that I put black Corian grips on (very handsome). A couple of model 10 snubbies. If I find a revolver that I like to shoot I try to find one in excellent condition to put in the safe as an investment.

    Yes, I own some semi-auto pistols. Some old all metal ones and some newer polymer ones. But there is something about mid-20th century steel revolvers. So reliable, so simple, so fun to shoot, so American. Who knows how the plastic guns will hold up over the decades. But I can imagine my (as yet nonexistent) great-grandchildren a century from now shooting the steel revolvers my sons inherit.

    Got revolvers!

  29. My favorite handgun not lost in a tragic boating accident is a 6″ Colt Officer Match in 38spl made mid 1960/ based on S/N. Bought it when I still lived in the Garten-Reich known as NJ. It was owned by the Chief of Police in the neighboring town whose wife sold it to the sporting good store when he passed away. It came w newspaper clippings of pistol competitions he won with it. He must have put 1000s or rounds thru it and it still locks up tight. If you’ve never shot one of the tapered 38 revolvers like a Colt or S&W Model 18, it’s worth going out of your way to do so. I’ve never handled a firearm that points so easily or naturally. It’s what I start off all new shooters with on their first trip to the range – a rank novice typically puts 4 of 5 shots from first string in the 8 ring offhand at 15yds. Huge confidence builder!

    I’ve really come to respect the wisdom of our forefathers that’s reflected in the design of that Colt

  30. Ruger LCR in .38 and. .357 SP101.

    I’m wishing I had sprung for the .357 LCR, as I now think that would make a pretty good woods gun.

    Of course so does the SP101. That extra weight though…

    I also want a GP100 Match and a Vaquero. I don’t need those two, but I want them. I also want, God help me, that 7 shot Taurus whose model number I don’t recall. 66 maybe? Isn’t there an 8 shot .357 out there, too? Might as well get that one while I’m fantasy shopping.

  31. I have a H&R 929 22lr, 6″ barrel with a fantastic patina for a 40-ish year old. It has birthed in me an obscene desire for a 4″ .357 that I can not yet justify, nor shake free of. It does however make window shopping an exercise in satisfying frustration. Or frustrating satisfaction, haven’t truly decided on that yet.

  32. Said it many times before. I love revolvers. 442 in my pocket as I type. Model 10 nearby. My semi autos are empty and in the safe.

    If I was to go soldiering again, not likely at my age, or became a cop( again not likely, age, etc.) I would want the latest and greatest semi. But as a private citizen, I prefer my revolvers.

  33. Yup, my first centerfire was a 6 inch stainless GP-100. Traded it a couple of years later and later regretted it. now I have about half a dozen S&W’s but my favorite is a 1948 K-22 that I just got period correct grips for. I didn’t get another GP, but I do have a 6 inch 586 that is just as good.

  34. Charter arms in 38spl and a heritage saa clone in 22lr with 22mag cylinder. Id love to add a 357mag saa to the collection along with a matching caliber lever gun.
    And also something in 44mag, just because 🙂

  35. In ascending order:

    Ruger Single Six – a fun plinking gun. Does good work on snapping turtles when loaded with .22 mag.
    Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 mag 3″ barrel. l bought this off a co-worker who was in financial distress. The pistol has lots of mileage and not much bluing, but the grips fit my hand and its surprisingly accurate.
    Smith 640 – one of Smith’s first hammerless .357 J-frames. I was carrying a 686 as a duty pistol when I bought the 640 and wanted a similar package in a hide out. I qualified on the state’s old 50 yard/50 round police course with the 640 a couple of times but I don’t know if I could make the long shots these days (“My eyes – no good.”)
    Smith 686 – My first duty pistol – $369 with two speed loaders thrown in from Fred Baker Firearms in OKC in 1991. I’ll always have this pistol. The action has been tuned by thousands of rounds of ammunition. These days it shoots mostly 158gr .38 special semi wadcutter hand loads. I carry a Springer XD9 as a duty pistol but I wouldn’t feel poorly armed if I had to go back to the 686. Firepower is hitting the target and I can hit with that old wheel gun
    Uberti Cattleman in .38/.357 – a beautiful SAA clone with case hardened receiver and blued barrel and cylinder. The various Ruger SAA’s may be a bit more modern in design, but the Uberti’s capture the 19th century Colt look and feel.
    Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special – Mine is late production with a set of Crimson Trace Laser grips. Charter seems to have gotten its act back together again. I bought the gun as an accessory for my dark brown fedora, suspenders, and pleated khakis. If you only have five shots before you have to reload, big holes are lots better than small holes.
    Ruger Super Redhawk – mine is an 8″ barrel .44 magnum pistol. I wanted a pistol for deer hunting. I load it with 300 gr JHP loads and its the most fun to shoot that I can have with my pants on. I’ll admit that the pistol is a bit klunky and in my eyes ugly compared to a Smith 29, but its strong, accurate and 100% reliable. I’ve heard people say that its impossible to pack enough powder into a .44 mag cartridge to blow a Super Redhawk up. I’m not about to try but those heavy cylinder walls are awfully comforting.

    What’s my next project? I’ve always wanted a 1917 Smith chambered in .45 ACP. With full moon clips and decent ammunition that pistol has lots of potential.

  36. First revolver: 686, 357, 6 inch, SS. Lots of reloading when I could not afford retail many years ago. Always goes out on my boat. First item on my list to be handed down……

  37. Ruger single six .22 convertible, 1955 high standard sentinal 9 shot .22, ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp .357, ruger LCRX .38, ruger super Blackhawk 10.5″ .44 mag, ruger Blackhawk .45 Colt and a Taurus raging judge magnum .45/410/454, I love them all dearly

  38. A SS 5 in. (yes 5) GP 100. It’s proportions are absolutely beautiful and it’s very well balanced. The first three are loaded in .38+p and then 125gr HP. I hope to never light those up indoors without ears.

  39. About that 1917, Grandfather gave me his years ago. 38 years after a burglary, still hoping for recovery. Grandpa said after 5 yards or so, it was more effective to throw the gun at the enemy……

  40. Two Charter Bulldogs (1 bobbed hammer and one ported), both stainless – bobbed is EDC alternate to my 1911 Compact .45ACP
    S&W 10-2″ sq.butt
    Charter Undercover
    S&W 66 (Performance Center built)
    S&W 29 8-3/8″
    S&W 63 (22LR) 4″
    Ruger Security Six 6″
    Ruger Super Blackhawk (3 screw) .44mag

  41. I was never a fan of revolvers; my first experiences with three different ones were remarkable for my lack of accuracy. So my first gun was an XD, the second a Kimber (love me some .45 ACP), but being a fan of the Civil War, eventually I just had to buy a black powder pistol, in my case a tuned Pietta 1861 Colt Navy in .36. That was followed by an 1851 made by a long defunct company that is heavy and solid as a rock, smooth as glass an reliable, and of course in .36. Then I added an 1862 Uberti Pocket Police, followed by an 1873 SAA in .38/.357 with a 7 1/2″ barrel ( a real hoot to shoot) and most recently by an 1873 SAA in .45 Colt with a 4 3/4″ barrel. I still need to buy an 1861 Colt Army in .44, but got distracted with completing a .50 cal Kentucky Rifle kit from Traditions. Plus with the new laws pending int he California Legislature that may ban all semi-auto rifle sales after the first of the year, I might have to buy an M1 Carbine before it is too late. That’ll put a dent in my budget!

  42. 2 S&W 66es and a model 38. Love all 3 of em. The airweight is a bit squirrely to shoot but the 66es DEFINITELY puts lead where I want it to however. They are also chambered (IMO) in one of the best single calibers ever made. Tactical tupperware is great (have some of that too,) but there is nothing quite singularly like a wheel gun.

  43. Well, a 6″ barrel S&W 66 purchased the day after turning 21, many, many years ago… still shoots great.

    A Colt .38 Army Special manufactured in 1922 that was previously carried by Chicago PD officer, been in the family a long time. Yes, I still shoot it.

  44. Im not a revolver guy as yet, i have a buddy singing the praise of the judge.
    What the deal?
    Is it worth it to shoot .45 AND .410?
    Or is it just a novelty?
    I’m a auto loader guy

    • I don’t have an opinion on whether it’s ‘worth it’ to be able to shoot .45 and .410 but I will say- my older sister found the .45 a natural fit for her. More accurate with .45 Colt than anything else she tried from .22 on up to .44 special. (She wouldn’t try .44 Magnum) She was better with a revolver than a semi, she just doesn’t like the slide moving around…

  45. Yes, I have more auto loaders than wheel guns….but I do not love them; merely accept them as a tool. But I do love my……
    S&W Model 66 3″ I bought new in 1989; smooth as glass, points well, shoots great, and with the right belt, can be comfortably carried in the winter. Python 4″ blue I bought new in 1993; mere words do not speak to her beauty; and she shoots mighty fine. There is a reassuring heft to an all steel magnum; simple, direct power. My next one will either be a 6″ 686 or a 6.5″ Ruger Blackhawk; I want a good belt gun for the woods.

  46. Am a longtime Ruger fanboy as regards wheel guns. Security Six blued, it’s SS mate (both Liberty models), Speed Six, a Service Six, Blackhawk .357 & Super Blackhawk in .44Mag with the 10.5″ barrel. Capped with a .454 Alaskan and diminutive Bearcat friend. With a few 3 screws Single Six’s and varying barrel lengths for variety!

  47. My favorites to shoot are single actions. I have carried double action revolvers for defense 35 years or so.
    I like J and K frame Smith and Wesson and LCRs for daily duty.
    For me, nothing is faster to get into action as a revolver.
    Could be because I carried them the most. Or that they are handy, light, and fast.

  48. My S&W 638 (airweight snub w/ shrouded hammer) loaded with 5 hornady 38+P Critical Defense JHP is ALWAYS in my pants pocket. Plus two more strips of 5 on my belt.

    Its stainless big brother (649, loaded with 357 Mags) is kept close at hand… and used for training and the monthly Sunday Fun Run & Gun.

    Night stand holds a 3″ Judge charged with five .410 PDXs … to fight my way to the…

    Circuit Judge (carbine) with a mix of 2 more PDXs plus 3@ .45LC +P JHP. And another mix of ten .45 and .410s on the side saddle.

    Note that EVERYTHING is 5-round point-and-shoot revolvers. I want simple and reliable if ever TSHTF.

  49. S&W 66 1″ barrel. My favorite handgun. Tuned by the performance shop. Can hit the 8″ gong at 75 yards 6 out of 6 shots in single action.

  50. 80s Dan Wesson 44mag made in the original factory
    ’73 model 29-2
    686 plus pro series
    All reliable, accurate, and great in their own way

  51. The two revolvers that were lost in that tragic boating accident before reporting was required were a S&W 686+ and a S&W 629 V-Comp.

  52. Currently have a Ruger Redhawk 7.5in in 44 mag and an older Taurus in 357. Sold a Blackhawk 45 colt because I figured out that loading/unloading a single action is a pain in the ass. Would like to get another Redhawk or a nice Smith in 357 or 45 colt. Love the trigger of a good revolver.

  53. I have 4:

    Ruger Single Six Convertible .22
    Colt Detective Special .38 Special
    Colt 1851.36 by Pietta
    Colt 1873 in .45 Colt by Pietta

  54. I love revolvers and own 3. My regular carry gun is a Colt Detective Special in, what else, .38 Special. Small, light, safe and reliable. Classic lines don’t hurt none either. In SA mode the trigger is sweet.

  55. I carry a snub nose S&W 66 357 (if you can call a K Frame stainless steel a snub nose) everyday I can in a Galco Combat Master on a Hank’s Bull Hide gun belt with a Ka-bar TDI…

  56. Owns dozens, carry 3:
    SW 386pd 7 shot 357 , 17oz
    SW 360sc 5 shot 357, 12oz
    SW 332 6 shot 32hr mag, 12oz

    Plus SW 396 lite in my briefcase
    5 shot 44spl, 18oz

    No magazine, no failures, no safety

  57. Inherited Dad’s Model 10 & 60 NYPD service pieces and Grandad’s S&W 1917. Wouldn’t part with them.

  58. I have a many. My unfired SW “V” model 10 was recently sent to a museum. On loan.
    Carried a J frame as an EDC for a couple of decades.
    Carry a SW29 pretty much anytime I’m hunting. If I’m out hiking far away it’s probably with me. I hunted solely with a Ruger Bisley for a year, took damn near everything Texas has to offer with it, and a couple of antelope in Wyoming.
    I just realized I no longer own anything chambered in .357magnum. To Gunbroker, Batman!

  59. Got a GP100 last December, first revolver I ever owned. I found it to point well, unlike most, and the grip doesn’t feel like it was designed for a Martian. And of course it’s .357.

    I’m going to put on my asbestos suit here and say that under many circumstances a revolver makes no utilitarian sense (by that, I mean aside from fun to shoot). But if you are in a situation where you need magnum power more than you need seven rounds loaded, it’s the way to go. Conversely, there’s just zero point to a .38 special (only) revolver or one in .22 unless you can’t use a semi-auto for some reason (like being unable to rack the slide). 9mm beats .38 in ballistics and capacity. (NB: It makes good sense to shoot .38 out of your .357 for practice purposes…my statement is about the value of having a revolver that can only shoot .38.)

  60. I’d consider a revolver as a carry gun if they didn’t suck in terms of safety and limits on ammo.

    Revolvers are old tech. If you like them, fine by me, but I’d prefer to just eject a slow burning primer and take some small metal fragments to my jeans as opposed to firing an uncontrolled shot or blowing part of my hand off.

  61. For Fun yes for defense no >> to slow repeating and reloading and only 6 round arround.

    Defense against bad people 10mm auto, defense against big animals 460 rowland in an glock 30 /30s/SF ore 12 gauge directly.

    I would find it nice to see somebody bring an new realy big bore semi revolver as the mateba white the option to suppressed as nagant, that would an unicat.

  62. I never thought I’d like revolvers. Then I bought Pietta Remington 1858 in .44 and liked it except loading taking forever. Yes, I did buy some spare cylinders to make it faster, but still.
    Then my friend wanted to get rid of his Super Redhawk. 44 magnum with 7.5″ barrel and Nikon scope. For the price he asked I just couldn’t let it go by. Now it’s my favorite hand gun and it goes to the range with me every time.
    Now my LGS has S&W 27-2 with 6″ barrel on consignment and I already started hand loading .38 spl. and .357 mag. And looking for loose change in couch cushions…
    I guess there is something about those outdated wheelguns.


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