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Yahoo Sports reveals that UFC scrapper Urijah Faber appears to owe his toughness as much to nature as to nurture. The ultimate fighter’s mom can also handle herself just fine, thank you very much. House-sitting for a friend near Sacramento, an alert Suzanne Faber spied with her little eye a burglar by the pool in the back yard. Finding a pellet gun in the house, she held the prowler off until police could arrive. Judging from the pic Urijah tweeted (above), the submissive crook can be excused for thinking, despite being in the Golden State, that mom was pointing a real gat in his direction. Not to go all Eddie Haskell, but that’s a lovely pistol you have there, Mrs. Faber. [h/t Allen V.]

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  1. “Eddie Haskell”…love it.

    Gee Wally, did ya see aunt Suzanne take out a really bad crook with my BB gun?
    She’s swell!

  2. I believe an old lady with a pistol is one of God’s most dangerous creatures. They have lived long enough to know and long enough to not care.
    My folks lived on a lake in Texas prior to their both passing away. One night my mom, home alone, heard some noises on the side of the property by the boat ramp. She grabbed her Walther and called the sheriff on the cordless phone. Now they had a switch at the backdoor that turned on lights that lit the back of the house and all the way down to the lake. When she hit that switch, there were two young men trying to get our outboard motor on a stand over the fence.
    She came charging out of the house yelling, “Freeze, you little SOB’s.” She got them to lie face-down, spread-eagle and had them there when the deputies showed up. The young punks then tried to talk their way out of it from face down. Every time they would say something she’d tell them to shut up or “She’d blow their f****** heads off.” By the time the deputies did arrive those young men were glad to see them. They were pretty certain my mom meant what she said.
    She did and she was 74 years old then.

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