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I’ve never been in a “real” fight in my entire life. This despite the fact that I have a mouth on me. Even in high school, where fights were an almost daily occurrence and I was extra-special mouthy, I managed to talk my way out of confrontations. After being mugged — once at knifepoint¬†— I realized that there are evil people who have no interest in talking. More than that . . .

desantis blue logo no back 4 smallBad guys, though, are familiar and comfortable with physical violence. Chances are that their attack isn’t their first blood-and-guts rodeo.

I’ve taken self-defense classes (specifically Krav Maga). Yes, I’m mentally prepared to go all-in should I or my loved ones be faced with an imminent, credible threat of grievous¬†bodily harm or death. But I have no illusions about my physical fitness or prowess. So I carry a gun.

What are the three reasons you carry or have access to a gun?

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: What's the Greatest Rifle Ever Made?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Got Dog?">Next Post


    • This^^^^! I don’t act reckless but when I am around guns I go from being a citizen who has not been caught to being a model citizen.

  1. I got into mma back in 2002 to have something to do when wrestling season was over. My friends and I loved it. Learning how to fight helped me understand why it was important not to fight. You can easily accidentally kill someone. Additionally the extra confidence it provided was great for my self confidence and I encourage all young guys to get involved with it. But I’m grounded in reality, it’s hard enough to take on a smaller guy let alone a couple of big ones

    Can’t really think of 3 reasons I carry. Main one is self defense.

    • “You can easily accidentally kill someone.”

      Which also means that someone else can easily accidentally kill you in hand-to-hand fights.

      People seem to think that fights without weapons are not any big deal. Some are not. Some are. The problem is that you never know which fight will unfold before it begins. Why risk it if you do not have to?

      • When you take into consideration that most defensive gun uses happen without a shot being fired, it’s not really that far of a stretch.

      • I think his focus is on the word accidentally. In a fist fight it is possible to accidentally kill someone when you had no intention to take it that far and had most likely not considered that as a possible outcome. If I have to shoot someone, I am using intentional lethal force and death is already understood to be a likely outcome.

  2. 1- when the first guy tried to rob me.
    2-when the next guy tried to jack my car.
    3-when the last guy tried to rob me.
    4-for the next time…

  3. 1. Social disobedience against federal government.
    2. Societal dregs.
    3. F*** you because I can.

  4. Because I can.

    It makes progressive/statists apoplectic.

    In case animals attack (human or otherwise).

  5. 1. Four daughters 8yo and younger
    2. Wife that’s smaller than me with a herniated disk in her neck
    3. I’m 5’7″ and 155 lb, “skinny”, but not in shape (as my new work out schedule tells me)

  6. 1. Self Defense
    2. Defense of Loved Ones
    3. Because I can’t call in an A-10 for close air support

  7. My goal is to have my own gym and teach kick boxing and jui jitsu. I do believe what I have been learning in my life has a place in self defense. I treat that knowledge like a tool however. Its just extra tool sets. Like a gun is a tool. The gun is also an extra measure.

  8. 1. Because no greater implement of self defense has ever been created than a repeating action firearm.
    2. Because evil exists in the world.
    3. Because I choose to exercise my Second Amendment right as a citizen of the United States of America.

  9. 1-I don’t just feel safer, I AM safer
    2- To protect my pregnant wife
    3- My job requires it

  10. Last time I was in a 1 on 1 bare handed fight was over 30 years ago. I broke multiple bones in his body and fractured his skull. I’m a large fellow that could get work as an extra in a motorcycle gang movie.

    But, I’m not a young man anymore. And the young men nowadays don’t fight 1 on 1 bare handed.

    So, I’ll carry a gun.

    • Sounds like me(except the motorcycle thing). I used to be huge & muscular(maybe scary). Now not so much. And the world is totally going to he!!…

  11. I don’t carry a gun for self defense. I carry a gun to avoid being a hypocrite. Every time I saw a “should have been a DGU” story, I would say “yeah, if that person had a gun, they may be alive today”. You can’t wish upon others what you are not willing to do.

  12. I only need one reason: I’m a husband to one and a father to three and we are all too important not to protect.

  13. defend myself from lethal threats

    defend others form lethal threats

    “they” dont want me to

  14. I don’t have 3. I have 1.
    Im at a point in my life that Id like to keep it.
    Im also at the point where Im no longer physically able to defend myself confidently against a stronger opponent without some possibly needed help.

  15. 1) I can’t afford armed guards like high-ranking politicians and the wealthy enjoy
    2) The police are not legally obligated to protect me
    3) The police can’t be everywhere at once, even if they were legally obligated to protect me

  16. Because this is America and I can.
    Because this is America and I can.
    Because this is America and I can.

    On a more serious note, I carry as a statement of principle. If we give up our right and ability to defend ourselves and the people we love, we put our civilization and our own human dignity in the hands of barbarians and sociopaths.

    What would you consider a “real” fight?

    I’ve been in a few physical altercations, but never with someone who was hell-bent on pounding me to a pulp. Being shy, skinny, and geeky back in my school days, I got bullied and pushed around, so there’s that… Had a couple of physical encounters with similar bullies as an adult, but they gave up pretty quick (takes a lot to push me into fight mode, but once that switch gets flipped, I’m out for blood). And at 6’2″/275, I can bring some force to bear. That said, I have no illusions about my ability to take on an actual athlete or anyone who’s had training.

  17. Three reasons I carry?


    1) It’s my right.
    2) I’d rather be prepared than not.
    3) I’ve seen what can happen to people who are not prepared.

    That said, the video makes me laugh. It reminds me of all the keyboard commandos who think they can whip Ronda Rousey’s ass because she’s a woman when in reality she’d have them crying in 20 seconds.

    Martial arts/MMA give you three really great benefits.

    1) Fitness benefits!
    2) An understanding of your own limitations both mentally and physically and the ability to push those boundaries.
    3) The confidence to avoid a fight that’s trying to “pick you”. No need to puff up and act like you’re big and scary when you know you can destroy the person screaming in your face. That confidence allows you to deescalate the situation rather than trying to bluff your way out of it but at the same time take steps so that if this asshole does throw the first punch you don’t take it on the chin.

    All that said, basically no matter what, when the guy whips out a knife and is clearly intent on using it the “oh shit meter” shatters 10 and pushes towards 11.

  18. 1. Carrying a cop is hard
    2. Evil exists.
    3.Violence can only be negated by a opposing force, Hugs will not stop ISIS.

  19. Three reasons I carry:

    1. Because I’ve had many fights so I know what they can do.

    2. Because I’m too old to fight but not too old to shoot.

    3. Because I’m too stubborn to be told what to do by a crusty, old crook.

  20. Because it’s almost impossible to shoot someone without a gun.
    Because there never seems to be a gun laying around when I want to shoot someone.
    Because no one ever says yes when I ask to borrow their gun because I want to shoot someone.

    So…convenience I guess.

    • This is why self contained pistol blister packs should be available everywhere in vending machines. Slap plastic, get a Glock 18 with 3 mags.

      That would be a sign of a humane and civilized society.

  21. There are three primary reasons why I carry:
    (1) Animal attacks
    (2) Two-bit thug attacks
    (3) Terrorist and/or multiple attackers

    I have no interest in trying to fend off cougars, bears, rut-crazed white-tail bucks, nor large dogs with my bare hands as I am certain to sustain serious injuries even if I manage to drive off the animal attacker.

    I have no interest in trying to fend off a two-bit thug with my bare hands because there is a non-trivial chance that I will not prevail … and failure is most definitely NOT an option when additional family members are present.

    Finally, I have no chance of prevailing over armed terrorists or multiple attacks if I am unarmed.

    Underpinning all of those reasons:
    (1) Police cannot possibly respond fast enough to prevent serious physical injury in any attack unless they happen to already be standing next to you … which is basically never.
    (2) Animal attackers, two-bit thugs, and terrorists/gangs have absolutely ZERO interest in any talk at all. Their only objective is taking your dignity, property, body, or life. Talk is useless in such encounters. You must be able to forcefully assert your right to dignity, property, body, and life. At the present time a firearm is the most effective tool available that can help you forcefully assert your rights.

    • Gotta watch out for those two legged cougars too. They’re dangerous during mating season (weekends after 7 at your local watering hole).

      • Ah, yes. I have heard harrowing tales (pun intended) about such exploits and do my best to avoid 2-legged cougars in the wild.

  22. 1 – I can’t outrun a bullet
    2 – I can’t avoid a well-planned ambush
    3 – I’m mortal.

    Also, Zombies. You can’t kill a zombie with a finger gun.

  23. 2 are quick. 1) self defense 2) defense of my country (or shooting terrorists, if you prefer)

    1 is not so quick. 3) I am convinced that if everyone were disarmed, or at least were convinced that everyone was disarmed, crime would skyrocket, including crime involving firearms. In fact, that may describe where we are right now, or close to it. Similarly, I am convinced that if every person in America were armed, or at least were convinced that everybody was armed, crimes by other than stealth (IOW violent crime) would be nonexistent. So, carrying myself is doing my part in achieving that goal.

    • ah, the vaccination analogy. If enough people are armed, even those who are not are protected by herd immunity. But vaccinations like self-defense carry is not 100%. If too few people are vaccinated, then even those who are vaccinated are still at risk of decease since most vaccines are only 40% to 80% effective.

  24. Or preservation of the human species e.g against another ‘advanced’ and/or ‘sentient’ lifeform?

  25. 1. Response time out where I live is at least 45 minutes
    2. The Supreme Court of these United States has ruled that law enforcement has no duty or responsibility to protect me.
    3. I am responsible for protecting me and mine.

  26. My brother was asked by his neighbor why he carried when he was cutting his grass. Brother: someone may need to be shot and I don’t want them to miss out.

    Due to my job I can’t carry at work. As soon as I get home I crack the safe and get a handgun out. 100% of home invasions occur in the home.

    If you are a CA resident we need you to sign the vetogunmeggedon petitions. My LGS said they were getting a lot of signatures but we need as many as we can (1 million wanted, 380k+ needed) as CA will try to disallow as many signatures as they can.

  27. 1. Police have no legal duty to protect individuals.
    2. Police have no legal liability when they fail to protect individuals.
    3. Police not specifically assigned as bodyguards have virtually no physical ability to protect individuals.

    Police don’t protect individuals. They draw chalk outlines around individuals unwilling or unable to protect themselves.

    Anybody who tell you different is a liar.

  28. 1. Hillary Clinton
    2. Michael Bloomberg
    3. Dianne Feinstein

    They lurk around every corner. They are pure evil and can’t be negotiated with. Terminate with extreme prejudice.

  29. 1. Self-defense
    2. Security of a free State
    3. Guns are cool and sexy (I’m just saying what everyone’s thinking)

  30. Cops are too heavy.

    Apache helicopters are too expensive.

    I prefer to have the best tool available to save my life.

  31. Self defense, I act more responsively when I do, and “a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state…”

  32. Ignoring the question that was asked, sorry. That looks like it would be fun; punching someone who not only isn’t going to punch back, but who you don’t have to worry about hurting, and who has significant training in blocking/avoiding the punches, seems like it would be pretty fun to try out.

  33. It would be fun and educational to spar with him. And I’m sure I would lose. The problem for me anymore is that to stop at just punching the face takes away the stuff I would really want to do in a fight. I’m getting to old to dilly dally. I’m trained to do throat strikes, neck strikes, bladder strikes, bicep and thigh strikes, elbow strikes to the head and neck, kicks to knees, eye gouges, joint manipulation and breaks. Plus I always carry a knife and often a gun. I feel naked without them, but hands, elbows, legs, and whatever else you can grab can be powerful things in a fight. I’m not a LEO or military, just too many years in martial arts and Krav Maga.

  34. It’s wrong headed to think that we should have to justify our choices regarding firearms. Therefore:

    Reason 1: I don’t need a reason.
    Reason 2: See above.
    Reason 3: See above.

  35. Because I am a sovereign individual
    Because I believe in personal responsibility
    Because I do not care what you think

  36. #1 Because God given rights and equal sovereignty.
    #2 Because more God given rights.
    #3 All legal purposes

    Tisk tisk.

  37. 1. Evil is a reality in our fallen world.
    2. It is a moral duty to defend the innocent, weak and helpless.
    3. Guns are tools that serve an important purpose.

  38. Just one guy and a couple of gals? Weak. Bring JKA spar-specialist, and watch them tap poor fella!

    (whether this tap will Ikken Hissatsu that bulky guy into next dimension is another, sad story of death inflicted on Japanese martial art marketing by MMA)

  39. Three reasons to carry a gun?

    1. To protect myself.

    2. To protect my loved ones.

    3. I like guns.

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