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If you’re a reality show devotee, it probably won’t surprise you that the people who aspire to be featured on most of them can be, well, difficult to work with. We admit we’ve never wasted precious moments of our lives watching any of the Real Housewives productions. Driving rusty tent stakes into our eyes seems much less painful and a whole lot more productive. But it seems safe to assume that dealing with the pneumatically enhanced narcissists for whom being selected to participate in The Real Housewives of Wichita is the pinnacle of their existence would require some serious people-handling skills. Unfortunately, even having that kind of experience under his belt wasn’t enough to help Derek J deal with a rival local hairdresser . . .

In case you aren’t aware, Derek J is evidently a “celebrity stylist” and does his magic on the nasty creatures who act out for the cameras on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. And earlier this week, as reports, he was called on to perform some emergency wig repairs at his salon, the J Spot.

But on Wednesday, things at the salon got, well, a little harried, when Neffe, sister of R&B singer Keyshia Cole, came in for major hair repair, asking them to fix the wig work of rival stylist Corwin Pledger.

“Her (hair was) messed up to the point we didn’t know what to do. So I was just like, reach out to the stylist and say ‘hey, what did you use, what did you do?” said Derek J.

Unfortunately, Mr. Pledger didn’t take kindly to having his hair handling skills questioned and visited Derek’s salon looking for some satisfaction. And just to make sure his point was clear, he drew a gun when he got there.

J. Spot Salon co-owner Lisa McCall told ABC News that when she asked him to leave, he waved his gun in her face, threatening her.

“He said, don’t think I won’t, don’t think I won’t,” McCall said.

Then she says, he fired into the floor – pointing to a large bullet hole in the shop’s hardwood floor as proof of his rage. McCall says as he left, Pledger took his time, walking slowly outside, pointing at customers and stylists through the window as he walked away.

Who knew color jobs and perms can ignite such passion? The Atlanta police are currently looking for Mr. Pledger and we feel sure they’ll get their man soon. In the mean time, given the heated nature of the hair-do biz in The City too Busy to Hate, Derek might want to consider getting a concealed carry license to protect himself, his employees and his clientele. We know just the people who can help him out.

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  1. USACarry? Really?

    At the risk of starting a flame war, it seems to me that usacarry is one of the LEAST useful resources on the web for gun owners. I get their emails every week or so, and there is almost always something that just makes me shake my head — often things where someone posts a thread and there are 2-4 entire pages of people talking back and forth about how someone should look up the answer. Things like how to get an LTCF in Chester County PA (I’m not kidding, this really happened). For God’s sake SOMEONE GOOGLE IT! I tried a few variations on the theme, and the Sheriff’s page about licensing is ALWAYS the FIRST bloody result. Why bother spending half an hour bantering back and forth asking each other how to do something when you could just google it and have your answer in 5 minutes?

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, they DO have good articles from time to time, but the community seems to be overrun by those who are ignorant and/or lazy–moreso than any other forum I’ve encountered.

      • Collin – your ignorance and bigotry is going to hold you back in life. My advice to you is to take a step back, educate yourself, talk to some people (including people in the group you call savages), and think about whether lumping people into categories based on things like skin color makes any sense or is consistent with the values of this great country.

        • “think about whether lumping people into categories based on things like skin color… is consistent with the values of this great country”

          It is very consistent with the values on which this country was founded.

    • To be honest, much as Collin may come across as racist, he IS correct, at least to an extent.

      I’ll qualify this by saying that the person who is the subject of this article acted in a manner which I consider to be wholly uncivilized, REGARDLESS of his skin color, ancestry, religious affiliation, and sexual preference. I don’t care if you’re black or white, gay or straight, Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, or Jewish, going into a business and employing deadly force in the manner this person did is an UNCIVILIZED act.

      Google defines “uncivilized” to mean: “1: (of a place or people) Not considered to be socially, culturally, or morally advanced. 2: Impolite; bad-mannered.”

      Google defines “savage” to mean: “(chiefly in historical or literary contexts) A member of a people regarded as primitive and uncivilized.”

      So, while the poster above almost certainly intended to convey racism, the fact remains that he is technically correct.

      Personally, I believe that this act of savagery was not the result of nature, but instead the result of nurture. I firmly blame the “ghetto and proud of it” attitude so prevalent among the economically disadvantaged living in densely populated urban areas, and glorified by the leftist establishment in the media in general (be it through what passes for music or what comes out of Hollywood).

      Thus, I believe that skin color had absolutely nothing to do with this, and I instead blame leftism.

      • I know I come across as a Racist in some of my posts, but in reality, I really think a lot of the concentration of high percentages of crime in minority areas is more a result of culture.
        Take a look at the black inner city of Fort Wayne IN and compare that to the Swiss-German white towns of Berne or Batesville IN.
        OK, white faces versus black faces.
        But if you really spend time in either area, what really comes across is that the cultures of the two areas are radically different.
        What items and morals people value are radically different between Inner City culture and Swiss culture.
        If anything, I would argue that Berne probably has more guns per capita than Fort Wayne.

        • I am with you, Tom. We have the same thing going on here in Cleveland.

          The East side and the West side. The East side is largely Black and crime-ridden save a couple of islands of sanity (usually gated) in very upscale areas.

          The West side is largely White and Hispanic and a fairly nice place to live.

          The disparity between the cultures is painfully noticeable to the point where it affects how one or the others live.

          One example being that just someone from the East side driving down my street will usually lead to a black and white pulling up. Everyone out and talking having a quite weekend grilling and whatnot, talking about the weather, jobs, kids. Then an Eastsider pulls up with his mother mother die mother f*((in mother F78ker playing so loudly over crappy speakers you can’t help but wonder what is going on. The car pulls down slow and just stops at a house and waits for ten minutes and drives off. Someone usually calls the cops. I don’t think out of fear or distrust so much as this one person alters everyone’s mood from thoughts of family and friends to ghetto in an instant.

        • It’s refreshing to hear critical thinking and honesty applied to the issue. That’s part of the problem, I guess. One of the things that is holding this country back- that people are so often forced to tiptoe around certain delicate issues, largely due to our shift towards becoming more and more “poltically correct”. I saw that oh-so often while in the navy, although in that case it pertained more to females than anything else. I couldnt agree more about the toxic nature of much of the “gangsta” rap that’s become so prevalent, and the damage that it is doing (there’s also MANY insightful and poetic rap artists out there, but sadly that’s not what is getting on the airwaves, largely). I firmly believe that we need education and open, honest dialogue above all else to make further social progress as a society. All this coming from the guy that earlier made a post about keeping it all about guns, and leaving race out of it. Sorry guys, couldn’t help it : ) On a closing note: Let’s just take a second to remember that nearly everyone visiting this site is hear because we all have a passion for, or at least a great interest in guns.

        • You want critical thinking, you got it. Ted Bundy, Arthur Shawcross, Gerry Brudos, Gary Ridgeway, John Wayne Gacy, Leonard Lake, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Kemper; I could go on and on for page after page. I think we must deduce that white people have a tendency to be mentally disturbed serial killers.

          Charles Ng, Seung-Hui Cho and Andrew Cunanan are proof positive that Asian Americans are likewise born or taught to kill.

          Look, fellas, after thirty years of legal practice, there’s one thing I’ve learned. No matter what your color, you’re all potential defendants, clients or convicts.

        • “Color doesn’t matter”

          I agree; CULTURE matters.

          A person who believes that one should work hard and study hard to get ahead in life, and does so, is someone I can respect. Regardless of color, creed, or sexual preference.

          Conversely, someone who believes that hard work and studying are beneath him, and additionally believes that his job is to father as many children out of wedlock as possible, whilst living off the dole, is someone who represents a culture I have absolutely zero respect for.

          When I see a man dressed for work, be that a three-piece suit, or dungarees, my automatic assumption is that he fits into the former category. When I see a man dressed like a rapper waiting to play basketball, I assume he fits into the latter category.

          Thus, I’m not racist; if anything I’m classist.

        • You just defined how I think of it all, HSR47. I think color is used as an excuse and it needs to stop. We need to see people as either failures or people we can respect. Amen, Dude.

        • “Look, fellas, after thirty years of legal practice, there’s one thing I’ve learned. No matter what your color, you’re all potential defendants, clients or convicts.”

          That’s a fact, Ralph.

        • Again though, I posit that the trend you cite is a result of the culture (poor, living on the dole, no father figures, glorification of anti-social behavior, etc.), and that skin color doesn’t play a large part in it.

          This is to say, that if the history of institutionalized racism were 100% reversed, and it were predominately those with light skin living in government-subsidized slums in densely-populated urban zones, listening to “gansta rap,” and doing drugs, that those of light-skin would be disproportionately represented in crime statistics, rather than those with dark skin.

          It’s not an issue of skin color, it’s an issue of behavior.

          If you don’t believe me, look at the historical crime statistics, and see that, as the societal values of personal responsibility/accountability and self-reliance were diluted among inner-city blacks by the policies of leftist government, that crime has become an increasing problem.

        • It is really funny to me. I come from a place called Newfoundland, Canada. There are largely two groups of people there. Townies (grown up in a city and generally are like the rest of the world in working and striving towards something) and Baymen (generally these are people who lived off the now defunct fishery that the province was founded on and have continued to try to live this way even though there is nothing in the sea anymore).

          The Baymen have been given a thing called tags. For 15 years after they were told they would need to re-skill themselves because this tags money was not always going to be there. For 15 years the vast majority of Baymen bought houses and vehicles like there was no tomorrow. It used to make me sick to see a kid aged 17 driving around in a brand new Z71 while I rode a bike and worked. Because the kid was the son of a former fishermen he was entitled to 15 years of top dollar checks because he jigged a cod or two with Dad in the summer for fun.

          So, this created a massive disparity in those that worked for their things and those that laughed at us.

          Oh, but the Tags money dried up after 15 years. 15 years of being told it would and still there were guys out there with two and three brand new Chevy trucks in the yard. Opps!

          So, then they come crying.

          Anyway… they finally caught on to the fact that no more money was coming. A lot of them turned to drugs, some killed themselves and family, others just said we are not going to work. We are fishermen and we are ‘entitled’ to fish. Some went and bought $300K boats for a fishery that is still not back almost 20 years later.

          I should add that these Townies were White folk. I should also add that these Baymen were White folk. I should also add that not all Townies are up and coming. I should add that not all Baymen are ignorant morons. But generally this was and still is the way of things.

          Some back home would say I judge because I am a Townie. I would like to point out that half my family (mother’s side) are Baymen and I love them the others Townies whom I also love. But it is what it is.

          Color is irrelevant. It’s the culture and what helps to breed it.

      • There is some truth to the statements you make and the definitions you provide, HSR47 but let’s not go and pretend that that is what he meant. It cheapens us.

  2. This is rediculous… It has gotten to the point that I cringe every time I see a black face in a photo on this website (perhaps with the exception of those in uniform), just waiting for the racist comments to swoop in. Keep it to guns, dammit. Go to a white power forum if you want to vent on how much you despise another race. I love this site, but the constant racist comments are becoming something that is becoming to be expected. Perhaps just a mirror of the country and culture we live in- a country with deep, deep, historical roots in racial and class inequality (that means all you poor white folk, too). Take the hatred somewhere else, focus on guns, or go somewhere else. This isn’t a website which caters to hatred, it is one which caters to a love/passion for guns. Period.

    • Nobody froze your eyeballs in place. Here’s a suggestion. There are buttons all over the page that will help you navigate away from a post you don’t like. Learn to use them.

      • Ralph with the sensible hate. How are you, Ralph? You doing good? I need a semi auto rifle. My AK order dropped out. Any suggestions?

        • Wow. What?! Racist? I attended a black church for three years with my East Indian wife ( we were the only non-blacks there). What do you have for me Gerard? What a douchebag. Learn to read, Dude.

    • Exactly my point… Yes, again. So very sorry that you find it boring for people to be reminded of why this site exists. It is exhausting, though- can agree on that.

  3. We admit we’ve never wasted precious moments of our lives watching any of the Real Housewives productions. Driving rusty tent stakes into our eyes seems much less painful and a whole lot more productive.

    Endless posts about TOP SHOT…?


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