Yasmine Taeb (courtesy twitter.com)
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The Democratic National Party sent me this email yesterday, titled “We have failed.” Notice how vague it is in terms of solutions to “gun violence.” And how Ms. Taub relies on guilt to motivate her Democratic base.

Today at 10 a.m. students across the nation walked out of their classrooms for 17 minutes. They did it in remembrance of the 17 innocent lives that we lost at Stoneman Douglas and to call for gun legislation that will make us all safer.

As a high school student, I once walked the halls and sat in the classrooms at Stoneman Douglas. Aaron Feis, the assistant football coach who was killed while protecting students, was a friend of mine. He died the same way he lived — a selfless hero. He used his body as a shield and threw himself in front of students as bullets hailed down.

With today’s walkout, we not only honor those who were lost — we also come together with new resolve to end these tragedies once and for all.

I will not allow my high school to simply become another statistic, and Stoneman Douglas students are leading the fight to ensure that it does not.

Today I hope you will stand with them. Add your name to demand Congress pass common-sense gun legislation to keep us all safe from gun violence.


Too many politicians act as if these shootings are just a fact of everyday life — as if there’s nothing we could have done to stop the massacre at my high school and nothing we can do to prevent the next one.

We must not accept that we are too powerless to make progress, or that the NRA is too powerful to defeat.

The courage of students across the country who took action during the walkout today will outlast the cruel indifference of the NRA. It will outlast the cowardice of Republican congressional leaders who refuse to bring any meaningful legislation to the floor.

Whether or not you have a personal connection to Stoneman Douglas, it’s clear that we have failed our students, our teachers, and our country. We cannot let another massacre like this happen — and right now it’s up to us to demand change.

Stand in solidarity with students across the country today by adding your name to demand Congress pass legislation to keep us safe from gun violence.

Thanks for taking a stand against gun violence.


Yasmine Taeb
Stoneman Douglas Alumna
DNC Member

P.S. — Last week Florida’s GOP-controlled state legislature and governor signed new gun restrictions into law. But they also provided funding to help train and arm school staff members. The only way to actually make us safer from gun violence is by voting Republicans out, and in the meantime we have to put pressure on our elected representatives. Add your name to demand Congress take action on gun violence.

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  1. Yes, they failed, but not who she thinks. Marjory Stonemason Douglas High School failed Ms.Taeb. They failed to teach her to reason and to think. I think she should sue.

  2. Re Rabbi:
    Suing … I wonder if, in analogy to “no duty to protect,” the school would be found to have “no duty to inform.”

  3. @ No One of . . .

    If “no ability to protect” can they be beaten to death in prison after being convicted of fraud?

  4. Notice how, as is the usual practice, no mention is made of what constitutes “common-sense gun laws.” And even when they tell us what laws they want (this time around), not one ever stops to explain what is “common -sense” about the proposal.

  5. The only way to actually make us safer from gun violence is by voting Republicans out
    As proven in the Democratic Bastions of Hope, AKA Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC, New Orleans.

  6. She forgot to list all the agencies and authorities that failed those kids.
    Pretty girl, how does she protect herself if she hates guns? Can’t depend on 911.

  7. They fail because they continue to do the wrong thing and expect different results. Isn’t this a definition of insanity ?

  8. That she thinks that any legislation could make sure there is never another mass shooting demonstrates her lack of rational thinking perfectly.

  9. “The only way to actually make us safer from gun violence is by voting Republicans out, ”
    Ballot Box
    Jury Box
    Cartridge Box

  10. She fails to mention the tens of millions of students who DID NOT walk out to protest but choose to quietly support the Second Amendment like my three kiddos.

  11. The first step to make yourself safe is to realize the government cant make you safe. It was already illegal for that kid to own a gun. He got it because the local police failed 39 times to realize he was a threat. The FBI failed multiple times despite being tipped off. The school failed to report his suspension. Miss Dingbat and her friends failed to realize there gun free zone policy is getting people killed. That stripping people of there ability to defend themselves was a fataly flawed idea.

  12. When my mom died, I took her phone and email account, and it was always getting flooded with automated spam addressed from “Nancy Pelosi,” “Hillary Clinton,” and other leading Democrats I can’t think of right now, and all of them were like “We’re close to failure, we gotta beat Trump on [insert nebulous fake issue], so add your name to this other email list and GIVE US MONEY!”

  13. The “failure” at Margory Stoneman Douglas was all institutional “failures”:

    The failure of the school and school district to report Cruz’s criminal activites to law enforcement.

    The “failure” of the school to follow it’s own security protocols.

    The “failure” of law enforcement to arrest/deter/stop Cruz at multiple levels and times and the “failure” to take action including during the murders.

    All of these institutional “failures” and folks are hung up on gun control instead of accountability.

  14. Whether or not you have a personal connection to Stoneman Douglas, it’s clear that we have failed our students, our teachers, and our country.
    Yes, maybe useful idiots like you failed, but the global liberal elites have been very successful in creating beautiful kill zones for students so they can push their civilian disarmament program leading to a New World Order.
    Mass killings in schools is really the Donkey crap and RINO dream. This is why they fight tooth and nail against hardened schools, safety officers, and armed teachers. The school shootings are a springboard to disarm the American public.

  15. “The only way to actually make us safer from gun violence is by voting Republicans out,…”

    The “National Conversation” on guns we had better be having is about a negotiated national divorce, before the spousal unpleasantries begin…

  16. “Common-gun safety laws! Ban AR-15 S ! My Teacher needs a Raise! My Teacher needs good healthcare benefits! My Teacher needs a better contract!—-Brought to by your local Teachers Union and The Democratic National Party…….”

  17. I support common-sense legislation that will protect us all from gun violence.

    Common-sense measures such as actually responding when a kid is threatening to blow up a school or putting a gun to his mother’s head. Common-sense measures such as enabling administrators, teachers, janitors and coaches to fight back if it comes to that.

    Those are obvious, painfully obvious, common-sense measures we can take RIGHT NOW that will actually stop or minimize school shootings.

  18. It’s a dangerous world, same number of students and coaches could be killed or injured if a school bus driver has a heart attack. You take your chances every time you get in an automobile.
    What’s it’s worth to parents to take down the Gun Free Zone signs. Hire armed security, security cameras. Metal detectors. I’d be OK with paying more in school taxes.
    What I’m not OK with is being lectured by teenagers
    don’t have a clue that Gun Free sighs can get you killed.
    Murder Cruz’s attorney is pleading him “not guilty”
    Good luck with that, doubt a jury will give him a pass.
    Guilty plead would be life in prison without parole.

  19. They fail because they refuse to recognize the correct solutions to security for school campuses. Instead they cling to all the ideas that have not worked because they never could work. Being willfully stupid is what is getting school children killed and maimed. It is so frustrating to know that more children will die, be wounded and traumatized because all these people just plain refuse to understand what will work and demand those solutions be implemented.

  20. There’s plenty we could do to improve safety at schools in the US. The impediment is you.

    – Harden the schools. No more “gun-free zones”, allow arms for dedicated protectors, get out drills for students.

    – Maybe follow up on red flags, threats, disturbance calls, tips, after the first … couple dozen? Dozen? If you identify someone to watch, maybe watch them.

    – Mental health care would be a good thing.

    Walkouts, promoting the prefab solution that won’t work, are an impediment. If you want concerned high school kids to speak up, try not stifling the ones who are speaking for themselves.

    Stop with astro-turfing non-solutions. We’re tired of you getting kids killed.


  21. You didn’t fail princess, you totally succeeded.

    A sheriff’s department run by a liberal failed on multiple occasions to arrest the shooter.
    A liberal school board decided to enact a liberal administration’s policy recommendations and treat criminal behavior as a school discipline issue.
    A liberal school administration, acting on these policies declined to refer the shooter’s death threats and assaults to law enforcement.

    Now that policies that value criminals and degenerate psychopaths above normal children have born rotten fruit, you are trying to shift the costs onto your ideological enemies.

  22. A simple google search would show you that this creature is Fake American.

    She is working directly against Americans and is primarily motivated by her Arab and Islamic interests.

    She must go back.

  23. Thanks for sharing. Somewhere (in Iran) a village is missing it’s idiot.

    “Yasmine is the first Muslim woman and Iranian-American to be elected to the Democratic National Committee. Yasmine’s writings and commentaries have appeared in The Hill, Newsweek, The Washington Post, Miami Herald, The Huffington Post, and ThinkProgress. She holds a J.D. from the Penn State Dickinson School of Law, a Graduate Certificate in International Human Rights Law”

    “Yasmine Taeb is an attorney specializing in civil rights and civil liberties. Previously, she served as the Government Relations Manager for the Arab American Institute and as a 2013-2014 Fellow at the Center for American Progress (CAP) Leadership Institute”

  24. too bad her mom wasn’t on yasmin when she bedded the goat licker.
    so how many kids walked out nationwide and none of them were shot? had it been a pro 2a walkout…

  25. Democrats don’t think rationally. For them, communist party line talking points like “common sense gun control”, and rationalizing immigration criminals into “Immigrants” and members of the “Democratic Base” are matters of absolute faith.

    They will follow the mandates of, and mindlessly parrot the the party line with complete willful blindness to logic, reason, and truth.

  26. I wonder if she’s contemplated whether her heroic friend who sacrificed his life for the children wished he had a gun in his final moments of life? Probably not.


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