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Looks like it was a rough day of rest for armed robbers in the Queen City area yesterday. First, the victim of a mugging in Lockland, a Cincinnati suburb, pulled his gun and aerated all three miscreants who’d asked him for an involuntary donation of his disposable income to their Christmas accounts. Then an ill-advised attempt to hold up a gas station not far away went seriously awry when the stickup man took a pot shot at the attendants . . .


Two workers at the Sunoco gas station off Hamilton Avenue in Springfield Township fired their guns after a gunman shot at them during a hold-up just before 12:30 a.m. today, police said. The suspect, a man in his late teens or early 20s, died at the scene. His name has not been released.

When it comes to defending your business, two pistols are always better than one. The newspaper website is quick to pint out that, (harrumph!) police don’t recommend that crime victims take defending themselves into their own hands.

But it some of the locals appear to disagree.

“You have the right to protect yourself,” said Scott Carpenter, 31 of Springfield Township, who gets his coffee at Sunoco every morning. “I know everybody who works in there. They are all great guys. Everybody knows they have guns. That’s why I was surprised someone tried to rob them. It does not make sense. This is not the best neighborhood.”

Guess not quite everyone who needed to know that the people working at the Sunoco station were armed got the news. And based on the fact that the “suspect” currently occupies a drawer in the morgue, he won’t be able to tell anyone, either. Oh darn.

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  1. A little Christmas cheer for us Cincinnatians. Four thugs off the street for the holidays. My Christmas presents feel safer already! And if any grinch does manage their way to my house this year, I’ve got a couple mags of PDX-1 to help get them in the Christmas spirit.

    Btw, three thugs at once is very impressive. And no innocent bystanders were harmed in the making of this news story. Gee, imagine that!

    • See See!!!! A gun going off by itself saved someone’s life!! Not so bad and evil after all are they??!!
      And it went off 3 times by itself hitting only 3 dregs of society!!
      Take that you anti gun liberal a$$hats!!!

      • It was not the gun that saved their lives…….it was the bullets who were the true heroes. How dare you not give credit where credit is due (tongue in cheek). Its hard being a hollowpoint, with big brass….er, copper jackets.

        • True True!!! And they do deserve credit!!!
          But without the gun the bullets would just be lying there flopping around like an Anti Gunner at an NRA Meeting!!!

        • Hey, we are leaving out the TRUE hero……the film of gun oil……that lubricates the holy intercourse of platform and projectile. What were we thinking.

        • Nope. They are all heroes but we have forgotten the one true hero…..St. Big Dot The Patron Saint of Sight Pictures!!!!
          Oh and we can’t forget St. Pad The Patron Saint of Trigger Squeeze!!

  2. I love, lllooooove, dead bad guys. Stories like these are pretty much the only time where I smile because someone died. (Dead terrorists are the the other.)

  3. Given the number of cautions posted at gas stations: turn off engine, don’t use cell phone, etc., I am curious – what are the chances of a gunshot setting off gasoline vapors? I am particularly concerned about a revolver.

    [I assume that the mineral supplement administered to the late unlamented in the story above was done within the confines of the building, so I can’t use that for evidence.]

    • Judging by the basketball player who tried to light her girlfriends car on fire by shooting the gas she poured in the car and it failed to ignite, not very high. And that was in a confined space even.

      But… I’m no expert so I’m just speculating

    • Zero. Seriously, Google the Mythbusters episode about shooting gas tanks. It only works if you use tracers or incendiary rounds.

    • All else being equal, only an open flame can ignite gasoline, not a cigarette for instance. I’m pretty sure that the ball o’ fire coming out of your muzzle can ignite gasoline, but indeed, the bullet won’t.

      So, this is facts dependent.

  4. Gasoline is almost explosive when vaporized in the correct stoichiometric (sp) mixture of 14:1 by weight. When not in the correct mixture ratio, it can not even ignite.

    SORRY. This was meant to be a response to Great Unknown’s question above.

  5. In case anyone doesn’t know, most criminals are repeat offenders. Whenever some scumbag tries to rob someone, it is usually NOT their first time. (The technical term for that is recidivism.) Given that recidivism plays such a big role in the frequency of violent crime, events like this article — where armed citizens take out four criminals in one city on the same day — that has to start seriously reducing the violent crime rate. Imagine that each criminal would rob someone once a month. Four criminals would thus be responsible for 48 armed robberies in a year’s time. Well the armed citizens in these two events just stopped something like 48 armed robberies this year, next year, and so on as long as the criminals are dead or in prison. After a few years, the additive effect has to be significant. I am starting to think that the violent crime rates are significantly decreasing because armed citizens are taking out so many criminals.

    I wish the violent crime rate was decreasing because of the deterrent effect of more and more people with concealed carry licenses but I don’t think that explains it. Nevertheless, one way or another armed citizens are prevailing and criminals are losing. That is good, really good.

    • I never thought of it that way, you just might be on to something. I wonder if there is any way to check this out, or if a study has been done on this.

  6. This story is a vindication of Solomon’s wisdom:

    “The exercise of justice is a joy for the righteous, but is a terror to the workers of iniquity.
    A man who wanders from the way of understanding will rest in the assembly of the dead.”
    Proverbs 21:15-16

    • That is priceless. (No sarcasm, either.) I have always believed there would be a sense of satisfaction upon defending yourself and stopping a criminal from ever hurting others in the future. Now I know the source of that satisfaction.

      Of course there would be a part of you that was saddened that the criminal’s life had come to that point. Nevertheless, criminals have had dozens of chances to change their lives and the tragic end result of their lives cannot stop us from doing what is right.

      • Here’s one that backs up what you said in both your posts, Uncommon:
        “A man who remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed without remedy.”Prov. 29:1 You’re right,
        these guys are rarely amateurs at crime. Some push their luck too far.

  7. Welp…this happened less than a half a mile from my house….Scott Carpenter was not a law enforcement officer….but still made a valid point that no one “f”s” with Sunoco. Any daily customer knows that they are heavily armed and never alone, hence the statistics of that particular station has never been robbed… guess he didn’t get the memo…. :-/ Rough way to die to shots to the ass….

  8. “police don’t recommend that crime victims take defending themselves into their own hands”

    In that case, just whose hands are going to defending crime victims?! Will it be Superman or UnderDog? Another dumb bad-advice life statement brought to you by modern government.

    • Ha! Underdog! Also, completely agree. Are you supposed to ask your assailant to hold on to give the police time to arrive?

    • I didn’t think about it until last night talking to a friend about this article – police are against citizens defending themselves due to fear of losing their job. Seriously, think about it – the more people are capable of protecting themselves and the less crime there is due to citizens taking responsibility for their safety, the less need there is for police and there will be layoffs.

  9. I will gladly let the cops handle the bad guys. The last time I was shot at I did not return fire. I was in a solid position and in order for him to take an effective shot he would have exposed himself to my fire. The police arrived and took care of it. But having my own gun and knowing that I could hit back if needed made all the difference to my state of mind. I didn’t feel like a victim.

    But these gentlemen were in a different situation. For them shooting back was the right move. Every incident is different and you must decide on the fly what’s the right thing to do.

    And if you decide before your first incident to go unarmed then you have made a wilfull decision to be a victim.

  10. Man, this is unpossible. The antis have proven that guns serve no purpose other than to kill, and that is NEVER a good thing right? (crickets chirping……)

    I bet the anti reply to these stories is that they are the exception and not the rule.


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