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Remember the game Scruples? Players had to predict how competitors would answer a question involving a moral dilemma. For example: “You accidentally damage a car in a parking lot. Do you leave a note with your name and phone number?” So I’ve got one for you: would you sleep with a woman who wouldn’t sleep with you if she knew you were a gun guy?

desantis blue logo no back 4 smallThe obvious possibility: you keep your love of firearms and firearms freedom to yourself to satisfy your genetic imperative. If that’s your answer, if things progress, when and how would you introduce the love that dare not speak its name (in this case)?

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: California. Would YOU Comply?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: How And What Do You Carry In Your Car?">Next Post


  1. No. I don’t pork crazy or live with the delusion that you can pork the crazy out of crazy. Not worth it.

      • Nope, you can’t fix it and unfortunately because murder and euthanasia is illegal you can’t mitigate it either.

    • Wow, a new low for TTAG. Giving the sewer-breathers a vent is one thing, but bragging about Misogyny is quite another .

      Good thing TTAG does not attempt to appeal to women, only to lure them into something like this.

      Funny thing is this post will likely receive the wrath. God bless America.

      • Cricket, We’re not much of a group of Speshul Snowflakes here. It’s a very straightforward question – deliberately meant to provoke a reaction, Whooptie. Effen. Do.

        Will some of the comments be a bit ribald? Of course they will.

        You know what might help with this indoctrinated brainwashing of misunderstanding what real misogyny is? Go hang around some women (it helps to have owned a bar, but not required). You will hear professional, college-educated women talk about the size of every boyfriend they’ve had, exactly who was the best diver ever, and scope out the guys with the most descriptive (and blunt) things they’d want to do to/for/with him.

        By comparison, the guys are rather simple and tame (seen below).

        Women are human, they like sex too, and if this was a group of women getting together talking about a Brad Pitt photospread, it’d be filthy in comparison to the what the guys come up discussing the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. Especially the beached whale they put on one of the covers last year.

        Wanna see some actual misogyny? Go anywhere on the planet that has Muslims in charge of anything but a 7-11.

        • “Especially the beached whale they put on one of the covers last year.”

          So out of curiosity I looked up all the covers from last year. I didn’t see one that had a cover with anything I would call a beached whale so I’m really curious as to what cover you’re talking about.

        • Adam, Apparently you missed the ‘chubby chaser’ version of the SI Swimsuit Edition. They had one of two alternative covers, one had this hideous blob-o-lard named Ashley Graham on it.

          She may be a nice person (though her public statements indicate otherwise). She may also be attractive – if you’re black, or have the fat chick kink. Which are both fine BTW. For the vast majority of men however, she’s what you need Viagra for when you screwed up, and got married.

  2. “So I’ve got one for you: would you sleep with a woman who wouldn’t sleep with you if she knew you were a gun guy?”

    Yes, unfortunately, I have. Several times.

    What can I say? I’m a guy.

    Sheesh. 🙂

    (And yes, it was the little head doing all the thinking at the time…)

  3. Absolutely the dumbest Question Of The Day yet.

    DeSantis isn’t getting their money’s worth on this one.

  4. By the time she figures out that I’m a gun guy, I’ll have gotten what I wanted and moved on.

  5. I was with a woman for 10 years…planned to marry her. In the middle of that relationship I tuned 21 and got my first pistol. She wasn’t anti-gun – we went shooting together – but she didn’t want me to bring my pistol into her apartment so I left it in the car. Car got stolen, gun was stolen, too. And that was the beginning of the end of that relationship. A lot of lessons learned there.

  6. I’m a gun guy but I don’t obnoxiously wear it and spray it ya know, gotta be funny and enjoyable to be with anyone not just full on set on gun rights mode.

    • That depends on whether or not you are planning on having any kind of long term relationship. Also, in this day of swatting and liberal women using the power of the state against men at the drop of a hat, banging some random chick who’s anti-gun rights can get you a charge that will take your rights away forever. I’m not hardcore gun rights, but I’ve seen a lot of guys get jammed up.

      • “Banging some random chick” is a good way to get “jammed up”, regardless of whether she gives two shits about guns or not. Crazy comes in a thousand different forms, and it’s been my experience that women who will screw random dudes they don’t know very well usually have all kinds of damage, none of which is worth dealing with.

        • More so in the past than today, it’s a whole new world out there. Even the “not strangers” ones are crazy.

    • It is a riff on the ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata by Aristophanes, where the chief madam of Athens gets all the women to agree that there will be no sex until the men stop warring. Lysistrata persuades the women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands and lovers as a means of forcing the men to negotiate peace—a strategy, however, that inflames the battle between the sexes. I’d bet the original is better than this movie.

      • Maybe this movie should have had the women refuse to sleep with the men until they all sat down with their kids and taught them proper gun safety.

  7. Highly recommend if you sleep with a woman who is anti-gun you get yourself tested for STDs afterwards. If she views political causes as the ticket to tw@t you got no idea who or WHAT has been there before you. She might just be an animal rights supporter if you get my drift….

  8. That movie clip brought to mind the Brad Paisley song about wives and fishing…

    “I’m gonna miss her…”

  9. The questions in these types of games never have enough information for me, it drive my gf absolutely insane because I say that or refuse to choose.

    For this example with this QOTD, do I love, care about, and/or mutually respect this woman or not?

  10. Have your way with her and show her the door – to the gun safe. Let her choose.

  11. I wouldn’t answer a question like that . I couldn’t imagine anyone actually going to this movie.

  12. Yes, because while I’m pumping away, I would love to see her face when I say, “Hey, I own a lot of guns. Oh, and here’s the condom I said I put on.”

  13. I would not sleep with her but I would fuck the communist hell out of her. Provided she does not wear flannel play softball or have hair as short as mine.

  14. Do the grind then be like “sorry gotta go so I can be up early to hit the range tomorrow.”

  15. Never again. In fact, my profile on POF spells it out: I want a woman with her own CCW, and who can conceal it like Rene Russo did in the movie “In the Line of Fire”.

    No CCW = no date.

  16. I can only assume you arte asking me if I would force a woman to sleep with me because I am a gun owner , so no , if a woman did not want me to sleep with her I would not sleep with her . I am wondering if the question was worded correctly ??????????

    • Stick a .303, 54R, or .45-70 up her butt. The rim will keep it from slipping in too far.

      • And if slips inside…..meh.
        She should be able to drive herself to the emergency room after we get done.
        Show no mercy to the Left.

  17. Nothing fuels my inner sadist more than watching an otherwise healthy woman wilt from a lack of attention ?

    Xbox + JD + Weed x Porn² = XXchrom + ?

    Besides this movie is set in TX – there are plenty of gun loving females, hoes (“hoes veto”), goats, AND sheep in the lone star state to get around a sex strike . . . oh, and rape. Cuz we wouldn’t be good Americans if we did not have at least one rape joke.

  18. Before I got married: Would I hit it? That would depend on how hot she was. If she was hot, yeah I’d hit it. Might even get her number and call her up on Friday nights.

    Sleep with her? Hell no. Bang her at her place and then dip out for a beer and some Denny’s with friends at 0200.

    Pretty sure Biggie covered this in his song “Friend of Mine”

  19. It has happened before, many times. Oddly, a few have turned very pro gun after I quit returning their calls/texts.

  20. You would think with the miserable failure of the movie Chi-Raq that these Hollywood Douche bags would get it. The last person you want telling how to think and live your life is some immoral ass who makes millions of dollars to pretend to be someone else. These are vapid, shallow, empty people who would swear their allegiance to Satan or a bucket of shit if they thought it would give them a couple of seconds of TV exposure. They don’t give a damn about the people who save themselves from violence with a firearm. F them.

      • Good point!

        If they stay neutral and play it both ways it could be a good comedy. I laughed at the guy with the pink AK in the trailer.

        Hollywood isn’t noted for not making a ‘statement’, however…

        • I’m sure it won’t have the ending I would have written.

          In the end, the men surrender. But before the couples can reunite, all the temptation the women were using to entice the men affected a couple transients. Those shady characters decided to act on their brutal nature and kidnap the main activist in the sex strike. They take her in broad daylight knowing the men of the town have been neutered. The Sheriff has all the guns locked in a vault, well. almost all. The kidnappers have guns. They throw the sultry vixen in a van and drive off. The whole way they take turns raping, beating and sodomizing her.
          Back at the town square, the men have called the sheriff and when he arrives, they go down to the station where he deputizes the folks and returns their firearms. They go after the two bad guys and eventually catch them. It’s too late for the woman though. She succumbed to the brutal rape and died a horrific death. The men never surrendered their guns again.

  21. Well, if she isn’t going to sleep with a gun owner, and I own a gun, that means she won’t be willing to sleep with me . So if I did, it would be rape more likely than not. So no, I wouldn’t do that because I’m not a psychopath.

  22. First question, yes.

    Second question, she will probably notice me checking for a round in the chamber before I holster and leave.

    • She’d notice mine soon as the shirt was pulled up/off. Ergo, my answer would have to be “No,” unless she was horny enough to change her mind on the spot.

      Then, again, she’d have to be pretty horny to want to sleep with me, so it’s a win-win. 🙁

  23. I’ve slept with anti-gun women before, yes. But, I would never marry one.

    Moreover, never marry any woman who uses sex as weapon against you.

  24. People who feel hatred, not necessarily fear of, but just plain hatred towards guns are probably also progressives. Progs and blatantly false rape charges have been virtually synonymous for years. I’ll pass walking through that mine field and continue to date women who live by the tenets of common sense and logic, thanks.

  25. …the movie is a take on the play “Lysistrata”.

    And for me, the subject of the question is moot.

  26. Why would I want to when I can have a girl that supports the 2A?

    I know some people that would sleep them sure. But in a “hit it and quit it” kind of way.

    Hit it and quit it.
    Fxck it and chuck it.
    Toot it and boot it.
    Hump it and dump it.
    Smash it and dash it?
    Slam it and scram it?
    Nail it and bail it.
    Dxck it and kick it.

    Etc Etc.

  27. Sure would. In fact I married her. And now for our 25th anniversary she wants a Spikes Tactical “Jack” lower for her AR.

    Love overcomes all!

  28. My wife hates guns, and doesn’t want to see them, ever. But at the same time she is glad that I have a “real” gun around (my black powder guns don’t count as real guns, nor my 1873s. Go figure.) So I guess yes, I’ve been sleeping with her for over 30 years. She’s never going to like guns or shoot one, and I am never getting rid of them.

  29. Lol at this movie.

    Wife cuts you off because you exercise your natural right to defend her and the children. Tell her you’re flattered she thinks you can whoop 3 thugs but that you aren’t Jason Bourne and this isn’t the movies and the next time she tries to deflate you as a man or forcibly control you her ass will be on the curb.

    Or just stop paying for things.

  30. I never got to the point where I even listen to what the bitch says, how am I to know if she is antgun?

  31. The bitter aftertaste of crazy lingers far longer than the transitory pleasure of beauty.

  32. Does this actually happen I can see a leftist woman maybe using gun ownership as a test for right-wing political beliefs. In that case though, it’s not really about the gun. It’s about his politics.

    Would a prog woman refuse to sleep (at her place) with a prog guy she found otherwise attractive just because he happened to have a gun in a safe at his house? Doesn’t seem very likely to me. (Anything is possible with women, obviously.)

  33. 80 comments later and no one has said “Why the thinly veiled question about Shannon Watts?”

    Am I about to get ‘Flame Deleted’?

  34. Well now there’s a question seemingly designed to elicit responses that anti’s will point to and say, “See!!! They’re all neanderthals…”

    I vote to delete the entire post, but that’s just me.

    • Yeah this whole thing is bound to become a link on some demanding gun-grabber’s web site in short order.

      Contrary to the usually articulate and well-reasoned comments I usually see here, this thread hit the gutter pretty quick and unfortunately brought out the unseemly side of the POTG.

      Sorry, Mr. Farago. This was a bad idea.

      • If they can’t find any damning stuff they’ll just make sheet up.

        Special snowflakes have to flurry.

      • “…the usually articulate and well-reasoned comments I usually see here…”

        Are we on the same site? I like TTAG, but I would never accuse it of being articulate and well-reasoned!

  35. Back in the day(over 30 years ago now)I probably “slept” with some anti gals.And I was mighty popular with the ladies then. Since I wasn’t into guns it don’t matter now. My honey for 28 years is very pro-gun. Even the crazy Ex had a gun in her purse(but a very left turn NOW-amazing what’s put on FB). Now-God forbid something happens to my girl-any woman would have to be pro2A.

  36. I’ve met a lot of women who said they wouldn’t do this or that. Didn’t take long to change their mind…

  37. Scenario: You date a woman, when she finds out that you own a gun, she freaks out, runs from the room screaming (even though you did _nothing_ except admit to being a gun-owner), runs to the police, tells them that her ex-boyfriend (half of a dinner date, she freaked out during dessert, makes you an “ex-boyfriend”) is crazy violent, he owns guns, she’s in fear for her life. She gets a restraining order against you (and two dates make you a “stalker”), the sheriff confiscates ALL of your guns, and the existence of the restraining order prevents you from legally purchasing another gun ever.
    Find out a woman’s feelings toward gun ownership before the first date.

  38. The correct answer is:

    “She wouldn’t care if I owned a gun because after the first time she’ll be back for more”.

  39. Many moons ago I got into a relationship with a drop dead gorgeous former marine that was the best in bed I’d ever been with. She had initially been OK with my carrying of a firearm and my collection of military pattern semi-auto rifles and semi-auto pistols.. She had a liberal bent but still accepted the second anendment and the keeping and bearing of arms. The woman of my dreams.

    Then, six months into the relationship, she has a “revelation” that she was a actually a pacifist and that my guns had to go, or she would.

    I know, former marine going pacifist! WTH? So I went gone. There is no compromise with tyranny. Even if it comes with a pretty face and is great in bed.

    When she saw that I was serious, she compromised and said even if we were no longer in a committed relationship and we weren’t living together, maybe we could be friends with benefits.

    That was before I was a baptized Christian, but even then, once I got past my early twenties, sex outside of a committed rationship was never my thing. It was tempting, but I still said no.

    Oh well. Now that I’m a Christian, It was the best thing that could have happened. She was not a Christian, probably never would have been, so it all worked out for the best. ”

    “Thank G-d for un-answered prayers” As the country western song says.

  40. As a guy old enough to have learned from experience (fortunately the experience of others), it’s often a bad idea to think with your little head instead of your big one.

  41. Are we actually sleeping or actually screwing?
    I have slept with animals since i was a small child.
    Come to think of it some of the humans that I have slept with were animals, and that might be an insult to the real animals.

  42. didn’t look at all of the reply’s But lets ask Hillary Clinton how this work out with Bill

  43. Most idiotic “question of the day” to date. Hopefully this marks the permanent low spot of this feature

  44. Perspective from the inferior gender:

    Well I wasn’t opposed to sleeping with men who own guns, but now after reading this thread..

    It scares the shit out of my ex though so I’m all for guns! Just not men with small penises (i.e. all of you).

    • Since you are a female hard core 2A supporter your case would be a little different:

      You could infinitely torture and tease the effeminate anti-gun inner city metrosexual (or whatever he is). Torture him as long as you can. Haha.

  45. Maybe you ought to run this whole question of the day past your sponsor Desantis. They might have an opinion about what gets associated with their name.

  46. Hmm, I’m having visions of a beloved motorcycle ruffian, on water skis, sailing over the subject of a whole week’s programming on the Discovery Channel.

  47. I’m shocked someone hasn’t said this already, so I must:

    “I would put The Flag on the headboard and do it for Old Glory.”

    The anti-gunners are always screwing us, so why not return the favor?

  48. “Would You Sleep With A Woman Who Wouldn’t Sleep With a Man Who Owns A Gun?”

    If she’s pretty and good lay, sure. And as soon as she brings up the gun issue and wouldn’t agree with me, I’d dump her faster than a used shake-n-bake bag. Had women dump me just because I didn’t like her favorite color, so I figure what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

    And yes, I’ve also had my share of women who ripped my heart out and used it to wipe clean their expensive c.f.m. pumps… but I’m not bitter. ;-D

    Is this mysoginistic? Can’t be, as I love women, have loved women and will continue to love women. After all, they have all the vag and half of the money.
    Sexist? Perhaps. But I’m tired of the politically correct b.s., so at least I’m being honest.

  49. She would get just a good old pump and dump out of me and she might even end up posted on pornhub. Her best bet is to be put on the roster, with no chance of being a starter in the big leagues.

    These anti gun cosmo reading women dont want a man. They want a pet that will emasculate himself at every opportunity, who they can divorce rape down the line. Real men set the tone and the frame of the relationship which the women then follows. A mans time and resources isnt to be wasted. His passions never to be compromised or put aside. He will never explain his hobbies either.

    Any man willing to look away at a serious conflict of opinions over guns, religion, marraige goals, or any other beliefs is a man who obviously is lacking in game department with women. If you have game, and have many options of potential ladies, the you dont wast time with anti gun women.

  50. “Would You Sleep With A Woman Who Wouldn’t Sleep With a Man Who Owns A Gun?”
    I would not even date a woman who would not accept that I own and carry guns,
    much less go to bed with her.

  51. “Would You Sleep With A Woman Who Wouldn’t Sleep With a Man Who Owns A Gun?” was the question! So in response to that specific question I would have to say no because I’m honest. Now if the question was “Would You Sleep With A Woman Who Doesn’t Like Guns? Hell yeah! If she can respect my right to choose, I can respect her right to choose. Been happily married to her for almost twenty years…… mother is just like her and father just like me……Though I will admit it sucks for me and my dad when we are having a PRIVATE conversation about purchasing a new firearm and next thing we know we have two women complaining “Why do you need another gun”, “Don’t you have enough already”, “You don’t have a collection…you have a small armory.”, “You just bought a new gun”, and on and on. Though honestly it’s something me and my father can laugh and joke about.

  52. This post plays right into the hands of the Left, the entire premise is beyond stupid, portraying a level of ignorance the pro-gun community would be far better off leaving hidden. Thisis equal to all that zombie BS manufacturers are pulling out there, looking crazy is NOT a plus.

    • Well if they can’t take a joke, fuckem.
      I’ll let you worry about how the antis respond to these comments.
      All I have to say to them is, if you try to take my guns, I’ll shoot you in the face.

  53. My wife had bigger guns then me when we first met.
    Now I’ve caught up to her after 19 years.

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