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“Anybody in my place would have done what I do,” said a recent armed robbery victim. Or so you’d hope. At least anyone would as long as he lives in a place where it’s still legal to do what he did (who knows how many rounds he may have had in his assault pistol) with the tool he used. The “he” in this case is Smail Gueddari, owner of a Hamilton, Ohio clothing store called Mazagan Urban Ware. He was in the back of his shop with his child last Saturday when he heard his wife scream from the front. Jeremy Irvin had just strolled in with a mask on his face and a gun in his hand . . .


Gueddari said after he came out of the back room, the suspect fired one shot at him. The bullet went through two mannequins before lodging in a wall behind Gueddari.

The store owner said he then fired two shots, one of which found its target.

It sure did. Probably center of mass, too, because 5-O found him on the ground outside the store. The only thing Irvin is taking right now is space in the local morgue.

Gueddari’s store had been robbed twice before. A clerk at a nearby cigar store (that had been held up previously, too) had some advice for local merchants.

“I’d say having a weapon or a gun might be mandatory,” he said. “It doesn’t feel safe. Even if you were to give the money over, who knows what would happen to you?”

True enough. There’s no way to know what an armed miscreant might do to eliminate a witness. Or just because. Better safe than sorry.

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  1. There are two instances in that story of robbers pulling the trigger on someone without specific mention of the robbery “going wrong.” In the case of Mr. Gueddari, he simply walked out of the back room and got a round thrown at him for his trouble. Luckily the bad guy missed. In the case of the cigar store, the bad guy “pulled out a handgun, aimed it at the employee and pulled the trigger, but the gun didn’t fire.” So much for “just give ’em what they want,” huh?

  2. If that story doesn’t show you what’s wrong with “no-issue” policies or cities like NYC where it’s nearly impossible to get a CCW, nothing will.

    Constitutional Carry.

    Make it happen.

  3. Yeah, the bradys just say hand over “the” money. What if you don’t have enough of “the” money. The candy store owner here didn’t have enough “the” money & he was killed. Being shot dead is in the criminal job description, I sure hope there is no workplace discrimination, Randy

  4. This happened within about 20 miles of my house. Glad to see people protecting themselves and their businesses.

      • If you ask a lot of liberal progressives, they’ll say any Glock, HiPoint, etc. They’re black, use high capacity detachable magazines, spray bullets, and have – wait for it – pistol grips. Since these features are also on “military style weapons of war,” anyone with “common sense” knows that these weapons “designed for the battlefield” have “no place on our streets.”

        If that makes sense, you’re probably a gun grabber.

        • i know. its easy to fall into the languange trap created by the progressives and use the term “assault” rifles or pistols. maryland law defines those nasty weapons. i forget and do it myself. really, any gun pointed at me is an ass, lt gun, because its the intent not the gun that makes it an assault knife.

      • Well, perhaps a SBR ‘pistol’ qualifies?

        Or maybe a Five seveN?

        Who can tell with these yahoos?

  5. They stuck up a CIGAR STORE? That’s the lowest of the low. Cigar store people are calm and mellow. They’re the Twenty-First Century equivalent of the barbershop.
    That’s awful.

    • Tom’s Cigar store is mostly a carry out now. They make their biggest money on lottery tickets. When I was growing up they used to have tons of Army surplus and hardware. When you needed something to fix a leaky pipe on Christmas day…Tom’s was the place to go. Now…not so much…

  6. Bad guy dies; good guy lives. Fair trade.

    In a Liberal Progressive City: Bad guy lives, bad guy gets money, good guy either dies or is robbed – maybe both. Maybe the other people in the store get killed as well. Police and detectives respond later. Maybe they draw a chalk outline and maybe they don’t. The bad guy might get caught, or might not. If the bad guy does get caught, he is incarcerated at taxpayer expense, and likely let out early. Perhaps he commits another violent crime and the cycle continues, and perhaps not.

  7. I used to live and work in Hamilton, I know exactly where these 2 locations are ( the clothing store and the cigar shop) It’s sketchy as hell there and I completely agree, any store own who chooses not to be armed is being irresponsible. Luckily, Butler County has a huge number of CCWs and is very 2nd amendment friendly, there are some rough spots, but the criminals are likely wary due to the high amount of armed citizens.

  8. Awesome…I say start posting morgue photo’s of dead armed robbery/violent criminals along with the stories on headline news. Let’s get the word out as to what they all deserve.

  9. MotoJB has a great Idea… The store owners in a Particular neighborhood can put the photos up in the corner of the window of every store..much like the fighter pilots of WW2 did with Nazi Emblems & Raising Sun of Enemy fighters.
    except we can call them, “Worthless Ass-Hole Kills”

  10. Self-defense isn’t about doing moves or using techniques — self-defense is what you think, and more importantly, HOW you think. Techniques are the easy part — any teacher could teach you the basics in a very short time. Self-defense techniques are simple, efficient, and straightforward — not difficult. Forget all the stuff you see in the movies.
    The tough part is in your mind. Self-defense is about your body being yours and no one else’s, about making your own choices and controlling your own life, and about doing whatever is necessary to stop other people from hurting you. Self-defense is NOT about hitting and kicking people — though at times that may be necessary.
    Self-defense is what you do to keep yourself safe, and in control of your own choices. Every time I have helped in a demonstration of self-defense, there is one person who ALWAYS says, “But I could never do that to anyone!” What they are thinking is, “I couldn’t ever put someone’s eye out!” The problem is, they aren’t thinking beforehand: “Could I do that to stop someone else from hurting me? From hurting someone I care about?”
    That’s the real question. When we are talking about self-defense, we are NOT talking about picking fights, walking up to someone and beating them up, or whatever — we are talking about doing what you have to, to stop someone else from hurting you or someone you care about. It wasn’t YOUR choice to be forced to defend yourself. The other person made their choice to hurt you — but your body is YOURS, and NO ONE has the right to control you — to hurt you. You DO have the right to do whatever is needed to stop them from hurting you.
    The point isn’t to hurt the other guy, destroy him, or whatever else TV and movies may tell you — the point is to stop them from hurting you. Efficiently, with a minimum of effort, a maximum of effect, and a minimum of danger to you and the people you care about.I really can’t emphasize enough how much of self-defense is in the mind. Standard Targets-There are certain points on the human body where no matter how big you are, how strong you are, or whatever, it STILL hurts to get hit there. This is, of course, where we want to strike. Here is a diagram (a VERY basic diagram) of the human body. The red points are where you want to strike.
    Strike Points: The nice things about these is that you already know where they are, and what they do. You’ve known since grade school. (You may not admit this, but it’s true.) If you poke someone in the eye, in the throat, hit them with a palm on the bridge of the nose, strike to the groin, kick them in the front or side of the knee — these will all hurt, distract, whatever — and it works on everyone. None of these points are covered by muscle, fat, whatever — size and condition does not matter. The only thing that matters is how hard you strike.-Striking eyes and throat:Put index and third finger together, curl others to palm. Do NOT hyper-extend your fingers, merely hold them rigid. Strike (think like a spear) straightforward into the eye or right above the hollow of the throat. Don’t strike directly into the hollow — strike about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch above it. (Note: you can also strike these points using only the thumb).-Bridge of the nose:Hold out your hand, and spread your fingers wide. This tightens the hand, and pushes forward the palm side of the large knuckles. Feel how hard they are? Push your hand forward and strike with that area right below where the nose joins the brow ridge — basically the center of the nose.-Groin areas:Many ways you can strike here: Knees, feet, or hands.-KNEES: If using a knee, simply bring it upward as hard as you can — but think of the end of your knee as a point — and drive that point into the groin. If your hands are free, before striking, grab the attacker’s hips, and pull the attacker into the strike as your drive the knee.-FEET: Simple. Bring your instep up into your attackers groin. However, if you are too close for that, but too far to use a knee, kicking straight up and striking with the shinbone of your leg works just fine also.-HANDS: Swing your arm in a straight-arm upward strike into the groin, either using an open-hand palm strike, or a closed fist — the closed fist strikes just the same as the open palm strike, except the fingers are curled — still a straight-arm strike.-Striking the knees:Striking the knee is something self-defense classes always teach, because it is a serious weak point on the human body. However, it can be harder than it sounds. If striking the front of the knee (the kneecap) drive your HEEL forward into the kneecap, and drive it far forwards — just tapping it won’t give you enough time to get away. If striking the side of the knee, there are a couple of different ways to do it, but the easiest (note: this is according to me) is to sweep the INSIDE of your foot in a circular motion, striking the side of the knee — and strike hard, again. (That was for if you were standing in front of the attacker.) If you are standing beside the attacker, pick up your foot, and drive your heel sideways and downward (at about a 45 degree angle) into the side of his knee. Hard.-Note: all of the knee attacks can be difficult without practice — AND, you will be off balance more than if you were using a hand technique. So, they work — but practice them. Don’t try something and fall over. That’s not a good thing.-Now, remember, the idea here is not to destroy your attacker, beat him up and drag him by his collar to the nearest police station. Your mission here is to ESCAPE UNHARMED. That is your goal. So, if you hit him once, and he’s clutching his eyes and can’t see, then run. No sense staying around and giving him time to recover, hmm?-You might have to hit him a couple of times, and do some serious damage — but as soon as you have a chance, GET AWAY. That’s your goal. Get away unharmed. Remember — all you are doing is stopping this person from harming you. Do what is necessary, then escape. -#Do You Need a Weapon?-Most martial arts experts agree an armed fighter almost always has the advantage over the unarmed fighter — even if the unarmed person is proficient in empty hand self-defense.-One obvious lesson is to avoid any conflict against armed opponents. The other is that maybe you should consider carrying a weapon. Is this an option for you?-Surprisingly, your choices will mostly come down to three types of weapons; impact weapons, edged weapons or projectile weapons.###The rule of thumb is that you should use a weapon to defend against another weapon. In other words, you employ deadly force to protect yourself from deadly force. Defending yourself from someone with a weapon with only empty hand techniques could be the most challenging task advanced fighters will ever undertake. For the average citizen, it is almost entirely catastrophic.-For me, I think of weapons like my spare tire in my car. Of course I hope I never have to use it, but I want it with me when I drive.#Generally, weapons fall into a few broad categories.-Impact weapons are those used primarily for striking. This category includes night stick, ashtrays and beer mugs. You can also put flexible weapons like nunchaku and chains here. They are really a type of impact weapon, but their real advantage lies in the tremendous power generated by centrifugal force.-Edged weapons are obviously those designed to cut, slash or stab. Knives, swords, machetes and broken glass are included here.-
    Projectile weapons are anything that is propelled across a space allowing to reach an opponent without actually having to be in touching range. This includes firearms, crossbows, air tasers, and pepper spray.#Taked from:Thoughts on Self-Defense, by Thomas,
    Personally my favorite for my family and house protection is the combat tactical shotgun-The Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590 i use handloads with rubber or wood “bullets” for knokdown traspassers without kill, buckshot for combat with assault gangs, modified brenneke slugs to stop anything in between.Usually when you are ready to fight-NOT TO BE A VICTIM OF ANYBODY-GODS, MEN, BEASTS AND UFOs-YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FIGHT THEY SMELL THE SELF CONFIDENCE AND LOOK FOR A SHEEP RATHER THAT CONFRONT A WOLF.


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